William and Mary Aims to Atone for Role in Slavery

Lekan Oguntoyinbo, Diverse Education, June 4, 2013

He was known as Lemon. For years he toiled in the cotton fields owned by the College of William and Mary. The school used proceeds from the fields as financial aid for young White male students from poor homes.

When the Virginia college sold the cotton fields in the early 1800s, Lemon was one of the few out of the 17 slaves who worked the fields redeployed to the college campus in Williamsburg. The others were sold. Lemon presumably worked there until his death in 1817.

Little else is known about him. Not his last name nor his survivors.

But a few years ago when William and Mary, the nation’s second-oldest university and, for centuries, the leading intellectual champion of Southern causes, including slavery and segregation, decided to atone for its past deeds, college officials picked Lemon as a symbol.

In 2009, seeking to address the wrongs against African-Americans, the college’s board of visitors passed a resolution acknowledging that William and Mary “owned and exploited slave labor from its founding to the Civil War and that it had failed to take a stand against segregation during the Jim Crow Era.”

The board’s action followed resolutions by the student and faculty groups that asked the college to investigate its history in race relations and its role in slave labor.

And the Lemon Project was born.

Repentance project

“The Lemon Project – A Journey of Reconciliation” is a long-term research project aimed at better understanding, chronicling and preserving the history of Blacks at the college and in the community.

It is a multi-faceted scholarly and community outreach effort that organizers hope will ultimately bridge the chasm between the college and African-Americans, many of whom have historically felt antagonized by the college and its surrounding communities. It is reminiscent of efforts taken by several other prominent colleges, including Brown and Emory, to formally repent of their roles in slavery or the slave trade.

Although little is known about Lemon, the leaders of the project chose to name the program after him because the little data on him embodies the countless nameless slaves exploited by the college for 170 years.


In the years since the board of visitors passed the resolution, the leaders of the Lemon Project have launched an oral history project with the objective of getting African-American alumni and community members to share recollections of their relationship with the college. There are annual symposiums that include the presentation of papers by scholars and discussions by faculty, staff, students and members of the community.


Slavery apologists

William and Mary was the intellectual center of Virginia and the genteel South, an unabashed apologist for slavery and Jim Crow. {snip}


Unlike many high-profile universities in the South, William and Mary began admitting its first Black students in 1951. But to hear many of the earliest Black students tell it, in those early days the college was not particularly welcoming. Blacks were not allowed to live on campus until 1967.


The college has tried to revamp its image in recent decades. It has stepped up recruiting of Black students and faculty. It has also created an Africana Studies Department. Black enrollment has grown steadily, rising to about 7 percent. Overall minority enrollment is about 28 percent, according to Dr. Chon Glover, the school’s first chief diversity officer.


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  • StillModerated

    First they remove the cross from the chapel so as not to offend mohammedans, and now this outrage. I hope the alumni quit giving W&M money. Go (away) Tribe!

    • evilsandmich

      Yeah I love that: “Eww, slavery bad!” and then turn around and be appologetic to people who make it their business to still own slaves.

    • me
  • Manaphy

    None of the students or faculty of W&M were alive during slavery, why the hell should they repent for it? BTW, black on white slavery was (and still is!) very common in Africa and not one black apologizes for it.

    • guest

      Slavery has become nothing but an excuse for entitlement for blacks now. Everyone is so scared of being labeled that dreaded R-word now, they’ll do anything to “atone” for something that neither they nor today’s blacks had anything to do with.

      • Yorkshireman.

        A little like the ongoing scam for claims against BP for fake damages as a result of the oil spill.

    • Guest

      Black on white slavery? I’m going to have to ask for a reference for that.

      • Bill

        Don’t know how to google, eh? The lazy are always seeking Cliffe notes. Do your own research. It will stick with you longer.

      • The__Bobster

        Just sing the Marines Hymn.

    • MBlanc46

      Good point. When apologies are the order of the day, Africans, who sold their own into slavery, need to be near the top of the list.

    • me

      Goyim, pay attention….

    • slaveryamistakeandneverneeded

      Why was slavery used in the new west? Wasnt Europe built and maintained in all its grandeur and splendor for thousands of years by white slaves only? Why did white slavery end being fully sanctioned in white man religion by messiah? Didn’t ending white on white slavery open the door to African slavery especially with the founding of the west by European white latinos and anglicans? When will a time machine be invented to erase slavery in the west? Dont say its impossible. Einstein knew time travel was the next big invention. By erasing slavery it kills 2 birds with one stone and the chosen white race is saved. Who was the main benefactor of African slavery anyway? Sure wasn’t the white race. If anyone needs to apologize to their great white elite savior it is the black race. They sure never return to their jungle hellhole again.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I know this is a goofy joke post but time travel is one of the silliest things ever.

        It’s just not possible. The best you can do is sit next to a huge gravity force so that your atoms move slower relative to the rest of the universe.

  • John

    The only shame is that all Anglos in the United States at the time did not demand the full completion of President Lincoln’s Liberia Project to repatriate all Blacks, including mongrels, back to Africa. The project was started, in earnest, but improperly funded and eventually stopped.

    Here are two good sources of information about the subject; both are excellent reads:

    The ‘Great Emancipator’ and the Issue of Race
    1. http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v13/v13n5p-4_Morgan.html

    The GOP’s Liberian Connection
    2. http://www.lewrockwell.com/dilorenzo/dilorenzo49.html

    • evilsandmich

      I’m sure if the Northerners knew at the time that their cities would eventually be trashed by freed blacks that they would have come up with the scratch.

  • evilsandmich

    Black enrollment has grown steadily, rising to about 7 percent. Overall minority enrollment is about 28 percent…

    28-7 makes it 21% Indian/Chinese exchange students.

  • Whirlwinder

    This is the tyranny of academia. The socialists are in charge and they will do anything to destroy the American Republic and the western civilization that built it. Wm & Mary was once a great university and now it just stamps out revolutionaries.

