Debunking the IQ Myth

Adela Talbot, Medical Xpress, May 7, 2013

You may be more than a single number, according to a team of Western-led researchers. Considered a standard gauge of intelligence, an intelligence quotient (IQ) score doesn’t actually provide an accurate measure of one’s intellect, according to a landmark study – the largest of its kind – led by Adrian Owen of the Brain and Mind Institute at Western.

The study included more than 100,000 participants from around the globe, asking them to complete 12 cognitive tests looking at their memory, reasoning, attention and planning abilities. It found a simple  is misleading when assessing one’s intellectual capacity.

These findings were published in an article, “Fractioning Human ,” in the journal Neuron, last month.

“While there are different types of intelligence, they are all influenced by one, overarching, general intelligence. And that’s what we essentially measured using something like an ,” said Adam Hampshire of the Brain and Mind Institute, who co-authored the paper.

Hampshire noted this kind of testing is insufficient in measuring one’s  as it doesn’t take into account multiple factors and abilities – different kinds of intelligence.

“In the past, when people tried to examine how intelligence is related to the brain, they generally approached it with an assumption that there is one dominant form of intelligence which is sub-served by a specific system in the brain. What we found is that the  associated with whatever the ‘G Factor’ is–what general intelligence is–actually housed more specialized systems, not just one,” he explained.

“What we did in our study, that’s been different than what’s been done before, is to try and understand what the structure of intelligence is by considering the way in which the brain is organized into specialized functional systems–that is, when you look at the brain and you see there are different areas that form networks and support different types of functions,” he explained.

As part of the study, researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques with one group of participants to show that differences in cognitive abilities correspond to individual circuits in the brain.

“There are these multiple forms of intelligence and each form is in a different brain system,” Hampshire said.

Results from the study found that given a broader range of cognitive tasks, the differences in ability relate to at least three components of intelligence–short-term memory, reasoning and verbal aptitude. These three components combined create an intelligence, or “cognitive profile.”

In other words, there is no single measure of intelligence.

Given the range of  in the study, results also gave researchers new insight into how factors such as age, gender and the tendency to play computer games can influence brain function. While age had a profound negative effect on memory and reasoning abilities, playing computer games helped certain individuals perform better on tests assessing reasoning and short-term memory.

“My hope is that this (study) pens the debate back up on how we should conceive of and measure . We very often hear these comparisons (of intelligence) and it’s a terrible oversimplification. People should be skeptical when they hear these reports of population differences in IQ; it shouldn’t be a unitary measure. Examining the social demographic correlations in more detail will help to understand them better. The patterns need to be examined with a more detailed model,” Hampshire noted.

“We’ve identified different forms of intelligence now which relate to different systems in the brain. And we’ve also researched some into correlations with types of intelligence and different social demographics variables. What’s next is refining that model of intelligence.”

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  • jambi19

    They are manipulating the English language to make psychology into biology.

    • Quentin Durward

      Maybe so, but there is no intelligence without its matching PERSONALITY. IQ tests are only NORMATIVE tests and they certainly do not measure the temperament and mentality that will, or will not, fulfill one’s intellectual potential.

      Too many here keep equating IQ scores with intelligence when it is beyond obvious that “intelligence” is much more complex than that. Blacks have lower IQ scores because they are not wired to follow instructions. East Asians have higher IQ scores for the opposite reason, but that also makes them the uncreative sheeple we all know they are.

      Whites are dominating in the intelligence field because we have the right combination of IQ and personality, which has allowed us to not just learn but discover and create at a level unmatched by any other race.

      We may be living in a world of specialists now, but it was the White “Jack of all trades” and “polymaths” of the past who built it up…

      • Morris LeChat

        Correct, IQ tests aside, the proof is in the results. the results are unequivocal, whites produce technologies and civilizations that no other group, not even asians have produced. The results concerning blacks are unequivocal, they produce nothing but violence and destruction. They never invented a wheel,nor a written language, nor a sea worthy vessel, nor a building made of anything but mud and sticks, nor a building greater than one story, nor sewerage systems, roads, not even a bow and arrow. The results are unequivocal, they perform poorly regarding literacy, maff, and science . The results are unequivocal, their languages do not contain words for abstract concepts and they show a lock of ability to perform any duties that require any form of abstract thought, such as being somewhere on time, or any form of moral thinking. Do we need IQ tests to tell us this? No, but IQ test do confirm that there is a major inferiority of intellect that is the source of all their failings.

        • gemjunior

          “The results concerning blacks are unequivocal, they produce nothing but violence and destruction. They never invented a wheel,nor a written language, nor a sea worthy vessel, nor a building made of anything but mud and sticks, nor a building greater than one story, nor sewerage systems, roads, not even a bow and arrow.”
          Damn. They really are stoopid. Seems like the most underdeveloped of all humans.

        • Marcus Cosm-Inventor DiMarco

          and you are just plain racist

        • purplecare

          Yeah. Whites are so much superior at Maff and science.

      • Jefferson

        If Asians are so uncreative, why are most modern tech gadgets and electronics invented in Japan.

        • Morris LeChat

          what was invented in japan?

        • jambi19

          They aren’t all invented in Japan. I definitely deny the claim about asians not being creative though.

          • Morris LeChat

            he can not name one thing that was invented there. He confuses “manufactured’ with “invented”, He is a low IQ individual who doesn’t understand the subject he is discussing.

          • Jefferson

            Robot advancement in Japan for example is vastly superior to anything you see in White Western nations.

            No White Western nation has a higher average I.Q than Japan. That is a FACT and you have NO credible statistics to debunk that.

            Name one White country that has a higher average I.Q than Japan ? You can’t, because there are none.

          • jambi19

            I can name one white country that invented a weapon that ended a world war with minimal effort while having the compassion to spare the Japanese from annihilation. All while having a lower IQ score. Do you get it? It doesn’t matter what the collective IQ is or the number of citizens have doctorates. What matters is your top 10% being better than anyone else’s top 10%.

          • Paleoconn

            You’re joking, right, about sparing the Japs annihilation. I guess everything is relative, but our A-bombs remain unpunished war crimes, ditto the internment camps. Also what we did to Germany, specifically Dresden.

          • jambi19

            Joking???? No I wasn’t. I was using the A bomb as an example of the intellect of whites. Step back for a second. You are Harry Truman and informed of the bomb. You would as the president in 1945 not use it? Dresden was a disaster it was. All of WW2 was a disaster.

          • Sick of it

            And yet we invented almost everything that matters.

