Migrants Change UK Forever: White Britons ‘Will Be in Minority by 2066’

Martyn Brown, Express, May 2, 2013

Britain will be the Western world’s most ethnically diverse nation after 2050, according to an explosive academic study.

It lays bare the effect of decades of immigration and claims that white Britons will be in a minority by 2066.

A mass influx of migrants has given the UK the fastest-rising percentage of ethnic minority and foreign-born populations.

The report – which also reveals the huge impact of Labour’s open-door policy to immigration between 1997 and 2010 – says foreigners and non-white Britons living here will double by 2040 and make up one third of the UK population.

Report author Professor David Coleman said: “On current trends European populations will become more ethnically diverse, with the possibility that today’s majority ethnic groups will no longer comprise a numerical majority.”

The findings mean that the UK could overtake the United States as the world’s melting pot, with fewer people describing themselves as British or white.

The projection comes after David Cameron sought to reassure voters that the influx of migrants from Bulgaria and Romania will be “nothing like” the levels seen when Poland joined the European Union.

The professor of demography at Oxford made his findings from a study of international population projections, carried out for the academic organisation Migration Observatory.

In the study, minorities are classed as people who also describe themselves in censuses as Irish or another nationality, as well as by their skin colour.

Prof Coleman said migration has become the “primary driver of demographic change”.

According to the data, around a fifth of people in the UK are non-white or non-British. But this is expected to rise to a quarter by 2025, a third by 2040 and reach up to 38 per cent by 2050.

The increase from 2010 to 2050 in the UK – by 22 percentage points – is the highest of the main western countries analysed.

Over the same period, the proportion of non-whites and migrants in Denmark will rise from 10 per cent to 14 per cent.

Declining birth rates among white Britons is another factor.

In England and Wales, 25 per cent of births are to foreign-born mothers, the report said. A similar trend is seen in France and Germany.

The calculations are based on the current net rates of immigration, which have been running at more than 200,000 a year.

Prof Coleman pointed to a study which suggests “the crossover for the whole country when the combined population of all ethnic minority groups together would exceed the population of white British will occur at around 2066.

However, he says the Coalition’s plans to limit net migration could have an enduring effect on the impact on the make-up of the British population. Immigration campaigners yesterday raised concerns about newcomers’ ability to integrate into society, and their impact on the health and education systems.

The UK’s population is estimated to hit 77 million by 2051.

Andrew Green, from campaign group MigrationWatch, praised the importance of the study.

He said: “It brings out the consequences if the mass immigration triggered by Labour is not rapidly brought under control.

“Nearly four million immigrants have arrived since 1997 and the impact is felt in maternity units, housing and primary schools.

“We now need concrete proposals to reduce immigration. No less important is the task of integrating such huge numbers into society.”

The Government has promised to control the impact of new arrivals from Romania and Bulgaria next year.

Mr Cameron said the huge number coming from Poland since it joined the EU in 2004 – put at 1.1 million – was due to Britain putting no controls on immigration. He said: “When a country joins the European Union you can put in place transitional controls. You can say to that country, ‘You can’t all come here for the first seven years’.

“The last government, when Poland and a lot of other countries joined, didn’t put those controls in place.

“Because other European countries did, we did have an enormous influx of people from Poland and those other countries. This time, because the transitional controls have been put in, we are not lifting the restrictions on Romania and Bulgaria alone, it’s happening across Europe.

“So I don’t think we’ll have anything like the situation we had in the Polish situation.”

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  • bigone4u

    Since it won’t be Britain anymore, what shall we call it? Britanistan? And the Archbishop of Canterbury? The Iman of Canterbury? There will be millions of tiny changes in Britain that will obliterate the historical record of a once proud and courageous people–street names, city names, school names, river names, and on and on. For those over there who wish to fight for your country, you have my moral support.

    • David Brims

      The Archbishop of York John Sentamu is an African. The Christian churches are not really Christian anymore, full of marxists and islam lovers.

      • David Ashton

        They aren’t exactly “full” at all.
        But you have a point.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Ethnically diverse nation” is a leftist euphemism for “DEAD nation.”

    • NorthernWind

      Exactly… an “ethnically diverse nation” makes no sense. What you really get is a nationally diverse state. Those typically don’t do too well, unsurprisingly.

      I have hope though, European countries will get through this mess and emerge victorious in the end. The multicultural experiment has already obviously failed to the astute observer and just like the Soviet Union, it will collapse. Europeans have survived in the past and we will not meet our end anytime soon.

      It is the “colonies” that we should worry about. I suspect that a White U.S.A., Canada, and Australia are doomed concepts. The attachment to the land is not strong enough, these places aren’t European homelands. The roots are not deep enough.

    • guest

      It’s no coincidence that you can’t spell “diversity” without “D-I-E”.

    • Paleoconn

      England has great curries and amazing rasta music and ganja dens, though, so the situation isn’t ALL negative.

  • Ralph

    It’s genocide, plain and simple.

    • NYB

      It hasn’t occurred to the author of this report that Britons will rise up and fight.

      When all else is lost, history and destiny are the only things worth fighting for.

      • AngloSaxon10

        Nope not a chance mate. The modern day Brit is nothing like in the past. The modern white Brit is a weak loser!

        • NYB

          135 medals were awarded to Britain’s 3 Commando Brigade for their tour of duty in Afghanistan, including 16 Military Crosses.

