In Defense of Paula Deen

Charles C. W. Cooke, National Review, June 25, 2013

If the bleak reckoning of’s Howard Bragman is to be believed, Paula Deen “will survive” her recent ordeal, “but she will never be whole again.”

This is because, in the choice words of Bill Maher, “she f****d up.” Court documents revealed last week show Deen being asked under oath whether she had used the N-word before. “Yes, of course,” she replied, although “it’s been a very long time.” For this admission, the Food Network fired her.

Immediately prior to her dismissal, Deen made what was tantamount to a hostage video, in which, per the Huffington Post, she was shown close to tears and “begging forgiveness from fans and critics troubled by her admission to having used racial slurs in the past.” Thus it was confirmed that, at some point in her life, Paula Deen has said some bad words out loud.

One might ask, “So what?” Many people have said bad things before. Is the admission of having once said an offensive word really sufficient justification for punishment in the here and now? Being humans are not computers, we will not last long as a society if we throw aside judgment, context, and mercy, merely to scan sentences for bad data and then gang up to punish the accused. If we are to purge everybody who steps slightly out of line, who among us will survive?


One imagines that there’s another reason that the likes of Bill Maher took exception to the firing. According to the New York Times, in the course of denying that she had “told racial jokes,” Deen,

stated that “most jokes” are about Jews, gay people, black people and “rednecks.” “I can’t, myself, determine what offends another person,” she said.

Indeed, she cannot. Nor can I, and nor can you. Therein lies the problem with elevating “offense” above all considerations. Because “offense” is in the eye of the beholder, it is, like unprovable accusations of witchcraft, ripe to be weaponized. “People shouldn’t have to lose their shows and go away when they do something bad,” Maher complained on Friday. “It’s just a word. It’s a wrong word. She was wrong to use it. But do we always have to make people go away?” One sincerely hopes not. Coming from a family that is a mix of white, black, and Asian, I would be unable honestly to promise a court of law that I had not said offensive words in the past—albeit I used them exclusively in jest or in parody—and nor would anyone else in my family. Should National Review fire me for this confession?


Freedom of speech is not a license to say anything anywhere without consequence but a check against government. As Paula Deen has no right to work at the Food Network, her rights have not been violated. But to be healthy, a country needs more than merely a prohibition against government overreach; it also needs a strong culture of free expression. Our tendency to disqualify people categorically on the basis of a single indiscretion is ugly and destructive. {snip}

And what explains our inconsistent application of this principle? I have little time for those who can’t see the difference between Kanye West’s using the N-word and a racist’s hurling it at an African American in anger. But how about those who have made genuinely disparaging comments and survived? Jesse Jackson remains at large despite his use of the word “hymie” to describe Jews and his description of New York as “Hymietown”; Robert Byrd managed to say “n****r” on national television in 2004 while serving as a United States senator; Al Sharpton referred to “Socrates and them Greek homos” to dismiss the ancients; Joe Biden believes that “you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent”; and Marion Barry recently contended that “we got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops.” What about them?

Tu quoque arguments are as fallacious in these instances as they ever were. That these people said these things does not excuse Paula Deen. But there is a definite double standard here, and one that is particularly peculiar given that Deen was an entertainer with a show on the Food Network while the speakers listed above work in government or in politics.


Paula Deen

Paula Deen

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  • Nathanwartooth

    She groveled for admitting to saying the “n” word in referencing a Black bank robber that held a gun to her head.

    Why haven’t people learned that groveling does nothing? It just makes you look guilty, like you did something wrong.

    • Johnny Clay

      Groveling only empowers them.

    • Erasmus

      Who wouldn’t have at least thought, “Get away from me you f***ing ni***r!” if there were a gun held to one’s head. Who doesn’t still think it when they see ghetto thugs behaving apishly?

    • The__Bobster

      She admitted it under oath; however, she never used the word in the presence of the vindictive, rent-seeking Nubian princess who was suing her.

      • OlderWoman

        The woman who is suing her is White.

    • dukem1

      I think that if the dude had a gun to your head while robbing you, all bets are off…you can say whatever you want about him

      The thug gets off the hook because you called him a name?
      You wind up the really bad guy?
      Man, this country deserves to die.

    • Pale Rider

      She certainly did grovel, but more to the point, when asked if she’d used certain words, her response should have been, “Respectfully, IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.”

