EDL Attack: The Terror Plot Foiled by Luck

Tom Whitehead, Telegraph (London), April 30, 2013

It was a plot that could have led to mass deaths and sparked a race war–and yet it was only by sheer luck and the incompetence of the terror group that it failed.

Six Islamic fanatics, inspired by al-Qaeda, planned to attack a rally of the English Defence League (EDL) with homemade bombs, guns and knives.

It is possible they wanted to assassinate the far-right group’s leader Tommy Robinson, who was due to speak at the event.

Despite one of them being under watch by MI5 and two others also known to the counter-terror agencies, the only reason the plot failed was because the Jihadist group turned up too late for the event.

And the only reason they were caught was because one of the group accidentally gave a car insurance company the wrong registration meaning one of their vehicles was stopped by a traffic officer on its way home.

The six-strong group was a mixture of British and foreign born Muslims all living in Birmingham.

Omar Khan, 28, Mohammed Hasseen, 23, both of Sparkhill, and Mohammed Saud, 22, from Smethwick are British.

Jewel Uddin, 27, of Sparkhill was born in Bangladesh while Zohaib Kamran Ahmed, 22, of Alum Rock and Anzal Hussain, 24, of Moseley, were born in Pakistan.

The group planned to target an EDL rally in Dewsbury on June 30 last year and turned up heavily armed with explosives, two shot guns and up to a dozen knives and machetes.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson was due to speak at the event, which involved up to 700 supporters, and it was expected to run all afternoon.

However, Mr Robinson cancelled his appearance and the rally wound up around 2pm.

The terror group did not arrive in the town until 4pm, by which time the EDL demonstrators had left.

It was on the journey back to Birmingham that the police and security services had their second stroke of luck.

Khan and Uddin were travelling in a Renault Laguna that they believed had been insured for that day.

A South Yorkshire Police traffic officer on routine patrol on the M1 motorway made a check on the vehicle and it flashed up as having no insurance.

It later transpired that Saud had made a slight error in the registration number when taking the policy out meaning it was not on the records.

The officer stopped the car and ordered it be impounded but even then the true scale of what he had stumbled across was not known.

The car was taken to the Woodhead Motors pound near Sheffield and sat there for two days before an inspection by staff unearthed a terror cache.

In the boot were two sawn-off shotguns, ammunition and a selection of knives and machetes.

When police arrived, they also discovered a homemade bomb adapted from a regular firework and three small, partially constructed pipe bombs.

The firework contained more than 350 nails and 187g of explosive, made up of twice the number of explosive pellets normally found in the rocket.

There was also CDs containing Islamic extremism, including lectures by the al-Qaeda fanatic Anwar al-Awlaki.

Crucially for the police, officers also found ten copies of a letter which spelt out the gang’s plans to attack the EDL and which was addressed to the Queen and David Cameron.

Khan, who was the driver of the Laguna, had given false details when he was stopped so an urgent hunt was launched to track him and his passenger down.

It quickly became clear that a larger group was involved as a second car, a Rover, had travelled with the Laguna to Dewsbury and left at the same time.

That car had contained Hussain, Saud and Ahmed. Hasseen had not travelled to Birmingham as he was at a wedding that day but all six men were soon identified and arrested over July 3 and 4.

Khan is believed to have been the bomb maker but fingerprints or DNA linked the other five to various other items found in the Laguna.

At one stage, shortly before his arrest he had even called the car pound to inquire whether he could go and collect “something” he had left in the car.

Uddin had been under watch by MI5 after he had been investigated during a separate plot in 2011 by a Birmingham gang to attack the UK with eight suicide bombers.

The three ringleaders of that group were convicted earlier this year and others either pleaded guilty or await a further trial.

There was insufficient evidence to link Uddin, who had been seen carrying out street collections with members of the other terror gang, with the plot.

He remained under surveillance but only as a “low level” risk and on June 25 was seen with Khan going in to a shop in Birmingham.

It later emerged the men bought kitchen knives in that shop which were found in the back of the Laguna car.

Two of the other defendants were also known to the police and security services.