          • JohnEngelman

            According to the OECD/PISA Study of academic performance Japan and Korea are number one and two in mathematical literacy. Korea and Japan are number one and two in scientific literacy.


            According to Richard Lynn, who has spoken at American Renaissance conferences, Japan has an average IQ of 105. The white countries with the highest averages are Austria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands with 102.


          • me

            You can manipulate anything to suit your psychosis. Who are you going to believe–my ‘scientific study’ or your lying eyes?

          • Jefferson

            Japanese high I.Q would explain why even in large Japanese cities, murders and other violent crimes are not very common.

            In Japan, big cities are just as equally safe to live as their suburbs and rural areas.

          • white libertarian

            High IQ is not the same as low testosterone, which is why Japanese cities are so safe. Also, consider the fact that for hundreds of years, any local Japanese lord could kill a citizen if they looked at them funny. So for a few hundred years, the “non-passive” Japanese were systematically removed from the gene pool.

            Milton Friedman (Nobel prize in economics) also postulated that Japanese “capitalism” is merely derivative of western capitalism and can never stand on it’s own.

            As far as Japanese “robot technology” they had to import robots from France to help clean up Fukushima, as their home grown robots couldn’t cut it.

            And while we’re talking about robots,nothing the Japanese have come up comes close to anything from Boston Dynamics.

            As previous posters have mentioned, they are extremely intelligent, not very creative, and very docile. Perfect for taking Western ideas and making them with ultra efficiency.

            Also keep in mind that when western powers finally opened Japan to western trade they were still running around with swords, and had nary a gunship.

          • David Ashton

            I do not wish to denigrate the Japanese, least of all for their island “racism”, but they are quite capable of being brutally violent, even to one another, when it suits them, as anyone who experienced their soldiery in the 1930s and 194os can attest.

          • gemjunior

            I like the Japanese a lot as a people but this is a website for white people to talk about what makes us special in the world. It is not our objective to, once again, like all other white people, start talking about how much lesser we are than these people, and how much better this other country is etc…. It’s our pathological altruism at work once again and I’m not havin it. We love ourselves and need to protect ourselves since nobody else will; in fact they’re going after what’s left of us with vengeful glee. So compared to us whites, all others SUCK and if you want to argue about that you shouldn’t even be on here….
            I agree the Japanese are pretty brutal. I read “The Rape of Nanking” by Iris Chang and honestly, the pictures of what they did to the Chinese are something I wish I had not seen. Shocking stuff.

          • Dawn Rainbow

            “”It’s our pathological altruism at work once again. We need to love ourselves and need to protect ourselves since nobody else will; “”
            LOL LOL. OMG.
            You people are so delusional and psychotic it’s not even funny. If white people’s ego got bigger than it is now & you kissed your own arses more than you already do, we’d run out of space.

          • Defoe

            The Japanese are able to leave valuables outside their houses overnight without fear of them being stolen. This safety feature is a highly relevant component in a “civilized” society.

            I think this kind of thing is exactly what the article is talking about.

          • Morris LeChat

            In my white town, I can do the same thing. One can see things by the side of the road with a sign that says “free” that remain until the owner takes it to the salvation army or the dump.

          • David Ashton

            This was once true of working class neighborhoods in Britain – IQ levels are not the main reason.

          • Morris LeChat

            Their lack of BLACKS explains this. When one eliminates all crimes committed by blacks and hispanics, America is just as safe.

          • Morris LeChat

            what did the INVENT?

          • Jefferson

            Name one White country that has an average I.Q of 107 ?

          • Morris LeChat

            Germany, It has tested at 109

          • Jefferson
          • Morris LeChat

            They are just taking parts and technologies that have already been invented and making robots. You tried, and came up with one FAIL!

          • jtkayLA

            I don’t think anyone has claimed otherwise. It’s been discussed again and again at AmRen that Asians have higher average IQs than whites. However, Asians seem to lack the spark of creativity and ingenuity that has enabled whites to surpass them in driving the world forward with innovation and exploration.

          • EntineJohsonman

            Actually, most of the robot advancement in Japan is in toys. No joke. Go to any college in the US and look at what the White engineering students put together vs Japanese “robots”. The Japanese are into toys and industrial robots that aren’t much more advanced than what was used in the US in the 1980’s. As far as IQ goes, the East Asians with their bifurcated IQ structure do have problems with divergent thinking in comparison to whites, and do terribly on tests involving problem recognition in comparison to whites. This is why a city in Japan like Kobe with so many modern buildings can be destroyed by an earthquake, leveled, yet an earthquake of the same size hitting Los Angeles (Northridge) a year earlier causes little damage at all in comparison. Despite all their knowledge and experience, the Japanese never thought to take into account the different types of quakes / movement. Besides, the ‘smart fraction’ of white populations is much larger than that of E. Asian populations, never mind whites having a wider SD than E. Asians when it comes to IQ.

          • Paleoconn

            Asians, have a higher average IQ, but a smaller spread in the curve, hence fewer retards and fewer geniuses, the two extremes.

            Women and mena across a racial population have the same mean IQ, but women have a narrower curve as well, hence fewer female retards and geniuses.

          • benvad

            I live in Japan and I have a friend who works at OMRON corporation. He’s a Brazilian who was personally hired by the CEO of the company to work on expansion to international markets. He told my friend in confidence that he gets all of his “ideas” for new products from the United States and Germany.

            They are good at improving on technology that’s already been invented. Buddhist, Confucian & Taoists societies do not strive to be the best and the lack of intuition and curiosity impedes progress.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          They are just made smaller and more efficient in Japan

          • Morris LeChat

            Exactly, all the components and technology were invented by YT

        • Much of those gadgets are built based on licensed US patents or joint R&D with US companies. I saw it first-hand because I was working in microelectronics R&D in the 1990s. The big manufacturers like MEC, Sony, etc. paid a large part of my salary.

        • Marcus Cosm-Inventor DiMarco

          These are just racist shills pay them no attention. We all know all humans are intelligent and creative biengs and these shills are just here to spread their hate.

