Crazed Extremists Batter Prison Guard in Assault Sparked by Death of Drummer Lee Rigby

Andy Lines, Daily Mirror, May 28, 2013

Prison staff feared their colleague, locked in a room and being attacked by crazed extremists, was facing the same gruesome death as murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

The terrified officer, in his 30s, was finally freed by a specialist riot squad who stormed the room where he was held for five hours and beaten mercilessly by the extremists, who told him he would die.

And the vicious assault was sparked by a simple call from a prison imam to pray for drummer Lee who was butchered in the street last week near his barracks in Woolwich, South East London.

The ringleader of the prison attack flew into a rage at the request, insisting the 25-year-old’s murder was justified.

Recruiting two fellow Muslims, an African-born fanatic and a British convert, they kidnapped the guard on Sunday and bundled him into a cleaning room at Full Sutton jail near York.

Once inside, he was battered senseless with mop handles. The yobs threatened to pour caustic toilet cleaner into his eyes.

A prison source said last night: “The fear was that the gang had somehow got hold of knives from the prison kitchen and they would attempt to behead him.

“It was organised and inspired by the terrible death of Lee Rigby. The ringleader wanted to start a riot and after taking a hostage he was shouting for ‘true Muslims’ to join a holy war.

“By the time the attack finished the officer was covered in bruises and blood.

“He feels very lucky to be alive. He was told they would kill him.”

The guard was taken to hospital with serious injuries. He is believed to have been allowed home to recover but is expected to be off work for several weeks.

Staff at Full Sutton, which holds dozens of terrorists, said they had warned bosses about the ringleader’s volatile temperament and insisted he was an increased security risk.

They had wanted him moved into a segregation wing. But they claimed their pleas were ignored as jail chiefs did not want to risk stirring up trouble.

A source said: “We could see this was coming but nothing was done.

“The bosses were too worried about causing offence among terrorists to do their job properly.

“And as a result, we are very lucky not to be dealing with the death of a prison officer.”

The three attackers were bundled into segregation units after being overpowered at the maximum security jail.

The Prisoner Officers Association confirmed the latest incident had taken place.

And a spokesman said severe cuts in the number of guards has sparked fears of more attacks.

He added: “We are seriously concerned about dangerous staffing levels in prisons.

“The POA believe future cuts will massively increase the risk of violence.”

The Prison Service also confirmed the attack took place.

A spokesman added: “It was successfully resolved. A police investigation is ongoing.”

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  • Son of Abraham

    “The bosses were too worried about causing offence among terrorists to do their job properly.”
    Worried about causing offence among terroirsts! Are you kidding me? Is that supposed to be some kind of absurd joke?
    Who gives a rat’s ass if terrorists are offended? Their very existence offends me. Let them suffer and rot ltheir lives away in jail.

    • The__Bobster

      American politicians bend over backwards to satisfy CAIR.

      • StillModerated

        Wrong! They bend over forwards after dropping their shorts and applying KY.

        • The Bobster

          Soviet Nightmare Comes To Britain—After Woolwich, British Police Arrest CRITICS Of Islam
          By Jesse Mossman on May 28, 2013 at 4:20pm

          A nightmare haunted those unlucky enough to find themselves behind the Iron Curtain which the Soviet Union clanged down across Europe following WWII. The nightmare was awakening to find a circle of hard-faced men around the bed—the secret police come to whisk them away in the middle of the night.

          After Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher defeated the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union, some imagined that freedom was safe. I suspect few imagined that in a future Britain:

          “The police are now arresting people based on mere speech in social media,…”


          “Two men were detained in the middle of the night after they expressed anger at Muslims on Twitter. The Independent quotes police as saying:

          “We began inquiries into the comments and at around 3.20am two men, aged 23 and 22, were detained at two addresses in Bristol.” [In Britain, Police Arrest Twitter And Facebook Users If They Make Anti-Muslim Statements, By Jim Edwards | Business Insider, May 26, 2013]

          The police made the arrests in response to Muslim leaders. So now British police are acting as quislings for growing Muslim power–preventing the expression of the righteous anger which is necessary to awake the British people so they can take action to protect themselves. If it is illegal to even talk about the Muslim danger, it becomes much more difficult to muster the political will to end Muslim immigration and stop the growing implementation of Sharia law.

          • David Ashton

            The EDL doesn’t help, however, when its unruly supporters dress and behave like brutish drunken yobs. As Wellington said of some of his troops, “They may frighten the enemy, but they certainly frighten me.”

    • brengunn

      I think that’s a badly worded sentence. I imagine what they really mean is that, had they taken away the leader there may have been a risk of some kind of trouble or even riots, so they decided to leave him there to keep a sort of peace. Unfortunately it backfired on them.

      Let’s hope they give him a brutal beating that he won’t forget till the day he dies.

