Shock as 84 Schools Have No White British Pupils at All

Jonathan Petre, Daily Mail (London), May 11, 2013

More than 80 state schools in England have no white British pupils, Government figures show.

The number of such schools appears to have more than doubled over the past five years, and the findings will fuel concerns that some parts of the country are becoming increasingly segregated.

The new figures follow research showing that white Britons are retreating from areas dominated by ethnic minorities, to be replaced by immigrants and other ethnic minorities.

Critics said that the previous Labour Government’s ‘open-door’ immigration policy had created ‘huge’ problems for integration, which was now threatening the country’s social cohesion.

The Department for Education figures, revealed in a Freedom of Information request, show that 84 schools recorded last year that no pupils on their rolls were white British. Of those, 67 are primaries, eight secondaries and the remainder special or pupil referral units.

The statistics, derived from the annual school census, found that the highest concentration is in Birmingham, with 22 such schools, followed by Oldham with eight, Leicester with seven and the London borough of Tower Hamlets with six.

Other local authority areas in which there are at least two schools with no white British pupils include Blackburn with Darwen, Bradford, Lancashire, Rochdale, Surrey, Walsall and Worcester, as well as the London boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, and Southwark. The schools, which were not named, are likely to include England’s 11 state Muslim schools, three state Sikh schools and one state Hindu school.

One school that is understood to have no white British pupils is Gladstone Primary in Peterborough, which is dominated by students from the Punjab, with smaller groups from Afghanistan and Lithuania. None of its 440 pupils has English as a first language.

In 2008, the Department of Education said there were 31 state schools that had recorded no white children on their rolls – including children of white migrants.

MigrationWatch’s Sir Andrew Green said: ‘This is yet another indication of the huge impact of Labour mass migration policies on our society.

‘The result of three million immigrants in ten years has created a huge problem for integration of the newcomers. Obviously, if there are no children of the host community in a school, the prospects of integration are close to zero.

‘In the longer term, this is bound to effect the cohesion of our society as a whole.’

The new figures follow a study published earlier this month by the Left-leaning think tank Demos which showed white Britons are moving out of areas where they are in a minority at the same time as the ethnic minority population was growing.

The study said that 45 per cent of ethnic minorities in England and Wales, about four million people, live in areas where less than half the population is white British.

Demos director David Goodhart said the number of schools with no white British pupils was ‘depressingly high’ because it suggested there must be many others where the proportion of such pupils was tiny.

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  • Dirk_Pitt

    I’m not shocked. It is worth noting that there are hundreds more where white children are still there but in very small numbers.

  • pcmustgo

    Europeans deserve this after critisizing us for so many years. There is no shock for me. Most Americans also attend “total segregation” schools, Blacks even more so.

    I don’t wish it on the Europeans though, as I want a homeland preserved for us for when “things get out of control” here in the USA.

    • GM (Australia)

      If it were not for our rather PC immigration policies I would encourage you all (concerned whites that is) to come to Oz while this country is still mainly European and English speaking..

      • The__Bobster

        Whites have to possess specialized skills to emigrate to Oz. Now if you were a 70-IQ turd worlder……

        • Kathy M

          …… you would be welcomed with open arms as yet another white person replacement.

          • GM (Australia)

            How very true, they are arriving by the boatload from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Sri Lanka every day of the week, I notice you said open arms but you forgot to mention the red carpet also. They are put into detention (for a while) but they still keep arriving. Very few will ever be sent back and the Greens and other do gooders keep pressing for us to take more and more of them. It is bad news..

        • Bismark

          My God, how I wish that intelligent white loyalist would migrate to Australia in the millions. Otherwise we are going to loose this beautiful country of whom three generations of my family have fought for. Having said that both world wars were a complete disaster for our cultural confidence as well as the lives of our young men. It also led to the physical and moral destruction of Europe and of the west in general .

  • thurlow

    Obviously a racist fact, until there are no white children in English schools, then it will be a diversity paradise or Kabul.

