Mary Sanchez: Conservatism Needs to Purge Eugenics Obsession

Mary Sanchez, The Kansas City Star, May 10, 2013

Jason Richwine is a type in American politics.

He holds a doctorate from Harvard. He writes studies, appears at conservative conferences in suit and tie, and expounds the same old nonsense about immigrants that we’ve been hearing since the Know Nothings had their last hurrah.

Sure, his work is perfumed with the air of scholarly respectability, but his eugenics-based beliefs bear more than a whiff of white supremacism.

Remarkably–or maybe not so remarkably–that was no bar to getting a perch as a senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation, one of the nation’s most influential think tanks.

One of his learned opinions is that Hispanics are genetically inferior intellectually and will never fully assimilate into U.S. society.


{snip} Heritage must have been familiar with Richwine’s dissertation when it hired him. In any case, his toxic views fit right in with a vein of sentiment–I hesitate to call it thought–that has informed much of the conservative movement since “The Bell Curve,” by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein.

In his dissertation, Richwine dredged up the old pseudo-science of eugenics. That’s the same baseless theories about racial and ethnic superiority that have caused nations to embrace selective sterilization, slavery, apartheid and worse.

It’s dangerous stuff, and Richwine knows it.

He counseled using euphemisms like “skill-based” when proposing which immigrants should be welcomed via IQ tests, to “blunt the negative reaction.”

Negative reaction, Jason? To the proposals of a guy who feels permitted to warn that more Latinos – sorry, low-I.Q. immigrants – will lead to “more underclass behavior, less social trust.” That’s code for criminals and degenerates. For some reason, I’m thinking of those old Thomas Nast cartoons of apelike Irish immigrants.

Richwine is offensive, but he’s also wrong.

Hispanics are assimilating at the same rates as previous immigrant groups, in some ways even faster due to technology. (Note: This column is written in English, by the daughter of an immigrant from Mexico.)

Immigrants have lower rates of criminal conduct than native-born people. And a new study shows that Hispanic high school graduates have now overtaken white students in rates of enrollment into college.

And it’s long been noted that immigrants have exceptionally high rates of entrepreneurship in starting small businesses.


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  • This is the same Mary Sanchez whose whining got Frances Semler bounced off the Kansas City Parks Board.

    Hispanics are assimilating at the same rates as previous immigrant groups, in some ways even faster due to technology.

    That’s because “assimilation” doesn’t mean what it used to.

    Immigrants have lower rates of criminal conduct than native-born people.

    A lot of our “native-born people” are black.

    And a new study shows that Hispanic high school graduates have now overtaken white students in rates of enrollment into college.

    Is that supposed to impress me? Many “colleges” that “Hispanic HS grads” enroll in are either open enrollment JuCos or these fly-by-night for-profit colleges that advertise on low information bilge TV talk shows like Woot Woot Wendy Williams.

    • Bill

      More likely whites are now being refused admittance so they can affirmative action mestizos. Whites are now hit twice: unqualified blacks AND unqualified mestizos taking slots that whites WOULD have if done solely on merit. It’s the same phenomenon as the soon to be seen mestizo and black voting bloc exceeding whites. We are simply being replaced as a program run by our treasonous Washington cabal.

      • Erasmus

        More likely whites are now being refused admittance so they can affirmative action mestizos.

        I would bet dollars to doughnuts that’s the case.

        • Bobby

          It IS the case. Former Supreme Court justice, Sandra Day O”Connor, said that “Affirmative action needs to be extended at least another 25 years, and possibly indefinetly.” She was a Reagan appointee. (surprised?) I’m not. Fits right in with what Nixon did for whites, another GOP legend. LOL..

    • The__Bobster

      Immigrants have lower rates of criminal conduct than native-born people.


      Only because the illegal ones don’t self-identify as immigrants and thus aren’t counted.


      And a new study shows that Hispanic high school graduates have now overtaken white students in rates of enrollment into college.


      Another misleading statement. They are enrolling in 2-yr schools because they don’t have the intelligence to get into real universities.

      So, Hispanics must be doing great on the SAT, right?

      SAT Report: 77% of Latinos Not Ready for College

      By Bryan Llenas
      Published September 25, 2012
      Fox News Latino

      Less than 3 out of 10 Latino high school seniors who took the SAT exams in 2012 are ready for college, the college board announced in a new report Monday.