      • Dawn Rainbow

        True, there is one thing whites excel at & are superior to everybody else on it’s their huge ego, their conceit & ability to kiss their own huge full of crap derrieres.
        Keep kissing your own arses & tooting your own self-serving horns on the internet, just proves how insecure & inferior you really are.
        Read some Socrates & you’ll know the true meaning of superiority is humility. Very few men are superior enough to be wise, whites are certainly not intelligent except in their own minds. LOL.
        Like centuries of wars, exploiting slaves, raping the planet, destroying the atmosphere, genocides of Jews & Indians, colonialism, creating weapons of destruction & weapons of mass destruction, capitalistic system that benefits a minority at the expense of the exploited majority (Who are oblivious to their exploitation & vote against their best interests to perpetuate racists fantasies) are suppose to be signs of superiority?
        Nice try, only to the sheeple who think creating tools that destroy our planet is some show of intelligence. Get over yourselves, none of you posting on this blog have invented or creating a thing so stop kissing your own arses that you’re so superior cause you just aren’t. Intelligence & superiority equals HUMILITY & your self-pandering posts shows none.
        Smart people don’t buy into racism or denigrating other races, but then again you’re not smart. So, makes sense.
        Asians at least have humility, for what that’s worth.

      • DAngelo136

        Hey Quentin, did you dislocate your shoulder while patting yourself on the back?

        Racism serves by allowing otherwise marginal white people to take credit for the achievements of individuals who coincidentally share only ONE superficial characteristic; skin color. So a doofus, such as yourself, takes credit for belonging to the same group as Sir Isaac Newton despite the fact, that intellectually, you’re not in the same league, much less the same universe.

        As Lyndon Johnson said “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best
        colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him
        somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

        So if I were you, Quentin, I’d check my pockets.

      • Marcus Cosm-Inventor DiMarco

        You are a white supremacist and your assertions are flat out false.

    • me

      You can manipulate anything to suit your psychosis. Who are you going to believe–my ‘scientific study’ or your lying eyes?

      • jambi19

        There was a time when humans mistook science for magic. Now we are entering an age where people equate magic to science.

        • me

          Like the ‘culturally equal’ countries in Africa….

    • Dan

      The people who claim that IQ tests aren’t accurate are often the same group that use IQ tests to argue against the death penalty. I think many of them don’t really buy into what they preach.

  • David Ashton

    Are the brains of each and every breeding group identical?
    Not very likely, is it?

  • B.B.

    This study is old news. Psychology blogger James
    wrote a critique of this paper that is worth

  • Jimmy Rustles

    Perhaps not only IQ, but also number of people who research important scientific work, number of people who are qualified to enter a particular university, averages of standardized testing not designed to test intelligence, and number of people who receive significant academic accolades point significantly and universally in the direction of populational differences, among whites, asians, african americans, and latinos alike. The fact that some political failures tend to ignore some differences (ie by saying “we are all equal!”) while overemphasizing others (“except when I receive special benefits for being different due to ‘discrimination'”) is, frankly, repulsive.

  • wattylersrevolt

    So Jared.. you are willing to sidetrack a “debate” about race-replacement with an endless mind-numbing discussion about my-study versus your study? Does this make tactical sense ? Obvious answer:No. What difference would it make if there were no racial dfferences in IQ? It would make absolutely no difference when it comes to the battle of reversing race-replacement. The only thing that matters is this: is it good for Native Born White Amercans? If it isn’t..than we oppose it. are known in the MSM as the guy who is obssessed wth the psychometrics of IQ test scores…your oppossition to race-replacement is in the MSM comes across as an after thought for you..even though reversing race-replacement is the only thing that matters.

    • Bill

      You lecture Jared (and us) about the “prime directive” but then hammer him with references to what is known among the MSM? WHY do YOU care what the MSM says? Why do you even put any stock in it at all? Isn’t that against your own logic and your own “prime directive”? It’s HIS website. If you are oh so much smarter, start your own. Troll.

      • wattylersrevolt

        How would Jared Taylor like to me known among the thousands of Native Born White American Victims of the H-1B and L-1 B visa programs? As the guy who will lecture them about how science has established that asians are more intelligent on average than Native Born White Americans? Has Jared ever taken on the H-1 B visa program and L-1 visa program in a TV-radio-public appearances? He should be talking and writing about it all the time…to the complete exclusion of IQ test score IQ psychometrics. The victims of the H-1 B visa..and L-1 B visa programs are thousands of Native Born White American Families who have been economically terrorized by asian scab labor H-1 B and L-1 B visa recipients.

        • Bill

          The article was about IQ and the brain. Not immigration. I think he’s made it clear his position on immigration WHEN that was the topic. Voting single issue cost us a nation. Posting single issue cost you the argument.

  • HamletsGhost

    When liberals talk about group differences in IQ, they say that IQ is a meaningless measure of true intelligence, especially as it pertains to certain minorities.

    When a certain minority group member is slated for execution for some murder, then suddenly they do an about face, and insist that it’s unconscionable to execute anyone with an IQ below 70.

    The corkscrew logic never ends.

    • NM156

      I often scan the comments section for spears to throw at the opposition. Yours is one. Thanks for the weapon.

  • Ilovemyrace

    This article is an example of taking something that is partially true, and using it to discredit a larger truth.

    The authors are correct that there are different kinds of intelligence – spatial, short & long-term memory, quantitative, verbal, creative, artistic, musical, etc. However, we
    know that even these sub-items vary among races. Also, the various kinds of intelligence tend to correlate with one-another. Hence, people who are really gifted quantitatively usually also test higher on spatial, memory, verbal, etc., and this also correlates with race.

    Finally, what we call IQ is thought to represent a “generalized” intelligence (the g-factor). The important thing about IQ, and the TAKE HOME MESSAGE is that IQ correlates with success (academic, career, wealth, life-stability, etc.). Hence, in the end, it really does not matter what “IQ” actually represents, in terms of sub-intelligences, because it works
    in the real world.

    High IQ people succeed and low IQ people fail. What more, this thing we measure as IQ is largely inherited, cannot be changed much by education, and differs among

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      The important thing about IQ, and the TAKE HOME MESSAGE is that IQ correlates with success (academic, career, wealth, life-stability, etc.). Hence, in the end, it really does not matter what “IQ” actually represents, in terms of sub-intelligences, because it worksin the real world.

      Bingo! This right here is what I always try to get sleeping whites to understand. It wouldn’t matter if IQ measured how many fairy pixies can dance on your head, as long as it still correlated with life outcomes.

      • Nathanwartooth

        YES YES YES!

        “It wouldn’t matter if IQ measured how many fairy pixies can dance on your head, as long as it still correlated with life outcomes.”

        This is a great line because it shows that it doesn’t matter what IQ measures, because it correlates so well with so many things.