  • Johnny Clay

    I’m no fan of Paula Deen (I think her accent is a bit overdone and she supported Obama), but she should not be punished for something she did 20 years ago. If I could lose my job for things I did 20 years ago, I’d never hold a job.

    • The__Bobster

      She shouldn’t be punished period. The last time I checked, we were supposed to have freedom of speech in this country.

    • Sick of it

      She supported Obama? Justice happens when one least expects it.

  • ncpride

    Paula is supposed to make an appearance on the ‘Today’ show tomorrow morning, being interviewed by non other than that condescending liberal, Matt Lauer, and Al Roker. I can’t imagine why on earth she would do such a thing. You have said and done enough, Paula. Stop with the groveling, already. They will do you no favors, I promise.

    • The__Bobster

      KLG said that she expected Der Schnozzle to be fair during the interview. Ha! I’ve never seen a more immoral, unethical individual in my life. Maybe he can reuse the knife that he wielded to stab Ann Curry Powder in the back.

      Paula would be a fool to walk into an ambush interview.

      • ncpride

        On her FB page, fans practically begged her not to do the interview, knowing they will try to make her look even worse. We’ll see, but I can’t imagine anything ‘good’ coming from this. The media has done what it set out to do…. her business partners are abandoning her (Smithfield) and she has been properly demonized. The only light for Paula right now is her staunchly devoted fans, and an American public tired of seeing Whites punished for the slightest perceived misstep when it comes to blacks.

        • saxonsun

          The crucifiction of Paula Deen.

      • The__Bobster

        Well, she did the interview and the gang at the Today Show cut her up afterward. She only dug herself a deeper hole.

        What she should’ve done was ask shiny pate if he ever used the enwerd, thus putting him on the spot.

    • Paula is supposed to make an appearance on the ‘Today’ show tomorrow morning, being interviewed by non other than that condescending homosexual, Matt Lauer, and black homosexual Al Roker.

      Fixed it!

  • bigone4u

    This issue is bigger than Paula Deen. It’s about scaring the bejeebers out of white people, while opening a venue to denigrate southern white people. If the MSM can do this to Paula Deen imagine what they can do to you.

    • The__Bobster

      The same goes for the Zimmerman trial. The usual suspects are telling us that Zulus are sacred cows that can’t be touched or “offended”.

      • bigone4u

        The usual suspects jumped the gun since Zim is part black. One of his grandparents, on his mother’s side I believe. Part black Zim defending himself against all black thug Trayvon is not the scenario the usual suspects were hoping for.

        • The__Bobster

          That’s the problem for them. Now they’re stuck with their “White Hispanic” story.

      • A Freespeechzone

        Frankly, the ‘system’ is afraid that the bantas will follow through with their threat to riot from coast to coast…. This is a trial of appeasement and not justice.

        If Zimmerman is convicted, minorities are embolden by the government, Obama, Holder & the courts to ‘justifiably’ attack Whites–and God help the White that defends him or herself.

    • Erasmus

      It’s not working any more. People are becoming madder and madder. Blowback always comes.

      With the internet we can now see that the people in charge are enabling their societies’ destruction. Not just here, but in the UK and France. Who would have imagined that France would outlaw 2 “right-wing” parties because someone physically attacking them was killed in self-defense, or that they would attempt to put Marine LePen on trial for “hate” speech?

  • If her show is replaced by another Southern cooking with a black host, it means she was set up. blacks are very petty and jealous, and believe they own Southern cooking.

    • ncpride

      They certainly do. ‘Soul Food’ my foot. They learned Southern cooking from their White slave owners, but it’s been hijacked over the years to give the impression they ‘invented’ something. How many times has that happened? Pfft.

      • evilsandmich

        Vegtables fried in grease? I think I might be willing to give them that one.

        • Remember that these fried Southern dishes were originally Celtic, and were developed to provide inexpensive calories in cold, rainy Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

    • Romulus

      There is next to zero in southern culture that can be attributed to blacks. The Southern culture comes DIRECTLY from the SCOT-IRISH!!!. Slaves had no concept of gaelic Anglo culture and had to be taught English and converted to christianity. Even jazz is an offshoot of bluegrass which comes from gaelic folk music.

      • bigone4u

        I was raised on grits, collards, etc. Mom was Scots-Irish. She laughed when she first heard the term “soul food.” “There go those foolish N-words claiming southern cooking to be their invention.” Thanks, mom.

