2 More Educators in the South Are Charged in Test Cheating

Motoko Rich, New York Times, June 22, 2013

A test cheating ring that spanned 15 years across three Southern states ensnared two more educators this week.

Federal prosecutors in Memphis announced that they had indicted James Sales, 39, a teacher in Memphis, and Corey A. Holmes, 36, of Greenville, Miss., on conspiracy charges of mail, wire and Social Security fraud.

Prosecutors say the men paid Clarence Mumford Sr., a former teacher and assistant principal in Memphis, to arrange for stand-ins to take teacher certification exams on their behalf, using false identification. Mr. Mumford, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy and aggravated theft in February, was sentenced to seven years in federal prison last month. {snip}

Mr. Mumford’s son, Clarence Jr., was sentenced Friday to eight months of home confinement. He was found guilty of using a ringer to take a test.

The exams, which are taken by people who are seeking a teaching license or credentials in a particular subject, are administered by the Educational Testing Service. Mr. Mumford Sr. hired a group of teachers to sit for exams for others who feared they could not pass on their own.

Edward L. Stanton III, the United States attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, announced on Friday that he had signed agreements with 16 other teachers who had either paid for someone else to take an exam or accepted payment from Mr. Mumford to take certification tests for others.


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  • A Freespeechzone

    Notice that it’s NEVER about personal responsibility and excellence—but, cheating, lying and excuses with those in ‘education’.

    I hope these criminals are punished to the full extent of the law; but, you can bet that some organization will claim their prosecution is racist.

    Just wait–this is ONLY the beginning….

    • jane johnson

      Personal responsibility and excellence are social constructs of the White Male Establishment and have no place in education. Besides, they’re racist.

  • The__Bobster

    Bantu cheating can’t begin to compare to model minority cheating. Of course, some E-Men want to look the other way.

    Tiger Parents Riot In China: “No Fairness If You Do Not Let Us Cheat.”
    By Steve Sailer on June 21, 2013 at 7:40pm

    Malcolm Moore reports from China for The Telegraph:

    Riot after Chinese teachers try to stop pupils cheating

    What should have been a hushed scene of 800 Chinese students diligently sitting their university entrance exams erupted into siege warfare after invigilators tried to stop them from cheating.

    The relatively small city of Zhongxiang in Hubei province has always performed suspiciously well in China’s notoriously tough “gaokao” exams, each year winning a disproportionate number of places at the country’s elite universities.

    Last year, the city received a slap on the wrist from the province’s Education department after it discovered 99 identical papers in one subject. Forty five examiners were “harshly criticised” for allowing cheats to prosper.

    So this year, a new pilot scheme was introduced to strictly enforce the rules.

    When students at the No. 3 high school in Zhongxiang arrived to sit their exams earlier this month, they were dismayed to find they would be supervised not by their own teachers, but by 54 external invigilators randomly drafted in from different schools across the county.

    The invigilators wasted no time in using metal detectors to relieve students of their mobile phones and secret transmitters, some of them designed to look like pencil erasers.

    A special team of female invigilators was on hand to intimately search female examinees, according to the Southern Weekend newspaper.

    Outside the school, meanwhile, a squad of officials patrolled the area to catch people transmitting answers to the examinees. At least two groups were caught trying to communicate with students from a hotel opposite the school gates.

    For the students, and for their assembled parents waiting outside the school gates to pick them up afterwards, the new rules were an infringement too far.

    As soon as the exams finished, a mob swarmed into the school in protest.

    “I picked up my son at midday [from his exam]. He started crying. I asked him what was up and he said a teacher had frisked his body and taken his mobile phone from his underwear. I was furious and I asked him if he could identify the teacher. I said we should go back and find him,” one of the protesting fathers, named as Mr Yin, said to the police later.

    By late afternoon, the invigilators were trapped in a set of school offices, as groups of students pelted the windows with rocks. Outside, an angry mob of more than 2,000 people had gathered to vent its rage, smashing cars and chanting: “We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat.”

    According to the protesters, cheating is endemic in China, so being forced to sit the exams without help put their children at a disadvantage.

    • Erasmus

      According to the protesters, cheating is endemic in China,…

      Remember this the next time you find out that toys, clothing and food from China are toxic.

