‘Crackers,’ a ‘Teenage Mammy’–the Sorry Truth About Race and Zimmerman Trial

Juan Williams, Fox News, July 11, 2013

“White Hispanics,” “Creepy-Ass Crackers,” “Teenage Mammies,” and “Suspicious A–holes who always get away” — that is the vernacular of the George Zimmerman trial.

George Zimmerman faces life in jail as a jury considers second-degree murder charges against him for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. But thanks to the media he is already sentenced to life in the American public’s mind as a racist.

NBC edited a tape of Zimmerman’s call to police as he was following Martin to make him appear to be focused on Martin’s race.

The New York Times has referred to him in unique racial terms as a “white Hispanic.” The terminology was necessary to have the story fit into a well-worn news narrative throughout American history from the Scottsboro Boys to Emmett Till to Rodney King – the black victim of white racism. Hispanic people can be as racist as black or white people in a country with a deep history of racism. But, apparently for the Times, Zimmerman’s whiteness was important. It fit their good versus evil tale of a white racist killing an innocent black man.

In June, before the trial started, a CNN poll asked Americans if they believed the murder charges against Zimmerman were true or false. Without any courtroom testimony or evidence, but based on the racially charged media coverage, 62 percent of Americans said the charges were “probably true” or “definitely true.”

My bet is that poll would have different results today. The trial has failed to prove Zimmerman acted with a “depraved mind”–as required for a second-degree murder conviction–or even with a racist mind. {snip}

The strong public judgment of Zimmerman’s guilt in the poll reflected a racially weighted media telling of the story. Photos of a bloodied Zimmerman after the incident, Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense and the police decision not to charge Zimmerman all got a dismissive glance from the press and contributed to public assumptions about Zimmerman before the trial.


The national focus on race in this case hit a high point when Rachel Jeantel, a 19-year-old student, testified that she spoke with Martin just before he was killed. Jeantel, Martin’s friend, told the court that Martin complained that a “man was just watching him.” And Martin described this man, Jeantel said, as a “creepy, white, excuse my language, cracker — creepy-ass cracker.”

Jeantel’s testimony set off a stupid debate, requiring total ignorance of slavery and legal segregation, about the equivalence of blacks using “cracker” to describe whites, versus whites using the word “nigger” to describe blacks.

And Jeantel’s physical appearance, as a dark, heavyset young woman, speaking with a Southern dialect as she gave the lawyers a lot of attitude with her curt answers, contributed to the racial view of the case.

She became the “teenage mammy,” in the words of a sociology professor quoted in the New York Times, caricatured for “not being smart and using these racial slurs and not being the best witness.”

And now the media, especially the conservative outlets, are fixated on the possibility of race riots if Zimmerman is acquitted. Meanwhile, Twitter and other social media sites are full of threats from angry black people to kill Zimmerman if he is not held accountable by a jury for killing Martin.


Zimmerman is alive. He has chosen not to speak at his trial, and although the prosecution played an interview he did with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, it is still no match for skipping an ideal chance to tell his story when everyone is listening in the courtroom and on television.

Now, no matter what the verdict, he is going to carry his box of racial stereotypes around until his death. His identity will always be as a want-to-be cop who trailed a black kid who was not doing anything wrong, got in a fight with him, pulled out a gun and killed him.

Ultimately, it is the job of the media to give straight, objective coverage of any story.

Whatever the final verdict on Zimmerman, the media is clearly guilty of playing on the most primitive racial divisions in our society to fuel racial animosity and boost ratings.

There are no winners here.

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  • The__Bobster

    Ultimately, it is the job of the media to give straight, objective coverage of any story.

    Good luck with that, Juan.

    • Sick of it

      His desire, stated above, may have been one of the reasons he was fired from NPR. They’re only interested in one side of the story.

