Who Voted in 2012?

Steven Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies, May 2013

The Center for Immigration Studies has used newly released Census data to examine the November 2012 election. The new data show that the share of eligible Hispanics who voted in 2012 was lower than in 2008, while the black share was higher than in 2008. The biggest decline in eligible voters was among whites, particularly those without a college degree. Had eligible white voters turned out at the 2004 rate, 4.7 million more of them would have voted, 4.2 million without a college degree.

Among the findings:

  • Overall, 61.8 percent of eligible voters turned out in 2012, down from 63.6 percent in 2008 and 63.8 percent in 2004.
  • Prior to the election there was speculation that Hispanics would be particularly animated in 2012. However, this turned out not to be the case. Only 48.0 percent of eligible Hispanics voted, down from 49.9 percent in 2008. The 2012 turnout was similar to 2004, when 47.2 percent voted.
  • Hispanics were 8.4 percent of voters (11.2 million), close to the 8.9 percent the Center for Immigration Studies projected prior to the November election.1 If Hispanic turnout had been what it was in 2008, 450,000 more Hispanics would have voted.
  • Whites were also unengaged in the election, with a 64.1 percent turnout among eligible voters, down from 66.1 percent in 2008 and 67.2 percent in 2004. (There is a break in the continuity of data by race, so elections prior to 2004 are not directly comparable to more recent presidential elections.)2
  • If white turnout had been what it was in 2004, 4.7 million more of them would have voted. Of the 4.7 million whites who sat home on Election Day relative to 2004, 4.2 million did not have a bachelor’s degree.

The President received five million more votes than Governor Romney. What would have it taken for Romney to have won at least a plurality of the popular vote?3 (This does not mean Romney would have won the election since the Electoral College determines the outcome.)

  • If Governor Romney had increased his share of the women’s vote by four percentage points, from the 44 percent he actually received to 48 percent, then he would have won the popular vote. Each percentage point of the female vote equaled 714,000 votes.
  • If Governor Romney had increased his share of the black vote by 15 percentage points, from the 6 percent he actually received to 21 percent, then he would have won the popular vote. Each percentage point of the black vote equaled 172,000 votes.
  • If Governor Romney had increased his share of the Hispanic vote by 23 percentage points, from the 27 percent he actually received to 50 percent, then he have won the popular vote. Each percentage point of the Hispanic vote equaled 112,000 votes.4
  • If Governor Romney had increased his share of the white vote by three percentage points, from the 59 percent he actually received to 62 percent, then he would have won the popular vote. Each percentage point of the white vote equaled 980,000 votes.



The Voting and Registration Supplement collected by the Census Bureau is a valuable data source for examining who was eligible to vote and who actually voted. The voting supplement results, reported in the tables, show the great diversity of the American electorate. The electorate is comprised of numerous overlapping voting blocs. Many factors influence voting decisions, including race, education, income, gender, occupation, marital status, and age. Furthermore, there is ideology, party identification, religion, and voters’ perception of a candidates’ character that are not included in the Census data, but certainly matter a great deal. It would be a mistake to think of the electorate as one dimensional.

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  • Manaphy

    Seems like the white vote actually does matter, maybe even more so than the Aztec and the Zulu vote. Once again, John McLame, Michael Medved, and other clueless republicans are proven to be beyond idiotic.

    • No, The fake conservatives knew all of this, BUT they didn’t have the bravery to at least attempt to go after the white vote. It’s like they are afraid of offending a race of people who would not even have electricity without our help.

      • Morris LeChat

        Race matters, ethnicity matters. WE are all born with an obligation to be loyal to the members of the group we belong to. The elite whites of this country have been selling out other whites for decades now. They have been feeding others to the crocodiles. Usually this expression refers to a situation where one person feeds others to the croc in order to delay his own end. In our situation though, there was never any threat to the white majority in this country, the feeding was not necessary for the postponement of the elites end. They did it purely for an extra sliver of advantage.They did it for a tiny, measly increment of more advantage. Now we are under great threat, and they are ever more eager to sacrifice any white person they can in order to preserve their position at the top.

      • Paleoconn

        Forget ‘lectricity, (to channel Lionel from All In The Family). Not even basic mechanical devices.

    • Erasmus

      Yet, still the republicans pretend that they have to court the vibrant color vote to survive.

      • JohnEngelman

        Since 1980 “low taxes and a strong military” has been the chief Republican contradiction. A strong military requires high taxes to pay for it.

        • Morris LeChat

          Since you have been on this site you have been posting the exact kind of IQ, and academia snobbery that has alienated the very people we need. You and your kind are doing more to divide and conquer than the enemy is. It is Ethnicity and race that matters, not IQ and degrees. In response to the revelation of the extreme faulty thinking of your kind you offer nothing but a total non-sequitur.

          • JohnEngelman

            A movement needs intelligent people. It also needs to know what is true and what is false.

