Some 200 youths hurled rocks at police and set cars ablaze in a largely immigrant suburb of Stockholm on Tuesday, the second day of rioting triggered by the fatal police shooting of a man wielding a knife.

Dozens of windows were smashed, 10 cars and several containers were set on fire, and seven police officers were injured. Cars and containers were also set ablaze in another of the Swedish capital’s suburbs, Fittja, although police said it was not clear whether the two events were linked.

The unrest began Sunday night in response to the May 13 shooting, in which police killed a 69-year-old man who had locked himself in an apartment in Husby, west of Stockholm. Police refused to give the nationality of the victim.

Six youths were arrested early Tuesday, but two were released after questioning, police spokesman Jorgen Karlsson said.

Many local residents see the shooting as an example of police brutality, and the violence has stirred debate in Sweden.


“This is not OK. We will not give in to violence,” Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said. “We must all help out to regain calm. The residents of Husby need to get their neighborhood back.”

Reinfeldt added that Husby—where around 80 percent of the roughly 11,000 residents are first- or second-generation immigrants—has been going in the right direction during his seven-year tenure, with employment increasing and crime falling.


“It’s frustrating and difficult to see how those of us who live here get affected by something that has nothing to do with us,” said university student Muhamad Abukar, 24. “And then outsiders get the idea that we are animals, uncivilized.”


Reza Al Bazi, 14, and his friend Sebastian Horniak, 15, said they witnessed the violence throughout the night.


Horniak claimed he witnessed police firing warning shots in the air and calling a woman a “monkey.” ‘’I got upset yesterday because I saw police attack innocent people, they beat a woman with a baton,” he said.

Horniak’s claims of racist remarks were backed up by the organization Megafonen, which represents citizens in Stockholm’s suburbs. One of its representatives, Quena Soruco, said she heard police use abusive words such as “rats, hobos, negroes.”


Prosecutors have launched an internal probe into the shooting. Police say they shot the man in self-defense because he attacked them with a knife when they broke down the door to an apartment where he had locked himself up with a woman.

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  • Mick

    “This is not OK. We will not give in to violence,” Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said.

    Swedish politicians should have consider that before importing scores of Africans and Muslims — the two groups most likely to react with group violence.

    • Manaphy

      There goes “making friends with people of different ethnic groups” from the list of benefits of diversity.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Yep. Whites love having friends who are non-white, but non-whites are very rarely interested in peaceful friendship with whites.

        • Mick

          Simple explanation — according to the religion of the religion of racial egalitarianism, white people must have non-white friends to absolve them from their original sin of racism. Since non-whites can’t be racist, however, non-whites do not need friendships with whites to show that they aren’t racist.

          • Morris LeChat

            The original sin is really one of white brilliance and success. WE have achieved so much, and left the rest so far behind, that some feel we must have cheated somehow. Not so, we have given so much help to the turdworld and it is no better off and we are worse off. We must all now come to the obvious and correct view that they are primitive and always will be so, that it is an abomination to have them amongst us and it is an abomination to have them thinking they can take what we have and dispossess us.

          • Sad but true.

        • Reginald

          It has been my experience that it is often the opposite.

    • Magician

      Africans and Muslims

      They are the same people

      redominantly muslim counties are located in Africa

      • john stone

        and our white females elected an african muslim as prez.

        • Magician

          because it will be racist if they vote for a non-black person. The only way for them not to be racist is to vote for a black person no matter how incapable he is of serving as the president of the United States of America.

        • mrcan

          That would imply he believes in God…which I question.

        • newscomments70

          ” I don’t trust Mitt Romney. He is rich, so that means he is greedy and doesn’t care about people. Obama cares about women.”

          • Nathanwartooth

            The Mitt Romney is rich line always floored me.

            Like Obama isn’t a millionaire or anything.

          • NordicHeritage

            All of these rich politicians are the same. They all are out of touch with the working class.

          • Luis

            Right, and like Obama decries the “money interests” and demands public financing of political campaigns, while he raked in billions over the Internet for his presidential campaigns.

        • Diamond_Lil

          Not all, just the single indoctrinated libs.

  • Bill

    They had a great country once. They’ve made their bed. Now let them lie in it.
    They have NO excuse, having seen what those particular people have done in every other European country they are in.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Yes I’m sure the average Nordic Swede was just dying to be blessed by the joys of diversity. I know that when I was a young lad I would constantly whine to my mother about how Southern California was too white.

      • guest

        I am sure that the average Nordic Swede did love the feeling moral superiority he got from having a country that welcomed in the trash of the Earth, the same way they love the moral superiority they get from turning off their nuclear reactors, saving the whales, and a lot of other causes. And the same way white liberals in Marin love the moral feeling they get from the “sanctuary city” policy in San Francisco. The difference is that you can save the whales and turn off nuclear power without doing any real harm to Sweden, whereas when you bring in a million of the Earth’s trash, your country turns into trash.

        It wasn’t long ago that Swedes and Finns fought a bitter war, the Winter War, to prevent their country from going the way of Stalin, and yet today, very few will even say the word “no” to what is happening in their own country. They would have been better off if Stalin had won, because then, like the Baltic countries, they would have come to 2013 with no Africans.

