Suburban Enclaves

Some Australian suburbs are slowly being turned into ethnic enclaves where some claim certain groups are not welcome.

Immigration is at record levels with more than a quarter of Australia’s population born overseas.

People within ethnic groups are increasingly banding together in the suburbs.

Social demographer Mark McCrindle believes the benefits of cultural diversity outweighs any negative impacts.

“The cultural mix we have now will continue to add to the richness of our country,” he said.

“I think it is the cultural mix that has made Australia what it is.”

Optometrist Harry Melides has been in the suburb of Moorooka in Brisbane for the past 33 years. He says business is down by 12 per cent in one year. He claims it’s because low cost stores cater almost exclusively to a new, foreign clientele where locals feel unwelcome.

According to the 2011 census Moorooka has a population of 10,000. It is nicknamed by locals as ‘Little Africa’.

Mr Melides says government policies give no incentive for people to assimilate.

“We want to be able to go into the shop next door and buy some lentils or buy some Persian rugs, but when you go in there, you’re not really welcome,” he said.

“The hardest bit is assimilation. We want reciprocation and for everyone to make a community effort.”

Hussein Ali Achmed, president of the United Somali Association of Queensland, says it’s only natural for newly-arrived immigrants to seek out their own kind.

“To the best of my knowledge there’s not one single incident where there was an issue between Anglo-Saxon and an African. They are very friendly people,” he said.

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  • Snowhitey

    Aussies, don’t do what us Americans are doing. Ship all the foreign born to Israel. It’s time to enrich those enriching us. The Jewish people are in desperate need of “no go” zones.

  • Joe Mack

    Liberals Aussies shocked that their new pets won’t behave as they expected.

    So idiotic.

  • [Guest]

    >>>Social demographer Mark McCrindle believes the benefits of cultural diversity outweighs any negative impacts.

    >>>“The cultural mix we have now will continue to add to the richness of our country,” he said.

    Something prompts me to wonder what the demographics are in the neighborhood where Mark McCrindle and his family live.

    • The__Bobster

      Mark needs to be locked up, as he’s clearly mad.

      • Mr Potato

        Moorooka used to be a nice suburb, until it was (deliberately) turned into ‘Moor-ooka’. Now there are a lot of old Australian men and women that are afraid of strolling around in their own neighbourhood.
        The government plan to make the ‘Aussie’ extinct continues.

    • Mark Hillyard

      And I’m wondering how all this mix is adding to the ‘richness” of any country. No need to lecture as I’d say what anyone with a brain and a little history background would say. Go away, come by for a visit just like any other person and return to your ‘beloved” country. We don’t want your culture, it is a failed society from which you come.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Right on. Look, the West was/ is all about openness, expanse, etc. With this open mindedness, politeness. Dude game over. Time to get rude. If you come by and make a neighborhood into little Somalia, your butt needs to go. We need to start making these people uncomfortable. Our government won’t help.

  • Exoplanet Finder

    “Hussein Ali Achmed, president of the United Somali Association of
    Queensland, says it’s only natural for newly-arrived immigrants to seek
    out their own kind.”

    Oh yes Mr. Hussein, oh yes you’re right. People do seek out their own kind. What good advice you have. And as soon as the real Australians seek out theirs again, you and yours will be headed right back to Somalia, so save up while we’re still asleep.

  • I’ll be. They didn’t haul out the “restaurants” canard here.

    • The__Bobster

      I guess worms and termites aren’t popular dishes in Oz.

    • Jefferson

      Who the hell would want to eat Somali food ? If their food is so delicious, why would most Somalis rather starve than eat their own food.

      • My mother told me not long ago that she saw two different Somalian restaurants in South St. Louis City, but later said that they both closed. I bet these restaurants were probably the type that doubled as third party retailers for prepaid cell phone plans. Or, alternatively, they could have been fronts for one nefarious line of work or another.

        • Dea Whyte-Mansburten

          Why you vile rayciss you! Those places closed because small-minded whites like you cannot cultivate an appropriate appreciation for yummy Somali mud cakes & pies!