          A Military Cross was won by 23 year old Royal Marine James Adamson, who describes a bayonet charge where he killed a Taliban:

          “Our eyes met but it was too late for him. I just bayoneted him once in the chest, that was enough. He was alive when it went in. He wasn’t when it came out.”

          Adamson killed two Taliban that day in a close combat battle.

          • MarcusTrajanus

            And meanwhile those Taliban’s cousins are in Britain raping White teenage girls.

        • David Ashton

          Some are, but some aren’t.
          It is the strategy that needs to be considered, remembering that the political class is the enemy rather than those individual immigrants who have obeyed the law and meant well.

        • freddy_hills

          I don’t want to be a pollyanna. But I believe that as the economy sinks and conflict arises, attitudes will change. Look how quickly things changed in Yugoslavia.

        • frederickdixon

          It may be premature to conclude that we won’t fight on the day when the United Kingdom Independence Party made a stunning breakthrough in local elections

  • APaige

    Europe believed that immigration is what helped the U.S become a great state. They were only half right, it was EUROPEAN immigration.

  • pcmustgo


  • Mr. E

    The English becoming a minority in England is a sin and a travesty. The English fought so hard to prevent being conquered by Nazi Germany. Now they’ll be conquered from within by traitors. It would have been unfathomable to Englishmen from just a few generations ago.

    • dmxinc

      A few generations? The guys who fought Germany aren’t even dead yet!

      • The__Bobster

        And they are shocked at what they see happening to the country and thinking that maybe they should’ve let the Germans win.

      • Romulus

        Surely, your aware that “English” is a German-ic language. Specifically created by people that favor the Teutonic mutation. It was picked as the spoken language at the time by the “other white people” so that they could communicate without duress from the “holy” Roman church.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Oh please enough with the Nazi nonsense. If the English had been fighting AGAINST the communists and AGAINST the implementation of the New World Order during WWII, they would not have had to worry about the NATIONAL SOCIALISTS (no such thing as a Nazi) bombing England.

      • Mr. E

        What nonsense? I wrote that Englishmen were fighting to protect their nation from Nazi Germany who were bombing the hell out of England during The Blitz. I hate to break it to you, pal, but that’s factually correct. You can say that English would have been better off siding with Germany against the Soviets (and that may very well be true), but that’s not what happened. I’m just being historically accurate and acknowledged that many English believed they were fighting to preserve England in the 40s, only to see England slip away not long thereafter.

        • freddy_hills

          The only reason the Blitz happened was because France and England declared war on Germany. Everyone would have been better off if they had stayed out of it altogether. Germany wouldn’t have attacked any of them. The Germans and Soviets would have fought to a stand still and it would have ended. Probably sooner and with less loss of life.

          The only reason England entered was because they knew Germany was a rising industrial power who would eventually overtake them economically. In other words, England didn’t fight Germany because they were threatened or wanted to stop Hitler but because they wanted to maintain their empire as the dominant world power.

          • shmo123

            What rubbish. Germany was an industrial power in the 19th century and surpassed Britain in output in many areas. They were hardly “rising” in the 30’s and 40’s. England fought Germany because they had treaty obligations, and because Hitler was a meglomaniac who could not be stopped except by force. No matter what scenario you come up with, England and Germany would’ve come to blows eventually.

          • freddy_hills

            Germany was an industrial power in the 19th century and surpassed Britain in output in many areas.

            Germany wasn’t even a single country for most of the 19th century. The various German states united very late and industrialized late as well. Though total GDP rivaled Britain’s, they were growing much faster and nowhere near their full potential. Germany was playing “catch up” much as China is today.

            England fought Germany because they had treaty obligations,

            England & France wrote Poland a blank check and then stood around while the Poles provoked Germany by persecuting Germans living under their control.

            No matter what scenario you come up with, England and Germany would’ve come to blows eventually.

            Have you compared WW2 casualties? England & America were insignificant. Most fighting took place in the East. If England & America had stayed out then the entire war would have been fought in the East. The only difference in the outcome is that some of the East European countries would have ended up under Germany instead of the Soviets.

          • shmo123

            “Germany wasn’t even a single country”….

            It doesn’t matter. There were no internal trade barriers among the prinicipalities and were nearly at parity by the 1870’s. They were almost there by 1913.

            “England & France wrote”…

            You’ve got to be kidding. England and France never lifted a finger to help the Poles, even after they were attacked. What they did was to keep them from mobilizing for fear of further provoking Hitler. All they did after the attack was to drop some leaflets on the Germans telling them they ought to reconsider. As for Poles persecuting Germans living in Poland, I’ve never heard or read of anything of the sort, but I’m well aware of the vile, disgusting propaganda the Germans used in movies and newsreels against the Poles. I also know the Germans, for their part, forcefully repatriated thousands of Polish Jews before Sept. 1.

            Finally, yes, I’m well aware that the Red Army killed 3 out of 4 German soldiers, and the worst of the fighting occurred there. The Russians paid for their pre-war dalliance with Hitler in rivers of blood. England had prestige on the line since Munich and they did not want the continent to be dominated by Germany. Once the Munich pact was laid bare for all to see and the Czechs were gobbled up, Hitler’s intentions were clear and he proved it with the Poles. You can be an arm chair historian and make the claim that England might have been better off sitting it out and letting the chips fall where they may on the continent, but under the geo-political realities of the day, there was no way England wasn’t going to be dragged into the war. It’s good Hitler was as dumb and a poor strategist as he was, otherwise it might have turned out much differently. Had the scenario been different, and the Germans prevailed in the East (again, they easily could have without a two-front war) I’m sure the Poles and other untermenschen would have been subjected to even further German culture and enlightenment in the form of murder, slaughter, concentration camps, gassing, deportation and slave labor.