      BTW, with “free trade” THIS is the level our one-worlders expect us to come down to. F*** free trade. F*** globalization. I do not want the US to be reduced to the level of Mexico or China.

    • brengunn

      Wow, I had no idea it was that bad! Really, let them have first place in international education league tables if it means so much to them. We’ll just let the real world tell the story of who is the more accomplished people and nation.

    • Triarius

      I saw that a lot in college and especially grad school. I think the worst were Indians. Indian TAs gave the test away to Indian students and they passed them around to other Indians that took the class next semester. I personally knew one and he said he knows people that built their entire class schedule around what tests they could get in advance. I saw this with Chinese, Jews, and Arabs as well.

      Ethnic solidarity is one thing I feel we are lacking. I always help my own when I can and remind them that is the reason why. People have reacted extremely positive to this. I think a lot more whites are with us than we think.

  • The__Bobster

    A test cheating ring that spanned 15 years across three Southern states ensnared two more educators this week.

    Two? Just two? What a joke.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The cops arrested Mumford and son?

      Too bad, I had tickets to their concert…

    • “Ensnared”? I wasn’t aware criminal conspiracies suck up on and then “ensnared” unwitting, unwilling co-conspirators.

  • The__Bobster

    The exams, which are taken by people who are seeking a teaching license or credentials in a particular subject, are administered by the Educational Testing Service. Mr. Mumford Sr. hired a group of teachers to sit for exams for others who feared they could not pass on their own.

    Imagine having your kids assigned to these losers.

    • jane johnson

      It’s worse than you think. Here’s a link to the prep guide/practice exam for NY State teachers, and I’m pretty sure that the southern versions are even easier. Any so-called educator who needs a ringer in order to pass has no business in ANY classroom, except, possibly as a student. Dang…secured so it won’t let me link, but this test is easy! I have no college degree, and passed with no problem.

  • APaige

    90% of whites pass teachers certification test, compare to about 40% of blacks. It does vary state by state. In California 80% of whites pass a ‘minimum competency’ exam, compared to 35% of blacks. Unions actually sued the state over the exams.

    • Funruffian

      I remember back in 2008 when I passed the CSET Multiple exam on my first attempt. I walked into a training course for teachers and overheard 3 Black female teachers who were complaining about trying to pass that exam after 3 or 4 attempts.

  • Prosecutors say the men paid Clarence Mumford Sr. …. to arrange for stand-ins to take teacher certification exams on their behalf, using false identification.

    I personally think blacks have been doing this for decades in every profession – law, medicine, education, etc ….

  • brengunn

    So it’s not just the students who cheat, but the teachers, too? As someone below said, imagine having these people teach your children. Come to think of it, if they are to teach in schools full of black pupils, why do they need to have the same credentials that teachers in white and Asian schools need? It stands to reason that students who are less academically talented will only have that extra knowledge wasted on them, as they will most likely never reach such an advanced level anyway.

    No doubt the race warriors will get involved in these cases, claiming cultural biases or some such BS. Only in America. Please, don’t let this stuff cross the ocean.

  • Two Pythons

    Also no expectations from the future college staff. And expect to do nothing once employed.

  • jane johnson

    Tried that. It’s in Adobe PDF format. Any ideas how to post it? I even tried to convert it to a Word doc, but got a message saying that it’s password protected, so I couldn’t do that, either.

    • Erasmus


      A cakewalk.

      • jane johnson

        YW. Can you even imagine how poorly educated teachers must be to need help with it?

  • That’s a lot more common than you’d think in the Third World. The result is that antibiotics are massively overprescribed – for viral infections against which they are ineffective – and resistant strains of bacteria develop as a result.

    • Erasmus

      Yup, and then we import those people with the antibiotic resistant strains here.

      • Abuse of antibiotics is also common in the USA. Liquid hand soap at CostCo comes with antibiotics in it. This cheap marketing ploy is merely exposing all sorts of bacteria to low levels of the antibiotics involved, so they develop resistance. I refuse to buy the stuff; we fill our bathroom pump-dispensers with liquid dish soap.

  • Erasmus

    Maybe there is truth about some people being so dumb that they don’t know their a**es from a hole in the ground.