      • Dr. Xoe

        Agree. A civilization that believes in itself has no qualms about inflicting punishment on its enemies. Give him a beating and deny him medical treatment.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Islam is not compatible with the west. Point blank. Thank god Europe is waking up.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I hope you’re right.
      In a related matter, I am not the song writing type, but someone should be able to replace the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” with “Drummer Lee Rigby” to comment on this situation. Or would that upset “Sir Paul” too much?

      • The__Bobster

        He’s too busy throwing a guitar pick on Elvis’s grave.

      • StillModerated

        Ah, look at all the tawny people
        Ah, look at all the colored people
        Drummer Lee Rigby fought for a nation where White men once reigned supreme,
        Reporters all dream
        Blood-stained jungle bunny stands around boasting about killing more,
        Son of a whore.
        All the $#!+-skinned people

        Where do they all come from?
        All them Afro people
        This ain’t where they belong.

        Prime Minister Cameron writing the words of a speech those reporters won’t hear.
        Filled up with fear.
        Look at him scheming, telling his handlers we need more filth here.
        What does he care?
        All the savage people
        Where do they all come from?
        All the noisy people
        Where do they all belong?

        Ah, look at all the skeevy people
        Ah, look at all the moslem people

        Drummer Lee Rigby died in the street as a victim of England’s new shame.
        The EDL came.
        Multicult pinkos washing the guilt from their hands as they wish us all slaves.
        Their pensions are saved.

        All the scummy liberals (ah, look at all the scummy liberals)
        Where do they all come from?
        All the left-wing people (ah, look at all the left-wing people)
        Send them where they belong!

        • Spartacus

          That’s…. depressingly true…

      • brengunn

        I don’t think that song is really appropriate for a tale of knife murder.

    • NYB

      Neither are so-called ‘Christian’ Arabs or Middle Easterners.

      It’s not the religion that’s incompatible, it’s the race.

  • JackKrak

    Yet another article (the original, I mean) where the editors “forgot” to enable the reader comments section.
    Funny how that never happens on articles about what celebrities wore to a party or sports news.

    • The__Bobster

      They are forgetting” more and more these days, so I make my comments on their celebutard pages.

  • The__Bobster

    NAIROBI, Kenya — A suspect in last week’s savage killing of a British soldier on
    a London street was arrested in Kenya in 2010 while apparently preparing to
    train and fight with al-Qaida-linked Somali militants, an anti-terrorism police
    official said Sunday.

    Michael Adebolajo, who was carrying a British passport, was then handed over to British authorities in the East African country, another Kenyan official said.

    The information surfaced as London’s Metropolitan Police said specialist firearms officers arrested a man Sunday suspected of conspiring to murder 25-year-old British soldier Lee Rigby. Police gave few details about the suspect, only saying he is 22 years old.

    The arrest brought to nine the number of suspects who have been taken into custody regarding Rigby’s horrific killing in London. Two have been released without charge, and one was released on bail pending further questioning. No one has been charged in the case.

  • JSS

    Remember Christians do this stuff all the time. It has nothing to do with Islam at all. Move along and celebrate diversity, the next celebration will include forced female circumcision of White British girls on the streets of the capital. Any White Britons who object to this celebration will be incarcerated.

    But if Muslim gangs grooming White British girls to be gang raped all day and night wasn’t enough to wake up the Brits this wont be either. Britain is a lost cause.

    • Freey’all

      The gangs have been tolerated because their targets are 1.female 2. mostly poor I’d suspect and 3. WHITE.

      *White* ultimately is the key pivot as usual. But don’t be so defeatist because the brits are waking up. I don’t think defeatists should be allowed to post unless they have actually done something, taken action recently to make change. I have. Have you?

      • JSS

        I have certainly helped wake up my close friends and directed them to amren. But no I don’t wave signs or print fliers if thats what you mean.

        I hope your right. I really do. But the level of humiliation and degradation the Brits have tolerated makes me think they are hopeless.

      • Lancasharia

        I’m sorry, i don’t think they have or will, and i’m British. Voting for Ukip will do nothing. It has gone way beyond that. Action is needed and that means getting off your arse. Enough said.

  • The__Bobster

    These spoonies need to be thrown into a small cell will moving walls.

  • Freey’all

    I just posted this on today’s French thread but I’ll repeat: Anonymous the hacktivist avengers have now hacked EDL:

  • MikeS

    Who was it that said: “Kill ’em, kill ’em all?”

    • StillModerated

      Arnaud Almaric, during the Spanish Inquisition, which killed fewer heretics than the mohammedans have in England

      • drdeeselixir

        ” . . . the Spanish Inquisition, which killed fewer heretics than the mohammedans have in England”.