      Of the 272,633 Latino students who took the standardized test, only 23 percent met the SAT benchmark score of 1550 [on a 600 to 2400 scale, or an average of 517 on a 200 to 800 scale], which shows a “level of academic preparedness associated with a high likelihood of college success.”

      College board research suggests a 1550 score out of 2400 indicates a 65 percent likelihood of achieving a B- average or higher during the first year of college.

      The 23 percent of Latinos ready for college is dramatically lower than the general population. Of the more than 1.6 million total high school seniors, the most ever, that took the SAT in 2012, 43 percent were deemed college ready based on their SAT scores.

    • Bossman

      If it doesn’t impress you, it is because you don’t care about facts. You’ve no desire to rearrange your world view. Mary Sanchez is a longtime reporter and columnist for the Kansas City Star who knows what she is talking about.

      • Jerrybear

        She did what she is supposed to do and we have to give her an award for learning English? There’s more to assimilation than just learning English. Her loyalty lies with Mexico and La Raza before the United States.

      • Sloppo

        She knows which facts she must ignore and/or obfuscate so she can keep her job.

      • Funruffian

        If she really knew what she was espousing she wouldn’t have contradicted herself twice.

      • sbuffalonative

        Why are Hispanics dependent on whites to provide a society for them in which to flourish? Shouldn’t they thrive independently of whites?

      • Greg Thomas

        She’s a dirty anchor baby, and shows her intellect by throwing around the race card. That’s all she’s good for, true to her La Raza convictions.

      • robinbishop34

        “it is because you don’t care about facts”

        Instead of childish trolling, why not a fair and square debate of facts with QD on the subject? You come with yours, and he with his. Then we can see who is the ideologue, and whose ‘world view’ is based on a dreamy, ideological orthodoxy.

      • lily-white mmmm … well lets see…. judging by her editorials/opinions… she’s a
        pro “immigration reform”
        pro LA RAZA
        anti gun
        “who knows what she is talking about”… oh really?

        • Jane Johnson

          Please don’t say things like that. Makes her sound like a “wise latina”. Certainly don’t need any more of those; she might decide to study law, and we know what THAT can lead to.

    • Morris LeChat

      bean eaters produce a lot of gas

    • sbuffalonative

      It’s a lie that Hispanics have a lower crime rate than whites.

      This is because when Hispanics commit a crime, they’re reported as white.
      Here’s the arrest record of George Zimmerman:

      Scroll down to the bottom of page 2. You will see that Mr. Zimmerman is recorded as R/S (Race/Sex) W/M (White/Male).

      This is how the police and our government hide Hispanic crime.

      • Jenna Kerr

        I worked in barrio for a couple years and it was as dangerous as a ghetto.

  • thurlow

    All that information would be fine if it was not distorted by the endless quest to impose equality by annihilating standards. For God sakes a monkey could get into a state college as long as it had a high school diploma. I’ve actually seen some.

  • Bill

    I’ll purge my belief and support for eugenics when Mary Sanchez can tell me why all the squat monsters are squat, low IQ, all look the same, and wallow in filth if NOT to be explained by genetics and eugenics.

  • The__Bobster

    Squat monsters aren’t very bright. Good thing I’m retired, so the usual suspects can’t have me fired.

    How Do Hispanics Score On Grad School Admissions Tests?

    By Steve Sailer on May 13, 2013 at 4:23pm

    Here are a couple of useful tables from my 2009 VDARE article on the results of admissions tests mandated by graduate and professional schools (the Graduate Record Exam, Law School Admission Test, Medical College Admission Test, Graduate Management Admission Test, and Dental Admission Test).

    The worthy organizations that administer these tests issue huge reports most years on how applicants have done by race, ethnicity, sex, and so forth. I took the most recent reports available in 2009, covering years from 2005 up to 2008). To make the median scores comprehensible and comparable, they are all displayed as percentiles vs. the white distribution.

    For example, on the GMAT, the median white applicant scores, by definition, at the 50th percentile of the white distribution, while the median black applicant scores at the 13th percentile, Asians at the 55th percentile, all Hispanics at the 27th percentile, and (within Total Hispanics, Mexican Americans at the 24th percentile.

    As you’ll notice, blacks and Hispanics don’t do all that well on these tests, which is why they get affirmative action.

    • Nathanwartooth

      That article was GREAT and it actually proves some things that have been rattling around in my brain for a long time.