            I don’t know what historians you’re reading, but you need to find other sources.

      • KingKenton

        Yes, I agree. I’m not a neo-Nazi and can’t say that living under the Nazi’s would have been wonderful. But it almost certainly would have been a lot better than what half of Europe had to endure under the Bolsheviks.

        • hastings88

          Buchanan did not assert that we fought on the wrong side, but that we could have avoided WWII (by not coming to the aid of Poland).

          • KingKenton

            Thanks for the clarification. Apologies to Mr. Buchanan.

    • robinaprichard

      WWII was a huge mistake. We killed millions of our own cousins, then let the Bolsheviks in the East run wild, first in the USSR killing 10’s of millions of white Christians, then in the rest of the West, destroying everything with their corruption and filth.

      • David Ashton

        I am not disagreeing with you, but it is all now blood under the bridge. Except for the way that Nazi actions, real or exaggerated, are used as anti-“racist” propaganda, we must all focus on the present and future.

  • C B

    These projections are terrifying, of course, but there will come a breaking point when whites openly embrace race realism. Ordinary opinion in Europe is already well to the right of the PC Eurotrash elite; we can hope that when the backlash comes, the multiculti ideologues will be the first smashed by the pendulum.

    • The__Bobster

      We can only hope that it happens soon before it’s too late.

    • AugustusAlexander

      I have been following race related stuff in relation to politics since i was in sixth grade….i am now 25 and i can tell you that many whites are starting to swing the other way towards “race realism.” A few years ago not so much but things are changing pretty quickly in my opinion and that is a good thing. ( i mean whites changing, not Obama type changing)

      • robinaprichard

        Except the “Christians.” In our area, anyway, they are the biggest multiculti commies you have ever met. They are shockingly, disgustingly suicidal, very far from Christian, very far from being human.

        • gemjunior

          I don’t think being Christian has much to do with it. Christians are as brainwashed as any other white about “equality”. If they really knew the differences and race realism as we have here they would be unable to think of these parasites as their “brethren” and keep supporting them. They would sicken of nannying at a faster rate, even, while believing that “God helps those who help themselves” and seeing none of it. Like us, they would begin to despise the puffed up pride of people not fit to build or maintain first world countries who prove to us they are certainly not able to live in them without destroying them. If it were an accepted truth among all people that the third worlders are less capable it would be easier to teach them to help themselves. Europeans of all ethnicities across their home continent are beginning to see that they are wrecking homelands that don’t belong to them which they don’t respect. And it is war that does that – leaves a place in unliveable rubble where the law of the jungle prevails. So they must see the “guests” are making war on them. It’s so heart wrenching to see these beautiful old English streets – in towns and villages that have stood for many centuries – succumb to ghetto shitholishness in a quick decade. A while back there was some chatter in the papers about there being not enough “diversity” (fall to ruin) in The Cotswolds. I thought to myself that I would be sick if that ever happened. And if the people don’t see that as an absolute assault on themselves, specifically their own white British culture, there will be no hope. Let me correct that – if they don’t react violently in the streets, there will be no hope.

          • EggsBenediction

            christianity was the original bolshevism: jew created, roll over and turn the other cheek, give your money to the poor bolshevism. Pagans were too warrior-like, too manly and too rational. Some kind of rational neo-paganism or weirdly strict ritual agnosticism is needed here – christians can go with the marxists

          • David Ashton

            Some of the “equality” stuff is superficial. Race realism is sporadically breaking through the PC veneer. The way into Christians’ prevarication is to emphasize facts about Muslim, Hindu and Rasta cultures.

        • Canadian Christian

          I am a Christian who lives in Toronto Canada and goes to church located downtown Toronto every Sunday and I saw about 10 BM-WF couples, 5 WM-BF (or mixed F) couples and one AM-WF couple. The white women in the arms of the non-white men were neither beautiful nor ugly, but at least they were not ugly enough to ever be shunned by white men.

          It is a total party mood in Toronto nowadays because of the Maple Leafs, which is the most beloved sport franchise in Canada, are participating in
          the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time in 9 years.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    What was the British left thinking as engineered today’s Britain?

    Labour let in migrants ‘to engineer multicultural UK’

    24th October 2009

    Excerpt in which Andrew Neather, a speechwriter for Tony Blair explains that the shift in immigration policy came after publication by a paper by a Downing Street think tank associated with the cabinet office:

    Mr Neather revealed the ‘major shift’ in immigration policy came after the publication of a policy paper from the Performance and Innovation Unit, a Downing Street think tank based in the Cabinet Office.

    The published version promoted the labour-market case for immigration but Mr Neather said unpublished versions contained additional reasons.

    ‘Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural.

    ‘I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn’t its main purpose – to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.’ The ‘deliberate policy’, from late 2000 until ‘at least February last year’, when the new points-based system was introduced, was to open up the UK to mass migration, he said.

