‘White’ Prom Still Takes Place in Wilcox County

Jocelyn Connell, CBS Atlanta, April 26, 2013

It may be 2013, but students at a Georgia high school made national headlines Saturday night by holding their first-ever integrated prom. However, a CBS Atlanta News investigation revealed segregation is still very much alive in the school system, despite the new developments.

Wilcox County High School is located three hours south of Atlanta. For decades, parents have funded and organized prom, not the school system. They’ve hosted a “white” prom and a prom for everybody else. Because it’s a private event, no laws are broken.

However, this year, a group of students, two white girls and two black girls, became frustrated with the tradition and worked together to organize an integrated prom.


Despite the students holding a prom designed to include everybody, CBS Atlanta News discovered the “white” prom still took place. It was held in Fitzgerald, Georgia, on April 20. No one confirmed it was a “white-only” event, but dozens of Caucasian kids, dressed in prom gowns and tuxes, attended. CBS Atlanta News never saw anyone of color the entire night.


CBS Atlanta News asked Deal about the segregated proms, he said, “I believe anything associated with a school should not have the distinction based on race or gender or any other separation. However, when pressed, he said, “Some of these are just local issues and private issues and not something state government needs to have its finger involved in.”


Wilcox County school administrators said they plan to discuss the possibility of hosting a school-sponsored prom in 2014, which would be integrated.

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  • dd121

    Just why can’t white people celebrate “diversity” in their own way without being hammered by the left?

    • The__Bobster

      Because they believe that if more than two Whites get together, they’ll plot to bring back slavery.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Actually they should know we want them deported. To Liberia.

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      • joegoofinoff

        Exactly, what could blacks do to earn their keep as slaves? During the early days of our country, they had a place here. Once they got tricked into accepting integration and tried to enter the society at large on their own efforts, they failed miserably. Then the Federal govt. and their lackey courts had to invent Affirmative Action to keep the illusion alive that blacks were/are making it in the society they inhabit. Trying to integrate proms is just more waving of the bloody shirt to take focus off the complete black failure in this nation.

      • ham and eggs

        So where would “they” be had slavery never existed? Back in the Ham race hellhole jungle in a mud hut with no running water or electricity or cars or computers etc? Eating spoiled monkey meat or tree bark and roots drinking muddy river water risking getting eaten by crocks or cannibalized? “They” better get down and worship the tribal chiefs who sold off their ancestors conning them off on white slave brokers. Nobody knew the slave business like tribal chieftains who have been at it many 1000s of yrs and still going strong today. White man screwed himself and has to take all the blame for this mess because “they” damn sure refuse to return to their roots. “They” found their white savior in the white heaven.

      • Sick of it

        Actually, they’re scared they might form the dreaded white family and have white children!

    • guest

      To the leftists, anything that’s white isn’t diversity. And these are the same people who see no wrong in anything that’s all-black, all-hispanic, etc. But when whites want to be around their own people, the Left immediately brings up slavery, KKK, Hitler, and anything else to submit whites into the Left’s insane idea of diversity that whites never even asked for.

    • SoCal LoCal

      An all white prom, it must have been beautiful.

    • PDK/Kelto-Scandic Secessionist

      dd121; liberals and their ideology need non-liberal whites because they too, like blacks are incapable. therefore they crack their zeitgeist, politically correct whip in an attempt to force non-liberal whites to muster into their ranks.
      This video angered me. Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.

      • Tina

        Engraged me too- the gall of that snotty reporter.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    A good alternative might be for like-minded parents to arrange a private soiree for their graduating seniors at a venue such as their local Elk’s Lodge, with a catered buffet, a DJ and a few chaperones. The expensive dresses and goofy rented white tuxedos could be dispensed with in favor of ordinary dress clothes.

    The advantages: the kids would still have a good time, but in a safe, controlled environment on private property. This eliminates the usual violence associated with events attended by blacks and Mexicans since a private party by definition is not open to the public.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I agree. That should be the way with all social events with teenagers. Better than the random alcohol drinking, drug taking, and hooking up that parents are supposed to tolerate to let kids be kids. Telling parents to keep hands off is a sham, because there are plenty of other influences out there ready to fill the void parents leave. The keys for white folks are to get their young whites married, keep them married, and support their children while doing our best not to support other people’s children.

      Dang, two white girls were pushing for an integrated prom? Some white girl be stupid a lot.

      • Telling parents to keep hands off is a sham

        If parents pay for prom costs, they ought to be involved.

        • I agree since attending the prom is not cheap, especially when you take into consideration the cost of the dress/tux, shared limo costs and the cost of the prom ticket etc.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            That’s exactly why I thought renting space for a private party with a DJ and some catered food would be competitive in price.

          • Puggg


            I can believe this article’s theory that lower income households and single parent households spend more than higher income households and two parent households.

            A lot of that is code for black, and for many blacks, the prom will be the closest thing they ever have to a wedding.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            I didn’t attend my school’s prom, but I remember the black girls talking about their dresses weeks before the prom. Some of them had dresses that cost $500 dollars or more, which they would brag about to their friends.

            These were all girls who were on the free school lunch program too.

          • dukem1

            Well, their dresses should cost more, because, you know, they’re so big!

          • tgb

            Except for the fat white girls who seem to love black men.That’s probably why they wanted an integrated prom.The organizers of the integrated prom were two heavy white girls and two black girls.

          • Realist

            As long as their money was going to something important.

          • Aspiring rapper

            Exactly. Blacks make a huge deal out of 8th grade “graduation” because many won’t graduate high school. Prom stands in for the wedding they won’t have. Then celebration of their first job is…ah, just kidding, jobs are for suckers.

          • The Ice Queen

            here we go again, i didn’t post this. this always seems to happen when a topic gets a lot of comments. i don’t know how the moderator keeps up.

          • Puggg

            First stint in prison is a reasonable stand-in for the first job, especially for the young men.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        “The keys for white folks are to get their young whites married, keep them married, and support their children while doing our best not to support other people’s children.”

        That pretty much nails it, and which has lately been much on my mind.

      • gemjunior

        Dats wha dey bleed a lot. Cos they don’t know enough to stay away from blacks.