        • Romulus

          One of my great ancestors was one of the founding council members of Jamestown.

          • Sick of it

            Interesting. I come from the earliest settlers of New Amsterdam. We’ve been here a while.

          • Romulus

            Excellent. That’s why I bleed the red ,white and blue from both flags. The intra tribal warfare that goes all the way back to Rome, disturbs me deeply. I know battle is an intrinsic part of human nature, but I don’t relish the thought of fratricide.I’ve traced the other part of my ancestry to 794AD. To the cambrians and umbrians near the Italian alps. Italic being the ancient language of the celts on fathers side. The maternal lineage to Norway.American by blood lineage, SOUTHERN BY THE GRACE OF GOD.Did you know that German lost by only one vote to become Americas spoken language,even though anglish is also a germanic language.

          • Sick of it

            Doesn’t surprise me regarding German being popular in colonial America. We had a ton of Germans, Dutch, and people of mixed nationality with either in their background. Heck, we got Santa Claus from Sinterklaas.

          • MikeofAges

            That’s in the category of an urban legend. The idea may have been proposed. There may have been a vote on the issue somewhere. But even if a resolution had been passed by some body, it it hard to imagine some huge number of people in a former British colony largely settled by English speakers being forced to speak a language other than English .

          • Romulus

            Not exactly . Remember pennsylvania was 45% german at the turn of last century and german immigration was halted circa 1853 because of the influence of their numbers.

          • MikeofAges

            I was aware of that. Still, I don’t think there is any way English could have been made not to prevail. Even Hispanics with limited or no English want their children to learn English.

          • MikeofAges

            Even so, there was no way English was not going to prevail as the national language. Even unassimilated Hispanics want their children to learn English, though sometimes they have no capability themselves of making that happen.

  • At first, I didn’t give a flying solid waste excretion about this story until they went overboard with the witch hunt. On the bright side, it appears that Deen has more supporters than the Food Network thought. People are calling to boycott the network, not Deen.

    • The__Bobster

      It’s about time that there is a public outcry about Political Correctness. I suggest we have National Enwerd Day, which would take all the power out of the hands of the Cultural Marxists, since everyone would be using it.

      Of course for me, every day is National Enwerd Day.

      • Me, too. I watch my language around my daughter, even though we make no secret of our conviction that negroes are not really human. I avoid rough language simply because I want Ariadne to grow up ladylike.

        I never cared one way or another about Deen, except that the few times I watched her show at my mother’s place, she seemed to be using too much butter in her cooking. Few things gripe me more thoroughly, however than seeing someone railroaded by political correctness.

        • Irishgirl

          Another reason to be careful your daughter doesn’t pick up “offensive” words is that if she were to use the N-word in public, you could be charged with child endangerment or something similar. Unfortunately, I’m not joking.

    • shawnmer

      It would be fascinating if enough large, brand name businesses would submit to an experiment over the coming decade or so (God knows there haven’t been enough of them to even form a reliable sample in the previous decade!). A study of situations like this: Deen, John Rocker, Don Imus, etc, where it’s a reasonable estimate that the protests represent mainly noise from pressure groups, not broad loss of support, and have the associated company REFUSE TO CAVE. Then analyze ratings, sales, revenue, etc.

      I would bet there would be NO statistically significant impact! It would prove a huge paper tiger! So why do companies do it?? They almost certainly tick off and lose more customers than they gain or retain. Having the scarlet ‘R’ on you must be a feared beast indeed if entities in the business of making money choose to obey the ruling orthodoxy over the money!


      • Sick of it

        Where do you think PC comes from? Corporations are bastions of political correctness and other socialistic nonsense. Anything to keep the little people down.

      • MikeofAges

        Why do companies do it? For one thing, it occurs to me that the children of the execs attend selective universities at a high rate and may inveigle their dads into being “progressive”. Heard back in the 70s that the college-age grandchildren of the Supreme Court justices played a considerable role in persuading some of them to support racial preferences. These were the only “ordinary” people who had access to this cabal of reclusive social and economic geniuses. Not exactly a representative cross section, these kids. Was it?

        Mostly, it’s legal. If one course of action makes you proof against litigation and the other one doesn’t, you protect yourself. Private and government civil rights suit can ruin a company. In the old days, you could hold your pitchfork up to guy in the suit’s neck and start to push and they might talk. These days, the cost of giving in is so high, they won’t no matter what you do.

