Posted on May 10, 2013

Maddow Rips Conservative Think Tank for Immigration Study Co-Author Who Claimed Latinos Have Lower IQs

Josh Feldman, Mediaite, May 9, 2013

Rachel Maddow opened her show tonight showing how the fringe elements of anti-immigration conservatism are seeping into the mainstream by taking on the Heritage Foundation immigration study that was slightly undermined by the revelation that one of its co-authors, Jason Richwine, previously wrote a dissertation concluding that Latinos have lower IQs than white people. Maddow also highlighted how Richwine has penned pieces on a site run by the head of a white nationalist think tank, and wondered why such a mainstream think tank would want to prop up a guy like that to helm its immigration reform opposition.

Maddow introduced viewers to the National Policy Institute, a think tank that has the express purpose of promoting the interests of white people. {snip}


But the newest information out reveals that Richwine wrote posts for Spencer’s website, and claimed in one of them that Hispanics have a much higher crime rate than white people. {snip}