        • estonian

          Nonono. Sweden did not take part of the Winter War, it was neutral in WW2. In Estonia and in Latvia the role of “africans” are succesfully filled by russians. 30 % of Estonian population and up to 50% In Latvia. And that means ghettos, crime, riots, all the same problems. So you are just wrong.

    • guest

      That is a hateful thing to say against fellow whites. Most Swedes do not want to be raped and mutilated by foreign, subhuman, “youths”. Their government, like ours, is tyrannical about immigration. They won’t stop, even though we are screaming, NO.

      • Sick of it

        They could have voted slightly more to the right than Communist just ONCE.

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          Unfortunately, the current government is considered part of the right.
          Unlike the earlier governments, who were socialdemocrats.

          Unfortunately, again, even the swedish political right is still left of of the US left.

          Meaning there aren’t really any options.

          Problem is that we have representative democracy, instead of direct democracy. Meaning citizens can only vote for representatives and not on political questions directly.

          And in Sweden, we do not vote for specific people, like you do in USA, but only on parties, which will then put whatever representatives they want into the parliamentary seats that they get.

          And all of the major parties are pro-immigration, there are no alternatives.

          Well, with the exception of one fairly newly created party, whose main political standpoint is a stop to immigration.
          This party didn’t exist in the parliament before the 2006 (elections every 4th year, 2006, 2010 and the next in 2014), but then they got in barely (there is a 4% limit). Then in the election 2010 they doubled their voting result, and they are now the third largest party in Sweden, despite the media hating them and all other parties refusing to work with them.

          As for representative democracy, it’s kinda like the popular vote on nuclear power in Sweden back in the 70s, with 3 voting options.
          “Should we stop nuclear power?”
          1. Yes, immediately
          2. Yes, as soon as possible.
          3. Yes, by 2010 latest.

          Ain’t democracy grand?

      • Romulus

        It seems to me we all need to reread the dispossessed majority by Willmott Robertson. This will illustrate how people of north and western European stock we’re convinced to commit fratricide 3 times just since 1861.

        • LHathaway

          I’ve read that book but I do not remember Robertson explaining who was behind WWI and II. Please tell us, cause I’m not going to re-read it. If it were left up to my memory I would guess that ‘leftist elites’ were blamed by Robertson. Robertson appears to be a leftist himself, at least judging by his later ‘The Ethnostate’.

          • Romulus

            The correlation between socialism/communism being of eastern European Jewish extraction not germanic or gentile. If you track the movement of communism and overlay the atlas of Jewish history(Barnes and noble) you will find the rise of the political system exactly mirrors their movements and philosophy. Another excellent book that might be hard to get these days is Defensive racism by Edgar j. Steele.

          • Romulus

            What the point I mean to illustrate is that a huge portion of the dead people last 2 centuries had more in common (blood) than not. When they left Europe and came here, so many forget who they are and claim culture of national origin instead of racial unity. Think of this way; An Anglo, a Saxon, a Prussian, a hessian ,a Bavarian, are all germanic. Going back far enough the haplogroup is most likely the same. The people would exhibit the same overall mutations. Just like the old south, a both Dakotan, and a new England fisherman. Just like a British Canadian and a Scotsman BEFORE the great industrial expansion in the 1890’s. The other white people have been getting the “barbarians” to die for them for a really lo
            ng time. Take this course test. Count up all your experts on both fox and the lliberal channels,ESP. Those connected to money. Research who runs the studios( the DVD-an empire of their own produced by A&E)

    • newscomments70

      You need to stop lumping everyone in a certain country in one category. White liberals are subhuman, but the rest of us, whatever the percentage, is on the side of good. Not everyone in Sweden is a braindead liberal. The Sweden Democrats are now at 8%, and growing.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        People have to understand, 8% is HUGE. Sweden is a leftist police state, it takes huge balls to have non-liberal views and you will be harassed and ostracized.

      • Mr Bork

        The problem is that the Sweden democrats are no longer nationalists, they are “social conservatives”. They expell members for racist speech and similar un-PC offenses such as reading books by politically incorrect authors. Posting on Amren would certainly qualify as a banning offense.

        The sweden democrats are not radicals, they merely want less immigration and state supported “assimilation” which in practice means large scale miscegenation. Even an american with no insight in Sweden should understand that they will solve nothing.

        This swing towards neoconservatism and its subsequent betrayal of its old ideals has meant that swedish nationalists have had to start over again in the new “Svenskarnas Parti” which means “party of the swedes”. Unlike the Sweden Democrats, this party has a strong nationalist constitution that cannot be changed.

    • dmxinc

      You obviously haven’t seen the same YouTube video interview with one of the people responsible for Sweden’s immigration policies.

      Let’s just say the person in question is not Swedish and a lot of this person’s relatives live in NY City.

      • josh

        the dirty stinking filthy jews

    • ATBOTL

      Enough of these comments attacking other whites for what every white country is equally guilty of.

      The reality is that the situation in the US is worse in every way. This tiny “riot” — none dead, ten cars and a couple dumpsters set on fire, six arrests, wouldn’t have even made the news in the US.

      I never have heard comments like this from anyone other than Americans.