Hussain is the brother of Ishaaq Hussain, who was part of the suicide bomb plot group.

At the time of his arrest, Ahmed was on bail on charges of possessing terrorist material, the Inspire magazine, for which he was later jailed for 14 months in October last year.

Sources insist there was no intelligence to link Uddin with the others or anything to indicate a coherent group.

There was also no intelligence to suggest a plot to target the EDL.

Analysis of computers seized after the arrests showed the group had researched the EDL in depth, including details of Mr Robinson, for up to a month before the rally.

They had also researched an EDL rally held in Rochdale on June 9 before turning their attention to the Dewsbury one.

The men had left their mobile phones behind on the day they travelled to Dewsbury indicating they were conscious of possible surveillance and did not want the temptation of using their phones.

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  • Puggg

    If you only read the headline and first sentence, you would think that the attack was planned BY the EDL.

    • The__Bobster

      That was intentional.

    • JDInSanDiego

      Also notice the sentence “a mixture of British and foreign born Muslims.” This could imply that some were English. The correct sentence should say something like “Pakastani Muslims, some of whom were born in Britain.”

      • Paleoconn

        Absolutely, those guys are about as British as I am Navajo.

  • Katherine McChesney

    It’s good that Muslims are being exposed for their violent tendencies and their crimes. Hopes for Tommy Robinson’s safety.

  • IstvanIN

    Omar Khan, 28, Mohammed Hasseen, 23, both of Sparkhill, and Mohammed Saud, 22, from Smethwick are British.

    If they are British I am the Emperor of Japan.

    • bigone4u

      A new acronymn: BINO – British in Name Only. However, that doesn’t work because the names Omar and Mohammed are not British. How about BBBCO – British by Birth Certificate Only. Better.

    • bigone4u

      A new acronymn: BINO – British in Name Only. However, that doesn’t work because the names Omar and Mohammed are not British. How about BBBCO – British by Birth Certificate Only. Better.

      • IstvanIN

        How about “People the British are Subject To”?

        • Paleoconn

          Or ‘The New Britons’

    • JackKrak

      True, but the most bizarre part for me is the fact that had the attack been successful, the UK press would be wetting themselves over what the EDL response would be.

      “Yeah, ok, Muslims detonated a huge nail bomb during a peaceful gathering BUT WHAT ARE THE WHITE RACISTS GOING TO DO NOW?????”

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    “It was a plot that could have led to mass deaths and sparked a race war…”

    This left-leaning publication is (surprisingly) openly admitting that tensions, distrust, and animosity are so high that a tiny spark could actually ignite a full-blown race war. Do we think, just maybe, it’s time to start seriously considering the implications of multiracialism?

    • The__Bobster

      There already is a race war. The problem is that our side doesn’t see it.

      • Paleoconn

        Absolutely, until we see it, we can’t hope to win it.

    • brengunn

      The Telegraph is a right wing broad sheet.

      • Veritas_lux_mea

        I know, but I was assuming it’s “right-wing” like the Conservative Party is “right-wing.”

        • brengunn

          I thought you might! In fairness to the Telegraph, they publish race based stories that show immigrants in a negative light and have a light touch when it comes to moderation. None of which can be said for the Guardian.

          • My sense of the matter is that the Daily Mail and the Telegraph will give you some accurate news every once in awhile, but will always shill for the Tory Party and make excuses for their failures and perfidy when the rubber hits the road.

  • David Ashton

    The outstanding demographer, Professor David Coleman, calculates that white people will be a minority in Britain by 2066. His report was “discussed” at a BBC newspaper review on May 1 evening by Clive Myrie (a black presenter), Jennie Bond (former BBC royal correspondent) and John Stapledon. Their view was that, if correct, younger people would not be at all fazed by it; it promised even greater “enrichment” &c. In other words, something to welcome not fear – Bring It On!

    Sometimes one hopes that terrorists might, however accidentally, choose targets other than the Thatcher Cabinet, the EDL and underground commuters going about their lawful occasions, and give the traitors direct and especially vibrant experience of the enrichment forced on the ethnic minority-to-be.