    • Mr Potato

      Yes, I was waiting for that one. Very remiss of them. A lot of soft-headed Aussies actually buy that ‘diversity/restaurant’ baloney.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Wherever White people go, the non Whites will follow. What in the hell are Somalians doing in Australia? Then again what in the hell are Somalians doing in Paris, Maine and Minnesota.

    “Hussein Ali Achmed, president of the United Somali Association of
    Queensland, says it’s only natural for newly-arrived immigrants to seek
    out their own kind.”

    If they need to be with their own kind (LOL! we are all human Mr. Achmed, come on you racist) why do they not stay with their own kind in Somalia? Why do they need to immigrate to a foreign country?

    • The__Bobster

      There are plenty of countries near Somoolia that can take them….but nooo.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Its all the fault of the United Nations, which really is an organization out to redistribute the hard earned and rightly earned wealth of the West to the sand turds such as Somalis

    • MathMan

      ‘Why do they need to immigrate? For the same reason it happens all over the world -they can’t build a functioning society of their own so they come to take what you’ve got!

  • DailyKenn

    Imagine a ‘no go’ zone for non-whites.

    • Jefferson

      No go zones for Nonwhites do not exist. A Bantu can visit North Dakota or Estonia for example and nobody will harm a hair on her or his head.

      The same does not apply to a White person visiting Somalia or East St. Louis for example.

      • P None

        We need to work on that.

  • David Ashton

    White Australian policy was determined by the need for people to be with their own kind. In March 1981 the Malayan Prime Minister approved Australia’s policy as a wise protection against racial problems, his High Commissioner adding the next month that Malaya had its own internal racial tensions between Malayans, Chinese, Indians and Eurasians. The Left welcomes such tensions as a new trigger for revolution – Australia having been relatively successful in escaping the latest capitalist crisis, and having had a policy of class co-operation through “mate-ship” and racial solidarity.

    • brengunn

      What is mate-ship?

      The problem with the left welcoming such tensions is it will probably, almost certainly run in a different direction to the way they want to go.

      • David Ashton

        This is the Australian notion of classless friendship between neighbors and fellow-citizens.

    • kjh64

      The media always touts the “horrors” of “Whites only” immigration policies that many countries used to have. Yet, non-White countries allow little or no immigration of foreign peoples. I’m not talking about a few expats who are not citizens living and working abroad but immigration. Try immigration to Mexico, India, Japan or some muslim country? Forget it, they either don’t allow it or you must be of their race and ethnic group.

      • David Ashton

        Of course, this fact needs constant emphasis.
        We should also collect examples of repatriations, deportations, expulsions and population exchanges around the non-white world during the past 70 years or so. Sauce for the goose.
        Another idea for those of you with talent in the movie field. Why not collect together footage of anti-white riots by immigrants in Britain, Sweden, France, Australia and other “host societies”, and circulate it as a warning? Enough is enough.

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      the need for people to be/work for/advised by their own kind. . . Unless they are whites, and then they Must be educated/work for/ or advised by those who are Not their own kind. Because whites need diversity.

  • The__Bobster

    A 2012 poll found that more than half of Aussies wanted immigration to end, and nearly two-thirds thought newbies should “adopt the Australian way of life” after they arrived.

    Last September, a violent protest in Sydney by Muslims “horrified the nation” when Islam showed its jihadist face.

    Images like the one below plus six injured policemen in the Sydney riot hinted to Australians that perhaps Islam is not a religion of peace.

    The Shia-Sunni feud of a millennia has been brought to Australia, as noted in the above video where a Muslim store owner reported threats from Allahbots of the other team.

  • MikeS

    “The cultural mix we have now will continue to add to the richness of our country,”
    Would this be the same way in which death and decomposition adds to the “richness” of the soil?

    “I think it is the cultural mix that has made Australia what it is.”
    I agree completely.

  • Gwynn Ap Nudd

    “They are very friendly people” – and doomed too. 25% foreign born? What a hopeless situation. They’ll have to be liberated someday by White Crusaders from abroad.

