Public Kid vs. Private Kid Divide in One New York Community Turns Dangerous

Daryl Khan, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, May 6, 2013

On the evening of April 23, the members of the the East Ramapo Central School District’s board passed, with a unanimous vote and a barely audible mumble of approval, next year’s budget. Frustrated parents shook their heads, with weary looks of resignation. “What about the private school cuts,” one woman shouted from the audience. One fact obvious to anyone who was there or who is familiar with politics in the western edge of Rockland County, just north of New York City in the Lower Hudson Valley is that the parents were all black and Latino and all but one of the members of the board were white, Orthodox Jewish men.

Nearly everyone in attendance agreed, the budget, even this one that included a fresh round of deep cuts to an already decimated system, was likely going to need fresh hacking by summer’s end. A significant chunk of this provisional budget was predicated on longshot money the board hopes to get from the statehouse in Albany. But no one realistically thinks these funds are coming, especially for a town whose mayor is consumed in a statewide corruption scandal and named in a federal indictment. That means fewer teachers, more overburdened administrators, less security, and the elimination of more sports, programs and a wide array of electives and clubs that the students praise.

April’s board meeting lacked much of the theater and civic fireworks that have distinguished recent meetings; the protests, the accusations of anti-Semitism, the symbolic show of the board members recusing themselves to the executive suite to outlast angry parents and students delivering fiery speeches to empty chairs. But it did retain one distinctive feature—the furtive, almost clandestine way people talk to one another after the meeting has been gaveled.

Some audience members gathered in small, tight circles in the back of the board room. Others slipped into the hallway and began to talk in hushed tones. Two words whispered like a warning in the hallway that evening were those of a Brooklyn neighborhood.

“Crown Heights,” said Robert Forrest, casting a glance down the corridor. “That’s what’s going to happen here. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet, honestly. This is little East Ramapo, not Brooklyn, not New York City. We don’t want that happening here. But if we keep taking everything from these kids that’s what we’re going to get. We’re waiting for Armageddon.”

Like many here active in the fight between those involved in the public schools and the religiously-dominated school board, Forrest, a candidate running in the May 21 school board election, said he does not wish for the violence. But when he looks at the cuts the school board has made—a board of Orthodox Jews who do not mirror the demographics of the children they serve (a mostly black and Latino school district)—he is one among many who worry that a perfect storm is brewing for a public safety catastrophe.

Ramapo, like most school districts in New York, is under tremendous financial strain. {snip} But Ramapo’s problems are also unique in the state. Here, a complicated set of circumstances brought about by a demographic split has allowed public money to pour into religious schools. In this community in the Lower Hudson Valley, some 21,000 private school students are from the Ultra Orthodox community, more than double the number of public school children in the district.

To understand how the members of a religious sect took control of the only majority black and Latino school district in all of Rockland County, one has to be aware of local demographics, little known loopholes in the law, and the anti-modernist tradition of the Hasidic community.

Because of state and federal law, if a child needs special education and the school district can not provide it, then public money must pay for the student to attend a different school that can provide those services. In Ramapo, the public schools can provide those services. But the Hasidic community argues that since their religion forbids them from sending their children to public schools (girls and boys cannot attend the same schools, for instance, let alone ride in the same school buses), the local school board needs to pick up the tab.

{snip} Since the [Orthodox] community has taken control of the board support for public schools and other services that serve public school children have been slashed. Leaders of the Hasidic community here argue that their children don’t need sports, or arts or music, so why do the public school children?

Legally, the state is only required to provide what is mandated. {snip}


Most parents, students and educators say those programs enrich education and attract students to school and, more importantly, keep them off the streets and involved in something where they are supervised. But, using the logic of austerity, the religiously-dominated board have slashed and gutted classes and programs, the last budget being only the most recent. {snip}

Yehuda Weissmandl, a Haisdic Jew who assumed leadership of the school board when his predecessor abruptly resigned last month, said the allegations that the religious dominated board redirects the money from public school children to the yeshivas is false.

“The biggest misconception that we have here is that we’re sticking our hands into the pockets of the public school kids and putting it in our childrens’ pockets,” he said. “That is not true and it is offensive. I give away lot of time to these children, time I should be spending with my children because I’m very passionate about these children.”

He said the blame lies with the calculation Albany uses to determine state aid. He said 76 percent of the children in East Ramapo qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, more than double the state average. But the state, since it only counts the 9,000 public school children in its calculation, funds them as if they were one of the wealthiest.

“We’re not poor,” he said. “We are very, very poor. Unfortunately we’re in the position where nothing else is left to be cut. We’re down to the skin and bone at this point.”


An Uncertain Present Haunted by a Violent Past

Crown Heights, a now rapidly gentrifying enclave in central Brooklyn, is a neighborhood whose name became code for ethnic, racial and religious strife in New York City. In August 1991, riots broke out in the streets of Crown Heights when a Guyanese boy Gavin Cato, 7, was killed after an accident involving the motorcade of a Hasidic Rebbe. The accident, the boy’s death, and long simmering tensions between the Caribbean and Hasidic communities precipitated in three days of violence, beatings, looting and destruction. An Israeli flag was burned, Hasidic homes were damaged, and hundreds were injured. Yankel Rosenbaum, a Hasidic man, was stabbed and beaten to death by a group of black men. 

What people fear here is Crown Heights with a twist. They worry that the teenagers in the public school system, after witnessing their social safety net slashed by a religiously-dominated majority on the school board, will turn to violence as a solution to the problems for which the intractable racially and religiously tainted politics here has had no answer.

This small-town clash of civilizations has been described by many as a “civil war,” one where the black and Latino students are the victims. {snip}

“That’s a huge concern for us,” said Spring Valley Police Chief Paul Modica. “My biggest fear is that they’ll cut all these programs and the kids will have nothing. We’re a village of working class families. These parents they’re working two, three jobs to make ends meet. You’re going to have a situation where these kids are going to have nothing better to do than roam the streets.”

Spring Valley is one of 17 police jurisdictions in the state that is responsible for 80 percent of the violent crime that occurs outside of New York City. Most of the children affected by the cuts live in Spring Valley, Modica said.


Two Sides and No One Is Listening

As of now, with the two sides incapable of even listening to one another, there is little confidence that anything can be done to avert it. A number of lawsuits—federal, state and local—are wending their way through the legal systems, and other state agency reviews of the situation are underway. Activists have appealed to the state to take emergency action and replace the school board. Those, however, are a long way off from any resolution and the emergency facing the town’s children, observers say, is urgent.


Rabbi Mayer Schiller, a member of the Hasidic community, said he is keenly aware of how the relations in town have deteriorated as the battle over the school board has coarsened feelings between the Hasidic community and the other residents in the working class villages that make up Ramapo.

“There is so much fear and suspicion on both sides,” he said from the doorway of his synagogue, Rachmistrivka, housed in a multi-family dwelling that sits in a cul de sac. “The residents here, they inhabit different worlds. The challenge is to preserve our identity without denying the identity of the other. It is a real conundrum.” 


The differences between the residents here run deeper than houses of worship, or the study of sacred texts. They are granular and work their way into every aspect of life. Haitian barber shops and Central American markets butt up against Kosher pizzerias and markets. At bus stops, clusters of Hispanic families wait for a bus while 50 yards away, Hasidic families in their conservative garb, wait for a separate bus. Even a glance at the architecture of a health clinic will reveal which residents it serves. The differences are sharp but ubiquitous.

The divisions reveal themselves even in the use of language. Residents use a shorthand of the “public kids” and the “private kids,” to demarcate the black and Latino children from the Hasidic children. There are separate newsletters filled with tips for children, one for public school parents and one for non-public school parents.

“We live two separate lives, we live in two separate worlds,” Arnold Cruz, a sophomore at Spring Valley High School, said of the Hasidic and Hispanic and black residents in Ramapo. “There’s like a boundary that divides us. It’s not official, it’s not one you’ll find on a map, but you can feel it. It’s one everyone knows.”


What has happened here defies the normal narrative about minorities and majorities. For about the last 15 years, Ramapo and its constituent villages have been populated by different branches of the Haredi community, the most conservative branch of Judaism, also described as Ultra Orthodox Hasidic Jews, and their 20,000 students. The community prizes insularity, and view diversity as a threat to their worldview instead of a pleasant civic buzzword.


Separate and Unequal

On the other side are immigrant families and their 9,000 children who see the education system as at the heart of their aspirations to becoming part of the American fabric. This collision of worldviews, one that many on both sides say is irreconcilable, has led to a fight for political control of the local school board, and subsequently for the future of a generation of poor mostly black and Latino children here. 