      Basically that low IQ is a horrible, horrible thing. Also that the difference between 85 and 90 IQ really isn’t that much but the gulf between 90 and 100 IQ is HUGE. This explains why it takes an average of 100 IQ or over to have a first world society.

      It also shows that the difference between 100 and 105 IQ really isn’t that much either. Looking at those numbers and my own GRE scores, I would estimate my own IQ between 105 and 110. It takes the GRE and turns it into a crude IQ test.

  • bigone4u

    The local Hispanics (and blacks) can’t even get my simple order corrrect at Mickey D’s). IQ matters, even in the lowest crappiest unskilled job you can think of. Yet, somehow these morons are all going to become rocket scientists. LOL.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Whenever they get my order wrong it reminds me not to feel bad for them…they deserve to be flipping burgers if they can’t even follow the directions of “light ice”.

      • bigone4u

        A friend asked for a packet of lemon for his tea. Without looking because he did not know blacks, he dumped a load of mustard into his tea. Hey, they’re both yellow packets so what could the difference be? The blacks behind the counter were too busy talking ebonics to pay any attention to anything to do with food.

    • Erasmus

      I eat at restaurants less and less. There are just too many diseases you can get by having your food handled by someone who only saw his first toilet a month ago and doesn’t know that here we wipe with toilet paper and always wash our hands after using the lavatory.

      (These days for cheap eats I actually prefer Asian restaurants because it won’t be a mestizo doing the cooking.)

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        If only that were true. Everywhere around Southern California I see Mexicans preparing food at Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants. Mexicans saturate and destroy almost all blue collar work in Mexifornia.

        Next time your in Benihana look around… you will notice a few teppan grill cooks that are from south of the border.

  • The__Bobster

    (Note: This column is written in English, by the daughter of an immigrant from Mexico.)

    Wow! I’m impressed. The fact that you had to make this statement proves that unlike previous immigrants, you squat monsters don’t feel a need to learn Ingles.

    • We are supposed to be impressed.

    • sbuffalonative

      How do we explain Hispanics demanding to be taught in their native language? Why do they blame their scholastic failure on having to learn in English?

  • I’m about to throw up my taco and tequila after reading this solid waste excretion.

    • Maybe I will start claiming Amerind status. Get me some of those bennies.

  • MekongDelta69

    Thank you Mary Sanchez for your ‘perfumed’ article, which has a ‘whiff’ of grievance babble, full of your ‘toxic views.’

  • David Ashton

    There is a strong indeed urgent case for a modern humanitarian eugenics.

    The old-style eugenics had many supporters in Latin America, including it is whispered the young Allende.

  • Ralphs

    How exactly does this compute in Mary Sanchez’s mind: Jason Richwine is a “white supremacist” while writing a paper on immigration, ethnicity and IQ that claims East Asians and Jews tend to have higher average IQs than Europeans.

    • Guest

      That just makes him all the more diabolical…

  • Hispanics are assimilating at the same rates as previous immigrant groups, in some ways even faster due to technology.

    Yes, I can tell. Immigrants that have been in this country 15 years, working at fast food restaurants in Chicago have to have a manager take your order if you don’t want to order by number. They are assimilating very well Miss Anchor Baby.

    Immigrants have lower rates of criminal conduct than native-born people. And a new study shows that Hispanic high school graduates have now overtaken white students in rates of enrollment into college.
    The crime rate needs broken down by race for it to be comparable Dirty Sanchez.

    • Greg Thomas

      I guess La Raza Mary has never been to California. If mexicans are “assimilating,” why is my dish washer detergent written in spanish.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Sure, his work is perfumed with the air of scholarly respectability, but
    his eugenics-based beliefs bear more than a whiff of white supremacism.

    Has Maria “Dirty” Sanchez read Richwine’s publications? Perhaps she is just willfully ignorant of the fact that he is an implied Sino-Jewish supremacist by her own metric.

    • Greg Thomas

      She doesn’t have the intellect to read his publications, evidenced by the fact she refutes his work by playing the race card. This is what we have come to expect from the La Razas.

      • Alexandra

        Makes you wonder if she uses Babelfish to write articles, doesn’t it?

  • joesolargenius

    To coin an old adage this is definitely a case of the kettle calling the pot black or in this case White. Have you ever walked into an Hispanic owned business and looked at whom is working there , I’ll give you a hint they are short with dark eyes and hair and whom mostly speak Spanish as their first language . Their entire outlook on life centers around them believing they”re better than other people whom are different than them and they are fast surpassing Blacks as the number one free loaders of America. The next time you go by a food bank or charity organization just take a close look at whom is standing in line !

