Senate Bill Doubles Annual Flow of Guest Workers

Center for Immigration Studies, June 2013

The Schumer-Rubio bill, which will be debated by the full Senate starting next week, would allow unprecedented increases in the number of temporary workers. A new Center for Immigration Studies analysis of the bill finds that, in the first year, the bill (S.744) would admit nearly 1.6 million more temporary workers than currently allowed. After that initial spike, the bill would increase annual temporary worker admissions by more than 600,000 each year over the current level–an increase four times larger than the one called for in the 2007 Bush-Kennedy proposal (about 125,000).

As a result, this bill would roughly double the number of temporary workers admitted each year (nearly 700,000 in 2012). These workers are classified as “non-immigrants” and would be in addition to S.744’s large proposed increase in annual permanent legal immigrants competing for jobs (more than 30 million in the next decade).

The 2007 bill was defeated in part due to widespread concerns over the increase in the number of guest workers. While the sponsors of S.744 have suggested that this bill more responsibly manages the number of guest workers than the rejected 2007 proposal, it allows for dramatically more guest workers than the 2007 plan did. {snip}

In addition to expanding the controversial H-1B program, known for its association with overseas-based body shops and also a 20 percent fraud and non-compliance rate, the Schumer-Rubio bill adds several new guest worker programs. For instance, it creates a new H-1B-style visa for workers from countries that have a free trade agreement with the United States, offering 5,000 visas to each of more than 30 countries. This provision could add 155,000 new guest workers each year, which is greater than the current H-1B program. Farm worker visas would more than double under the plan, and a new visa for unskilled workers would bring in at least 20,000 per year.

Changes in two existing programs would result in a short-term surge of more than one million new workers. First, the bill would offer work permits to spouses of certain H-1B workers already in the United States, plus spouses of new entrants. Second, the new V-1 visas would allow more than 900,000 family members who are on the family visa waiting list to enter and receive work permits before their green card applications are approved.

While the bill establishes limits in most of the new categories, paradoxically it also gives the Secretary of Homeland Security the discretion to waive these limits if demand is high.


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  • Hunter Morrow

    Is there anything temporary about government policy?
    Keep in mind that Affirmative Action was meant to be temporary.
    50 years later, can you conceive of it ending tomorrow?

    • Remember Sandra Day O’Connor saying that we won’t need Affirmative Action in 25 years? That was 10 years ago. The old, withered dried out runt (83 years old) won’t be around when that time limit expires.
      How many of you honestly think Affirmative Action is gone in 15 years?

      • me

        This is why the Supreme Court should have term limits. We didn’t need them in the past, but we sure as hell need the term limits now!

    • Greg Thomas

      “Temporary” in government speak means indefinitely.

    • me

      Is there anything permanent about government policy? Repeal, impeach, and convict!

  • Remember the name, Charles SCHUMER. This guy stays power because of the clueless white New York liberal.
    Discredit him, and the best way to discredit and remove white democrats from their positions is to get him replaced by a diversity.
    First, however, you need to make sure his republican challenger is not a fake sell out RINO in order for Schumer to stay in power.

    • Hunter Morrow

      Charles Jewmer stays in Jew York politics with lots of wink-wink “White” votes.

    • This is your real enemy boys. Eliminate him from his position of power, and the minorities are defeated with minimum effort. This is your enemy in his natural habitat, a Gay Pride parade.
      Note the color of his lanyard, and the beads. The shirt color.

      • The__Bobster
        • The__Bobster

          Steve Sailer’s post below mentions that Chuck Schumer is much, much brighter than Rubio. Schumer scored 1600 on his SATs, competed on IT’S ACADEMIC, and graduated from Harvard and Harvard Law. Rubio attended disreputable South Florida schools on football scholarships, including “what by one measure was the single worst 4-year colleges in the USA”.

          The relationship between immigration policy and IQ is what got Jason Richwine fired recently. IQ is very largely hereditary, and Schumer’s grandfather was an immigrant, as was Rubio’s father.

          I remembered that Rubio’s father was a waiter, and wondered if Schumer’s father was a pharmacist or similar occupation. Actually, Schumer’s father (Abraham Schumer, born in Brooklyn in 1915) was an exterminator (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

          • You see, Schumer knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He gets to stay in power by telling certain people what they want to hear, Schumer’s own family doesn’t have to live with diversity, And Rubio is Schumer’s little witch.

        • George White

          Yes, he’s the ringleader and he got Rubio to drink the koolaid. Sad.

      • NM156

        Nice set of man boobs too.

      • Glicksteen45

        He looks like my grandmother.

        • Erasmus

          Yet, I do hope you’re grandmother, at least, remembers to wear her brassiere.

          How would you caption that photo? “Take a good look, boys. But only look! Mustn’t touch!” ?

      • me

        What an ugly ‘man’, both inside and out….

  • Related news:

    What have I been telling you all along? Partisan jealousy and sniping, more than our phone calls and letters, will be what kills “comprehensive immigration reform.”