        They are trying to debunk IQ using a straw man argument. They propose that IQ measures exact intelligence and since they have proved that it really doesn’t measure intelligence in a super accurate way that IQ scores are useless.

        But really that isn’t what IQ measures. We know it has -something- to do with intelligence but that doesn’t really matter. All that matters are all of those amazing correlations.

        • Defoe

          It’s a good predictor of Life Outcomes, not perfect, nothing in this world is, but a good PREDICTOR.

          • Morris LeChat

            It is a predictor of the OVERALL performance of a GROUP. When one gets down to the level of the individual though it is not as reliable. There are many other factors such as drive (testosterone level), emotional stability, and IMPULSIVENESS. Mozart is considered a musical genius, yet he was not super successful in his time, his wife had to pay someone to finish his requiem so she would have money. There were much more mediocre composers in his time that did better financially than he did. Van Gogh was living off of his brother. Vermeer was giving his masterpieces to his baker for loaves of bread. Many “geniuses” lived lives that were financially handicapped because they chose to follow their inner path instead of the outer path that the world demanded of them.Nikolai Tesla was living in impoverished conditions when Westinghouse gave him a salary in order to avoid bad publicity. Contrary to what an academic mediocrity will tell you, life is not an easily calculated game where you plug in variables such as IQ and get a guaranteed result. No, some of the most brilliant geniuses struggled to survive. They lived for the brightness of their minds, not the glitter of a gold coin.

          • Defoe

            I have never thought that financial success is the measure of the man, and with regard to academia, though I have spent time in the academy, I have little respect for the herd instinct prevalent there.

            Success in life is, of course, a personal thing, but I would think that there is some correlation with IQ, wouldn’t you?

          • Nathanwartooth

            Well, yeah?

            It’s an average, not a guarantee. That is what correlations are.

            In my statistics class the teacher told us the correlation between smoking and cancer is only about .36, not even drugs like Aspirin that are sold as headache medicines have a 1 correlation with curing headaches.

            But since IQ is correlated with wealth and wealth is correlated with how well your children do on the SAT or what music you like we can see some cool things like the SAT scores are probably because IQ is hereditary and your taste in music is probably related to your IQ.

            Once you know what IQ is correlated with and then what things those are correlated with you can draw some interesting conclusions about what the average person in a group is going to like.

            Having a high IQ isn’t going to guarantee that you are wealthy just like low IQ athlete’s are the exception to the low IQ average.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Millions of Native Born White Americans don’t need to know this because they don’t care about it. Actually, I think you and the mad calibrators here are insane if you believe that reversing race-replacement requires mastering the finer points of IQ test score pschometrics. There is abolutely no point to it other than sidetracking a “debate” about race replacement. ..back and study versus your study for hours…years..and Jared Taylor is very happey to do this!!! I find this shocking. And the reason why the psychometric debate is endless is because for both statistical reasons and deep conpetual reasons IQ test score pscometrics is flawed. And the mad calibrators response is always the same:sarcasm about the inabiliy to see a “deep and obvious truth”…I mean, its pathetic. You guys look really clownish.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          IQ is crucial to reversing race replacement precisely because most whites don’t believe in racial average differences in intelligence on a conscious level, and so long as that is allowed to continue, the liberal elite will have no problem carrying out the race replacement scheme.

          However, if we could get whites to understand that white people have different average characteristics than other races, that gives them a focal point to begin feeling pride in their own race once more.

          And racial awareness and pride is the key to stopping race replacement. Without it, we have nothing.

  • Bill

    I think this “learned” guy is confusing black cunning with raw intelligence. IQ has been a valid predictor of academic performance for decades or more. But we just HAVE to account for the little racial evidence that blacks in general DON’T have high IQ’s due to racial differences, and even if they did, the SAME racial differences would result in underachievement due to acting out, thinking about their next sexual conquest, being “cool”, and disrupting classes. Not to mention chimping out once in a while and throwing things in class, including desks.

  • Ilovemyrace

    This is like saying because there are different types of athletic ability, one cannot say that someone is “athletic”. Also, because there are different types of athletic ability, we should ignore the fact that different races differer in specific athletic abilities, such as East Africans are the best long-distance runners in the world, and West Africans the best sprinters, and Inuits are terrible at both.

  • IanJMacDonald

    I haven’t read their study, but it appears on the face of it that they are playing word games with the term “intelligence.” Arthur Jensen, J. Philippe Rushton and Michael Levine all dealt with the objections.

    Forget intelligence for a moment. Can we design a test of general physical fitness which would include different batteries of test such as sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, running, cycling and weights? Wouldn’t such a test give us an accurate overall assessment of a subject’s physical fitness? Or would someone with an agenda come along and say, “There are these multiple forms of physical fitness and each form involves a different muscle system,” Hampshire said. He be laughed off as an utter fool. We all know that sit-ups require different muscles than cycling, but that fact does would not in any way preclude a carefully-designed general physical fitness test from assessing one’s overall fitness.

    But measuring physical fitness, and comparing group averages, doesn’t seem to upset anyone since it does not really undercut the egalitarian lies of cultural Marxism. Craig Bodeker brilliantly captured this particular intellectual dishonesty in his film, “A Conversation About Race.” His interview subjects had no trouble explaining why blacks comprise 78% of NBA basketball players, simply attributing it to Negros tending to be better athletes when it comes to basketball. But black-white IQ test differentials? Out come the lies and rationalizations. It’s got to be culturally-biased tests, or intelligence is a social construct, or whatever.

    Race deniers are at war with reality.

    • Sick of it

      Sadly basketball changed because now it’s all about dunking vs the actual ability to play the game, as it was back when white men were the majority in basketball. Black boxers make more sense due to longer arm length on average. Black basketball players need to learn how to actually shoot the ball.

  • The__Bobster

    Hampshire noted this kind of testing is insufficient in measuring one’s intellect as it doesn’t take into account multiple factors and abilities – different kinds of intelligence.

    So surely Mr. Hampshire wouldn’t mind hiring only low-IQ individuals for his institute, right?

  • bigone4u

    Where this research will lead is to identifying “intelligences” where blacks are superior to whites in order to advance the egalitarian myth that all people are equal. The purpose of the research is to give liberals talking points such as, “Oh, that old IQ business has been disproven by modern science. You silly racists and and your fixation on IQ. Shame on you.” I’ll believe there are no differences in intelligence when I see blacks quoting Shakespeare and adopting ham radio and electronics as a hobby.

