Activists Urge Obama to Speak out on Mexico’s Human Rights Record

Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times, April 30, 2013

Activists are attempting to spotlight human rights issues during President Obama‘s visit this week to Mexico, urging him to publicly condemn what they describe as Mexico’s abysmal record of torture, killings and forced disappearances by security forces.

It is highly unlikely Obama would make that kind of public statement during his stay here Thursday and Friday. His meetings with Mexico’s new president, Enrique Peña Nieto, are expected to focus on topics the two governments prefer, such as the economy and trade, with a nod to security and the drug war.

Any discussion of human rights issues would probably occur behind closed doors.

Rights organizations say Obama is missing an opportunity to criticize Mexico’s record at a time when Peña Nieto can avoid being blamed for it. He assumed the presidency just five months ago, at the end of President Felipe Calderon’s six-year term.

Under Calderon, the government fought powerful drug cartels and arrested key criminal figures. But killings, kidnappings and other severe human rights abuses by the police and military soared, according to human rights groups, as well as testimony collected by The Times. During that period, the Obama administration repeatedly voiced its support for Calderon’s efforts.


Jose Miguel Vivanco, director of the Americas program at the New York-based Human Rights Watch group, wrote to Obama this week to chastise the administration for its “uncritical” support of Calderon’s policies and failure to condemn abuses.

“This visit provides an ideal opportunity to break that silence by demonstrating the U.S. government’s concern for Mexico’s human rights problems and [the new government’s] commitment to supporting a new approach,” Vivanco wrote.

He noted that Peña Nieto’s administration has said that it would “adjust” the drug-war strategy.

Current and former officials from Mexico and the United States told The Times last week that one of those adjustments will be to reduce the role U.S. advisors play in Mexico’s security affairs.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Did ANYONE hear NoBama’s groveling anti-American speech today (Fri.)??

    It was the MOST disgusting ‘apology’ speech he has EVER given – bar NONE.

    I don’t even want to get started. Just Google it and watch it or listen to it or read the transcript and then YOU tell ME if I’m right or wrong.

    • I read the transcript. It was a total farce. He basically said that just about everything in Mexico is hunky dorey, always has been, except for a few drug gangs (“which is entirely the fault of Americans doing dope and having guns”), and that anything good that has ever happened in America is because of Mexican-Americans. Therefore, Americans who want to keep Mexicans out are total troglodyte bigots. Obama also dog whistled his seal of approval to Aztlan-on-the-brain reconquista nuts.

      The transcript:

      My reaction:

    • Dr. X

      Obama literally sickens me. As God is my witness, I swear that the man is some combination of the Manchurian Candidate and the Anti-Christ. The country that was stupid enough to elect him TWICE cannot possibly survive. Nor does it deserve to.

      • Puggg

        We might survive Obama, but then once he has retired, we’re left with a country with even more people that would vote for an Obama in 2016 (think: Demographics) than there were in 2012 or 2008.

    • bigone4u

      Obama is in a race with himself to see how low he can go. Unfortunately, the lower he goes so goes the country. I can only wish that someone has the goods on him and that impeachment follows.

    • Breaking:,0,2714566.story

      Mexicans in the audience were wondering, as Obama was going on about how great Mexico is, “what Mexico is he talking about?”

      Obama: Just a clueless sock puppet empty suit globalist-establishmentarian-left politician reading globalist-establishmentarian-left talking points off a teleprompter.

    • The__Bobster

      Obongo actually had the nerve to say that we meddle in Mejico’s affairs when it’s clearly the other way around.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    No, Obama is instead campaigning to the future American voters (once amnesty is declared–legally or otherwise) and blaming “US guns” (many of which were sent by the FedGov via “Fast and Furious”) for Mexican cartel murders and government corruption.

    If there is a conflict between traditional America and a foreign group, Obama is siding with the foreign group every time.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Speaking of CHANGE. obama has kept his promise and brought ‘change’ to America.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        aka “Fundamental Transformation.”

  • Bull Connor

    I can see it now…Obama (ala Ronald Reagan) “Mr. Pieto, tear down this fence!”

  • bigone4u

    Mexico’s abysmal record on human rights is mirrored by Obongo’s record. By executive action and otherwise, he is violating the rights of Americans with impunity. Paul Craig Roberts does a good job calling out O’s totalitarianism, as do some of the writers on Lew Rockwell’s libertarian website. Indeed, America sinks to the level of third world countries in many respects as O cruises on with his anti-American agenda.

  • The__Bobster

    I just want the Great Pretender to tell Nieto that we’ll now treat invaders the same way that Mejico does.

    And yes, the Central Americans keep coming to the United States. They cross Mexico to get there, and often have quite a rough time of it. Central American illegal aliens are regularly robbed, raped, kidnapped, beaten and sometimes murdered, or they simply disappear and are never heard from again. It’s a major human rights disaster taking place in the same country which constantly lectures us about our treatment of Mexican illegal aliens.

    Needless to say, Mexico’s criticism of our immigration policy, as in the recent hysteria over Arizona’s SB 1070, has always been extremely hypocritical. After all, Mexico has its own immigration policy, which it enforces much more ruthlessly than we do.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Obama won’t criticize Mexico, only kiss Mexico’s azzz. Only in my recent lifetime (Obama, Bush, Clinton) have American presidents been so embarrassing.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “urging him to publicly condemn what they describe as Mexico’s abysmal record of torture, killings and forced disappearances by security forces.”

    These are the people we’re supposed to be letting into our nation with open arms.


  • mobilebay

    All we need from Mexico is there immigration laws.

    • mobilebay

      Sorry. Should have been “their.” I do know better.

