Marco Rubio Immigration Bill Imperiled by Tea Party Defiance

Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner, July 2, 2013

Elites of both parties are united in support of Marco Rubio’s immigration bill. That sort of unity is remarkable in Washington, but not unheard of.

Here’s the unprecedented part: The elites are going to lose.

The Tea Party has cultivated in House Republicans such a distrust of the establishment and such a disregard for party unity that even when the issue isn’t a Tea Party issue—and immigration isn’t, really—the GOP rank and file have little interest in doing what they’re told.

How unified is the GOP elite behind Rubio’s bill?

The Chamber of Commerce, by far the largest lobbying organization in the country, is spending seven figures on TV spots supporting Rubio’s immigration bill.

Karl Rove’s American Crossroads organization is running a campaign supporting the bill. The group, funded by wealthy Republican donors, bought ad space to publish an open letter signed by top GOP executives, lobbyists, fundraisers and party leaders.


Charlie Black, Ken Duberstein, Ed Rogers—pick a prominent Reagan or Bush I official now on K Street, and you can bet that he’s lobbying for liberalized immigration laws.

Democrats also support the bill, almost without exception.


So, if history is a guide, House Republicans should just grouse about the immigration bill and then pass it, right?

But the House won’t pass the Senate’s immigration bill. The odds are against the House, Senate, and White House ever reaching agreement. So, what’s different here?

First, immigration is historically a trickier issue. The Senate, the White House, and industry all supported an immigration bill in 2006, and that was a rare case of the House standing its ground under such circumstances. Also relevant: The 2006 immigration vote was after Delay, the master at winning votes, resigned.

Here’s the biggest difference, though: Republicans elected since 2010 simply do not feel they need to answer to K Street, the GOP leadership, or any party elites. Newer Republican members came to Washington without the help of business PACs, often running against K Street in primaries and general elections.

Republican leaders also can’t use pork to win over the rank and file, thanks to the earmark ban.

So, unlike the days when Bush, Armey and Delay dragged the GOP caucus around, the Republican rank and file today calls the tune for its leadership. Speaker John Boehner, no enemy of K Street, has declared Rubio’s bill DOA in the House.

One telling wrinkle here: Tea Party organizations aren’t uniting against the establishment GOP and industry organizations. FreedomWorks and the Club for Growth are staying out of the fight. Americans for Prosperity, funded by the Koch brothers, is on Rubio’s side. Heritage Action and some local Tea Party groups are opposing Rubio.


It looks like the Tea Party really has changed Washington—and if you’re the a Republican business lobbyist, that’s no good.

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  • The__Bobster

    The Chamber of Commerce, by far the largest lobbying organization in the country, is spending seven figures on TV spots supporting Rubio’s immigration bill.

    I’m betting the Big Zuck is spending more on his fake enforcement ads.

    • MawellAxel

      those spots will not change anyone’s mind, it is money down the hole

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        I pray that you and the author of this article are right. Let’s hope the populist Republicans can play to their base. If they do not all is lost. But even if they do, all may be lost anyway. If the House kills the bill then we will have won this battle, but European-Americans (formerly known just as “Americans”) are still losing the war.

        • Svigor

          European-Americans (formerly known just as “Americans”)

          I prefer “American-Americans.” Says “the group formerly known as ‘Americans'” without knuckling under to hyphenation-correctness, says “Americans” without contributing to the sleight-of-hand by which “American” came to mean Pakistanis, Mexicans, Levantines, etc., and sends a pretty clear message.

          • Rex

            If you’re still around I’ll tell you that you can no longer take that position. That’s what is destroying us: the lack and unwillingness for self-identification with Europe. It meant something in days long gone when we tried to become one people among all of the other White-Europeans, one family, but today we cannot operate as if we were living in the past. All of the other non-White groups proudly identify with their own national origins and cultures and they are not mandated by laws and customs to integrate and assimilate within our dominant White society. They are left on their own to do whatever they want and don’t care about being called ‘Americans”. They don’t want to. We, the Whites, seem to be stuck on this idea that who we are, where we came from it’s not important so we remain ignorant of our natural identity: being European-Americans to the point that many of our children don’t even really know what Europe represent to us, Whites.
            We’re Europeans and Americans at the same time. Europe is our natural place of origin and ‘the United States of “America” is geographical location created by our ancestors.

  • The__Bobster

    Unfortunately, some Tea Party groups still support open-borders traitors Rubio, Cruz and Rand Paul, ignoring how they flipped. Whenever one of them calls me, I ask them how they feel about those three.