  • cb

    This is actually great news, comrades! As all good egalitarians and cultural Marxists know, without any white students, the minorities in these schools will be unencumbered by white privilege, and will soon create a literary and scientific culture worthy of Shakespeare and Newton! This renaissance is already happening in America, where all-black schools are legendary as bastions of learning, philosophical insight, and scientific achievement.

    • Whirlwinder


  • GM (Australia)

    Remember, today’s schools are tomorrows wider society.

    They will spend millions of taxpayer dollars promoting harmony in the schoolyard but that will not stop the inter-ethnic violence that will surely happen when you have millions of non-whites, particularly unemployable young men, taking over all the poorer towns and cities in the UK.

    Then what happens when the white taxpayer money to pay welfare finally runs out?

    This article does seem to acknowledge that there may be a problem but does not suggest any of the obvious solutions.

    Enoch was right.

    • Nathanwartooth

      The Kurds, Sunni and Shiite Muslims all hate each other. I wonder if they are temporarily united under the banner of crushing Whitey or if they duke it out as usual in Europe.

      • Token Finn

        I thought all muslims were shite muslims.

        • Nathanwartooth

          I see what you did there!

      • Sangraal

        Sikhs and Muslims also hate each other. There are Sikhs in the EDL.

      • Whirlwinder

        They fight among themselves but are a united front when conquering the world.

  • Mr. E

    White Liberals are always telling us that diversity is strength and everyone is equal. Assuredly White Liberals would want to show their tolerance and break what they view as a scourge of segregation by sending their precious white children to one of these non-white schools.

    • guest

      It’s very easy for the treacherous powers that be who sell out their fellow whites, as well as for the white liberals who do likewise, to preach on and on about how great diversity is and how everyone is equal when they are able to afford to live in all-white secure neighborhoods and communities and send their white children to private schools where there’s very little to no diversity, thereby making working class whites endure the diversity that they proclaim to be great, but expect others to accept it so they won’t have to. In their crooked minds, it’s “diversity for thee, but not for me.”

  • You HAVE to go after the white sell outs who allowed this, and continue to go unpunished.

    • Manaphy
      • Inki Snowe

        Breathtaking arrogance and condescension. Leaves me almost speechless.

        • Dazed

          Jews are multicultural! Jew sons just have to marry Jew women. Oh, and Israel accepted a grand total of 1 asylum seeker last year. And you can’t be an Israeli citizen if you happen to be a Palestinian married to one. Other than that though, they are 100% supportive of multiculturalism. Especially in the West.

        • Luis

          Look at her last name – SPECTRE

          James Bond’s nemesis, also known as Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

      • Whirlwinder

        This woman must be off her meds. Multiculturalism is a tool to divide and conquer a culture. She will come to realize this as Islam continues their invasion and domination of the EU. Look into Islam and see how they react to multiculturalism. They are a monolithic society and use multiculturalism in their march to world dominance.

  • jay11

    Look ahead in time my friends. Look ahead 100 years. The UK will be no more. Scotland will have broken away. Wales and England proper will have been overrun with foreign warlords and fiefdoms. The graves, castles, old churches and other ancient sites will have been ransacked and destroyed. The Scots will be under siege and pushed far away from their full borders, fighting one or another Asian (the new British!) warlord. Ireland will be splintered into fiefdoms, some dominated by Africans (check out on google the new mass black immigration to the emerald isle!) Southern England will be all black and Asian.

    This is in the cards for England, at least if past human history (6,000 years plus of recorded history) is any guide. France will be an Arab Muslim state. Sweden will be too. Pockets of white statelets may survive, but will be raiding grounds for female slaves. Can’t imagine this future in 100 years? Go read a history book that covers at least 500 years in scope.

    • Exoplanet Finder

      Agreed. One thing, however, can stop all this. We all know what that is. UNITE.

      • David Ashton

        And go through all the AmRen posts for constructive suggestions about future action.