    FOLLOW-UP DAILY REPORT (two years later): “Migrant cover-up: Reports kept secret by Labour show mass immigration cut
    wages, raised tensions and that too many stayed too long,” 1st March
    2011, DAILY MAIL:

    • The__Bobster

      That works until the migrants bite them in the rear and throw them out, too.

    • David Ashton

      It goes further back to the Cultural Marxist revolutionary plans to exploit black, migrant, sexual and student minorities against western national life. I observed it all closely and personally in England in the education system, from the local level – through the so-called nationwide “Whole Curriculum” – right up to the Equality & Diversity legislation bequeathed by Phony Tony.

  • AugustusAlexander

    Um I thought it would be much sooner than that based on polls about America and other euro countries i have seen?

    Can someone tell me the white nation that will be a white minority first? France, Sweden United States, Spain? Which is it because i see posts like this all the time and they are misleading.

    • robinaprichard

      Look at Rhodesia and South Africa and be totally shocked at the open, institutionalized mass murder of black on white there. Of course, none of that makes the news. Whites are almost completely genocided in Rhodesia, very soon in South Africa.

      • shmo123

        I don’t believe miscegenation is “high in mixed states” (whatever mixed states means), so prove it. Show us your figures stating a majority of white women are marrying or having babies with minorities.

      • kjh64

        If you removed the illegals, Cali and Texas would still be majority White by a good bit. A lot of the non-White percentages in the US are those here illegally or are legal residents, not citizens. The census counts all living here as “Americans”. I live in Texas though and we have a lot of Mexicans however most Whites here date and marry Whites though there is some Hispanic/White dating/intermarriage. However, most of these Hispanics are Americans citizens who come from families that have lived here for generations and are very Americanized.

  • August West

    We have our canary in the coal mine. Let’s see how this goes.

    • Greg Thomas

      The canary is already dead.

      • August West

        I meant for America to watch, but I think you are right, the fumes from the mine seem to have knocked us out already also.

  • David Brims

    Hmm, seems like the wrong side won the Second World War.

    Britain won, to then hand the country over to African and muslim immigrants, you couldn’t make it up !

  • HadEnough

    Let’s hope that today’s local government elections put UKIP in a far better position than it’s been in. Results should be in tomorrow. I see that the imbecilic Tories (Labour Lite) are furiously backpeddling from their UKIP-bashing orgy of the past fee weeks (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/local-elections/10034769/Tories-should-respect-people-who-vote-Ukip-in-local-elections-says-Justine-Greening.html). Perhaps the ghastly Cameron is thinking in terms of a new coalition partner.

    • SirMe

      Not really sure about the UKIP and immigration, they seem to want to cut of European Immigration but say very little about non-European Immigration, and I am pretty sure they will still allow skilled migrants into the UK from around the World. I think BNP would have been a better option…

      • Pat

        UKIP have a more cautious approach probably because of what happened to the BNP, not perfect I agree. If they can get us out of Europe it would be a start. We would not be forced to take all and sundry from the Continent, including their immigrants. I remember quite a while ago passing a group of muslims in London speaking Dutch.

        My favourite bit of news this morning – UKIP have ousted the deputy leader of the Conservative group in Boston in Lincolnshire. Three candidates were all from the same family!

  • gemjunior

    So, with The Battle of Hastings in 1066 and native British becoming a minority by 2066, we can say that this Great European nation lasted for 1000 years and for 900 of those years brought great things to the world was destroyed by a small group of parasites. The influence of England and then Great Britain on the world was the most influential of any country on the earth, yet none of its citizens today would admit the slightest sense of pride or positive cultural achievements for fear of those labels that are used against all Euro peoples everywhere. I think it’s amazing that they don’t feel it is perfectly legitimate to feel pride in their culture and all the influence it has been on the world. And as the word “racist” loses its effectiveness more and more, we whites and especially British will stop feeling that they need to concede their lovely homeland to people destroying it.

    • Fred Eigen

      Yes, Great Britain brought much to the world, and for that I am thankful.

      But I feel a sense of justice and satisfaction because of the following. Great Britain and its brother America were the nations that brought ALL of the west the modern world — which includes, not just the science and technology, but also the philosophy and politics. GB and America were the militant enforcers of multiculturalism and “democracy” in the twenty-first century. They beat down every single revolutionary force that sprung up to challenge the PROBLEMS of capitalism and plutocracy. They are only still here because 1) they think they are sooo right and 2) they raped everyone else with the atom bomb and by teaming with communists when it was strategically advantageous. But the problem is that they didn’t just preserve themselves, they imposed their politics and economics on everyone else.

      But now the tide is turning. Niall Ferguson says that China will surpass all the west with its economy and, potentially, its technology.

      Great Britain is rotting just like America.

      The only thing I fell bad about, however, is that it is trying to pass its disease on to everyone else.

      Perhaps if all of the west rots, Russians will be poised to preserve the European peoples—of course with a different political system.

      • gemjunior

        The different political system isn’t as important to me as the survival of the European peoples. I’m sorry to say that I don’t feel any satisfaction that GB and America are “rotting,” mostly due to the effects of their disgusting leaderships and corruption. The land and the people are far less culpable. So I guess I don’t feel much satisfaction and justice about the demise of either country. I only wish that each had retained their morals and values and not fallen victime to Frankfurt Schools and Cultural Marxists. Both countries only thrived when they were filled with hardworking, devout and moral peoples. Once the century of self-absorption and materialism came into vogue, the people weren’t interested in putting checks on corrupt politicians because they were too busy consuming materials and sneering at the faith of their fathers, standing still through dungeon, fire and sword. I really do understand your bitterness though, sometimes I feel that way too.

