Extreme-Right Sites Beat Political Party Pages

The Local, June 19, 2013

Far-right websites in Sweden are receiving so much traffic they are seven times more popular than the established political parties’ online portals.

The seven most popular far-right websites attract a total of 145,000 unique visitors a day, according to the report, which was prepared by the government-run Swedish Media Council and handed to the government on Tuesday.

“I’m surprised to find out that (the sites) have seven times more visitors than the total of all parties in parliament,” Ulf Dahlquist, the council’s research director, told Sveriges Radio (SR).

Three sites have more visitors each than all parliamentary parties combined, including realisten.se, run by the Neo-Nazi Party of the Swedes.

The report, which described websites advocating violence, did not give any figures for visits to the websites of political parties in parliament.

It noted that the extreme left did not enjoy a similar level of popularity, with the two top sites attracting a total of just 3,620 unique visitors a day. Islamist websites are even more marginalized with only about 500 unique visitors each day, according to the report.

Swedish European Affairs Minister Birgitta Ohlsson told SR the finding had to “be taken very seriously”.

“You can never completely immunize a society against anti-democratic and extremist groups that favor violent action. But it’s possible to take a large number of initiatives,” she said.

Realisten.se denied advocating violence, arguing that the report ought to make the parties in parliament reflect on “their inability to set up popular websites.”

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  • Puggg

    I understand BNP is (or was, the last I read) the most popular political party/news website in the UK.

    Funny, nationalist sites can get all this foot traffic, but we can’t seem to make it translate to the voting booth.

    • IstvanIN

      People are more interested in today’s goodies than in securing a future for white children.

      • Mark Hillyard

        My sentiments exactly.

    • George

      The BNP is very much a leftist Website.
      The BNP calls for nationalisation of industry and all the usual trappings of the left.
      They are very much a successor to Oswald Mosley.
      The left is the group we need to blame for our immigration ills.

      • jeffaral

        All true European Nationalist parties are in fact -in your words- leftist : BNP, Jobbik, Golden Dawn, Le Front National. You must be some Libtard or, even worse, some kind of a Reagan Republican, a supporter of the same kind of open-borders, anti-worker ideologies that destroyed Western nations.

        • George

          Me, Jefferal?
          I’m certainly not liberal-minded. I’m libertarian, but unlike many American libertarians, I am, naturally, opposed to wide-spread immigration. Apart from the social ills and crimes immigrants of colour cause, they also increase the workforce when we already have tens of millions of native-born workers sitting idle.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        George, I read some of your other posts and your heart is obviously in the right place, but you just might have the wrong idea about Europe. I live here and I can tell you that the social nets created by industrious whites for themselves and their countrymen used to work just fine (whether they were the most efficient use of resource, I cannot say). The difference is the quality of the people in a country. The Nordic countries, in spite of high taxes and Socialist governments were very good places to live. Haiti, in spite of having virtually no government or taxes i, and shall always remain a toilet. So, please remember that most Nationalist groups in Europe will be for maintaining the Social Net, which is being systematically destroyed by third world parasites. Cutting off welfare would likely be good for getting rid of the welfare parasites from Mexico in the US, but it is the quality of the people that determine the quality of life in a country, not the system of government.

        • George

          Yes, Sherman, you’re absolutely correct. The quality of the people determine the success or failure of the society. The details don’t matter quite as much. Liberal areas (mainly white) can operate some elements of a socialist system without grave & immediate harm to that society.
          This is, of course, owing to the social capital. If we share the same race and values, we are less likely to be subjected to the Tragedy of the Commons. There is higher trust between neighbours and countrymen. We are more willing to give, and not just take.
          The issue at hand is that in European nations (as with Canada), the programmes were created when the nations were by-and-large homogenous in nature. Therefore, we didn’t begrudge taxes being used to put milk in to babies. The milk went in to our neighbours’ babies. People like us. Those people would grow up stronger, and we as a people would be stronger.

      • You’re confusing the economic left-right spectrum with the social/cultural/racial left-right spectrum.

      • David Ashton

        Mosley did not advocate the nationalisation of industry.
        Nor can he be blamed in any way for any “immigration ills”.

        • George

          With respect, David, in his 100 Questions, Sir Oswald was clear in points 34 & 35 that the difference between Capitalism and Fascism is that under capitalism, capital controls and uses the nation, whereas under fascism, the nation uses and controls capital. He would not allow private enterprise that failed to co-incide with ‘national interest’. Sir Oswald would have created a Corporative system, which would lay down the guidelines under which industry would operate.

          He was also clear that workers would receive a larger share of the proceeds of industry than they did under capitalism.

          As regards immigration, when he wrote, Britain was exporting people to the Dominions and colonies. He expected that this would continue. In Question 97 he stated that foreigners living within Britain would be treated as foreigners, but not otherwise molested or persecuted. This conflicts with Question 94, where he stated that naturalised foreigners would be stripped of citizenship and deported, unless they were valuable citizens to Britain.

          In other words, when it comes to immigration, points indicate that he was not opposed to ‘valuable’ foreigners immigrating, but was opposed to parasite classes of immigrants — the sort we have today.