          • Morris LeChat

            We have intelligent people, we have plenty of intelligent. We also need numbers, You want to exclude most of the number because they aren’t up to “your” standard, although, where you ever got the idea that you were a Mengele and could send people down the Himmel Strasse is beyond me. We know what is true and false, You don’t.

          • JohnEngelman

            I document my factual assertions with credible authorities, many of which I find on this website. You don’t. You seldom post anything but personal attacks. You have never even tried to prove that what I say here is not true.

          • Morris LeChat

            ……..”A movement needs intelligent people”…… Are you saying there are no intelligent white people? What are you saying john? Really, what do you think you are saying? The issue here is group interests, and white people are a group regardless of their IQ. Do you think high IQ white people have different interest than other white people? Do you think Blacks and hispanics CARE about a white person’s IQ?

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            Not true. La Raza and Islam neither have intelligence or any grasp of historical or scientific truth… yet their movements will ultimately destroy any vestiges we have of a first world standard of life.

          • Greg Thomas

            At this point John, we need White people and all of them we can get. Sure, we need intelligent people, but we need to open our arms to those that are not as blessed intellectually. The truth of the matter is, not everyone is as gifted as you are.

            Moreover, there are plenty of intelligent Whites, who are traitors to this country and our race. Intelligence alone should not be the benchmark in our struggle to persevere. La Raza had proved intelligence is not the end all to conquering a country.

          • JohnEngelman

            I do not dislike anyone because the person is on the left end of the IQ bell curve. Nevertheless, my presence here is sometimes resented by a few posters. Why? Because I do not dislike people.

            The comments that get voted up the most here seem to be those that express hostility for Jews and non whites.

            The only people I hate are criminals.

          • Jefferson

            I do not resent your presence here. I think you are a cool guy. Just like you, I do not hate someone for simply being born Nonwhite. I only hate Nonwhites who’s behavior is not culturally compatible with Western society. This would include Mexican drug cartel members and radical Somali Muslims for example.

          • JohnEngelman

            I certainly agree with you about Mexican drug cartel members and radical Somali Muslims. I would increase the list to include black ghetto thugs whose ancestors have been in the United States for over a century and a half.

            Nevertheless, I get flamed here when I express my admiration for Orientals. They tend to have characteristics many white Americans have lost, like chastity, obedience to the law, and studiousness.

          • David Ashton

            Why have whites (quite rapidly) lost characteristics like chastity and studiousness? Are dysgenic breeding and/or pernicious “cultural” influences responsible? Who have most notably influenced western society in this downward direction?
            Has there been no connection between sexual and racial promiscuity among younger white people?

          • David Ashton

            Some of your generalizations about blacks have been quite hostile.

          • JohnEngelman

            Indeed they have been, just as some of my generalizations about Jews and Orientals have been friendly. Nevertheless, I never say that all blacks are this way or that way. I always speak of tendencies. I use phrases like “on the average,” and so on. One of the most fascinating, decent, and civilized people I have ever known was a black college professor at Howard University.

            If he was typical of blacks the only problem blacks would suffer would be the resentment Jews and Orientals sometimes suffer from whites who accurately feel inferior to them.

          • Morris LeChat

            no john, your presence here is not welcome because you are a snob, an elitist, and you say white people are not good enough because asians outscored them on an IQ test. You are anti-white, but you are also a coward, so when you feel threatened by blacks you come back to us looking for a sympathetic ear, and then you start the backstabbing, the demoralizing.

          • Dutchie Roedel

            After looking over events of the last century,it’s evident why people are hostile to Jews and non Whites

          • Carlos Geary

            You are right!

        • Erasmus

          Since 1980 “low taxes and a strong military” has been the chief Republican contradiction.

          Be that as it may or not be, the fact remains: If you support amnesty, you are NO conservative.

          • JohnEngelman

            For the record I am opposed to amnesty.

          • Erasmus

            Thank you. I know you are opposed to amnesty.

            Opposition to this amnesty is become the sine qua non of a true conservative.

          • JohnEngelman

            There are different kinds of conservatives. One kind is in favor of anything that benefits the business community. Amnesty does. So does a high degree of legal immigration.

            There are conservative aspects to my thinking. I am pessimistic about human nature and human potential. I think there is often wisdom in tradition. I distrust abrupt social changes and untested economic reforms in any direction. Nevertheless, I lack concern for rich people and the Republican Party.

          • Erasmus

            Those who would sacrifice the country for business interests aren’t conservatives: They’re plutocrats. Not all issues are of equal import, and even unintelligent people know this.

            Any whack job who thinks a favorable business climate is as important as a nation’s controlling its territorial boundaries is tantamount to someone building a house and spending 90% of his time deciding what color to paint the shutters instead of guaranteeing the foundation is soild.

          • Morris LeChat

            Are you for limiting LEGAL immigration to white European countries the way it was before 1965?

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Not exactly. If you don’t have a trillion+ dollar a year entitlement state meant to prop up the stupid, weak and dependent parasitic groups of humans you can have whatever military you want.

