Northwestern Student Govt Nominee’s Confirmation Blocked Because He Is a ‘Heterosexual White Male’

Timothy Dionisopoulos, Campus Reform, May 17, 2013

A student’s bid to become associate vice president of diversity and inclusion at Northwestern University was derailed last Wednesday over accusations that his status as a white heterosexual male would make it impossible for him to perform the position’s duties.

The Wednesday hearing began with student senator Jesse Seitz reportedly asking the nominee, Stephen Piotrkowski, how he could possibly interact and serve a minority community as a white male.

Piotrkowski reportedly attempted to appeal to the Student Senate on the grounds that he identifies as a religious minority and has a lesbian sister, but it was to no avail.

After about thirty more minutes of questioning, the Senate voted to block Piotrkowski’s appointment.

Ian Coley, a student on the Associate Student Government Diversity and Inclusion Committee, later said white heterosexual males are not qualified to hold the position of associate vice president of diversity and inclusion.

“This university is not ready, in any capacity, for a heterosexual white male to be in charge in any way of diversity and inclusion,” said Coley, according to the Daily Northwestern.


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  • Manaphy

    If it were a Gay Hispanic Muslim, the ACLU and SPLC would have ejaculated in their pants.

    • The__Bobster

      Which just confirms that diversity really means no White males.

      • fakeemail

        “This is an environment of welcoming. And you should just get the hell out of here.”

      • StillModerated

        I’m still researching Jesse Seitz for evidence of good-standing in the tribe-that-must-not-be-named.

  • MekongDelta69

    “This university is not ready, in any capacity, for a heterosexual white male to be in charge in any way of diversity and inclusion…”

    Said one Ian Colonoscopy

    Endless kollij edumakashun…

    • Mr Potato

      Piotrkowski reportedly attempted to
      appeal to the Student Senate on the grounds that he identifies as a
      religious minority and has a lesbian sister, but it was to no avail.

      Was he joking? I hope so.

      • Dr. X

        I doubt it. He drank the “diversity” Kool-Aid and probably believed it sincerely.

        • I wonder how much he believes it now?

          • Dr. X

            Sadaly, a lot of these people are so indoctrinated in the quasi-religious “Diversity Cult” almost nothing will allow them to see the truth, even something like this. They’ll just chalk it up to the “justifiable” rage of minorities against “white privilege” and gladly accept martyrdom for the cult.

  • Matt

    Why would a white, heterosexual male even want a position as associate vice president of diversity and inclusion? He’d be forever hanging his head, grovelling miserably, and forced on his knees to atone for his thoughts and actions (past, present, and future), not to mention his ancestors’ thoughts and actions (before he was even born), which would invariably be labelled racist no matter what he/they thought, said, and did. He’d never be able to get any work done, as he’d be eternally apologizing, paralyzed by guilt, and tormented by who he is by virtue of his birth. That’s a whipping-boy position, not an associate vice president position.

    • The__Bobster

      Why did a jew want to join the Black Caucus?

      • White Mom in WDC

        Why would anyone want to join the Black Caucus?

      • Big Daryle

        Piotrowski is a Polish name, not necessarily a jewish one.

        • Sick of it

          Yet he claimed he was a religious minority. Automatic flag.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            I dunno, my first impression when I read that was that he was an atheist. He could be Jewish though, that would also fit.

          • anarchyst

            You will find that there are many people of (non-Jewish) Polish extraction that have disdain for jews. While some of the disdain might be misplaced, there is good reason for their position. You see, the communist “commissars” in Poland and other “eastern bloc” countries were primarily jewish. When Hitler came through Poland and other countries, a way was seen by the indigenous (non-Jewish) people to “throw the yoke” of their “oppressors” off. This is the reason that many people sided with the Nazis. ANYTHING was better than communism.

          • Pelayo

            Generally Jews spell the surnames with “sky” rather than with “ski”.