  • Potestas Tenebrarum

    Horniak’s claims of racist remarks were backed up by the organization Megafonen, which represents citizens in Stockholm’s suburbs. One of its representatives, Quena Soruco, said she heard police use abusive words such as “rats, hobos, negroes.”Oh, well, then I guess it was OK to riot and burn down an entire neighborhood rather than be “dissed” like that…. Seriously, though, the Swedes are about the most numbskull “anti-racists” in the Western world – they direly NEED to be “shaken” up by events like this, before it’s too late for them.

    • Erasmus

      One of its representatives, Quena Soruco…”

      The person reporting this just had to give this woman’s name and we could have figured out the rest.

    • Brian

      I wonder what it will really take to wake the Europeans up. Youths have been rioting and terrorizing Paris for decades, and the French do nothing. “Asians” are raping and pimping out British children, and the British are still letting them in by the boatload.

      Maybe Europe is already dead inside and it’s just time for the Coup de grace.

      • The Final Solution

        I wouldn’t count on Sweden to lead the way. They are relentless pacifists. One of the only countries that didn’t get involved in WW2 on any side. We will see the reawakening of the third Reich before we see Sweden stand against the brown hordes.

        • Luis

          Yes, spot on about Sweden’s pacifism. When Stockholm hosted the 1912 Summer Olympics, Sweden banned boxing as an Olympic sport, in keeping with their pacifist traditions..

      • magician

        They already woke up thanks to the power of the Internet but the guys in charge, or the decision makers are continuing to do everything they can to import the worst type of immigrants from around the world possible so they can live the rest of their lives sucking money out of the generous welfare system in Northern Europe and screw as many native White women as possible

        • newscomments70

          “screw as many native White women as possible”, you mean rape.

      • GM (Australia)

        “I wonder what it will really take to wake the Europeans up?”

        My Answer; 30% Unemployment, massive cuts in welfare, a freeze on public sector employment, people starting to go hungry and living on the street, soup kitchens, just like is happening in Greece to day and hence the rise of the Golden Dawn. It will surely happen in other parts of Europe, we see the French national Front, universally loathed at present but it’s day can’t be far away. The success of the UKIP, still a bit “fringe” but they have not gone unnoticed by Westminster.

        PS We had about 3000 illegals arrive by boat last week, just another week of inaction by our present left-leaning labor government in Canberra. (Labor has a loose coalition with the Greens here just in order to stay in power)

        • NordicHeritage

          It will take a massive economic depression the likes we haven’t seen since the weimar republic.

          • David Ashton

            You have to watch a media-encouraged revived communist movement using “anti-racism” and the foot-soldiers of immigrant and underclass origin taking advantage. You need a counter-movement with a credible economic policy and quality leaders in place. The Cultural Marxists have long laid their own groundwork – we have to know the score, and get our skates on. Jared for President? – I am not joking.

        • Sangraal

          The success of UKIP is nothing to get excited about. The comments above about the Sweden Democrats also apply to them. Their anti-immigration rhetoric is based entirely on ‘assimilation’ and welfare issues, they have no concern over race-replacement.

          These kind of parties are extremely sensitive to accusations of racism, to the point that they can give any leftist party/group a run for its money in their anti-racist stance. They will go to any lengths to distinguish themselves from anyone who so much as notices race. They are worlds apart from parties like the FN, let alone Golden Dawn.

          I cannot see the kind of immiseration described above ‘waking up’ the English. Perhaps elsewhere in Europe, but in the more post-modern, PC, deracinated North-Western countries such situations will lead to suicidal despair before racial awareness.

          I hope Australia fares better. There is an impression in the UK of Australians as ‘racist’. If this is true, be racist while you still have the chance.

          • GM (Australia)

            Hello Sangraal, I agree with your comments on the UKIP, also for a while I thought that the BNP may have been on the right track, but no. Any group(s) that are concerned about the future of the UK especially regarding inappropriate immigration need to be totally unified, acquire political skills and support their leadership, anything short of this will lead to failure.

            I wonder where the UK gets the impression that we are racist, was it the White Australia Policy? Sadly that was quietly phased out during the 1970s. Was it the Cronulla beach riots? Whites actually got together and took a strong stand against Muslims who were taking over a popular beach and making insults to life savers and improper suggestions to white women. Is it our policy of putting illegal boat arrivals into detention, often in awful locations? Is it the popular redneck image of the tough outback stockman or mining engineer?

            Perhaps things are not so bad here after all and at least one major party has hinted that they will stop illegal boat arrivals if they win the next election.

  • Morris LeChat

    I hope the Swedes and Norwegians start waking up. Time to ship these creatures out. What do the Nordics gain by feeding and housing these third world creatures on welfare? All they get for their troubles are rapes, assaults, and hatred of Native Nordics and the spoken desire to replace them. Europeans and white people in general really need to start asking themselves why they are doing something so completely foolish. No white nation owes these people anything, there is no moral obligation to tolerate their presence in one’s country. Let this be the burning Peugeot or Volvo that broke the camels back!