    • guest

      It used to be that getting a college education was very honorable. Now it just doesn’t pay to go there anymore. Having a diploma on your wall isn’t worth enduring those years of lies and brainwashing taught by the leftists who run them.

      • Invictus_1

        This is a great indicator of the Great Collapse underway. When the world becomes so turned on its head that the culture of the host civilzation no longer values education for whatever reason, the power shift is either nearly complete or well on its way to completion.

  • Spartacus

    “…a long-term research project aimed at better understanding, chronicling
    and preserving the history of Blacks at the college and in the

    So it’s gonna be a list of the murders, rapes and assaults they commit ?

  • OlderWoman

    The Lemon Project.

    Says it all, doesn’t it?

    • MekongDelta69

      They should have called it, “The Watermelon Project“.

      • Erasmus

        How about, “The Waterlemon Project” ? Who could possibly complain, then?

    • r j p

      What do you call an antiquated non-functional piece for farm equiptment?

      • StillModerated

        Shitavious Leroy D’Latrequawn Jackson

  • Romulus

    Another historic American university embracing the death cult that is multi culturist and political correctness.

  • Bobby

    The ONLY proper reaction that the parents of Euroepean-American kids should have, is to withdraw them from the “school” immediately. Any school that starts this cr-p isn’t going to be good teaching anything else either, IN MY OPINION. At best, they will graduate another group of clueless and weak kneed white kids.

  • Funruffian

    This is another attempt to atone for sins committed over 150 years ago and beyond. Rubbish. There is not one living White person today who ever engaged in Slave-ownership or Slave subjugation. Also, there is not one Black living today who ever served as a Slave. So why are Whites today expected to pay for past “injustices”?
    Only 2% of White Americans living today have had Slave owners in their bloodline. So why do these supposedly prestigious schools cave in to this ludicrous concept?

    • bigone4u

      It helps with federal funding, which all of higher ed is dependent on. It helps keep the Feds off their backs in terms of lawsuits. They cave for monetary reasons.

  • Kalel Jorelson

    I want to find at least one person on AmRen who’ll agree with me before I give up: the best way to deal with this whole “atonement for slavery” business is to adopt it as our mantra, and use it for our own purposes, as follows:

    THE BEST WAY TO ATONE FOR SLAVERY IS TO GIVE AFRICAN-AMERICANS A SPACE THAT’S ALL THEIR OWN AND LET THEM GOVERN IT ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN JUDGMENT AND BEST INTERESTS. All wealth in modern, as in all other times, comes from the land and the people, so let’s give the African-American a chance to prove that he can do better by himself. Let’s give them a state of their own (I suggest Florida, because of the semi-tropical climate). How’s THAT for atonement for Slavery?

    They get one fabulous piece of prime real estate to play and develop without any white control (but they can take advantage of all the infrastructure that is there) and either they can do as well as the Bahamas and Jamaica and the Virgin Islands or they’ll end up like Haiti and Liberia, but they will be the determiners of their own fate.

    True Racial Segregation, true maintenance of separate but equal political sovereignty and legal control is the ultimate freedom from any and all covert or implicit discrimination. I would say that giving African Americans the state with the longest warm beaches and the chance to turn it into their own paradise is the best possible way to atone for slavery. There will no longer be any problems of racial discrimination in housing, employment, or in police action. If they can keep Florida attractive as a vacation destination, they will still get to socialize with exactly those whites who choose to associate with them, and they will not have to associate with or be exposed to any terrible “haters” like the people who read articles and write comments on AmRen.

    Florida is a large and wonderful part of America, and there is nothing “unnatural” about Black people and such mixed people as wish to “go black” living in that climate. Florida was even the site of the infamous “Roseville” Massacre of the 1920s, so all the more reason why Florida should be given to the blacks as their own state to make up for Slavery AND Jim Crow.

    Segregation Once, Now, and Forever should in this way become a source of Black Pride and White Pride together—at last truly separate but equal….by jurisdictional and demographic design….. Somebody think creatively with me, here, will you?

    • Cactus Jack

      something like that has been tried, They killed all the whites and took over, …I am talking about Haiti that the took charge of over 200 years ago, how is that working out??????

      • Bill

        Also Liberia was founded by freed black slaves from America. If you want empirical evidence of how well blacks do on their own, once freed from slavery, there is your example. It’s just as much a mess as any other African country dominated by blacks.

      • Kalel Jorelson

        I’m going to reply briefly to Cactus Jack and Bill at the same time: Haiti and Liberia were THEN, when blacks had not nearly taken over any white countries, and this is NOW, in the Fifth year of our Fraudulent (but White-Elected) Dictator Barack Hussein Obama. And Haiti and Liberia may be problems for the WORLD but they are not specifically problems of OUR OWN. We have a problem of our own: we don’t like sharing power with other races but whether we like it or NOT we ARE sharing power with other races. The question is: are we ever going to do anything about it? Can we think seriously rather than sarcastically about forming a new racial world order, one that benefits US by accepting that “nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could.”

        Does it REALLY matter to us what happens in Haiti or Liberia? Seriously? Or anywhere in Africa? If there is political will to engage in expensive foreign aid, it’s something we can complain about…..but does it compare with sharing our streets, our restaurants, our movie theatres, our schools, and our neighborhoods and lives generally?

        People need to wake up and SMELL the COFFEE—William and Mary, the Second Oldest University in the United States, Second ONLY to Harvard, is setting up a LEMON FOUNDATION TO ATONE FOR SLAVERY. This foundation does NOTHING MEANINGFUL to benefit black people and probably imposes a slight additional psychological burden on the White Students at William and Mary, who are probably already bombared with brave new world advocacy of the evils of being white.

        Neither Liberia nor Haiti are the models I’m looking at for how this would work out—I’m looking at the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands (perhaps to a lesser degree Puerto Rico).