          • Mr Potato

            Surnames with ‘witz’ instead of ‘wicz’ too.

          • Dr. X

            LIke Jan Schakowsky, the socialist Congresswoman from Chicago who is married to a felon and wants to confiscate the guns of white people because of all the Bantus in Chicago killing each other…

          • ms_anthro

            The person who downvoted this doesn’t like you giving the game away. All the more reason to do it.

          • Dude

            Learn to recognize the facial features. He’s not.

          • Versus Abaddon

            “When asked whether he had worked with or even knew leaders in the multicultural communities, he was caught out, only to learn that having a lesbian sister or growing up Jewish in a Christian community does not qualify leadership of diversity initiatives..”


          • ms_anthro

            The golem is out of control, it seems.

          • Dude

            He does have the nose, bushy eyebrows and those “tired eyes” now that I look again, but he probably has more European blood than more obvious-looking jews. I guess I was wrong.

          • Nate Miller

            Catholics have traditional been considered a minority group on the gravy train of the “oppressed” along with blacks, Jews, Homosexuals, non whites/ foreign immigrants. Traditional America = Majority= White Anglo-Germanic/ European Protestant. Even the KKK discriminated against Roman Catholics. Polish Catholics have traditional been sidelined as religious minorities since ages in America. Thus Piotrowski was right about shrewdly labelling himself a religious minority in the hopes of becoming a diversity officer. Which begs the question: why even bother with such a useless position in the first place?

          • Sick of it

            Catholics make up nearly 1/4 of all Americans…not sure why anyone woulds consider Catholics to be a minority.

            And yes, it was strange for him to desire the position in the first place. I’ve already seen how being white loses you a lot of opportunities in this country, thanks to groups like the one mentioned in the article.

          • convairXF92

            There is terrible discrimination against Catholics, particularly of the traditionalist (vs. “social justice”) type, in academia. Many “elites”, particularly of the baby boomer generation, believe that part of the function of college is to rid young people of conservative belief systems they may have grown up with. They tell students they have been “brainwashed” by their parents and hometowns. They also damn the traditionalist Catholic esthetic (e.g. paintings of the Virgin Mary or Resurrection) as morbid and therefore psychologically unhealthy.

            Long ago I had a conversation with a college administrator who claimed that intelligent, mentally healthy students got rid of their Catholicism by the end of freshman year.

          • Yorkshireman.

            Considering the huge numbers of people from south of the border, legally resident in USA or not, 25% is not a surprising number.

          • Ash Williams

            Exactly, and atheists aren’t a religious minority, it’s not a religion, LOL.

            Look people, this guy is trying to get non-Whites into positions at the expense of Whites, so he’s a hypocrite, he’s a f’n moron. I’m glad they did it to him, whether he’s a Jew or not.

            He has a history of working to displace Whites on campus. So he got a taste of his own medicine.

            “An online post also indicates that Piotrkowski previously served as a member of the Northwestern Inclusion Task Force, a body created in 2012 to help advocate for diversity on campus.”

            You guys have sympathy, want to claim a traitor because he got his comeuppance? Get a clue.

        • Xerxes22

          Bobster was referring to Rep. Steven Cohen who tried to join the Congressional Black Caucus and was rejected. They didn’t want any non-Blacks in their private little club.

    • The Final Solution

      Maybe he thought it would be great catharsis.

    • I call it the Quaker Disease, which of course leads to the Neanderthal Option.

      I know what he can do to get the position though.

      • dogbone

        I think I know what Quaker Disease is, but I am not sure about Neanderthal Option. Do you mean go extinct or merge in with other races?

        • Neanderthal Option:

          I use the term to refer to those, like the Neanderthal, that go extinct because they cannot comprehend the problems that face them or they cannot find solutions to those problems. So eventually they eventually go extinct. Sometimes known as biological failures. Anny sixth grader can tell you that the basic necessities of life are: food, water, shelter and the ability to reproduce your THEIR KIND.