    • Yeahbut…we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. All that matters is that they’re mobilizing and getting active against this crud sandwich. I also wouldn’t call Cruz a flipper, because he never really has flipped; he’ll vote no on Democrat-friendly bills but want more legal immigration, a common affliction of Republicans.

    • corvinus

      Doubt it. All the passion in the Tea Party is on the side of those who want the Gang’s hides.

      • WR_the_realist

        The Koch brothers may be able to purchase some of the Tea Party leaders but they can’t buy the entire Tea Party base. Frankly, the Tea Partiers as a whole never struck me as very bright. They were way too quick to rally around the very neocons who created the mess they’re complaining about. But they might just be learning.

    • The Tea Party has been infiltrated by liberals in an attempt to discredit them. It’s an old trick. If I recall, the original Tea Party did that very same thing with the disguises.

    • WR_the_realist

      Fortunately Rand Paul voted against the immigration bill, after initially saying he supported it, because the enforcement provisions aren’t good enough. That said, Rand Paul is still too lax on the immigration issue. He still sees nothing wrong in principle with giving people who broke our immigration laws a pathway to citizenship. As for Cruz, he also voted against the bill and has stood consistently again illegal immigration. (Having been born in Canada it’s irrelevant what sort of president you think Ted Cruz might make, he can’t run.) The problem is, find me one serious contender for the 2016 presidential race, somebody who really could outmaneuver both his own party leadership and the mass media, who really will enforce immigration law and reject any increases in legal immigration. You won’t be able to find one. (And forget about even trying to find a candidate who wants to reduce legal immigration.)

      • Svigor

        Paul, like most libertardians, sees nothing wrong with the wholesale race-replacement of white “gentile” populations.

        • WR_the_realist

          Paul, like most libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Green Party members, Labour members, and Tories sees nothing wrong with the wholesale race replacement of white populations. So why pick on the libertarians?

          • You’re right; most of the above are ideological cults that should be avoided. And not all cults of this verve are ideological-political: There is also sports and religion. The reason some of us constantly harp on libertarianism or derivative ideologies is akin to the same reason why, although one would freely admit that getting addicted to almost any drug is a bad thing, if members of your family were addicted to a particular drug, you would be most acutely concerned with that particular drug and not drugs in general. The ideological cult of libertarianism seems to be our “family’s” (WN-EN-RR-HBD and derivatives and inchoates) particular addiction.

          • WR_the_realist

            I know of no one who is “addicted” to libertarianism, nor is it any sort of cult. The only more or less mainstream candidate of the past 20 years who would actually cut immigration and enforce immigration law was Pat Buchanan. Of course when he last ran he was hated by the mainstream media and by his own party, just like Ron Paul. In 2012 my choices during the primaries were various shades of neocons and Ron Paul. Ron Paul was clearly the least bad of the lot. As usual, in the general election there was no one to vote for. It is pointless to rant against Ron Paul voters when there was no better candidate to vote for.

          • I voted “for” Ron Paul in 2012 for the same reason; least bad of many worse alternatives. If I had it to do again, I wouldn’t do that. The only kind of person who is getting my vote going forward is one who has at least an adequate understanding of the immigration issue. Ann Coulter said it best in her last column: Immigration isn’t an issue, and it’s not even the issue, it’s every issue.

            Ron Paul = Open borders. Rand Paul = Open borders.

            Yes, a whole lot of other kinds of politicians are open borders, but the reason Jack Ryan and I pick on Ron Paul, Rand Paul and libertarians is that so many white nationalists et al. in the very recent past (Stormfront, White News Now, and to a certain extent, here at AR) have made excuses for Ron Paul when he made it clear that he wants open borders. I fear that we’ll hear the same bevy of lame excuses from SF, WNN et al. when Rand Paul runs for President in 2016.

            On top of that, so many otherwise right thinking people who would solidly be in the camp of WN/EN/RR/HBD can’t make the crucial final step from where they are now to where we are because abstract libertarian ideology has diseased their minds.

  • Speaking of Rubio:

    This goes to show you the kind of crazy crackpot theories people come up with when they can’t allow themselves to consider simple, easy explanations for things because those explanations are taboo.

    Personally, I’ll believe any conspiracy theory, but I won’t believe most of them for more than five minutes. Usually, the theories’ own internal contradictions and logical fallacies, if not out and outright factual incorrectness, do themselves in.

    A caller to Rush today just came up with a whopper so bad that I believe it for zero minutes.

