Forum on Civil Rights Sparks Protest Rally for Free Speech

Heather Jensen, News 2 (Nashville), June 4, 2013

A forum set up to promote discussion on tolerance and understanding did not go as planned Tuesday night in Manchester.

Those that were part of “Public Discourse in a Diverse Society” open forum were met with very vocal opposition at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center.

The event was described by Bill Killian, U.S. Attorney of East Tennessee and guest speaker, as an educational effort about civil rights laws as they relate to freedom of religion, specifically the Muslim religion. The forum was also to inform the public of the federal laws regarding civil rights and the consequences of violating those laws.

However, critics saw the forum as an effort to crackdown on anti-Muslim speech.

Prior to the forum, hundreds of protestors rallied outside the conference center, organized by Pamela Geller, a well-known author, blogger, and political activist.


The peaceful protest got heated when numerous protestors were turned away as the center reached capacity.

Those that made it inside showed a sign of unity when the forum began with the Pledge of Allegiance. But that unity was fleeting.

When Killian approached the podium, people booed and hissed.

When he tried to talk about hate crimes, he was nearly shutdown.

“Folks, I’m not going to fight this,” he said.

The remark brought cheers.


The crowd cheered after Killian said, “In this country, hateful speech is allowed.”

Killian went on to say, “But if that speech makes threats, it is not protected.”

The responsive audience gave FBI Agent Kenneth Moore more room to talk, as he addressed their concerns.

“Some of you here tonight believe that our presence here is simply to step on and to stifle your First Amendment right to free speech,” he said. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Moore’s comments referenced recent news coverage that suggested the Federal government would consider some inflammatory materials against Muslims as a violation of civil rights, including materials posted on social media.

Killian was quoted in many of the articles.

The comments by Killian came on the heels of a Facebook post by Coffee County Commissioner Barry West that showed a man staring down the barrel of a shotgun and the words “How to wink at a Muslim.”


The local chapter of the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), organizers of the forum, said the event and West’s post were not related.

Following the addresses of Killian and Moore, the forum moved forward with a presentation on Muslim populations, lifestyles, and religion.

Near the end of the presentation, an American-born, Muslim woman talked about the 2007 arson of a mosque in Columbia, Tennessee, to show the impact of hate crimes. A large number of attendees cheered.

The numerous outbursts forced organizers to cut short the scheduled question and answer portion of the forum. {snip}


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  • Hunter Morrow

    Because nothing says Islam and Arabs like Nashville, Tennessee. Kind of like how nothing says Somalia like Minneapolis.

    • Lacocoon

      Yup. Muslims, Blacks, Browns, so what? Nothing changes. Soon the Grand Ol’ Opery will have female performers wearing hijabs as they sing about cheatin’ on their man.

      • Hunter Morrow

        They must be in the meat-packing plants. Not the pork ones, mind you. Only the halal ones. That is one way they snuck into Scandinavia.

      • The__Bobster

        The problem is that they can only do it once.

      • Jotun Hunter

        that’s funny but not far off the mark – look at contemporary student hamlet productions in london – hamlet portrayed with postmodren chic not only by a woman but a muslim in head gear. Now that is haraam

      • me

        The Mussies can’t even drink beer or dance. It’s against Islam, you know. So is cheating on your spouse. What the hell are they going to sing about?
        “He threw acid in my face, now my glasses won’t stay put”?
        “My in-laws have a jihad on my horse”?
        “The new wife is fighting with my old wife over my third wife’s new burka”?
        “I have seven mothers-in-law, and my life is a living hell”?

    • Morris LeChat

      I think we are all aware by this point that those who push “civil rights” really wish to take away our rights.

    • me

      Lol! They ‘fit in’ so well….

  • The__Bobster

    However, critics saw the forum as an effort to crackdown on anti-Muslim speech.

    Since the speakers work for the Usurper in Chief, I’d say the critics were spot on. Under Eric Holder, one can only speak ill of straight White Christian males.

    • me

      Yup. The Marxists in the White House are abusing their power like crazy.

  • Sick of it

    So..because someone committed an act of criminal arson, speech needs to be controlled by the government? As always, they’re reaching!

    • Morris LeChat

      They think they can contain something that will grow to the point it will destroy them. The more effort they put in trying to contain it, the more gas they are throwing on the fire.