In January of this year the last two remaining non-Orthodox members of the board resigned in protest, citing intimidation from their fellow board members as a reason for their sudden departure. {snip}

Willie Trotman, president of the Spring Valley chapter of the NAACP, has worked with Cohen since 2002. They have worked side by side in the effort to remove the board, reform the school system, and restore the programs to the children here. But Trotman does not share his colleagues’ empathy for the Hasidic community. He sees the battle for the schools in stark, unequivocal terms.

“This is about segregation,” he said. “This about a system that is separate and becoming more and more unequal. I think it’s the Hasidic community versus the rest of the world.”


“If you want to put your kids in a private school fine, but we fight for public education because of Brown versus the Board of Education,” he said. “They’re unjust to their kids by not allowing them to become part of America. You just can’t become part of Monsey,” he said referring to the mostly Hasidic village, “and not part of America and then expect America to pay for that. That diversity is what America thrives on.”


“Their kids, the private kids, and our kids, they’re the same amount of American, you know,” said Elsa Palma, in Spanish from behind a glass counter filled with cosmetics. “We’re in America. Everyone deserves a chance.”

She says the two communities need to come together, but in recent years the tension has grown and the resentment has started to harden. Attempts to mediate the two sides have ended with failure. Now communication between the two sides is limited to angry exchanges at the public meetings and little else.


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  • blarg

    They have their own police forces too, and other stuff.

    • sbuffalonative

      I know. If this was a southern town, the FBI and the Justice Department would shut down this community in a heartbeat.

    • jay11

      And their own ambulance services…and bus services too!

    • The__Bobster

      And their own parking spots.

      Brooklyn Hasids ‘move’ no-parking sign, squeezing out city bus stop
      Last Updated: 10:13 AM, May 5, 2013
      Posted: 12:09 AM, May 5, 2013

      Let my people go . . . on the bus.

      A furious bus driver says two Hasidic scofflaws have moved a city no-parking sign, cementing it into the sidewalk in front of a Williamsburg yeshiva — and squeezing out an MTA bus stop.

      “There was no way I could park at the bus stop,” fumed Jamar Perry, who spied the sign heist on Franklin Avenue while driving the B48.

      “Two Jewish guys were moving the pole. I saw them resetting it. They had fresh cement and made it look professionally done.”

      The relocated sign stands about 30 feet from the bus stop on Franklin just north of Flushing Avenue. It prevents cars from parking in front of Yeshiva Bnos Ahavas Israel so the religious school’s yellow buses can illegally park at the curb.

  • joegoofinoff

    Here in the people’s republic of new jersey, we have Lakewood. Same thing as East Ramapo. The Orthodox Jews here are and have been doing the same thing to the blacks and hispanics for years. There’s nothing new under the sun. But, maybe the black and hispanics will get violent. That’s the only thing they can do. Otherwise, they’re out of their league trying to outwit the Jews.

    • The blacks would be outwited vs a chihuahua

      • Morris LeChat

        or even Feivel

    • Morris LeChat

      The blacks and hispanics are not contributing ANY money in the form of taxes to the school system in the first place. I think it is great that they are getting what they deserve- NOTHING!

      • StillModerated

        Most of the hasidim are not contributing to society either. They are as parasitic as any other group that refuses to assimilate. They too, are on welfare, WIC, etc. They only rely on Jewish doctors, though

  • smells_just_like

    The Diversities have boundaries? Finally, Whites should start learning something useful from Diversity.

    • sbuffalonative

      We know all the solutions. We’re just not allowed to implement them for OUR people.

      • smells_just_like

        Anthony Jacob in White Man, Think Again! explained why.

        Cambria Will Not Yield wordpress reminds us why every Saturday morning about 9 am EST.

        • bebe

          I go to that site daily. It gives me rest to know who we really are.

          • smells_just_like

            Don’t rest.

  • So CAL Snowman

    It’s just one giant Mafia at this point.

    • josh

      She is just a disgusting pile of steaming crap;a sleazy psycho crackpot–but listen to the white women scream with joy for their hero,Hillary!!

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Always has been…

  • So CAL Snowman

    So basically what you are saying is that if White people want to have all White schools we need to pretend that we are Jewish or something like that? I think that this is a great idea.

    • sbuffalonative

      Maybe that’s the answer. Maybe we need to become ‘cryto-Christians’ and to pretend to be Jewish in public.

      • John D

        I’d gladly have my kids pretend that rather than attend with the “public school” kids. Or better yet, just start our own new crypto-religion with special edicts and rituals that public schools cannot provide for, for the purpose of creating our own “private” schools. Why not? People are going to start getting real creative to save their kids from the “public school kids” mayhem, and who can blame them?

    • Robert Binion

      Are you saying that we Rebs would have to imbibe less and kvetch more?

      • So CAL Snowman

        Ha ha! yes and you should probably have a good Matzah Ball soup recipe on hand – just in case.

      • Erasmus

        Sure, but how are we going to get our women to grow moustaches?

  • Drew

    The problem is that school is an unnatural environment for most colored people. We are stressing them by putting them in a place where they feel very uncomfortable. No amount of goodies or increasing share of dwindling resources will appease their frustration.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      This is definitely true. I’ve always thought that black and Hispanic teenage violence and promiscuity levels could be slightly lowered by not corralling hundreds or thousands of minority teenagers in one building every day.

      It’s an incredibly bizarre and unnatural environment for any race of children or teenagers, but for violent and low-IQ ones especially.

  • StillModerated

    Jews need to go to separated schools. One would not want rabbis to molest unclean gentiles would one? This from only a couple of months ago — and the very same district no less. How quickly we forget.

  • guest

    It’s easy to proclaim multiculturalism and diversity as our greatest strengths when you’re not being forced to accept them like everyone else.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Many Hasidic Jewish students who go to private schools have that paid for with public money from the local school district.

    From the article:“Because of state and federal law, if a child needs special education and the school district can not provide it, then public money must pay for the student to attend a different school that can provide those services. In Ramapo, the public schools can provide those services. But the Hasidic community argues that since their religion forbids them from sending their children to public schools (girls and boys cannot attend the same schools, for instance, let alone ride in the same school buses), the local school board needs to pick up the tab.”

    This is why that woman was worried about cuts. Her child probably goes to a private school on the taxpayer’s dollar.

    • After having read the article a second time, I finally got that. That said, where are the church-state separation fanatics on this issue? And they’re right to be mad, because public money shouldn’t be used to subsidize religious/parochial school tuition because it invites the former control of the latter eventually and in one way or another.

      Though to my own question, I have a suspicion about the answer.

      • Well, those fanatics are NOT for synagogue-state separation, only church-state. And the Jews are using the ‘special needs’ laws to their full advantage. Certainly in their eyes, their children have special educational needs that a public school cannot meet. This is exactly why we need to ditch public indoctrination centres. Public monies (stolen from taxpayers) are ripe for abuse and misdirection.

        • 1gravity

          Special Needs should not require catering to religious sensitivities, Jewish or otherwise. The whole thing is a scam. If the Orthodox community wants a separate school system, let it be on its dime, or not at all.

          • Gаviո. ℮v℮ո tհοugհ сurtiѕ`ѕ с0mm℮ոt  iѕ ѕurpriѕiոg… lаѕt w℮dո℮ѕdаy I  bοugհt а ո℮w Jаguаr ℮-typ℮ аft℮r ℮аrոiոg  $8676 tհiѕ – fiv℮ w℮℮κѕ pаѕt аոd-juѕt οv℮r,  $10,000 tհiѕ pаѕt-mοոtհ. witհ-οut аոy qu℮ѕtiοո itѕ tհ℮ ոiс℮ѕt-wοrκ I հаv℮ ℮v℮r հаd. I асtuаlly ѕtаrt℮d 9-mοոtհѕ аgο аոd prасtiсаlly ѕtrаigհt  аwаy gοt mοr℮ tհаո  $81.. p℮r-հr. I uѕ℮ tհ℮ d℮tаilѕ οո tհiѕ  w℮b-ѕit℮,

          • ageofknowledge

            On their dime? So you’re admitting that they shouldn’t be taxed for public schools at all then if they elect to opt out and spend their money on private education for their children.

          • 1gravity

            Not even close. Opting out of the public school system does not now excuse payment of taxes to support the public school system. Whether it should is another matter not addressed in my comment.

      • ATBOTL

        I believe one of the scams they use is to class many of their children as disabled then using that as an excuse to funnel government money to their schools in general, because the government is obligated to pay for “disabled” children’s education, even in private schools. No doubt many of the “disabled” children are not really disabled and much of the money goes to things other than what it’s supposed to.