    The theory is that the left wing establishment saw Marco Rubio as a “threat,” so they swooped down with this open borders bill and suckered him into going along with it, for the express purpose of wrecking Rubio’s standing with Republicans.

    Problem: There’s a much simpler and more accurate explanation to why Rubio ganged up to swing the borders wide open. When he was Speaker of the Florida House, he consistently sat on immigration patriot legislation. The reason he did that is the same simple Marco’s Razor reason why he is a Senate Gang Banger:

    Because he’s a Hispanic who wants to let more Hispanics flood into the country.

    Plain words, nobody conned or tricked anyone. The only time anyone was conned or tricked was in 2009-10 when Rubio pretended to want to restrict immigration in order to win an election.

    • HJ11

      He’s a brown racist scumbag who wants to replace Whites with Browns.

    • Erasmus

      The ironic part is that if Rubio’s amnesty succeeds, while it might be good for business in the short run, it will only be a matter of time before the newly pauperized middle class turn on the uber-wealthy. Sure, they can escape to their private islands, but do they really want to live in a world, which they created, where they can trust no one, and where there will be millions waiting to kidnap their little Selma or Sol?

  • dd121

    More proof that neo-cons are not our buddies.

    • WR_the_realist

      Neocons like big government at home, open borders, and war, war, war. They hate those pesky 4th and 5th Amendments. They combine the worst attributes of Democrats and Republicans.

      • jeffaral

        Neocons are ex trotskyists. For some reason most of them are Jews.

    • Jefferson

      Libertarians are not our buddies either. I saw Libertarian Gary Johnson on Fox’s Red Eye a few weeks ago and the guy is an open borders kook. He does not think America has enough immigrants, he wants more of them in this country. He also thinks building a wall to keep out Illegal Immigrants is way too totalitarian and Nazi like.

      Gary also said if he was governor of Arizona instead of New Mexico, he would not have supported SB1070.

      • sbuffalonative

        Yes, I’ve seen Libertarians speak on the issue. They are open border zealots. You can’t have a reasoned discussion with these people.

      • dd121

        You’re probably right but what does that mean for the founding population? It means that nobody in mainstream politics is advocating for whites. If anybody stands up the left shouts them down by calling them a nazi or kkk.
        Do we have any kind of a chance to save our civilization, because that’s what’s at stake.

      • WR_the_realist

        Where I disagree most with libertarians is on border and immigration issues. And like the open border Republicans their policies are suicidal, since most of the diversity pouring in wants socialism.

        • Rex

          Not only they want socialism, they want to push us apart, replace us and take over all of our institutions. Actually, many “Hispanics”, the fake Latins, and many Blacks and recently Asians have openly threatened our survival. I advice my people to find areas within the United States with overwhelming White population which they can take over and control because when this artificial,unnatural society will break up we would want to be with our own people and not with the dark enemies.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Yeah the left Libertarians really are a disgusting bunch.

        They think that literally all people are equal and it doesn’t matter if we swamp this country with third worlders.

        The worst part is, they don’t like minimum wage. Which combined with open borders basically creates a slave state.

      • Fredrik_H

        Libertarians tend to be the kind of people who wants to both keep the cake and eat it. At least this is what I’ve gathered from my discussions with libertarians. They want to be respectable people unlike low-brow nationalists like myself yet being able to buy themselves free from diversity.

        My own opinion is that libertarianism is the cowards way out when it comes to immigration issues. It is the ideology of the “immigration, why indeed yes, but not in my backyard/children’s school/country club”-type of people.

    • HJ11

      Neo-cons are anti-White. They are scum.

  • bigone4u

    With a little luck and a lot of organizing Rubio will be gone come next election. And to think I once thought of the politically correct, race-loyal little twerp as a savior of traditional American values. Shame on me.

  • Romulus

    Apparently the soul of the nation is less important than, once again,finding cheap labor.
    As with all things here in the land of the dollar bill, the almighty buck trumps all else. So are we really surprised!? In an April issue of USA TODAYS business section, it was reported that America had approx. 452 billionaires!! Logically, it would follow that you need a ginormous amount of “serfs” to keep them at the top.

    • MawellAxel

      What the “elites’, the chambers of commerce and all the rest of the liberal, open borders, groups are doing is they are defining what will be the new patriotism, the new American weltanschauung . By trying to destroy the ethnic identity of this country, they are making people much more conscious of that ethnic identity and they are making that ethnic identity IMPORTANT to white people. We are going to enter a period where America will define itself ethnically. The situation has been that until recently the ethnic identity of the US was ASSUMED to be static. Then the “elites” told us AMerica meant a whole bunch of gobbledygook, freedom, opportunity etc, etc, and that is when white people lost all of their freedom and opportunity, and almost their country. That game is over.