    • Morris LeChat

      Why not the local gun club then?

    • Pacheco

      Don’t even put us Mexicans in the same category as blacks, we don’t like them.

      • American Tax Payer

        You mexicans have plenty of stuff that is ONLY for you and you have it in MY Country. This website is for White People but much like a non-white, you have to infest every last square inch we have don’t ya?

        Go post on the MLDF or any other of the tons of websites that are for mexicans and for once in your non-white life, leave White People alone.

  • cecilhenry

    I’d love to have this…. for lots of activities.

    That’s freedom of association and FREEDOM.

    We need to demand it and take it back. PERIOD.

  • The__Bobster

    Despite the students holding a prom designed to include everybody, CBS Atlanta News discovered the “white” prom still took place.


    Heavens, I think I’m coming down with a case of the vapors.

    BTW, where is the Leprechaun to express outrage?


    • American Tax Payer

      How come the “comments” link doesn’t work on that idiot’s website? And did you notice how he lied about it being school sponsored?

      And Iraq. Spilling American Blood in Iraq had nothing to do with Our Freedom. It had everything to do with bush’s revenge on Sadaam for trying to kill his Traitor daddy.

      • Sloppo

        Don’t you think the Iraq war also had something to do with Saddam wanting to trade oil for something besides dollars? I think the petrodollar cartel considers that to be the worst kind of terrorism.

        • nicholas

          No. American Tax Payer had it 100 percent correct. And the dumb American public went along with it.

          • Sloppo

            I think it could have been a combination of those two and possibly other issues. I think it’s hard to be 100% sure about the motives of the shadow government.

        • American Tax Payer

          If it was, it wasn’t about us.

          Look, I don’t like defending muslims but Sadaam never hurt America. He took our money (foreign aide) but he never hurt us. If Sadaam wanted weapons, it was because he was using them against his own people and for me, I don’t care. Let him kill whoever he wants as long as he’s not killing White People.

        • American Tax Payer

          I never cared about other Countries and/or what they did to their own People or others as long as they weren’t messing with Americans or Europeans.

          I don’t care about cartels. I care about Americans and Europeans being FORCED to fund them all via Dependency on Foreign Oil.

          As for Saddam, as far as my own personal knowledge about him and his Country goes, he/they never attacked White People and for that, I defend him and them.

  • Sue

    Blacks have their own “proms”. It doesn’t say whites aren’t allowed but walk into one. You won’t come out quite the same way again. I’d like the reporter to go in to one without camera, microphone, or bodyguards.

    Having said that, I do not understand why a party can’t be one race whether it’s called a prom or not.

    • Ralph

      This isn’t a dig, but we Whites don’t need justification by pointing and saying “Well Blacks are doing it,” to have our own freedom of association and also disassociation.

      • Sue

        Completely agree, Ralph

  • Cranium Magnus

    “CBS Atlanta News never saw anyone of color the entire night.”

    Wish I could say the same.

    • Morris LeChat

      who knows, maybe there was one hanging out in a dark corner.

      • Unperson

        Or in the woodpile.

    • Integration Anxiety

      CBS Atlanta News never saw anyone of color the entire night. My sentiments exactly. I’m surprised the Communist Bully Station affiliate didn’t just call it a Klan rally. Heavens forbid a group of White American youth want to gather for a social event and not invite diversity. That’s a bigger sin than a pretty young White girl not wanting to procreate with a Zulu, almost.

    • So what?

    • 673923

      “CBS Atlanta News never saw anyone of color the entire night.”

      They must be referring to the private school Rahm Emmanuel sends his kids to.

  • The__Bobster

    There IS no freedom of association in this country anymore….if you’re White, that is.

    • Ralph

      Sure there is. One just needs to demand it and make it clear that one won’t back down. We have an inalienable right to associate (or not associate) with anyone we want and for whatever reason we want and we don’t have to explain our reasons to anyone.

      The problem is that weak seed Whites just go along with the White haters who want to screw up our gene pool like docile sheep.

      A prom is the official start of the mating ritual among humans. I want my White kids to only see other Whites as the correct choices for mates.

      • Good point. I enjoyed my senior prom at my then 70% white high school (went with a friend from class, we kind of liked each other and were sort of dating at the time, just studying together etc nothing serious). We had a good time with our other friends at the dinner before, going and getting pictures made, visiting at the dance, but I swear when the music started the first song played was that obscene black rap filth “to da flo’, to da walls, till da sweat drip down mah …” This was in 2006; by gods, our whole group was just embarrassed then and that was such an awkward moment.

        • NoName

          I remember that same song being played at a middle school dance I went to. The DJs had to turn it off eventually, because everyone was singing along with it (the uncensored version, that is).

    • Morris LeChat

      you make your own freedoms, just do what you want.

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    “We just want to see the governor make a clear statement.”

    He did just that you idiot. He said this is a private, local issue that the state government has no business interfering in. What you really meant was, “We just want to see the governor make an ethnomasochistic statement.”

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I think the idiot reporters honestly expected the governor make an earnest attempt to crack down on who was allowed on guest lists at private parties.

      Next in the news, the Atlanta reporters will demand the governor order a ban on cocktails and hors d’oeuvres because “they’re just too white”. Reporter LaTrine Washington at the recent press meeting exclaimed “White people could meet behind closed doors to drink and eat these and listen to white music while they talk about white things, and I’m offended by that.

      • newscomments70

        white things….like work, paying bills, and taking care of your children?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Like I said, the jokes write themselves, but in this case it wasn’t a stretch; lots of them really are that obsessed with us.

  • Any one ever heard of Freedom Of Association????

    • Mr Potato

      Yes Benny, and a lot of people sure do miss it.

  • bigone4u

    I’ve been following this story for the last few days and have been shocked at the universal condemnation of the white prom and the praise for the integrated one. Many white persons condemn the freedom of association the white prom represents. Liberals believe they have a right to force white persons to drink the Negrophile Kool-Aid. Sorry, that’s one punch bowl I won’t touch. We have a lot of work to do to defend our right to follow our instincts.
    BTW, the integrated prom was mostly all black, with a few loser white kids mixed in.