        BTW, this behavior, scamming and exploiting the surrounding population to finance super high birth rates, is what Jews did in Eastern Europe.

        • Juggernaut3000

          Excellent comment. I read the article carefully and was waiting for a breakdown of per pupil spending which I didn’t see. “Disabled” children suck up 3X more money than non-disabled students.

          How they got ALL their children labeled as disabled and how they get to keep themselves separate needs to be ferreted out. Nevertheless, kudos to Juvenile Justice Information Exchange for publishing this. It will never be vetted in the msm.

          • Erasmus

            If you intermarry your cousins for 20 generations and more because it’s HaShem’s will(*cough, cough*), then there are certainly going to be some genetic diseases coming out. How many there are in this case, however, I do not know.

          • saxonsun

            Frankly, a lot of these kids don’t look right.

          • Erasmus

            No one whose parents are also his 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins looks right.

            Most chassidic sects are, in fact, cults in every sense of the word.

        • Gunrunner1

          It is what they do everywhere

      • saxonsun

        No one’s going to go after Orthodox Jews, and here in NYC, they basically have the freedom to do what they want.

  • dd121

    Less money for black “education”. As Hillary Clinton would say, “what difference does it make”?

  • sbuffalonative

    Funny how some people are allowed the privilege of insulating themselves from the rest of the population.

  • StillModerated

    OK, having read all the links; I’ve reached a conclusion. Minority schools should teach nothing but sex ed., basketball and rap music. If the tawny residents of Spring Valley were as smart as these tribesmen, they’d form an AME enclave and demand special treatment from both Albany and Washington. They could be poorer that the residents of New Square by all going on welfare, building mud huts, and setting fires. Gnome sane?

  • gemjunior

    I wish they would all go back to Israel; I thought that was what they wanted all along? In fact one of their sayings is “God willing, we’ll meet next year in Israel.” I really wanted to laugh when the guy said he was really, really poor. So poor they can’t afford those private buses and all that stuff. BTW, they used our taxes – the public taxes from people in Rockland county – to build a special fancy spa for their women’s ritual after they have a baby. The Hasidics occupy a couple of neighborhoods in Rockland and of course with their separation there are some discontents – that’s inevitable when you’re trying to take money out of the public till and then declare it’s for private use – Jews Only. I wonder if that’s why people resent Jews?

    • josh

      Its ONE reason. Kind of like asking,”Why do people resent blacks?” In both cases,its “Pull up a chair…”

    • Morris LeChat

      I’d rather send the hispanics back to meh-hee-koh, and the negores back to aff-reek-kah

    • Erasmus

      Among some taking money and property from the goyim is considered not only acceptable but a mitzvah, a good deed.

      • saxonsun

        And yet another: these men avoid brushing up against non-Jewish women but hire gentile (“shiksa”) prostitutes.

  • Jane Johnson

    Isn’t he that Egyptian rapper? By the way…go Gowdy!

    • Egyptian rapper, Libyan city…what difference does it make? After all, dying is a part of living. And also…it’s the YouTube video’s fault.

      • Jane Johnson

        What difference indeed. Huge difference if one of those dead Americans had been a Clinton (pick one).

  • bigone4u

    Next week or next year when riots, burnings, and murders break out in a place called Ramapo, a place I never heard of living in Texas, I’ll understand why the violence occurred and why America is so balkanized. Three groups of people who refuse to truly assimilate, blacks, browns, and Jews, fought over a huge pile of money provided through taxes by ordinary white Americans. Those ordinary white Americans are the SUCKERS for providing the money in the first place. Let the Jews pay for their “special” schools out of their own pockets or go to the public schools. Let the public schools provide a level of education that blacks and browns can absorb, covering basics with no frills. Let whites off the hook so that they can can take care of their own children, who are capable of learning.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    J*ws are nuisance. But 3rd worlders are beyond nuisance. You can convert a Joo & he’s still a white: no such things possible with coloreds. Race is destiny.

  • josh

    I wonder if WE could sometime wake up and stand up to these parasites,who hate us,and stop worshipping them?

  • Luca

    “But the Hasidic community argues that since their religion forbids them from sending their children to public schools (girls and boys cannot attend the same schools, for instance, let alone ride in the same school buses), the local school board needs to pick up the tab.”

    This gives me quite an idea. Perhaps we need to form a new religion that forbids, race mixing, affirmative action, sending children to public school and living near people we deem to be a threat to us or our religion. If the Orthodox Jews can pull this stunt, why not someone else?

    The Mormons were pretty close to this but gave in to political correctness pressure.

    • Ella

      We can claim to be Mennonites or Amish who happen to have larger families. They’re exempt from paying Federal taxes to this govt….that would be a joy in itself. They have separate schools too much like the Hasidic Jews, except they don’t drain the public schools to achieve their own ends.

    • Morris LeChat

      I think you are EXTREMELY CLOSE to the REAL remedy for the white man’s current problems. A new form of christianity with a new dogma that is based on a racial identity. A theology that holds that whites were created by gGod for a reason, and that race mixing is wrong, and that whites should have their own nation states. Call it White Zionism,or Euro-christianism. I think the institution of fatherhood and the family, dominated by the male, should be a fundamental pillar of this religion. This would make it similar to the Amish, to the “Old Believers” of Russia, to the Mennonites, to the Mormons. Groups that have religions that clearly define the family as a male dominated institution, and where the natural authority of men is recognized and protected, are groups that survive. Male children should be segregated from females and taught only by males, to protect them from the insanity of females that creates liberals.The Amish double their number every generation. The modern white, that sends it’s young males to schools to be dominated by silly women and that sends it’s females to college and careers, is dying out.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        The powers that be would never let it become a religion. They would refer to it as a “cult” and then go Waco on it.

        • Luca

          Perhaps you are right in that the NWO elite’progressives will not allow or tolerate racism in religion just as they will not allow human sacrifice or polygamy. Because for them “racism” is a much bigger crime than murder.

          So how about this? A religion that accepts everyone who accepts the religions rules, such as: no tolerance for crime, no tolerance of laziness, all members are responsible for their actions, no drug use, no drunkenness, no physical violence, no homosexuality and marriages must be condoned by the congregation. Violators can be expelled.

          Members can tithe as much as they want and the church will keep a record, therefore when the IRS comes knocking you can show receipts for giving 50% of your income to the church. However, the church in return will help members by giving that money back in the form of charity, food, gasoline, interest free loans, private schools, etc.

          While on it’s face the religion says it accepts “All God’s Children” we reserve the right to cast out “Satan’s spawn” and those who are simply evil and break the rules. We have no illusions about unconditional forgiveness or rehabilitation like Christianity does. Not only are those who commit crimes expelled but they are turned over to the authorities. In our religion you must pass a thorough background check and be approved before you can be admitted.

          Let me think on this.

          • bebe

            Don’t forget NO interracial mixing, period., SEGREGATION forever.

          • Luis

            Heck, Bob Jones University and the Goldsboro Christian Schools espoused the same thing, at the time when Reagan ran for president in 1980, and were denounced for it.

          • captainc

            sounds like Islam…

      • Luca

        It can start with a community and build into a nation. I think I’m getting some Divine Intervention here. Hmm… an awareness? A revelation? An epiphany?

    • me

      What a great idea! All we need is the resolve to do it, some great lawyers, some great spin doctors/publicity experts, and a great amount of ‘chutzpah’. Of course, the feds and the alphabet groups like the NAACP, the ADL, the SPLC, et al, will come after us full force–but that’s when we legally, and without hesitation or wavering of resolve, invoke our Constitutional rights under the current laws. We could probably get the ACLU and other groups to defend us in our quest for self-determination.

    • bebe

      Perhaps we need to form a new religion that forbids, race mixing,
      affirmative action, sending children to public school and living near
      people we deem to be a threat to us or our religion. If the Orthodox
      Jews can pull this stunt, why not someone else?

      We as Whites do have that religion, it is called Christendom, only most White Christians have been duped and brainwashed and lied to, into believing that all belongs to another “peoples”….

  • brengunn

    I’m sure that the Hasidic Jewish board will have the best interests of the public school children at heart and will in no way be tempted to allocate extra funds to private Hasidic schools from the public purse. Absolutely not. No chance.

    I think there needs to be a hostile takeover of the school board.

  • Unperson

    So the town of Ramapo, NY, we are told, has a population consisting of latinos, American blacks, Haitians, and Orthodox Jews. Do you suppose it contains any white Americans, or have they all evacuated by now?

