Posted on May 17, 2013

ICE Released More Than 600 detainees with Criminal Records

Greg Argos, CBS (Phoenix), May 17, 2013

According to a new letter released to Sen. John McCain’s office, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers released 622 people with criminal records back in February.

The Obama administration claimed the controversial move was due to budget cuts faced by ICE due to sequestration.

“ICE’s reprehensible actions put Arizona at risk by setting free into our communities hundreds of detainees who were guilty of criminal offenses,” said McCain.


The letter stated that 112 of those released had either level one or level two felony convictions. McCain’s office said those convictions include extreme DUI, felony possession of drugs, vandalism and trespassing. {snip}

ICE officials said they reviewed all of the level one and two releases and decided to “re-detain” 58 people that had initially been released.


To see the letter given to McCain’s office, click here.