  • sbuffalonative

    Gee, why can’t these people work their ‘magic’ in Mexico?

  • LastBastionOfHope

    This is how I read the headline: “Mary Sanchez: Conservatism needs to purge truth obsession”

    When in undergrad I remember hearing professors use the term “eugenics” in the same was as the n-word. It was a terrible thing. Then in grad school I woke up and realized that eugenics is really just the truth that no one wants to talk about. There ARE differences in IQ across race. The PC police can scream and shout over us all they want, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

  • Jefferson

    [QUOTE]Hispanics are assimilating at the same rates as previous immigrant groups, in some ways even faster due to technology[/QUOTE]

    Assimilating way faster ? You mean like that Dominican man in New Jersey who won the lottery. He has been living in the U.S for the past 26 years and he still does not know how to conduct an interview in the English language. He needed needed a translator.

    Read more here:

    • LastBastionOfHope

      LOL. It’s too funny. My great grandparents came over from Italy, and within 1 generation everyone was fluent in English, and the family went from Brooklyn to the suburbs. Hispanics think it’s cool to speak Spanish…they think it makes them exotic. They don’t want to be Americans. They want to be Hispanics living in a 1st world country. Big difference. Many of the old wave European immigrants had American flags flying over their homes, joined the military, and demanded that their children learn English right away. There was never any issue with America being forced to have to make everything in Italian and German…they understood coming to America was not a right and there were expectations that while they would keep aspects of their culture from Europe, they were now full-fledged Americans.

      • rick

        “They want to be Hispanics living in a 1st world country. ”
        That’s the line of thinking for most mestizos.

      • IstvanIN

        Only two living relatives in my family have any interest in the “old country”, so thoroughly Americanized are we. And neither of us has any interest in turning the US into Hungary west.

  • Funruffian

    I don’t know where this Ms. Sanchez got her information. perhaps from out of a Crackerjack box? She is dead wrong in about 4 statements she has made:(1) the college matriculation rate for Hispanics has not exceeded the White rate. Not even in California. (2) Assimilation refers to ‘fitting in’ and socialization with American culture. Integration is only the initial phase, but assimilation is about embracing culture and laws. (3) Immigrants do not have lower rates of criminality with native born people. If she is referring to native born Chicanos, she may be correct, but she doesn’t specify. (4) Eugenics is not psuedo-science. It is rooted in Scientific application and has proven to be a reliable source for preserving group DNA and purity.
    Why is it that non-Whites want to discredit White racial purity and in the same breath they will expound how great their ethnicity is? If being Latino is so great, why don’t you stay in your Latino country where you came from?

  • Guest

    I agree 100% with this article

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      It’s one thing to be ignorant…but to boast about it…

      • Alexandra

        I’m no longer shocked at the amount of ignorance on display…I just shake my head.
        After all, we keep hearing about black thugs who commit crime then brag about it–sometimes with video–on a social networking site…then wonder how come they’re busted.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Well I guess immigrants these days do start small businesses because they get incentives from our libtard government, not that I go to these places because I prepare my own food, raise my own kids, and clean my own place. No need for Domingo and Juanita to shadow my doorstep looking for work. Get a stepping squatmonsters

  • MBlanc46

    Did Richwine say anything about eugenics? I thought his position was that IQ be a criterion for immigration. That’s not eugenics. Using that word is provocative and misleading. Typical misdirection by the multiculturalists.

  • Funruffian

    Assimilation is a broad term with a concise definition – the cultural absorption of a minority group into the main cultural body.
    Based on that definition alone we can have a myriad of subjective and personal views as to what assimilating actually means to a group, individual, etc. If Black or Hispanic students are being bussed to an all White school we shall determine if the races will assimilate, to what degree and how. If during recess and lunch breaks we see cleavages among the groups where there is a clear disparity in racial divide I would say that they did not assimilate very well.
    If the White majority in California becomes a minority behind Hispanics, then are Whites expected to assimilate in the Hispanic culture? Are we all expected to equally share common cultural interests to the point where assimilation is no longer an issue?
    In regards to technology, Ms. Sanchez has to be more specific and cite examples of how technology plays a role. To me, assimilation is about physical contact as opposed to the impersonal connections we find on online social media.