        If you agree with me that we need to restore segregation—what is your superior proposal IN THE REAL WORLD AS IT EXISTS TODAY—that would get white liberals to tolerate the notion and white moderates to approve it, and would actually amount, in the eyes of the world, to giving the blacks something in exchange for a return to (the widely MIS-perceived evil) of segregation?

        Either go with me on this plan or come up with something better—-and if you cannot do either just accept the status quo and know that your grandchildren will either be the last old white people around or they too will interbreed and intermarry and have mestizo & mulatto offspring.

        • Bardon Kaldian

          This is not new here. I- and some other posters- have advocated that blacks be given 2-3 US states (with the stipulation they all move there). It’s, from a white angle, just a rehash of black separatism of Stokely Carmichael from 1960s.

          • Kalel Jorelson

            I’m very happy to hear that people have been talking about it. I think Florida is a great prize to offer and I like that it’s geographically close to the Caribbean and so it concentrates African-American “blackness” within the center of the Western Hemisphere.

            So, I’d love to know more about your ideas. Which 2-3 states do you recommend and why don’t we try to get the idea going again, but seriously approach people on the other side of the argument? “Anything which can be hypothesized is possible”, but if nobody talks nobody does anything and if nobody does anything except talk the effect is the same. I am a newcomer to AmRen but all I see is people criticizing and complaining.

            I don’t get the feeling that people are binding together with practical proposals and taking them out to the field to ask existing candidates and try to push new candidates. Everyone seems very afraid and timid. We all know why—we feel powerless and like the most pathetic of minorities.

            But we have to break loose from these chains of fear and do something other than reminisce and fantasize about the good old days on the one hand and “if only poor dear Old Uncle Wolf/Adolf had won WWII” on the other. Such thinking isolates us and because we tolerate it among ourselves it makes us look like true lunatics to the outside world. It’s a great pity that someone like George Corley Wallace couldn’t have reached out to Stokely Carmichael back then, but if opportunities exist now, why not take them?

          • Bardon Kaldian

            It wasn’t much argued in detail, but the blueprint would be: at least 80% of US territory; only whites, but not all whites- liberal & very similar types excluded, with the possibility of letting them in later if they change their attitude; the white ethno-state should not be land-locked, but should cover most of the Atlantic & Pacific coast; there were unresolved controversies about how many white- non-black “mixes” should be let in; there is some consensus that white ethno-state could not come into being until a great collapse & strife withing boundaries of current US. My idea is that one should have many scenarios of white-ethno state re boundaries, but unalterable basic principles.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            It better NOT be Florida.!

    • gemjunior

      How about we build them a town on Baffin Island next to a giant mountain of snow, and then when we’re leaving we shout and bang some pots and pans? An avalanche would be fantastic. Or maybe Hawaii at the top of a smouldering volcano that has smoke coming out and is giving warning rumbles?

    • MBlanc46

      All sorts of people, black and white, have floated this sort of idea for decades. Maybe it would be a good thing, maybe not, but it’s not going to happen. They’re here and they’re not going anywhere. Any solution of the black behavior problem has to start right where they are, which is also over the country (mainly the southeast, cities of both coasts, and industrial cities of the Midwest).

      • Kalel Jorelson

        Maybe you’re right that “they’re here and they’re not going anywhere.” I came to AmRen looking for new ideas about how to deal with the degeneration of my country. All I have found so far is that there are a lot of unhappy people complaining and making snarky comments about the racial and cultural status quo. But all I see is dissatisfaction and unhappiness. I don’t see anybody brainstorming and proposing ideas about what can be done.

        If “macro-regional” segregation “is not going to happen”, I wonder why that is? Is it because White people don’t want to engage in the labor, the hard work, of discussing politically feasible steps towards practical solutions? Is it because there are better solutions? If so what are those solutions? I don’t see anyone on here who believes that “better education will make them better citizens” or that law enforcement is likely to change things.

        We have a very macro problem. Instead of Macro-Griping, I’d like to see some Macro-thinking. If my proposals are old hat—what are the new ones? Seriously, tell me if I’m missing anything because I don’t want to.

        • MBlanc46

          Macro segregation would require a revolution on the scale of the German revolution of the 20s and 30s. What we need to do, in my view, is to reign in black behavior. There’s already a lot of segregation. There’s no reason to think it won’t continue or even increase. But inner city culture has become so degraded and so violent, and is beginning to impinge on majority culture in ways that it hasn’t in the past (knock-out games, “beat whitey” days at state fairs, flash mobs, anti-white violence such as the Brunswick, Ga. atrocity), that something must be done to get it under control. For that to happen, whites have to become sufficiently angry about it to decide to take political action to impose that control. What we have to do at the moment is to stoke that anger. As more and more people reach that level of anger, we’ll be able to get a much better sense of what possibilities for political action there are.

          • Kalel Jorelson

            You basically seem to be saying you plan to wait to take action to see whether, as the temperature increases in the pond, the white frogs in the pond will start croaking loudly for change before they croak finally and become forever silent?

            First: there was no German Revolution in the 1920s—what on earth are you talking about? But that’s actually irrelevant. Germany was (morally and economically) falling apart at the seams in the 1920s—much as we are now.

            Well, the difference in what I’m suggesting is that we adjust our thinking and rhetoric to be more friendly with the liberals and moderates. Instead of emphasizing criminal conduct and other of what we may perceive as undesirable aspects of African American culture, why not just start (from our vantage point) a National Crusade to finally atone “once and for all” for Slavery. I think it would be a very bad idea to call it a “final solution” to race problems in the USA, but to call for final, meaningful restitution for slavery would be an acceptable mantra.

            How would we do this? Well, we could start by showing how completely shallow and meaningless (however well intentioned) such programs as the Lemon Project at W & M really are. And let’s face it—they really are.