        Glad you posted this info as it’s absolutely amazing how many ignorant people here in the UK parrot hugely inflated numbers of victims (hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions) they claim were murdered in the Spanish Inquisition. First people need to understand that in the medieval period the Spanish State had Inquisitions. The Catholic Church also had their own Inquisitions and all the figures are recorded so there’s no excuse for ‘dumbed-down’ people to use their own inflated figures. I’ve seen the recorded figures on the Internet years ago but don’t have time right now to look them up again but certainly will later – but from memory the genuine figures are that in the period of the Catholic Inquisition in Spain, roughly 160-200 years, some 2500-4500 people were executed, that’s around 12-22 executions per year over a 200 year period. At a time when life was much cheaper than it is at present and to put these figures in perspective, they are hardly representative of the hugely outrageous claims made by those who wish to paint Western Civilisation in general and the Catholic Church in particular as the scourge of the human race that needs to be eradicated. These figures and public perception of them have been treated in the exact same way that the figures for lynching have been treated in the USA. Hugely inflated by those who re-write history to suit their Left/liberal agenda.

        • David Ashton

          Another example is the casualty rate from the bombing of Guernica during the National Uprising.
          The Reds then murdered more priests in a few years than “heretics” killed during several decades of the Inquisition.

  • libertarian 1234

    “He added: “We are seriously concerned about dangerous staffing levels in prisons.
    “The POA believe future cuts will massively increase the risk of violence.”

    Well, they better get used to massive cuts, because Britain went into its second recession a short while ago.

    And they had better worry about their pensions headed for the chopping block instead of not enough guards for the third world hordes.

    Japan’s debt to GDP ratio is now at 200% and growing, which will affect Britain and the entire world when they’re printing presses are forced to stop printing baseless money.

  • MekongDelta69

    You import the third world… You get the third world.

    You import the Religion of Pieces… You get the Religion of Pieces…

    • David Ashton

      Churchill warned against the important of south Asian Muslims.

  • IstvanIN

    You mean to tell me they couldn’t break into a mop room and shoot the bad guys? Would shooting the bad guys be an insult to Islam? So they let a prison guard get beat almost to death in order to not give offense. What about all the torture the poor guard had to go through?

    • MBlanc46

      Absolutely. Five bleeping hours? Afraid of upsetting the Faithful, I guess.

  • OlderWoman

    Yesterday I discovered that I live near an Islamic Center. I’m trying to figure out how to take them some bacon. I want to toss it near their front door.

    • bigone4u

      Ann Barnhardt’s youtube video shows her wrapping the pages of the koran in bacon and then burning them one by one as she reads off the passages of hatred in the “holy book.”

    • Bacon grease on doorknobs.

    • IstvanIN

      You can go to jail for that in NJ, it falls under terroristic threats.

      • Freey’all

        Throwing bacon on someone’s doorstep? Are you being serious here?

        • IstvanIN

          Yup, NJ is very similar to Canada and New York in that way. You get a far more severe punishment for using a Walmartez PA system to ask all back people to leave the store than you do for most other “crimes”.

          • I am already on the Terrorist Watch List, so this hot, fresh pile of steaming “stuff” doesn’t work on me. Oh, I can go to jail for that. Goodness; how distressing. I’d like to go down for something I actually did someday.

  • bigone4u

    What more can be said that hasn’t been said already? Amren will for the next 100 years be posting similar news stories as this unless the invitees into Britain are removed by a new nationalist British government. These stories will also spread to other Western countries, including the USA, as individual muzzies go berserk on the streets. Meanwhile, Hollywood will never create a berzerk muzzie movie for fear of being called racist. The zombie with a meat cleaver will remain a white male. The shooters will never be the muzzie military Ft. Hood type, but always the white male. At what point does the white male have a legitimate lawsuit to bring against Hollywood for defamation? At what point does the government of the USA and Britain get overthrown for failing to protect the people? An angry hurricane is forming in the white collective mind and as that hurricane soon makes landfall, I would not want to be in its path.

  • White Mom in WDC

    The inmates are running the asylum

  • LaSantaHermandad

    They should have been lined up and shot by a firing squad.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    I don’t believe in violence, but for an overview of the situation in England. . the white British are being swamped by outsiders of another race, whites in several large cities in the UK are approaching minority status, at least by numbers. Numbers of adults. Mean the only ones who seem to be upset are people of color.

    • American Tax Payer

      “white British”? What’s that? So England was never a White Country full of White People or rather, Brits? Okay. Tell me, since England apparently belongs to non-whites given how White People must be defined as “white British”, where do those “white” Brits come from then?

      Whether you mean to or not, you’re helping the enemy. When you define Brits by color (“white British”), you’re doing the enemy’s work by saying Brits aren’t necessarily White which is saying White People originate from nowhere which in turn says White People have no claim to anywhere. You’re helping the enemy not only steal our Identity but our Lands too. Europe belongs to White People. Brits are White and England belongs to them and non-whites are not British no more than they are German, French or Swede and they have no claim whatsoever to any part of Europe.

      And you better learn to believe in violence ’cause it’s coming to get you whether you like it or not.