        • The nonwhites are not the real problem. Head to head in a race war against us, and they will go down quickly. Cut off their electricity and watch them fall apart.

          The real enemy are the Clinton and Bush types. Go after THEM, and you cut off the source. Disgrace them, refuse to patronize them, elect members who are as racially conscious as the typical minority politician.

          VOTE OUT the McCain type of republican.

          When a white person tries to smear Jan Brewer, Sheriff Joe, or even Ann Coulter, then we need to ruin them like we ruined Mike Nifong of the infamous Duke Lacrosse Case. Nifong was disgraced, disbarred, sued, and ultimately bankrupt.

 (Read the comments on THAT site)

          • The__Bobster

            Has a White libtard ever lost his job due to an attack from the right?
            Now when a conservative gets seriously attacked from the left, he’s gone within days, even if he grovels.

          • Luis

            Ward Churchill, that professor at U. Of CO – Boulder, comes to mind.

          • Gwynn Ap Nudd

            Exactly so. Destroy them as they destroy us for being “racists” or lovers of our own People. Great news about Mike, thanks.

          • Darrell Davis

            …says the coward behind the fake name:)

      • elreyjones

        Amen. And that is why millions are proselytizing for our people to back up our first amendment rights with second amendment material things. We must keep shouting and keep buying. The Bolsheviks can’t oppress up forever.

      • Cape to Cairo

        I thought you were alluding to nukes?

    • David Brims

      The year is 2066 when England, according to David Coleman, professor of demographics at Oxford, will become majority black and muslim, ironic since it was the thousand year anniversary of the Battle of Hasting in 1066. London is already a majority black, muslim city.

      • GM (Australia)

        Are you going to suggest that the Crescent of Islam could replace the cross on St Pauls Cathedral in 2066? Let us hope not, it will be after my time but remember that one of the grandest of churches of all time, Hagio Sophia in Constantinople became a mosque. Likewise, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem center of Judaism and birthplace of Christianity is now a mosque. Like, where will it end and when if ever will the expansion of Islam ever stop?

    • fuzzypook

      When the civil war starts White Brits will be in trouble. They have no weapons. You can be sure the muzzies will. I’ll bet they are stockpiling for the coming jihad.

      • Room101

        White Brits may not be provided with weapons, but they can make them in short order. A pen firing .22 LR.
        It’s a big mistake to count out the British people as finished-with-Freedom.

        They’re definitely on the ropes, though.

  • GM (Australia)

    84 Schools, this almost makes “1984” look not so bad after all, at least the evils of Big Brother in that novel were not compounded by multi-ethnic madness!

    • fakeemail

      Reality is always more horrifying than fiction.

    • Rhialto

      My thoughts exactly! If I had the talent I would write a novel set in Orwell’s 1984 England in which a writer writes a novel in which the setting is the real 2013 UK. He would not be allowed to publish it because the inner party would consider it too disturbing and disgusting for mass readership.

  • Chip

    “….the findings will fuel concerns that some parts of the country are becoming increasingly segregated.”

    How about concerns that the English are being slowly ethnically-cleansed from their own country? That’s what decent people should be concerned about.

    • The__Bobster

      The left only cares about endangered species when they are animals.

  • Gwynn Ap Nudd

    As that school commissioner in Los Angeles said, they have to make the “best use” of the remaining Whites studens. The real question is what any of this had or has to do with education.

    • bigone4u

      A cynic would reply that whites need to learn to get along with their new masters–the coalition of blacks, asians, and Hispanics. The whites need to get that old “white privilege” mentality removed and replaced by “white guilt.” This is true education. Get with the program, you whites. Minorities in charge now.

    • The__Bobster

      “Best use” means cheat off them?

  • bigone4u

    In the Youtube viral video, “Anti-racist Hitler,” multicultalist and diversity advocate AH smiles knowingly and says at the end, “Who could have foreseen this?” The Marxist multicults who seek the total annilation of Western culture and the white race knew exactly what the outcome would be in British schools. At least the press in Britain is reporting it. Here in the USA the press remains silent on most things that matter. They’re too busy reporting on Kim K’s baby bump–you know, the really important stuff.