    • bubo

      I was wondering that myself. I would imagine they are long gone.

      • me

        White Flight….

  • John D

    The real question is does the private school get more money per pupil than the public school does. If not, the whole argument is bull; just typical NAM carping about not getting special treatment. And why the concern about “kids” being on the streets if funds are cut. If the kids had basic decency, mere free time (what, an extra hour, or at most two in the afternoon if they’re involved in sports or band, or whatnot?) would not translate into extra mayhem. The Hasidim kids don’t have any of those extra-curricular activities and they’re not committing mayhem because of the extra free time, because they basic decency instilled in them, and exercising restraint in their behavior is simply the norm. They are admitting that the Black and Hispanic kids lack the ability to behave in a civilized manner. It’s quite pathetic. Per usual, the Blacks and Hispanics need to be treated as “special needs” kids to the detriment of society at large.

    Racial problems are going to get worse really soon; each successive year becoming worse, as a tipping point is reached and the host is overwhelmed by parasites. It’s just a matter of how soon. I’d say within 10 years.

    “What’s good for the tick is not good for the dog” as a wise man once said.

  • jay11

    “Their kids, the private kids, and our kids, they’re the same amount of American, you know,” said Elsa Palma, in Spanish from behind a glass counter filled with cosmetics.

    – Umm, no. As a descendant of Jamestown and Plymouth settlers, I’m the American. Spanish speakers, extremist jews, blacks from the Caribbean etc, none of my forefathers, who made this country, would have ever thought of them as ‘Americans.’ There I said it. An American is a white person descended from the people who created a nation called “America” which is the home of mixed Europeans who blended together to create a distinct society with its own values, culture and traditions.

    Looking around at Cinco de Mayo celebrations at Target, Caribbean festivals in the Bronx, kwanzaa, Diwali in Queens, kenyans in the white house, orthodox jews in giant shawls and 18th century polish clothes…I just fail to see the ‘American’ in any of that!

    • me


    • bebe

      An American is a white person descended from the people who created a
      nation called “America” which is the home of mixed Europeans who blended
      together to create a distinct society with its own values, culture and


      Yes, sir. They are called the Tribes Of Israel. They are Israelites, not Israelis. That is why we White Euros can assimilate with each other. That is what was meant as, One out of many or many out of one……. We are of the same RACE.

    • pcmustgo

      Jews, 50% of whom married out, and most whom are NOT hasidic or orthodox, are now a part of that “mixed european” bag. We’re white too.

      • jay11

        I don’t think there’s any problem with a white person being part jewish. I’m part English, Swedish and ten other things. The blending is the magic that created “Americans.” I think readers object to those ‘members of the tribe’ who seem to want to dilute what it means to be American by having an undue allegiance to a foreign nation far away. Jews or blended jews are always welcome, as long as they are Americans first and want to uphold American values. Plenty of such patriotic jews were heroes in the American military in WWII for example. That’s all we ask of anyone, even legal immigrants from other parts of the world: be loyal to the nation and its ideals. Michelle Malkin is as American to me as anyone else, and she’s Asian, but she realized the worth of an American philosophy and supports it.

        • PesachPatriot

          Thank you…my mother’s family has been in this country for 90 some years, my dad was born in Israel, I’m fully jewish on both sides but look pretty white….I was born here and grew up speaking english and had mostly non-jewish white american friends. I believe in the first and second amendments as much as anyone on this board. I am a non-dual citizen and always looked up to and admired the important white historical figures(although I thought a lot of the indian chiefs were pretty cool too).

      • Jefferson

        I think a lot of the darker Mediterranean looking Jewish women like Kira Soltanovich and Sophia Winkleman for example, are very attractive.

        Are you the darker Jew type or are you a Nordic looking Jew like Gwyneth Paltrow ?

  • Jaego

    Hasids are Orthodox Jews and as such don’t consider Non Jews to be human. It’s an insane situation to let them have any kind of public office.

    • Cocco Bongo

      Thats a fairly profound statement. Where did you get that from? I would like to read up on that.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Almost every religious text has something in it along the lines of “if a person isn’t one of us, they are bad”.

        Just like biological evolution, this is obviously needed for a religion to survive. If you don’t try to convert your neighbors they will be trying to convert you.

      • Juggernaut3000

        The Talmud.

        • ProWhite son of Jacob

          Really? Actually no. The Talmud calls Gentiles “Bnei Adam.” This is Hebrew for, “sons of Man.” Unless Adam was “non-human”… (Which isn’t true), then no.

          However, some confusion arises for those who do not understand Hebrew. “HaAdam” or “Bnei Adam” means “mankind.” A specific group of humans is often referred to as “Adam”–which means Man. But Adam is different from ha’Adam, the same way Man is different from Mankind. The Talmud talks about people of Judah at one point, and specifies them as a group of Adam–or people. It doesn’t mean there aren’t other Adam… Because it is stated perfectly at other times that everyone is “Bnei Adam.” People who read this are just often largely illiterate in Hebrew. That actually goes for most criticisms against the Talmud. They’re typically founded in illiteracy. Although that is understandable, as Hebrew isn’t exactly a simple language.
          Just in case any are curious concerning these matters:

          Anyway, to keep it relevant. I personally don’t know how I feel about the Hasids, since they typically dislike everyone who isn’t Hasidic–which goes for Jews as well. Being Jewish won’t make them like you. As far as they are often concerned, they attended a different Mount Sinai somewhere in Poland. However, I am not personally offended if funds are siphoned by them from blacks and Latinos. Firstly, they need more than money… The kind of help they need isn’t really solved by throwing funds at it. Although I don’t really know what the Hasids will do with it… They are essentially Amish, and they aren’t really using the money for anything. What is somewhat amusing is that it almost seems as if they just don’t want the blacks and Latinos to have it.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            Too complicated for average 3 brain cells AmRenner ….

            It’s not Talmud, but Hebrew Kabbalah that denies full humanity to Gentiles.

          • me

            Better to have 3 brain cells than your lonely one brain cell. Bardon, you constantly amuse me with your Dunning–Kruger effect disorder.
            “It’s not Talmud, but Hebrew Kabbalah that denies full humanity to Gentiles.” And that’s okay because….? It should be pointed out that this warped view is not only in the occult Kabbalah, but also in the Talmud. So, you’re lying again–what a surprise….

          • Ingsoc

            3 brain cell AmRenner like you. You are wrong, as usual.

            From the Talmud:

            Only Jews are human. [Gentiles] are animals. (Baba Mezia 114a-114b)

            For murder, whether of a Cuthean [Gentile] by a Cuthean, or of an Israelite by a Cuthean, punishment is incurred; but of a Cuthean by an Israelite, there is no death penalty. (sanhedrin 57a.)

            Even the best of the [Gentiles] should be killed. (Babylonian Talmud Abodah Zara 26b).

            Gentile flesh is as the flesh of asses and whose issue is like the issue of horses.

            All Gentile children are animals (Yebamoth 98a)

            Gentiles prefer sex with cows. )Abodah Zarah 22a-22b)

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            You mean the difference between “ruach” and “nefesh.” It doesn’t say Bnei Adam do not have a soul–or humanity, it just says that people who know God and obey God have a higher soul.

            In the context of the times, that meant Jews–because this was before Islam and Christianity existed.

            Also, this ties in with animal sacrifice… The symbolism of killing an animal for God, represents the self-sacrifice of all our human animal natures. When a Hebrew killed an animal, it was said he was visualizing and understanding the need to control our base-like and animal inclinations, and submit ourselves instead to God and the promise of having a more “advanced soul.”

            Since this reasoning for animal sacrifice is unique, the Kabbalah does indeed suggest people who don’t do what God says to do in the Torah, act more animalistic. But it’s not because they are “Gentiles.” Gentiles can, after all, convert.

            Rabbi Meir and Onkelos were both Roman aristocrats that converted. Both of them worked on the Talmud. Concerning the complaint of the Talmud… If the Talmud is “anti-Gentile,” then why were these two famous and respected “Gentiles” writers and compilers in it.