    • White Mom in WDC

      Right on. I don’t owe any immigrant turd squat. The new global world order shite will end because it simply won’t work. People of different races cannot coexist in the same country. When will this crisp end

      • Morris LeChat

        I think the success of the white European male, and the countries that they founded, has been so phenomenal in the past two hundred years, and especially in the middle of the last century, that some white people felt guilty at the plight of the turd world. I liken it to survivors guilt, and it has motivated a self flagellation and debasement that has proved ruinous to ourselves and also totally useless at improving the turd world. We have achieved what we have because we are what we are. There was a strong belief that we were just lucky and that we could give the turdworld a helping hand. We are learning that we can never change them, they will always be what they are, and that they can only pull us into their muck when we try to help them. I see the future as White Europe surviving a devastating world upheaval, and then keeping themselves and their world a secret to the whole rest of the world. Perhaps this is what happened many times before. Perhaps there was a higher civilization that kept all it’s technology and it’s very existence a secret from much of the rest of the world until a natural disaster destroyed it and it’s few survivors settled Europe.

  • JQ

    Great opportunity for a young politician to recommend expulsion.

    • GM (Australia)

      He will need to be very brave as well as have outstanding political skills and good friends in all the mainstream media. Otherwise he will be crucified. This politician will be called racist, bigot, Nazi, inhuman, out of touch with reality, unchristian, heartless, right wing etc and they will bring up every bit of dirt they can find out about him including decade old traffic infringements and will invent contrived scandals.

      Then if he does get a following the political establishment will come out with sanctimonious clap trap about having UN & EU obligations to these poor unfortunate, misunderstood people that want to make a new life for themselves in this country and will appeal to Swedes to open their hearts and share the wealth of their nation with them. They will also try and get compliant church leaders on side just for good measure. The Swedish political establishment will continue to spend millions on multicultural affairs and pretend that nothing is wrong, all backed up by draconian human rights laws which will in turn be used against us.

      Be it Sweden, USA, Australia, the UK or Canada, our politician, judges and media are all the same on these issues, why do they do this, why don’t they listen to their own people?

      • Romulus

        Because they are NOT our people. Take a guess who runs the courts,the banks,media, and the sciences . C’mon,.. Tell me you don’t know who’s ACTUALLY responsible for the destruction of the West. Who promotes homosxls,kumbaya,porn, filth,drugs,feminism. Do I really have to spell it out?

        • GM (Australia)

          That is why hundred of those unmentionable persons escape from their gated communities an South Africa and come to a nation where they enjoy the protection of law and order, a stable financial system and is mainly white. It does not add up.

          • Romulus

            Aahh, hell ! I know it! Hind sight is 20/20! It just hurts so much to watch it disintegrate. Unlike the French priest ,however I will not off myself. I will stand to the end.

        • David Ashton

          How many Youknowwhos are there in Scandinavia?

          • Romulus

            The world health organization and or the EU 2010 census can only give cursory estimate, as their govt encounters the same problems there as here in the Us.
            Look closely at historical migration patterns since the exodus(1444 bce) and the collapse of Rome (410 AD)
            I once went to the Swedish historical museum in Philly on lief Ericson day and saw a wonderful mural of their most famous scientists over the last couple hundred years. Gleaning what I know of anthropology and genetics, you can clearly see the differences between an indigenous Swede and one who is a citizen
            Let me reiterate that on average ,mutations take about ten to fifteen thou yrs. To make,so we can reasonaby conclude who is who.

        • Sangraal

          I am not convinced that this much power can be attributed to the Tribe in Europe. In the US, perhaps, but I think we Europeans must hold our own suicidal elites responsible. Other than Ms. Spectre (who is haunting Europe…), I have not seen any evidence of Jewish involvement in European race-replacement immigration policy. I say this not out of philo-Semitism, just out of empirical inquiry.

          • Romulus

            According to prof. Michael Scott of Britain in his excellent documentary Jesus: rise to power, it would be intellectually dishonest to believe that the “Romans ” still controlled the Italian peninsula circa 410 AD thru the renaissance. Willmott Robertson in his seminal work “the dispossessed majority illustrates plainly who the intelligentsia are. Example: take a look at the queen of England when she was 25, you really think she’s anglisch? The world bank, the bank of England, the imf, Lichtenstein, Stalin, the furher, the bolsheviks, the bilderbergers, the Rothschilds. The tribe was never the population majority, but always had the biggest brains. Gaelic is even technically a goy-delic language. It is folly to believe

            that the rose line church was conceived by the indigenous tribes of the UK. See holy blood,holy grail by Michael neoteny. It is no coincidence that the English and the Australians say “oi

      • JQ

        The one advantage that this young politician would have is that he already knows their playbook. It’s at these moments when emotions run high, that the righteous must seize the opportunity to be vocal, just as the establishment does (eg Sandy Hook). It may not change tide today, but will certainly get more people to start thinking. Maybe he can start by appealing to the elders of how peaceful Sweden used to be. Then to the women, of how safe it used to be for them to walk alone at night. Sweden can’t save the third world by moving it into Sweden.

      • newscomments70

        “This politician will be called racist, bigot, Nazi, inhuman, out of touch with reality, unchristian, heartless, right wing etc and they will bring up every bit of dirt they can find out about him including decade old traffic infringements and will invent contrived scandals.” Very true, but people are starting to see through the propaganda. MSNBC has record low ratings now. That is just an example of how people are abandoning liberal dogma.

      • NordicHeritage

        Simple answer is they are owned by the “ruling powers” and all that matters is maintaining their power and money.

      • David Ashton

        We all know these handicaps and some of us know why they were put in place. So an informed counter-strategy from Alaska to Australia, Norway to New Zealand, is needed. The New Century Foundation, with respect, should focus on this, and we posters should perhaps desist from indulging in our personal fantasies and foibles.