            We could perhaps phrase it as a program to turn over lands into a fully endowed and permanent trust for the Advancement and Promotion of the African American population. This is on analogy to Indian lands, although I also think something similar needs to be done regarding the Social Security Trust Fund, which has no genuine endowment at all and is funded entirely by fictitious government “non-marketable” securities at the present time.

            I just feel like we who believe in racial identity and preservation need to show, kind of like President Woodrow Wilson tried to do (leaving aside for the moment all his many other faults and failings), that we are committed to equitably advancing the interests of the Black Population BY AND THROUGH SEGREGATION and the dedication of a significant portion of the National Wealth (i.e. land) JUST for the black people.

            So much of the conflict that is discussed and described on these pages is because of interracial interaction by people who feel insecure about themselves. Psychologically, creating “all black” zones (not just by de fact economic segregation, but actually setting aside good areas with exclusive “black political control” and jurisdiction) would eliminate a lot of tension.

            Above all, once there were parts of America where there were simply NO whites in any positions of power at all, Blacks would have to look to themselves to sink or swim.

            People on this website are constantly talking about chronic basket case countries like Haiti, Liberia, and Zimbabwe. But NOBODY answers when I try to talk about Antigua, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bonaire, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Gaudaloupe, Grenada, right on through the alphabet through Trinidad & Tobago to the Virgin Islands. Politically and economically speaking, these countries may not be any version of Plato’s Republic, but they are doing well-enough and all of them have populations that are 85% or higher African and/or Mulatto.

            In my travels in the Caribbean, the Dutch Antilles are by far the cleanest and best organized, followed by the British commonwealth island, followed by the American islands, followed by the French Departements d’Ourtre Mer, followed by the Spanish Dominican Republic, and ok obviously Haiti’s at the bottom of every list. (We can’t really count Cuba in this list because it was still 65% white in 2002, down from 72% in 1953, with the Mulatto population rising from 14.5-24% because Intermarriage between diverse groups is so general as to be the rule.) Cuba’s black population is fairly steady at 10-12%. But the bottom line is that Blacks CAN govern themselves more-or-less successfully in most of the Caribbean (aside from Haiti) as well as in major parts of Africa like Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia even if we may find certain practices such as the persistence of cannibalizing albinos highly “distasteful” to put it mildly—and no pun intended. We are better off leaving them alone and they are (I assume) happier if we do leave them alone).

            I guess I feel that there IS a positive good for all races in segregation and we just aren’t talking enough about that. We need to. Separate Sovereignty and autonomy for black people to develop their own identity and their own culture and their own heritage. That’s what we need to be talking about to achieve segregation again. GOOD segregation for GOOD purposes for everybody.

            In short, I advocate positive action now BEFORE things get any worse, and I advocate doing so by compromising our rhetoric—what we believe is our own business—but we need allies and fans outside of the circle of “true believers.” I think we need to move forward into the world of reality and not just hope that disaster will somehow make things better for us….. History only rarely works that way, and when it does, it’s usually because someone had some sort of plan ready.

            I in particular don’t think we should wait for the disaster because our President, Chairman Obama, might well use disaster as the means to suppress all freedom of speech and assembly, put the final nails in the coffin of our constitutional republic, and I really don’t think we’ll have much of an opportunity even if all of us subscribers to AmRen should suddenly find ourselves assembled together—in one large FEMA camp “for the reeducation and rehabilitation of the sociopathic and mentally deranged racially conscious white population.”

          • MBlanc46

            No. What I’m saying is that the number one task is to stoke white anger. Only when that is accomplished will be be able to see further steps are feasible.

            German society was in turmoil from the abdication of the kaiser after the war, through the Spartacist uprising, the Munich putsch of 1923 and other Freikorps and other rightwing activity, street violence between Nazis and Communists in the 1920s and 1930s, right up until Hitler became chancellor in 1933 and the Nazis consolidated power soon after. That’s a revolution.

          • Kalel Jorelson

            Minor quibble first: in my analysis, I’d call what Germany had in the 1920s a major psychological identity crisis rather than a revolution and I’d call Hitler’s rise an overcompensation for that identity crisis. What happened in the US was more like a real Revolution because it STUCK—the effects lasted. In Germany, the (in some senses revolutionary but still very young) Prussian Second Reich Kaiser Wilhemine thesis was overthrown, but Weimar Germany was an imperfect and unstable antithesis and Hitler’s Germany was an anti-thesis to the anti-thesis, and no kind of synthesis at all. Still, “Revolution” is just “Evolution” with an “R” on it, normally implying a little faster speed, so (especially since it’s not directly relevant to what we’re talking about here) I will not go any further. So call it a “Failed Revolution” or Rebellion if you want…

            As to your first point, I think you’re hopelessly out of touch with the reality of the Brave New World—the world’s population (at least in the Non-Muslim world) appears (and I think is in fact) largely anesthetized from anger. You say that “the number one task is to stoke white anger.” First question: how will you get them away from Black and Mulatto Dominated Sports and (increasingly) Black and Mixed Dominated Reality TV? Not to mention Black and Mulatto popular music? (Where the main test for success and popular recognition of “quality” is—how black are they?)

            Aldous Huxley predicted the future astoundingly well when he wrote Brave New World in 1931: get the vast majority of people obsessed with sports, sex, and have music piped in and playing everywhere, get a huge percentage of the population hooked on drugs, abolition or at least castrate all Credal Religion, and you will have a passive, submissive population. Who can get mad when s/he can so easily turn on the tube, listen to public free MUZAK, and then get laid without risk of responsibility or commitment of any kind? (Sorry folks, just calling it as I see it).

            Everyone who doesn’t conform to this “stoned peaceful hippie” model of the Brave New World is a Savage, probably from a Savage Reserve, and each such Savage who comes into contact with the majority will ultimately conform or commit suicide because s/he just doesn’t fit, with all his or her savage love, anger, passion, and curiosity.

