Dollar General Sued over Use of Criminal Checks in Hiring

Andrew Harris, Bloomberg, June 11, 2013

Dollar General Corp. (DG), the discount retailer, was sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for conditioning job offers for store clerks on criminal background checks.

The illegal practice has had a negative impact on black applicants since the company started doing it in 2004, according to a complaint filed by the commission today in federal court in Chicago.


The check is conducted after an applicant is given a job offer, with the pass/fail result being relayed to the store manager by e-mail, according to the EEOC’s complaint.


Criminal History

Working with an outside company, Dollar General allegedly developed criteria for determining when an applicant’s criminal history warrants rejection, taking into account the nature of the crime and date of the conviction.

From January 2004 to April 2007, Dollar General made about 344,300 conditional job offers, 75 percent of which were conveyed to non-blacks, the EEOC alleged, citing data it says it received from the retailer.

About 7 percent of the conditional offers made to non-blacks were rescinded for failing background checks, while about 10 percent of the offers made to blacks were withdrawn.

“The gross disparity in the rates at which black and non-black conditional employees were discharged on account of defendant’s criminal background check policy is statistically significant,” according to the EEOC complaint.

The commission seeks a court order barring the practice and requiring the company to provide equal employment opportunities to black job seekers. The EEOC also asked for a monetary judgment to compensate rejected applicants.


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  • Gee, who wouldn’t want people with stealing and dope on their sheets (dope using often begets stealing and robbery) to handle money?

    • The__Bobster

      Even if they don’t handle money, they’ll be fencing the goods out the back door.

      • I don’t go to Dollar General anyway. Every time I drive past one, I see too much diversity there, so I just keep on driving.

        • Latravius Goldsteinberg

          Dollar Generals are OK if you get outside of urban areas.

        • borogirl54

          Since they are a retail store, employees for the most part, will have to handle cash. In order to do this, an employee would have to be bondable. A person with a criminal conviction would not able to be bonded so they would be rejected.

          • I had to be bonded years ago when I was a bicycle messenger picking up plane tickets, but never for a retail position.

          • borogirl54

            Did you handle cash? or were just a salesperson in the store?

          • I was a cashier at DG and several convenience stores when in high school & college. Not bonded at any of them. Never even given a drug test.

          • I handled cash.

          • Wrong.I worked at Dollar General once upon a time. No bonding, unless you count the kind of bonding that went on between the male & female clerks & stockers. Plenty of bonding there, LOL! They should do so, and I think the EEOC, and whatever law they are attempting to enforce area ridiculous, but the fact is, the clerks are not bonded.

          • borogirl54

            I know when I worked in a small gift shop once, I was required to be bonded. What surprises me that those who handle cash are not bonded.

        • You must live in a diverse community. Lucky you! Is it vibrant as well?

    • Dave4088

      Criminal background checks create “disparate impact” which disproportionately affects blacks and browns. The theory of disparate impact is just the latest shakedown cooked up by Holder’s black supremacist and brown coddling goons.

  • evilsandmich

    I’ve been waiting for this goose to land. Employers cannot do written tests because of disparate impact, so they do criminal background checks and, uh-oh! So, they think, we’ll do credit checks instead; but not so fast, you’ll be the next Dollar General in no time!

  • Jefferson

    I personally know some law abiding White men with no criminal record who are currently unemployed and are having a hard time landing another job.

    In the job market I think they should be given top priority when it comes to job openings over unemployed Bantu thugs with a criminal rap sheet a mile long.

    • BonusGift

      I agree; but we must remember that the whole idea of affirmative action is analogous to modern day cultural Marxist vote counting, i.e., we will keep contesting and counting the vote until our candidate wins. In this case, we will keep contesting hiring practices until the black candidate gets the job over YT. There is no recognition of any possibility of unequal groups within America, only that we must punish YT and benefit a pet group (i.e., especially anyone other than Christian white males).

      • Dogbone

        What will end up happening in the end is only black people will be able to own and run a business, and they will be assigned at least one white person who must do all the work and take the blame for anything wrong that happens. It will be called white slavery.

  • libertarian1234

    “Dollar General Sued over Use of Criminal Checks in Hiring.”