    • YngveKlezmer

      This is their job, indeed, and they should be fired, just like the millions of lazy, slacking, stupid Negroes that affirmative action has caused to be placed in jobs they neither can do, nor deserve, should be. The number of Negroes out there, in professional jobs, who are actually smart enough to do work on par with their White co-workers, is so small, that we would instantly return to the good old days in the workplace if fairness against prevailed as far as the hiring of Negroes. We would go right back to the days of the Negros pushing brooms, holding doors, and cleaning toilets, because this is the only type of work that they are capable of doing well at.

    • Bill_der_Berg

      It is the pretence of the media that they are in the business of honest reporting. Their job is to sell newspapers or to attract an audience.

    • Lop_Eared_Galoot

      Ultimately, it is the job of the media to give straight, objective coverage of any story.

      I think this is a mistaken assumption based on the ‘shocking!’ discovery that the media has always played for the winning team and when there isn’t one as a standing social bias, they roll their own.

      Where bandwagon psychology is not about popularism but the deeply instinctive perception of -stability- as something which would not have attracted so many others if it didn’t deal fairly with them all, it is in fact a reflection of a deeply held respect for conservatism.

      The reality is that a media which creates headlines in the manner of ‘go get me some news!’ old fashioned editorial broadsheet archetypes is a media which in fact slowly constructs it’s own bandwagon. Slowly becomes it’s own image of representative social mass as ‘we’re big so we’re safe so we must be right!’.

      And yet the 4th Estate reaches this conclusion solely from within their own confirmation bias ranks.

      Unfortunately, the defensive psychology that goes with maintaining this artifice of ego is one which says: “Anytime someone disagrees with us, we will deny their truth and avoid looking in our own mirror by refusing to give their perspective any airtime or published weight at all.”

      This is important for racists to understand.
      Because it means we are doubly damned for being threats from outside -their- clique of social club card holder acceptance.
      As much as for being dinosaur relics of some bygone age of ‘immoral’ supremacist thinking ourselves.

      Add to this the profound ignorance of most journalists as to the simple realities of genetics and speciation (beneficial mutations are swallowed and annihilated by large groups in open competition, encouraged and sweep accelerated in smaller ones where limited inbreeding is the norm) and the cultural conditions by which TFR dictates what a society values as becomes.

      And you have the reason why those charged with being our eyes and ears are in fact selling only what they wish, in their wildest imaginings, were a truth beyond what they see everyday.

      It is in the latter that the real hypocrisy arises for most crime reporters are closer to the statistical reality than all but cops as they see the results of too many kids, too little caring, all because mom and dad are 7-8 times more likely to be criminals themselves.

      They know it because they see it. And while it is perfectly alright not to -say it-* because your future employment is on the line, it is profoundly _evil_ to say the opposite.

      That there is not a statistical merit basis in racial truisms as cautionary behavior values useful in protecting Whites and Hispanics from the depredations of Blacks.

      Trayvon Martin was home free, less than 100ft from his front door. He came back. He started a fight and beat up a man who, having lost him, was returning to his car as told to by police. Martin caught a bullet because he was too big to be stopped any other way and his own initiated violence was about to crack Zimmerman’s skull. As he saw and reached for Zimmerman’s gun, he got one end of it.

      IF THIS IS THE TRUTH then Zimmerman did nothing wrong.

      If it is not, then Zimmerman must be proven wrong based on available evidence, not suspicion of racial prejudice. And right now, the only weighting we have to go on, either way, is that blacks have a huge statistical lead in their predilection for violent crime (7X whites).
      If the media won’t report this with the same zeal as they do Zimmerman’s ‘whiteness’ itself, then they are missing half the story.

      *(13% of this nation’s minority population forms 36% of it’s 2.3 million prison inmates, the largest incarcerated population in the world by almost a million, _because_ we are deceived by the multicult into thinking diversity enriches rather than destroys…)

  • The__Bobster

    …..based on the racially charged media coverage, 62 percent of Americans said the charges were “probably true” or “definitely true.”