    • Ilovemyrace

      Sir. You are wrong! I have seen on numerous TV programs and Hollywood movies a great many blacks who were computer geniuses, math wizards, scientists, or detectives, etc. Also, I have with my very eyes seen many a black man dressed quite nicely in very expensive suits or tuxetos. Does this not proove that they are intellectually and culturally equal to an race?

      • Jefferson

        Will Smith and Eddie Murphy are constantly playing fictional characters with a MENSA level I.Q.

        • Defoe

          Let’s not forget Morgan Freeman is the best particle physicist and cosmologist in the world…heck he is GOD!!

  • cecilhenry

    PC Police:

    ‘There is NO inequality between people–PERIOD…

    Well, UNLESS we say so. Then, there is.


    • Ilovemyrace

      All races are identical, except of course Germans, and maybe Whites in general, who tend to be haters and racists.

      Also, genes have nothing to do with behavior. There are almost a million human behaviors and genes do not influence a single one. Except, of course, homosexuality, which people are born with and which is purely genetic. — But that’s the ONLY one.


      Why are you laughing?

      Stop laughing at me you hater!

      Racist haters like you should be sent to death camps!

  • wattylersrevolt

    I believe that it is beyond obvious that IQ test scores are 100 percent irrelevant to the race-replacement issue.But it is also 100 irrelevant to the affirmative action debate..all that matters is whether or not affirmative action for nonwhites harms Native Born White Americans…this is the only thing we have to debate…this makes the IQ test score issue completely irrelevant.
    As far as the scientific merits of IQ test scores and its correlation with things biological and success in life …well, its a dull issue…and very dishonest also.
    And we don’t need some nitwit at the AR conference in TN to talk down to, and speak in such a disgustingly patronizing way about how nonwhite immigration is bad for “low IQ” whites(assumption being made certain types of blue collar jobs=low IQ Whites). They are quite aware of what’s being done them, and these “Iow IQ” blue collar Whites have a much deeper understanding of how labor markets work then the mathematically inclined phd in labor economics and free trade theory with their high IQ test scores. I mean talks like that are really insulting.

    • Funruffian

      I don’t really know what that means, but there have been numerous studies that reveal the parallels between IQ scores and their relation to one’s competence and mental aptitude.

      “They are quite aware of what’s being done them, and these “Iow IQ” blue collar Whites have a much deeper understanding of how labor markets work then the mathematically inclined phd in labor economics and free trade theory with their high IQ test scores.”
      That’s a very vague example that requires more clarity in order to validate. A Blue collar worker may have better hands on’ experience with his vocation over the the PHD economist, but having an astute understanding of how a market works requires research and study from both sides.
      Your argument is weak.

    • BonusGift

      I agree with you and your general point. The whole IQ thing tends to be a distraction. AmRen needs to focus on the larger goal and not excessively try to avoid being called, for example, a ‘racist’ by dabbling in clearly misplaced worship of some of the very parasitic groups that desire our destruction. The following needs to be stated/restated and then we need to focus on what really matters (i.e., stopping the demographic genocide being forced upon us without so much as our being asked about it):
      1) There are races.
      2) There are significant differences between the races (both in the mean and especially the variance and/or shape of the various distributions) and that matters in the real world (e.g., because Northeast Asian intellect is so tightly distributed relative to Europeans, they produce relative few true geniuses).
      3) The U.S. was established as a Christian European nation and was built up by the same people (i.e., it never was intended as some universal tower of Babel type flop house that is has become).
      4) Regardless of any particular trait or measure the founding stock Americans (or any traditionally European nation for that matter) do not need to justify to a pack of parasites and liars why they should occupy the land and structures their ancestors built up into one of the best places on Earth before the cultural Marxists took control of the media, academia, politics etc. and proceeded to carve it up and give it to various other parasitic groups while turning it slowly but surely into the living hell from which their kind came from.

      • David Ashton

        Strongly put, but this Englishman at least agrees with you.

  • dd121

    More gobbledygook out of academia to obscure one obvious fact: blacks aren’t very damn smart.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    What about the study that stated that “intelligent people” were more likely to be Progressive and Anti-Racist?

    What kind of “intelligence” were they talking about?

    • concernedcollegekid

      Leftist logic dictates that IQ exists when liberals and atheists are found to have higher IQs, but when races are found to have different average IQs, it doesn’t.

      • tech

        Don’t forget, it also exists when desiring lighter sentences for the low-IQ prison population…

      • Jefferson

        Ask White liberals if Appalachian Whites have a low I.Q and they will say YES in a heart beat.

        Ask White liberals if Blacks in Detroit and Somalia have a low I.Q, they will say NO in a heart beat.

        • Anonymous

          Why can’t we just say ‘yes’ to both questions?

          • Jefferson

            Because in the eyes of White liberals, poor academic performance in Blacks is due to racism. White who perform poorly in school is due to their low I.Q.

            Racism is what holds Blacks back from all becoming darker skin versions of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs.

    • smells_just_like

      Suicide is rational in some cases. Goering.

      • Morris LeChat

        didn’t he kill himself?

  • smells_just_like

    “different kinds of intelligence”

    Our greatest threat is that too many in the White community refuse to acknowledge the “special intelligence” that blacks have for sensing wherever Whites are enjoying special moments of White privilege, and then heading right over their to enrich it with their voodoo vibrancy and danger.

  • JohnEngelman

    Scores on IQ tests are reasonably good predictors of academic success and other outcomes in urban civilizations.

    Nevertheless, there are other kinds of intelligence that are effective in other environments. The average IQ of the Bushmen of southern Africa is estimated at 54. The average IQ of Australian Aborigines is estimated at 63.

    Whites with IQ scores at that level are fairly helpless, but Bushmen and Aborigines have thrived for tens of thousands of years as paleolithic hunters. This indicates that they have mental aptitudes most whites do not have.

    • IstvanIN

      Yes, they are adapted to their environment but never evolved to either take command of their environment or leave their environment. So what is your point, I could say the same thing about elephants or wolves?

      • JohnEngelman

        They were suited for their environment, but they were not able to adjust when the environment changed. In our present economy those who are unable to master high tech job skills are in a similar predicament.

        • IstvanIN

          Oh good golly, our government and big business conspire against us, as opposed to the natives who were simply victims of nature. Not exactly the same.

          • JohnEngelman

            Elites in the government and corporations are open to talent from below.

            I have no reason to gloat about the process, but I recognize what is happening and why.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          Here we go, Engelman dream of the coffee-colored ultra-high IQ master race.