        • David Ashton


      • NYB

        Niall Ferguson, who dumped his beautiful white wife for a Somali? I wouldn’t quote that man here.

        For what it’s worth, China will be a stinking mess of carcinogenic toxins, over-crowding, food shortages, unemployment and civil strife.

      • hastings88

        When the West cannot buy their inferior products anymore, China’s economy will also collapse.

      • David Ashton

        The possibility of execution concentrates the mind wonderfully, but in this case the prospective victim can step off the gallows if the will exists.

      • If you think that ordinary British people are at the root cause of these things, then I think you are mistaken. I cannot name names, as it appears to be somewhat forbidden here.

        Even amongst our own, was it the ordinary “British people” who, say, struck up war with Germany? Was it the “British People” who went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Was it them who went in for bombing the crap out of Serbia and orchestrating handing it over to the usurpers to be “Kosovo”?

        Was it the ordinary “British people” getting mixed up in the “Arab Spring” and agitating for leadership overthrowing, destabilisation, asset stripping and whatever else?

        Or like all sorts of historical and present actions, would you concede the point that an elite group are orchestrating these things in our collective name, even though we vote for none of it, and seem to have no mechanism to stop it once they start?

        It is rather sick to “feel a sense of justice” that ordinary Europeans and indigenous British people are being wiped out at the hands of this minority group who have – and continue – to set these wheels in motion.

        Only two sets of people feel “soooo right” – and that are the elites and the uber-liberals who burst with pomposity and self righteousness.

        Some would even say that Britain “caught the disease” of multi-racialism, globalisation and “proposition nation” ideas from “Americans”…….Only, it was not really normal “Americans” driving these things and coming up with these things either was it?

        When it comes to imperialism and global agendas, Britain has been second rate for a long time in comparison to America and its influences, lobbyists, corporations and finance, not to mention the war-mongering and meddling around the world.

        Germany and European Union are probably close behind. Yet I do not feel the need to feel “satisfaction” in any of our peoples demise.

    • Xerxes22

      Britain also brought a lot of evil and suffering to the world, especially to its nearby neighbors. Lets not whitewash British history.

      • hastings88

        It did not give so much suffering as you claim, Persian22. It brought the light of civilization to backwards people already fighting amongst themselves. It saved far more lives than it ended.

        • Xerxes22

          That may be true of Africa and India. It does not apply to Britain’s neighbors. Unless you are confusing Oliver Cromwell with David Livingston.

          • gemjunior

            Oliver Cromwell, The Famine Queen – there are so many British villians in Irish history they could fill a book, and many do. The big picture has become so precarious that it is no longer a priority as we move into broader view of what is happening to our unique people who are a world minority that should be protected as an endangered species. We’re being exterminated. That should be the first concern, and we need to be together and in agreement on that. When the world is ours once again, these issues can be confronted if they matter anymore. Until then, they should be written down in history books, shelved, and taken out when teaching European history.

      • gemjunior

        Every leading nation has done wrong things. They made the Irish people miserable, that’s for sure. Many irish have been absorbed into Britain and vice versa. To look back on 1000 years of Irish history shows the wars and revolutions that went on, up until very recently when the leaders of guerrilla wars and insurrections made a peace agreement with GB but then decided that they welcome all Muslims and Africans. What a crowning triumph and glory. 1000 years of bloody war on genetic kin vs. the welcome mat for complete aliens that will destroy any vestige of what were once the ancient people of Ireland. And they will destroy it in 0.001% of the time Ireland refused to accept the domination of their neighbor – the world’s most powerful military for almost that whole time. But really, I’m not sure how relevent all that is anymore because it pales in comparison a great deal to the wholesale destruction of Europe’s white peoples. Every nation has a history that can be critiqued and dwelled on, examined in a miniscule fashion and continuously brought up. Here in the USA it’s slavery of Africans in the distant past, American Indian maltreatment/genocide, white privilege blah blah blah.

        • David Ashton

          “Sinn Fein” – the Other as Self – what a farce!
          Kick out the Prods and Brits, and bring in Africa, Arabia and Asia.

      • kjh64

        If you look at history, EVERY nation on the planet has plenty of bad behavior in its’ past/ as well as its’ present.. The so-called “superpowers” just get more attention and are scapegoated for the world’s problems.. GB was a superpower so got a lot of attention with anything it did wrong and was/is scapegoated.. Today, the USA is a superpower ,though not for much longer, if things continue. As such, the US is under a microscope and any wrongdoing it does is put under a microscope and our nation is often scapegoated. As I said, put any nation under a microscope and all of them did and do commit the same “sins” as the UK/USA, they just don’t get the same attention. The 3rd world today is far more ruthless and corrupt than the UK/US are today.

    • David Ashton

      The British know better but they now live in a multi-racist police state.
      Being a decent, trusting people, they have woken up late to what has been happening, but “events” may make a rapid change.

  • MikeS

    Migrants Change UK Forever: White Britons ‘Will Be in Minority by 2066’
    After that, all hell breaks loose.