  • Morris LeChat

    If the Nordic elites don’t put a stop to this and ship these creatures out then one can be sure that Anders Behring Breivik will have a bright future in politics. This is the time when the Nordic average man will choose a horse, if the current leaders won’t or can’t get the job done, they will go with a much stronger horse-Breivik.

    • The__Bobster

      Apparently the elites didn’t get the message. If they don’t get it soon, there will be more Breiviks in their future…and their bodyguards won’t be able to help them.

      • bigone4u

        The pols may get it from both sides. The muzzies are fully capable of violence toward them and if whites awaken, then there could be more Breiviks.

  • Licurg Enescu

    There’s some videos of the ongoing cultural enrichment on LiveLeak, if anybody wants to watch :

    • bigone4u

      The poll on the website is not exactly scientific but 90 percent rejected multiculturalism.

  • “This is not OK. We will not give in to violence,” Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said.
    So, you swedes are going to just sit back, listen to ABBA, and shrug it off?
    You boys need a new PM.

    • Mr Potato

      “This is not OK. We will not give in to violence,” Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said.

      Well PM, send in the riot squad along with the water cannons and Start Shooting!
      And for God’s sake tell these useless ingrates that they’ll have to re-build their own neighbourhoods when it’s over.

      • Just let the Muzzies wait in their ruins until winter. It gets God-awful cold in winter there, and close to the coast, it gets God-awful cold and damp. When I was little, we lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for a year, and I learned to sit on my hands to keep them warm. Edinburgh is 56 degrees North; same as Moscow.

        I hope the Swedes are willing to use water cannons in October and November.

    • Magician

      LOL if you want to resist violence, then why not simply remove all sources of the violence

  • hugo

    One silver lining of all this is that the Swedes I know will now be less arrogant when talking about America. They now have a taste of what it is like to have a significant population of third world immigrants and all the problems that go with it. We have had to deal with it for 400 years. Their reign of terror is just beginning.

    • guest

      Hopefully, as we all begin to wake up, it is the beginning of the end of multiculturalism.

    • Fredrik_H

      “We Swedes are living in an immensely better situation. Our country’s population is homogenous, not just in the matter of race, but in other matters as well”

      -Tage Erlander, Prime Minister of Sweden in 1965 on the issues of race riots in the US.

      10 years later his successor Olof Palme began the destruction of Sweden by transforming it into a multicultural society in earnest.

      • Mr Potato

        Old Olof was just doing what comes naturally to a leftist…ruining everything.

        • At least someone had the decency to pop him for it.

          • Luis

            As I understand it, they NEVER DID solve Palme’s murder, right?

    • bigone4u

      Swede Gunnar Myrdal was a huge academic influence with his sociological theories of pushing integration on the US. He’s another one who should have been dropped off in a black neighborhood at night with no way out.

  • IstvanIN

    Riots are the perfect time for the military to thin the herd.

    • guest

      The sissy, limp-wristed, liberal government there would never allow such a thing. They want to “help” the subhumans. They will only physically attack whites for defending themselves.

    • MBlanc46

      And for the judicial system to expel the rioters from Sweden.

  • fakeemail

    I hope there will still be a Swedish Bikini Team when the Habibs take over.

    • The__Bobster

      It won’t matter. Those women were bleached American “blondes”.

  • The__Bobster

    Stockholm is the new Paris. They have the usual suspects to thank for it.

    • IstvanIN

      Rather like Detroit is the Paris of the new world?

  • Seek

    It’s time for every last civilized nation on earth with an Islamic minority to deport that minority. Muslims are incapable of respecting the rights of others.

    • GM (Australia)

      Headline news in a tabloid here yesterday; “Standing Joke”. A Muslim terror suspect refused to stand (in front of the judge) when he appeared in a Sydney court yesterday. What was the response from the magistrate? She simply asked that he be led out of the courtroom and be made to walk in again. This was then considered as being the same as standing in front of the Judge. They have no respect for our laws, customs and any of our institutions. (Note also “terror suspect”, just what are they doing here?)

      • anonymous_amren

        You should join the Q Society.

      • David Ashton


        • GM (Australia)

          Did not know until a few minutes ago what either of those terms, dhimmitude or Q society meant, have just looked themup, very interesting, thank you David & Annon.

  • The__Bobster

    Many local residents see the shooting as an example of police brutality, and the violence has stirred debate in Sweden.
    Yeah, I’ll bet those “locals” were genuine Swedes…….not!

    • Nathanwartooth

      Whenever there is a riot over “police brutality” you know that it is either Africans or Muslims, no matter where in the world it took place.

      No other race is so criminal that it protects it’s own criminals to the death.

    • NordicHeritage

      Suprised they didn’t use the word “youths” to describe them as they usually do.

      • Sangraal

        Third word of the article!

  • Erasmus

    Celebrate Diversity!

  • African Immigrant

    When I visited Sweden a few years ago, I was treated very well. I guess things are beginning to unravel somewhat.

    • Unperson

      And as always, it’s people like you causing the unraveling. That’s what people of African descent do to every society they’ve ever been plunked down in: they make it unravel. Haiti unraveled. Zimbabwe unraveled. Detroit unraveled. Chicago is in the process of unraveling. And now you people (with help from the Muslims) are even starting to unravel Sweden, of all place.