    First they wanted blacks to have all the rights of citizenship no matter how many felonies they committed, especially the right to vote.

    Then the community organizer mandated that blacks should not be disciplined in school no more than other groups even though they commit the most and the most egregious offenses.

    Then they wanted blacks in highly visible occupations like T.V. news even though they don’t qualify.

    Now they want to sue people who do not want to jeopardize their businesses by not hiring violent black criminals.

    Societal deterioration is rapidly dropping to the Haitian norm and will continue to do so.

    The only remedy is secession.

    • The__Bobster

      What White man would be insane enough to start a business today?

      • Johnny Clay

        Maybe one who will hire only family, but someone will have a problem with that, too.

      • What white man could get SBA financing without risking everything?

  • MekongDelta69

    This is ironic and hilarious, since DG’s commercials are targeted towards the ‘Paycheck Advance Until Your Welfare Check Arrives’ crowd.
    Among others, they have an ad with an attractive, busty blond women, whose ‘partner’ is a (light-skinned) black guy.

    Sorry DG – pandering didn’t get you off with ‘Big Brutha’ (i.e. The EEOC).

    • Another outfit similar to DG is Family Dollar. I turn my head here in St. Louis, and all of sudden, they’re proliferating like crabgrass. And yes, they appeal to a certain “clientele,” the type would call this store “Fambly Dolla.”

      OTOH, that “inferior good” (economic term) merchants like FD are proliferating is I think a much better indicator about the real state of the economy than the “official” stats that Engelman buys hook line and sinker.

      • ncpride

        That particular ‘clientele’ has grown since DG started selling alcohol, and FD started selling cigarettes. They probably did that to appeal more to their ‘base’…..

      • Lots of dollar stores in West Virginia. Can’t imagine what one is like in St. Louis. Last time I was in one I was looking for those 4.5″ by 3.25″ composition books. One of the clerks was helping me look, the other one was doing stock and nobody was watching the front of the store. I thought of Chicago and chuckled.

      • OlderWoman

        The 99cent stores in Santa Monica were great. Fresh produce for only 99c. It was diverse but most customers were White and Mexican. It was great if you were on a limited budget. And unlike DG & FD nothing was priced higher than 99c.

  • Guess they will have to change the name to “Two Dollar General”.

    “The gross disparity in the rates at which black and non-black conditional employees were discharged on account of defendant’s criminal background check policy is statistically significant,” according to the EEOC complaint.

    Seriously though, when has the EEOC ever considered facts “statistically significant” while considering the relevance of all factors. This is a “You must hire black criminals” mandate.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Since when is conducting a background check considered discriminatory? This merely a matter of risk management on the part of a diligent employer.

    So, if a person is hired and has an unreported criminal background for dishonesty, will the govt reimburse this employer for any losses?

    How about if the the business goes under as result of the dishonesty of an employee who was not given a background check?

    Just another example of the complete and utter disdain for those who create jobs and in many cases risk capital….only to have the government force them to take on unrealistic risk.

    Obama’s America….

    • Ella

      Oh yeah we forgot about credit card and ID info if you charge in the store. This will attract loyal customers, especially with credit card theft. Again 3% difference is not significant since there are more Whites in the US at this time. Anyone in retail should have criminal background checks to PROTECT customer’s banking info.

  • davetrader425

    The blacks won’t be happy until they destroy all the businesses. So they can say their isn’t any work to be had.

    • Johnny Clay

      It’s all part of their wish to destroy the USA for “400 years of oppression.”

      • joemcgee

        I don’t actually think they want to destroy anything. I think it’s just what happens when they turn their hand to anything. It ends up in ruins.

        • OlderWoman

          It’s clear they have a destructive thought process. Every thing they pursue or touch turns to rubbish.

  • The__Bobster

    About 7 percent of the conditional offers made to non-blacks were rescinded for failing background checks, while about 10 percent/b> of the offers made to blacks were withdrawn.

    “The gross disparity in the rates at which black and non-black conditional employees were discharged on account of defendant’s criminal background check policy is statistically significant,” according to the EEOC complaint.