    • Katherine McChesney

      ‘…with a few loser white kids mixed in.’

      Wiggers and mudsharks.

      • bigone4u

        Right you are. You saw the same pics i saw, didn’t you? I would have used your terms but I wasn’t sure the mods accepted “wiggers” and “mudsharks”. BTW, here’s a definition: mudshark sunglasses: two black eyes.
        I saw this on another website w/o credit, but I didn’t think it up.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Three years in federal prison taught me some really rough terminology, but reading AmRen, my vocabulary continues to grow.

          • newscomments70

            Micheal, I hope you have written some articles about your experience in federal prison. That would be fascinating and beneficial to our community. If you have, please post a link. If you haven’t, we would love to hear about it.

          • Nathanwartooth

            There is a story written in a past AmRen issue by a White who spent time in federal prison. I would like to see an article written by Michael as well.

          • Eve

            Do you really think we need to be highlighting that a spoiled white male ignored all laws and warnings from the FBI, continued to threaten to kill his father, rape his stepmother and stepsister, went to jail for it, and then blames black people for this character pathology? Please, think a little about how we’re perceived; MCS embodies the worst stereotype of pro-whites. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I’ve been thinking about writing a sort of “survival manual” as a short, inexpensive paperback book. The idea would be that Loompanics or Paladin Press could publish it and relatives of defendants could mail order it and have it sent for them to read prior to sentencing. It might be useful; I think the saying is that it is the guy who walks into a dark, unfamiliar room always trips on the furniture.

          • newscomments70

            I believe this type of book might go viral. I think you might have a bestseller. That could make you some money, as well as spread awareness for our cause.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Indeed, Mike. You have friends here, and we don’t automatically assume that one has to do anything morally wrong to be locked up by the feds.

          • Eve

            No we don’t but we know enough to know that he did, and that his crimes have nothing to do with anything pro-white and everything to do with a boundless sense of entitlement and amorality. There are decent people who could write about what it is to be white and land – because of that – in federal prison, and about what it was to be white on the inside.

          • brengunn

            Surely, it doesn’t matter what he was behind bars for, all that matters is what his experience in Fed prison was and his tips to avoid being the wing bitch, or other negative situations that a non jail bird would encounter in prison.

          • Eve

            It doesn’t matter why he was in prison? So should we be taking tips from Eldridge Cleaver here at Amren? I don’t care if he’s dead, I’m making a point.

          • brengunn

            It doesn’t matter only in the context that his crime is immaterial to his ability to write a well thought out guide to surviving federal prison. It has no bearing whatsoever.

            His crimes only matter in a personal sense, to friends, family and neighbours etc. Nothing to do with us or anyone reading a survival guide should he write it.

          • Eve

            So I guess we might like to hear from Manson or Dahmer were he still doing time, huh? Besides I don’t think that you’re getting the difference between caring what he writes for his own sick purposes and having Amren feature it! Although I’d add that someone who was so warned and who had such profound distortions about himself and his relationship with the world likely wouldn’t help many in general regardless.

          • brengunn

            I thought we were speaking of a private pamphlet not an Amren sponsored article and should his advice be bad his pamphlet wont sell. No harm.

            I don’t know MCS or his crimes but he seems to be a cogent fellow, who is knowledgeable if a little verbose, sometimes. I cannot see how his crimes make any difference.

          • newscomments70

            I agree, we should research why someone actually was sent to prison, but we should never assume nor pre-judge. At this time, you can be sent to prison for “hate speech” or criticizing our african dictator.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I didn’t see pictures.

      • tgb

        This is going to sound stupid,but what’s a mudshark? I have never heard it before

    • ncpride

      Those Whites who organized this ‘mixed’ prom should google some beastly looking ‘rapper’ called Danny Brown. The story is all over the net, and as unfortunate and digusting as it is, yes, that was a White girl on her knees. This is what happens when young White girls are constantly exposed to all the glorifying of these black males. Keep our daughters away from them and the media brainwashing.

  • CBS Atlanta News asked Deal about the segregated proms, he said, “I
    believe anything associated with a school should not have the
    distinction based on race or gender or any other separation. However,
    when pressed, he said, “Some of these are just local issues and private
    issues and not something state government needs to have its finger
    involved in.”

    Deal as in Gov. Nathan Deal? It’s a good thing he signs good immigration legislation, otherwise I’d be ripping him a new one right now. So I’ll do this politely:

    The sane white proms aren’t organized by the school, they’re organized by the parents.

  • Easyrhino1

    Would love for the media to give as much attention to the rapidly growing phenomena of “Whites only” beating/assault victims of Black mob violence.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Good for them. I wouldn’t want to attend a mixed prom either. And I’m sick to death of hearing about MLK and Rosa Parks.

    • edie

      mlk is a made up symbol of smoke and mirrors…….

      the reality of the man was/is nasty and phony.

      lies don’t change it, they just make it untrue

  • sbuffalonative

    The MSM doing what it does best. Trying to shame white people into submission.

    • robinbishop34

      I think they’ve already succeeded.

      • Tina

        Fight back, white people!

  • Token Finn

    The video is a good summary of the problem of multiracialism; whites want to be alone, non-whites want to follow whites until the day they die, be it in Europe, Africa or America. There is no malice, ill will or display of negative emotions by whites, except for being a bit mad about being harassed by reporters. This video should be shown in every school class with students being asked to name the fallacies, contradictions, ethical issues and linguistic contortion trotted out by the non-white side.

  • The answer here is simple – “this is what we whites want to do, it’s what we are going to do, and if YOU don’t like it take a hike! Should I put – ” or else in there?!

  • Bobbala

    If they can invite who they want, why can’t I associate with who I want? A dangerous precedent is being allowed. It almost looks like a glimmer of liberty.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    I can just here the howls of criticism from the left leaning whites from States like NY, NJ and CT. “Those southerners are still racist”, “they still practice segregation”. . . that’s just wrong. . . blah-blah-blah”.

    And unless they live in a city, all the while preaching their racial solidarity for their black kinsman from a bleach white suburb or rural area typically around 95% or even greater white.

    It really doesn’t occur to many of them that in order to have racial segregation, or racial integration, you first need to have at least two races.