  • Hal K

    The hair splitting about free speech in the article is beside the point. The root problem is cultural, in that our culture is anti-white, and whites themselves have internalized this anti-whiteness. No one stands up for whites in the mainstream, and this has to change.

    • A Freespeechzone

      You’re right…and it’s going to get worse when amnesty happens….

      Look at the government schools and the revised agenda to make Whites the cause for all that is wrong in the World….further agitating anti-White hate and violence.

      I doubt it will change–few have the courage to stand up to this.

  • sbuffalonative

    For the life of me, in this politically correct climate, I don’t understand how people still make this mistake.
    We should be free to say anything we want but in the current environment, one must be tactful. That some people are this unaware of implications of using this word in earshot of anyone is either monumental ignorance or monumental stupidity.

  • Jefferson

    The majority of Americans regardless of race, have uttered the N word at least once in their lifetime, especially in a private setting among people they trust.. The only difference is that Paula was honest about it, while most Americans would never openly admit it in public that they have said the N word before. Most Americans would never admit it to a Gallup poll taker for example.

    Most of my family members and close personal friends have said the N word before.

    • Romulus

      I say it every day of the week every week of the year. I have no fear.
      I’ve had groids at work ask me if I’d ever date a black and very succinctly and politely, I’ll told her that their is no way on Gods green earth that that would ever happen. Then I proceeded to explain intellectually why. It was over her head but she respected my honesty.

    • Sick of it

      You mean black? Niger means black. The whole fuss is over a word derived from Latin for the color black. Strangely Wikipedia agrees with me before going into racial slurs, etc.

      • MikeofAges

        The word may be derived from the word “niggard”. I have heard speculation that the word “niggard” was used as a street insult in earlier eras within British lower class society, pronounced with the final “d” dropped. When there began to be black men in London during the early colonial era, in a street argument a black man might then have been called a “black niggard”. According to this theory, the similarity between between the words “negro” and “niggard” facilitated the eventual adoption of the derived racial epithet. May or may not be true, but it is possible. In the world of words, far less likely things have happened.

        • Sick of it

          Considering how widespread the study of Latin and the classics was in the old South, I’d lean towards a Latin derivation.

          • MikeofAges

            Except, I doubt the word was invented by white southerners. Keep in mind, also, that it may not have been quite the insult it later became. I think it became a “fighting word” and a frightful term of derogation because it was used by malicious whites prior to an assault or an act of humiliation. As things stand right now, the use of this word and other ethnic slang generally inevitably coarsens cheapens people’s attitudes. Better to make it not acceptable, I would say.

          • Sick of it

            I don’t normally pull a Paula Deen nor do most people, so, as usual, they make a big deal out of a rare circumstance. People tend to say things they otherwise would not under situations of extreme stress.

            Now in contrast, you have a routine by other people calling for folks to kill cops and whites, whether they did anything wrong or not, in their normal frame of mind.

          • MBlanc46

            Derogatory terms for ethnicity may very well coarsen public discourse. But making them unacceptable means the police state. I prefer the former.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Deen allegedly called Obama the “N-word” in front of her employees, according to a lawsuit

    This is about a black trying to shake down a rich cracker, Paula Deen, for money so she never has to work again. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “shakee” Ms. Jackson uses the dreaded “n” word herself. So predictable: Blacks are only offended by the “n” word when they can profit from it.

    I heard Paul Deen has already reported to the nearest DHS camp for reducation

    No sympathy here. Deen admitted loves Jimmy Carter and not only voted for obama twice but campaigned for him in 2008 — WTH did she expect? Stick a fork in Paula Deen!! She’s done and her career is over or…

    Call it what it is: Just Desserts


  • GeneticsareDestiny

    The entire Paula Deen scandal reminds me of being a child playing on the playground at recess. One kid says a bad word and all the other kids go “Oooooh! You said a bad word! I’m telling the teacher!”

    This is what America has become in 2013. Sometimes I can’t even believe what I’m reading.

    • Sick of it

      Take a moment to consider how relationships typically go in this country. Yes, it is more like children playing at a game than anything meaningful or mature. How are employees chosen? Similar immaturity. Who gets elected to office? Similar immaturity.