          • JohnEngelman

            Those over the age of 65 usually vote Republican. Tell them you oppose Social Security and Medicare and watch what happens.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            Why would I do that? Those people paid into those programs and have every right to collect on them. That was the deal. Your arguments are often childlike, do you notice that?

          • JohnEngelman

            One of the most popular myths is that welfare is a serious drag on the economy. Actually, it barely registers on the radar screen. The most vilified form of welfare is Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), which allegedly gives poor mothers a financial incentive to avoid work and have babies. Yet in 1992, AFDC formed only 1 percent of the combined federal and state budgets. Food stamps also took up 1 percent. Both programs cost $24.9 billion each, comprising 1 percent each of the combined federal, state and local budget of $2,487 billion. (1)

            Comparing the size of federal AFDC to other federal programs puts a great deal in perspective:

            Federal AFDC Expenditures as Compared to Federal Spending in Other Areas (1993) (2)
            Agency $ billions
            AFDC 12
            Medicaid 76
            Medicare 131
            Defense 281
            Social Security 305

  • [Guest]

    >>>The electorate is comprised of numerous overlapping voting blocs.

    The unmentioned “voting bloc” is made up of those who’re dependent upon government checks.

  • The__Bobster

    It’s the White vote that really matters in the end. Pandering to Mestizos will result in Whites sitting on their hands.


    A reader reports that Rush Limbaugh was discussing Byron York’s version of the Sailer Strategy:

    Near the end of the show. He’s going through the different possibilities using the NY Times calculator. What if Romney got the high water mark — he would have lost. What if he had made history and attracted 50% – he still would have lost. What if he had done something truly astonishing for a Republican, win 60% – he would have lost. So let’s give Romney the Obama percentage, 70%, surely he would have won. No he would have lost. He would have won the popular vote but lost in the electoral college.

    “This tells me that the Hispanic vote is not the problem, and I’ve never thought it was the problem.”

    If the whites had shown up in 2012 as they did in 2008, Romney would have won. The difference was that a lot of white voters stayed home.

    “They (non-voting whites) didn’t think the Republican Party was conservative enough…. The Republican Party was going after everybody but them.”

    • The__Bobster


      Commenters at the WSJ were not speechless, however: see our main article today: John Derbyshire Says If There Is Hope, It Lies In The Comment Threads.

      ALSTON ANDERSON Replied:

      There are none so blind as those who will not see. And in this regard, Brooks is as blind as a brickbat. He doesn’t WANT to see. If wealthy people in this nation cannot understand how they are destroying the middle class and expanding the welfare state (into infinity and beyond) among the poor, then there is probably no way of reasoning with them. Cheap labor keeps our poor citizens even poorer and restricts job creation for the unemployed in their ranks. Every rational study done shows that third world immigrants will cost far more than they can ever pay out in taxes. A child could understand this.

      Phil Solarz Wrote:

      Even if Romney won 100% of the Hispanic vote, he would have not won. If he would have gotten just 3% more of the white vote, he would have. We passed an immigration bill in 1986, one that promised would end all immigration problems. We were promised they would secure our borders, they were not, we were lied to.

      This country needs to get back some morals and return to it’s conservative beginnings. The communists have taken over and as we can see in the press today, we are under an attack by our federal government. This is the government our forefathers warned us about.

  • Joe Mack

    And some Republicans will take this to mean that they need to pander to blacks to get 21% of their vote.

    And that of course will never happen.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      I thought the same exact thing. Ditto for hispanics. All this does is alienate more whites as it did in 2008 and 2012. There’s another reason so many stayed home.
      What’s that old expression about there not being a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties? it was especially true in 2012.

  • 700,000 more Romney votes in four states, and he’s President today. The difference in 2012, bar none, were working middle class whites who didn’t think they had a dog in the fight.

    Meanwhile, we also found out not long ago that Romney would have needed 73% of the Hispanic vote, holding everything else equal, to win. (And no Republican nationally will ever get that). That same analysis showed that all he needed was 4% more of the white vote to win. Again, all the working class whites left on the table.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Also Romney was a lying scumbag who looked and sounded like a snake oil salesman. I imagine that being a Mormon also hurt his chances. Not that it matters really, because TPTB with their massive voter fraud combined with the sycophantic media decided that Captain Chuckles was the best man for the job anyhow.

      • I’ll never forgive him for the way he used Kris Kobach and then dumped him when he no longer needed him. Every time I hear someone call Romney “a good man,” (which isn’t much anymore), I want to throw something at something.

        People talk about his Mormonism, but I’m not finding any data to back up the contention that it hurt him. The only kind of people for whom it was thought to be an issue, conservative Christian evangelicals, apparently didn’t hold it against him, because they voted for Romney in the same percentage and intensity that they voted for Bush in 2004, which was the high water mark for both statistics.