    • David Ashton

      Before that, hopefully. (NOTE to the UK CPS, this is not incitement to racial offensiveness.)

  • sbuffalonative
    • Lou406

      If you’ve ever wondered what the end result of generations of first cousin marriages would look like, well now you know.

  • Britain will be the Western world’s most ethnically diverse nation after 2050, according to an explosive academic study.

    No, it will be the most crime ridden, poor, 3rd world hellhole imagineable.

  • libertarian 1234

    “White Britons ‘Will Be in Minority by 2066′

    Interesting prediction since many experts are forecasting out-of-control fighting and bloodshed prompted by austerity measures and anti-immigrant repercussions.

    Nigel Farage himself predicted the other day Europe would erupt into revolution.

    The “R” word is being used more and more these last few months.

    The left make these announcements periodically, hoping whites will surrender to their fate and suck up to everything the leftist dregs want.

    Somebody needs to offer another scenario wherein break-up occurs in every nation with
    the resulting restructuring of society into new nation-states, just as could well occur in the US.

  • IstvanIN

    Sometimes I stop and think of all the things I will never do, or will never do again, or will not do many more times now that I am older. I stop and wonder about all the things I will miss out on when I am gone. This story made think of those things and also made me profoundly sad. To think that by 2066, and no doubt well before that, there will not only be no me, but no England, no Britain, no British people, and by extension no US, no western Europe, no western traditions, no western people. That there is no future for my grandson or my other young relatives. That I am witnessing the end of civilization. I think I would be less sad if I knew a giant meteor were going to take us out.

    Watch this video celebrating the new King of the Netherlands. Half the people in it are not Dutch. Most of the music is not really music. The King and his family may look Dutch but it seems the people in this video are largely not. Yet, when I saw news reels of the people who were in reality out in the streets welcoming their new King, those people did look Dutch. But those crowds are not our future, they are our past. The video below is our present. The future is simply black. We have been hoodwinked and done in.


    • David Brims

      There was a backlash from Dutch people about that garbage rap ‘tune’ which was suppose to celebrate the new Dutch King. No one liked it.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    This kind of story exposes the lie that we must admit nonwhite immigrants to the US because, after all, we “stole” this land from the Indians. White Britons didn’t steal their land from the Indians, so why must they become the minority in their own country? This is nothing less than a worldwide campaign of dispossession and genocide against whites, and bizzarrely enough, most whites seem to be buying into it.

  • Eve

    I believe we whites should be developing both national and international networks so that we can build and pool as much support and resources for pro-white policies as possible. I’m actually encouraged mildly by these stats as America is well ahead of UK’s schedule and white americans will be minorities much sooner. Already I heard at a dinner last night a NJ congressman stating that California, Arizona, and Texas command the most respect in Congress and that NJ, no matter how densely populous, really has to beg and plead for resources and power; the west and southwest are also the fastest growing non-white demographic areas.

    I’ve wanted to move to England for awhile. How hard is it to gain citizenship; does anyone know? What can we do that can enable both white immigration into our respective countries and from South Africa?

    • I chastised some folk in this country earlier for being fantasists, but one of my own old fantasies was for all racially aware whites to group together and “migrate” to a target nation, one nation by one nation, until a job is done. At the moment we are all dropping like flies in separation and isolation, particularly through “free movement of people” concepts. I wish it could be used to our advantage. What could actually be done is another matter though, as is the reality of such logistical and tactical efforts.

    • David Ashton

      First sentence, agree strongly.
      The New Century Foundation as a network center?

      England has some excellent Afrikaner doctors, dentists and nurses. But much of South Africa has always belonged to them, even before the Bantu invasions. Maybe one day we shall have Europe-Africa instead of China-Africa.

  • fakeemail

    Enoch was RIGHT. He told them all in no uncertain terms. He told them while the country was still White and the madness could’ve ended before it begun. And they hated him for it. A profoundly decent and courageous man mindlessly branded a racist hate-monger. By his own people. A tragedy beyond words.

    • David Ashton

      By fellow-“Conservatives” and the leftist media, not by his own “people”.

  • Rhialto

    What is more terrifying is that the population crisis in the UK is not unique. Every Western nation (except possibly Switzerland) is in a similar situation. Why? What is the common factor for this self-destruction?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Pathological altruism. Whites care so much for the well-being and living standards of non-whites that they’re willing to give away everything they and their ancestors built if only it will help some poor non-whites.

      They’re willing to sell their own children’s future for this.

      • NYB

        Whites have been conditioned to self-sacrifice by Christian altruism, the moral tonic to justify complicity in the largest banking Ponzi scheme in the history of mankind.

        • David Ashton

          Cynically exploited by Cultural Marxism and International Finance.

  • SirMe

    In Europe definitely, not the Western World. The United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will beat the UK by 2050 in Non-White population in a percentage of the overall population. This has been orchestrated by the European Union so that they can create future European super state, but they didn’t want an all white superpower so they added non-European migration to balance the racial power. This is the same reason the 1965 immigration act was created in the United States, to balance the racial power of ones country. Of course people have seem to forgotten about countries like China, I guess they can keep their homogeneity.

    • Lancasharia

      Ever been to a Canadian city? Toronto and Vancouver? Chinese and Indians only in 95% of the cities. My 6yr old asked if you had to be Chinese to live in Vancouver after a day out there.