    Circumstances they usually don’t have to deal with. That rarely occurs to them either.

    • MBlanc46

      Segregation as always different in the north and in the south. You probably recall the old saying that in the north people loved the Negro race but hated the individuals and in the south people hated the Negro race but loved the individuals.

      • ye ol’ swampyankee

        Yes, I recall.

        Actually the north doesn’t and has never practiced segregation. Instead what you have is a form of demographic separatism (Apartheid). Blacks as a group in the north, are highly limited to more urbanized zones and certain select inner ring suburbs. With no history of rural living and the prohibitive costs for housing, upscale suburban communities and rural areas usually remain overwhelmingly white by default. Some of these circumstances I might add, are not entirely arbitrary. Economic circumstances and zoning codes ever since WW2 are designed to be both economically and racially selective.

    • jambi19

      I have family in PA. Your description reminds me of their town and their paradigm.

      • Tim

        Give my regards to Nanty-Glo…

    • Eve

      I want to make a point in all this: the fundamental gist of what you write above is accurate, and it’s not just the MSM’s evil but our own failure that we have not successfully brought home the message about how much danger whites face in a very concrete and immediate level by widespread ‘integration’ with blacks. The murders – purposeful, not random as proven by the targeting of blondes – of the women listed on the White Girls Club thread of yesterday is one way to start to get people to focus.

      But, I have to say that as a former liberal I always had some character (which might be why I changed) and believed that people had the right to their own space. That’s my libertarian streak, but many lefties have some element of one. I’d have been offended by a public space being ‘segregated’ but not so much by a private one; we’d also do better to point out to liberals that the principle of the right to one’s own space is at hand. The parents pay for this and it’s private.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      I’m a Yankee and this fact infuriates me. It’s the townies and people that go to private schools that are all about diversity. Southerners don’t realize how segregated the North really is. When the only interaction with diversity is what you see on TV you can’t help but get the wrong idea.

      • ye ol’ swampyankee

        It’s been my experience that southerners have a better handle on racial conditions in the north than the other way around.
        It’s many northerners who don’t realize how white they have it.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    We had a segregated prom in my high school, it was all black.

    • edie

      double standard, thy name is liberal-infested U.S.

    • evilsandmich

      Ah ruiners as we’ve seen time and again. A white grouping can withstand some low percentage of blacks in the group, but once a threshold is met, whites abandon the grouping and the blacks are left to ruin its purpose.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Whites’ willingness to pull up stakes and move on has often made black attempts to impose their presence on us rather like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.

        Blacks are able to ruin formerly white groups because any organization or social group is only as good as its people and ideas. For example, before my time, the Democrat Party concerned itself almost entirely with looking out for blue-collar whites. It’s hard to believe that now! The GOP used to be the party of limited government. I’m old enough to remember that, which makes the memory bittersweet.

        Where neighborhoods become demographically 30% black, they rapidly become 70% black, as everyone else moves out who can afford to do so. Where forced busing has destroyed whole school districts, whites have frequently abandoned these entire regions.

        Where black city governments have created hostile business climates, white businesses and customers have gone elsewhere. Birmingham, Alabama – in the news here recently – has a 10% municipal sales tax, the highest in the nation. What would one expect that to do to retail sales?

        Investors stay away. Do bankrupt Chapter-9 cities like Camden, Detroit, Stockton, and the like think they will be able to sell municipal bonds soon under anything remotely resembling favorable terms?

        These are a few individual facets of the overall phenomenon you have described which has blacks so enamored of giant, bloated government. They possess simply no power of their own to successfully impose their unwanted presence upon is to the degree – a degree that can only be honestly described as “absolute” – to which their obsession with us demands. They need government to do it for them.

  • The Ice Queen

    I’ll bet you anything music is a factor here. White people are tired of events that are dominated by rap music. They figured the only way to enjoy this rite of passage is to hire a DJ that will play white music, which is much more varied, and will include some promise of a slow dance.

    • paul

      So true, Just for once I want to go into a trendy clothing store or use a gym without being assailed by grunting black music.

      • The Ice Queen

        Me too. I will leave a store if rap is being pumped over the air waves. I call it an audio assault. At the gym I swim laps, and thankfully there is no music in the pool area.

      • A few months ago, my husband and I had breakfast at a Shoney’s Restaurant south of Nashville. They had rap music playing and the waitress serving us had told us that many customers had complained to her about it. In fact, there was a white couple sitting across from us that complained about the music as well. We were told that they had a power outage and that when everything came back on, the radio came back on to that station. When we checked out the guy that took our money was offended that we did not like their choice of music.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Avoid Shoney’s.

        • newscomments70

          I’ve noticed that about 24 hour Fitness Facilities, even in mostly white areas. Sometimes, they leave a teenage black in charge, and he will blast gansta rap. Sometimes the staff are mostly young whites. The 21 year old managers will play gangsta rap, but not quite as loudly. It does help to complain though. They should be forced out, not us.

  • NYB

    These reporters are like sharks who mistakenly think they smell blood in the water. They’re supremely confident that white proms are easy targets.

    What reporters often don’t get is that when they unjustly attack people who just want to go about their business, they create animosity towards themselves and sympathy for their subjects.

    • Yep, never be defensive around a leftist or multiculti lover; put them on the defensive: “Why yes, my daughter IS going to a segregated prom where she won’t be harassed by a bunch of gangbangers with rap sheets longer than my forearm. What, you send your daughter to a place where she could be drugged or raped by violent soon-to-be felons?”

      • jambi19

        The media would love to get that on camera. That was why the reporter showed up. These parents did a pretty good job of going about their business.

    • Tina

      Excellent opinion on this- exactly what I was thinking.

  • Secret Tribunal

    The White community is supposed to surrender everything to Diversity.

    Whites enjoying Whites Only moments has been declared a Hate Crime against Social Transformation.

    Whites aren’t allowed to have anything anymore.

    • george00

      Brain washing works best when the brain washee is only allowed to see and hear what the brain washer wants them to see and hear.

  • libertarian 1234

    Mentally disturbed liberals can’t enjoy diversity all by themselves. They REQUIRE everyone else to participate. They just won’t tolerate anything less than strict compliance.