        • Stentorian_Commentator

          So true regarding Kobach. If Mittens had kept up the immigration control talk through the election, he might have entice enough whites in battleground states to pull it off. Still, I am not sure about Mittens’s character. I get the impression that for all their smarts, guys like him are too quick to defer to the likes of Karl Rove and his ilk, who are always trying to serve up crap sandwiches.

          • That Romney used then dumped Kobach proves that Romney was for open borders all along, and any other suggestion or implication on his part otherwise was pure deceit. A President Romney right now would be just as demanding as President Obama is right now for an amnesty bill. And for you 2A types, because Romney always threw around the weasel phrase “gun lobby” in 2012 (only left wingers use that phrase), he too would probably be pushing “gun control” also.

          • WR_the_realist

            Romney made it plain all along that he favored banning semi-automatic rifles. So he may as well have chosen Dianne Feinstein his running mate.

      • connorhus

        No matter how much a scumbag Mitts may or may not be, he still was so much better than Obama I would get off my butt and vote for him. I would have done anything to see Barry get the boot.

        I cannot believe anyone on this site would believe Romney was so bad they would rather see Obama win.

        • The only reason I filled in a circle next to Romney’s name is because he is white and Obama isn’t. Otherwise, I expected virtually no policy differences.

          • connorhus

            As I said above somewhere even with the same sort of policies I expected better Appointments. Even that was enough.

          • But even the appointments can be a roll of the dice. Democrats’ SCOTUS appointments are always bad, Republicans’ are a mixed bag. Same goes with executive branch appointments: Operating under Reagan’s axiom that personnel is policy, it’s easy to see what, for example, George W. Bush is thinking now, just to see his ex-WH staffers and hacks running around all over the talk shows whining about how the Republican Party needs to become left wing.

          • WR_the_realist

            It never occurs to the Republicans that we hate them for their wars, the police state they initiated, and the deficits. (They loved to cut taxes, but other than Ron Paul never wanted to cut spending.) So instead they think they’re losing because they’re not nice enough to illegal immigrants. I want to puke.

          • nobody

            It isn’t exactly a Republican thing. Look at the liberals golden boy Obama droning everyone. It isn’t like the militarization of the police magically stopped when he got elected. Now city police departments are saying they need drones and APCs to do their job. That isn’t a left or a right thing. This has been happening for years, regardless of who is in power. No mainstream political party is going to magically save America. It isn’t gonna happen in a million years, so get that thought out of your head.

          • WR_the_realist

            The laws and agencies that have created the current police state were in large part a result of the panic after 9/11, and were pushed primarily by the Republicans. It is true that many Democrats also voted for those things. It certainly true that now that the Democrats have a majority in the Senate and their Community Organizer in the White House they haven’t lifted a finger to eliminate these egregious laws and agencies, and have actually made some things worse. And Obama jumped into a war in Libya with no congressional authorization whatsoever. Which is why, as contemptuous as I am of mainstream Republicans, I’m certainly not going to pull the lever for Democrats either.

          • connorhus

            Anything would have been better than the last two SCOTUS appointments. Except for another Ruthy but in a sense that’s what we got anyway.

        • WR_the_realist

          The only way in which I could be confident that Romney would differ from Obama is that he was much more likely to get us into a war with Iran. That’s not a point in his favor. It’s bad enough that we got into a war in Libya and are getting into a war in Syria. And we get that with a “progressive” Democrat as prez. I say, if the country is going to collapse anyway let it be blamed on a mulatto Democrat.

          • Luis

            WR, in addition to Syria, I’m concerned Obama will escalate his meddling in sub-Sahara Africa, under the guises of “competing with the Chinese” and fighting terrorism. I can see him sending ground troops into Bantu Africa, with the end result of millions and millions of Bantus being imported to this country – as so often happens every time the U.S. sticks its nose into the internal affairs of other nations – like Vietnam, Iraq, Haiti and Somalia, to name a few.

        • So CAL Snowman

          I didn’t vote for Obama or Romney. I refuse to play their game and vote for evil. Vote all you want, it doesn’t matter.

        • nobody

          I hate that I am backed into a corner where I have to vote for the lesser of two evils. I’m not gonna play along with their game. My voice is going to be heard even if people say it is throwing away a vote. The way I see it those who voted for Obama and Romney are the ones who wasted their vote on this little dog and pony show. Both of them are scum and neither one of them care about working class Americans whatsoever.

      • Sick of it

        The fact that he was Obama about 2 years or so before the election had something to do with people not turning out in droves to vote for Romney. Not only a member of a strange cult, but a lying progressive to boot!

    • Replying to myself; tacky, I know.

      It’s not as if the TPM wasn’t active in 2012. Even though their energy and resources in 2012 were limited because of the obvious IRS pressure, it’s just that they really had no great desire to help Romney. Personally, I think we’ll find out in the long run that IRSgate was as much about establishment RINO Republicans suppressing the TPM to ensure that the TPM didn’t interfere with the coronation of Romney as the nominee as it was about Democrats making sure the TPM didn’t hurt Democrats. That the IRS commissioner during the IRSgate timeline was a Bush holdover is not a coincidence or irrelevant fact, IMHO. I also think Karl Roverrated’s fingerprints are all over the IRSgate smoking guns.