    • Urban Teacher

      Yes, whites with IQ scores at the level of Bushmen and Australian Aborigines are helpless. But that is because a white with that low an IQ will have significant brain damage which will affect more than IQ.

      That is the reason why a white with an IQ of 70 is retarded, but a black with that IQ is “normal”.

      • JohnEngelman

        A white with an IQ less than 70 is as typical as a white with an IQ greater than 130. Many whites with IQs less than 70 have them because of genetic variability, rather than brain damage. Nevertheless, i doubt they could survive as hunter gatherers, even if adopted by a paleolithic hunting band as infants, because whites have evolved to depend on other mental aptitudes.

        • Jefferson

          The percentage of people in the world with an I.Q greater than 130 is not very common among any race, not just Whites.

          If I.Q’s of 130 were a dime a dozen, there would not be so much poverty and bat$hit crazy religious (particularly Muslims) people in the world.

          What do you think is the average I.Q of someone who believes there are 72 virgins in heaven waiting to have sex with him.

          • Morris LeChat

            Engleman offers nothing but conjecture here. He somehow believes that for some strange reason, a white adopted by a band of hunter gatherers could not learn their simple methods of survival. What do those methods rely on? Just memory of certain basic things such as how to find water and food. He has backed himself into a corner of taking a totally ridiculous position all in the effort to support his IQ fetish, and some strange personal darwinian twist he puts on it. He has reached the point of utter absurdity and irrelevance. Regarding the hunter gatherers of africa, they are of an ethnic group that once inhabited much of sub saharan africa. They were pushed to their present locations buy the expansion of the Bantu people that spread out from the Nigerian area. The Bantu people cultivated yams. Yes, that one simple technology, using a stick to plant and harvest yams, enabled them to outbreed the khoisan and push them to the desert areas where even such primitive agriculture was not possible. They are reduced to their present territory in other words, because of their lack of intelligence and aggressiveness. Now he argues that we must take a retarded white person and let a khoisan family raise them and that such a person would not be able to master their primitive methods of survival. Yet the white race is not all of one low IQ level. Where the bantus pushed the Khoisan into the arid regions and stopped there, the white man turned some of those arid regions into the breadbasket of southern africa with his technologies of irrigation and crop cultivation. Where the bantus only mastered the yam, the white man brought in cereal crops and developed varieties for that latitude. Where the bantus cultivated minimally subsistence farms, the white man created a super abundance of food. Why argue about a retarded white individual struggling to survive as a bushman when we have white people turning their lands into productive farms?

        • David Ashton

          Could you find another hobby-horse, just for a while?

          “The most urgent message which biologists have to convey to the public is that if something is not done to arrest the present increase in world [non-white] population, then that increase will be arrested by war, disease, and starvation. Eugenics can wait, birth control cannot.” – Professor John Maynard Smith.

          • JohnEngelman

            I agree with you that the birth rate in the third world should go down. I am opposed to doing anything to reduce the third world death rate.

            Unlike some on this forum I am opposed to doing anything to raise the white birth rate.

            Population growth, whether it is caused by a high birth rate, a high immigration rate, or both, contributes to the growing income gap. More people mean more consumers and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand this means higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits.

            For several centuries technological advances have counteracted the negative effects of population growth in much of the world. Although the European population was lower in 1800, the average standard of living is higher now.

            Currently, computer technology reduces the economic value of jobs that can be learned by those of average and below average intelligence, while opening opportunities for those with high IQs.

            In the United States the growth in inequality in gross income since the recession of 1974 has been caused by population growth and computer technology. The growth in inequality in net income has been caused by the Republican ascendancy. As gross income has declined for most Americans the Republican Party has flattened the tax system.

            Now Republican politicians want to give the rich more tax cuts, while reducing payments for Social Security and Medicare.

          • Jefferson

            Population growth is indeed overrated. With the exception of The United States and Japan, every other 1st world country on the planet have smaller populations that have nowhere near 100 million people, let alone over 1 billion people like India and China.

            The per capita purchasing power of India and China is pretty weak when compared to the per capita purchasing power of much smaller countries like Israel, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Australia for example.

            It is all about quality over quantity.

    • Morris LeChat

      whites survived tens of thousands of years as paleolithic hunters. What do you think the ice ages were? Are you serious? You consider yourself educated?

    • Terry

      I think to a large extent that is learned and cultural. If a white was brought up by bushmen he would also know how to survive except that he would have a different physiology,like not having big buttocks to store fat or whatever.

    • Defoe

      It “indicates” nothing of the sort. Average IQ Whites could adapt very quickly.

      Where do you come up with this nonsense?

  • So CAL Snowman

    All I am saying is if you had two islands and put a bunch of MENSA members on one and a bunch of Ethiopians on the other and you had to pick one island to live on WITHOUT seeing it, which island would you choose?

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Lol…they will never admit that blacks have lower IQ. The findings with Asians at the top followed by Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks respectively makes perfect sense. You can observe the hierarchy in the population…it’s generalizable. Every people has been through hardships…Jews with the holocaust, Blacks with slavery, Whites with indentured servitude and religious persecution, Asians with suicide and tiger mothers, etc. The only race that really cannot even get up on its feet still are Blacks. That’s not to say that ALL Blacks are dumb, but on average they are.

    Take away affirmative action and maybe 2 or 3% of their 14% could make it in college the old fashioned way with no swimmies. Even blacks who grow up in white preppy areas do not perform at or above most of the white students. Environment has been proven to be BS, socioeconomic status has proven to be BS, and racism has been proven to be BS since every race on earth faces it. The only thing left is genetic intellect. They don’t have that on average. The sooner we can admit this, the better.

  • a multiracial individual

    Some have been asking why Mr. Taylor involves himself with discussions about IQ. The answer is obvious. Simply put, IQ is the most compelling, ironclad, and irrefutable piece of evidence that race actually exists.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Um, what? So someone who has an IQ of 70 must obviously be black and someone with an IQ of 115 must be Jewish?

      How about the physical differences?

      • a multiracial individual

        I apologize. I should have been more precise. Differences in the DISTRIBUTION of IQ among the races is the most solid evidence that race is more than skin deep. All human populations are represented in the high IQ and low IQ range. The difference is how many people occupy those extremes with a given population. For Jews, having an average IQ of 112-115 means that at an IQ of 140 is 6x more common among Jews than Whites.