    • bigone4u

      The position would be desireable for him because it would facilitate his hiring by the federal government or by a university. Sad, but true.

    • Room101

      Young normal people who read AmRen are ready to challenge the so-called ‘intelligentsia’.

      Either way, even brain-dead college students know not to take their moms anywhere New Orleans around Mother’s Day.

    • StillModerated

      I can’t help but think about phony gorilla librarians.

  • Enar_Larsson

    White Privilege is knowing that…

    is the one and only source of goodness and it is impossible for me to
    contribute towards it.

    will never be university programs or departments bearing the name of your

    is the only race with no legitimate political interests.

    will never be a legitimate advocacy group appealing to me on the basis of
    my race.

    is the only race that can be legally discriminated against in hiring.

    will never be a legitimate scholarship set up for people who look like me.

    race will always count against me if I apply for a teaching position,
    especially in a grade school.

    politician will ever appeal to me on the basis of race.

    matter how much disproportionately your race suffers from interracial crime,
    conversations about that fact are unfit for public discourse.

    No one
    will ever use the word “community” in reference to the people of your

    though it may be possible (but not in rural Minnesota
    or the mountains of Idaho)
    for me to surround myself predominantly with people who look like me, it
    is never okay to want to do so.

    is the only race that has no legitimate right to its ancestral lands and
    is the only race whose countries are morally obligated not to turn away
    any who wish to settle there.

    It is
    perfectly acceptable for academics, journalists, and movie directors to
    celebrate the mass execution and extinction of my race.

    is a set of words and phrases that only I am not allowed to utter, print,
    tweet, email, or think.

    I may
    not legitimately get a tattoo, bumper sticker, t-shirt, or wristband
    indicating pride in who I am.

    I am
    perpetually one slip of the mouth, pen, or keyboard away from losing my
    job, livelihood, dignity and worth as a human being.

    am—on account of my race—responsible to all for all, always.

    It is
    perfectly legitimate for someone to intimidate, harass, beat, torture, and
    kill me because of my race.

    United States Department of Justice is not obligated to protect my
    constitutional or political rights.

    I may have
    my children taken from me if I give them the wrong name.

    I am
    an existential threat to all other members of all other races.

    I must always strive to understand and appreciate—even celebrate—those
    different from me, it is perverse to desire that anyone try to understand
    or appreciate me.

    I am,
    always have been, and always will be an oppressor.

    I will
    lose my job, livelihood, reputation, and human dignity if anyone even so
    much as accuses me of racism.

    It is
    legitimate for journalists to hope that terrorists look like me.

    I must
    always “adapt” and “accommodate” others but it is perverse for me to
    expect that they do the same for me.

    I may
    not observe that “flash mobs” are near universally composed of black
    youths, even though black politicians can.

    It is
    legitimate to ascribe types of crime as a problem of my race.

    people may legitimately call for profiling people who look like me.

    government considers people who like me to be the single greatest threat
    to their security and the security of my fellow citizens.

    I have
    nothing and have accomplished nothing that I could have attained or
    accomplished on my own merits, aside from White Privilege.

    The U.S.
    government has a compelling interest in making sure that there aren’t too
    many people who like me in universities, the financial industry,
    agriculture, police and fire departments, and health care.

    government will never award grants to institutions for finding ways to
    make sure more people who look like me become doctors.

    If I
    go a shooting rampage I may not blame my actions on “racism”.

    I may
    not admit in polite society that I prefer to company of people who look
    like me.

    I can
    be expelled from university for asking someone to list the “benefits of

    matter how much I despise myself and those who look like me I can never
    atone for being someone who looks like me.

    • Mr Potato

      Great list Mr Larsson, you should do something with it.

      I think you missed one thing though:

      41. People of another ethnic/racial group can openly call for the extermination of our children without fear of any condemnation.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      I liked your point number 3 in particular….. (as originally published….)