            And so too for the Kabbalah… If it was truly anti-Gentile, then why did Sir Isaac Newton write so much in it? Newton is known principally for Calculus and gravity, but what is largely unknown is that the majority of his work was actually done in Kabbalistic writings. Now, nobody would ever say Newton was a somehow “subhuman” for being a highly spiritual man. Quite the contrary, the point of spiritual “supremacy” is a largely theological point. Newton would have been, by Kabbalah standards, a Jew.
            None of this has anything to do with humanity though. The discussion involves spiritual, not biological, concepts. Jews didn’t consider themselves to be biologically distinct but rather spiritually distinct. It doesn’t mean others aren’t human…. Everyone is “human,” but not everyone believes in striving to understand God and raising their soul to His presence.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            You know very well it’s unacceptable. Most ancient civilizations have some notion of “true self” of “divine self”: Hindus got Atman, Buddhists got Buddha-Nature (Buddhata), Chinese got Original Nature (Hsing), Greeks got Daimon, Romans got Genius, Hermeticists got Nous or Angel Christ (when Christians) or Perfect Nature (when Muslims)… only Hebrew Kabbalists, to this day, deny spiritual equality of human beings. Unacceptable.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            I was under the impression that the founding tenant of Samsara was spiritual inequality and hierarchy. Not all souls are developed enough to reach Nirvana. Karma is not equal, therefore spiritual experience is not equal, according to the Bhagavad Gita. Since not everyone behaves the same way, and everyone has different action and Dharma, there is fundamental inequality.
            This analogy would be consistent with evolutionary hierarchy. If inequality didn’t exist, alpha-mammals would not rise to the top to lead groups in Nietzschean Wille zur Macht. Ultimately, we are going to likely disagree on this point, because I am highly Nietzschean in my outlook.

          • Bardon Kaldian

            Every human being possesses indestructible inner self, and this has nothing to do with karma, samsara etc. I could recommend tons of bokns, but Assagioli’s psychosynthesis, so far the best map of man, should suffice: Supreme Self is roughly equivalent to Neshamah, Nous, Daimon, Atman, Christ, Buddha nature,…

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            It is that way in Kabbalah as well. In Genesis, Elohim breathed life and soul into Adam. This is the divine spark that makes humans in the image of Elohim. It is said that when we attempt to come to the source of our sentience–Yhvh–we “raise” our souls upon “proximity” to God. What is the controversy here?

          • bebe

            In the context of the times, that meant Jews–because this was before Islam and Christianity existed.

            Really? Jews? They were HEBREWS, the Bible never called Abraham a “jew” nor David nor any of the others…Maybe someone inserted that word “jew” in the mistranslations along the line somewhere? Read REV.3:9 sometime.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            Alright, yes. “Jew” is a translation from the French “Juif” which ultimately comes from Latin, “Juda.” In other words, people who are from that specific tribe. Technically, David was a Jew/Judan, but Abraham wasn’t.
            Nevertheless, I’m using the English language and not everyone, such as yourself, understands the distinctions between the different words.

          • Ingsoc

            Really? From the Talmud:

            Only Jews are human. [Gentiles] are animals. (Baba Mezia 114a-114b)

            For murder, whether of a Cuthean [Gentile] by a Cuthean, or of an Israelite by a Cuthean, punishment is incurred; but of a Cuthean by an Israelite, there is no death penalty. (sanhedrin 57a.)

            Even the best of the [Gentiles] should be killed. (Babylonian Talmud Abodah Zara 26b).

            Gentile flesh is as the flesh of asses and whose issue is like the issue of horses.

            All Gentile children are animals (Yebamoth 98a)

            Gentiles prefer sex with cows. (Abodah Zarah 22a-22b)

          • Bardon Kaldian
          • PesachPatriot

            Gee, primitive tribal bronze age desert people wrote a few not so nice things about the assyrians,phillistines jebusites, canaanites, persians, arabs, egyptians that surrounded them and tried to kill them thousands of years ago…most gentiles I have known definitely do not prefer sex with cows and i’m pretty sure that the gentile children that go to the little gym with my kid aren’t animals(unless one takes the darwinian view that all humans are just highly evolved animals)….

            every religious text that has ever been written has some crazy stuff in it…yes, the talmud does say some outlandish stuff but how many of even the most orthodox jews go out and act on it by “killing the best of the gentiles”….I doubt even the most rabid stormfronter is worried about jews doing home invasions in their neighborhood or raping their daughters. If this stuff was taken seriously how is it that every year thousands of white christian americans, canadians, europeans and australians visit ancient holy land churches which haven’t been destroyed and have a great time?

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            Except, as my link points out, the passages you listed either do not exist in the Talmud, or they were falsified in the English translation to fit a specific agenda. An agenda which is not apparent in the Hebrew writ. Yebamoth doesn’t say that. Abodah Zarah doesn’t say Gentiles prefer sex with cows or that they should be killed. Internet sites that don’t like the Talmud typically make that accusation knowing the Internet reader is never going to actually verify the truth of the accusation. Either because the site writers claim to be experts in Hebrew… Or whatever it may be.

            There is one passage that states this:

            “[Exodus 14:5-7 “It was told to the king of Egypt that the people had
            fled; and the heart of Pharoah and his servants became transformed
            regarding the people, and they said, ‘What is this that we have done
            that we have sent away Israel from serving us?’ He harnessed his chariot and attracted his people with him.] He took six hundred elite chariots [and all the chariots of Egypt, with officers on them all.”] From whom were the animals that drove the chariots? If you say they were from Egypt, doesn’t it say (Exodus 9:6) “and all the livestock of Egypt died [from the fifth plague]”? If you say they were from Pharoah, doesn’t it say (Exodus 9:3) “[Moses said to Pharoah]: Behold, the hand of G-d is on your livestock that are in the field”? If you say they were from the Jews, doesn’t it say (Exodus 10:26) “And our livestock, as well, will go with us- not a hoof will be left”? Rather from whom were they, from the Egyptians who feared G-d [and were not affected by the plagues]. We now see that the livestock of the G-d-fearers that escaped the plague caused great hardship for the Jews [by being used for chariots to pursue them]. From here R. Shimon [ben Yochai] said: Kill [even] the good among the gentiles.”

            It’s not “Gentiles.” It’s talking about Egyptians. According to Exodus, God went through and killed the first born, and indeed, ultimately many other Egyptians, in an attempt to free the Israelites. You don’t have to believe Exodus if you don’t want to, but the observation of this rabbi was that God wasn’t looking for “good” and “bad” Egyptians. In this instance, Egyptians were being killed regardless of righteousness, so that God could enact a specific outcome, through Moses, with admittedly harrowing consequences. The rabbi’s observation is technically accurate. The Egyptians were killed even if they were good. Some argue that the actions of God in Exodus represent a different perspective on “Sodom and Gemorrah”–where it was argued for God to spare the city if it contained even 10 righteous men (whether they were Gentile or not). The Talmud doesn’t say to kill Gentiles anymore than the Torah does. And in this case, it is God doing the killing anyway.

            Concerning Gentile “flesh”… That passage doesn’t exist. I assume your “source” was talking about a passage which relates a story where a Jew called some random person a donkey. The person gets mad and wants to kill the Jew (he’s probably an Arab). Actually, what the Talmud suggests is that you shouldn’t call people donkeys unless you are prepared to fight. Passages like this are relating events that actually happened–it’s ancient-era journalism. I don’t know how it was mistranslated, but I am not remotely surprised.

            Now, I don’t know how this turned into a Talmudic debate, but you are never going to win a Talmudic debate in the comments section here… Because I am not illiterate, I know what has been made up about it, and I have actually read much the Talmud as opposed to Internet sites that invent tractates that simply don’t exist in real life.

            Now if you wanted to argue the relevancy of the Talmud in the 21st century, that’s something else entirely. And that is a valid argument. I can see how some aspects of Judaism are arguably irrelevant (thus the relevancy of the “modern orthodox” movement, and others). Because today, “wild west” justice is likely unreasonable. You don’t have to kill someone who is coming to kill you, but rather you can alert authorities. Vigilantism is also, currently, frowned upon–but there’s nothing adamantly against being a vigilante in the Talmud–and carrying out biblical justice, sometimes irrespective of the law. Valid criticisms are always welcome, but don’t bother “quoting” passages that don’t exist. Find the ones that do exist, and start from there.

  • Laika, The Space Dog

    This is a community in need of a large shipment of Somali and Burmese refugees to add diversity and even things out.
    Remember, diversity is our strength.

  • anarchyst

    I see my comment was deleted. . . The TRUTH is sometimes unpleasant . . .
    Shame on you, moderator . . . It is easy to see where some of your support is coming from . . . and it certainly isn’t from American citizens . . . the influence from Tel Aviv on Amren is powerful and pervasive . . .
    Once again, shame on you . . .

  • smells_just_like

    It’s impossible to overstate the extent to which the diversity ideology has encroached upon UC’s collective psyche and mission. No administrator, no regent, no academic dean or chair can open his mouth for long without professing fealty to diversity. It is the one constant in every university endeavor; it impinges on hiring, distorts the curriculum, and sucks up vast amounts of faculty time and taxpayer resources.