            Even right here on AmRen, the overweening modern obsession with Television, Music and Pop Culture and Sex is pretty apparent, but people on AmRen aren’t “mad” so much as they are disgruntled and complain a lot. But I see very little evidence of boiling rage here, just a lot of resignation and depression, a feeling that nothing can be done.

            And for all these reasons (since I’m a bit of a “Savage in the Brave New World” myself), I advocate adopting the language of the left and the rhetoric and tactics of persuasion.

            For many years now I have thought that we need to phrase POSITIVE RACIAL IDENTITY as a matter of aesthetic choice and biological wisdom. On the one hand, we need to play the psycho-babble game and develop psychological models about the negative cognitive effects and oppressive monotony and boredom of uniformity.

            We need to turn perverted sociology like the “doll preference” test cited in favor of integration by the Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education on its head and ask why all through Africa, the Gods of Africa are White? Why should we presume to tell the children of Africa or anywhere else what color their Gods should be? Or their ideal dolls which imitate the Gods? (Remember the movie: “The Gods must be Crazy” from 1980?—that is just one of the few pop culture intrusions of the truth that the Gods of Africa are White….read Ethnologist Luc de Heusch on Sacrifice in Africa and “Le Roi Ivre” if you don’t believe me….).

            Above all we need to show the biological and medical risks of depleting phenotypic and genotypic diversity and again the horrible boredom of the “shake and bake” “hamburger helper” world that we’re driving in.

            Making people mad would require taking the Flourine out of Water and possible the Chemtrails out of the Sky, taking the television out of the living room and the sex, sports, and reality TV show out of television.

            No, we nee to invade their provinces. Start our own TV programs, even if they just start out as YouTube but make them of sufficiently high quality that they could circulate. I think we could create a certain amount of popular debate and Media Concern if we would focus on the lurid rise of prostitution, do some serious documentaries about the lives of white girls who become prostitutes controlled by black pimps for the benefit of—well, black pimps and other white owners of the pornography and “adult entertainment” industries. I am amazed that there is so little discussion of the widespread phenomenon of white (female, sex industry) slavery in the US. I guess I’ve seen a lot of it in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, and New York.

            And above all, we need to start bargaining with them about alternative solutions to the problems that THEY propose and most of us would PREFER to ignore—and I think that for White Identity Advocates to enter into the Atonement for Slavery Debate with PROPOSALS FOR SEGREGATION and SPLITTING OFF OF POLITICAL POWER and POLICE CONTROL to blacks would be a very promising avenue.

            What are liberals going to say if we propose—as I think Bardon Kaldian was suggesting elsewhere in this debate—20% of the land in every state perhaps, should be set aside for African American controlled sovereignty…. and maybe propose my nationwide alternative of Florida as an all-black state as an alternative.

            You see, if we only offer 20% of each state, unless we offer up the absolute best areas in every state, we will be accused of short-changing the blacks. But if we offer them Florida—the longest shoreline and beach in the entire United States with some of the best already extant vacation areas and tourist attractions, they cannot make this claim. And if we keep talking about it in public forum and offering to ANSWER IN THE AFFIRMATIVE those who want reparations for slavery—well, how can they ignore proposals that would turn Orlando, one of the tourist hubs of the entire world, and Miami, “the Capital of Latin America” over to blacks?

            I think that the prevailing psychology on AmRen is just insufficiently innovative, too predictable, too stodgy, and I’m saying—let’s “get hip”, let’s start answering them with proposals that DON’T just sound like angry white people…. but concerned, interested, and creative white people….. who want to create a better world for everybody…..

          • MBlanc46

            I certainly don’t think I’m hopelessly out of touch with what’s going on in the world.

            If whites are not going to become sufficiently angry at the holocaust of black violence, then nothing is going to change.

            Who is this “we” that you think ought to be doing all this bargaining?

          • Kalel Jorelson

            Would you disagree that getting angry is something that the combined effects of media technology and cultural conditioning through social mobility and economic instability has rendered almost impossible so that “group anger” a very unlikely path to the White people of America rising up against the status quo?

            Even the extreme volatility of the housing situation (credit and foreclosure cycles) means that many people (I would not want to guess on percentages) do not live in neighborhoods long enough to form community bonds.

            Realistically, how do you think any sort of collective anger would ever take place unless we try to take control of the media and enter media-centric politics seriously?

            “Who is this “we” that [I] think ought to be doing all this bargaining?”

            I suppose be “we” I mean myself and anybody who’d like to work with me on this, or if there’s a serious White leader out there who’s already started, I’ll follow him/her/them.

            I think that, historically group action begins by the simple agreement of two or three people to do something, and then those two or three find two or three more, and depending on the time frames involved, “we” can mean “We the People” within five-to-fifteen years. But none of us are immortal, unfortunately, and I’d like to see something happen during my lifetime to reverse the current trends.

          • Anonymous

            Majority black or mixed race places that are nice: Barbados, Seychelles, Bahamas. Two of these countries are in the Caribbean. They generally are about as developed as Eastern Europe or the nicer Hispanic countries. But yeah, many ppl on this website can only think of the worst-case scenario.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            Many things are not ripe yet.I’d say this article is 80-90% correct (although it’s conclusions should not be extrapolated too much): http://takimag.com/article/they_say_they_want_a_revolution_scott_locklin#axzz2VkP2b2ET

          • MBlanc46

            “Many things are not ripe yet.”

            That’s for sure. We have to do whatever we can whenever we can do ripen them.

    • jimh19

      That’s already been done. Ever hear of Detroit, Birmingham, Atlanta, Camden…….

      • Kalel Jorelson

        No, Detroit, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Camden are all in states where political and legal power is multiracial. Sorry. I want to find someone to explain to me why we aren’t all pushing for this, trying to think of ways to make it happen. Don’t tell me it’s impossible or has already been done because it’s neither—-unless nobody cares to do the work to try.