      • Mr Potato

        Could you tell us all why point three was omitted?

        • Yorkshireman.

          Point 3 is that we never talk about point 3.

        • Charles Edward Lincoln III

          I really couldn’t say either why point three was omitted or why my very innocuously droll comment that I liked it best of all was deleted. Some people can’t take a joke….apparently.

          • Yorkshireman.

            I strongly suspect that point 3 was omitted simply to provoke debate, but as we never talk about point 3, then it follows that point 3 must never be discussed in an open forum.

    • Great list of the “benefits” afforded me because of the color of my skin.

    • ViktorNN

      Great list. Did you come up with this, or did it come from elsewhere? Would love to link to it as situations arise…

    • brengunn

      22. I may have my children taken from me if I give them the wrong name.

      What is this referring to?

      • Mr Potato

        I remember a case from a few years ago when a couple’s children were taken away from them due to the reason that one of their children was named ‘Aryan Nations’ or something along those lines. It caused such a stink that it made international news. Meanwhile black panthers declare their desire to murder little White children.

        • ncpride

          I think the name was actually Adolf Hitler, unless there are 2 seperate cases.

          Edit: Ah, I looked it up and the girl was named Aryan Nations and the boy was named Adolf…

          • Mr Potato

            Most likely the same case, I’m sure they had two kids. I wonder what happened to them?
            They should have called them ‘V.I.Lenin’ and Uncle Joe’ eh.

          • dogbone

            “They should have called them ‘V.I.Lenin’ and Uncle Joe’ eh.”

            ….or Sodom and Gomorrah.

          • Sangraal

            I used to know someone whose middle name was ‘Leon’, after Trotsky…
            As much sympathy and solidarity as i have for the above family, ‘Aryan Nations’ is a rubbish name for a person.

          • Mr Potato

            Agreed. And why make your life needlessly difficult. A nice old European name would suffice and your children would still be with you.

          • Yorkshireman.

            So is Latrina, shawnika and hundreds of similar examples. But at least we know who they are and what they represent. I have often wondered if these names were given at birth or simply made up as are ‘street names’.

          • StillModerated

            The S. in Marion S. Barry stands for Shupelov. The ex-mayor’s incubator was a commie.

          • What would happen if I wanted to name my children:
            Joeseph Moore Kennedy LastNameHere?
            Mary Jo Kopechne LastNameHere?

    • Enar_Larsson

      ViktorNN: This list is entirely my own. Each item is based on a particular news story I have yet taken the time to link (again). Feel free to add, delete, and disseminate as you see fit. If ever you encounter anyone who you think would benefit from reading, please share.

      Mr Potato: The list was originally conceived as something to be distributed to those very few individuals I trust not to use it against me (my wife and two or three close friends). Publication is simply out of the question since I value the ability to provide for my family. My intention has always been to add links to news stories that inspired each item on the list. That work was nearly completed when sloppy back up practices caught up to me. I don’t think it would take more than a day or two to find those links. Perhaps as summer break approaches I will have time to do that work again.

      brengunn: ncpride has mentioned the case I was thinking of. In particular, I had in mind the Adolph Hitler case. Every item on the list is inspired by a real news story that I need to locate and provide links for. The majority of those links could probably be found in the Amren archives.

      Mr Potato: I believe that I am to blame for the improper numbering. I think that was is now seen as number 4 was originally number 3. I copied and pasted from MSWord and had to edit the formatting in disqus and apparently–and embarassingly–lost count after two.

    • evilsandmich

      Mine is the only race that can be legally discriminated against in hiring.
      Certainly for governments and larger businesses that rarely hire anyway; but for all others the resumes with names like Marsaydees Alweesha are ‘lost’ so that they can take a shorter path to finding a good candidate.

  • The__Bobster

    I remember douche-bucket John Ritter patting himself on the back because he blocked a White male from joining his college fraternity so that a minority could join instead.

    • dogbone

      I wonder if the white male thanked him.