    • gemjunior

      That filthy whore with her stable of black bucks. Coalburner.

      • bigone4u

        I’ve seen photos of her before the boobs and butt were surgically installed. Fake body, and an evil stupid mind. Makes me wonder if the Hollywood types didn’t create her to promote miscegnation. There’s certainly no talent there so why else is she on every magazine cover.

        • ChiefDanGeorge

          I think your hunch is correct, bigone. Every one of the girls/women in the Lardassian clan are walking, talking, copulating billboards promoting miscegenation, vulgarity, promiscuity, vanity and sloth. The tribe knows this, which is why they ensure that the Lardassians receive such copious exposure. What better way to warp the minds of impressionable young girls, thereby ensuring the destruction of the white race?

          • Persona Non Grovel

            Would Kim K’s offspring be a tar-dashian?

    • The__Bobster

      Ah, but showing mudshark role models is very important to the usual suspects. That’s why they are “celebrities”.

      • Luis

        Bobster, don’t forget Anna Nicole Smith, the blonde mudshark who is buried in the Bahamas.

        Her death day – February 8, 2007 – is celebrated in my household.

        She married that old geezer, but she also spread for the mud.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    If you want to know what the future looks like, look no further than our own children:

    The Social Engineers have done their jobs well. The future is brown, and it is already too late to change that. White nationhood is our only hope. America is dead, Canada is dead, Great Britain is dead. These entities now exist beyond their mandates of unifying the citizenry, and have de-legitimized themselves. Renounce your loyalty to these “nations” that have disavowed you, white men.

    • NYB

      As we saw in the former Yugoslavia, or in the displacements in Europe following WWII, an organized military force can put the run to millions of unwanted ethnics.

      Even the U.S. was able to swiftly deal with Mexicans during Operation Wetback. Israel just recently rounded up thousands of illegal Africans and deposited them in concentration camps (in the original meaning of the term).

      Given sufficient transport, a force smaller than a Division could clear an entire state in less than a week.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        Only a military dictator could enact such a swift and complete operation to displace these aliens from our lands forever. I fear such a figure is unlikely to materialize, and may spell the doom to the last vestiges of our democracy if he does. What we need is a modern day Sulla: a man with the audacity to seize absolute power and achieve his goals, but with the integrity to relinquish his power when his reforms are complete.

        • IstvanIN

          “Democracy” is highly over-rated.

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            Democracy is what separates us from the savage cultures. Though our “representative” democracy has become corrupted, I believe direct democracy of some form should be our ideal goal. If authoritarianism can help us achieve that as a necessary intermediary, however, I am all for it.

          • IstvanIN

            True democracy, and without a doubt universal suffrage, have been disasters.

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            Not in ancient Athens and Switzerland, where they have real direct democracy. I won’t argue about suffrage though.

          • rightrightright

            No. But it has been cheapened.

        • GM (Australia)

          Where is the dividing line between democracy and mob rule?

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            The election of Barack Obama.

        • gemjunior

          I would love a military dictator as long as he was way to the right, and it would be beautiful if he managed to hold war crimes tribunals for those who betrayed this country. It would certainly create a lot more room here, since as we know they are legion.

        • Mr Plankton

          Sulla also had most of the military under his command. What General do we have on our side would wield this kind of power? Colin Powell[/sarc]? David Patraeus? General officers in every branch are mostly concerned with getting their next star or lining up their civilian appointment after they retire. The fascinating thing about Sulla, in my opinion, was that he needed a Marius to precede him. Marius was a populist and quite ruthless and corrupt, but without him, I’m not so sure that Sulla would have had the support of the senate to do what he did. I’m quite certain that in today’s PC military, if one of our own even hinted that he harbored thoughts such as these, he would be drummed out, demoted or reassigned very, very quickly.