        • BonusGift

          One point and one question:
          All large populations will, by definition, have a distribution of IQs, but not all populations overlap all others (e.g., Japanese right tail IQs with European as their distribution is tighter). A pure Negroid population will not overlap a pure Caucasoid population with respect to IQ (i.e., only on the left side of the distribution).
          So Ashkenazi Jews are not ‘White” (i.e., the group you refer to with the highest mean IQs)? What race are they? I didn’t know to be Jewish was racial, I expected it was religious, but I was obviously wrong as you must know; good to know.

          • a multiracial individual

            That is not accurate. A pure Black population will still have people on the far right side of the bell curve. Unfortunately, since we are talking about a population with an IQ centered on 70, they will be exceedingly rare.
            Most people regard Ashkenazis as very different from regular Europeans. There is a genetically unique ethnic group underneath that religio-cultural identity.

          • BonusGift

            Who is this “most people”? What are “regular Europeans” as opposed to the “white” people that don’t encompass any Jewish people? Finally, a normally distributed IQ with a mean of 70 (unless it has a very wide relative distribution, which BTW negroes don’t have) will not overlap on the right side of the distribution another normal distribution with a mean of 100 (i.e., not just rare but non-existent – this is purely a function of the mean and standard deviation of the two distributions).

          • David Ashton

            Lynn distinguishes between four groups of Jews, but there has been some interbreeding over the years.

            There are some interesting recent DNA data on the Ashkenazim to supplement earlier morphological analysis from Baker, Coon and Guenther. They are essentially (somewhat mixed) a west Caucasoid, i.e. “white” people, but mostly different from the Nordic-Mediterranean mainstream, with facial features of an Assyrioid or Armenoid character.

        • FastWhite40045.7

          This claim of it being more common for Jews to have an IQ over 140 has never been proven. It is conjecture based on the assumption that Jews have the same SD as White Europeans – about 15 pts. Jews are very inbred, more so than just about any other population on earth with the possible exception of Samoans and other Pacific Islanders. It is likely that Jews have a much narrower SD than White Europeans.

    • Defoe

      skin colour is not compelling?

    • WR_the_realist

      Everybody already knows race really exists, *especially* the leftists. They wouldn’t support affirmative action, black studies, black theme dorms, Chicano studies, etc., if they didn’t believe in the underlying category of race. The reason IQ matters is because differences in average IQs among races explain much of the disparities in outcomes. The refusal to acknowledge the reality of racial differences in IQ is why when these disparities in outcomes are found the left always blames them on “racism”. If they can’t find an actual racist keeping black people down they blame it on the always amorphous and invisible “institutional racism”.

  • MBlanc46

    Blacks do less well than whites (and Asians) on IQ tests. Therefore, IQ tests don’t “really” measure the whole of intelligence. They probably don’t. But what they do measure correlates well with academic and economic success (two areas in which blacks are notably deficient). Is this any more than a pathetic attempt to avoid facing the fact that blacks on average, are intellectually inferior to whites?

    • Jefferson

      Sports and Hip Hop have been able to lift many low I.Q Blacks out of poverty.

      • MBlanc46

        Intelligence, even analytical intelligence, isn’t everything. I’d surely have traded 20-30 IQ points to have been able to play major league baseball (or even first-class cricket). Or to have been a world-class rock-and-roller. Many are called but few are chosen in sport and entertainment. Since most of us aren’t called, or even close to being called, we’d better hope that we have at least an average IQ, and it’s in that regard that far too many blacks come up short.

        • Bossman

          Blacks are more physical and sexual that Whites and Asians. A truly super race will be one that combines intelligence with physical attractiveness.

  • The study included more than 100,000 participants from around the globe, asking them to complete 12 cognitive tests looking at their memory, reasoning, attention and planning abilities. It found a simple IQ score is misleading when assessing one’s intellectual capacity.
    It’s very simple actually.
    Some people more cognitive ability for planning flash mob attacks.
    Some people more cognitive ability for posting to WolrdStarHipHop
    Some people more cognitive ability for telling their kid “Sit yo a// down”.
    Some people more cognitive ability for using the EBT.
    Some people more cognitive ability for pulling scams at the supermarket.
    Some people more cognitive ability for talkin’ pol-o-tics.
    Some people more cognitive ability for adjusting to priison life.
    Some people more cognitive ability for raping white women.
    Some people more cognitive ability for murder.

  • WR_the_realist

    Let’s suppose that there are “really” half a dozen kinds of intelligence. Let’s assume that these are things like memory, puzzle solving ability, pattern recognition ability, reading and writing, and so forth — aspects of cognition that normal people would regard as having something to do with intelligence (not things like “coordination”). I guarantee that if you do careful, large scale, unbiased studies you will find that for each of these kinds of intelligence there will be significant average differences between different racial and ethnic groups, just as there is for g.

  • Sick of it

    Throwing in memory as a part of intelligence already unbalances the study. East Asians probably have the best memory capacity on the planet and yet they were hundreds of years behind us in technological development until we handed it all to them on a silver platter.

    • WR_the_realist

      In the year 1500 Europe was technologically behind China. Don’t mistake contingencies of history for absolute truths about human differences. My experience with Asians is that they are on the whole as smart and creative as whites. If you are installing any high efficiency LED lighting you can thank a Japanese engineer for their existence.

      • Sick of it

        …which is why we were casting cannon for them and giving them clocks..because they were so much further ahead of us and thought such things quaint?

  • AaronC

    IQ tests are meaningless because they’re written to be biased in favor of rich people.

    Also, IQ tests don’t matter because there isn’t any correlation between wealth and IQ.

    • NM156

      Um, no a profound correlation exists between wealth and IQ.

    • WR_the_realist

      Truly a bizarre pair of statements. If IQ tests were biased in favor of rich people there would be an artificially high positive correlation between wealth and IQ. In fact, there is a positive correlation between wealth and IQ, not because of bias, but because smart people are likely to make more money, and more important, more likely to hold onto what money they make. Finally, even if there was no correlation between wealth and IQ that wouldn’t mean that “IQ tests don’t matter” unless you believe that wealth is the be all and end all of life. If smart people weren’t any richer than stupid people but had more stable, less crime prone neighborhoods, more beautiful art and music, and a greater satisfaction with life, IQ would still be very important.

    • Aaron

      Eh, next time, maybe I’ll put sarcasm tags…

  • The article throws in the term “population groups” to give the impression that race doesn’t matter for I.Q. But a careful reading of the article makes me conclude that when he says “populations groups” he’s referring to “age, gender and the tendency to play computer games”. In other words, the article is misleading. Surprise.