    They insist that everybody be politically correct and, if they aren’t, they’ll kill them and make them that way.

    If they had a motto, it would be “Support love and tolerance or I’ll kill you.”

    And they won’t even notice how totally deranged that sounds.

    • Excellent point! Notice how the most ‘inclusive’ liberals who insist that they ’embrace diversity’ NEVER live in those areas?

      When we have White liberals moving to Compton, CA, Southside Chicago, and other ‘diverse’ areas–then I’ll believe their commitment to their cause–however I will NEVER embrace this BS.

      I particularly like to point out that shrill SOB, Chris Matthews claims to live in ‘diverse’ Washington DC, yet in reality, lives in Chevy Chase, MD—a mostly White, affluent suburb: http://www.amren.com/news/2012/09/msnbcs-chris-matthews-claims-to-live-in-black-majority-dc-but-actually-lives-in-md-suburbs/

      • Anonymous

        To be fair, though, Chevy Chase does have enough minorities to piss off many White Nationalists. It’s just that most of the minorities aren’t black. But most WNs still don’t want Asians, Latinos and Mixed-Race ppl living in their town.

  • tech

    Why can’t whites have anything for themselves?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Because the things we produce for ourselves are usually better, and this inspires jealousy in the uncreative, indisciplined and unintelligent.

  • robin

    pick pick pick………… never seems to end

    the media whores love this issue

  • Morris LeChat

    Good for the whites who still had their own prom. Two white traitors organized a “mixed” prom. They could not control people’s thoughts though. Those two were the only white’s who really enjoyed the mixed prom, the others went because they felt pressured to. They enjoyed their white prom. They went to the white prom because they WANTED to. No matter how much liberals try to interfere, they can not change this, and their efforts usually just harden people’s feelings.

  • Snowhitey

    The newscasters sicken me. If whites want to fund and attend their own private events, it is no one else’s business. Blacks are programmed – by whites no less – to always try to go where they are not wanted.

    Now those are true parents. Imagine that… parents that parent and protect their children and their lineage! I applaud them so much. We all know some of them would have loved to sucker punch those prying news people! And, the chauffeur should be fired.

  • NYB

    There was a documentary movie in 2008 called “Prom Night in Mississippi”, which dealt with this subject.

    What was most interesting is who produced it. Paul Saltzman is a Jewish director from Canada. A life-long negrophile on both sides of the border, as a young man in the 1960’s he worked in civil rights in Washington and did voter registration in Mississippi. He’s also the founder of a non-profit called ‘Moving Beyond Prejudice’.

    The film community naturally heaped awards on his documentary, which, as everyone knows, builds commercial success. Saltzman made money on his pet cause, by cinematically lynching whites for the benefit of his liberal audience.

    The reporters in Georgia are tapping into the same voyeuristic market – they spend most of the time trying to get their cameras onto the lives of these fascinating white “racists”. It’s like the Nazi’s ‘degenerate art’ exhibitions, which probably inspired Saltzman.

    • Morris LeChat

      thank you for this information, I see are local judeophile, engleman , has been petulant again and gave this a thumbs down. It seems when the truth is told, some people have a real problem. The truth is clear that Jews were the ones who organized and did the footwork for the civil rights movement. You are able to name names for the record, that is good. Where can one get such information?

      • John Engleturd

        Jews enrich everywhere they go and this story proves it….uh, wait.

        • American Tax Payer

          I love your posting name!

  • Jefferson

    Georgia huh. I am certain that in urban inner city Apelanta they have all Black high school proms all of the time.

    After all no White Southerner in Georgia in their right mind would send their child to a public school in the city of Atlanta.

  • MikeS

    …”revealed segregation is still very much alive in the school system,”…

    As Mr. Burns from the Simpson’s would say: Excellent.

  • Ralph

    I sometimes look at race with an economist’s view. Thus, I ask myself why should I SPEND even one minute of my time or INVEST one calorie of my energy to be friends with Blacks or to help them out or in any way mix with them? There is simply no return on the investment. I don’t like being around them and I don’t like their ways or their humor or anything about them.

  • Johnny Johnson

    “For decades, parents have funded and organized prom, not the school system.”

    If the school system doesn’t publicly organize it, is it really a “prom”? Wouldn’t it be instead just a tradition, much like the celebration of one’s birthday, in which you have a private party? Would these anti-racist people seriously support calling a “news” team to loiter outside your birthday party and assess the demography of the invitees, possibly reporting, as though it were any of anybodies damn business, “CBS Atlanta News never saw anyone of color the entire night”?

    “They’ve hosted a “white” prom and a prom for everybody else.”

    What do they mean by this? “Everybody else”? Do they mean to say that a group of White parents organized the one prom and forced all the White students to go to it, and those same White parents organized another prom and forced all the Blacks and Hispanics and whatever else to go to it?

    Or do they mean to say that a group of White parents organized one prom and invited all the, or a selection of the White students to it, and a different group of presumably Black and White parents organized a different prom, and invited everybody to it?

    Because my bullshit sense is telling me it’s the latter, and that the media is language manipulating its ass off with “everybody else” and its entire description, or rather fabrication, of this issue.

    • The ice Queen

      You got it right. The media can twist a story like a snake can twist it’s body.

  • tickyul

    The Libscum want to make it ILLEGAL for private citizens…to have a private party…at a private location.
    I was discussing this issue over at Huffington…..and yes, the overwhelming majority of Liberals that I conversed with wanted a law to ban PRIVATE proms.

    • Ion Drive

      That is why secession is needed. Libs are mental defects who can’t take the real world disproving their egalitarian religion. Overwhelmingly, they are hypocrites. Michael Moore, for example, owns a residence in Traverse City, MI – it’s almost entirely white despite his self-hating rhetoric on television.

      • tickyul

        It is just going to continue to crumble….best to be prepared, guns and ammo!

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Michael Moore is a bloated pig (is that a third chin he’s got now?) with no fashion sense; those industrial plastic glasses frames are anything but classy. He always wears that goofy ball cap indoors – probably even inside other people’s homes, and doubtless thinks haute cuisine is a Big Mac.

