Jury in Zimmerman Case May Consider Other Charges

Mike Schneider and Kyle Hightower, AP, July 11, 2013

A Florida judge has denied a prosecution request to include third-degree murder as a lesser charge in George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder charge.

Judge Debra Nelson ruled Wednesday, saying it was best to exercise caution.

Defense attorney Don West had objected strongly to the third-degree murder proposal since it is premised on the idea Zimmerman committed child abuse when he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.


The judge earlier ruled manslaughter can be considered as a lesser charge.

Zimmerman is pleading not guilty.


Prosecutor Richard Mantei argued that instructions for third-degree murder should be included on the premise that Zimmerman committed child abuse when he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin because Martin was underage.

But defense attorney Don West called the proposed instruction “a trick,” and he accused the prosecutor of springing it on the defense at the last minute.

“Just when I didn’t think this case could get any more bizarre, the state is alleging child abuse?” West said. “This is outrageous. It’s outrageous the state would seek to do this at this time.”


West said he wanted the six jurors to only consider the second-degree murder charge or not guilty.

“The state has charged him with second degree murder. They should be required to prove it,” West said. “If they had wanted to charge him with manslaughter … they could do that.”

Jurors could begin deliberating as early as Friday. Prosecutors were expected to give closing arguments Thursday afternoon, followed by the defense closing on Friday morning.



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  • Didn’t I mention manslaughter yesterday?
    Let’s bring up descriptions of the suspects of all the crime in that neighborhood in the past year, shall we?

    • jambi19

      Yes you certainly did. This kangaroo court is laughable.

    • The__Bobster

      To quote Ann Coulter,

      There were at least eight burglaries in the 14 months before Zimmerman’s encounter with Martin. Numerous media accounts admit that “most” of these were committed by black males. I’m waiting to hear about a single crime at Twin Lakes that was not committed by a black male.

      • I don’t know where you all live, but where I live, it seems like most of the crimes in my city are committed by you-know-whats.

        • Tinfoil A22hat

          Yah our general population is nearly homogeneous, but the county jail is vibrant.

    • cancerous bananna

      “The state COULD HAVE charged him with manslaughter”
      Is what the defense should have said. Or, is this another misquote from the media?

  • The__Bobster

    Defense attorney Don West had objected strongly to the third-degree murder proposal since it is premised on the idea Zimmerman committed child abuse when he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

    Despite the pictures shown by the MSM, that thing was not a child.

    • Creepy as a cracker!

      I really couldn’t believe the state was trying to put that spin on their flimsy case.

      • cancerous bananna

        Like flinging “mud” on the wall to see what sticks.

  • TheCogitator

    From the beginning the vendetta against Zimmerman has been about appeasing blacks. That is a fools errand, since blacks will never be happy and will always demand more no matter what they are given.

    What the state is doing to Zimmerman is the real crime here.

    • Creepy as a cracker!

      This is a state sponsored and sanctioned lynching and mob rule!

    • Johnny Squire

      It’s also a surreptitious attack on the right to self defense and the right to own firearms. The left loathes anyone who believes they have a right to either; they especially loathe those who exercise those rights.

  • Gunrunner1

    I don’t believe so. Manslaughter implies lack of intent. If I punch a man and he goes down and hits his head and dies, that is manslaughter. 2nd degree is that you killed him wrongfully, but in the heat of the moment, like walking in on you wife in bed with another man and you shoot them both dead and stand there sobbing because of what you have done. 1st degree implies foreknowledge and planning, lethal intent.

    He was simply defending himself against a feral negro. Zimmerman should get a reward.

  • Corey and Co. have no case on the original charges. So they’re begging the judge to hand the jury the entire volume of Florida criminal statues so they can find something to string GZ up on, to placate BRA.

    • jane johnson

      The state desperately wants a gun charge to stick because of Florida’s 10,20,life law. Mandatory prison time; the judge has no discretion in sentencing.

  • MekongDelta69

    I loved [sic] the “child abuse” attempt by the prosecution persecution today.

    “Po’ liddle Trey-boon Skittle-head wuz jes’ tryna drink hiz ‘Drank’ in piece/peas/peace yo’ ahna ‘n dis ebil whaht boy Z cums up behahnz him ‘n killz da po’ boy day-ed. Sen’ dis rayciss ta da lek-trik cher. Nahmeen? Nahmsayin’?”

  • A Freespeechzone

    The prosecution can’t prove a damned thing that counters Zimmerman’s account of this incident–which, I might add, his account is validated by the physical evidence and eyewitnesses.

    Both the prosecution and the judge are frustrated that in close examination that there is no case against Zimmerman, it was self-defense, plain and simple.

    However, I personally believe that there are forces ‘behind the scene’ manipulating the judge to insure a conviction of something…look at her combative attitude and rulings that consistently worked against Zimmerman’s defense.

    Make NO mistake, if Zimmerman is convicted of anything, it should be overturned on appeal….

    Furthermore, failure to exonerate him will result in the message that violent minorities will have ‘free rein’ to mount unprovoked and vicious attacks knowing that if lethal self defense is used against them, that the victim will be prosecuted.

    Brave people will NEVER let themselves be a victim….I know I won’t.