    This article is about what seems to be the failed attempt to negotiate a House bill, so that the House can have something to counter a potential Senate-passed bill when the matter goes to conference. The “problem” (for them) is that you have far fewer John McCain and Lindsay Grahamnesty types among House Republicans than you do among Senate Republicans, and House Democrats are different from Senate Democrats in that the former, after 2010 wiped out a lot of moderate Blue Dogs, are an intensely ideological-fanatical-utopian lot, compared to their somewhat more sophisticated, Machiavellian and strategy-oriented Senate Democrat cousins. House elections are every two years, and held in increasingly monopartisan gerrymandered districts, ergo House members will generally be more responsive to their constituents of their own political party in their own districts, while Senate elections are held every six years as statewide elections, ergo Senators will respond to their larger campaign contributors representing monied interests. Plain words, a “bipartisan” immigration amnesty bill is easier to negotiate and iron down in the Senate, but virtually impossible in the House.

    • Xerxes22

      If the leftists were smarter and little less greedy, they would have put together a simple bill giving the illegals legal residency (anmesty). They then could have snuck all the other goodies in later. Family reunification (chain migration), health coverage, guest worker visas etc. could have added as riders to other bills and slipped in at the last minute. Instead they got greedy and tried to load everything into one bloated bill and now it’s going to sink under its own weight. Good riddance.

      • I’m not in the business of giving political advice to Democrats. But if I was, I would advise them to let an establishment Republican favored amnesty bill sail through with only perfunctory noise of opposition from Democrats. Once it passes, it will be a demographic ticking time bomb that will only help Democrats in the long run.

        However, the Democrats are so greedy, anxious, impatient and haughty that they can’t heed that advice, which I’m sure someone has given them. They want the political-electoral benefits of amnesty and open borders now, right now, as quickly as possible. And that’s where the red team vs blue team partisan squabbling commences, and that in turn will largely kill the prospects for any bill passing. (Thank God)

        It’s glad to know that the Democrat Party is also the Stupid Party sometimes.

  • bigone4u

    More than a million “temporary workers?” Upper middle-class libtards are too weak and wimpy to mow their own yards and are too cheap to pay American citizens a fair wage, so the answer is temporary workers. NO, a thousand times no. Mow your own damned yards and stop trying to scam the rest of us with your harebrained legislation that benefits you and your cronies.

    • Charles W.

      The upper middle-class libtards think that they are above the tide. They think that while all the blue collar labor and fast food jobs may get taken over by the third world hordes working for slave wages, their paper-pushing liberal arts degree jobs are safe. They’re wrong.

      • bigone4u

        You know they’re wrong and I, an economist, know they’re wrong, but their arrogance will lead to their downfall.

        • me

          It’s too bad that they have to inflict the suffering on everyone, especially the people on this site. Stupidity should really hurt!

    • White Mom in WDC

      Right on. I used to live in Capitol Hill in DC. Major haven for libtards. You would go the parks and see libtard offspring with third worlder nannies getting paid peanuts. Nannies would fall down steps in these people’s homes and the kind global libtard citizens would fire the nanny. Talk about a complete lack of workers’ rights. Libtards want to have diversity so they can sing kumbaya while treating their third world employees like crap. Rich libtards HATE working and middle class whites with a passion.

  • The__Bobster

    For instance, it creates a new H-1B-style visa for workers from countries that have a free trade agreement with the United States, offering 5,000 visas to each of more than 30 countries. This provision could add 155,000 new guest workers each year, which is greater than the current H-1B program.

    Could Reconquista Marquito Rubio explain to the American parents who have their unemployed college-educated kids living in their basements how tripling the number of H-1b’s benefits them?

    • Bossman

      Before an employer can use the H-1B system, he has to prove that he can’t find an American worker to do the job.

      • Erasmus

        That doesn’t mean s*it, and everyone knows it.

    • Those “unemployed college-educated kids living in their basements” are Obama supporters. These same nimwits had orgasms and wet dreams over Obama’s victory last fall. They are too stupid to think ahead, and I am glad they are unemployed.

      • ATBOTL

        You don’t understand much about political strategy, do you? You don’t build a successful radical movement by insulting disenchanted people who are part of your natural constituency. I get the sense you still have a foot in the world of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

    • Erasmus

      Could Reconquista Marquito Rubio explain to the American parents why their sons and daughters are suffering and dying in our armed forces even as they prepare to betray them, their children and the country they are now fighting and dying for?

      Rubio, Schumer, McCain, Graham, Leahy, Child Bush and Obama are worse than any Tokyo Rose: They effectively stab the members of our military in their backs even as they’re waving the flag and wailing “Support the Troops!”

    • me

      It’s about votes, cheap labor, and European-American diaspora. It’s also about the destruction of the only country in the history of the world that has resisted tyranny, enslavement, human rights abuse, and torture…especially from Marxism. European Americans gave the world hope, and the NWO CAN’T HAVE THAT.

  • The__Bobster

    A new Center for Immigration Studies analysis of the bill finds that, in the first year, the bill (S.744) would admit nearly 1.6 million more temporary workers than currently allowed.


    These “temporary” workers will be needed to take the place of the amnestied ugly brown squat monsters who will find it easier to take the jobs of the lower middle class American works.