    This is how Americans vote for their Presidential candidates, too.

    • YngveKlezmer

      What is true is that Zimmermann had a right to defend himself when being physically assaulted by street thug bully Trayvon. I don’t care what Zimmermann said to Trayvon, whether he called him a Ni*ger, porch monkey, or anything similar. The acceptable response to this would have been Trayvon saying something back, and nothing else. Apparently, this feral Negroid thug bully never learned this basic rule in school. You only hit the bully who hits you. As far as verbal aggression, saying something back is as far as a decent person goes. To respond to verbal aggression with physical aggression puts one in the wrong. That our media is actually defending this thug, who was obviously the aggressor and bad guy in this confrontation, obviously in the wrong for physically assaulting a man who had not thrown a punch, feels like the death of decency in America.


        It only feels like the death of decency in America because it is!

  • If GZ is found not guilty on all charges, and there aren’t black riots, then the media, certain black activists, half the black men on Twitter with AVIs of shirtless pics of themselves, not to mention a certain President and a certain Attorney General, are all going to have to look themselves in the mirror and ask them where they went wrong.

    • YngveKlezmer

      They obviously will not do this. The Negroid is sociopathic by nature. Sociopaths do not have remorse and guilt like the rest of us. Zimmermann needs to be acquitted, so that these sociopathic feral Negroid thugs get the message, loud and in their face so that they can process the message, that the rest of us are going to fight back when they bully us. They need to see that the rest of America, including Hispanics, is sick of their bullying, and is not afraid to fight back.

  • All of you ‘groids who plan on rioting later on, and attacking white people, I suggest looking for the white guys wearing the pink shirts, flip flops in public (they can’t run away, and will squeal in sissy pain when you stomp on their toes), and drive cars no bigger than a golf cart. There is also a 99.99% chance they will be unarmed.

    • Romulus

      They will will also have many “special happy” bracelets.!
      Tell them to look for broads dressed like Dennis the menace .

      • TFD123

        And “Co-Exist” bumper stickers on their cars.

        • Romulus

          I prefer the one spelled out with the names of my favorite gun manufacturers.

        • That’s one of my favorites, but it’s usually some dykish looking woman over 40 who sports one of these.

        • Alexandra1973

          You guys beat me to it.

          I feel like making my own bumper sticker–one that says “this sticker says I’m a moron” with an arrow pointing to a Coexist bumper sticker…or an Obama sticker….

    • T_Losan

      Never understood wearing flip flops out on the town. It’s not as if you’re gaining any points with the ladies and If anything does happen, you’re severely disadvantaged.

      • texasoysterman

        Real men NEVER wear “flip-flops”.

    • newscomments70

      They scope these types out instinctively and avoid the Ted Nugent types. A fun trick, a sort of sting operation, would be to dress up like a white liberal sissy, but lock and load.

    • Alexandra1973

      And they’ll likely have one of those asinine “Coexist’ bumper stickers.

      (What is it with these dinky little cars anyway? My husband about freaked when I bought a Ford Festiva…and that was like a tank compared to these little cars!)

  • Spartacus

    “His identity will always be as a want-to-be cop who trailed a black kid
    who was not doing anything wrong, got in a fight with him, pulled out a
    gun and killed him.”


    Yeah, I’m sure the black “kids” who did this were also not doing anything wrong:

    • Keep it up. I would love to link these pictures to those other sites frequented by white liberal scum, but the poor babies can’t handle the truth.

      • Spartacus

        If you upload them directly, as opposed to posting links, they’ll be up for at least a while until their mods take them down.

    • Romulus

      It would be great if you posted these pics over the Disqus blogroll. Some of the other sites need to stop bickering between the north and the south and get behind racial unity.

      • Spartacus

        What’s Disqus blogroll ?