      Where blacks go, destruction follows.

      • African Immigrant

        Oh Please! I live in southern Europe and have not disrupted anyone’s livelihood. Check American History. It is the White Americans in your nation that have journeyed into other peoples nations and practiced genocide and created havoc.

        • Tom_in_Miami

          Is it whites who do all the killing NOW in Chicago, Detroit, and everywhere else you find large concentrations of blacks?

        • saxonsun

          The only “weapon” you have is that tired crap about past history–and, I notice that it hasn’t stopped you from living in one of the lands of those nasty, imperialist whites.

          • African Immigrant

            “Tired crap?” Really? Quite the contrary. If anything it is the garbage and other forms of denial of racism that is spewed on this website that is the real crap.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Why are Orcs in the service of The Enemy allowed to pollute a site meant for White Nationalism? Begone Troll! Go back to the nothingness that awaits you and your Master!

        • Older Baby Boomer

          So true.

    • Brighest Star

      Haha, I can see that, in Sweden, you will be fined for more than 10K USD if you tell a muslim woman to take off her burka in public. And if a bouncer of a club refuses to let a non-white person in, (and give him chances to hit on all white women visiting the club) then the club will be asked to shut down by the government

  • Token Finn

    They’re using the death of some evil old thug as an excuse to riot. It seems hypocritical, as they would harshly punish people for negligible offenses in their countries and claim to like Sharia law.

    • a multiracial individual

      Sharia Law is judicial sadism. Liberals who have a flirtatious relationship with this religion make me ill.

    • Mr. E

      Blacks in England used the death of a gang-banger to riot, and blacks in NYC recently used the death of a gang-banger to riot. Blacks and Muhammadmen always back their own, even if their own is a dreg of society. It also goes to show that these groups are always on the verge of rioting and are simply looking for an excuse?

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Diversity is the most BS construct the US government has ever gotten people to believe in.

    • The Final Solution

      Don’t you mean the international jewry? Diversity has been shoved down the throats of the entire western world.

      • David Ashton

        Is your pseudonym also your answer?

  • Some 200 youths hurled rocks at police and set cars ablaze in a largely
    immigrant suburb of Stockholm on Tuesday, the second day of rioting
    triggered by the fatal police shooting of a man wielding a knife.

    Oh my, it looks like the art of the Car-B-Que has spread from Paris to Stockholm.

    • Mr Potato

      “Some 200 youths hurled rocks at police…”

      Ahhh, they are ‘youths’ after all.

  • jAY11

    I just don’t understand liberals. Importing low class people begets low class behavior, which always means violence in the end. Why did Sweden need to import backwards third worlders? What benefit did it bring to Sweden? Oh, that lady named Spectre said Europe would not survive without bringing in third worlders. On the contrary, Europe will not survive WITH third worlders.

    • joesolargenius

      The liberals are guaranteed cushy high paying jobs by the expansion of government and more social services which is one of the end results of importing a dependent individual . Some of the other end results are fatal !.

      • David Ashton

        Mutual parasitism.

  • guest

    Somali Journalist: PC-Media makes Sweden “more dangerous than Mogadishu”

    This is an interesting video interview of a Somali woman who claims media bias in Sweden. She reported that many “new Swedes” are being recruited by terrorist groups. Local “new Swedes” terrorized her, threatened her, torched her car, etc. Liberal media called her reports “hearsay”. Liberal Swedish media did not want to report her story because they feared that Sweden Democrats would receive more votes. She is now back in Somalia because she believes that Mogadishu is safer than Stockholm.

    • NordicHeritage

      This is a good explanation of our current problems:

      • rightrightright

        An excellent account and a vital watch for those concerned at Muslim infiltration of the West.

        • I second that. Bookmark it and watch it when you have time.

  • a multiracial individual

    Large media outlets are burying this story.

  • Andy

    “The residents of Husby need to get their neighborhood back.”
    The residents of Sweden need to get their neighborhood back from its residents.

  • Andy
    • Morris LeChat

      how do you say “car on fire” in swedish–answer- “Volvo”

      • Contrary to popular belief, “Volvo” is not Swedish for “box on wheels”. It merely means “It Goes”.

        • Tim

          Would you accept an un paid position as Cultural and Adult Probation Liason for my new $54,000 Chicano Cocktail Lounge?!?…

          • How much do I get paid, and what do I do? I’ll do anything non-sexual for money, as long as it is legal.

        • Morris LeChat

          Actually, I did not ask myself that question.

  • Andy
  • libertarian 1234

    “We must all help out to regain calm.”

    You mean everybody should extend themselves, because you and those like you decided you needed to import some third world hordes?

    “The residents of Husby need to get their neighborhood back.”

    That’s what they’ve been saying after they got a dose of your multiculturalism, but you ignored them until your imported criminals started raping, robbing and tearing up your city.

    Just keep telling yourself, old boy, “Diversity is our strength, Diversity is our strength.”

    And, above all, don’t go anywhere after dark.

  • RHG

    “It’s frustrating and difficult to see how those of us who live here get
    affected by something that has nothing to do with us,” said university student
    Muhamad Abukar, 24. “And then outsiders get the idea that we are animals,


    Well, there you have it, Swedes are now considered “outsiders” in their own country by the people they have invited in.