        If I possessed his body build, coarse manners and lack of education, I would likely have developed some major self-loathing issues as well.

  • Aspiring rapper

    This reminds me of the scene in “Doctor Zhivago” where the commies forced people to let strangers live in their own homes, making the home owners to cram their entire families into one bedroom to “make room” for the intruders.

    Within my lifetime I expect freedom of association to be completely annihilated. Event halls will be pressured by the government to write forced integration into their contracts. You’ll have to invite a certain number of blacks to your weddings and large private celebrations in order to rent a space. Even kids birthday parties will be required to have non-white guests in order to rent party halls or hire caterers.

    Private clubs will be required to “diversify” and accept a certain percentage of black, mestizo and muslim refugee members; clubs will have to give them free memberships, of course, or lose their charters. Government will force “integration” into every single corner of our lives in the name of “social justice”.

    • Tim

      The answer to that would be to buy that private hall yourself and rent it out to other like minded individuals

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Or hold your event on some land you already own. Costco and Sam’s Club sell large portable gazebos that would be dandy for an outdoor party. I just don’t where one puts a fricken’ gazebo – even disassembled and folded – when one isn’t using it. A decent-sized unfinished basement would be no problem, but getting all of it around the stairway corner might be problematical.

        • Tim

          I used to store carnival booths every year for a back yard party. But I don`t live in an area with basements. I DID make sure to wear gloves for the splinters and knuckle bangs…

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Hmm. Loft it above the parked cars in a home garage? That would certainly keep mice from gnawing the fabric awning.

    • Tina

      I am going to fight that with every fiber of my being.
      That WON’T happen. Hope you’re doing something about it too.

  • June

    Several years ago at one local high school, the prom committee made plans for months on a theme and decorations. When the prom began, the black males in attendance “took over.” they trashed the decoration, brought out a huge boom box and began playing gangsta rap. All the white students walked out. Since then the school has become 100% black and is the lowest academically ranked school in the entire state of Alabama.

    No parent in their right minds would want their daughters pawed and their sons threatened by these thugs. The white parents voted with their feet and dollars. We now have a number of high achieving private schools where the majority of whites students go.

  • anarchist4life

    This kind of separation is really needed. It’s hard to find a decent looking white girl who hasn’t been hit on by non-white guys.

    • jambi19

      Anarchist you say? Interesting most of the anarchists I grew up with seemed all about “diversity” and “sticking it to the (white) man.” I am not not bashing your political beliefs. You seem to be bucking the trend of leftist ideology by being here. What brings you to Amren?

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        An anarchist, properly understood, is a person who does not play “follow the leader” as an adult. The etymology of the word anarchist means “against leaders” or “without a leader” (leaderless). Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, in this sense, were anarchists.

        An all American white anarchist today is likely to say:

        “I don’t need your Anti-Terrorism & Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, your Patriot Act of 2001, your Barbara Boxer-Dianne Feinstein NDAA passed 93-7 in the Senate and signed by Obama, putting the final nail in the coffin of the Bill of Rights; I don’t need any of your commie-pinko legislation because I’m still free, white, and 21, and I’m not following Chairman Mao, Marshall Stalin, Pop Pot, or President Obama into Hell; when freedom has finally been outlawed, only the anarchists will still be free; and damn right that includes me.”

        Black anarchists today would be those who would say, “we still believe that black is beautiful, and we don’t need integration to be equal; we just need our own space where we can lead ourselves.”

        To be leaderless is, I think, a good thing. When we don’t have leaders we are forced to do what the founding fathers did: we are forced to think for ourselves, and that is the true meaning of freedom.

        • jambi19

          Anarchism denies individual private property rights,private capital, and contract law. You forgot that part.

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            Not my version of anarchy or capitalism. What book were you reading? Mikhail Bakunin? He wasn’t the only kind of anarchist….. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin did not follow any leaders, so they were anarchists in the sense I use the term. They thought for themselves and took responsibility for their own actions. So was Daniel Boone, so was Christopher Columbus, so were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. People who go out ahead into uncharted territory by definition have no leader. I’d say that all the Fire-Eating Secessionists of 1860-61 were anarchists, but they had the misfortune that a “Great Leader” (distant kinsman of mine, sorry to say) found them and spent four years killing a million Americans to quell THEIR anarchy and restore order take away their private property rights, their private capital, and abolish contract law. YOU forgot that part…. Old Abe made in onto Mount Rushmore, and the Five Dollar Bill and that Ante-bellum style monument in Washington D.C….. I guess that means he was a Great Leader, but kinsman or not, I don’t don’t follow him.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      It’s hard to find a beautiful and intelligent white woman (in some areas of the country, anyhow) who hasn’t been out with non-whites…..in the Ivy League colleges it’s almost mandatory….social pressure is tremendous to engage in “mixed” dating….

  • newscomments70

    Liberal media is deseperately trying to demonize any trace of white solidarity. I believe this inadvertently helps our cause in spreading racial awareness. I think a white prom is a great idea. White students don’t have to deal with gangsta rap, bullying, and sexual harrassment/rape. I know that the liberal media HATES us, but I never would have thought of this solution unless they brought it up.

  • newscomments70

    They should have called it a “private party”, and not a “White prom”. They could have even invited a very small number of well-behaved minorities to appease the race hustlers. That would have kept them out of the spotlight…at least for awhile.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      That is totally the coward’s way out. People need to make choices, make their choices openly, honestly, for truthful reasons, and be prepared to defend their own exercise of freedom and self-determination. You can run but you cannot hide. If you don’t believe what you’re doing is unquestionably “OK”–then don’t do it. As Jesus said, “if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.” People have to make choices in life, and stick with them. If you just run around trying to please everybody, you will compromise, and compromise leaves you in the middle of the road, where there’s nothing but yellow stripes and dead skunks…..

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Well said. If one is footing the bill for one’s own private bash, then one is also paying for the right to call it any damned thing one wants.

        • Charles Edward Lincoln III


    • Katherine McChesney

      I’m glad they blatantly called it a ‘white prom’. It drives the point home. Blacks are not welcome. Anything other than that would be disingenuous.

