Can You Make One or Two Really Quick Calls into Senate Offices Today?

Roy Beck, Numbers USA, May 30, 2013

Every day for the next two weeks before the Senate votes on the giant amnesty bill (S. 744), we have to have phones ringing in Senate offices.

Senate staffers who oppose the bill tell us that even Senators we should expect to vote against it are considering supporting the bill. The reason, they say, is that the wealthy campaign-contributor special interests who want the bill are telling Senators that the low rate of phone calls against the bill indicates the public will give them a pass on voting for something even if the public opposes it.

Many in the news media are using the same argument to try to make Senators feel safe to support a bill that they know the majority of the citizens are against. What matters is not what most voters want but what Senators feel voters are passionate about. The phones are their key measuring stick.

I talked to several news reporters yesterday who taunted me with the same line, all of them saying something to the effect of: “You’re going to lose this time because the public just doesn’t care like it did in 2007. The low rate of phone calls shows that.”

Just ask the operator to connect you to your Senator (come back later for your other Senator).

If you’ve never made one of these calls, everybody is amazed at how easy the first time is. Tell the staffer your name and where you live and that you are calling about S. 744.

You can simply say that you oppose it and hope the Senator will vote NO and then hang up.

Or you can talk for a minute or two and give reasons. If you don’t have something else burning that you want to say, we suggest you talk about the two big numbers that are running in our TV ads in nearly half the states this week.

33 million

S. 744–the Senate Gang of Eight immigration bill–would offer a minimum of 33 million lifetime work permits IN THE FIRST DECADE alone.

It may at first be hard to believe this number because most of the publicity on S. 744 has treated it as an amnesty bill for approximately 11 million illegal aliens.

But S. 744 is far larger than just an amnesty. Nearly every special interest in Washington has had a hand in ensuring that certain high levels of legal immigration continue and are expanded — by a lot.

The 33 million would go to:

    • 11 million — The estimated minimum number of foreign citizens in this country who crossed our borders illegally or who violated their visas and did not go home when they promised they would. The bill’s amnesty provisions would give these foreign citizens work permits immediately (even before any additional workplace and border enforcement).
    • another 11 million — These would be new legal immigrants brought in a continuation of the current system which is already three times higher than the traditional average of 3 million a decade before 1990.
    • 5 million — These are all the people who have previously applied to enter the country but who have exceeded the limits placed on their categories to protect American workers. Most of them are chain migration relatives of previous immigrants. Many of them are relatives of the millions of illegal aliens who were legalized in the 7 amnesties between 1986 and 2000).
    • 6 million — New immigrants who would come through brand new categories and expanded existing categories.

The 33 million new work visas IN A SINGLE DECADE would be almost half as many as ALL immigrants who have ever entered the U.S. in its history through today (1407-2013)!

20 million!

These are the totally forgotten people in the immigration debate.

They are our friends, relatives and neighbors who can’t find a full-time job to support themselves and their families. The simple fact is that our nation is awash in too many workers seeking too few jobs.

The 1st Quarter reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau find that 20 million American citizens who want a full-time job still cannot find one.

Why would the Senate even consider such a bill? The news media have reported that more than 1,700 special-interest lobbyists–representing major campaign contributors to Senators–are pushing the bill they helped to write.

What do the special interests want? Many corporate entities want to increase the over-supply of various types of workers to lower the wages for everybody in those occupations in order to increase profits.

The issue is pretty much as clear as what you see in 30 seconds on the video.

Will we abandon 20 million of our fellow Americans who need a job by allowing lobbyists for wealthy special interests to persuade the Senate to pass the immigration bill?

Please make the phone calls today. And keep up with the latest news at




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  • Puggg

    Better yet, we can call other state’s Senators and pretend to be from their state.

    • CC

      When you do that, make sure and hit *67 to block where you’re calling from and have a zip code ready for that state. I learned that trick in the 2006/2007 battle.

    • Paleoconn

      Vote early and vote often as they do in Chicago (and pretty other similar communities across the states).

  • Archimedes_777



    Thanks for the great article. We must all do this–soon.

    90% of these 3rd world aliens will always vote for the Democratic party, which is interested in importing poor 3rd world aliens to vote for them and help win elections, and to hell with the country. The Republicans will not be able to win any votes by posing as pseudo-democrats. It will make the Republican party’s “Demographic problem” worse, not better.