          • Homo_Occidentalis

            If the U.S. military allows women in combat situations alongside men, then it certainly goes without saying that such a figure is unlikely to emerge out of such a P.C. institution. The U.S. armed forces have been at the vanguard of anti-white policies since they were desegregated by Truman.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Only a matter of time until the UK becomes Iraq.

  • NYB

    In order for ‘de-colonization’ to begin, the native white population must fall on really hard times.

    The banks must collapse, and the harvests must fail.

    When the conditions are right, the non-white colonists must be given two choices: safe passage back to their homelands, or involuntary removal by expedient means. They can read up on medieval history to understand what that would be.

    • GM (Australia)

      The tripping point has to come sooner or later, as a race we have survived greater disasters and challenges than the present multicultural madness. Hard times for whites have historically been that tripping point. That time will definitely come.

    • gemjunior

      I agree with the scenario but what scares me is the possibility of us being given two choices – if we are given anything but a machete to the head by these so-called humans. I have faith that a small group of ours can beat a small group of theirs despite being outnumbered to the Nth degree… it has certainly happened in the past. I can’t think of the actual circumstances but I know I’ve read about much smaller numbers of white men successfully resisting or even beating back hordes of the less evolved….

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      You are more right than you know. When the age of European colonialism came to an end between 1945 and 1965, we gained valuable experience in the area of de-colonisation. For example, one and a half million white Frenchmen evacuated Algeria with few casualties after the Algerian war for independence ended French control. What had previously been 13% of Algeria’s population (for comparison, Blacks are 13% of America’s population) was reduced to a negligible number over a very short time-frame. This precedent and countless others like it are proof that removing these squatters from our lands is far from impossible, and can be done peacefully and efficiently if done well.

      • KenelmDigby

        The irony is that right now White-hating Algerians are around 13% of the French population – after imposing themselves on France with the full encouragement of the French politicians.

  • The__Bobster

    The number of such schools appears to have more than doubled over the past five years, and the findings will fuel concerns that some parts of the country are becoming increasingly segregated.

    Segregation is not my concern, racial displacement is.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Isn’t that what Britain wanted? Why are schools with no whites a problem? Do telll

  • Mark

    White flight is an apportioned response to the violent crimes perpetrated against Europeans in areas which are euphemistically referred to as, ‘NO GO ZONES’

    There is something called freedom of association.

    • Room101

      The 1st Amendment is now “racist”.

      What we used to know as a “free country” has long ago slipped away into what it is now, and becoming, right before our eyes!

  • Barnaby Sutton

    The demographic disaster will show up in the children first. This is exactly to be expected.

    • Athling

      You are correct, Sir. The image below is no exaggeration. This is London, 2013…

      • Sq Beasley

        How sad. A handful of white kids remain after the brown invasion.

    • tough times ahead

      I am expecting the politically correct British government will start legalizing polygamy “as our sign of respect for diversity and our wonderful brown immigrant males” and then make it illegal for white British women to marry white men

      • rightrightright

        Polygamy is already de facto accepted. A muslim has a wife and kids. He divorces her. She gets social housing and a nice life on benefits. He marries wife no. 2 and has kids. He divorces her as well. She gets social housing and a nice life on benefits. He marries wife no. 3 – and so on and so forth.

        All parties regard themselves as still married according to their sharia law. He collects the benefit handouts from his wives. That is how it is done.

        • gemjunior

          It is so obvious how terribly we’ve been betrayed by those elected to represent our interests. This is such a Deliberate attempt to kill us off that I find it amazing that nobody does anything – even though most normal people whisper to each other that it’s not right – then they just go about their business. I also was in a fog about it all till recently, but I did always notice that things were so much nicer in my youth when there were so many less of them.
          How can we alert masses of whites that they are being exterminated? There must be a way.