      • newscomments70

        I agree with you. And we don’t want just rights to some silly dance (which we can’t even have), we want our entire countries back that were stolen from us.

      • Funruffian

        If this happened at my daughter’s HS I would have her forego the prom. Invite a few of her friend’s to go somewhere chic, rent a limo, take some pictures and foot the bill. This would be a much more fun alternative.

  • Here we go again! The Liberal Media’s Blatant Racist Double Standard.

    With literally thousands of race based Black Clubs, Black Associations, Black Organizations, Black Unions, Black Dorms, Black Study Halls, Black Teacher Unions, Black Student Unions, Black Scholarships, Black Graduation Ceremonies, a Black TV Network, a Black History Month, Black Museums, Black Art Exhibitions, National and Local and their Affiliates in all 50 states and in almost all Colleges and Universities across our nation. Most formed long after Jim Crow and any White exclusion.

    There are now so many “Black Associations”, that there was even an “Association of Black Associations”! And yet they want us to be all upset and outraged whenever whites want to associate with their own race too. This is yet another case where ‘anti-racism’ is nothing more than a code word for ‘anti-white’.

    These Liberal Race Hypocrites in the Media don’t have a leg to stand on with this issue. They need their biased Media propaganda and “civil rights” crutches to prop their delusions up on, and convince themselves that their blatant racial double-standards are righteous and just. It’s not!

  • RaymondWalnuts

    Sounds like a excellent place to raise a family without bantus. Maybe their daughters will turn out decent.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    What I find most discouraging in the videos is the cowardice of the parents. Not a single one of them said, “we have the right to organize our proms and social life any way we want.” The nearest thing anyone said to that was “get out of my face”—but basically, the parents obviously had no strength in their convictions, no belief that what they were doing was OK, no sense that the full exercise of their freedom is a God-Given Right, as well as a right sanctioned by the First Amendment to the Constitution (and the Ninth).

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Perhaps, but perhaps there are just sick of the one-sided treatment and felt saying anything would be a waste of time.

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        They LOOKED like they had nothing to say and were scared of talking, in the footage shown….to fail to speak when challenged in a situation that demands an answer is to appear weak, to appear to have no valid answer. We have to get used to speaking if we want people to “listen” in the sense of take us seriously, not to look down on us.

        • Mr Plankton

          If one of the parents had made a intelligent and well reasoned argument and said in effect “We organized and paid for this prom. We wanted to be able to choose who and how our children associate with. It’s really none of your business what we do. Please leave us alone.” I don’t think the reporting news channel would have aired it. On the other hand, if one of the parents had screamed “We hate ni**ers and don’t want our kids with 1000 feet of them.” it would have been the leading story on every news outlet in america. They don’t air anything that doesn’t fit their agenda.

          • Martel

            Exactly, who knows, some parents might have replied in an intelligent manner.

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            I would admit this is a possibility….I wonder whether any of the parents prepared videos of their own and circulated defenses of their (totally legitimate) choice to regulate their own private party—maybe someone on here knows somebody in Wilcox County or could locate someone to ask?

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            You got to try—we’ve got to try—maybe we should start rehearsing speeches with good sound bites when we know we have some media exposure…

        • Katherine McChesney

          Why are you criticizing them? They handled themselves brilliantly. Why don’t you praise them for being brave. I personally don’t like your attitude.

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            This is a forum for those who are concerned with similar issues. Our commonality of interests does not mean we will perceive everything the same way. I am terribly sorry that you don’t like my “attitude” that people who do controversial things and take controversial stances should be ready, willing, and able to talk about what they do and why. I think of my “attitude” as the Old-Fashioned American Way….but I’ve often been mistaken…. it could just be the Old Fashioned English Way….. mixed in with a little Old-Fashioned Scots Irish and Welsh Way…. in the Tradition of the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings….and all the Germanic Tribes who never submitted to Rome…. even though as Dorothy said, “there’s no place like Rome….”

    • edie

      it’s very easy to isolate one look on a video, one word……… don’t give them any ammunition…….. they will alter videos and words to fit their agenda

      • Mr Plankton

        Didn’t mean to steal your thunder. I had already typed and posted my comment before I realized that you had basically said the same thing I did. I apologize.

  • Jeff

    It was not an integrated prom. It was a black prom with a few whites (Mostly white women with their black boy friends). The music and atmosphere that I saw on the videos reflected black culture and attitudes. One video showed the DJ who was black. Do you think he played any Eagles or John Cougar Mellencamp? No, it was all the degenerate black hip hop and rap music. So why should whites have to be forced to interact with this kind of culture?

  • Q-ship

    I think this is great. Adults self segregate all the time. In schools and prisons, the races are forced together in uncomfortable and often dangerous ways. Or, just move somewhere where your kids can attend a mostly white school.

    • Strider73

      Lots of people have moved to places with white schools, only to have diabolical school boards rezone their neighborhoods into black schools or rezone black neighborhoods into their schools. The only way to avoid that is to either homeschool or enroll the kids in all-white private schools. That has the added advantage of starving the beast, since public school funding is based on enrollment.

      • Tina

        And make sure they DONT outlaw homeschooling (which they’re trying now)

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Get over there. folks and downvote the libtards, and upvote the normal people.

  • Johnny Clay

    At my 25-year high school reunion, most of the music was contemporary black music, and most of the blacks (all 40 years old and over) acted like a bunch of 15-year-olds by whooping it up, doing dances that looked more like sex acts, and basically “taking over” the party. I’m sure this is why there were/are separate proms in this case. As a matter of fact, there was a rumor in my hometown that some in one class wanted to have a whites-only class reunion.

  • D

    I have to laugh about the comments here.you wonder why you are going no where except in S Atlanta. Lol. Sad commentary. The entire country is moving past your bias. You=racial dinosaurs. Lol. Keep you hick prom where you date & marry your sister. Lol. The country watches as you make an absolute fool of yourselves and demonstrate your irrelevance (if you know what thatcword means) lol.

    • PBL

      No one lives in your world. Segregation is the chosen option for most people, at most times, in most places. Even the future looks more like us than you. Silicon Valley is a haven for whites and Asians, while Detroit is a true urban jungle.