  • Frank Wheeler

    “And then outsiders get the idea that we are animals, uncivilized.”

    Muhamad Abukar, I could not have said it better myself.

  • Unperson

    Brings a whole new meaning to the term “Stockholm Syndrome.”

    • robinbishop34

      The people of Sweden and every other Western nation has identified with their captors.

  • Mr. E

    I posted this article on Reddit. The following was a comment which received likes:

    “Reddit has turned in a right wing hate site – anti-immigrant, pro-police violence, pro-gun, racist backwater. It’s what happens to every site once it becomes popular and the hordes of idiots start rolling in. Shame really.”

    I responded with the following:

    “So you disagree that riots, rape, and murder have increased in Sweden since the massive influx of immigration even though criminal statistics show that to be true?

    Why is it “hate” to take a cultural preservation position based on those above statistics? Why is it “right wing” to want to preserve your people’s history and culture while simultaneously wanting what’s best for your country’s present and future?

    And you say that sites become right wing when they become popular? Wouldn’t that mean that right wing views are more popular? And if those views are more popular, then why do you wish to suppress them? Why not have an honest debate about them rather than childishly stomping your feet and labeling that which you disagree with “hate”?”

    • bigone4u

      The message of cultural preservation ought to resonate with all but the most demented liberal or muzzie. The muzzies would blow up historic churches and burn books, but most libtards aren’t that stupid or evil. I talk about preserving my culture rather than race in some situations. Once you scrape the surface off a liberal, there is often a realism there and so race can be discussed at that point.

    • concernedcollegekid

      Did your response get upvoted? I’m curious as to how your reply was received. On reddit I’ve seen both PC comments and their un-PC rebuttals get upvoted – it really seems to be a mixed bag there in terms of political correctness of opinions.

  • Pesachpatriot

    I am sorry that Sweden has to deal with this kind of nonsense…it’s kind of expected every now and then in Los Angeles,Miami,Brooklyn, Chicago and Detroit but usually when I think of Sweden I think of ice hotels, pine forests, Vikings, and meatballs, not the breakdown of civilization…this kind of rioting should lead to long jail sentences and deportation for everyone involved.

    • newscomments70

      In northern Europe, terrorists who kill aren’t even given life sentences. Life sentences are illegal.

      • Pesachpatriot

        I always thought that was only for actual citizens…aren’t these rioters technically temporary resident aliens, sort of like green card holders…in the states they would be looking at at least 30 years in uber liberal New York or California and they probably would have been shot by state troopers in Texas, Georgia or Florida

    • The Swedes thought they could do it better than us stupid, bigoted Yanks. The problem is that it isn’t about the host nation: it is about the orcs. Can I say that, Freya? Orcs ruin nice things.

  • Brady

    When the biggest emasculated weenies on the planet want to give you the smackdown, you know you’ve been really out of line.

    • Mr Potato

      Good one Brady. One flamin’ Volvo too many this time…

    • The Swedes fought the Russians in the “Great Northern War”, and plenty of them fought for Finland in both the 100-day “Talvisota” and the Continuation War. During the 100 day Finnish Winter War, Swedish volunteers flew completely obsolete Bristol Bulldog fighters against much more modern Polikarpov I-152, I-153 and I-16s. I’m lucky to be old enough to have talked with some of those old-timers. The Swedish attitude during World War Two was quite practical: “If the Germans win, we are Aryans. If the Allies win, we are a democracy.” They had no dog in that fight.

      Please don’t consider them “sissies”. They’re no more that than the French and Italians. Germany lost both world wars, and nobody calls them “chicken”, or probably ever will. Russia lost one world war, didn’t much like the second, and while some of their equipment still comes up as second-rate, nobody calls Russian men “cowards”.

      In Western Europe, aside from the Germans, I would rate the Scots and then French the best on the offense, and the English the best on the defense. Plenty of Swedish guys fought for Germany’s SS “Wiking” division during World War Two, mostly in Russia. That wasn’t “sissy” territory.

      • Brady

        I’m not talking about history. I’m talking about what socialism and feminism has done to the country’s culture. Yes, they’re descendants of Vikings and excellent specimens of Nordic racial stock – which simply makes the story all the more tragic.

        If you need any demonstration of what I’m talking about:

        .., and you thought feminists in this country were crazy!

  • LHathaway

    Stockholm taken over by people of color? We’re supposed to ignore that or be considered bigots. But one black guy gets shot by a white. . even if it is a rumor. . one black guy gets shot by a white – even if 16 white guys have been shot by blacks (which is about the actual rate( – the ‘justice’ league springs into action. . . Then the media will ‘spring’ into action.

  • LHathaway

    So, the official ’cause’ will be attributed to white racism. That terrible specter. Yet, the same folks who will blame white racism will back more non-white immigration. Do they believe the problem is white racism, or don’t they? What the Mean is there is not enough of THEIR racism against fellow whites THEY feel superior to (and who they feel themselves in competition with – in efforts to see who can be the most cruel – i mean – compassionate).

  • thoughtcrime

    Will Swedes wake up and mass deport these vermin?

    • robinbishop34


  • LHathaway

    “Horniak’s claims of racist remarks were backed up by the organization Megafonen, which represents citizens in Stockholm’s suburbs. One of its representatives, Quena Soruco, said she heard police use abusive words such as “rats, hobos, negroes.”

