Posted on May 3, 2013

Athens Mayor Denounces Golden Dawn ‘Soup Kitchen of Hatred’

Euro News, May 2, 2013

Members of Greece’s far-right party Golden Dawn party clashed with police in Syntagma Square who prevented them from handing out free food in the iconic central Athens location.

Athens Mayor George Kaminis, banned the food bank, describing it as a “soup kitchen of hatred” because free food would only be given to Greek citizens with identity cards.

After being forced to move on, the anti-immigration party relocated their event to outside their headquarters, and proceeded with their “Greek-only” food handout.

The far-right group, which is also anti-corruption, has seen its popularity rise in recent years and is now the third most popular party in Greece. Golden Dawn won 18 out of 300 parliamentary seats in elections in 2012.

The free food continues to find takers. Unemployment in Greece is at 27 percent and the country is facing further austerity and cuts in order to secure much-needed bailout funds from the European Union and International Monetary Fund.

[Editor’s Note: A video of this report is available at the original article link below.]