      • Romulus

        That is especially true since the immigration act of 65.
        Unfortunately, macro decisions have micro consequences. During the height of the industrial revolution, the blandishments and returns of our magic( tech pursuit) distracted us from the very real possibility of national debasement as we invited millions into America so we could capitalize on their labor. Meanwhile, while our people were conducting fratricide, the lower rings of society were plotting against us to overthrow the very system that allows for such affluence. The left went off the deep end when it decided that human magic will trump nature and save the whole world while trying to deconstruct us ,our people,and culture and go back to a more “greener way of life. Life does not work that way. The left and many others are suffering from a disease called cognitive dissonance. You can’t ride down the very system that provided for the 7.3 billion people on earth and then tell whites to apologize for building it.

      • jane johnson

        I agree, and you can bet that House members are getting a good dose of reality from their constituents this Independence Day. Many holiday celebrations have been cancelled to avoid violence by diversity, and they will hear about that, too. If they don’t want to return to their districts permanently in 2014, they will listen well and act accordingly.

      • WR_the_realist

        The multi-cultis are indeed making ethnic identity more important to Americans. They actually encourage that for races and ethnic groups other than whites. The inevitable reaction, though opposed by the multi-cultis, is that whites will also develop a stronger ethnic identity. But is this really good for democracy? In balkanized, ethnically diverse democracies voting breaks down along ethnic and racial lines, all other issues go by the wayside. So democracies cease to work.

  • WR_the_realist

    If the only thing the Tea Party did was weaken the power of the Republican business lobby then at least they did some good. I only wish I could believe that the immigration bill is DOA in the House. In reality I suspect it will be a knock out battle with no guarantee that the good guys will win. There is an unholy alliance between the cheap labor lobby and the diversity lobby that will be very hard to defeat.

  • Except Washington didn’t change Rubio, he was open borders all along.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    From the article:

    “Marco Rubio Immigration Bill”…”Marco Rubio’s immigration bill”…”Rubio’s bill”…

    Good to see this phony, Rubio, has his name thoroughly branded on this bill.

    Rubio is the Democrat AND Republicans’ Trojan Horse and Juan McAmnesty and Dirtbag Gramnesty have used him as the front man for this turkey.

    Rubio will wear this bill around his neck like an albatross — as a reminder of his traitorous ways and very short career.

    Meanwhile: keep dialing. The bill isn’t dead yet and the elites are busy buying off dissenting votes.


  • jeffaral

    Never read so much bulls&^%$ in one single article. The whole establishment supports the amnesty bill, including most of the fake Tea Party. The bill will pass easily.

  • worldclassical

    i just want to quote Dr Pierce

    “It’s about time for those of us still capable of thinking tribally to begin doing so. It’s about time for those of us who understand what it means to be White, to be European, to be Aryan in a darkening world, and who understand what it used to mean — those of us who treasure our heritage, who honor the sacrifices and achievements of our forefathers and appreciate the civilization they created for us — those of us who feel a sense of responsibility to the future and are determined that our people shall inherit the future, not the mongrel offspring of the rappers and jivers we see on our television screens, but our people — it’s about time for us to begin thinking and planning and acting systematically in a manner aimed at our racial survival.

    It’s time to stop being spectators, to stop listening to the hypocritical cant of the liberals and the mindless ramblings of the conservatives. It’s time to base everything — everything — on the proposition that we must survive, our people must survive. If a policy strengthens our people, if it increases the survivability of our people, it is a good policy. If it weakens us or puts us at a disadvantage in the struggle for survival, it is a bad policy. That’s all that matters. That’s all that we should consider. Racial survival, racial victory in the struggle for life and dominance, must be the goal of every plan, of every policy, of every thought and action. Tribal thinking.

    We used to understand that, back before television. Everyone understood it who survived. The Jews still understand it. We’d better learn it again — soon.”

    its clear that the US need political revolution, Democrats and republicans are two side of same coin.

  • While the House GOP’s shift in center-of-gravity away from the cheap labor lobby is promising, the problem remains that far too much of the real US political power has been transferred from elected officials to the courts. The judges who legislate from the bench are nearly always appointed for life, and answer to no one. Remember what the federal court in California did to Prop 187? They gutted it.