  • Phobix jr

    The Eugenist is a new horror film from Tariq Nasheed.

  • Erasmus

    Yet with Latinos there seems to be a passion for dysgenics. Mamacitas and padrecitos, neither of whom have IQ’s above 90, siring 6-8 children between them bodes ill for any society.

    • Phobix jr

      are you going to see the new movie The Eugenist

    • Bobby

      “Bodes ill for society” …… you have a talent for understatment. LOL…

  • dd121

    I thought liberals wanted to have an “honest discussion” on race. Richwine’s writings are the place to start. I guess they won’t like the answer when they find out that trying to bring blacks “up to speed” is impossible and a colossal waste of time, money and effort.

  • NM156

    Small businesses? Like what? Stores started with SBA loans for minorities backed up by the taxpayer that inevitably fail? Cheap-labor construction businesses that crush wages for Americans and pass on all of the their workers’ costs to the taxpayer as well?

    • Luca

      No, she’s probably talking about Pedro with a shopping cart selling bags of oranges on the street corner. Cash business, doesn’t pay taxes, no business license, no health or food inspection, uses the ER for free healthcare, his American-born kids get food stamps, free lunch in school and welfare … and the shopping cart and oranges are stolen. Not to mention that Pedro is taking away business from an honest, law abiding, taxpaying, American citizen. I see it every day in LA.

      • Jenna Kerr

        Does anyone actually buy the rotten fruit from the illegals?

        • Luca

          Usually, other hispanics who find this practice to be normal for their culture.

  • Luca

    “And a new study shows that Hispanic high school graduates have now overtaken white students in rates of enrollment into college.”

    Are we supposed to be impressed with this very one-sided, self-serving approach at quoting cherry-picked statistics? This is a stellar example of people who like to throw statistics into the air to impress and fool people. Let’s draw back the curtain and look a little deeper.

    Fact #1: The author failed to mention that hispanics have a high school drop out rate approx. 3 times greater than whites and twice the rate of blacks. Oops! Not a very impressive stat now is it?

    Fact #2: While hispanics like to ENROLL in college, only 50% will go on to completion while the figure for Whites is 62% and for Asians it is 69%. Oops, she did it again.

    This is why you have to be wary of Liberals spouting off figures that they think help their arguments.

    • Jenna Kerr

      If “Hispanics” graduate from college they usually get a degree in Chicano Studies or Hispanic Hip-Hop Studies.

  • Greg Thomas

    “This column is written in English, by the daughter of an immigrant from Mexico.”

    “immigrant” In other words, her father was an illegal invader, which makes Mary Sanchez an anchor baby. Of course, she stays true to her La Raza leanings, and calls Richwine a racist, which also means what he said was 100% correct.

    • Bobby

      It’s so funny, because I’ve heard her argument before by other Mexican journalists. It’s like citizens are supposed to be amazed by this, and yet overlook or think nothing of the criminal background.

  • Maribel Guardia

    “And it’s long been noted that immigrants have exceptionally high rates of entrepreneurship in starting small businesses.” This is true, I might add. Here in San Diego County there are a whole bunch of mini enterprises started up by immigrants. Supermarkets, restaurants; auto shops, realty companies. Lesson to be learned? Don’t discard that low IQ immigrant. Having such an IQ does not say that the person possessing one is a certified burden on the White Man’s society.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Yes but, “It’s your KIDS, Marty, something has got to be done about your kids!”

    • Nathanwartooth

      What percentage of the “Hispanic” population who does this is actually White and how many of those people receive small business loans for being a minority?

      Pretty easy to start a business when the government is literally throwing money at you to do so.

      Also I think you need to go back to 5th grade and learn the definition of average.

  • JohnC

    Mary Sanchez couldn’t care less if “immigration reform” costs $6.3 trillion. In fact, that cost is almost like the cherry on top of the cake. Not only will the Mexicans take over the gringo’s country — sweet revenge for 1848 — but they will also stick the gringo’s with a $6.3 trillion bill for all their education, welfare, healthcare. It’s like we’re paying them to take over our country.

    • Bobby

      And yet, John, I have come across thousands of European-Americans, in the course of my work, that will never grasp this truth about millions of Mexicans. I repeat, there are a lot of decent and goodnatured Mexicans/hispanics, but when the issues get serious, they can almost 100 percent be counted on to side with their own. Anyone that doesn’t believe this, doesn’t know hispanics. Whites my the millions, are clueless morons and I say this without any anger or ill will, but when it comes to some issues, they are.