  • anarchyst

    Merely “jewish lightning” 🙂


    Notice that this article is on some obscure website, not the New York Times. The NYT in recent years has regularly attacked the few remaining predominately non-Jewish white neighborhoods in NYC for being “racist” while having no criticism for 99% Jewish segregated enclaves like Borough Park and parts of Williamsburg.

    “Their kids, the private kids, and our kids, they’re the same amount of American, you know,”

    Yes indeed. That amount is none.

    These Hasidic communities are little more than colonies of parasites. Most households are on welfare. They live a completely segregated life from all non-Jews and are not Americans in any meaningful sense. They have manipulated school boards in several areas to direct public money from the taxpayers to their 100% Jewish segregated schools. Because they are Jewish, the media won’t talk about this. If whites did the same thing, it would be a national news story and Obama as well as GOP leaders would have condemned them.

    • me


  • Lygeia

    Is there some reason why the black and Hispanic parents did not attempt to get on the school board?

    This is the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one wants to address.

    So Jews stepped up, for whatever reason.

  • Athling

    I think the evidence is fairly conclusive. Diversity works for no one.

    • Ingsoc

      Is there anyone, including those who pushed it on us, who thought it would?

  • Morris LeChat

    The Haredi are NOT the people pushing multiculturalism, they are not liberals. Jews are NOT a monolithic, homogenous block of one mind. They are deeply divided, with world views that are at times completely opposite that of jews of other bents.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Jews will always unite with other Jews if it benefits Jews overall. Is a sect of Jews really going to side with Christians or Muslims against other Jews? No, of course not. Judaism has divides, but it still stands monolithic against non-Jews.

      • Juggernaut3000

        This is why we need to ask ourselves, as Whites, every second of every minute of every day: “Is it good for Whites?” and then live by that credo. Every one of us.

        • Erasmus

          This is why we need to ask ourselves, as Whites, every second of every minute of every day: “Is it good for Whites?”
          I now do.

      • BonusGift

        Bingo; game, set and match.

      • Chameleo

        You’re wrong. I was raised Jewish but steered completely from bronze-aged religion entirely. There are plenty of poor non-hasidic and non-orthodox Jews where I grew up. Even though I no longer subscribe to the beliefs taught, I never remembered one teaching in a reform synagogue that said to divide yourself against non-Jews. All religion is nonsense and this banter needs to stop.

        • Gunrunner1

          Great for you. What we are talking about here is not atheistic Jews, but Jews who are exploiting the White to get what they want. We as Whites need to watch out for our own interests, just as Jews, blacks, La Raza, etc.

      • Luis

        Excellent point. Jews will always stand with other Jews against the Others. That’s how they have survived through persecution, pogroms and holocausts.

    • Gunrunner1

      But they sure know how to get the Goy to pay for those “Special Services!”

  • treyvon martin

    who has time to read a 29 page article. not me

  • Viking_61

    SSShhhht!!! You need to keep it kosher, you’re on AmRen!!!

  • John Eigen

    OY VEY! What is this diversity nonsense? Whoever came up with this idea? What kind people would invent this nonsense?

  • Greg Thomas

    Why is this happening if diversity is supposed to be our “greatest strength?”

  • PesachPatriot

    If this situation comes down to fisticuffs my money is on the blacks and hispanics. This town is fairly close to where I used to live in NY. I remember going to the hasidic enclave in Kiryas Joel with my dad when I was younger to buy passover stuff and they gave us the stink eye because we were dressed in regular american clothes and ball caps instead of the old world religious gear. I’m sure this whole situation will end well with everyone enjoying bagels together in peace and harmony. Many hasids are really nice people though it can take them a while to warm up to non hasids, even jewish ones, but they have a hard time functioning in the modern world outside of their own little society…they’re kind of like the amish except they use email, cell phones and cars.

    • me

      The whole point is that the Hasidic jews are able to divert federal taxpayer money to fund their chosen lifestyle, while siphoning off funds that were meant to go to the public schools. No other group, especially a White Christian group, would be able to get away with this–it would be Waco time. I don’t care how ‘nice’ they appear to be. The point is, this kind of federal funding is supposed to be ILLEGAL. Separation of church and state, and all that unfashionable Constitutional law stuff…


      What other group of people could get away with such rampant racism, apartheid, and discrimination in Amerika–except a Hasidic jew? Oy vey!

      • PesachPatriot

        I agree that the hasids should not be taking state money to run their schools….if they want to live by themselves in their own neighborhoods and give their kids religious instruction fine, but other taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill…for what its worth these groups aggravate a lot of people in Israel too…the more secular Israelis refer to them as “penguins”…a lot of them over there don’t recognize the existence of the state but take money from the same state they view as idolatrous because it doesn’t enforce every last bronze age rule from the OT. Many also refuse to serve in the army but live in dangerous areas and expect others to protect them. When I lived in NY there was a long running conflict between the followers of two sons of the big Satmar rabbi which tore their whole community apart. Its hard for me to condemn them entirely because they are my kin, but some of their actions embarass the more secular and assimilated american jewish community.

  • Charles W.

    Never a bad thing when their own hens come home to roost.

    • me

      Yup. The ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ that the Marxists preach is going to bite them right in the rear–and I’m glad that it’s backfiring!

  • NM156

    ‘”Their kids, the private kids, and our kids, they’re the same amount of American, you know,” said Elsa Palma, in Spanish from behind a glass counter filled with cosmetics.’ The amount of American she’s appealing to isn’t even the amount of American carried by bacteria in my toenail. She must get the impression she’s an American from the Earned Income Tax Credit check she gets, addressed to her from the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America. Any imbecile who gets off a plane here, overstays a visa, and has anchor baby citizens thinks he or she is an American.

    • Melanie

      And only “American” when it comes to getting a piece of the pie, never when it comes to contributing anything worthwhile. Situational “Americans” with situational ethics.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Diversity is eating each other, I love it.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      But the white man’s checkbook will make everything okay…

      • Ingsoc

        What happens when white money runs out?

        After that, our land, bank accounts, IRAs and pension accounts and anything else of value we own will be expropriated for the “common good,” to feed the hoards of hostile, high-fertility Fourth World that the anti-white government invites in.

  • NM156

    By the way, when will anyone on the left or right tell the “very very poor” that they have no right to breed just because they can? The right has given up completely on sexual morality regarding marriage and family so that minority and poor white women don’t have abortions, and the left is happy to be the daddy to everyone, with redistributed money, of course. No difference between these monkey-brained minorities in America and Indians, who are happy enough in their filthy Third World slums to have added 100,000,000 people to their population without giving this ludicrous increase a single thought.

    • Ingsoc

      The very very poor are encouraged to breed. They are promised more food stamps, larger Section 8 HOMES in your neighborhood, and other subsidies.

      NonWhites are encouraged to immigrate to the U.S. by the anti-white government, overbreed in order to overwhelm and flood the white population, outvote whites to ensure and secure communist rule, steal white earnings, treasure and land. It’s part of the global genocide against the white race being conducted by NW order types.

  • Triarius

    Diversity for thee, but not for me.

    • BonusGift

      Exactly so. Tribe members are quick to criticize yet find it nearly impossible to find fault, or even obvious hypocrisy, in themselves. They live by a kind of reverse golden rule, almost Orwellian in nature; to whit, do unto others as you would never do unto yourself/tribe.

  • IKantunderstand

    Oh, please. The highly intelligent scammers vs. the not so bright scammers. Duh, RSP win every time. Has anyone else noticed that the news is primarily about the “failures” of the progressive propaganda? We have all been properly instructed in our new “think”. Adherents are canonized by the msm. Dissenters are castigated. The end. That’s the news. Of course, when some “major” event occurs, that is covered, by the lens of how progressive the transgessor was, or what victimhood the said transgressor can invoke as an excuse for really bad (I mean murderous) behavior. However, the real news is about people who have strayed from the new P.C. think. If this were a fundamental Christian issue, well, we all know what the outcome would be. My advice to Las Vegas? Let Americans in the future bet on the outcomes of Muslims vs transgendered, Hispanics of European background vs. Mestizo. Blah, blah, blah. I SO DON’T CARE. All I want to do is live the rest of my life amongst people who know they are not supposed to walk into Costco in their bare feet and put their nasty filthy feet on the furniture that is for sale. I don’t want to have to smell the dirty laundry stench of Asians, or the over powering funk of Blacks. I am tired of being assaulted in every way, and now the numbers of foreigners is so great that I cannot escape. My nose wants to throw up.