          • David Ashton

            Government ownership of the means of production and its bureaucratic administration are different from the control of national credit and a corporate system of class-co-operation; the opposite of communism and of unrestrained finance (a “banker dictatorship”).
            The distinction was between already resident foreigners who were valuable citizens and those who were undesirable.
            Mosley was in favour of strict immigration control, and after WW2 was the first to oppose NCWP immigration, except for small numbers if necessarily required for special purposes on temporary contracts. He campaigned against the West Indian influx and permanent large-scale settlement in Britain of Africans and Asians.
            He opposed miscegenation.

          • Svigor

            Sir Oswald was clear in points 34 & 35 that the difference between Capitalism and Fascism is that under capitalism, capital controls and uses the nation, whereas under fascism, the nation uses and controls capital.

            I would agree with both of Oswald’s points here, at least, as you have imparted them: capitalism is capital using and controlling the nation, which is a bad thing, and under a proper system, the nation uses and controls capital.

            I don’t claim to know the best way to implement this, and I don’t like the idea of disallowing private enterprise that failed to coincide with the national interest. I think I’d start by making gov’t and capital far less cozy, instead. I don’t have a problem with capitalists making money, so much as I do with them making laws.

            I’m currently somewhat torn between Fascism and Libertarianism, hence why I’m flirting with splitting the difference and calling myself an Anarcho-Fascist.

            He was also clear that workers would receive a larger share of the proceeds of industry than they did under capitalism.

            Sounds like a good idea to me.

  • I remember hearing someone in a movie or documentary about the Vietnam war, saying that “we rule the day and the Viet Cong rules the night”.
    Well “the Marxists rule the (ever increasingly irrelevant) mainstream media and we rule the net”!

    Movies also, are becoming completely pass’e, with people like Brad Pitt and George Lucas having to partially bankroll their own productions and other movies like Lincoln almost having to be released on HBO instead of in the theaters, (in the same way the pro-sodomite flick Liberace ended up on HBO).

    Movie goers can now walk out tweeting “don’t go it’s PC crap” warning others to wait to download the torrent instead of parting with their hard earned money.

    This couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of people.

    • The__Bobster

      When I’m watching a movie, I shout out “there it is” when I see a “message” from the usual suspects.

      • Romulus

        You too!!!!

    • jeffaral

      Any one who still watches movies or the lobotomy box is a slave of the J……

  • Magician

    Simply put, the Scandinavian culture is greatly different from the muslim culture. It is not that the native Swedes overly despise the muslim culture, but they simply are not familiar with it.

    • gemjunior

      Well if they’re on websites that are so far right that some of them even advocate violence I think we can say a good part of the people must be close to despising muslims. I know I do. I didn’t despise them until recently btw – I never even thought about them and cared little one way or the other. After watching their recent act in Sweden, I would say anyone from a western background who doesn’t despise them is not really looking too closely at. It’s amazing how out of touch the gov’ts are with their people isn’t it? And her reaction is to take initiatives, not to listen to the population.

      • The__Bobster

        I guess their leaders didn’t get the message the first time.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Well once they get more “familiar” with it, the more they will hate it.

  • Spartacus

    Does anybody know if any of these 7 sites have English versions ? If so, which one(s) ?

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Spartacus, my friend, it is to their great credit that, although most Swedes speak excellent english, they are using their own native tongue. Though I agree that the stories look great, and I wish I could understand the,.

      • Romulus

        I have a southern buddy who just named his boys William anse and Randall.

  • Erasmus

    The “far right” parties in the UK are the only parties that now speak for the needs of the British public.

  • Erasmus

    The “far right” parties in the UK are the only parties that now speak for the needs of the British public.

    • evilsandmich

      “Far right” parties are any party that think that national suicide may not be such a bright idea.

    • David Ashton

      “Far right” is the left-liberal name for mainstream majority patriotism which was generally espoused and openly expressed until “multicultural” subversion had its successes from the mid-1970s onwards.

  • IstvanIN

    Do like Italy and Canada does: ban unapproved web sites and imprison people who visit or post to them.

    • The__Bobster

      Italy and Canada are the new Russia? I can guess which group does the “approving’.

      • IstvanIN

        Pretty much.

      • RisingReich

        Speak ill of a Jew in Canada and it’s off to the detention centers aka – new era Gulags.

      • WR_the_realist

        I think there is now more freedom in Russia than in Canada or Italy.

  • The__Bobster

    Far-right websites in Sweden are receiving so much traffic they are seven times more popular than the established political parties’ online portals.

    Obviously, they are filling a need that the lying, treacherous political parties won’t.

  • Romulus

    Praise almighty ODIN. Awaken from your slumber sons of Asgaard.
    Become the men you we’re born to be. What are they prepared to do. I dream of the Europe of old. Before Rome, before the “tribe”, before Napoleon. When Europe more closely resembles TOLKIENS books. If this post seems a little hokey, so be it. Sometimes I tire of always speaking and writing like im reaching classes. Bear with me.