  • anarchyst

    I’ve been showing my pride as a “racist” for quite some time now. When I am called “racist” I respond with a hearty “thank you for noticing”. This unnerves those that DARE to attempt to “throw me off” by using the “R” word. The looks on their faces is priceless. P. S. This also works with white apologists as well as blacks, although blacks look more dumbfounded and confused by my response.
    Try it . . . you’ll like it. . . .

    • Romulus

      I do it All the time. You are quite right, its very entertaining. Usually I say that “I’m not a racist, I’m not black” or ” I’m not a racist, I hate everybody equally”

      • Sick of it

        I like talking about how racist black people are…no one knows how to respond.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Older Woman’s comment below is correct: The woman suing Paula Deen is White.

    I too assumed she was black…

    Good call Older Woman!!


  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Isn’t this the same National Review that axed John Derbyshire? They went to bat for Jason Richwine too. Maybe Derb should ask for his old job back, while they’re in this mood.

    • evilsandmich

      Should National Review fire me for this confession?

      What, has that guy only worked there a month?

  • Romulus

    I should be receiving my uncle bubbas oyster house T-shirts in a couple of days.
    I’ll wear mine with pride.

  • OhWow

    Diversity. PC culture. Another one bites the dust.

  • hastings88

    She should not have grovelled at all, but instead emphasized that she said N*gger about a man who held a gun to her head. Things are so bad now that you can’t call someone who threatens your life a word that offends him.

    • capnmorgan5150

      Not to mention that if you’re black and you’re holding a gun to someone’s head, you are in fact an n-word.

  • IstvanIN

    She should not have admitted it, but since she did her response should have been “who hasn’t used bad language at some point in their life”? Apologies never work.

    • ms_anthro

      I beg to differ. Her response should have been, “I’m horrified that you find my use of an offense word to be more worthy of scorn than the fact that this man held a gun to my head and threatened my life.”

      And on being asked if she’d ever said it before, “I can’t imagine how you think that’s any of your business, sugar. Don’t you have better things to report on?”

      • IstvanIN

        That is perfect.

  • Peter Lamoureux

    To all the Paula Deen fans: I have never been a fan of cooking shows but Paula seems like a very lovely and genteel southern woman, who I could grow to like. Having said that I have to give you (the fans) some very bad news. Paula’s life as we know it, is over. The MSM and talk show hosts like Bill Maher have already declared Ms. Deen a heretic, she will be sacrificed on the alter of political correctness. She will be ridiculed and verbally eviscerated with vial and rude names, (many names considered as rude as the word Ms. Deen is reported to have muttered).

    For the current condition of the nation is sadly contorted into a backward mutation of a once great union. We are living in the Post-Constitutional America and this nation must pay for past sins according to it’s ultimate leader, President Barrack Hussein Obama. The nation must pay and the form of payment the compensation will manifest itself as will be the suffering of white people, specifically white people who do not bow down to the alter of President Obama and political correctness.

    The persecution and punishment will be cruel and unusual (as the constitution matters not) and the persecutors (no matter how vulgar they become) will remain immune from the rules, for they are endowed by the all powerful President Obama.

    Taken as tongue-in-cheek by most and revered as an axiom by Black America it was very much overlooked by the MSM back in November of 2012; Jaime Foxx on BET declared as his introduction: “First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama”. This was not a joke.

    So I ask all Paula Deen fans who did you vote for, do you vote and what are you going to do about it? If you’re not prepared to participate and prepared to be called names, just roll over and spread your cheeks.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    If you are black, you can say whatever you’d like about Whites and get away with it.

    “I kill all the White people in the movie. How great is that?”
    — Jaime Foxx

    Was Robert Byrd ever asked under oath if he used the ‘n’ word?

    • saxonsun

      Notice Foxx is portraying the president in a new film?!

    • “If you are black, you can say whatever you’d like about Whites and get away with it.”

      There are good reasons for this: 1. Liberals treat blacks as children they have spoiled. 2. Genuine conservatives consider what blacks say to be irrelevant.

  • Rhialto

    Ms. Deen made a public relations error: She should have blamed her dead father’s influence for her major PC sin. She should have said her father was an evil racist who permeated her innocent brain with racism and other liberal incorrectitudes. In spite of massive psychotherapy and prayer, she still has racist relapses. She is truly sorry, but it’s not her fault; it’s the fault of an evil white man.