  • george00

    “Conservatism Needs to Purge Eugenics Obsession”….eugenic obsession is the only thing that makes sense. I wish conservatives were obsessed with eugenics. I wish there were sperm and egg banks that were inexpensive to use and commonly used by white people to breed a better looking, smarter and healthier race of white people.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    I get tired of this whole notion that we’re not what we seem. Sure we SOUND erudite and LOOK presentable, they hint, but once we get home it’s on with the Klan robes and straight to the Auschwitz 2.0 miniature train set in the basement — “Get the ovens ready. Here comes the kindling! Choo choo!”

    She says, “Sure, his work is perfumed with the air of scholarly respectability, but his eugenics-based beliefs bear more than a whiff of white supremacism.”

    Gag. People would roll their eyes if I wrote: “Sure, the Mother Jones reporter’s work is perfumed with the air of scholarly respectability, but his Marxist-based beliefs bear more than a whiff of Stalinism.” But for the anti-racists, this sort of rhetoric is what passes for argument.

    • David Ashton

      Do not whites have a right to retain political and cultural “supremacy” inside predominantly white nations, and isn’t there a good case that they should have a decisive influence in the world, rather than let that pass totally to either the Muslim or Mongolid spheres of influence? This does not, need not, should not and must not entail ill-treatment of non-white peoples.

  • Ralph

    Sanchez is a brown racist scumbag who hates Whites. This should be clear from her childish column.

  • Eugenics is not a pseudo-science but rather a politically incorrect science. I guess that the difference is something Ms. Sanchez is unable to distinguish.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    People like her aren’t smart enough to realize that she can get away with attacking another who is being honest on facts about race while she tries to spin “facts” of her own about race. She can get away with it because the dogma of PC allows the inferior to win.

    Also, isn’t she admitting with her flawed bullet points that there are indeed differences between race groups? And if there weren’t differences between people why would her “raza” need to come to White nations for a so called better life?

  • Sick of it

    The real irony – She says this nonsense while Planned Parenthood kills millions of black, hispanic, and mixed-race children. In other words, the eugenics program she supports is actually detrimental towards her own people.

  • Anon

    Hispanics have no shared racial identity. Instead, they see themselves as white, black or mestizo (amerind or “beaner” if you will)

    When you scrape off all the hypocrisy, Mary Sanchez is white and would be MORTIFIED if anyone mistook her for a beaner or black.

    Spanish speaking cultures have practiced eugenics for centuries. Every single spanish speaking nation has what amounts to a racial caste system. Some are so severe that non-whites are considered vermin and are regularly exterminated. Intermarriage is unthinkable but gene theft is rampant.

    The way it works is a man (and ONLY a man) who is wealthy enough (and only if he is white) will have what amounts to a main (white) wife and one or more “sidewives”, usually mestizo (blacks are almost universally considered revolting). Usually, but not always, the man supports these other families in some basic way but that is not the main reason the women seek out such a relationship. They want his genes. They want their children to grow up smarter and prettier than other people in the neighborhood, is the bottom line. White = smart and pretty.

    How is that not eugenics? Hell, every hispanic culture is firmly based in eugenics. Colonialism gave them access to white genes and literally made everyone south of the border who they are. And the primary drive of all their mating behavior is what amounts to reverse mongrelization. You see this to an extreme in countries like argentina. Where “white” is no longer even good enough. People spend millions of plastic surgery to look as close to the aryan ideal as possible.

    Sanchez is a communist. And probably a race traitor to boot. She knows racism is nothing more than lies and BS, especially when hispanics are involved. She also knows damn well that no one on the right ever showed any interest in eugenics….such being firmly identified only with the left wing. It’s manipulation pure and simple. If only european white nationalists would learn to laugh in the face of such. Or better yet, do what “hispanic” white nationalists do. It is quite dangerous for someone like Sanchez to go back to her country of origin and express such opinions.

  • Andy

    Back when I still read the (once very fine ) Star, Sanchez was into this “viewpoint”. It is
    likely more an internal warning to thought criminals within the ranks of the paper than it is a heartfelt message to readers. The PC police have been ascendant there for at least 20
    years or more. But the realities of Kanas City (see in AR archives the excellent coverage
    by Jared Taylor of the KC school deseg debacle ) do not permit perceptive and honest reporters to remain enveloped by Sanchez’ myopia and gush. They may be silent but
    not (yet) beguiled.