    • Muzzies don’t roll over, they’ll wait for centuries to get their way. If they fail with us they’ll try the next generation.

      • Jotun Hunter

        they will probably fail because they are ultimately a bunch of toothless, self imploding no-minds – wild eyed desert inbreds. However they will no doubt tear us down to pieces in the process, though sheer ferocity and strength of numbers. And if they do win at least it will mark the end of feminism and gay rights. There’s always a silver lining!

        • me

          Unless you want your daughter killed in an Islamist acid bath, or your right to worship as a Christian banned, or have your cigarettes and alcohol taken away, or have most of your books burned, or have beheadings in the town square, or have pedophilia as the norm, etc…I can live without Islam very well, thank you. As far as feminism and gay rights….the country used to have a ban on that, until the European Americans dropped the ball.

  • bigone4u

    Muzzies belong in Muzzieland. What’s wrong with saying that? It’s muzzies that want to impose their values on Christians, Jews, and atheists alike. What’s wrong with saying that? It’s muzzies that kill. What’s wrong with saying that?

    Well, according to our dear leaders, saying many things like the above puts an IRS target on your back, along with a label of muzzie-phobe, homophobe, or racist. Then you get fired from your job. Our dear leaders are one day going to learn the hard way that their treason won’t go unnoticed. Pam Geller did a good thing in turning out a crowd that sent a message to them.

    • PesachPatriot

      I wonder how much free speech is allowed in Baghdad, Cairo, Tehran, RIyadh or Gaza city…The sons of ishmael might get pretty bold and uppity in the disarmed UK…I doubt they will go looking for trouble with heavily armed rednecks in the hills and hollows of the volunteer state. I generally don’t advocate arson against religious buildings but people who blow up historic buddha statues in afghanistan and fly planes into buildings and blow up marathons don’t really get much sympathy from me. If my favorite Tennessean historical personage Mr. Nathan Bedford Forrest was alive today he would know exactly how to deal with america’s muslim problem.

      • Pronto Bongo

        Muslims leave those places because they hate and are persecuted by the Taliban and other extremist groups. Nathan Bedford Forrest, eh? Very informative.

        • PesachPatriot

          Muslims have ruined and destroyed a whole bunch of countries between Morocco and India even though they possess billions of dollars of oil wealth….since 1948 far more muslims have been killed by other muslims in stupid, pointless Shia vs. Sunni or country vs. country violence than were killed in wars with the US and Israel put together. Maybe they should fix up their own countries instead of running to the US, Canada, UK, Australia and EU and causing trouble there. As for Mr. Forrest he was a military genius and the organization he founded(and later dissolved) killed roughly 3,400 blacks between 1882 to 1968, most of whom were guilty of rape or murder and it works out to about 10-15 a year over 13 states….the black on black murder rate is double that every six months in my lifetime.

          Which muslim country could a european or euro-american move to and freely criticize the religious or political figures in public without being executed? My other favorite Tennessean, Mr. Andrew Jackson would also know exactly how to deal with the religion of peace.

    • muzzie land consists of about 20 sq km of sand in the arabian peninsula.

    • me

      This is the land of the American cowboy, the rebel, the mountaineer,and the patriot. The land of John Wayne, Ted Nugent, Clint Eastwood, and ‘Subway’ Goetz. The land of Superman, the marines, the Founding Fathers, and Johnny Reb. The land of Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Harry Truman.The land of badass, bar brawling, beer chugging, biker men who won’t back down from a fight. You want to test us? You want to keep coming at us? You take our silent strength and peaceful, law-abiding ways as a weakness….A BIG MISTAKE. We’re ready for the smackdown. The tension is waiting for the spark, and it’s not going to be pretty.

  • humura

    Tonight, CBS TV news had a segment on the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Robert Kennedy in California. No mention was made that a Palestinian immigrant killed him. Another Muslim who brought diversity to America. Another murderous terrorist.

  • HYPOcritter

    How about…..FREE SPEECH 4 AMREN!!!

  • I do have to thank Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for taking the time to travel to little Manchester, TN. The town only has about 10,000, and they had a crowd of 2,000 or so. There would have been several more in attendance, but I didn’t know about the event until the last second.

  • guest

    “A forum set up to promote discussion on tolerance and understanding did not go as planned Tuesday night in Manchester. Those that were part of ”Public Discourse in a Diverse Society” open forum were met with very vocal opposition at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center.”