    • Rick

      I am TOTALLY ok with this proposal, even though it would take a miracle to make it happen. I am sure Floridians would not agree, but in regards to climate and proximity to other black nations in the Western Hemisphere, it could work. And we all know that IF something like this became reality, with NO White help financially, the world would see another example of black failure at self-governance. It is highly probable that Florida would be ruined and in a few generations would resemble Liberia and Haiti.

      Whites would have to commit to complete non-intervention (which we all know would never happen). Any whites that simply cannot live without black “enrichment” would be free to live there as well, albeit, their life span would assuredly be much shorter and would end violently. Mulattoes as well. But that is the price paid for enjoying their precious “die-versity”. We could give them military hardware and equipment to defend themselves (which they’d use on their citizens), ships (which they’d sink), jets (which they’d crash), the ability to create and regulate currency (which they’d inflate and destroy), computer technology (which they’d be unable to understand, configure or upgrade and improve upon), medicines (God knows what they’d do with those).

      We would build an enormous wall across the northern border of Florida and place troops on the white side. Any one trying to leave the Floridian Hell would be forcefully repatriated or sent to the Great Waddymelon Patch in the Sky. No asylum would be granted no matter how egregious the circumstances. It is a ONE WAY ticket–no deposit, no return. ALL DWL’s, socialist professors and teachers, traitorous Government bureaucrats, 60’s hippie radicals and black power advocates, hollyweird celebrities, leftist media nutjobs and any conniving “Tribe” members would also be placed within the new “nation” to share in this new and glorious experiment.

      In conclusion, our final “reparation” and “apology” would be to cede one state which is climatologically similar to the “Mother Land”, move ~38 million blacks and their apologists to this state, give them all of the essentials they need to begin anew and close the door forever. No contact, No commerce, No compassion. They are truly free to pursue self-determination without evil Whitey holding them back. Any takers?

      • Paulie Walnuts

        Then give them Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama for Christ’s sake. Mississippi is already predominantly Black isn’t it?

        • Kalel Jorelson

          They cannot have the entire south because that would be disproportionate with their present population. Two states maximum. I think Florida is the best offer because they cannot say they cannot make money off of it. Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana are, except for New Orleans, Biloxi, and Mobile-Birmingham, too poor.

          After Katrina (2005) and Deep Horizon (BP Oil Spill 2010) I think it’s fair to say that Mississippi and Louisiana are just too ecologically unstable to offer adequate reparations for slavery….

          I live in New Orleans myself and have other plans for that city, without blacks: that New Orleans, along with Natchez, could become a living monument to the 19th Century and the glories of White Supremacy…. but we all know that we’re talking fairly high levels of fantasy and imagination here….

          But “fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you, if you’re young at heart.” I worry that the White Race is showing signs of senescence and Alzheimer’s these days, but they are developing drugs for such things….

    • Nathanwartooth

      I’ve thought of this as well.

      Since Whitey is pure evil and all we do is be racist towards Blacks, why not give them a state or two where they can all live Whitey free?

      But what would happen is what happened in South Africa. Whites wouldn’t be allowed in to Black controlled areas but Blacks would be allowed to go wherever they please.

      • Kalel Jorelson

        A separate state for blacks would not be any different from the other states except, by a contractual agreement in reparations for slavery, or perhaps a constitutional amendment, they would accept one (or two) states (Florida and Georgia maybe? since they are right together and contiguous? I have spent more time in Florida than Georgia, have White family and friends in both, but “to make an omelette, you’ve got to break a few eggs”).

        Such a (black) state would make money off of white business (tourism and travel, they could make a lot of money off controlling the major airports. They would be unlikely to travel too much….because they would have the safety and security of their own judges and juries and police in Florida (and/or Florida + Georgia—-I really think Florida ought to be enough, myself, but if it has to be Florida plus Georgia, OK).

        This would be NOTHING like apartheid in South Africa because it would be segregation by AGREEMENT. Apartheid was forced, as was old fashioned U.S. Jim Crow—I am talking about BUYING separation of the races in a FAIR and EQUITABLE, NEGOTIATED AGREEMENT addressing one of THEIR issues (clearly not ours) about the need to pay compensation (way out of legal time and reason for slavery).

        It would be a “cosmic”, “karmic” thing and I think at least a few liberals would see the beauty of the concept.

        The way I envision it, blacks could still travel in the remainder of the states and whites could travel in Florida, but no blacks would ever be allowed to register to own property, vote, hold driver’s licenses, work or get married or perform any other legal acts in white states except those necessary for and relating to travel (maybe with a 90-120 day maximum stay permitted, that sort of thing).

        Blacks could be tourists in White America and Whites could be tourists in black america. Occasional miscegenation would be inevitable, although much less than it is now, but all mulatto children born to white women would automatically be legal residents of Florida and/or Georgia in my proposed imaginary world….. It could be real, and not just by anger or force but by agreement IF we do it right….

  • A Freespeechzone

    Slavery was abolished 150 years ago–NOBODY alive today in the US is or has been a slave; yet blacks use that as an excuse to guilt too many Whites as a matter of retribution, punishment and pay back.

    Time to demand that this crap stops and that blacks be held accountable for their situation based upon their personal decisions and efforts, or lack thereof.

    By the way, the academic standards at W&M have no doubt been lowered to make those who, otherwise are not qualified to enter this university, feel good about themselves.

    Make NO mistake, none of this PC crap goes on in China, which is growing their economy much faster than ours…based upon performance and not guilt and affirmative action.

    • Anonymous

      Every Chinese foreign student I have ever talked to has said that there is affirmative action in China. Lots of it. The ethnic minorities in China have to achieve a lower minimum score on their standardised tests to get into university, so it seems like the Chinese educational establishment is also drinking the Koolaid.

  • MekongDelta69

    Lekan Oguntoyinbo, Diverse Education, June 4, 2013

    Well, that saved me from wasting my time, reading any further…

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Would that I had read that first. I did end up getting a good laugh out of it, however. The mention of an “Africana Studies Department” in particular was quite funny.