    • Sick of it

      Ironically Ritter means knight…

  • josh

    You’d never catch me lifting a finger to “serve” some stinking lazy free-ride affirmative action minorities!!

  • smells_just_like

    This is a good story for us. The Diversity Hell is admitting that some people are unfit for some jobs. We need to take that an run with it.

    • Room101

      It’s a story Die-versity and their press must try to spike and silence and crush.

      Imagine their powers 3 years from now when they can kick in our doors in the dead of night for an IRS audit.
      Such unpleasantness is known as being taken into ‘protective-custody’.

      • StillModerated

        Or assisting the government’s investigation.

  • The__Bobster

    Piotrkowski reportedly attempted to appeal to the Student Senate on the grounds that he identifies as a religious minority and has a lesbian sister, but it was to no avail.

    Now you’re just looking desperate, Stevie boy.

    • Freya

      Wonder if he is jewish? That would be funny.

    • bigone4u

      He had some pride or he would have pretended to be gay or bisexual. A real loser would have started the process of a sex change.

      • StillModerated

        the process of a sex change:

        Back in the 70s we used to call that a “tuck and roll job.”

  • Bill

    In other words, he wasn’t Fag enough.

  • Freya

    This is really just an attack on whiteness. Don’t think that a white lesbian enjoys any protections from Diversity a straight white male doesn’t. They’re using his straightness to deflect from the reality that they hate whites.

    • MBlanc46

      Certainly at the theoretical level–I’m talking about academic identity politics writing–lesbians are exempt from “white supremacy” and “heteronormativity”. They’re “oppositional”.

      • Emmie

        Only in theory. In ‘praxis’ they are treated as ‘white’ and nothing else.

        • MBlanc46

          I’m not sure by whom you claim they are treated as white and nothing else. White feminists and Dem politicians give them a pretty high place in the hierarchy.

  • joegoofinoff

    To show his backing of diversity, Piotrkowski should have claimed his lesbian sister was repeatedly raped by a crosseyed, hair lipped, hunchbacked, bowlegged, mongolian bisexual crossdressing dwarf. I’m sure that would’ve given him the necessary credentials needed for the post.

    • Mr Potato

      He’d still be White Joe!


    So much for “diversity and inclusion”, especially inclusion.

  • bigone4u

    My former employer, a large urban university, is way ahead of the pack in this minor skermish in the War on Heterosexuality. Its take on matters is that white hetero males are not fit to be students at all. Ditto profs. Our masculine values and ways are just too dangerous for The Other. The hiring of its first transgender instructor was a day to celebrate diversity. The transgender involved was a strange sight indeed, standing 6 feet 2, 240 pounds, size 14 men’s shoe, sack dress, five o’clock shadow, and ill fitting lady’s wig on his/her head. I still cannot get the image out of my mind of he/she entering the ladies room, which is now the norm everywhere. The idiot libtard kid in this story hopefully had an awakening.

    • Freya

      Some feminists and lesbians actually privately cannot stand the transsexuals and their pro-gender agenda, ironically. Mostly they insult women. They constantly fabricate stories of ‘anti-trans’ persecution, and imagine and try to engender ‘proof’ of the all pervasive ‘trans-phobia.’ They hate whites more than any other lefty element, largely because their entire existence is premised on externalizing their internal psychological problems, and whites are the official scapegoats.

      I’m waiting for women’s sports to stop the buck. I for one would refuse to compete with a Y chromosome. What a joke.

      • conan
        • Freya

          You’d think the feminists would be championing this guy, but no, they and their whole camp castigate him. It’s so ridiculous. I trained all my life with boys, and I can tell you that even in the beginning of puberty the race is over. Well before the secondary sexual characteristics of our bodies have fully developed, like breasts or biceps, etc., boys’ broader shoulders and superior upper body strength has given them a distinct edge over girls’ broader pelvises, etc. The obvious trend just becomes more dramatic as puberty finishes, particularly in sprinting.