    • kjh64

      What White Crusaders from abroad? White people across the world have fallen for the same multiculturalism nonsense.

      • Mr Potato

        Are the Teutonic Knights still in business?

        • Tamara Blitzer

          Nope, the “Teutonic Knights” died after WW2. Those “knights” went out of business and became extinct fossilized forever into the trash can of history after what they did to a lot of people especially my ancestors in German concentration camps!

  • kjh64

    “The hardest bit is assimilation. We want reciprocation and for everyone to make a community effort.”

    Yes, and I’d like everyone all over the world to join hands and sing kumbaya. Yeah, right. These migrants do NOT want assimilation. They want to be Africans or muslims or whatever in a first world country, just like many Mexicans in the US want to be Mexicans IN America, not Americans.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Yep. They want to retain their third world culture on the white man’s dime. No way Jose Abu Mohammed turd

  • Jefferson

    No go zones for Whites should not even exist in a nation that is 90 percent White. You do not see no go zones for Blacks in Jamaica for example.

    The 10 percent Nonwhite population in Australia should be scared of the 90 percent White population, not the other way around.

    Damn the White race really has become weak soft liberal pushovers.

    • MBlanc46

      Modern civilized people should be able to expect to go about their business wherever it takes them without encountering violence. The cop on the beat ought to be enough to discourage those who might consider wrong-doing. In white societies, that’s the way it’s been for a hundred years or more. Rather than train most people to defend themselves against routine violent attack, we ought to deal with the populations who are the source of the violence.

      • White Mom in WDC

        What should be and unfortunately what is are two different things. Get armed and get ready. The second amendment and states rights will be what saves the USA

        • MBlanc46

          Both outcomes are probably unlikely, alas, but social collapse is much more likely than armed revolution.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Not to be pedantic, but we have been experiencing social collapse for decades

          • MBlanc46

            We haven’t seen anything yet. Things are still rosy here compared to Zimbabwe or Somalia.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Additionally, social collapse is a precursor to revolution

          • Tamara Blitzer

            And most revolutions are not successful!

          • White Mom in WDC

            The American Revolution was successful, and I can name several more that have been. It also depends on how you/one defines success

          • MBlanc46

            The American War of Independence was more of a war of independence than a social revolution. The same crowd who ran things before 1776 ran things after 1783. The principal difference was that they’d succeeded in ousting a distant overlord that was frustrating their development plans.

          • Tamara Blitzer

            Well the American and French revolution were successful, the “white” revolution won’t be successful. That is the simple truth. However, there is no harm in hoping for the best, if that is what needs to get us moving on!

          • White Mom in WDC

            Look, Tamara, nothing you say or do or point out makes a poop of difference to me. Facts are that whites will always thrive in spite of black and Jew aggressions. Deep down, you know this. Look at Haiti, a destitute pile if turds. Obummah is a useless puppet.

          • MBlanc46

            That was not the case in the English, American, French, or Russian revolutions, nor do I think it was so in the Chinese case.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Social collapse and revolution are intertwined. Chaos is order

          • MBlanc46

            It’s probably the other way round, isn’t it? Social collapse (or chaos) follows revolution (The Terror, the Russian Civil War, e.g.).

  • OlderWoman

    I’m depressed. Blacks here, blacks there. Everywhere there are blacks. Why can’t we get rid of them all? Enriched. No, I don’t think so. The filth, the savagery, the crime, the extortion. I mourn for all previously White countries. What I despise more is the Whites who promote them, who mix with them, who pander to them.

    • StillModerated

      Those race traitors will swing first. In the French “reign of terror” social workers were sent to the guillotine first.

  • Mr. E

    “more than a quarter of Australia’s population born overseas.”
    Wasn’t there a map on Amren a couple of weeks ago where the researchers claimed that Australia was one of the least ethnically diverse countries on Earth?
    Why whites are tolerating no-go zones in their homelands is perplexing. Our ancestors would have eradicated this problem to make ife safer for their women and children and to honor what their ancestors provided for them. We have become so weak.