      • YngveKlezmer

        You better believe it!! Us Whites still fighting the Civil War is the number one factor that has allowed the Negro situation to become what it is today in America. If Northerners had listened to their Southern Brethren when the Negroes began to move North, we could have sent the Negroes back South and saved our cities, and adopted more stringent segregation laws than the South to take away any desire for the Negroes to move North. In the spirit of respect for our Southern Brethren and their plight, the North should have also helped the South to re-settle the Negroes back in Africa. I’ll always wonder if we could have offered asylum to all White South Africans, allowing them escape from that hell hole, in return for resettlement of American Negroes in South Africa.

    • vladdy1

      Do me a fave and warn us on the graphic pics. I’m as revenge-oriented as the next person, but I do get blasted emotionally by those pics. I already know it’s happening.

      • Spartacus

        Imagine how the people in those pics felt…

  • bigone4u

    If Zim is found guilty, forget about justice for “white” persons (calling Zim white is a real laugher). If he’s found not guilty, to which country does he go to avoid being murdered? If riots occur, Obama appeals to the rioters to go home and so he ends up a hero when the blacks comply. Obama the hero sees his approval ratings soar and pushes through “immigration reform.” I see no scenario in which white persons are not the losers. Obama and the MSM get what they want no matter how it plays out.

    • Sick of it

      If no man has the right to defend himself, once again we would have to ask – Is this America or the Soviet Union? Even medieval peasants had the right to bear arms and the right of self defense. Maybe blades instead of guns, but it’s the same general principle.

      • Romulus

        You can bet that the land of watches and banks will always have guns. Seeing as how the global usual suspects run the money.

        • Sick of it

          The usual suspects have hardware that would make us drool…

          • Romulus

            So much of it provided by the good ol’ US of A!!

      • Alexandra1973

        Why do you think this country is known as the USSA?

    • YngveKlezmer

      Obongo will only be a hero to the Libtards and Negroes in this case. He will also, I suspect lose the support of the millions of Hispanics who voted him into office. They are probably already feeling foolish, realizing that their #1 enemy is Negroes, not good old boys with Rebel Flag front plates on their pickups. Hopefully, they will see that good old boys with Rebel Flags are the reason this is a great country, and that they were fools to trust the Negroes. Anyone who trusts a Negro is a fool.

  • JohnEngelman

    I am glad the trial is being televised. The camera does not lie.

    • In a way, I agree. In a way, I don’t.

      If we’re to presume innocent until proven guilty, then criminal suspects shouldn’t be named until a guilty verdict or plea. I bet GZ sure wishes his identity was kept secret.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Most definitely!! Hopefully, many White Libtards will awake from their slumber as the reality of Negro behavior becomes obvious to them on their TV screen. It is the White Libtards in places like Vermont, that don’t witness Negro depravity on a daily basis, that will hopefully be shaken into racial realism by this footage.

  • MekongDelta69

    Juan Williams is SO stupid when he appears on FNC, that even his kids turned Republican on him!

    The order of FNC’s libs in terms of their insanity – Colmes, Beckel, Williams…

    • itdoesnotmatter

      You can’t make this stuff up.
      Williams, in an O’Reilly discussion on the promises in Obummer’s “immigration reform,” the need first being an impregnable fence to secure the border: “the border already IS secure,” he said with a straight face.

      On what planet does this man live?

    • Romulus

      That might be precisely why they air their opinions on fox. To demonstrate their insane stupidity.

  • Spartacus

    “And Jeantel’s physical appearance, as a dark, heavyset young woman…”


    Ghetto walrus.

  • MawellAxel

    Juan Williams- a typical AA case. Babbling with nothing to say but needs to keep the checks coming in.

  • “She was mammyfied,” said Ms. Wilder, the sociology professor, expressing disappointment over the reaction. “She has this riveting testimony, then she became, overnight, the teenage mammy: for not being smart and using these racial slurs and not being the best witness. A lot of people in the African-American community came out against her.”


    Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder is a sociologist and scholar specializing in diversity, race relations and gender issues. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of North Florida. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Florida. In addition to her studies in sociology, JeffriAnne also completed a concentration in Women’s Studies and Gender Research. Dr. Wilder completed her MA in Sociology from Cleveland State University, and a BA from Allegheny College.
    As a black woman and sociologist, Dr. Wilder is very passionate about connecting sociology to the everyday issues occurring within our society. She writes, researches, and lectures on the contemporary experience of black Americans and other racial/ethnic minorities. ….

    A liberal black assistant prof forced to throw out the slurs first, probably lamenting a white male had not said it first so she could use it against YT.

    • “A lot of people in the (Bellcurvius) community came out against her.”

      Where? All I saw were black shrieking talking heads worried that all these mythical white Kluxers were making fun of her. Because they knew how stereotypically black she came off on the stand.

      • Joseph Bryant

        Yup. They’re protested waaaaay too much, because they know she’s way more representative of a typical black woman than the black brain surgeons and astronauts or whatever they put on tv and in stock photos.

        • YngveKlezmer

          Exactly. She is Black reality, not these Blacks in the McMansions in TV commercials.

        • T_Losan

          Don’t forget that Hollywood staple, the Female Black Judge who don’t take no guff.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Mammyfied??? WTF?? Typical Libtard. She either has a two digit IQ, or no scruples herself, such that She doesn’t see the sociopathy inherent in the Negro mindset. This Negroid lump that testified is not Mammyfied. She is a typical Negress, with the mentality of your run of the mill, everyday Negress. Once this is understood, one sees the reality of the Negro temperament.

      • Creepy as a cracker!

        You are exactly right! Go into any housing project, welfare office, ghetto, black dominated school and you will meet many like her. As I said many times before “She is the rule rather then the exception”.

        And might I add this is what businesses are forced to hire and schools are forced to admit over well qualified Whites in the name of diversity. For this reason, many business have moved their manufacturing overseas. They simply could not manufacture a quality product with the many Rachel Jeantels they were forced to hire.

  • Bo_Sears

    The masters of discourse win because it was the flurry of hate speech for months that this was mostly about. Most of us don’t understand that the stated goal may not be the real goal, or all of the real goal, and the dominant urban-coastal class in its war on us has made a lot of mileage on its anti-white narrative. They don’t have to convict or jail Zimmerman to win.

    This kind of fever comes up every so often…remember the church burning claims? False. The Duke athlete crimes? False. All the countless hoaxes claiming hate crimes? False, but note that search engines report 790,000 articles about hate crime hoaxes.

    And remember this is a civil war within the diverse white American population.

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    What a dishonest load of insidious propaganda. In this commentators attempt to appear objective his bias is showing. Exactly what debate is it that is invalidated by not considering slavery and segregation? Are you joking? I had no idea Rachel was a slave! I guess that explains everything!

    The rest of that statement is so twisted I can’t be sure of the meaning, it’s pretty close to being a word salad. Saying she spoke a southern dialect is just hilarious, she could barely speak at all. I bet there were a million muh fuggahs just waiting to burst out, bubbling beneath that wobbly surface of suet.

    And “… she wasn’t the best witness.”??? She’s a liar. She committed perjury. She did not conduct herself in a fashion that should be acceptable in a court of law.

    I am tired of all the lying. These people are the absolute worst kind of fools. They think if they lie long enough and loud enough, eventually, their lies will become the truth.

  • Baboon

    What are the chances this jury is in on the corrupt case? There is something very scary happening here. I have a terrible feeling its going to be a guilty verdict.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      An innocent verdict does not fit the narrative this lost BRA country has going.
      A “fix” must be in. Watching the pro-prosecution, unprofessional behavior of the judge convinces me that she has made up her mind to go hard and heavy.