  • Actually just by accident I discovered a new kind of IQ test.We do what are called white cell differentials.You count 100 cells and put them in certain categories..The blacks seem to be the slowest ones to finish a diferential.

  • Ralph L.

    The use of a discrete IQ score is convenient to researchers but cultivates for others a
    notion of spurious precison. Nonetheless, IQ tests reveal a “zone” within which an
    hypothesized particular level of ability resides. Test performance can be usefully conveyed
    by recourse to perceile scores–e.g., there is, say, an 85% likelihood that the examinee’s
    general mental ability surpasses **% of the overall population and is surpassed by **% of the
    overall population. Test publishers could have, and should have, structured their tests
    to be interpeted in such a way. Too, there is a spurious sense of calibration. In reality,
    the “distance” between IQ’s of 115 and 130 is much much “shorter” than the “distance”
    between IQ of 130 and 145. Truly high IQ very very dramatically surpasses what is commonly considered, say, merely graduate school bright. The great British psychologist,
    Hans Eysenck, was certainly correct to assert that IQ tests are a great scientific
    discovery. Future developments will reveal the IQ tests of the 20th century to have been
    a solid foundation for the advancements and refinements that are now unfolding.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    All I want to know is what evidece there is that all human populations have the same mental abilities. That’s what we’re meant to believe, right? So, where’s the evidence?

    Human populations have diverged physically and culturally over the thousands and tens of thousands of years that we have been either partially or completely isolated from each other in radically different environments all over the earth, so what what evolutionary mechanism has ensured that our minds have stayed “equal” all across the globe?

    • “What evolutionary mechanism has ensured that our minds have stayed ‘equal’ all across the globe?”

      Magic. And skoo brekfatses. Gnome sayin?

  • So car-jacking and rape really only represent a “different kind of intelligence”?

    Thank goodness! Here I was convinced that blacks were violent imbeciles. My bad. Never mind.

  • gemjunior

    What a coincidence that this comes out at the same time the Heritage Foundation put out the paper stating how much IQ of the new immigrants is so low that it’ll destroy the USA.

  • Frank Castle

    What is never pointed out is that E. Asians did not have a slightly higher average IQ than whites until a group of psychiatrists decided that the visuospatial portions of the tests carried more weight than the verbal reasoning sections. In actuality, this was likely done in order to have a group, any group, of non-whites with an ‘average’ higher than those hated whites.

    The psychometrists never fail to mention that whites have a wider Standard Deviation in IQ than East Asians, meaning more whites at the low end, but also more whites at the higher end. Even blacks have a wider SD than E. Asians. The Asian lovers scream bloody murder about this and say it isn’t so, but several studies, including the original by Vining, shows this just to be the way things are. This dovetails with the “Smart Fraction” theory which points out that overall white countries do better than Asian countries when it comes to most economic indicators because there are a higher percentage of smart people in the white countries. It is also never pointed out that in academics, while the Asians study (along with their ingrained smarts and talents) and memorize, the whites out perform them most of the time in college and in graduate school, never mind real life performance in medicine, engineering, and the like.

    Whites are more “creative” or inventive. Others have pointed out that this is probably due to whites having generally even or balanced structure to their intelligence, between the verbal and visuospatial, while Asians rely on very good visuospatial skills and what would be considered sub-par verbal reasoning skills for whites. Verbal reasoning is not only “language” and “words”, this is what confuses a lot of people. Here’s a bit of trivia that isn’t pointed out very often; over 98% of the Asian math “whizzes” go into applied mathematics. Basically avoiding anything that requires pushing the envelope, divergent thinking, creativity, etc. Not picking on Asians at all. It’s just the way things are. Whites would do well to get their children on track, not that the kids should be study drones like Asians, but at least make them work harder, make them actually challenge themselves. Which the Asians do, as shown with Asians with lower IQs than would be expected in certain jobs. They work hard, very hard. Too hard maybe, as we’ve seen enough Asian shooters at colleges that have blown gaskets. They just don’t get the attention from the media some white nutcase would enjoy.

    Is IQ real? IQ tests are good at testing what they test. Maybe not every facet of cognitive ability can be measured, but for the most part, the smarter peoples tend to do better out in the world, and these people do better on IQ tests overall than blacks, mestizos, and many other non-whites. That our enemies seek to bury whites under a tide of blacks and browns with low intelligence shows this was recognized many, many years ago. The people behind the ruination of whites may publicly proclaim equality, tolerance, no differences between peoples but they know the truth, and that is why they seek to keep it hidden while they carry on with their hateful, racist plans.

    • Morris LeChat

      very excellent post!!!

  • A Reader

    Dismissal of objectivity of IQ is based on a fallacy. A mere fact that measurement of a quantity is imprecise or difficult does not prove that quantity does not exist.

    One could, using the same fallacy, argue that beauty does not exist because it’s difficult to measure. Or that freedom does not exist because it’s difficult to measure and define.

    These fallacies are not just illogical. They are dangerous.

    Many Soviet “liberals” used them as justification for submitting the people to unlimited socialist oppression. They fallaciously claimed that freedom does not exist objectively, so no oppressive tyranny can take any freedom away from anybody (for how can you take away anything that does not exist?). So they did.

    And we are headed in the same direction, as the cancer of socialism and its fallacious ideology carried by millions of “immigrants” metastased from SU and E. Europe all over the West.

  • Carpenter E

    “There are multiple forms of intelligence….” Wrong. There are multiple forms of talent. Calling every talent “intelligence” is a way to bring inflation to intelligence. This is done because leftists have always hated the fact that people have different intelligence, and they want to belittle the word as much as possible. But everything the brain does isn’t “another form of intelligence,” it is a talent. Intelligence is also a talent. It is the talent to understand. It is the talent to see patterns, and cause and effect.

  • Edruezzi

    My entire problem with race differences in IQ is how they evolved. It’s a big problem when you start to think about it.

  • Marcus Cosm-Inventor DiMarco

    Mabye its because your science sucks. What cultures are the most sustainable for millenia? Certainly not yours.

  • purplecare

    Ok so if Asians are so much smarter than blacks why is there only one who could figure out how to play pro basketball but there are numerous blacks who have figured out how to do it?

  • purplecare

    What is most revealing about IQ scores is they prove that more education does not improve IQ. In other words so much government emphasis on education is just a waste of time. Wait a minute. Waaaait a minute. Our president is black. Blacks have low IQs. Therefore all this emphasis on education is a result of a stupid president who can’t figure out all the education in the world won’t do most people any good.