    The world population is now over 6 billion and keeps exploding. Most of these people are in poor destitute 3rd world countries, desperate and willing to kill to make a living.

    With so much unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, water shortages, urban sprawl and mile long congestion, this 3rd most populous nation on earth (after China and India) should be totally banning immigration, not importing more aliens.

    We cannot defuse the world’s population bomb by creating our own immigration bomb.

    The Republicans are digging their own grave by helping Democrats import more Democrats and turn the nation into a 3rd world gutter with the majority of poor desperate Democrats, so they Democratic party can have a permanent majority and can thus establish an unopposed police state.

    Pls. go to numbersusacom and send faxes to your Congressmen or call the above number and wake up these suicidal Republicans before they put the last nail in their own and our coffin. This will become South Africa soon and whites will be killed and raped and murdered in broad daylight by the invaders.

    Also, we need to amend the constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda so people can pass good laws themselves, something which even 3rd world countries have!! Go the National Initiative For Democracy Site and Take Action. (See

  • Manaphy

    I live in New Hampshire, and I called my senators, Shaheen and Ayotte. The former is a left-wing extremist who is beyond all hope, the latter is a Neo-Con sellout, who most likely will vote to support it (hopefully I am wrong). However, senators from other states (like NC, or GA) may be more on the edge and will probably vote against the bill if getting enough angry phone calls. Bottom line, don’t just call the senators from your own states, call those from other states as well. Their votes may be the difference between Amnesty, or no Amnesty. Good luck.

    • Jackryanvb

      Go to local NH offices, burn the Senators in effigy. Get arrested for trespassing . Get drunk with some union workers, incite socialist demonstrations. Have some fun out there.

  • The__Bobster

    I’ve got an Obongo empty suit and a Bloomberg-supported RINO to contact. Of course they’ll both tell me to go to hell, but I’ll give them hell right back.

    • Jackryanvb

      Just call anyway, use pro union labor arguments, say they are taking the side of Bain Capital, Southern Neo slave agribusiness interests.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I’m sure Feinstein and Boxer are paying attention to us few lowly Americans left in California as they eat caviar and are defended by armed thugs up in their Sacramento Politburo.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      It pains me to say it, but until something changes fundamentally at the national level, I have lost all hope for the state of California.

  • The__Bobster

    Sheldon Adelson Buying National Republican Congressional Committee
    By Patrick Cleburne on May 28, 2013 at 6:52pm

    The disgusting and American-despising Michael Bloomberg owns Bloomberg News and it is totally top-down edited, hence Adelson and Boehner Help House Republicans Raise $5.1 Million By Gregory Giroux May 21, 2013 deserves very serious attention.

    A political donation of $32,400 may seem like couch change for Sheldon Adelson, the casino executive with a $27.9 billion net worth who gave tens of millions of dollars to Republicans during the 2012 election.

    The message arrives promptly:

    Two committees linked to House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio transferred more than $1.2 million to the NRCC last month.

    Where did these outfits linked to John Boehner get this kind of money?

    The Adelsons donated a total of $10 million to super PACs affiliated with Boehner and Cantor.

    • Paleoconn

      Who is Cantor? never mind, I’ll google it. I heard recently that the Koch brothers are pro-amnesty. I used to like Scott Walker, but I am realizing he is a no-good neocon like the rest. Union-busting and nothing else, all in the name of his precious corporate cronies.

      • House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, pretty much like Boehner, useless as a teat on a bull.

        Scott Walker never busted any union. The only kind of unions he “went after” are non-police/fire/ems public employee unions, and only because their pension and benefits packages were ticking time bombs in the state budget. The AFSCME types. Mind you, those unions are still in existence and still have collective bargaining rights over parts of their employees’ compensation arrangements.

        Where Scott Walker jumps the shark is immigration. Yes, he has declared support for “comprehensive immigration reform,” and has declared his sympathy with the Gang Bangers of Eight bill. It is that and that alone why I could never vote for him to be President, unless the other candidate is non-white.

        • Paleoconn

          Thanks QD. As for your last comment, a conservative can be spotless in everything, but if they score badly in immigration, it ruins everything for me. Ditto foreign policy. Abortion and homosexual ‘rights’ and unions are pretty low on my radar.

          • I want an isolationist-neutralitarian foreign policy, but to me, it’s not as important as the immigration question. I’ll vote for someone who is an immigration patriot but wants more military and foreign policy interventionism than I’m comfortable with (e.g. Jeff Sessions) over an open borders isolationist (e.g. Ron Paul) eight days a week.