      • libertarian1234

        If there IS a guilty verdict, I’m pretty sure one of these several bias actions or words by the judge or prosecutors will be grounds for reversal and retrial on probably more than one count.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    My opinion of Zimmerman is very different. He was a good neighbor watching out for his community that had been plagued with black stealing and was attempting to do something about it when he was attacked by a violent prejudiced black male for no good reason.

    • libertarian1234

      That’s EXACTLY this entire story in a nutshell.

      And the legal aspect of the situation can be briefly summed up by saying the authorities wanted an arrest in the case to stop black mobs from rioting, and as the Police Chief said, the city officials pressured him to make an arrest on a bogus charge and added that they didn’t care if Zimmerman was acquitted later.

      And the result?

      It’s going to be VERY difficult getting all 6 women to be courageous enough to vote for an acquittal, because two or three will think the fact that Zimmerman got out of his vehicle to monitor the perp is the basis on which to judge his innocence or guilt rather than the actual attack, requiring a shot to keep him from getting his brains beat out.

    • YngveKlezmer

      You have hit the nail on the head. This is why Zimmermann is a folk hero. He was trying to enforce decency, and did not cave when confronted with a Negro delinquent. He would make a darn good police officer.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Yep, Hispaniard or not, George was doing what he should, what all well-assimilated immigrants should do. I’m no lover of the squat monsters, but I am a GZ fan.

  • Creepy as a cracker!

    Bernie De La Rionda was trying to pass Jeantel of as a credible witness to the jury today as he delivered the prosecution’s closing arguments. I think the prosecution lost all credibility by placing that thing on the stand. She came across as having zero credibility. If the jury convicts based on her testimony, I will lose any faith I may have left in the US justice system.

    • YngveKlezmer

      She is credible proof that Negroes are a retrograde species of humanity.

  • Romulus

    Jeanteal couldnt find her hind end with two hands and a map!!! The prosecutors attempt to pass her off as a credible witness was pure smoke. Somrtimes its very hard to keep my opinions from digressing into a rage filled filled tirade. The prosecutors even tried the lawyer trick of serving up a manslaughter charge. Its a rairoad sham.

  • Sick of it

    It’s even stranger considering that he’s part black.

  • 1gravity

    Laymen, schooled on popular courtroom dramas, cannot be expected to see how clumsy the prosecution team is. The prosecution team’s idea of cross examination is to talk loudly and talk fast. BDLR’s opening argument on behalf of the State has been widely panned; yelling at a jury falsetto is not persuasive, even with good facts.

    • cancerous bananna

      For me, it was the way he couldn’t sit still and was crossing his arms and touching his face, and at times, hiding his face while listening to the old forensic examiner explain the situation..
      Then he asked if it was possible to get those wounds to Zimmermans head by hitting his head against a tree in a scuffle.. I really had to laugh at that.

    • jane johnson

      His closing was no better.

    • capnmorgan5150

      “The prosecution team’s idea of cross examination is to talk loudly and talk fast.”

      I noticed this as well. That guy was really irritating.

  • Joseph Bryant

    Give me a break. I’m young enough to have had to attend public schools with people like Jeantel. They’re exactly the same in real life-loud, surly, barely able to speak English* and dumb as a bag of hammers with an overinflated sense of self-esteem. It has nothing to do with the media or anyone picking on her.

    Professor, this is the women of your black underclass. Deal with it.

    *It has nothing to do with it being a second language for her. The black girls in my schools like her spoke EXACTLY the same way and they were all native-born.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Exactly!! I, too, went to school with many Blacks as a young lad, and they acted this way 30 years ago. Jeantel represents the average Black female to a tee. Slow-witted, almost developmentally disabled, but completely lacking in any form of scruples or decency. No personality either, just a vexatious lump of sociopathy. By the time I finished high school, I knew that 99,9% of Negroes are like her. The few decent ones are so few, that it is an exercise in futility to try to relate to them as one does to normal people. They are a retrograde species, almost like a curious and tragic blending of a human with some type of babboon or monkey.