      Like I said above, midterm electorates and Presidential year electorates are different animals. While it is true that the red team lost a few House members in 2012 compared to 2010, the more fair comparison is 2012 over 2008 and 2010 over 2006. In both fair comparisons, Republicans did a lot better. It’s just that a lot more blacks and Hispanics turn out in Presidential years, and that influenced the results of both the Presidency and Senate elections, but extremely little influenced House races, because blacks and Hispanics voters tend to be gerrymandered in their little safe blue team sandboxes.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        What is TMP? I wish people here would stop using so many Internet acronyms.

    • Jefferson

      [QUOTE]Meanwhile, we also found out not long ago that Romney would have needed 73% of the Hispanic vote, holding everything else equal, to win. (And no Republican nationally will ever get that).[/QUOTE]

      73 percent is a pipe dream. Republicans can not even win 73 percent of the Cuban vote, let alone 73 percent of the Mexican vote.

      Even 33 percent of the Hispanic vote seems very difficult for Republicans to get. Neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney was even able to achieve that.

      • a multiracial individual

        Clearly the GOP needs more White votes. Of course, many people (including people here) do not want to reach out to White liberals.

        • White liberals already have a perfectly good (in their eyes) party to vote for, the Democrats. Any non-liberal non-Democrat pandering to white liberals is wasting his time. If they’re ever to come over to our side, it will be because of events and circumstances, not anything we do.

        • Greg Thomas

          I’m more than happy to reach out to White liberals, so long as they do not support open borders, amnesty, affirmative action and endless entitlement programs for diversity.

          • Morris LeChat

            nor miscegenation and it’s byproducts

        • Morris LeChat

          no, we aren’t, because those were not the white voters that stayed away, yet, I know, maff be hard

          • a multiracial individual

            Getting more blue collar whites to vote may work. Of course, I am sure that you guys could benefit from stealing a few white libs as well. Morris, I have read some of your exchanges over the past month or so. Your misogynistic, homophobic, and all-around unpleasant demeanor has made you a leading candidate for biggest A-hole on Amren. Congrats brother.

  • Joe Mack

    Jaded, divided, apathetic and conquered – as planned – by government and media.

    Entertain the thought that one group benefits most of all.

    Who? Dare not say on Amren. Your post will be deleted.

    Such a shame.

    • Alexandra1973


    • MikeS

      “Entertain the thought that one group benefits most of all.”
      That group seems to receive a hugely disproportionate amount of media attention and sympathy. Why is that the case, I wonder?

      They share a commonality with their pawns (blacks, among others) in the fact that each group has one, and only one, claim to fame; for blacks it’s “slavery” and for the other group it’s ___________? Take that away and what are they left with?

      “Such a shame.”
      Yes it is, yes it is.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Why was Joe Mack’s comment deleted? Was he making up Engelman-style lies or was he stating a profound truth? That’s what it looks like from the excerpts MikeS put up.
        Carry on. Let’s keep AR readers thinking that it is 85-IQd blacks and hispanics that are ruining the economy of the U.S., and keeping the floodgates open to the third world. Make sure the true enemy stays hidden so the white race stays in the dark.

  • Come on, people! Would it have REALLY mattered if this was McCain’s 2nd term, or Romney’s 1st?

    • sbuffalonative

      I always come back to this: the Supreme Court.

      The guy in the Oval Office gets to make the choice. We’re stuck with those people for years. They set public policy.

      It’s true that some Republican nominations have been disasters and turncoats but most have a conservative leaning.

      We know who liberals are going to appoint. If nothing else, there’s a chance to appoint a true conservative.

      Maybe McCain or Romney would carry out similar polices as Obama but at least they would have to appeal to the conservative base on SC appointments.

      • connorhus

        Exactly. Sotomeyer and that hairless wookie/Homer Simpson cross breed thing named Kagan should have been enough to make Whites come out and vote for Azmodius himself over Obama.

      • Johnny Clay

        Getting Obama out of office was Priority 1, 2, and 3, and I would’ve voted for Shemp of The Three Stooges if he was the GOP nominee. I would’ve endured Romney for four years, knowing that we’d get probably half of what we wanted from him, whereas we get nothing from Obama.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        SCOTUS cannot be overlooked. SCOTUS can overrule the president of the United States; the president of the United States cannot overrule SCOTUS.
        THAT’s where the power lies.

    • Sick of it

      Same ideas as the Obama administration, so no.

  • Alexandra1973

    I have no college degree. I have a college credit in Spanish due to having completed 6 full years of Spanish in school and I graduated from a vocational school, administrative assistance course.

    I voted Constitution Party.

  • Anon

    If actual voting took place in this country, Ron Paul would now be President and no one outside of chicago would know who Obama is

  • WR_the_realist

    What did either candidate have to offer white people without a college degree? Other than more and more immigrants to take the jobs they would be doing?