    How exactly did they think it was going to end? With everyone joining hands and singing “We are the world”?

    The last thing muslims care about is tolerance and understanding. It’s either their way or death. Something these diversity-loving morons just don’t want to accept.

  • Romulus

    These traitors deserve nothing less than the gallows. A 1000 yrs of history proves that muslims and their people are incompatible with the West. They dare preach garbage to us while white boys drop dead in the desert. They run amok all over the world and these dopes, are telling us to be tolerant.

    • Pronto Bongo

      Which traitors? I’m not a supporter of a large-scale Islamic immigration/settlement in the US and they’d probably be better off in a Muslim country for a variety of reasons. I agree there is a fundamental incompatibility with Western values – which now includes such values as pornography among other loathsome things – but Killian is talking about the law and we are still a country of laws which is precisely what gives us our values.

      • Romulus

        Which values?, I would ask? Christian or shari’a?
        Talmudic or Bantu? If our people of the left would sell out our own people for either peace or oil,then those”laws ” are unjust. A countrys first obligation is the protection of its own citizenry. So it begs the question,.. “who are we?”. Will the current regime force the peace by any means necessary? While the land,people and culture we created withers away? Will they enFORCE the law by killing us that want to retain some of our heritage? Who makes up the bulk of the lawyers and judges in the country that are making our “laws”? Surely you know! Are we as a nation going to formulate one race,creed or culture out of all the groups living here because the law says so? I think not. I don’t wish bad things to happen,but circumstances are proving otherwise.

        • me

          The Marxists took control of the political, legal, monetary, corporate, and informational institutions in this country. That’s what the problem is. Now, the solution is what are we going to do about it? The stranglehold is tight, but we’ve faced worse….

  • White Mom in WDC

    The very people who cry about their civil rights being violated often forget that with civil rights comes the responsibility of acting civil.

    Diversity is failing because the people that hark from the dunes and mud huts just do not act civil. Their definition does not fit with white European American definitions of civility.

    Eventually there will be a civil war in this country.

    • Blaak Obongo

      That’s the 800-lb gorilla squatting on the coffee table. If present trends continue, widespread violent conflict is inevitable, regardless of whether we or anyone else want it or not. The only question is: when the time comes, how many Whites will stand up for themselves, and how many will politely roll over and die like “gentlemen?”

      • me

        This isn’t Britain. This is the USA. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Ted Nugent, MFer! Cowboy spirit, rebel yell, and the Spirit of 1776! Badasses waiting for a fight! Come and get it, diaper-heads!

      • Bill

        I predict it will be the percentages of the original Revolutionary War. Then, about 30% were active rebels. About 30% were loyalists. And the rest just sat it out and either tried to live their lives, or pandered to whomever was “on top” at the time. Same in the next great civil war/war of revolution.

        30% of whites will be rebels putting their lives on the line to save the Republic. 30% will be treasonous indoctrinated liberals who are willing to put THEIR lives on the line for dogma and maintaining the PC status quo. The rest will sit on the side lines either letting others die, or playing one against the other for profit and selfish convenience. Only THIS next time, the liberals will be doing everything they can to recruit the blacks into being their infantry and fifth column behind the lines killing whites while the liberals continue to let their black “soldiers” commit the crimes against us, while pulling the strings from safety. The libs will be the “officers” and “generals” using the blacks and browns to do the dangerous stuff. VERY few liberals are actually willing to put their lives at risk for their causes. And that is why, in the end, though bloody, whites of the right mind will win. Just as we did in the Rev War, and WOULD have done in the War of Northern Aggression had Lincoln not enlisted every Irish immigrant and free black, and made war on the civilian population of the South. Lincoln’s war was, in fact, not a war to “preserve the union” but a war to exterminate ANY who wanted to remain free from a tyrannical, overbearing government.

  • Romulus

    One other thing. More has the gall, to spew crap out of his mouth,even after Russia warned the FBI about the tsarnaev bros. And did nothing while they blew Americans up in Boston. The damn nerve. Im so mad I can’t see straight. Only a moron would believe our constitution was written for anyone but Europeans.