            However, I do realize that in almost all instances, immigration patriotism and neutralitarianism go together, such that someone who is for one is almost always going to be for the other, and someone who is against one will almost always be against the other.

          • Paleoconn

            Agreed, even though the too are tied together in our invade-the-world invite-the-world lunacy. Derb puts is best in last week’s podcast ‘why are we over there? why are they over here?’

  • The__Bobster

    11 million – The estimated minimum number of foreign citizens in this country who crossed our borders illegally or who violated their visas and did not go home when they promised they would. The bill’s amnesty provisions would give these foreign citizens work permits immediately (even before any additional workplace and border enforcement).

    11 million? Give me a break! The real number is 30-38 million, resulting in a cost of $20 trillion and 100 million ugly brown squat monsters as new citizens.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      The Heritage Foundation report even underplayed the fiscal cost by agreeing with the 11 million figure for the sake of argument. As you point out, the amnesty class alone is likely to be two to three or more times the projected number in the country. Add anchor babies and chain migration, and the immigration figures go up dramatically, and so do the cost figures. Then you add the effect of reduced wages and working conditions on native-born Americans . . . ugh.
      My fantasy policies are an immigration moratorium and illegal alien repatriation, combined with zeroing out federal welfare spending except that connected with the elderly (they still vote for white interests at times, if only by default, and they are usually our relatives). If welfare was cut off, perhaps we could bribe various browns and blacks with some kind of reduced welfare stipend for some period of time, provided they renounce their citizenship and allow themselves to be moved to Africa or points south of here. Even if we could not bribe them to leave, just cutting off welfare would seriously handicap the willingness of various leftist constituencies to come out and vote. For now, just a fantasy.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I called mine, not that it will change anything. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar both have an F- from Numbersusa on immigration. They’re guaranteed to vote for amnesty.

    Those of you living in states with senators who could be persuaded to vote against this travesty, please call your senators! White Americans are not nearly as enraged about this as they should be, so we race realists will have to do it for them.

    • Jackryanvb

      Call other states, do a little Internet research, make it convincing you live and vote in these other states.

  • storibund

    Yes, YES! Thanks for running this, Amren! Most “conservative” media outlets have totally dropped the ball on this.

    I’m convinced that the relative lack of interest in this issue right now – because of the scandals – is allowing this bill (and the one in the house) to move much further along than it might if conservatives were focused on it.

    It’s hard to convince those mesmerized by the ongoing scandal revelations that all the scandals in the world won’t make a hoot of difference if this bill goes through.

  • Romulus

    I’ve called my senators so much, they know me by name. The numbers don’t look could. As I suspected, the dems will be pushing for a non European super majority voting bloc. Say goodbye the ESSENTIAL parts of the BILL OF RIGHTS! All one has to do is overlap this story with other big one that nanny Bloomberg wants to ram down Americans throats,and you’ll get the picture.

  • kjh64

    It’s not, not , not 11 million. The 11 million number has been touted since 1976. How about 30-50 million illegals? I will be calling but my senators are in with business interests so I’m not holding my breath. I will call other senators in other states or email.

    • mobilebay

      I’m not from Florida, but I tried called Rubio. His voice mail was full. I hope that every call waiting for him was a resounding “no” to his amnesty plan.

      • Jackryanvb

        Call, go to local Rubio offices.

  • 1proactive2

    The last two times (two consecutive years) I wrote my state senator, Levin, in protest of his tax and spend policies I was audited on both occasions. I didn’t end up with any penalties, but the hassle was considerable. He’s a stone cold millionaire socialist who really works the class warfare angle, big time, and he’s dangerous. My other state senator is a hopeless tax and spend robot for the Democrats.

    • Jackryanvb

      You’re worried about taxes and spending…

      We’re facing racial genocide and you can only think about your money.


      • 1proactive2

        At the time of writing the corrupt senator I was responding to his intention to raise taxes, the latter for the umpteenth time. Racial genocide? I’m not “worried” about that, either. I own guns.

        And yes, I am concerned about “my money” since I pay my way in the world, taking not dime one from anyone for my daily living. Try it. It’s called “personal responsibility”.

        Then again, higher taxes that the productive pay, that includes me, will go, without question, to the predatory races that will live off the unearned income, see also, “entitlements”. Now connect the dots.