  • StillModerated

    What would have it taken for Romney to have won at least a plurality of the popular vote?

    That’s a piece of strudel, he could have pandered to the White vote, but he listened to his cringing managers and pandered to the Mexicans instead. Therefore he lost. Serves him right. The bigger question is “when will the GOP learn to apply Jesse Helms’ tactics which led to a stunning victory in North Carolina?”

  • connorhus

    After giving this some thought I have a far different take on this lack of the White voter turnout. It wasn’t that Romney wasn’t Conservative enough or that he was as bad as Obummer or he didn’t represent them. Whites did not come out because they now know what that have been forced to believe for decades is wrong. They have been taught that not giving everything to minorities is wrong and yet they are now seeing people just like them refusing to follow along. At first they are shocked and revert back to the old indoctrinated reactions and this last election they were dealing with that in conflict. Not sure which way to turn.

    It may seem strange but I believe this heralds an awakening.

    I just hope it isn’t too late.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      One can hope. The local bastards on the city council can surely screw up your life just as miserably as the feds; there are also many good local politicians, Lou Barletta comes to mind, Tom McClintock out in California too. Staying home and not voting is not the answer, whites need to vote, en masse, in the interests of whites. Jews, blacks and hispanics certainly believe this.

  • George Orwell Jr.

    After having read all these comments I can’t believe that you refuse or don’t want to see the big picture. Remember 2008? When they pulled the senate and congress into closed session? They were told the US economy was going to collapse. There would be martial law. This has been verified by Ron Paul by the way. They had no choice but to go for the massive bailout. They stopped publishing the M3 data (how much money is being printed) Now put yourselves in their shoes. They realize the economy is being artificially being propped up by the QE. There is very little time left before the pyramid collapses. The only solution is to inject 30 million new tax payers/consumers into the system to carry the economy just a bit further down the road. They need to stay in power, so what do you do? You go for the amnesty. The politicians think since they have this ‘special knowledge’ and you (average American citizen) don’t they are doing the right thing by choosing to inject new blood into the US economy. But the dollar needs to collapse first. That’s why they are printing and spending like crazy. This of course is just the precursor to merging Canada, US and Mexico into the North American Union at which point they will create a new currency and new economy. The borders will be erased and people will be able to move wherever they want on the North American continent. They believe that they will be held up as heroes after the collapse. You can call me a conspiracy theorist all you want, but I can promise you that this is whats happening and the PTB will not let anything get in their way. This is global. They believe they are doing whats best for us all in the long run. I am not saying I think it will succeed, but these people are desperate and desperate people are irrational and dangerous. They are deluded my friends. For if they were not they would just tell the American public the truth. Please protect yourselves and your families. I promise you the PTB are only concerned for themselves and theirs.

    • Cville

      It’s the only internally consistent explanation I’ve heard to date.

    • George Orwell Jr.
    • The Fed is still publishing BOGUMBNS (“M0”) data, and it’s a fairly good if not perfect barometer of M3:


      • George Orwell Jr.

        Yes QD it clearly displays the problem for those that understand. I don’t know if most people will look at it and realize the severity of what it shows. I wanted to point out in my post that the act of not publishing the M3 data was a ‘deliberate’ attempt by TPTB to hide it from the general public. They desperately don’t want the public to panic any sooner than necessary. This also is why they are so desperate to disarm the American public. Time is short and the race is on.
        Take a look at this. It’s a tad long but this gentleman sums it up quite nicely and his data is indisputable. It’s the best summary I have seen to date.

        • George Orwell Jr.
        • QuinnTheEskimo9

          Try here for better numbers from non-statist economist John Williams on unemployment, the economy, etc. Most of it is behind a subscription wall, but enough is on the home page to get an idea as to how much the government is lying to the people.


          • dd121

            For a coherent explanation of what’s happening to our economy, search Peter Schiff on youtube. The truth isn’t pretty. My question is why isn’t our “free” press sounding the alarm to the coming catastrophe? Many of them know the truth which makes the silence even more evil.

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes, our financial/banking system is nothing but a Ponze scheme. It needs ‘new investors’ to pay off the old ones. The system can’t sustain itself.

      Amnesty is being pushed to pump money (workers paying taxes) into the economy. They crunched the numbers and believe that the small financial gains will outweigh the economic costs (welfare, et al).

      Even IF it worked, it would be a very short term fix. Welfare costs will mushroom beyond sustainability.

      But they’re desperate to keep the system going. They’re hoping and praying it will get them through the current ‘down turn’ and the economy will turn around.

      This is the last gasp before it all comes crashing down.

      IF amnesty fails to pass and the system collapses, they will blame the failed amnesty for the collapse.

      It’s lose-lose.

      • George Orwell Jr.