    According to this same article, 80% of the residents of this suburb are ‘immigrants’. Doesn’t that mean the remaining 20% are whites? Aren’t whites there a minority? According to the lefts own rules, I mean, if we are to promote social justice, we must be sure and take special care of minorities. Why is the concern given to the majority there and a complete total absence of consideration given to minority whites?

    What about when whites, and white children especially, become a smaller portion of the population of the entire city? Or, in the case of the USA, in entire regions or even in entire states? Or at universities or job sites where whites are a tiny minority? Why is the emphasis always on whats best for people of color, indeed, why are whites ignored completely, except as those responsible for ‘injustice’?

    There’s ‘racism’ in Sweden alright. . . .

  • NordicHeritage

    When will this white guilt crap stop? It’s is a shame that Sweden is importing it’s own ethnic genocide.

  • KenelmDigby

    Mass third world immigration eventually destroys every society dumb enough to practice it.
    The Swedes are still beginners at the game of importing darkies – they should take some lessons from the British who have been doing it for over 60 years. At present, Sweden is still run be egalitarian lunatics who think that mass darkie immigration somehow makes them ‘virtuous’. Well, I’ve got news you Ms. Malmstrom, this is only the beginning of a long and terrible road to Hell. It will get much, much worse.

  • Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for EVERYBODY!??

    That’s genocide!

  • The marxists have the audacity to blame the likes of us for the consequences of their immigration policies.!

    • The one in the lower left with the fangs, spiked club and no eyes? That was me.

    • Morris LeChat

      Breivik has an interesting way of dealing with marxists and socialists. more and more people will be calling his name, calling for him to be released, calling for him to lead a new political order. The marxists are failing, when things get bad enough, there will be thousands of Breiviks, they will destroy the socialists that are destroying their countries. There swill be no tears shed, no sob stories. A camp full of plotters and children of plotters will be seen as fair game, a valid target in a time of war.

  • Frank Wheeler

    As I recall Sweden was always on the cutting edge when it came to suicide rights. Sweden’s massive Arab immigration may not be a case of intentional suicide, but rather an accidental overdose.

    We are done in the West. We are a stage IV patient. There is no stage V. We did it to ourselves because we turned our back on our fundamental cultural values. Importing cheap labor from places that do not share a cultural heritage does have its consequences. When an individual becomes lazy and has someone else perform duties that he himself should be doing then his body becomes prone to a myriad of health issues. The West has become lazy and has turned to the primitive world for cheap labor. We are now a fat, bloated and cancer-ridden patient on a slow motion decline. We have seen the enemy and he is us.

    • Fredrik_H

      “As I recall Sweden was always on the cutting edge when it came to suicide rights. ”

      Nope. You must’ve confused us with Switzerland or some other european country which has assisted suicides.

      • Morris LeChat

        No, the nordics do the “whole country” suicide thing called “gay marriage”

        • The gays are going to do their thing anyway. Why does gay “marriage” worry you? Call it a “civil union” and don’t let it bother you. We have bigger fish to fry; yes?

          • MBlanc46

            Where adoption is concerned I do find it of concern, otherwise I don’t make it my business who’s doing what to whom among consenting adults.

  • David Ashton

    Let’s hope the Swedish population doesn’t follow the Anglo-Saxon “Oh dear, what have WE done to upset THEM” mantra.

  • Jackryanvb

    Send Rand Paul to Sweden to lecture Swedish Conservatives that they must embrace DIVERSITY and welcome 3rd world immigration to Sweden. Check out RP’s pathetic pandering speech in New Hampshire. Nobody booed, through food or challenged RP to fight.

    • MBlanc46

      It’s pretty clear that the Swedes are diversifying very well without any assistance from Mr. Paul.

  • LHathaway

    “The marxists are failing, when things get bad enough, there will be thousands of Breiviks, they will destroy the socialists that are destroying their countries”.

    It may take a long time in Sweden, but in places like the USA, whites are becoming simply one minority among many. If you only include white males, their population is approximately half of that minority. I’m only guessing, but if we count 5 years olds, white boys are likely 20% of that population or so. In a society fractured by race and sex, or, racially and sexually conscious (at least for every group but white men), white men are likely to become a distraction – the problem not the solution.

  • CarlGustavM

    Barbarians never take a city on their own. Someone has to open the gates for them. The gates have been open for decades now.

  • JohnEngelman

    It will probably take the equivalent of the black ghetto riots that convulsed American cities from 1964 to 1968 before Scandinavians accept the truth of race realism. Unfortunately, by then it will be too late. It is easier to keep non Asian minorities out than it is to get them out.

  • Sangraal
  • Sloppo

    “Cars and containers were also set ablaze in another of the Swedish capital’s suburbs, Fittja, although police said it was not clear whether the two events were linked.”

    I have a hunch. The common link might be that both incidents were perpetrated by moon-god worshipping people who are the product of 14 centuries of inbreeding.

  • Joe Mack

    Those pesky youths

  • Paleoconn

    So the big concern is the words the cops use to describe the offenders?! It is official: racism is worse than violence.

    From now on, when Stockholm is dubbed the Paris of Scandinavia, it will not be a compliment.