        If you want to end a corrupt system, you have to stop that which feeds it.

        • Jackryanvb

          Blah, blah, blah.

          Conservatives care mostly about their own money, think non White low wage immigration is just great, because these happy slaves work (for a short time ) for sub minimum wage.

          What would you do to make a few $s?

          Didn’t Judas make 30 pieces of silver for some service?


          • 1proactive2

            Yes, we do care about our own money since we earned it. Liberals care about our money, too. Then they take it and give it to a social parasite.

            Nobody makes anyone work. People choose what they want to do to include living without planning. In the latter they then should, in an adult world, face consequences for their sloth. The left is all about consequence removal.

            And yes, I’d must rather have a European immigrant allowed in since most inherently have a work ethic, respect for others, and a drive for independent living.

            Your thinking is obviously still in the larvae stage since most intelligent sentence in your post was, “blah, blah, blah”. Now take your meds, and go lay down.

  • NordicHeritage

    You can call to the cows come home and it won’t change a thing. Like the late George Carlin once said these a-holes don’t care about you, they are all bought and paid for by lobbyists. We need public campaign financing, term limits, and make lobbying illegal.

    • George White

      You could not be more wrong. The calls matter. Not only that, but most of the GOP who voted for the earlier amnesty got voted out. I think only McCain and Graham are still around.

    • Jackryanvb

      OK so do something a bit more than just …


      How about burning some immigration traitors in effigy?

      Don’t be lazy or a nay sayer.

  • WR_the_realist

    I know this all seems hopeless and its easy to sit back and say it won’t matter anyway, But you really should call. Even to the hopeless left wing Democratic senators. Make it plain that this is the deal breaker — you will actively campaign for their opponent in the next election if they vote for the amnesty. Yes, they will brush off one or two phone calls. But if they get 1000 they will get worried. And NumbersUSA has about one million members. Most of whom, unfortunately, are too apathetic to call.

    • storibund

      Gun-rights advocates were told repeatedly before the gun-control votes in congress to give up, that the outcome was predetermined, that there was no use in fighting back, blah blah blah. Thank god we didn’t listen to those voices, and got involved anyway.

      I’m hoping the American people show the same fighting spirit where this is concerned. The problem is that everyone is so mesmerized by the scandals, the really important issue – amnesty – has been put on the back burner.

  • George White

    Please please make those calls. This amnesty bill will ruin our country if it passes…

  • jeffaral

    Why any normal person would waste time calling the senate?

    • Jackryanvb

      We’ve beaten at least 3 mass amnesties by calling, writing our congressmen. Don’t be lazy or a nay sayer.

  • Jackryanvb

    Here’s something that works for me:

    Lobby senators in any state you have ever lived – where you went to college etc. with cell phone numbers now used across states, staff members can’t ID where you live by area code.

    Just say you have lived in such and such area, say you prefer not to give full street adress so you don’t get on lists. Be polite, state your strong opposition to the gang of 8 immigration treason bill, say thank you, ask for a direct e- mail address to follow up, say “thank you for listening to my concerns”

    Works for me.

  • 5Sardonicus

    Both Senators in my state are Democrats. Regardless, I sent both emails documenting my opposition to the “gang of eight” amnesty bill. Even if my voice is discounted, I oppose the transformation of our country into another Latin American country, a left wing Columbia or Brazil. There are plenty of good, honest people in both countries, but demographically they don’t present an attractive picture for a future America.

  • nobody

    Good way to get put on the black bag list. Coming to a town near you. Taste the freedom.

  • nobody

    They don’t care what we think or want. Our interests are not even considered in Washington. Let’s be honest here. America as we know it is dead. The best we can hope for is a split along ethnic lines at some point in the future. God help the ones who have to do it though, because the hordes will never willingly give up the golden goose.

  • Anon

    I did it. The woman was shocked that someone in California doesn’t want more Mexicans here. I also used the email contact feature to send this:

    We need urgent immigration reform, which means deporting people who are here in violation of our law. Every country in the world except the US and Western Europe enforces immigration laws. If I go to Mexico illegally and try to work there illegally I will quickly find myself in a Mexican prison awaiting deportation.

    We right now have tens of millions of Americans looking for jobs. Giving out work permits to 11 million illegal immigrants is callous and vile.

    I can’t believe I even need to email a senator a message asking her to support enforcement of a long-standing US law which is designed to protect Americans from crime, terrorism and job competition.