        Not just to get them through until the economy turns around sbn. The goal is to push through to the North American Union. That will take the pressure off for a while by dispersing the debt throughout three countries and creating a trading block. They then can move forward to create their new global econ/system. It’s not by accident that Europe and the US are nosediving at the same time. This is all by design. I know this is a race realist site so I would be remiss if I failed to address it. It’s my opinion that TPTB could give a rodents behind about race. It’s my opinion that they dislike the white race in general because we are the fish bone that sticks in their throat and stops them from swallowing the world whole. After all we are only approx. 10% of the worlds population. When you think about it why else would they be so preoccupied with such a small percentage?

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        I believe the government number crunchers and the government itself know exactly what they are doing and what and why it is imperative to import tens of millions of welfare moochers, job thieves and violent psychopaths.

        The Prime Directive of TPTB is the elimination of the white race off the face of the earth, and what better way to do it? Flood the country with high-fertility, non-white welfare users to extract more property and wealth from whites, give preferences to non-whites, even new arrivals, in the job market, colleges, etc. actively legislate against whites “no civil rights for whites” and then insist that “we’re all the same” — except for THEM. Any white who is resists or complains is hit with the old “racisss” moniker and threatened with career destruction. It is evil beyond comprehension to genocide a race but this is exactly what is happening to us, the White Race.

        It the government were looking for refugees or more tax slaves why wouldn’t it seek to import productive whites from SA or Europe? Instead preferences are given to the most backwards people from the most depraved, violent parts of the earth, Africa, S. Asia and Central America.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        They don’t really think there is an upside; unless you are for genocide… as they are.

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      “The only solution is to inject 30 million new tax payers/consumers into the system to carry the economy just a bit further down the road”.

      I thought these new immigrants – illegals and not – were more likely to be consuming government assistance rather than paying taxes to support the government.

      • George Orwell Jr.

        All TPTB care is that they will be spending that government assistance in the big boxes, to buy new cars and new houses. By the way did I mention that they have changed to guidelines to allow government assistance to qualify for loans? They did. All you have to do is put pieces together and the plan becomes quite obvious.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      I agree with your post, the economy is in shambles and on the verge of collapse. Unemployment and inflation are MUCH higher than what the government tells us, same for the number of illegal aliens in our midst.

      TPTB are doing what’s best only for THEMSELVES in the long run. The goal is a totalitarian, authoritarian government with a command-control economy lorded over by a hostile elite. We matter not to them, as the proletariat mattered not to the old Soviet bosses who casually ordered the deaths of tens of millions.

      There is no question that this is what we’re facing.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      It is much more nefarious than that. They don’t think it is what is best for us, they think it is what is best for them. Being destroyed through genocide of culture, economics and demographics can’t ever be thought of as good.

      And no, legalizing invaders so they can pay taxes? Do you realize the economic and environmental burden these squatters put on us? And the cost to legalize them? Trillions. Is a squatter with a 75 IQ, no education and seven kids going to be an asset? No no no. Did I mention no?

    • dd121

      Your explanation can’t be correct. Even if it were true that bringing illegal aliens into the country would work, it couldn’t possibly kick the economic-catastrophe can down the road for but a short time. Not exactly a solution to the long-term problem

  • NordicHeritage

    What reason does anyone have to vote? They trod out each election cycle the same old same old for both parties. None of the candidates are worth a hill of beans and even if they are honest when the start out they end up corrupted by the system before they can even get sworn in. As far as I am concerned there isn’t a reason to vote anymore, it’s not like they listen to what their constituents want anyway.

    • Rhialto

      I vote to make a positve rejection of the candidates of the 2 major parties; I vote for the Constitutional or Reform party. If there is no candidate from these parties, I don’t vote for any candidate. My vote has no influence on the outcome of the election, but it tells the political analysts what my opinion is.

  • bigone4u

    If you read the Dark Enlightenment web sites, some of which are race realist and sex realist, you begin to question whether women and minorities should ever have been allowed by white men to vote. In the case of white women, their desire for careers and workplace preferences through affirmative action, have replaced their loyalty to one man, monogamy, with sexual freedom. Women will continue to vote democrat no matter what because democrats promise them a safety net of free contraception, free abortion, and no preaching about moral values realted to their cuckoldry and sexual promiscuity. Meanwhile, young white men have less incentive to make the most of themselves. They can get sex without getting involved in community issues so long as they are tatted up and have a criminal record–women really do want the bad boys. Young white men are becoming just like young black men, although to a lesser degree. Some of this (minus the race angle) is discussed in a short academic paper by a male and female professor. WARNING: IT IS PAINFUL TO READ.


    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Right. The president is the uber-alpha-male to which these single women are drawn. And when it comes to an alpha-male, women want a provider (Democrat).

    • MBlanc46

      I’m a bit concerned about your first sentence. Following that logic, only barons (large-scale property owners) would have the franchise. Or perhaps, as before the Magna Carta, only the king. We working-class schlubs (I’m assuming you’re not a baron) would still be disenfranchised. But many thanks for the link to the article. It is brilliant. I find it hard to imagine that academics can get away with publishing those ideas in the current environment.