    • Seek

      How fitting. The 1,000th anniversary of the Norman Conquest.

    • brengunn

      I have no problems with a certain amount of immigration. I have no problems living in a neighbourhood that has lots of immigrants. I wish my neighbours no harm, but, I think I understand human nature well enough to know that should the Asian or black population of Britain reach parity with the native population there will be conflict based on competition. There will be no egalitarianism then. There will also be conflict based on racial hierarchies that will no doubt still exist in such a country. I believe we are building a time bomb.

      • David Ashton

        We have had ENOUGH inward settlement already. Some essential specialist individuals on temporary contracts are one thing. The establishment of giant colonies of Bangladeshi Muslims, for example, are another. England is overpopulated.

  • bigone4u

    The story makes clear that the muzzies have been in Britain long enough that some of the terrorists were born there, educated there, given all the rights of citizenship, and yet because of their retarded religion and evil minds they still want to kill innocent civilians. Why would anyone think that they can be assimilated into a modern tolerant culture? Britain has signed it’s own death warrant, but the execution of that warrant will play out over the next 50 years unless a savior arises.

    • ProWhite son of Jacob

      Indeed. And God bless Tommy Robinson.

      • Martel

        A legend indeed, whatever your disagreement with his political views, the young man(30)has bravery you can only read about in history books.

    • brengunn

      In fairness to the Muslims born in Britain, the overwhelming majority have no truck with this type of thing. It’s not our security I fear for, it is our Western European liberal values that are most at risk from such large amounts of Muslim immigration.

      • Veritas_lux_mea

        You should stop repeating this nonsense. Every poll I’ve seen has shown a substantial minority of Muslims, roughly 20%, sympathize with suicide bombers and other Islamic terrorism. And that’s not even including the ones who aren’t willing to admit it to a pollster.

        And I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but it’s your Western European liberal values that have ALLOWED such large amounts of Muslim immigration. They are not worth preserving.

        • brengunn

          but it’s your Western European liberal values that have ALLOWED such large amounts of Muslim immigration.

          Yes, an unfortunate truth but not the whole truth. Plenty of right wing demand for cheap labour, too.

          They are not worth preserving.

          And the alternative is? Western liberalism is one of our greatest gifts to the world.

          • Veritas_lux_mea

            Freedom of expression is obviously very important. The Muslims can do away with the rest (gay “marriage,” secularism, egalitarianism, “tolerance,” etc.) for all I care.

            “Plenty of right wing demand for cheap labor too.”

            Yes, but if they hadn’t been so wussified and disarmed by your liberal values, they would never have sprung for it.

        • Homo_Occidentalis

          Muslim “condemnation” of these atrocities is a farce. They show us their false-sympathy while preaching their religion of war and conversion at sword-point. Islam and Muslims simply have no place in Britain.


          Any white person who hears the word “jihad” and whose mind evokes anything other than a nervous looking shoe bomber in an airplane is beyond help.

      • PesachPatriot

        If muslims keep this kind of nonsense up the bobbies will need to be outfitted with AR-15’s and body armor like the dudes who are patrolling the west bank. I don’t think a night stick and a whistle will do much to deter crazed jihadist fanatics. I’m just glad no one was hurt. If England had more rednecks and a 2nd amendment the religion of peace wouldn’t be quite so bold.

        • bigone4u

          We southern rednecks are an antidote to all kinds of mischief. That’s why the liberals fear us and thus demonize us as stupid trailer trash. Wouldn’t the liberals be surprised to learn that this stupid redneck has a PH.D. and has written 30 or so books.
          I’ve found that rationality does not work with liberals, who are seriously mentally ill. What does work on their minds is fear of the NRA member with a weapon who has the will to use it. That’s why we have to be disarmed.