    Blaming a white man may not help, but it never hurts.

  • ncpride

    We are called that frequently here in the South, but you don’t see us getting our panties in a wad over it.

  • ms_anthro

    If someone holds a gun to your head and threatens your life, you have every right to call them anything you want. They’ve revoked their human status and should be treated accordingly.

    I’m also interested to know what kind of commentary goes on inside your home when it’s just black folks around. I doubt it’s as pure as you imply.

  • Dave4088

    How bout that white skin privilege everyone? White female celebrity admits to using racial slur a long time ago and her career is ruined. Non-whites routinely hurl anti-white racial epithets at whites on MSNBC, in professional sports and just about everywhere and the media could care less.

  • pcmustgo

    You can be a “racist” and still be a good person who treats others, including others of other races, fair and well and with the best possible intentions.

    This is a frightening case of PC control over our lives.

  • The__Bobster

    Are you saying that a WHITE woman is suing Paula for using the enwerd?

  • The__Bobster

    I’m a racist, but I’ve never owned a whip. So go ahead and call me a racist, boy.

    • I’m a racist, and I own a whip, a nice South African sjambok made of heavy hide that I bought in Australia in 1998.

      They’re for whupping the you-know-what out of the you-know-whos.

  • The__Bobster

    Al has a very nice-looking black wife, Deborah Roberts.

  • The__Bobster

    Byrd was an ex-Klansman. Being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry.

    • MBlanc46

      It scuttled any idea he had about higher office.

  • Paleoconn

    The fact that she is an Obama supporter and likely an anti-racist, this is kinda a good new story, when you think about it.

  • In an ideal world, cable TV would be provided on an a-la-carte basis, so one could easily avoid paying for drivel like BETV and dump anti-white hate channels like Food Network. Unfortunately, this is the last thing cable companies want consumers to be able to do. For this reason, we don’t have cable TV at all.

    • MikeofAges

      Keep in mind, if cable was a la carte, you would have to pay much more for the channels you wanted. In that case, you might decide to not watch at all. Think what would happen.

      Oh, no. Not no TV. (shock)

      Not watch? I’d go crazy. (denial)

      Man, this is a bummer. (depression)

      Hey, I’ll just go to Pizza Joe’s on Super Bowl day, it’s only once a year anyway. (negotiation)

      Yeah, I’ll be alright. I’ll just find something else to do. (acceptance)

      After the five stages of grief were over, sanity and civic life would slowly return. Can’t have that. Can we?

      • MBlanc46

        As it is, we pay a young fortune for hundreds of stations we never watch. It could hardly be worse.

  • MikeofAges

    The corporate suits are afraid of the affirmative action-diversity-rad-fem-lib-trial lawyer-gay-black radical-la raza-green-pink-red wolfpack. Every time they fear legal problems, we are made to suffer for it. The corporations as employers and the colleges and universities as the gatekeepers of everyone’s future aspirations do the same thing to us. What we need is to create a legal defense organization and make it flush with cash to start financing litigation. If 20 million people would donate $50 a year, the price of one pizza night, that would be $1 billion. A billion buys you a lot lawyering.

  • Iron Helm

    ‘Scots-Irish’. Stupid thrase but a big difference in Northern Ireland.

  • MikeofAges

    She should have read “Animal Farm”. You know, you can hold a book in hand and have a plate of donuts right by the other. It’s no hardship at all.

  • The final coup de gras to convince me that Paula Deen is good:

    QVC has cut ties with her.

    QVC is an acronym that stands for “quality, value, convenience.” I can think of at least three lies in at acronym.

  • LP&E

    What happened to Paula Deen is a total disgrace. My gosh thinking about it, we have all heard and stated derogatory words for many groups. I am mostly German and a friend of mine was all Italian. So we had fun ethnically insulting each other one day. To punish one for using a curse word, an insult, and any other derogatory word from the past has no limit. We are all guilty. And it means nothing. An old girl friend of mine when the two of us were in college was attacked by some black kids in Philadelphia PA. I beat the crap out of that mugger. I also called him a few choice words, including the “n” word. So what. The teenager tried to steal her purse, she grabbed it back and then he punched her. He did not know that I was behind him! Regardless of such a provocative event, the use of words to describe people is part of common informal language amongst friends and family. So now we are all criminals because of language? There are no limits them to “ones racial crimes”.