    • me

      Yup. The delusions never stop. Only when their grandmother, mother, sister, or daughter become a victim of Islam will they wake up. Of course, in Britain, it doesn’t seem to matter to the British ‘men’, who have seen first hand what massive Islamic invasion has done to their country, their laws, their economy, and their women.

  • Jefferson

    Muslims in Tennessee. It is already bad enough that state has to deal with Bantus, but now Muslims or as I call them Mudslimes, are added to the mix as well.

    With all of the 3rd world “diversity” flowing into Tennessee, it is only a matter of time before that state turns from red to blue in future presidential elections.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      Jefferson, that’s the impetus behind the government’s infesting every city in every county in every state with these people. No. More. Red. States.

  • bubo

    This agent of the state was threatening citizens with imprisonment if they said things that could be viewed as threats against Islam. I’m glad he was mocked and shouted down. This country needs a day of reckoning very soon.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      The U.K. already prosecutes any white Euro who dares utter anti-mudslime speech.

      • bubo

        The Men of the West need to rise up and retake our nations. This insanity has got to stop.

        • itdoesnotmatter

          And the Women of the West. [I am one of those.]

          • Morris LeChat

            the women of the west have brought us to where we now are. You need to learn your place.

    • Pronto Bongo

      He was making the point that ‘threats’ in general fall outside the protected boundaries of free speech whether the threats are directed towards Islam, Christians, Atheists, or anybody else for that matter. If Tom tells Ernie that he’s going to kill him, the law takes that seriously – just as you would – and is legally bound to take a look at the remark and Tom can’t beg off by saying that he was just exercising his right to free speech.

      • Aspiring rapper

        Wrong, specific threats against individuals are illegal. But we can threaten Islam as an ideology all day long. Do “civil rights” activists not threaten “racism” or “homophobia”? Those are ideologies (supposedly).

        Tom can’t threaten Ernie, but he can say “Islam should be crushed and Mecca should be bombed” or something like that. It’s perfectly legal and within boundaries of free speech.

  • jane johnson

    I do love me some Pam Gellar. You go, girl.

  • Other Guest

    This is an attempt by our present administration to usurp the freedoms this country was founded upon in order to make them conform to those same restrictive sharia laws in muslim countries. If this doesn’t point out the thrust of our current leader I don’t know what does.

    • Pronto Bongo

      A discussion about the law is ‘usurpation’?

  • WowReally

    Muslims and the western world go together like salt and slugs.

  • stuart mcmahon

    I love how women and liberals,those held in least regard by the religion of peace ,try to defend it.

    • Morris LeChat

      and gays defend it too. Those who cling to modernism abhor anyone that makes distinctions. Distinctions are the antithesis of modernism. Modernism is a false belief that everything is the same, equal, and that there is no right or wrong. Those who live wrong lives abhor any light being shed on their errors, their evils.

    • Nowayinhell Amigivingyoumyname

      I’m increasingly baffled by my liberal, pro-feminist, pro-gay rights friends cheering on the Islamification of America on facebook. I just want to shake them and ask “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” Gay people will hold a parade. Muslims will crucify you.

      • me

        Muslims will behead the homosexuals, but they’re too dumbed down to notice.

    • me

      Quit lumping all ‘women’ together…especially European-American women. Most White women HATE Islam. The women stupid enough to marry into that ‘religion’ get their just desserts soon enough…

      • Bardon Kaldian

        Are you sure ? Read these stats (the left column):

        • me

          Well, hell! I’m so disheartened! Women stand to lose more than any other group with a large influx of Islamists. Why are women so deluded? Too much Oprah, the View, and other crud shows?

  • Whirlwinder

    Islam has a political/ideological element that wants to take over the world and subvert our Constitution and Rule of Law in favor of Sharia law. Their book tells them that they are the superior people and they are to slay non-muslims where ever they find them. They are not powerful enough in America to go about doing that but they are growing in numbers and dhimmis like the Federal employee speaking in Nashville are willing accomplices.

    • me

      Islam is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the other sheep welcome it to their sheepy flock…

  • Aspiring rapper

    “Muslim woman talked about the 2007 arson of a mosque in Columbia, Tennessee, to show the impact of hate crimes.”

    Can we show her pictures of terrorist attacks by muslims as the impact of a hate religion?

  • Paleoconn

    I wonder if Pamela Geller would defend somebody’s 1A rights when it comes to discussing some other topics that are currently not allowed to be discussed