    Many amnesty demanders claim that legalization won’t change much because the workers already have jobs in the US. But the problem for citizens is that many newly legalized workers will want to upgrade to a better gig and will be competing with Americans in a very limited job market.

    • Bossman

      The economy these days rely more on consumption than production. The immigrants belong to a younger demographic so that should be a good thing.

      • kjh64

        Overpopulation of this country with consumers from Mexico and 3rd world countries is not a good thing. These people consume a lot of resources and government services as well as compete for jobs and bring all of the problems of their 3rd world cultures ie. greater crime etc. with them. No country can withstand this out of control growth, It will destroy this country.

      • Erasmus

        So why are forced deportation of illegal aliens and a border fence for Israel good things but not for the United States?

        You conveniently avoid answering these questions.

      • me


  • NYB

    The economy long ago ceased to be based on production. It is now based on consumption.

    In the economy, the productive output of temporary foreign workers is secondary to what they will consume. Machines could increase our productivity, but machines don’t consume, therefore, we are going backwards to a less productive time, of mass peasant labor over mechanization.

    Industrialization has peaked. It is now the enemy of wealthy stakeholders, who need a continuous supply of new consumers to buy the goods and services they’ve invested in.

    Racial consciousness doesn’t factor into the agenda of the plutocrats.

    • George White

      No. Racial consciousness and ethnic politics is the ENTIRE AGENDA of the plutocrats. What are you smokin’? The white genocide project has been socially engineered. You need to read more.

    • Bossman

      That was some very good ideas. You should always think of 3 words and they all start with the letter “A”: Asia, automation and abundance. All kinds of things can be produced easily and cheaply these days through automation. Any job that you can do, a million Asians can do it cheaper.

      • kjh64

        We are already getting all of these products from Asia and they are crap. Yes, they’re produced cheaply and a lot of what they produce is no good. You get what you pay for. I can remember not too long ago, the 1970-1980’s, most things were made in America. The quality was MUCH better and you actually saved money because you didn’t have to replace poorly made clothes and other things as often. The economy was also a lot better. Life in general was a lot better before outsourcing and mass immigration. Yes, businesses may offshore to Asia, but when the US economy crashes because they are either no jobs due to offshoring or wages are driven down low because of all these foreign workers in the US, the American people won’t be able to afford all of the junk shipped from Asia back to the US so the joke will be on big business. Of course I blame the US government for making it hard and expensive for businesses too.

      • me

        Are you in your right mind, if you’ll pardon the presumption? You are wrong, and your comment is ignorant. Try commenting on something that you have some knowledge in, if you can.

  • Charles W.

    They send the majority of real jobs overseas via free trade agreements and outsourcing, and then when the average Joe tries to protect himself by seeking a career that can’t be outsourced, the government brings in hordes of third world immigrants with Mickey Mouse graduate degrees to drive domestic wages into the dirt. You can’t win. When are you going to wake up, White Man?

    • ATBOTL

      No, those people without jobs are just losers voting for Obama, they deserve it. We should thank illegal immigration for making those Obama voting losers unemployed.

  • Tinfoil A22hat

    Mud people are easier to rule than whites and are accustomed to 3rd world living standards. A populace that can actually think is too dangerous to be allowed to exist for TPTB. It’s the only explanation that is simple and makes sense to me for why the barbarians are being ushered through the gate.

    • Charles W.

      Exactly. Remember how the carpet baggers bought all the blacks’ votes in the postwar South: with a free cigar and bottle of whiskey.

  • George White

    Call your Senators. Raise hell. Call ALL of the Senate. Use *67 and pretend to be a constituent. Have the local zip code ready if they ask. We have to stop this awful bill. They want to legalize 33 MILLION welfare colonists while 22 MILLION real Americans are out of work. INSANITY! Don’t let them get away with it. This is the time to fight, NOW, because the bill is getting close to a vote. Please get involved. The future of this country is in jeopardy and we have to take action.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    What a hoax. These “guests,” are like the man who came to dinner; they don’t leave.

  • Laughing Clitoris

    As an Amerindian (Sioux), I must say I am against so many immigrants. I say leave the country majority White for all our sakes. Thank you.

    Harvey Laughing Clitoris


    • me

      Nice name.

  • sandy truthtree

    577,428 H-1B visas approved in 2012. 55% of them never leave. see

  • WowReally

    “Temporary”…right. Then they don’t leave, the government throws up their hands helplessly, and the illegals say “Come on over guys! The water’s great!” inviting their family and friends to come. Expecting illegals to follow the rules and leave after their visa ends is like expecting a group of 100 “youths” to act civilized for more than 30 minutes.

  • Epiminondas

    I’m sure this will do so much to allieve our unemployment problem.

  • Bobby

    We don’t have any “guest workers” the way that say, Switzerland has guest workers. The Swiss have a system like this—foreigners get a work visa for a specified amount of time, usually six months. When it’s up it’s up, no excuses, no benefits, no arguments. Are Congressmen and Senators are too unconcerned with people overstaying their work visa’s, afterall, it only affects American citizens when they do overstay them. the sqeaky wheel gets the grease, and so far, most America citizens aren’t even in the pip squeak category. PEACE, AMIGOS.