  • MikeS

    A Lemon? That sounds about right.

  • WowReally

    The slavery horse has been beaten to death and continued to get beaten so much that it’s now beaten down to the earth’s core.

    • Erasmus

      Look on the bright side. All those kids now having this PC crap shoved down their throats and not learning about their real heritage are going to be one very racially-aware generation. They’re going to reject their educational indoctrination when they know the truth.

      Better ideas triumph because they’re more reasonable, more consonant. There’s nothing less reasonable these days than “Diversity is our strength!”, and when kids realize they’ve been sold a pile of horse manure by their teachers and by our “best” and “brightest,” they’re going to be very angry.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Repent for what? Dude I have never had white guilt and never will

  • Bill

    Do the blacks EVER apologize for anything, or take responsibility for what they do or have done in the past? No. So why should we???? We shouldn’t. We should shove their guilt trip right back into their teeth and remind them that they have been given EVERY opportunity to advance themselves and would rather kill each other over sneakers, a water bottle, or whatever. They as a race pretty much fail at everything, and only affirmative action allows them the semblance of any kind of achievement. If things were based on merit ALONE and proven achievement in competition with others, they are a huge FAIL.

    • MBlanc46

      That’s a very good point. I’ll consider apologizing for slavery (for whatever that’s worth) when blacks apologize for forty years of murder, robbery, and rape.

  • bigone4u

    Look at the history of Europe. By the logic of what I call the “Apologetics Movement”, Asians and Muslims should be apologizing to Europe–feeling their guilt and wallowing in it. Asians and Muslims invaded the lands of Europe, murdered the men, raped the women, and plundered the wealth. All slavery did was give blacks a longer life than they had in the jungle in exchange for doing some real work. Slavery made blacks better off by making them the slaves of whites rather than the murder victims and slaves of their fellow blacks. Since two-thirds of slave ships were allegedly owned by that group we are not allowed to name on this website, why is that group not apologizing? Last, never donate money to any university or college until the BS stops.

  • APaige

    Slavery-you work and get food, shelter, medical care.
    Welfare-you do not work and get food, shelter, medical care, education.
    Blacks get more by not working. Blacks just wanted freedom from work.

  • Tannhauser

    I am still waiting on apologies and reconciliation for the crimes of Nat Turner from the black community.

  • They are still suffering from the Quaker disease.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    If this college were really so contrite about their horrible, evil, wicked, racist past, they would increase black enrollment to 90%. Oh, that’s right, there isn’t enough black college material to go around, even as it is. Well then, how about free tuition for all black students? As with most racial demagoguery in this country, all this hand-wringing is just so much political posturing.

    • Rusty Shackelford

      When I was there, Bantu enrollment was not significant. Even then, they self segregated but still called the white students racists. This is not ancient history, graduated in 2001.

    • Kalel Jorelson

      I do totally agree with you there—free tuition for blacks would be a LOT more meaningful than this stupid Lemon program. The Lemon idea is retarded. But I think we need to start making offers to make up for slavery by restoring SOMETHING to the blacks—whether it be their ancestral residence in Africa or a completely safe and secure jurisdiction which they can have all to themselves in the USA. I am amazed at how everyone hears this proposal and then just woodenly sits there and figures out how to avoid the work of making it happen. I am increasingly of the opinion that nobody here really wants change—they just like having a place to come and gripe and complain to others who feel the same and also don’t really want to do anything about it.

  • IKantunderstand

    The first order of business for Whites in this country is to STOP apologizing for slavery. If every ethnic, religious, racial group had to spend the rest of their days apologizing for all the sins of the past, this entire planet would come to screaming halt. Enough already. And, what makes this so called “victimhood” even worse, is that the victim supply seems to be neverending. I am overloaded! I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!!!!!!!! And, guess what? I, as a White American, feel victimized. Victimized by my government, victimized by Hollywood, victimized by Blacks, victimized by Muslims, victimized by multiculturalism. Victimized by the United (for now) States of America. I posit that the current victims of the world are WHITE PEOPLE. And, it would seem, our victimization is scheduled to continue until we are all dead. Pol Pot, Mao, and Hitler were apparently amateurs compared to the bunch in power now.

    • Pauly Walnuts

      I think that you should change your user name. It’s quite obvious that you very clearly understand what’s going on more than the average guilt ridden, mind numbed, sports and reality show intoxicated “poor dumb bastard” White American.

      I STILL don’t understand some of my closest friends who just don’t get it! Several of them are planning to vacation in NOLA! They chide me about being a “doomsayer”.

      Two of them have daughters who have been accepted at Temple University and who are going to live off campus in the surrounding “hood”. I have to bite my tongue.

      • IKantunderstand

        I may not understand, but Mr. I. Kant does.

    • David Ashton

      Constantly induced irrational guilt = mental illness.

      • IKantunderstand

        And so, rejection of said irrational guilt? Mental health?

  • PouponMarks

    I’ve got an idea. Let’s offer Haiti, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands to create all Black societies, and see how they do on their own. What was that? They have already inhabited them exclusively for over a century? Really?

    • Polyganos

      Your avatar is a riot!! At first, I didn’t get it. Then I spoke out the name; Poup-on-Marks.
      That’s great! Just precious. Please put that on a T-shirt.

      • PouponMarks

        Oh no!! My cover has been blown :).

  • JohnEngelman

    Whites have already paid reparations. They consist of the money blacks have stolen from us, the cost of a criminal justice system capable of controlling them, and the decline in property values when they move into a white neighborhood.

  • PouponMarks

    I looked at crime statistics recently for the USA. One aspect is very striking, and that is if you factor out all Black and Hispanic perpetrator crime, USA would have among the very lowest crime rates of any country. Those of you who were around in the 50s will remember that neighborhood crime and a lot of city crime was very low. In San Antonio, Texas, I lived in a house for a while with no air conditioning, leaving windows open with screens on them, and the key to the house was a medieval key with a classic keyhole you could look into the house.