  • Luca

    In a realistic world, the prosecutors closing remarks would be as follows: “Ladies of the jury, the State of Florida, the judge, the court, the media, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, White Liberals, and 95% of every black person in the country want George Zimmerman convicted. Therefore, I ask you to ignore all the evidence, ignore the justice system, abandon all logic and reason and just stick to the narrative and the agenda. We know we have no case against him, but George Zimmerman must be convicted, he must pay and he must be sacrificed at the altar of Diversity and political correctness. Otherwise, there will be blood in the streets and certain politicians may not get re-elected.. I rest my case”.

  • bigone4u

    The Zimmerman prosecution is shameful, a disgrace, a dishonor to justice, and a canary in the coalmine. The canary is singing, “Death to whites.” Too many politicians are shouting back, “Amen!” Our system of laws does not deserve respect anymore, but if I refuse to become a willing victim. If I find myself in Zim’s shoes in the future I will not hesitate to pull the trigger and lawyer up as fast as possible.

  • Puggg

    “Child abuse.”

    So this is a “child.”

    • cancerous bananna

      That’s the tool for pickin Jeantel crab-louses.

    • dogbone

      Does anyone know what kind of tattoo he had on his arm.

  • dd121

    This entire absurd farce was perpetrated by the left trying to produce the perfect “white” racist who is killing innocent blacks. This shows that their mythical “racism” is alive and well and they must be eternally vigilant. Blacks fail at everything, in spite of us putting them first in line in every situation. In the mind of a leftie (and blacks) the only possible explanation is “racism”. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that maybe the failures are the result of the shortcomings of the blacks. It’s all a circular argument and it just goes on and on. The average person is just too stupid to see through it all. I wish whites WOULD riot if he’s convicted of anything. We certainly have more reason.

  • Prosecutor Richard Mantei argued that instructions for third-degree murder should be included on the premise that Zimmerman committed child abuse when he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin because Martin was underage.

    Why not put “Disorderly Conduct” and “Illegal Discharge of a Weapon” on the table too?
    Surely the jury can convict him of something? This is getting hilarious.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      Where was Zimmerman’s truck parked? Maybe the jury can come back with illegal parking by an armed citizen and get enough jail time out of that to have the prison inmates finish the job for the prosecution.

  • anarchyst

    This “kangaroo court” needs to be brought up on charges itself. . .
    Zimmerman is being “Nifonged” in the same way that the Duke lacrosse players were. This prosecutor deserves to be brought up on charges for malfeasance of office and abuse under color of authority. . .
    Add to that, the so-called “news media” needs to be sued for defamation of character and must be made to pay MILLIONS to Zimmerman.
    That being said . . .
    One must understand the defective pathology that exists in the minds of almost all urban underclass blacks. You see, “young master trayvon” felt “disrespected” for being asked what business he had in that community. (Any ordinary civilized person would have stated that he had relatives there and would have been on his way). His only possible response (due to his defective black pathology) was to pummel and murder Mr. Zimmerman. In this way, he would regain his “respect”. If “young master trayvon” had been successful in murdering Mr. Zimmerman, it would not even make the evening news. It would definitely not be reported as a “(racial) hate crime”.
    Mr. Zimmerman is being railroaded at the behest of the race apologists, poverty pimps, and race hustlers. The prosecutor should be brought up on charges of malfeasance of office for charging Mr. Zimmerman. . .without convening a grand jury. . .

    Why is the so-called “news media” so intent on persecuting George Zimmerman?? It is evident that Zimmerman was “jumped” while heading back to his car and that the “thug” trayvon got what he deserved . . . the urban black “underclass has a disdain for education, finds “disrespect” under every rock, does not know what REAL “respect” is, and is generally a “menace to society”. trayvon was “casing houses” NOT going to the store to buy “skittles”.
    Any civilized person would have answered the neighborhood watch guy that he had been visiting relatives, but not trayvon. . . trayvon’s feral underclass upbringing led to his demise . . .

    “saint” trayvon was a thug, casing houses, looking for trouble. Looks like his feral black upbringing did him in. Look at that whole trayvon “family” . . . human garbage at its finest. . .they already hit the “racial lottery” with a million-dollar “settlement” from the “homeowner’s association”. How many people are unaware that they did not report their “son” missing for three days?? I am sure that his “family” was aware of “young master trayvon’s” criminal activity, probably benefiting from it themselves.

  • Judge Debra Nelson was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush.

    Something to think about before you run out and make him President.

    • WR_the_realist

      Only a sociopath would vote for any member of the Bush family.

      • Not even Barbara Bush is that enthralled with the prospect of Jeb Bush running for President. It’s kinda pathetic when you can’t even sell your own mother on the prospect of you being President.

  • Greg Thomas

    Even the prosecution knows this case is lost and is trying everything in their power to avoid seeing Zimmerman walk out of the court a free man.

  • OhWow

    Mark my words…he will be found guilty of something even if it’s totally made up just to be nice to blacks. It seems all America lives for these days is to make the brothas happy. Black privilege is a very real thing.

    • MBlanc46

      And if it’s not Florida state law, it will be a Federal civil rights suit. Or a wrongful death suit brought by the “victim’s” family. Zimmerman’s life will be made a hell whatever the results of this trial.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    The libs are not worried about riots spilling over into white areas. When they are accosted by black rioters, the libs can just say something like, “Hey, I’m on your side bro’.” Surely the blacks will see that the libs are their friends and will let them off the hook. No?

  • dogbone

    Maybe they can convict Zimmerman of bleeding on the sidewalk. I am sure it is some type of biological hazard.