  • libertarian 1234

    With Britain now in its second recession and unemployment climbing, it’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes them to reach the levels of Spain, Greece and Portugal.
    Those British cities that have large non-white populations are going to be bastions of chaos, violence and rioting when the government is going to be forced to invoke even greater austerity measures.
    Brit politicians and all the EU countries are kicking the can down the road as politicians do, hoping a miracle comes along that will save them from economic Armageddon, just as the US is doing by trying to print its way out of debt by creating more debt.
    But it will be to no avail. They’ll rue the day they EVER allowed the leftist dregs to gain control of their country and flood them with third world immigrants….again just as the US will as well.

  • stick a fork in us

    If the # of all-non-white schools double every 5 years, then what will happen roughly 50 years later from now?

    And can someone here tell the rest of us why England is changing much quicker than other European nations?

    • IstvanIN

      They import from the commonwealth nations.

    • KenelmDigby

      The New Labour administration of 1997-2010 dismantled all immigration controls Britain posessed whatsoever and instituted a true ‘open borders’ immigration regime just like the Wall Street and Journal and ‘The Economist’ magazine ordered.
      It really is as simple as that.

  • elreyjones

    The French and Germans and English must rise up and take their country back. What is happening is invasion. The Bolsheviks run the show and have in essence oppressed the natives. Demand a return of these nations to their indigenous peoples. Colonialism is over. In the USA millions of old line merican natives are buying guns and ammo. Can you blame them?

  • LHathaway

    “the findings will fuel concerns that some parts of the country are becoming increasingly segregated”.

    so the solution will be to import more non-whites into the country. Racism, in England? Import non-whites, so racism can be overcome.

  • LHathaway

    “45 per cent of ethnic minorities in England and Wales. . . live in areas where less than half the population is white British”.

    That means there are almost an equal number of whites who find themselves ‘minorities’ where they are living at in England.

  • Greg Thomas

    We don’t have to travel across the pond to find similar findings. There are entire districts
    here in California, with nothing but illegal invading mestizos and anchor babies.

  • rightrightright–hard-Britons-work-says-Mandelson.html

    Mandelsohn was one of Blair’s cabal of foreigners intent on destroying Britain – particularly England. Amazingly, the Marxist monster today owns up to what his party intentionally inflicted upon England which has directly led to White flight and the existence in England of schools sans the English (although we pick up the bills).

    Labour fobbed us off with the lie that we were a nation of immigrants and with threats of racism and bigotry, job loss and imprisonment directed at those who protested.

    Mandelsohn’s colleague Jack Straw (also foreign) declared that “the British are not worth saving as a race”. Apart from the not unimportant detail that the British comprise several unique races, this terrible statement strongly implies that Straw and his fellow communist beasts had contemplated the destruction of those he did not consider worth saving and chose to take that course.

    • KenelmDigby

      Only one quibble.
      In no way was Mandelson a ‘marxist’. Remember it was he he proudly boasted about that New Labour was ‘intensely relaxed’ about ‘indivuals getting extremely, filthy rich’.
      Also Mandelson a predatory and active (rather than passive) homosexual was involved in a bit of legalistic, ahem, jiggery-pokery, in bending the law so as to allow his teenaged Brazilian catamite to stay in the country.
      I know you shouldn’t stereotypa and judge by looks, but if you want to have a good idea of the generalized physignomy of an active child-abusing homosexual predator, look at a photo of Peter Mandelson.

  • UKIP is the only chance to stop this insane and treasenous immigration policy.

  • Paleoconn

    Basically, after the old Whites pass on, an idea of what England will look like 20-30-50 years from now.

    This is the end of White western civilization. These are our last decades.

    Our new Ark will be in Eastern Europe and Russia.

  • Whirlwinder

    And the Islamic invasion continues apace. Do not blame it on the Labor party. If Islam dominates England, they could care less about parties only in so far as they were aided in their conquest by some friendly idiots. England has been effectively divided and will be conquered as the conservatives battle the liberals and all of them spout socialists propaganda. Europe resisted Islam for thousands of years but now the elites do not even know who or what the enemy looks like. What a travesty.