    Gross disparity? It appears that DG was doing an excellent job in choosing their candidates.

    • evilsandmich

      That’s because the non-blacks failed for overdue parking tickets while the blacks failed for armed robbery or something. It sounds like they had the “failure” bar set too high but local managers knew the real cut-off. Unfortunately the anti-business/anti-white Federal Gubmit takes no prisoners in it’s quest to enforce PC mores.

  • Freaking Chicago, AGAIN!

    Ok people, the PERSON who works for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is WHO you really need to attack.

    If it is a white person, get them replaced by a diversity.
    If it WAS a diversity who filed it, then keep going up the chain until you reach the liberal white in charge.
    You have to attack the enemy within. They are the only ones who can match us on the cerebral scale.

    YES, many of them know EXACTLY what they are doing, but they are really just out for their own careers. A government job does have its perks, you know.
    Or maybe you DON’T know. I forgot most of you white guys can’t get hired for a government job anymore. Oh well, you have your liberal female relatives and emo boys in your family to blame for that.

  • Hal K

    I guess we knew this was coming. Today there is also this headline at CofCC: ”
    Obama administration sues BMW plant for not employing black felons”

  • The Mayor’s Office for Reintegration Services for Ex-Offenders received 3,900 resumes at its May 17th job fair, plus 200 additional inquiries. …. “Philadelphia has anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 ex-offenders,” he says.

    20% of a city is ex-offenders?

    • dogbone

      That doesn’t include the city government.

    • Non Humans

      That’s what I said!! 200k- 300k??!! Just goes to prove what we have all been saying. That crime is inherent in nonhuman genes and an integral part of their culture.
      Great post Bobster! I’d love to see a libtard try and explain that one away.

  • Latravius Goldsteinberg

    The litigation costs the EEOC nothing (the taxpayer funds it) , but it will literally take millions for Dollar General to fight it, and they’ll probably lose anyway.

    Changing the policy and paying off the extortionists is sadly the cheaper option.

  • Randall Ward

    This is a suprising ratio, only slightly more blacks failed the test. Maybe the blacks willing to work are closer to the white way.

  • Do these idiots realize what will happen if every white max’s out every available credit line they have and then refuses to pay?

  • He looks like a homosexual. Is he an Obama friend?

  • After they change their policy, sooner or later a black employee (who would otherwise not have been hired) will commit violence against a non-black one. At that point, will the victim be able to sue the EEOC for putting her in danger? Rhetorical question.

  • MBlanc46

    We’re really entering Alice-in-Wonderland territory here.

  • The Soviets didn’t have a negro problem …..

  • It’s more like 12 times.

  • Ella

    General Dollar requires lots of stocking. If 50% are obese, you’re looking at slower work and higher-risk of injury (medical compensation and law-suits). In the 80’s I had to past a physical fitness test because of the nature of the job. Many places do criminal background checks and state it as part of the application process. They warn the applicant so you may skip applying if you have a felony record, especially assault or theft. DUH! They”ll probably now get hired with TSA….not joking.

    • “They’ll probably now get hired with the TSA….not joking”

      Or the State Department:

      One man’s bug is another man’s feature, and that also applies to women.

      Don’t doubt me here — It wasn’t a “flawed hiring process” which led to this. Any time “criminal or checkered backgrounds” are ignored in hiring law enforcement officers or any job for that matter, you can bet race and affirmative action is behind it. Why do you think one-ago Mayor of Kansas City, Mark Funkhouser, wanted to eliminate the prohibition on people convicted of felonies as adults being KCPD cops? He said it himself — The KCPD has “too few” black men.

  • The first place that hired me after I returned home from federal prison was Subway, so with 79 US and foreign patents awarded, I was making sandwiches from 10:00 to 16:00. After the store was sold, the new owner ran a background check and fired me on the spot. No reason; my register never came up short or over. I used to fix pretty much anything in the store before Howard sold it, and brought my own tools from home. I usually worked weeks at a time with no days off. Now I won’t eat at Colorado Springs area Subways anymore because they’re all owned by the same guy.

    I think criminal background checks are OK, but I also think a reliable employee should be treated as such.