    • BonusGift

      Thank you, you have summarized many people’s feelings with a simple Costco wish.

      • saxonsun

        BJ’s is exactly the same–very few whites in evidence. It’s a third-world cesspool.

  • Juggernaut3000

    They have a homeland for their people that they can escape to, we do not.

    • Gunrunner1

      This would not be happening if there was a Homeland for Whites.

  • guest

    This article is awesome! I’m happy that there is at least one group of whites who don’t care at all what blacks think, want, or complain about, who smirk when they are accused of being rayciss. The only problem for these Hasids is that New York has a strict gun law, and NYPD won’t do a thing to protect them. This shows the connection between gun control and ethnic cleansing. If the Hasids had guns there would be no concern about riots – it couldn’t happen.

    We can also take a lesson from Israel in its handling of African invaders and its determination to remain Jewish. Zionism can be our model.

    • guest

      Reading more of the article:

      Now communication between the two sides is limited to angry exchanges at the public meetings and little else.

      That’s progress, a good beginning to improved raced relations. We should stop listening to them. They don’t listen to us, they just call us rayciss and ask for gibsmedat. What’s the point of talking.

    • bebe

      I’m happy that there is at least one group of whites who don’t care at all what blacks think, want, or complain about, who smirk when they are accused of being rayciss.

      Are you serious? It is the Jews here and in Israel and all their off-shoot orgs. that tell us White folk that we are the racists, that we have to tolerate all these blacks, etc within our country, give them affirmative action, etc. etc…. Why are you deliberately avoiding that fact?

  • BonusGift

    I’ve brought this up to several and their hatred of Christian Europeans was either so all encompassing to offset the suicidal tendency and/or faith that fellow tribe members/Israel will save them enough for them to blithely dismiss the obvious as too farfetched as to be worthy of debate. In short, you white Christians die and the world will be one multicultural utopia and if it doesn’t work out that way the tribe will be just fine anyway and just as happy for killing off all the awful ‘racists’, ‘Nazis’ fill in the blank … Yes, most in positions of power really haven’t thought it through past pure perceived vengence and hate.

  • BonusGift

    Bingo; and, BTW, just the other day some apologist was lecturing on this very website that “most people” know that jews are not “white”. In short, they are whatever they need to be to commit genocide against ‘white’ Christians.

  • StillModerated

    When fire trucks show up in New Square, the residents block the street — as they used to do in the Bronx Projects. It must be that welfare recipients have a propensity for being firebugs. Or bad genetics.

  • Anyone that thinks jews are our friends is delusional. This is but a miniscule example how they rape our system. Always remember that to them, we are cattle (goyim) born only to serve THEM…………………..

  • Chameleo

    Even Jared Taylor considers Jews white. You need to stick to Vdare if you believe such crap.

  • Erasmus

    This is why I NEVER vote for anyone who will put his loyalty to his other nation before that of the US.

  • jeffaral

    As a Jew I am so proud of my Hasidic bros and sis standing their ground against those uneducated Blacks and Latinos. In our beloved Israel we know how to deal with those African black infiltrators: We’ve built large prison camps to detain and deport them. I can’t leave unmentioned my profound admiration for the American people and their unflinching and ever-growing support for Greater Israel. God bless you.


      FIne. Now, let us WHITE PEOPLE have our own country.

      Greater White America. God bless you.

    • jackryanvb

      Well said. But please understand that when we White Gentiles in America call for Israeli style border enforcement, common sense immigration controls, we’re denounced as evil Nazis. Also denounced as Nazis by the American Jewish community which strongly supports Israel as a Jewish ethno state.

      • ProWhite son of Jacob

        Most liberals are hypocrites in some way. Organizations like the ADL even accused people like Rabbi Meir Kahane of being “a Hitler.” (And the Leftists in Israel had his party banned).

        Although, I think the formal mission statement of the ADL is to compare everyone to Hitler.

        I think something that is worth pointing is that Leftist Jews feign support for a Jewish ethno state, but the fact of the matter is that the Leftists in Israel and the Jewish Leftists in America that support said Leftists in Israel are going to destroy what they pretend to support. Their policies will end Israel within the next few decades.

        In Israel, Leftist Jews say they support Israel. Do they? When over a million Arabs live in Israel (and not the West Bank/Judea and Samaria). The Arabs are having more babies, and the Leftists think it’s ok for Liberians, Sudanese, and Filipinos to enter Israel and just “find work.” Leftists are proving to be cancerous to Israel and America alike. Leftist Jews may claim all they wish that they are supporting Jews by comparing everyone to Hitler, but they certainly aren’t ethno nationalist. An ethno nationalist wouldn’t sign the death warrant of a country he claims to be nationalist to. As it is, Jews are going to be a minority in their own country due to these people who call themselves “Jews.” That’s just a fact. As an American Jew, I am also acutely aware of the fact I have to be associated with this degenerate Leftist rabble. So forgive this outburst, but I don’t particularly like it.

        Don’t feel too intimidated to oppose them in America. Keep up the good fight brother! Do what has to be done. Preserve the White American identity. But please, don’t confuse all of us with them (the Leftists). They have a specific agenda, and in the endgame, Israel doesn’t even factor into that agenda anyway. Because actions speak louder than words.

        The next time a Jew calls you a Nazi and then says he supports Israel, feel free to question him extensively, Socratic style, until he exposes his devout hypocrisy. Multiculturalism is genocide, and his Leftist cousins in Israel are destroying that country as well.
        God bless you.

        • jackryanvb

          I just don’t see idiot Leftist Jews causing the destruction of Israel. Jews in Israel and the diaspora do not tolerate fools or traitors when it comes to the survival of Israel or the Jewish people. Sure some idiot Leftist Jews might say something stupid like Israel should dismantle their Apartheid state and have open borders immigration with Arab Muslims or Black Africans – but ćome on?

          In contrast this open borders immigration to the USA, to the West is reality and sadly it is a key component of the American Jewish power elite, including Jewish Neo conservatives.

          It’s a form of double think.

          The US must be open borders, multi cultural, including accepting mass Muslim immigration. But, Israel must be a Jewish ethno state, with secure border walls.

          This falls under the mindset of:

          “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours needs to be multi cultural”

          Arab Muslims in Algeria and Saudi Arabia do the same thing – insist every poor, unemployed Muslim male has some international human right to immigrate to France or Sweden, once there they go in for Leftist Multiculturalism along with pimping poor awhile girls, but they insist that their Muslim home countries must be 100% Islam.

          That’s just life. Not fair, especially for Whites.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            I have to wonder how much you know about Israeli policy. Over there, the Arabs are going to out-breed the Jews. 17% of “Israeli” citizens are Arab. There’s an Arab “Israeli” on the Supreme Court there. That percentage is constantly rising as Arabs continue to have more children than Jews. And Arab violence helps expedite this trend, when Jews are killed. The IDF may kill more Arabs in retribution, but as a percentage of each ethnic group, more Jews die.
            And Arabs can vote. They vote in all the elections. Israel doesn’t become more Jewish every day, it becomes less Jewish. Arabic is an official language, with equal status to Hebrew, and the current trend promises to make Jews a minority in Israel.

            Many have pointed out the contradiction of Israel’s declaration of statehood stating it was creating a “Jewish” state. If you have a social Democracy, as is the case in Israel, the state will not be Jewish. Which is what is currently happening. You can’t call a state “Jewish” and have over a million Arabs–that number rapidly growing–voting and deciding the future of the country. And you can’t let Filipinos in, in such record high numbers whilst claiming that after they become Israeli citizens, they will somehow care about the preservation of Israel as a Jewish state.

            The Leftists have made it so that Israel is an “ethno state” in name only.
            “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours needs to be multi cultural” is empty rhetoric. Leftists say there should be multiculturalism in America, and they want it in Israel too by their support of anyone becoming a citizen, and their support of all immigration to Israel.

            When you ban parties like the Kach party, and you encourage political activism and political participation among Arabs, and you invite immigrants to replace Jewish workers, and you create pro-Arab fronts like B’tselem, and encourage prostitution in the streets (Jewish girls being pimped by Arabs and immigrants)… I’m sorry, but these actions are not consistent with “What’s mine is mine.” That criticism is factually inaccurate.

            If they DID believe in “what’s mine is mine,” they would support Arabs being thrown out of Israel. But they don’t, because “that’s racist.” So in reality, irrespective to what you may have led yourself to believe, Israel is on the road to collapse due to these same “Jewish” Leftists.

            They aren’t nationalists, no matter how much they may claim to love Israel. Just making claims doesn’t make them true. Words are absolutely meaningless unless they are supported by conviction.