    • Bobby

      Great point and true to boot. Multiculturalsim is the gift that will keep giving.

  • How is she wrong? We live in a mostly Hispanic neighborhood. Some of them are even (*gasp) illegals. We know most of them, are on friendly terms and trust them to watch our house when we go out of town. In fact, the only people on our street that gives us trouble are 3 older siblings who abused us for rides (First time meeting them, asked me to take them to the store, After getting the baby ready, they walked it with a 24 pack of Bud, and that was all. I was fuming) After telling them no more rides, they now throw their dog poop in our yard. Yes… nice, upstanding white people. It would be wrong of me to classify all white people as inbred, abusive, filthy white trash (well, I’m white, so I probably wouldn’t do that) because of these three people. It is just as wrong to denigrate Hispanics because of a few.

    • Bobby

      Shara, you are missing the point. These debates are mainly based on polticial dynamics. Where ever hispanics rule politically, that is where you get socialisim, crime, and lower standards of living. I don’t know where you live, but I have lived in California my whole life. I recently returned to the old neighborhood I grew up in. All through the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s,60’s,70’s, up until around the beginning of the 90’s of the last century, the area was very low crime. Now the city has suffered 6 Mexican gangbased murders in a mere 3 years. Before this, there was not a murder in the city I grew up in for the past 70 years. It roughly corresponded with Ronald Reagans first amnesty. Sure there are decent hispanics, but that’s missing the point. Their were a lot more decent hipanics when assimilation was required, rather than the do your own thing multiculturalism, that the Democrat party has forced on the U.S. Hispanics are largely socialists and will if allowed, completed bend the U.S. in that direction. P.S. When you mentioned how you can rely on your neighbors to watch your house when you and your husband leave town, that’s nice. When I grew up, before the invasion from Mexico,we could leave town WITHOUT ANYONE WATCHING THE HOUSE, BECAUSE NO ONE HAD TO.

      • Lower standards of living I can see. One of my clinical group in nursing school is hispanic. Her entire family lives in a small-ish house. They watch each others kids while the others work. She is going to nursing school so that she, her husband, and 8 year old daughter might one day be able to buy their own house outright. Meanwhile, she is not accruing any student debt. She started as a unit secretary for a hospital, so her tuition is paid for. Due to the family cohesiveness and support that many Hispanic families (and hers) offers, she is not accruing any student debt as many white students (including myself) are. I would NEVER consider running to my family to support me while I am in school, but in a society where credit is not even possible, like the Hispanic families that we have amongst us, family is very tight and important. I do not blame any of them. Not even the illegals. If I was brown and born on the other side of the border and was pregnant and saw kids in my neighborhood getting shot and kicking cans and dying of things like fever or colds, you’d better believe I’d get my butt across the border. Laws or not. It’s natural instinct to protect your young. Most of the Hispanics that I know have not been afforded the opportunity of education enough to regard them as equals when it comes to governmental standards.

        • Maybe things are different in California, but here in Texas, in the neighborhood that I life and work in, Hispanics have an EXCELLENT work ethic. I went a grocery store a stone’s throw from my house yesterday. Most of the employees were Hispanic. First thing I saw upon walking in the door was a 16-ish year old boy carefully dust mopping the floor (I ran into him again on my way out) and a girl spraying cleaner on the conveyor belt of her register and cleaning it when no one was there. They were not texting or goofing off with friends. They had a WONDERFUL work ethic that I do not see around other parts of my fair city. And yes, they were both Hispanic. I think we would be doing our country a horrible disservice to rid ourselves of this wonderful ethnic group.

          • Bobby

            Who cares about their work ethic? I also know some hispanic/Mexican kids that have part time jobs and do them to get money and do whatever. They are my neighbors. One day, two of their friends, after work, decided to drive over my lawn, and tore off a large branch, ruining a holly tree that was planted more than 30 years ago . Once they had a party and after it was over at 3AM, one of the girls, drunk as an English lord, decided to relieve herself close to an iron gate way up on my property. When looked out the front door to see why dogs were barking, I shined a flashlight over to a figure in the dark, and there was the little angel butt naked. You can’t make this stuff up. Why in the hell didn’t she relieve herself on my nice neighbors property where the party was she came from. I could give you so many examples of Mexican/hispanic criminality that I’ve personally experienced, that you wouldn’t even believe me. From having a classic ar of mine stolen, to having my other cars windows broken, to having my tape deck stolen, and to having my windows spit on at the super market. What am I saying here, that all Mexicans/hispanics are like this? NO, but enough of them are, in my experience, and I consider myself an open minded gentle guy to boot. That didn’t mean diddly to a lot of these folks. I haven’t even started discussing the radical Mexican/hispanic politics I’ve witnessed in California.