          In endurance, girls held their own better – the ones who were naturally talented at it. But I don’t know about college age because I stopped competing then.

          • Sick of it

            The differences become truly overwhelming, which is why standards are different for male and female servicemen.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Are you saying trans people tend to be anti white? Just curious

        • Freya

          In my fairly vast experience, they are the most virulently anti-white demographic of the white left there is. I am excepting people like Tim Wise and his ilk from the white category.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Larger point:White Liberals are in real big trouble in the near future…everybody including nonwhites hate them..truly a people without a country. The future for White Liberals is very likely extermination.

  • guest

    This will definitely be something to remember the next time those diversity lovers try to make it sound as if diversity means that ALL people are equal. As it has often been said many times in this forum, diversity is just a polite code word for anti-white. Because anything that is “diverse” always excludes whites.

  • Puggg

    I’m clapping, in as much as a toy dog can clap his paws.

    A diversity lover just got hoisted on his own petard.

    • ncpride

      Piotrkowski previously served as a member of the Northwestern Inclusion Task Force, a body created in 2012 to help advocate for diversity on campus.

      I see what you mean. Oh the irony! I wonder if he feels in the least bit…..foolish?

      • Does Hallmark makes a “How does the curb feel?” card?
        Or maybe a card with a picture of a bus transaxel?

      • As I recall there was some dumb broad at one of these colleges that ran for office on the platform of INCREASING the number of blacks on her campus.

        That is until a couple of blacks shot her several times in the head. I wonder if this Piotrkowskihas a helmet?

        • stewardofthemystery

          Are you speaking of Eve Carson?

          • If I am remembering the story correctly, yes. This sickness * that is bringing this darkness upon our people must stop. As a foot note, perhaps the word broad was ill chosen, she was a talented person. But this sickness of fawning over these savages marks her & others as biological failures.

            * The Quaker Disease, see WILDERNESS EMPIRE.

  • dave1163sag

    blatant racism against whites all over the country,not one word by the cowards in the media. all you liberal whites who are still catering to these people wake up and you will see that racism is alive and well in this country. against the white man and its been going on for decades. if you dont wake up you may find yourself in chains and maybe worse.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Mr. Coley looks exactly like you imagine he would:

    • Black jacket, black shirt, red tie?

      Who sells to these idiots?

  • The Final Solution

    If those quotes are authentic this boy better get a lawyer and sue like hell. I’m much concerned that white male has any interest in becoming vice president of diversity and inclusion. This stupid leftist is obviously so confused and has no identity of his own that he would want to spend his time forwarding the agendas of non-whites and deviants.

    • All Northwestern lawyers and law students are too busy trying to free convicted murders, well if they are black …. so he can’t look there for help.

  • Freya

    If a straight white guy cannot minister to ‘Diversity,’ then how can a ‘diversified’ candidate minister to any population that includes straight white guys? Toure, the MSNBC ‘commentator,’ once said that his social experience was totally different from a white person’s then went on to lecture whites about how it feels to be white. Blacks actually think they can speak for whites.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Crazy. In one of my classes in grad school we studied a white Identity Model. I did not relate. I think it was creates by Asians ( Sue & Sue)? Anyway, I told the black female professor that I did not agree with this model. She said/ question, ‘ you are questioning the years of research ?’ Um yeah! Couldn’t believe it. How do Asians and Whites think they can speak for Whites? We should start our own independent school based on White Studies.

      • Freya

        What is a white identity model anyway? These idiots could be shot down in about five minutes if anyone really tried, and rewarded with an F.

  • RisingReich

    The cat has finally been let out of the bag.
    Diversity = zero White hetero men.

  • …. his status as a white heterosexual male would make it impossible for him to perform the position’s duties.
    I told him just last week that if he wanted this job that he needed to get on his knees and prove that he could serve a diverse array of students (aka fellate negroes, hispanics, and muslims; and maybe an Asian here and there).