  • kingfish

    At least 3 and probably more voting blocks were left out of the article. 1 is the dead vote, 100% Obummer. 2 is the double, triple, or more voters,====100% Obummer. 3 is the computer tally hacks-changers who changed the results====100% Obummer. It is my sincere belief the R would have won if an honest election were held. KF

    • MBlanc46

      Ridiculous. I’m sure it’s your sincere belief, but it’s delusional.

  • Morris LeChat

    Well, we have a certain IQ and Academia snob on this site who thinks that such white people are inferior and superfluous . He thinks that the high IQ people will conquer the world by spending their reproductive years in institutions of higher brainwashing , and have only one child. Can anyone else see the explicit fault in such thinking? Can anyone else see how necessary it is to promote an all inclusive white consciousness, instead of one that denigrates and insults a good potion of the white population? The whites who stayed home outnumber the”gay” crowd by a factor of a hundred, and we are being told all the time how we can’t afford to “offend” that bunch, how valuable their votes are. No, we need to dump the academia, IQ, classist, and “socially progressive” rhetoric and embrace a white populist rhetoric.

    • Branksome

      Amen! Working class whites are on the front lines, suffering affirmative-action nonsense from “minorities” on a daily basis. If the white racial struggle for existence is to won democratically (a big “if”) we must not fragment along class lines. An army needs its foot soldiers just as much as its officers. We need racial solidarity!

      • Secession.

      • Morris LeChat

        a double Amen, but it will not be won “democratically”. It will be won when whites establish their own white homelands or retake this one and REMOVE non white from the voting roles. ONe can not have a multi-ethnic democracy. That experiment was called the second half of the 20th century USA, and it is a colossal failure. I’d even support removing non christians from the voting roles and removing females as well. A white Christian, landowning, voting block is what this country started out with. That is what works.

  • Cannot Tell

    I honestly do not understand Republicans. With all the best analysts and political strategists they must understand that the only way to win elections are to attract white and only white voters. So why do they pander to “minorities”?

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      All I can guess is that Repubs pander to nonwhites in order to attract the votes of liberal-minded whites who would be turned off by white-specific pandering.

      • Hal K

        More likely they do it because they believe it is the right thing to do and because their major contributors like Sheldon Adelson tell them they have to do this anyway.


      Staying home is the only way we can hurt Republicans when they ignore our demands and stab us in the back. We could vote for Democrats but what would that prove? If the GOP wants to win elections they had better keep their promises to us. No more back stabs, no more lies, no more betrayals, no more joining Democrats and no more dead babies.

      • Morris LeChat

        Forgedaboudit, democracy is DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD. It is corrupt and broken beyond repai. Yes, we should stay home, let the country crumble and establish our own territories.

    • Hal K

      Part of the official explanation is that since whites are becoming a minority the Republicans will be permanently shut out of power if they become an explicitly pro-white party.

      This is reactive, rather than proactive thinking, however. All of the parties pander explicitly to nonwhites currently, but it is taboo to do the same for whites. This has to change if white group interests are going to be represented. The GOP should be trying to change the culture so that white identity politics becomes acceptable rather than accepting the anti-white bias of our culture and going along with it. This is not going to happen though, since people like Sheldon Adelson dictate the GOP strategy. Our best hope is that the GOP collapses in the next couple of decades.

    • Morris LeChat

      Those on top are trying to stay on top. They see other whites as being as much their enemy as non whites.

    • Bossman

      Because “minorities” can make a difference and the minorities are concentrated in the states with the most electoral votes.

  • Hal K

    Romney got at least as many white votes in 2012 as McCain did in
    2008, while Obama’s support among whites plummeted in 2012 by ~4-5

    What happened is that ~4 million whites who voted for Obama in 2008 decided they didn’t like either candidate this time and stayed home. Romney failed to motivate these voters to show up to vote for him.

    • Morris LeChat

      Whites just aren’t falling for the old shell game anymore. WE know that no matter who wins, they want to give our country away.

      • Hal K

        WE here do, but most whites unfortunately do not see things in those terms yet.

        The 4 million whites I am talking about are former Obama voters, so they have quite a ways to go before they start looking out for their explicit group interests.

  • Dutchie Roedel

    If,if,if. Well,they didn’t and saddled us with that mulatto for another term

  • Gereng

    I’m educated and I stayed home. Why vote? It has no meaning. Whoever is running/elected is pre-selected and if elected simply lines up with the corrupt lawmakers already serving and is quickly taught how to use his position to enrich himself, family, friends and his major donors…If the Zionists don’t snare him first, the war and oil industries will surely will. We’re doomed. Get used to it.

  • Don

    Disaggregating the data along the dimension of rural—urban would be interesting. Rural
    and village life offers more social contact by poor whites with literate whites than does
    urban contact. The urban scene is especially conductive to the left side of our bell curve
    getting just enmeshed in hedonism and dreaminess.