    • Paleoconn

      Bingo! That’s the only perfectly functional thing we can copy from a second or third world country, their immigration system. their immigration laws aren’t ‘comprehensive’ blah blah that rambles for 800+ pages. it is one sentence: Nobody welcome.

  • David Ashton

    Why not let the marvelous Mexicans stay in magnificent Mexico and make it even more marvelous?

  • Paleoconn

    Obama only deals with Mexico when he wants their input on the best way to take their ‘wretched refuse and huddles masses’ or to advertise the myriad US food stamp programs in Mexico.

  • On second thought, you don’t have to read the transcript of what Obama said in Mexico City. I’m going to summarize it right here:

    Everything here in Mexico is hunky dorey, always has been, always will be. Mexico is the world’s leading economic, scientific and technological superpower, and has a world renowned reputation for civil rights and civil liberties, and is the fount of political and electoral maturity. Sure, there might be a few drug gangs causing a little bit of trouble here and there, but that’s all my country’s fault, because the only things my country has are dope users and guns, and of course that’s the cause of Mexico’s drug gang problems. If only I could spend more money to convince my people that drugs and weed and CHOOM GANGS are bad for them, and get the backwards rednecks in my country to give up their guns, then Mexico would have no problems, and it would be a total utopia, a paradise on Earth. Hell, there’s nothing good about my country, it’s full of troglodyte bitter clingers that cling to everything bad. The only reason there’s some semblance of prosperity in my country at all is because some Mexicans have had the altruistic good graces to cross that anachronism that used to be called a “border,” and once they got here, they deployed their genius talents to start companies, find breakthrough discoveries, win all our wars and teach my backwards cracker a## gringos a thing or three about civil rights. And yet, to show you that no good deed goes unpunished, there are people in my country who want to deport Mexicans and build walls. Shame, shame, shame. After all, where would I be without Mexican voters? These racist cracker a## white honkey gringos would have never made me President — Thank ALLAH the Mexicans saved my bacon. It makes me wonder what I’m doing being the President of my own crummy country when I should stay here, where it’s so much better and so much more progressive, with all those Mexican windmills and solar panels and hybrids and electric cars and abortions and free contraceptives and tolerance for LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH and no sequesters and no war on women and no fiscal cliffs and free health care and child care, no enmity for the immigrant arrival, and most importantly of all, no fossil fuels.

    Mexican basketball sucks, though.

  • Speaking of Treasonous Presidents, here’s an excerpt from George W Bush’s visit to Mexico in 2007″

    “And so, Mr. President, my pledge to you and your government — but
    more importantly to the people of Mexico — is I’ll work as hard as I
    possibly can to pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

    Got that??? The then-President of the United States is making a “pledge” to a foreign government and “more importantly to the people of Mexico” that he will “work as hard” as he can to pass legislation that is opposed to by a majority of U.S. Citizens.

    How about some sort of Group Treason Trial? Maybe the Bush Clan in the docket together?

  • William Allingham

    i dont know about you but whenever i buy a product anywhere, i check the country of origin and if it comes from mexico i reject it, i prefer to pay a few cents to buy something made in the USA, Europe or any country that is not our enemy (and ofcourse im not rich!), and ill explain you why:

    mexicans are not poor victims, they have the country they want and deserve and because they see a benefit in their backward situation they are unwilling to change it, as irrational it could seem to us, in the mexican mind they will fight for perpetuating their way.

    we have to understand that USA role in the violence problems of mexico is only coincidental, people in the USA have been liberal regarding the selling and the carrying of arms because whites have shown to be responsible and intelligent enough to make proper use of them (the great majority) but then mexicans exploit this culture of relaxed selling of arms to provide for their criminal gangs, so its not our fault that mexicans are willing to do whatever it takes to do their violent activities.

    what makes a person criminal is not whether he has the means to commit crimes but whether he decides and looks forward to do so.

    wasn’t enough fro the USA to lose millions of dollars by trusting mexico in the 90s just before we discovered that mexican government had been the whole time lying about the true value of their money and the mexican president turned out to be accomplice of an assassination?.

    this new mexican president won the elections just because he married a soup opera actress after the suspicious death of his wife (in the primitive minds of mexicans the husband of their favorite soup-opera heroine should be a good president)

    not satisfied with that: while on campaign this new president of mexico was the image of a dating VHI program (in the LA version). He had been known for cheating at his new wife so he shamelessly boasted about that in these publicity campaigns with mots like “lifes short, enjoy it” or something like that.

    by the way as a typical mexican he has several children from different women (whom he never intended to marry)

    instead of creating indignation or rejection this only increased his popularity, specially among women, so who was saying that mexicans are conservative? they are mexicans, period and this means that they have a different culture and morality incompatible with western values, even their Christianity is totally alien to us,

    so we see that mexico its not likely to do better with this new president and their pernicious influence should be avoided. i think that we should boycott mexico by not buying anything from them unless they take measures to take back all the illegals to mexico and stop promoting and justifying immigration.

    mexican government is double faced and even that the USA government is permiting immigration mexico is promoting it (and they seem to enjoy our downfall).

    so mexican government and the USA actual government are cahoots against us we should fight both.

    • That’s what most “conservative” talking heads who talk about Operation Gunrunner miss, because multiracialist lamestream conservative ideology won’t let them realize this. Gunwalker resulted in violence because the guns were walked into the hands of violent Indos-Mezos-Chicanos. If Gunwalker would have walked all those guns to my house, it would have resulted in exactly zero new violent crimes.

  • Truth

    The obummer loves every nation BUT the United States.

  • JohnEngelman

    If Mexico had won the Mexican War and expanded its borders at the expense of the United States I suspect that Mexicans living in land conquered from the U.S. would still be trying to immigrate to what remained of the United States.