      • SirMe

        Yes that’s what I mean, Canada and Australia are already ethnically diverse, even more than the UK. I think Canada is around 25% and Australia is around 18% non-white, the UK at the moment is 14% non-white. The United States takes the cake at 35% non-white. So I will be surprised if the UK will overtake any of those countries ever…

        • Daniel

          White Australians generally don’t have a problem with Chinese, Vietnamese, Philapinos etc. ( At least for now). In fact intermarriage between whites and east/southeast Asians is huge.

          It’s the Somalis, Pacific Islanders and Muslims that are the problem.

          • David Ashton

            “At least for now.”
            Trojan Horse for the teeming millions (including Java).

          • MarcusTrajanus

            Interbreeding with east/southeast Asians is a problem.

        • kjh64

          Actually, with the USA, nobody knows what percentage of Whites there is.. The census counts ALL living in the USA at the time of the census as “Americans.” It counts illegal aliens, all 40 million of them, the millions of foreign residents here on student visas or working. It doesn’t count US citizens living abroad either. The racial percentages should count only citizens and the census doesn’t differentiate that. I also think that the UK has a higher percentage of non-Whites than 14%. I’ve been there and non-Whites, in the cities, are everywhere.

    • David Ashton

      The EU is a racket.
      We need a Union of Europeans against the EU.

  • StillModerated

    No civilization that began the practice of child sacrifice has ever survived. America and Britain are no exceptions.

    Kermit Gosnell is on trial for murder, but Plan Two is available to 15 year-olds over the counter no questions asked.

    • gemjunior

      Agreed. And the USA was unique for so long in surviving with freedoms that were never known in any other nations – as long as they remained a moral, decent hardworking people who practiced the faith that made Europe such a place. Then a small committed group infiltrated the power structures and voila – a destroyed nation and senseless immoral people.

    • MarcusTrajanus

      How will our civilization ever survive without all those crack babies of black, single, teen “mothers”? Truly, only by banning abortion can White nations once again prosper and thrive like El Salvador and Guatemala.

  • guest

    Either the UK will be the most ethnically-diverse nation by 2050, and will resemble a Muslim Zimbabwe, or else it will be the worlds least diverse nation, and no one will talk about what happened to all the diversity they used to have.

    The Brits are such self-loathing wimps I’m betting on Zimbabwe.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      This Brit isn’t a self loathing wimp, and I’m willing to fight; though, I’ll grant you, I suspect that I will be part of a very small group. Unfortunately.

  • NYB

    “The calculations are based on the current net rates of immigration, which have been running at more than 200,000 a year.”

    The end of easy debt and deficit spending will arrive long before 2066. When fiat currency collapses, there will be mass migration out of Britain, and then Europe.

    Like foxes in the hunt, generations of Asians and Africans will be running for the safety of the chunnel, only to be pursued across the continental gauntlet, in a mad flight homewards to Africa and Asia.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      The incredible hubris of our central banks in issuing Trillions a year in monopoly money will soon be at an end. How else do they think it will play out? The dollar has lost 95% of its value since the Fed started printing them in 1913. In 2066, it is more than likely that it will cease to have value altogether.

    • David Ashton

      Every cloud has its bimetallist lining.
      Hope you are right, but don’t “bank” on it.

  • bubo

    It’s already probably over for them unless they forcibly remove the outsiders. If they stopped nonwhite immigration today it wouldn’t matter.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      This. Stopping the influx is only part of the solution. There’s far too many already in Britain to leave it at that. They’ve got to wake up, find racial awareness and British pride quickly, and deport all the non-whites.

      Nothing else will save them. They are on their way towards becoming Brazil, except worse. At least Brazil isn’t teeming with Muslims.

  • KenelmDigby

    Actually, I believe that Prof. Coleman’s prediction is a deliberate under-estimate, (he has erred on the side of caution and has set out deliberately no to alarm), and that the situation is far, far worse.
    The real turning point came after the election of New Labour in 1997 and their break-neck effort towards dismantling immigration controls from 2000 onwards.
    Recently, the numbers of third-world descended people have doubled every 15 years or so – an insane rate of increase – whilst the numbers of indigenous Britons declines precipitately.
    The situation in the UK is far graver than that in the USA due to the fact that native demographics have, in fact, collapsed. When the older Whites die-off you will see a rapid and overwhelming transformation of Britain. For example well over 60% of births in London are to foreign born parents. There are AT LEAST as many 2nd and 3rd generation third worlders in London as ‘new’ immigrants. You do the math and realise that births to indigenous mothers in london must be a vanishingly small proportion of the 8 million strong metropolis’s total. Project this 50 years hence and think of what you will get.

  • when the largess dries up, Britons had best be ready. Shame it is a gun free country.

    Oh well, the US will have to save the day AGAIN

    • Pat

      I hope there is enough of you left.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      The way that your demographics are changing, and will accelerate even more so if the ‘gang-of-8’ get their amnesty bill, I don’t think you will be in a position to save yourselves, let alone anyone else.

      • kjh64

        He is joking about the US “saving the day”. Sadly, no so-called White western nation, whether in Europe or North America will be able to save anyone as Whites in most nations seem to want to commit suicide against their own race and culture. All are going down the toilent.

    • Nate Miller

      Not likely! The United States of 2025 will be way different than that of the 1930s. Sorry lads, you Limeys are on your own this time!