  • APaige

    Liberals always say we should never judge a person’s ability or character based on their race and/or sex. We should not even use common sense to avoid bad areas, grades or test scores to judge academic achievements, etc. Yet being a straight white male automatically disqualifies one from a position in a university which accepts federal money?

  • blitzen51

    Dear the bobster Mr Piotrkowski probably isn’t a jew he is most likely a Pole As a Polish-American I think that he is embarassing!!

    • Freya

      There are lots of jews in the US with Polish last names.

      • Bardon Kaldian

        No, this is definitely Polish-Polish surname.

      • MBlanc46

        The only Piotrkowskis I’ve ever known were Poles.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “The Wednesday hearing began with student senator Jesse Seitz reportedly asking the nominee, Stephen Piotrkowski, how he could possibly interact and serve a minority community as a white male.”

    I would ask Jesse Seitz, how could Obama possibly interact and serve a majority White nation as a mixed race male that self identifies as black.

    • White Mom in WDC


    • Sherman_McCoy

      Answer: No one expects him to.

  • sbuffalonative

    Sue. Civil Rights Violation, Discrimination, Profiling. I don’t care which way we go after these cases but we need to start suing people.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Another elite school demonstrating how the elites hate whites. White = bad. White = not diverse. Really?

    Hey diversity and your supporters at Northwestern ..kiss my non diverse white arce!

    I see Diversity = death of White Identity.

    • whiteuncleruckus

      diversity isnt just the death of White identity, it’s the death of the entire White race

      • White Mom in WDC

        Which is why we need our own white ethnostate

  • ViktorNN

    As much as I hate anti-white discrimination, I actually think episodes like this where progressive leftist whites directly experience anti-white discrimination is a good thing.

    Far too many progressive whites spout their pro-diversity cr*p from the safety of lily white cities and schools – where they don’t experience the consequences their politics have on working class whites who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to escape the “benefits” of diversity.

    I think there are quite a few white libs out there will have their sense of racial self-awareness awakened once they realize that “more diversity” and “more multiculturalism” actually translates into fewer real world job opportunities, less safety in their communities, and less of a say in self-governance for themselves and their children.

  • Nick Gherz

    He could rightfully claim the he is a person of color.

    “White” is a color.

    • In the case of light, white is all colors.

  • NordicHeritage

    “This university is not ready, in any capacity, for a heterosexual white male to be in charge in any way of diversity and inclusion,” said Coley, according to the Daily Northwestern.

    Now isn’t that quite tolerant and inclusive of this university, smh.

  • How wonderful it must be to be a progressive, you’re free to be as hateful, racist, fill-in-the-blank phobic, sexist, and disgusting as you want and you will be praised for it!

  • whiteuncleruckus

    Maybe he wanted to see just how “tolerant” and “inclusive” they really are. This is why diversity is not good for us. We don’t need them, they need us. Multiculturalism/diversity will eventually be the death of the White race as we know. We simply have too many traitors among our kind to be able to put up a meaningful defense to this kind of blantant attack on our race.

  • Jim G

    This is asking the Diversity people to put their money where their mouth is.

    It is true that a normal White man cannot really identify with non-Whites and sexual perverts. But it is also true that non-Whites and perverts cannot identify with normal White

    Non-Whites and sexual perverts and should never be in a position where they have power over White people.

    The Supreme Court needs to be thoroughly cleansed. No way can Elena Kagan, a Jewish lesbian, interact and serve a majority Christian morally upright nation.

  • Carney3

    As Jared Taylor has said, we need to fiercely resist the appellation “white male” – we are not animals. We are white MEN.

    • Emmie

      I like that.

  • white

    Diversity means –

    1. No heterosexual white males
    2. Two blond girls for each black male or brown male
    3. No East Asian males

    4. If there ever is a heterosexual male, then he is the “antagonist” and the “devil”

  • dd121

    The old Nazis only wanted white Aryans who were 6′ 3″ with blonde hair and blue eyes; the new Nazis want anybody but that.