          • jackryanvb

            Well, sure Israel has demographic dangers. The Arabs might outbread the secular, leftist Jews (can’t see how these types reproduce), but Orthodox Jews have very high birth rates.

            My take is that the Jewish people will find some way to take care of this problem one way is to encourage Arabs in Israel and the West Bank to move to the USA, Europe, UK. I noted that there is one liberal Jewish editor at the Atlantic Magazine who’s a Peacenik in the Arab Israeli conflict. Never the less this Jewish American volunteered for the IDF, served as a prison guard of Arabs captured in the Intafada, he bonded with the Arab prisoners and used his American connections to get student visas for the Arab prisoners to come to East Coast American universities where they would go in for Lib-min politics.

            It’s just a horrible reality that the American Jewish community demands open borders immigration in to the USA, even mass Muslim immigration, it’s like some fundamentalist commandment for American Jews, that cursed poem by Emma Lazarus put on our Statue of Liberty “Give us your huddled masses”…

            Give us a break!

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            Orthodox Jews are too small of a number. All Jews in Israel, combined, are not producing enough babies. Furthermore, there are a great number of non-Jewish voters.

            The problem is there is no such thing as a unified block of “the Jewish people.” The leftists want the Arabs to be citizens, and for Israel to be just any other multicultural democracy. Thousands of Orthodox all over the world protest the existence of Israel. The Orthodox are sometimes more of a problem than the Leftists are, because many of them simply believe Israel shouldn’t be around and they’ve twisted Torah passages to prove this. And the Orthodox consistently try to get out of IDF service, presumably because they’re too good to defend Israel. That’s not nationalism. If you knew more about Israel, you would know that a sizable portion of the ultra-Orthodoxim are often as anti-Israel as the leftists, some even more so.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            I also wanted to add, in respect on your comment of European or American immigration of Arabs… No. Most who want Arabs out of Israel do not want them in first world countries. That doesn’t work well for Israel.

            The only Israelis who think it’s good for Arabs to come to America are the sort in your story. The sort that like Arabs and would support multiculturalism in Israel anyway.

          • jackryanvb

            Well, I just wish you the best.

            On the plus side Jews in Israel have maintained Jewish rule in Israel long after Whites in similar situations in Algeria, Rhodesia, South Africa, Detroit, Memphis, Birmingham Al went down and out for the count.

            Take care and best of luck.

            Please try to spread a little tolerance, kindness for Whites like me.

            It’s a rough world.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            Of course!
            You don’t think that in a perfect world I don’t think an ethno nationalist White civilization and an ethno nationalist Israel couldn’t be friends and allies? Israel and South Africa were, after all, strong trading partners before the ANC, with some notable joint militaristic endeavors.

            As for others surviving longer… We shall see. Whereas Algeria, Rhodesia, South Africa, and others have gone down, they also had predated 1948. It remains to be seen if Israel will survive its Jewish traitors, its Arabs, and its enemies. Certainly, “Jews” like Noam Chomsky believe Israel will cease to exist within two decades. Which would be perfectly alright with him.
            Anyway, God bless you. Continue to fight the good fight.

          • It remains to be seen if Israel will survive its Jewish traitors, its Arabs, and its enemies.

            Does Israel have any Ron Paul types saying “don’t build a border fence because it will trap us here in Israel?”

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            The situation is a little more complex than that.
            Why build a permanent and secure border fence when over a million Arabs are voting “citizens,” and Filipinos “legally” immigrate for work.

            In order for the wall to mean anything, the domestic threats would have to be expelled. Secondly, this also means not only expelling the 1.4 million Arabs in Israel, but also expelling all the Arabs in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), because a wall along the 1967 border isn’t feasible.

            There are border fences, but I don’t think anyone is claiming that it is entrapping. Since military service is mandatory among citizens–with the exception of the “pro-Palestinian Amish” and the Arabs–most would not buy the lie that a fence is bad for security.

            But as it is, the fences are decreasing crime and violent attacks, such as were rampant in the mid-1990s. It isn’t doing anything about the home-grown Jihadi sons of Muhammad the Satanist.

          • jackryanvb

            God bless you.

            Take care and don’t give in to gloom, doom and despair.

          • And Israel has proven that border fences work. Also, in spite of Janet Napolitano’s snark about “you show me a 50 foot border fence and migrants will show you a 51-foot ladder,” there are not throngs of African migrants hauling 51-foot ladders across the Sinai Peninsula.

          • What’s amazing is that the issue of whether or not the Orthodox should continue to be exempt from the draft might well be the issue that tears Israeli politics apart. All the while, Israel itself is one-fifth Arab.

        • Kahane was assassinated in 1990. Some of the same Muslims who did that deed also pulled the first WTC bombing three years later.

    • sarah stein

      If the jews can boot the blacks out of Israel, then why can’t they boot them out of the school district.

    • bebe

      Jews say, do as I say, not as I do, to us White folks. Isn’t that a fact?

    • bebe

      I can’t leave unmentioned my profound admiration for the American people
      and their unflinching and ever-growing support for Greater Israel.
      God bless you.

      There are millions of Americans who do not support Israel and that number is growing daily. Maybe they are waking up to the many lies told us in the last few decades.

  • HadEnough

    “But the Hasidic community argues that since their religion forbids them from sending their children to public schools (girls and boys cannot attend the same schools, for instance, let alone ride in the same school buses), the local school board needs to pick up the tab.”

    This is a farce, of course, as many posters have commented. Using the same argument, white nationalists could argue for public money to send our kids to private schools because we’re allergic to blacks.

    What I don’t understand is why the Jews wholly control the school board. Does anyone know? Obviously they’re smarter than the blacks and Ricans, but I’m surprised the two latter can’t get a few of their people on the board. (Not that I care, you understand.)

    • It’s called organization and activism, mated with intelligence. It’s a lesson some of our people should learn.

      • bebe

        It’s called deception and suppression of White Americans.

  • Yep. I was pulled over by a Hassidic Jew police officer yesterday for speeding.

  • sarah stein

    Can’t wait for the Jews to start screaming “anti-semites”, and drawing swastikas on synagogues.

  • AmericanPatriot

    Let them have at each other. I have no dog in this fight.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    White Christians cannot get away with what these jews are getting away with because the LAW won’t allow it. The LAW allows this board of exclusively “white” jews to make decisions affecting the black/brown majority. Would this have gone unnoticed and tolerated in 2013 if that panel was exclusively White Christian?

  • Yet more proof that Jews are smart.

    • bebe

      No. They are fraudulent connivers. What goes around comes around…

  • pcmustgo

    I don’t like the Hasidim either (it’s a cult, nothing personal against them, I don’t think they’re bad people, but yeah, they’re ridiculous as a group), and I am half Jewish, but how is what they’re doing different than a charter school?

  • jay11

    True dat! I do not ever consider a semitic jew as a ‘white’ person, and neither did ANY of our founders. Many ‘look’ white after a fashion, but their middle eastern ancestry is unmistakable. Most jews in the world have olive or tan skin, especially in the middle east. The ‘whitish’ looking ones have a lighter skin tone due to their ancestors owning white slave girls in the early days of their diaspora into Europe. Others are from intermarriage. Some may be from pogrom-rapes too. But even Barbara Walters is 90% middle eastern (I saw a TV show where this was mentioned). People descended from Europeans are the only ‘whites’ in my book, and if a person has at least 50% euro DNA and the rest is from something other than African, then they can assimilate.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Leaders of the Hasidic community here argue that their children don’t
    need sports, or arts or music, so why do the public school children?

    Poor, poor babies. Keishas, LeShawns & Hectors are deprived of enjoying works of Goya, Cezanne, Picasso,…. or Mozart, Rimsky Korsakov and Ravel.

    Poor, poor babies.

  • HamletsGhost

    Another peek into what a future non-white America will look like. Three parasitic groups all fighting each other after the whites they complain about finally have had enough and are off the political stage.

  • Aspiring rapper

    The blacks and browns could have activities for their kids if they volunteered and organized them. Music, dance, art, sports – all these can be run by volunteers. Many white home-schoolers have all these activities and more without a single dollar from the government.

    But blacks and browns sit back and beg for government workers (paid by white taxpayers) to run activities for their children. They never organize anything other than “gibs me dat” protests.

  • WR_the_realist

    We all know that diversity is our strength, so imagine how much worse it must be in some all white school district in some small town in Iowa or New Hampshire. I can only imagine the horrors.

  • anarchyst

    It was “jewish lightning”. Go ahead and delete this again, moderator . . .