          • PesachPatriot

            Rednecks take a lot of nonsense and verbal abuse from latte drinking yuppies and hipsters, but I think you guys are pretty swell people. When civilization collapses completely “rural americans” will just go hunting and fishing out in the woods while the yuppies are eaten alive in the concrete jungles. I wouldn’t worry about the good old boys in texas, georgia, tennessee, alabama and the carolinas or even the yankee ones in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin or Ohio being disarmed by 60 year old California hippies in tie dye or suit wearing NYC bean counters….I’m kind of curious, what is your PH.D in? also, what are some titles of the books you have written, maybe I will go purchase and read a few.

          • bigone4u

            Doctorate in Economics, which I taught for 30 years. All the books were textbooks and ancilliaries designed for freshmen/sophomores, that came out in various editions. Once you get the first edition of a textbook done, the second and third are easy because you just have to update your data and examples. The basics of supply and demand and such stay the same so those sections don’t have to be rewritten. They’re out of print now. But I’m looking to ressurect my writing career. I’d love to publish an essay or two at Taki’s magazine.

          • PesachPatriot

            Thats pretty impressive….I was always better at history and literature than the “dismal science” but I did find it interesting….one of my hobbies is collecting old US paper money….i have some gold certificates, silver certificates, confederate notes and a few others….I think it will be a good way to teach my kid the history of the country when she gets older. It is sadly a hobby which is kind of dying off because the quiet beauty of the artwork on old bank notes will never be able to compete with the video games,tweeting, sexting and terrible dub step music that kids like these days.

            Maybe you could write an essay or two here. I’m also kind of curious if you think the pre-1933 gold standard or posibly even the pre-1965 silver standard could be viably restored to help shore up the soundness of the dollar. Some people have said that if the dollar was re-linked to gold it would probably be between 20-50K per ounce because so much money has already been printed.

          • gemjunior

            All you’ve said is true. hat’s not the only reason though. They know that “rednecks” are still the men in this country. The ones that build skyscrapers, highways, pipelines, light the schools, hospitals, highways, streetlights, traffic, engineering, drive the trains, fly the planes, and grow the food. If there was a disaster, would you rather be married to a “redneck” who knows reality, or a liberal yuppie with his head full of fantasies about friendly negroes and decides to let one stay with the family like an idiot?

        • Paleoconn

          Not that long ago, the bobbies had no firearms at all.

      • Distant Observer

        Regardless of where they were born they do not belong in Britain. Wake up man!

        This is Britain!

        • Paleoconn

          London town has become Londonstan

  • The__Bobster

    Yet the libtarded media depict us as the violent ones. So why did the UK import these snake charmers in the first place. What positive contributions have they ever made?

    • Magnus

      I don’t know why they originally imported them, but as I understand it, the Labour party ramped up immigration in the 90s to make sure that there would never ever be another Thatcher as PM (any Brits out there, please correct me if I have misunderstood this). That, and the fact that they just plain hated traditional Britain and Christianity, and the snake charmers were their allies in destroying it.

      That’s what people fail to understand: the Left hates us. They hate us so much that they would be willing to literally open the gates to the barbarians so that their utopian ideals would be realized.

      • rightrightright

        The Left was and is working in tandem with the EU. All West European nations are getting the third-world enrichment treatment. The British catastrophe is just part of this whole monstrous plot.

        The Left’s ideals are indeed utopian. “Utopia” is a ghastly, caste obsessed book where every man must know his place and his very clothing must inform of his position in society. Very strange it has come to represent a future civilisational ideal.

      • KenelmDigby

        Yes, Magnus you are right. That was one of the motivations of the Labour Party. Third world immigrants and their descendants vote Labour at something like 90% + – they are Labour’s most loyal vote farm, only a step or two above welfare receipients. Due to the sheer speed and scale of thir world immigration into Britain, it is likely that in a few decades the Tories will never possibly win another General Election. I’m not sorry for that, because the Tories were craven cowards throughout the mass immigration period into Britain.
        Probably the biggest reason for the mass immigration invasion was, however, sheer stupidity and the sway that some very bad economists and economic dogma had over some even dumber politicians. The deal was that ‘immigrants = wealth’, a load of complete bullpoopy which subsequent events has exploded. Spain a basket case amongst basket cases of failed states followed that same ‘logic’ and look where it got them.