          • Bobby, I’ve been trying to reason why things are so different. Perhaps it’s because more social help is available in CA, the people there have a more entitled freeloader attitude, while the people here have always worked for what they have (Seriously… You should see their back yards. Craigslist is their full time job). Honestly, I keep hearing the Democrats say that they want to take in the Texas hispanics and turn Texas blue, but I think they would be an easier target for the Republicans if they cared to try.

          • Bobby

            Thanks for the reply. Everything I said was 100 percent true. Having said it, I realize there are Mexicans/latinos who are great people, nice people, who do keep their houses looking good and who are responsible folks in every way. I’d be full of it, if I did not admit this.
            What I wrote however, about hispanic activism in California, is 100 percent true. There are thousands of Mexicans/Latinos, especially among the youth, that have this utterly entitled attitude on what they should be entitled to. Of course they are totally whipped up by Democrat community organizations, colleges and universities, and often their parents,etc.
            If I gave an honest account of what goes on in California with hispanics, the massive document fraud, the I.D. Theft, (we even have a place close to Los Angeles, that the cops KNOW ABOUT!, that makes fake I.D.’s and the L.A. police will do little to NOTHING ABOUT IT. Then there’s the women who tell social services they are single, so they immediately get all kinds of taxpayer help, while in reality their husbands are working in Nevada only to come back to California at night and back to the wife that says her husband left,etc. It’s hopeless for myself or anyone else who is a native of California to describe to someone what goes on here, because the more a person would describe it the more he/she would be called a “hater”, a KKK member, a nativist, and all the B.S. democrats smear people with who are the actual victims of illegal immigration and all the mass confusion it creates. P.S. by the way Shara, I’m not trying to dispute you on your own personal experiences, which I believe, I’m just telling mine. I will however, not be surprised in the slightest, when the hispanic activism kicks up to the rate it’s at in California, with the result of other Texans paying through the nose for it all. Border states are going to get screwed first.

          • Debbie Johnson

            Shara, you’re missing the point. We don’t want all these Mestizos here. They have their own country, Mexico. For every Mestizo who comes over here to live, they are displacing a white family.

            The USA was founded by European stock FOR European stock, not every single non-white who wants to wander over here.

          • Bobby

            Yes, well said and true to boot.

        • Bobby

          I don’t know where this place is your’e talking about. All I know is that in California, Mexicans/hispanics, are treated like royalty. The state gives them free education, free social services that taxpaying citizens paid into and that are now going bankrupt. Even Mexicans illegally in California are being given social services, free money, and discounts on everything thing imaginable like utilities and other things. Snap cards, WIC, and every conceivable taxpayer paid service. When the democrat politicians in Sacramento were questioned on giving these things to people here illegally, they LIED AND SAID THAT IT WASN’T BEING DONE. Then of all places, THE RADICAL LEFTIST NEWSPAPER LOS ANGELES TIMES, actually admitted that YES, FOREIGN NATIONALS ILLEGALLY IN THE NATION ARE BEING TREATED AS ANY OTHER CITIZEN. In some cases they are treated better, since there are signs in Spanish, all through California, in government offices and private businesses and retail stores. They are being catered to in every way conceivable, because there is a government agenda that is being kept secret from American citizens. I don’t know where you live, but what you are describing isn’t life for Mexicans,etc. in California.

  • Alexandra

    I love how she’s practically in hysterics–OH NOES! Hit the panic button! More slavery! More apartheid (as if it’s some great evil)!
    I think it’s safe to say that most of us aren’t interested in antique farm equipment…we’d much rather deport them back to their home countries.

  • This website honestly disgusts me. I never could have believed that anyone feels entitled to a plot of land or a particular form of government because they were born on that land until I came here and found the bottom feeding white slime that resides here. It’s not the articles so much as the posters, honestly. I have always tried to think the best of people, so… I can only admonish you to please… think of yourself in someone else’s shoes. You are not entitled to greatness because of your skin color.