    • guest

      Yet have you noticed that in all movies, TV programs these same blacks are portrayed as intelligent, doctors, lawyers, law abiding, etc. etc. while Whites are portrayed as dumb, criminals, illiterate, race mixers, or Archie Bunker types? It is all PLANNED to make most Whites think this is REAL LIFE….

  • YngveKlezmer

    Zimmermann needs to be acquitted. As far as the Negros rioting, let them riot. My guess is that most Hispanics, who already hate Negros for good reason, will fight back against any Negro violence directed towards them. This time, when the Blacks riot, only the clueless, sheltered White libtards will sympathize with them, and even many of these folks may wake up and see the light. This trial is shining the light of truth on the non-existent moral fabric and character of the Negro, and those of us who are racially aware and not missing any of this. I am glad that Zimmermann is Hispanic, and that the ignorant media is portraying him falsely as White. All who are willing to see and accept the truth can now see where the biases of the media lie. The media is a Negrocentric lie machine, and throws anyone under the bus, who is not Negro, who dares to mess with their beloved Negros. Apparently, in their estimation, a non-Negro man who dares to defend himself against a Negro thug bully who is attacking him is wrong, and a verbal racial slur gives a Negro the right to attack. As far as Hispanics in this scenario, I think that they can now see that the Negrocentric media cares no more about their welfare than about the welfare of Whites, and that everything is about protecting the Negro with the media. As long as most Hispanics see this, I think that they will see who their #1 enemy is. It is the Negro. As far as us Whites, we are the folks who have allowed them to enter our beautiful country, and treated them with munificence. It is the Negroes who want to kill them, and want to run them out of America. They can also see, clearly, that this is how the Negroes treat us Whites, that this is how they thank us for not sending them back to Africa. Being that Hispanics not outnumber Negros in many locales and already want the Negros out of their neighborhoods, any rioting will give them a prime reason to do some of our dirty work for us, fighting back the way Whites us to do in the good old days. Hopefully, this will also wake up large numbers of complacent Whites, and more than a few Whites will also fight back against any Negro bullying.

  • YngveKlezmer

    They will no more look at themselves in the mirror than my cat does after killing her prey. Negroes are a retrograde species, sociopathic by nature.

  • YngveKlezmer

    I agree. The O.J. trial woke a lot of folks up. The Zimmermann trial, I suspect, is waking up far more folks up than the O.J. trial did. Every high profile Negro violence case does this. Crown Heights woke up plenty of New Yorkers, waking many a Jewish libtard from their myopic pro Negroid slumber. If this trial does the same for the Hispanics who voted Obongo in last November, showing them that their #1 enemy is Negroes and not us Whites, this trial may, in the long term, be a blessing, provided Zimmermann is acquitted.

    • Joseph Bryant

      Crown Heights led to the Jewish-Ethnic White-Asian political alliance that elected Giuliani and then Bloomberg. It made New York a liveable if authoritarian city. I wonder if it’s breaking up now with the controversy over Stop and Frisk.

  • Spartacus

    I’ll look into that.

  • Spartacus

    One more victim in the ongoing genocide against the Afrikaaner in South Africa.

  • jane johnson

    Get thee to a gunnery! Forthwith!!!

  • guest

    I am so fed up with this “slavery and segregation” repeated so often as much as I am about the holocaust (of course there was only ONE) over decades! Something tells me these people who do this have something to hide from us, like the real truths…

  • Pelagian

    It always makes me queasy when defense attorneys recommend not taking the witness stand even when the client is innocent. Sure, the jury is told to ignore the fact that he didnt testify, but …. Still.

  • vladdy1

    Please don’t be offensve, even if you are quoting others. The correct way to say or write it is “the c word” or “the cr word.” Written, it should be “cr*****.” Who made the left the arbiters of the language?


    NOT GUILTY! – The jury has come back with the only rational verdict that it could have reached, not guilty! Anything other than that verdict would’ve been a true travesty of the American justice system.