    • watling

      Mass immigration has been mainly for leftist ideological reasons. The leftists hate white western civilisation with a passion and do all they can to destroy it. Their masterstroke was to invent the words “racist” and “racism” to prevent any debate about their evil plans. Those of us who oppose the leftist agenda have yet to find a workable strategy for countering the racism slurs.

      Now nobody in public life dares to make the connection between the fact that African countries are to varying degrees violent, impoverished, disease and famine-ridden cesspits and the behaviour of blacks in western countries. Or the connection between Islamic countries being male-centred, misogynistic, intolerant dictatorships and Muslim behaviour in western countries.

      Anyone who dares to speak out generally makes a grovelling apology in the vain hope that their career can be saved. It never can of course. Once your card is marked by the evil leftist elite it is marked for life.

  • The__Bobster

    When police arrived, they also discovered a homemade bomb adapted from a regular firework and three small, partially constructed pipe bombs.

    What, no Joker and Speed Bump pressure cookers? I wonder what these scumbags were thinking while their car was in the pound.

  • ProWhite son of Jacob

    So “British” were among them, attacking the “English” league.

    I think not!

    Some of you may find this interesting: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/at-a-glance/education/mp-demands-action-over-shocking-contents-of-islamic-letter-on-halifax-schooling-1-5540528
    Home grown.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Have the bombers been released yet and the EDL leaders arrested for inciting violence?


    • rightrightright

      They picked Tommy up a few months later on a minor unrelated charge, held him for three months in solitary on remand, in a prison full of muslims out to get him. That’s how the state deals with “sensitive” (read: muslim) matters.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        You live in a police state — your “leaders” are worse than ours — for the moment. WE are right behind you — look to South Africa for your future, ours and every other White nation.

        As Orwell so presciently wrote:

        If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

        What’s happening to us is genocide.

        Stay safe, friend.


        • Martel

          A few weeks ago muslims were outside the house of tommy robinson threatening him and his family, I am not going to spoil the suprise by telling you who was held for 30 hours and his house and documents searched again, I assume you understand the level police chiefs stoop to to satisfy multicultural demand

        • Paleoconn

          That woman looks like such a sweetheart, doesn’t she? Lots of love there.

  • birdy

    If the massacre had happened, Labour would have celebrated and the opinion columns would read something like this:

    “If it weren’t for right-wing bigotry and racism, these innocent muslims would not have been radicalized. Right wing thought must be purged from our land, in the name of tolerance.”

  • Secret Tribunal

    We all know there will be the BIG ATTACK that works (so big and bloody, the govt. won’t allow even MSM to report the video footage- issues of “sensitivity” will be invoked- any reporting must be done through govt. agency- unauthorized reporting will result in loss of broadcasting license and lifetime ban on internet usage).

    THEN, instead of starting a race war, it will be just another in the ever growing long list of horrors that give our White privilege elites opportunity to pose on TV as agents of compassion, justice, and change, and say, “As bad as the massive loss of life was, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions and rush to judgment, because fostering prejudice against transformative, enriching, and vibrant Diversity is worse.”

  • Anon

    No offense to Tommy Robinson, but it might have been far better had they succeeded.

    I know that sounds callous and cruel but the plain fact of the matter is that we are at war and in need of martyrs to awaken people to self-defense. It is inevitable that this will happen. It is simply the way the situation will resolve itself.

    White people want to just ignore the problem. Want to pretend it doesn’t exist. They want to compromise and give over to get along. Non-whites absolutely will not allow that. The more they sense they will not be killed for harming whites, the more they will harm whites….up to and including genocide. Eventually, such killing of whites will galvanize the rest to fight back. And ONLY such killing of whites will do the job. No words. No arguments. Not even the loss of standard of living, jobs, homes, a future, will do it. Only dead white victims.