  • Bobby

    And I’d bet that besides being no go zones for whites, the residents there are collecting the taxes whites are forced to pay to support those no go zones folks. Once again the sage and harsh critic of whites must voice his surprise by saying, STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.-Mr. Forrest Gump, with love.

  • IKantunderstand

    The entire world has been turned into ” Global High School”. White people are the cool kids. Everybody else is a misfit, some of them try as hard as they can to “fit in”, adopting “White” culture, modes of dressing, language, straightened/lightened hair, plastic surgery, skin bleachers, emulating and marrying Whites. The rest, seethe in resentment because they know they will never be accepted, they will never be cool; but make no mistake: they want desperately to be one of the cool kids, and date the cheerleaders. Unfortunately for the cool kids, the losers are now bringing machetes and meat cleavers to school, and who cares if the cheerleader wants to go out with you, when you and your homies can just rape her. And, talk about flunking out! We no longer have Mayberry. We have Somalia, Haiti, Iraq, Pakistan, in our backyards. Saves on traveling expenses. I’m able to observe Muslims in burquas at my local mall! Wow, so glad that I don’t have to waste all that money traveling to the Mideast to, you know, take in all the fabulous museums and artworks and music and plays and so forth. Why, all that culture is now right here for me to enjoy! So lucky, so proud to be an “American”.

    • Tim

      I call it the Las Vegasization of America” Everybody is from some where else…

    • Dude

      Except that “the cool kids” in high school never hate themselves for being cool.

    • Dogbone

      You must have gone to a different High School than me. At my High School, whites were the outcasts and usually got beaten up by Mexicans.

      • Tamara Blitzer

        Were this some high school in California?

  • Djangotamer

    “To the best of my knowledge there’s not one single incident where there was an issue between Anglo-Saxon and an African. They are very friendly people,”-That’s because the Africans are too busy fighting over everything with the Abos that are already troublemakers.

  • MBlanc46

    “I think it is the cultural mix that has made Australia what it is.”

    It was the British who made Australia what it is. Immigrants of color will turn it into the sort of hellhole that they escaped from.

  • Ambacti

    “To the best of my knowledge there’s not one single incident where there
    was an issue between Anglo-Saxon and an African. They are very friendly

    Seems legit

    • Dude

      What he means is that no Anglo-Saxon he knows of has started trouble with an African, and that Anglo-Saxons are nice people. It’s not like he probably cares about the other way around.

      • Ambacti

        From the context of the video it is pretty clear that the Somali warchief is trying to defend his community from accusations of TNB. The fact that Anglo-Saxons are docile sheep going to the slaughter goes without saying.

  • bigone4u

    How did Australians, the people who tamed a hostile island continent get into such a bad way. I guess that socialism weakened them and set them up for their ultimate fate, which is extinction by replacement by inferior peoples. You would think there would be some real men over there, but perhaps the hormones in the milk are doing a number on them just as here.

  • Athling

    “Immigration is at record levels.”

    And so the madness continues…

    Is diversity such a wonderful thing? Consider human history for the past five thousand years. Human beings are natural experimenters, there is little they haven’t tried. If diversity is such a wonderful and enriching experience then we would expect to find historical evidence of people from every tribe and tounge doing this on their own.

    People from all over the planet should have been knocking each other over to form nations of diversity, trampling one another under foot like a crowd waiting for the doors to open at a Wal-Mart super sale. No obstacle or barrier would keep people of differing races and ethnicities from living side-by-side, bathing in the warm rays of inclusion and cashing in on the enriching benefits of diversity.

    Instead, we find the exact opposite. People throughout history were repelled by diversity. Even people of the same race spared no expense at separating themselves ethnically. Diversity was so abhorrent that nations with well defined borders were formed to keep racial and ethnic aliens out. Standing armies were used to enforce these borders ensuring the homogeneity of the nation’s people.

    Over the last five thousand years of recorded history we find diversity as a cause of turmoil and death.

    The next time someone tells you that diversity is a wonderful and beneficial experience, know that this person is either an ignorant fool or a liar.

    • Austin Healy

      What about Rome?