    Many people did not lock their doors. I used to walk home from friends houses at night. How is this possible, you ask? Because the city was segregated. Blacks and Hispanics live in separate parts of the city. The working class neighborhood I am referring to was White and White only.

    • Kalel Jorelson

      It was not JUST segregation that made the past a safer place. It was the knowledge that people everywhere were responsible for their own safety and that nobody needed to wait for the police to keep it safe. The role of increasing police power in psychologically conditioning the population to dependence on the government is largely overlooked. What used to be “private family disputes” are now “domestic violence” in which the police are called in immediately. REAL crime takes a backseat to investigating hate crimes and regulatory offenses. The combined effect is less respect for individual power to protect the home but no real respect for the police because they are political tools rather than good neighbors.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    I’m sad to see how my alma mater continues to succumb to political correctness. The school recently removed a feather from its sports logo (we are the “Tribe”, formerly the Indians) because it was supposedly offensive to native Americans. When I was there, a movement sprung to change the name completely, which thankfully did not go through.

  • Greg Thomas

    I am a White male and I have nothing to apologize for, nothing! In fact, expecting me to apologize simply because I have White skin is racist.

    • Hal K

      We have to stop using that word “racist” in a negative sense. It only strengthens the anti-white side, whether you intend it or not.

  • jimh19

    As a Bible-believing Christian, I wish to atone for Cain killing Able. I realize that my DNA is somehow involved in that gruesome murder.

    I shall, forever, hold my head in shame.

    Oh yeah, sorry about that slavery stuff in USA. My bad.

  • refocus

    Look, the only decent thing to do is burn the school and all of its books and papers to the ground.

    Use bull dozers to break up the foundations and carry the rubble off to be disposed at sea.

    Take the financial resources and buy food for poor deserving black people.

    Build a housing project on the site better than anything that has ever been built in the entire history of America. People it with People of Color.

    The white professoriat should do the right thing and quietly suicide.

    Use Google Purge and Delete to remove any mention of William and Mary from the Internet.

    Then and only then will it be possible to begin the healing of these crimes against humanity committed by the cancer of history the Hated White Race.

    • StillModerated

      Nonono! It must be turned into Section 8 housing as part of the reparations program. After 6 months the units will be infested with cockroaches and rats. The carpets will be soiled 6″ deep with dogs’ eggs. There will be nary a blade of grass, and there will be trash blowing around in the breeze. And then the residents will call a WAVY camera crew to film the arocity and to demand publicly that De Man come and clean the dump up.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        They might rename it The Detroit UNiversity of Virginia kinda like Miami of Ohio.

  • Nick Gherz

    They need to tell the “truth” about Lemon.

    When Lemon wasn’t toiling in the fields, he taught maff classes & lectured on physics, astronomy & chemistry.

    This will appease liberals & blacks.
    For a day or two.

  • libertarian1234

    “College is now ashamed of its past.”

    Ah, yes, more “brilliant” academics.

    I wonder if it would have any affect on them if somebody tried to enlighten them with the fact that this is a different time and a different people and none of them had any connection to anything others might have done or had not done in the past?

    And the icon they want to highlight isn’t alive right now, so apologies from people not guilty of anything to people who have not been harmed is really an act of gross stupidity.

    But even worse than that it is meaningless and serves only to create hostility and dissension, since blacks seize on every opportunity to whine and demand some kind of reparations, and when they get them they hate whitey even more.

    Then they use the admissions of radical whites as excuses for their inability to compete due to low intelligence.

  • IstvanIN

    Since William and Mary is named after racist, elitist, and very white King William III and Queen Mary II perhaps the school should be named after more contemporary leaders of colors. I would recommend renaming the school the College of Mswatti and Ntombi after the ruling King and Queen Mother of Swaziland.

  • Frank

    People not even born at the time of slavery are saying “I’m sorry” for things that happened to people long dead! How dumb.

  • Talltrees

    It doesn’t matter how much atonement there is, Blacks will continue using slavery to get what they want.

    Descendant Blacks should thank their lucky stars their ancestors were brought here. They should be kissing our feet. A history lesson for them would include African blacks rounded them up and sold them as slaves. Free blacks owned black slaves in the U.S. “free black people could even “own” the services of white indentured servants in Virginia”


    Blacks slaves cost much more than Whites. Whites were treated as dirt.

    “Whenever Whites rebelled or even disobeyed an order, they were punished in the harshest ways. Slave owners would hang their human property by their hands and set their hands or feet on fire as one form of punishment. They were burned alive and had their heads placed on pikes in the marketplace as a warning to other captives.”

    Maybe, we need to make William and Mary aware since this noble educational institution doesn’t know.

  • LouisE

    Among the former slaves who elected to go to Liberia, a very significant number developed
    a very real nostalgia for life in the Land of Cotton and some managed to get back “home”.
    And most AR readers kinow that slavery was very much alive and prospering before Whites
    linked into the great Wholesale market to carry slaves mainly to other nations in the Western hemisphere other than the US.

  • Moses

    Why is there never any mention of the fact that black slaves Did Not Rise Up And Demand Freedom or that over 600,000 white people died in the Civil War and that America is the only place on the planet to free slaves?
    Why are they always refered to as slaves when in fact they were indentured servants for a period of 7 years until a black male convinced the courts to make these people lifetime slaves? Check out his race on Google, surprise, surprise he is black not white.
    blacks should be down on their knees thanking the white man for what he did for them.
    In the New Orleans area alone there were over 2600 black slave owners.

  • Hal K

    People like to talk about what whites owe nonwhites, but no one ever talks about what nonwhites owe whites. Nonwhites obviously benefit from living around whites, or else they wouldn’t be immigrating to white countries in such large numbers.