    As white nationalists, its our duty to make sure, as much as possible, that liberals and other race traitors make up the bulk of those martyrs. Not only because it is fundamentally inappropriate for us to give up our lives to people who otherwise just don’t give a damn but to salvage the honor of those liberals and race traitors. They may be less than worthless scum today but they can redeem themselves and be remembered by future generations as those who gave their lives as the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. It’s BS, of course. But many victims remembered as heros are equally BS. But the bottom line is every culture needs such heros….and these people have ALOT to make up for.

    This is why you should choose to be well armed, and embedded in large communities of like minded folks instead of living on the front lines protecting white lands and communities. THAT comes later. It comes when such behavior is honored, not vilified. It comes when the rest of whites understand it is absolutely necessary and shameful if you disagree. Until then, well, liberals and their children make excellent cannon fodder. They have no one to blame but themselves.

    • Huh? If that was possible, it would have happened after a traitor pro-Muslim Dutchman assassinated Pim Fortuyn.

      Your contention that we need racial enemies and/or their white traitor trucklers to knock off our people to harden our resolve is playing with fire. As much as it could rally us, it could also dispirit us and make us give up.

    • jackryanvb

      We already have lots of martyrs.

      How about the 300 White New York Firemen martyred on 9-11-01?

      These brave White firemen should be immortalized as 300 Spartans. Instead we have conspiracy theory kooks spreading poison that Muslim immigrants had nothing to do with 9-11′ it was all a government “inside job”.

      • Paleoconn


    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      I agree. White people don’t fell truly threatened by diversity. As long as they can call the police and pretend that veneer of civilization isn’t growing thinner by the day, they will not wake up. It will take starvation, riots, body counts and ethnic militia raids before White people realize we are at WAR.

      I wish there was another way, but I don’t see it.

  • sbuffalonative

    The likely reason this plot was foiled was because those in control didn’t want the English Defence League to garner any sympathy.
    A few dead and bloody Englishmen standing up for their homeland would have made bad press. They couldn’t risk letting the EDL seen in a sympathetic light.

    • Martel

      No it was luck or a blessing from
      above which foiled the plot. Nothing else.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    It’s only a matter of time. This will happen in all White countries, especially after the global economy collapses and the welfare gravy-train ends. The “entitled” masses will get violent and blame YT for trying to starve their 8 children.

  • KenelmDigby

    Every week it’s the same story in Britain, a long line of mug-shots of ugly, vicious bearded Pakistani faces – all scowls and murderous eyes. Either it’ a child abuse ring being uncovered or yet another foiled nail bomb plot.
    Enoch Powell said something along the lines of ‘ that one day the descendants of the indigenous English will have to fight the immigrant descended population for posession of their native land’ – as ever, Powell was prescient and dead right.
    Here we say the invader population upping the ante in their conquest of Britain. Now they are not content just to assert their ‘right’ of conquest, they will kill and maim to keep it.
    New Labour were the epitome of evil.

    • rightrightright

      The entire Westminster show is evil, whether Conservative, LibDem or Labour. They are all the same, the LibLabCon trick. There are local elections today. I hope they all get eaten.

  • bubo

    Shame on the EDL for making those peaceful followers of Islam become so violent like that.

  • LHathaway

    The left in the UK will likely be pleased with this and only sorry the attack failed. Wouldn’t be surprised. Everything is going left. Even the muslim’s are honorary leftists for the most part. Even 9-11 wasn’t enough distort the rosy glasses which the left use to view all things of color?

  • LastBastionOfHope

    When you bring in the 3rd world you bring in 3rd world problems.

    I was 11 years old when the twin towers were collapsing watching the smoke from a bridge by my house 40 miles away. I understood something very big happened at that moment, but I didn’t realize attempts like these would become commonplace. I can barely remember a time BEFORE fanatic Islamic militants. Such a disgusting way to live…you would think this is the straw that broke the camel’s back and shut down immigration for good from these 3rd world nations, but in the name and cult of diversity, we must beg for more of this. Since 9/11 hit so close to home both location wise and relation wise (lost multiple friends and family in it) I always actively seek muslims on subways, planes, ferries, etc. These nut jobs have taken something we will never get back again: our sense of security. But no, let’s keep bringing them in…I must say the blood bath on 9/11 was very enriching to our culture. Our politicians are completely twisted.