      • Athling

        Rome was an empire not a nation. Even when nations have an appearance of harmonious diversity, the people will choose to form enclaves of exclusion if left to their own devices.

        This is normal and natural.

  • Truth

    Many areas of the United States are now no go areas for whites.

  • elreyjones

    Who is letting those racist Africans in? Everywhere there are Africans, they attack our brothers and sisters. Keep them out of our civilization. They are evil racist violent and have low IQs. And did I say they were ugly also? Well throw that in as well. Let us not forget they have killed 500,000 whites in the USA since the great phony non-violent Jesse Jackson mentor, MLK, made the I HAVE A DREAM speech while the proto-Bolshevik Abraham Lincoln looked on. Let not forget that since APARTHEID ended, over 70,000 white brothers and sisters have died there many very violently by racist African thugs.

    • Tamara Blitzer

      Whoa, slow down for a minute.

      1. So, 500,000 whites have been killed by blacks since MLK (i.e. 1960’s)? As ridiculous as that number sounds, I would still give you the benefit of a doubt if you could provide just ONE reputed evidence to back your point!

      2. And what has an avowed Republican, free market, conservative, theistic (Christian) President like Abe Lincoln (probably one of our greatest leaders) got to do with Soviet style, anti-Christian, anti-free market Leninist Boshevism?

      3. Even more preposterous is the fact that you claimed Abe Lincoln just watched by as the civil rights in the 1960’s took place. Like that is supposed to make some sense in your rather infantile, emotional, incoherent fascist babble! Well, hello! Lincoln belonged to the 1860’s NOT 1960’s! Get a clue & stop being an A grade doofus!

  • thoughtcrime

    Another wonderful benefit of diversity. White Aussies need to regrow their balls and deal with this issue now before they are overrun.

  • dondiego

    As a recent immigrant to Australia from New Zealand I have noticed several changes. The most striking being the change in tone of the average Australian (pretty much all I’ve met so far, from a wounded soldier to old-age pensioners) towards me.

    Ten years ago there was constant grief about the Pacific Islanders (N,Z dependents- passport acquirers) coming over to bludge off productive whites.
    Now it appears the Aussies have had enough of non-assimilable colonizers and I’m almost welcome.

    Trying to get seasonal work as a white in Victoria and southern NSW was/is very tricky: illegals are preferred as they can be ripped-off.
    The job I just started had an interpreter for the 1/3rd Mohammedans on induction day.

    I have declined one job due to “Vibrant Diversity”. However, the whites here are less ‘pussy-whipped’ than the media would have you believe. One reason of many I came (back) over.

  • Ben

    It’s just awful. My wife and I moved to South Australia around ten years ago. She is American and we loved it when we got here. It was overwhelmingly White. Quite a few Asians but they are mostly tolerable. Then the africans and Indians came en masse. Please don’t mention the arabs, they are the most detestable of all. What a mess. Now there’s lots of black crime and whole neighbourhoods that are totally third world. The strain on infrastructure and housing has been immense. What do we get out of it? There is no benifit for the average Australian. I personally hate living around non whites. And to think it wasn’t that long ago we had the very sensible and aptly named White Australia Policy.

  • Paleoconn

    That social demographer claims that diversity is part of our DNA. No, sir. Our DNA is our DNA, theirs is theirs. There is nothing about diversity that is natural or desired within any ethnic or racial group.

    He talks about how the richness of the country will continue to increase as this cultural mix continues at the pace it is going now. I wonder where this asshole lives. I wonder if he can name the so-called benefits of diversity (other than excellent curries and rasta music) that outweigh the downsides which are too many to name.

    The neocon/liberal/whatever (makes no difference to me anymore) optometrist qualifies his comment about ‘not seeing a White person in any of these areas’ with a ‘not that I’m against these people being here’. He goes on to complain that these immigrants have state-funded interpreters to get eyecare and spectacles at his shop, but that he doesn’t have the same when he goes shopping at their stores. Is this guy mad or just stupid? This is the big failure of multiculturalism?! That you can’t communicate with these people when you go to their filthy markets?