  • reveal1914

    The most horrible part is there isn’t an ounce of fight left in the British to stop this. The tabooing of race has been so successful that racism has become a mortal sin in Britain. One Daily Express journalist wrote ” making a distinction based on someones skin color is second only to murder” this sentiments is repeated even on the comments section of right leaning newspapers like the telegraph where most people complain about everything from the lack of school places or the inadequated infrastructure to support these huge numbers of ” New Comers” race is rarely mentioned if at all. Some people have put forward the theory that when the economy collapses attitudes will change. Personally I can’t see why this should be the case since there are plenty of examples of dirt poor multi-ethnic nations around. I can’t see any plausible reason why Britain should not become a Balkanized third world slum.

    • David Ashton

      The Daily Telegraph won’t print “racist” letters.

      It is no good waiting for something to turn up, nor despairing altogether.
      We have to go on making our case within law. There are criticisms to male of UKIP, but its recent vote is more than just one straw in the wind.

  • Epiminondas

    If you throw in the people of mixed race already in Britain, like actor Ben Kingsley, England is already further down this path than the article admits.

  • The situation seems overwhelming. There are no obvious solutions, particularly as there is no unity amongst our own kind. Even nationalists cannot get along, and the wider public are acting completely comatose to it all. When they aren’t, they are only half baked about it.

    Some people on nationalist comment sections here in the UK come up with all sorts of fantasy nonsense, such as throwing them all out, hanging the traitor politicians, storming Westminster, banning everything and everybody not in tune to our aspirations….. but they just talk complete crap.

    There is no national collective urgency from what I can tell. There is a general murmuring about immigration, as always, but it is not tough enough. It is more economic and ‘quality of life’ than race and nation.

    There is no unity of coming together to rise up like some kind of Golden Dawn (another fantasy the fantasists hold). Those who do give a toss are spread out thinly, nationwide, and have a whole spectrum of positions about what should be done, so get continually washed aside.

    In 1066 we had the battle of Hastings. By 2066 we are going to be nationwide minorities. Over the last 1000 years (up to around 1948) we had around 250,000 immigrant settlers. We have recently had nearly double that figure arriving EVERY year for the last decade, never mind what had happened from the 1950’s to 1997.

    It is hard to be positive and enthusiastic at times like this. I am not sure I can take any more.

    • David Brims

      I’ve read many comments about an upcoming race war, I doubt that very much, whites will just fade away, without a whisper, just like the Ancient Romans.

      • NYB

        The Romans were based on an inward-looking city state, which subjugated surrounding territories for economic gain.

        They had limited knowledge of race as a way of ordering their view of the world, other than what they could see on the frontiers. At most, tribes were all they could understand.

    • David Ashton

      I would say not only “murmuring” but “simmering”.

  • David Ashton

    As an Englishman who has never hidden his virtually lifelong opposition to mass-immigration, compulsory multiculturalism and media-promoted race-crossing, I am puzzled as to whether it could be a criminal offence to oppose or even deplore this outcome.

    • reveal1914

      If you are deemed to have caused distress or fear in an individual it constitutes an assault under British criminal law. This means you don’t have to physically touch someone to assault them, if your words offend them that’s enough. And if it is racially motivated, its normally six months in prison. And then there’s incitement to hatred, 5 years in prison.

      • William_JD

        Assault has nothing to do with physical touching anywhere that I know of. An assault is an intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. The physical touching is called a battery.

    • NYB

      In the eyes of god and nature love of one’s own is noble, brave, laudable, and morally correct.

      Nature rewards those who successfully adapt, so that their unique genetic family may survive and thrive.

  • freddy_hills

    I read a speech by a former Canadian prime minister in which he said they opened up the borders to keep Quebec from seceding. The goal was to let in enough immigrants to keep the Quebec secessionists from having a majority voting for it. I sometimes think about that in terms of the EU. None of the countries wanted to join the EU. And I think they’re flooding the countries so there want be enough votes to leave it. I also think they’re doing it to drive down wages, get elected, get their pet policies passed, etc. They also think destroying the nationalities can prevent another world war. They’re wrong. It will only destroy their nations and there will still be wars.

  • blarg

    “The findings mean that the UK could overtake the United States as the
    world’s melting pot, with fewer people describing themselves as British
    or white.”

    That’s not a melting pot….

    • Epiminondas

      It’s a s..t pot.

  • roger

    counting the white women that are already against them, they are now a minority.

  • William_JD

    2066 my ass. Try 2036.

  • yosti

    The answer lies with us and its not difficult

    All these immigrants NEED British residents to fund their lifestyle

    Stop buying ANYTHING from anyone other than British. Don’t use corner shops, markets, taxis, take away restaurants, video rent, clothing, etc. etc.

    Stop selling ANYTHING to them either, cars, property, renting

    Their numbers are still insufficient to be self sustaining from their own kind and they will move to another country.

    We CAN do it

    We MUST do it

  • Truth

    It’s an alternate ending to ‘The Hobbit’ only in this ending the Orcs overrun the Shire and desecrate it forever. Too bad it’s real life and not just fantasy novel. I think I read someone on this forum once state they would never place their future in the hands of the Britons. Now I know why.

  • WR_the_realist

    Great Britain is dead. The Labour Party killed it, with the consent of the “Conservative” and Liberal parties. If Winston Churchill was alive today he’d be head of the BNP.


  • well – there goes the neighbourhood!