    • IKantunderstand

      You have been brainwashed about what constitutes “hokey”. As far as I’m concerned, the “hokier” the better.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Funny thing. Tolkien was a devoted and devout Catholic. I doubt he’d feel very much at home in the PC, illegal-immigrant-friendly Mother Church of today.

      • Romulus

        From the books ,letters,friends that have been written about him, I came away with the impression of a spring family man who loved the simple treasures of old English life. A warm tweed jacket,pipe, and a good book. He was quite the academic. The horrors of the wars and the industrialization of his beloved countryside we’re terrible indeed. He would conjure stories taken from old Norse and germanic legends and weave them into stories for his children. It was from that and short stories he wrote that compelled his masterpiece. In my humble opinion, it is still the benchmark for all old school fantasy fiction. George r.r. Martin (clearly arip off) game of thrones was decent enough but is interspersed with too much hedonism, I think.

  • KenelmDigby

    A good sign.
    I just wish this interest can be translated into votes.

  • SirMe

    Yeh but to be honest, Swedes are massive left wing liberal socialist, most of the traffic would be from outsiders..

  • Fredrik_H

    Frankly, I think the 90 jihadi site hits per day is dubious. Considering we’ve had at least 30 muslims who have left to fight in Syria, that number seem awfully low. To me it seems they are trying to downplay islamists and overstate the nationalist “threat”.

    Remember, these numbers are coming from the government of Sweden – hardly a neutral player.

  • If it is true that (so called) “far right” websites are being viewed at a rate seven times that of the rest of all the ‘mainstream’ and “far-left” sites combined, it would further show the power of control an established clique and their promoted ‘hegemony’ have over a society.

    I am always cautious (and quite cynical) of those who make-believe that there is some vast army of secret white nationalists itching to get out (but are too cowered to speak or act, or whatever people like to kid themselves to be the case) – but at the same time, from my own experience of meeting friends-of-friends, friends of friends’ families, and so on, it is quite remarkable as to how many are unhappy with what is going on and occasionaly have some very extreme views, no matter how poorly thought out or expressed they may be at times.

    They equal or even outnumber the amount of “die hard lefties”, as most people seem to be somewhere down the middle.

    It shows a promising sign that there may be more appetite for change than what actually usually manifests in reality, but I remain cautious. Perhaps because society is so wed into a hard-left situation by default, there is no need for people to be browsing sites which merely hold the established order ideals and policies by default. We “far right” minded people are the new revolutionaries aiming to overthrow their ways.

  • newscomments70

    Alexa.com counts visitors to various sites. I was following “far right” sites and comparing them to liberal sites such as Amnesty Int’l, Labour Party, etc. Amren, BNP, Vdare, and others usually beat the lefty sites. The difference is so dramatic that the website tries to shuffle the results around to make things look better.

    • WR_the_realist

      Unfortunately, not only does National Review vastly outrank Vdare in the Alexa rankings but it is itself edged out by the far left, pro illegal immigration Daily Kos.

  • evilsandmich

    I don’t know why anyone would go to either one of those sites, but I’ll settle for Vdare beating National Review.

  • Mark Hillyard

    “145,000 unique visitors a day” This simply shows that a lot of people know that their ‘governors’ are stupid, weak, spineless, wimps. They are searching for a way to get out from under those idiots and these websites at least give them some hope that the guy down the street thinks the same.
    My guess anyway.

  • I would tend to agree that in most of our nations today, in terms of politics, the ethno-nationalist outlook is probably not the pressing trend of the electorate.

    There are many parties positioned on what the mainstream media like to call “the right”, who mop up a grey area which lay between nationalist politics and economic themed nationalism, ie, those who may not care less what the nation looks like as long as they are ‘prosperous’.

    Personally, I would count UKIP type parties in that category. As Andrew Brons MEP once quipped, ‘they may care about the house, but they seem to care not who occupies the house’.

    They help nudge a society, and are often a mask for other issues, but generally speaking they are not nationalistic where it matters, and nor would I say are most of the electorate who seem greatly myopic when it comes to anything beyond their own immediate lives. I can only suspect it is the same in Sweden.

    Regarding a vote for “the left”, I suppose in some circumstances there may be very rare exceptions to that rule, providing – like UKIIP – they push and nudge in certain directions and can be used as a tool to get a job done.

    I wouldn’t really advocate it, but sometimes there are useful opposition groups we ordinarily wouldn’t dream of supporting. Perhaps we need to think differently and use some elements of our opposition to our advantage when it may suit. Very rare, I know, but still, maybe we should keep a look out.

    For example with party politics, I do not know much about the Netherlands, but I do remember reading about a party there which wanted to; oppose the privatisation of public services, condemned the “the culture of greed”, opposed war and NATO and the nascent European superstate, as well as stop mass immigration etc.

    These policy planks could have been standpoints taken out of the British National Party manifesto, but in fact, the party in the Netherlands who pushed these platforms were ‘left wing’. They were just not your international-socialist types who we mostly see and bracket in those terms today. They were not ethnic nationalists, but common ground was to be found.

    Anyway, there’s no real point to my reply, lol, so I will shut up now. Cheers.