    • jackryanvb

      Agreed. Just also be aware and on guard of the conspiracy theory, drop out, loner cult that spreads the poison that Muslim immigrants had nothing to do with 9-11-01 everything was “an inside job”.

      Yeah right. And the sack of Constantinople and the ethnic cleansing of one million White Pied Noir Frenchmen by Algerian Arab Muslim scum never really occurred. Oh those peaceful, misunderstood Arab/Turk/Black Muslims!

      Let’s let the entire Muslim 3rd World move in to our countries! And if there are any problems it will all be our fault.

      • Paleoconn

        I didn’t know that about the pieds noirs, thanks for the info.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    According to Richard Lynn, by 2061 about two thirds of the population of Britain will be of non-European origin, while about one third will be White.

    Professor Lynn cites the following fertility numbers of different races in England:

    Chinese 1.3

    Whites 1.6

    Blacks 2.2

    Indians 2.3

    Pakistanis/Bangladeshis 5.0

    Somalis 5.0

    There are already signs of the coming non-White tsunami and take-over in England:

    Sandhurst is renaming a hall which commemorates the fallen of a major First World War battle following a £3million donation from the king of Bahrain.

    The Mons Hall was named to honour thousands of British soldiers who died during the battle in Belgium in 1914.

    But despite the 100th anniversary of the battle next year, military chiefs are changing its name to King Hamad Hall after the Bahraini ruler, who has given millions to Sandhurst.

    South Africa has already experienced this.

    When they deface and tear down your monuments, rename your streets, buildings, schools and parks, then you’ll know it’s over and that your race is out of power.

    –warning from South Africa


    • KenelmDigby

      The learned professor is just right.
      I keep a very keen interest on this matter and do a lot of estimation and extrapolation of data from such snippets that come to light and I fully concur with Prof. Lynn’s estimates – I really cannot see how the trend will turn out any different, it’s just too far gone now.

      • NYB

        The world banking system is being propped up by the creation of more than $85 billion a month by the American Fed and bailouts in Europe.

        The hostile takeover of white countries is happening because easy money is soothing everyone to sleep. When paper currency falls to its intrinsic value, family and territory will be restored as the true wealth of nations.

        Say goodbye to foreign occupiers.

        • BonusGift

          How right you are. People should be concerned with and plan for the national credit card being cut and the subsequent near term destruction of the cities (what’s left of them) where these types mostly live. We are entering some ‘interesting’ times but they are not fifty or sixty years from now, more like in the next five years or even sooner.

      • David Ashton

        Well, Spain ceased to be a Muslim conquest.
        Algeria has no French colons.
        The English “Quit India”.
        Kant’s birthplace is now in “Russia”.

        History is what people make it.

  • reveal1914
    • Martel

      Nick Griffin needs to hook up with Michael Moore. There is nothing to expose about the Edl, what you see is what you get. There is no money, no high level propaganda, and the organization is so grassroots i am forced to call it amateurish. Why would a man risk his life, his lifelyhood while bringing in almost no money for a cause which sets the mainstream media and the crooked justice system out to get him ?

      Sense, get some.
      No one would walk the path of the EDL with the level of self sacrifice and zero reward for anything else but a staunch belief in the cause.

  • Distant Observer

    I am so tired of the lame and weak reactions by Whites. Take over your governments which are now your enemies and expell these alien colonisers and be done with it! Do you realise the import of this?!

  • David Walker

    Any white English citizens reading my post you have friends in Tampa,Florida. I will stand with you!

  • JohnEngelman

    Muslims in Christian countries are out staying their welcome.

    • Paleoconn

      They were never welcome. The elites foisted them upon us.

  • MCPH1

    The edl is a proud antiracist organization, they are fully in favour of westindian (which means people with westafrican ancestry, basically the same crowd like african americans) and direct westafrican (nigeria etc) immigration to the uk, they are proud of racemixing. While i wish them the very best in their trugke against islamic expansion to britain i am not too enthuastic about them

    • Paleoconn

      Thanks for this, I was not aware.