    • Dude

      What you said about the “old Nazis” is BS. And the “new Nazis” don’t care about your looks either, as long as you’re considered White.

      • dd121

        I think you missed the point. And no, I’m not going to explain it.

        • Dude

          The German National Socialists only wanted pure white Aryan heterosexuals, while the anti-Whites of today want anybody but that.

          There’s a non-BS version of your original comment. ^

      • World_War_Me

        Yep, you missed the point entirely.

  • NordicHeritage

    I like this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche” Liberalism is the transformation of mankind into cattle”. I think it sums up what is happening here in the west.

  • bubo

    The pictures of Ian Coley are just as I imagined. Amorphous shape, effeminate and with what I presume is some sort of Asian fetish.

  • ‘diversity’ is a code word for anti white.

  • rebelcelt

    It is shame that what he wanted to perpetrate on other white males happened to him…boo hoo.

  • Basketeddie

    Me thinks this student was doing this as a goof in an attempt to beat these jackasses at their own game. I can only imagine the looks of indignation on the faces of these fools who had to listen to white boy’s argument and then having to admit that white people have no business being on an anti white committee.

  • David Ashton

    Perhaps the USA needs an Association for the Advancement of White Heterosexual Anglo Men – WHAM.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Lesbian sister ? What if she “changes” her mind ? Tsk, tsk…you just can’t trust these wymmin….

  • MBlanc46

    I suspect that white males are a minority on most college and university campuses.

    • Bardon Kaldian

      Not only White, but all males. And not only in the US.

      • MBlanc46

        So we should start demanding minority privileges.

        • Bardon Kaldian

          Yeah. More male students at women’s studies & social deconstruction of ….whatever.

      • SlyDeNiro

        Maybe they read Bill Bennett’s new book: Is college worth it? Perhaps the white males are ahead of the curve once again?

  • RIck

    I guess that colleges today don’t teach kids the definition of “Inclusion”? If I was paying $30K a year for my kid to attend Northwestern, and read this aritcle, they would be un-enrolled TOMORROW!!!

  • Why would any honest heterosexual white male want to serve in such a position? The multicultural Left is corrupt, but “conservatives” such as Mr. Piotrkowski merely add to the moral confusion.

    • I think he identifies with the left end of the political spectrum.

      • robinbishop34

        That alone makes him ‘kinda’ gay.

    • SlyDeNiro

      That is true. For Piotrowski to apply for the position he is condoning the ‘reverse discrimination’ process. Instead he should be organizing anti-multiculturalism rallies. Once again, the Libs projecting, and controlling the narrative.

  • nino mangoni

    heads up. a black just killed a pretty white hofstra coed google news

  • Now that we’ve gotten rid of the White Boy, can we just now go back to being Diverse and Inclusive? WOWIE WOW WOW… just can’t make this kind of stuff up.

  • Fr. John+

    “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”

    I’m beginning to see the validity of this statement more and more every day I live in the Obamanation before the Lord.

  • SlyDeNiro

    The same hypocrisy over and over again. The lying Lib says “It’s not US versus THEM”, when clearly it is. Liberals have no shame–no honor. It’s not in their DNA.

  • Ella

    When will some White males learn that all these affirmative action programs will eventually “backfire’ and bite them bloody in the hind? It hurts more when it involves monies or jobs. Remember the old adage, “Whites need not apply.”

  • Calvin

    So much for the “Content of his character” Guess the color of his skin IS the issue. And those whites who wish to separate are the racists….

  • Tired

    This is ridiculous! I’m a gay man and I am tired of this picking and choosing! It is no different than affirmative action nonsense.

    On the other hand, what’s a white doing signing up for a diversity cult group?

  • Paleoconn

    I wonder if this is a wakeup call for this person who must be a liberal to covet such a position.