French Conservatives Defeat Far Right in Tight By-Election

France 24, June 24, 2013

France’s conservative UMP party narrowly defeated the far-right National Front in a by-election on Sunday, with candidate Jean-Louis Costes winning the seat vacated by disgraced Socialist MP Jérôme Cahuzac following a tax evasion scandal.

France’s main centre-right UMP party on Sunday won a by-election that had been seen as a test of a recent revival in the fortunes of the far-right Front National (FN), officials said.

The UMP’s Jean-Louis Costes took just under 54 percent of the vote in a run-off against the FN candidate Etienne Bousquet-Cassagne in a contest which followed the resignation of the country’s budget minister in a scandal that has severely dented the standing of the Socialist government.


The Socialist vote in last weekend’s first round of the by-election collapsed to 23.5 percent, down from a share of just over 61 percent when Cahuzac stood in the 2012 general election.

The defeated Socialist candidate had called on left-wing voters to turn out to vote for the UMP in order to prevent the FN, which won 6.4 million votes in the first round of last year’s presidential election, securing a third seat in the National Assembly.

The call appeared to have been followed sufficiently to give the centre-right a comfortable margin of victory, and former Prime Minister Francois Fillon, one of the UMP’s leaders, said the victory would be welcomed by “all republicans”.

But Fillon also acknowledged the recent advances made by the FN on the back of the Cahuzac scandal and France’s economic problems were of concern for all mainstream parties.


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  • Manaphy

    The Conservative Party (The French version of “RINO”) are not Conservative in the slightest. I firmly believe that anyone who calls for white genocide and more immigration cannot be a conservative, no matter how they feel about other issues.

    • IstvanIN

      They are a conservative to their tribe. It is all about conserving their people.

  • Hmm. It looks like not enough French experienced the joys of burning cars and riots.
    Then again, this is a nation that approves of gay marriage, so maybe they get what they deserve.

    • Romulus

      Call it like you see it Coop!! You should read kevin bergers reply to mine on “two ex marines get death penalty”. I posted the old “french guns” joke to lighten the mood and the guy went off,cussing me in french. Lol. I wonder if he knows whos REALLY responsible for the demise of france. True, ROME did a number on the indigenous Gauls,Visigoths, and other celtic tribes. After the collapse, we know who and where the elite come from. Quite alot of “borat” looking people.

      • Kevinberger

        Again, the “old” French guns joke is pissing on my country – let’s say, among others, my great-grandfather (he and 4 of his brothers went to war in WWI, only he came back, and he had been wounded), my grandfather (WWII veteran, resistance fighter), a shitload of older direct and more distant relatives who fought in Algeria (AFAIK, no direct relatives of mine fought in Indochina, though my grandfather could have gone there in 1947, though he instead didn’t renew his army enlistment), including at least two that I’m aware of who went there as good old boys, love-to-hunt types, and came back after serving their draft, having witnessed so many mutilated corpses, courtesy of the “freedom fighters”, that they were physically sick at the sight of blood.

        Would it “lighten the mood”, if I made a couple jokes about the US servicemen who went to iraq, and came back as multiple amputees? A joke about IED and urogenital injuries, maybe? What about some “white flags” jokes, but, in regard to the unsurpassed US military record, since 1945…? Lighten the mood enough? Please, do tell, I’m curious.

        I don’t particularly mind this coming from our brit cousins and their various Mini-me’s, seeing how we have quite an History together, their ingrained French-bashing being one of their most charming peculiarities (the French “National psyche” mostly doesn’t give a fuck about the English, or on a very superficial level, while the reverse really is not true – and, as we know, in such an old couple, the one who loves the less is the one who cares and suffers the less)… but from their North American colonials… it’s pretty disheartening.
        Oh, well, live and learn.

        Plus, I didn’t ‘cuss’ you, I just noted that, in the grand scheme of things, being seen as an imbecile by idiot, was a pleasure to be savored. Nothing personal, really, just an honest observation about a very noticeable trend in the US “conservative thought”.

        As for the gay marriage idiocy, it doesn’t even warrants commenting on that, not even on how it was passed. How many other countries went that way? Search around a bit, you’ll be surprised to note how France is far from being a forerunner on that matter.
        Plus, how many “gay marriage” US States to this day? And, from where does the whole “gay rights”, “gender theory”,… stuff comes from? ‘Murka!1!!, that’s where the mother lode is, that’s THE liberal, progressive model being aped all over the Western world, complete with US linguo. YOU are the progressive heart of darkness, not the “EUnuchs”.

        Please, Mr. Cooper, a bit less parachuting, a bit more self-awareness, thankyouverymuch.

        • Paleoconn

          I agree. The French fought valiantly in WWI, and if not for the heavy casualties they suffered in the Great War, they might have been better prepared in WWII.

          I read recently that there is a lost generation of Frenchmen consisting of all the WWI dead. Until the 70s, the Paris Metro had reserved seating for vets of that epic struggle, ie. the few who were lucky enough to survive the butchery.

          This compared to the Yanks who always had superior technology and air support and all the creature comforts in wartime, not to mention bailing any time casualties got heavy (or what they considered unacceptable, given the utmots importance of their boys’ lives) (see Lebanon 1983 and Mogadishu, drone wars, cruise missiles, Serbia bombing, etc.)

    • newscomments70

      The “French” did not approve gay marriage. Their radical left forced gay marriage on the majority who did not want it. If you watched any of the violent protests against gay marriage, you would see the discord for yourself. Look it up on youtube; there are several entries. Because some left wing white liberals want amnesty, does that make us deserve brutal attacks from criminal illegal aliens?

    • Paleoconn

      The nation approves of no such thing; the elites foist it upon them. Take a look at the million-plus manifestations in Paris protesting homosexual marriage.

  • Sick of it

    There is the answer to the people of France. No matter how much you are wronged, the merde rises to the top, thanks to the socialists, regardless of what “party” to which they belong. Expect minarets all over France until the traitors are expelled. Charlemagne would spit upon these internationalist scum!

  • WR_the_realist

    I don’t know the details of French politics but no doubt the UMP is the equivalent of the British Conservatives or America’s Republicans — make pretend conservatives who just carry out the left wing agenda at a slightly slower pace.

    • Kevinberger

      To give you an idea, the ex-president, the UMP sarkozy, has a brother who is (or was, I’m not sure) a Carlyle group financial adviser & manager, and he’s now busy hitting the international lecture tour, at 100’s of thousands of euros apiece, blair-like. That should clue you on how “mainstream” the UMP is. UMP = “une mosquée de plus”. I’ll let you translate.

  • KenelmDigby

    I you ever entertained any doubt that race-replacement and mass third world immigration were policy priorities for the ‘political class’ and that such a ‘political class’ ever existed, here is your proof.
    Basically here you have a blatant case of the capitalist and socialist wings of the French political class, (ie two groups that supposedly agree on nothing and are always at each others’ throats), ‘uniting’ – in the way a Great Dane and a Corgi might unite, in order to secure their main and overriding policy objective ie reducing France to a non-White, thied world nation.
    This is the true and hideous face of the political class.

  • KenelmDigby

    Sadly no.
    The third world descended population of France, (and the UK as it happens), will rapidly reach such huge proportions that the left party, (ie the immigrationists), will have a permanent, in-built parliamentary majority.
    – There are still an awful lot of European Whites who vote left, namely the entire ‘public sector’, welfare caliamnts and lefties in general.

  • Erasmus

    While it would have been better if the far right made gains, that they helped fundamentally shift the electoral center of gravity rightward remains a very good thing.

  • Paleoconn

    Soon, the world will recognize the name of GI, and GD from Greece.