    • Tim

      D, I believe that multi-cultural America is bound to fall in the exact same fashion as The Bolshevik Soviet Union for the exact same reason. An ideological belief in the false and unenforceable assumption of the universal brotherhood of man. I belive that the people on this site represent the future, not the past…

    • edie

      you seem to have all the catch phrases down pat.

      but the question is, ‘why do you come to this site’?

      do you think you will change what we see with our eyes?

      you must be trying to convince us of your lies? your distortions?

      you can’t realize it, but you aren’t half as smart as you think.

      you’re shallow and insecure, or you wouldn’t be here. are you so uncertain

      about your beliefs that you have to try to push them?

      go away…….. all your remorse later, when you awaken, isn’t worth a bean. We figured out what you’re choking on, long ago

      like you, it’s simply too late, too little.

  • barf on a liberal

    Tell these scampering mice reporters and reporterttes to take a hike and stop throwing that redundant guilt trip on whites if they want to hold a separate function for their own race only.
    The MLK throw up puke is expected along with the usual suspect black official wanting the gumint to check into this terrible terrible ordeal.

  • barf on a liberal

    if this were a black only prom would it get so much attention and would whites care ?

    to each his own.

  • I love Governor Deal’s answer to the nosey reporterette. Outstanding answer.

    • Katherine McChesney

      He was very dignified and truthful. I applaud him for his response.

  • I think that once the blacks came up with “The Knockout Game”, that pretty much ended any pretense of an obligation for whites to socialize with them.

  • PDK/Kelto-Scandic Secessionist

    It is clear from statistical analysis that blacks are an
    inferior sub species of humans. The facts that blacks have more twins, mature
    faster and earlier, and reach full maturity with physically smaller brains and
    of lower IQs than either whites or Orientals is well documented. For more on
    this check out Phil Rushton’s 1989 debate online.

    In my life it became crystal clear that blacks, when accompanying
    whites, displayed one of two mentalities. If the numbers of blacks were
    sufficiently low, and the blacks did not feel their power, they behaved
    themselves and did not start their stuff, which would have been to pursue their

    However, if the black numbers were sufficiently high, and
    they felt their power, they would always start their stuff, which of course was
    to pursue their superiority.

    Blacks being of bigger bodies and smaller, less intelligent
    IQs, the path to pursue their superiority quite naturally arose through
    thuggery, which many times leads to rape and murder.

    I have also gleaned through the years that black numbers
    here in America curiously, for one reason or another, have hovered at, or about
    the 13% mark since the civil war. Further, it became clear, because they are a
    less capable sub species of human, their natural place has been achieved as the
    parasitic human race, welfare etcetera, parasitizing whites who are born from a
    gene pool that produces a more human form of individual, one with a greater
    cerebrum for higher culture creation, and higher culture maintenance.

    These realities put together seem to puzzle out to one
    conclusion; that blacks by their own control and by that of whites have
    accepted the 13% population of white America as the optimum % for a parasitic
    group that wishes to continue on the species. For as it is with all parasites,
    to little parasitizing and the parasite dies, too much parasitizing and the
    host dies. Either way it is curtains for the parasite, the end of the line.

    For whites there is a dividing out along the liberal,
    non-liberal line. The major difference being liberals remain immature while
    non-liberals embrace their personal responsibility to mature. This phenomenon
    produces two mutually exclusive mindsets, one that deals with reality, the
    matured non-liberals, and one that substitutes a preferred illusion in
    reality`s stead.

    The immature, the liberal therefore argues not about reality
    but rather argues to protect, defend and support the preferred illusion. This
    is the secret to liberal stupidity, herein is the well from which the liberal
    produces their disingenuous water.

    Ultimately, liberal leaders, the God complexed, narcissistic
    progressives, pursue their superiority as the good Sheppard lording over their
    flock. That of course necessitates a flock, and their grand design is to create
    a flock by forcing all to live together under the preferred illusion.

    This illusion, materialized and made manifest, comes at a
    price. Humans will not live their lives as nature intended, and among other
    realities, said humans will experience tyranny, poverty and misery.

    Further humans will not experience the liberty, wealth and
    happiness that nature intends via a natural life lived void of oppression by tyrannical
    leaders, i.e. liberals and their secular socialism, or Islamics and their pseudo

    We non-liberal whites could keep sacrificing our beautiful
    daughters, our wealth and our real estate, or we could find the courage of our
    founding fathers and start again by divorcing ourselves from our DWL, blacks,
    Islamics and others whom wish not to assimilate into white culture.

    As my posterity beckons out to me from tomorrow, I remember
    the words of John Adams, American President, founding father and patriot,
    “liberty, once lost, is lost forever”. Thank you.

  • cali

    No matter what your belief may be, this was a PRIVATE party. I’ve never considered criticizing any Private party. I don’t care if it was a white party, black party, hispanic party, jewish party, girls party, mens party, etc… Understand that if you are against private assembly you are setting yourself up for tyranny.The fact that one of the men interviewed even called for government intervention is absolutely terrifying.
    I found the reporter to be the only one at fault, as she harassed people going and coming. Such dramatic tid-bits and sound bites from MLK and slow motion of the limo driver. All for the glory of a little story and her personal fame. This drama will only antagoize and agitate people who don’t have enough common sense to realize this is simply a private party.

  • MekongDelta69

    To make a LSS (Long Story Short), I registered on the site which carried the original article. I won’t bother repeating what I said there, but I tried posting AmRen’s URL (as I’ve always done, when I post somewhere else).

    It accepted the post, but b/c of the “.com”, it said my post was “awaiting moderation” (i.e. ‘censorship’). This isn’t unusual, as I’ve run across this before many times in the last 15 years or so on the Net.

    [Btw, of course my post didn’t ‘pass’ the ‘censor’ – and was deleted. Gosh Beav – what a shock!]

    Point being, wherever else you post, always mention AmRen’s URL (or Vdare’s, or the CCC, or some other site of like-minded individuals).

  • evilsandmich

    So did they find some darkies who wanted to go to ‘white prom’ but weren’t invited? Likewise, did they (HA!) find any whities riddled with enough guilt to want to subject themselves to ‘black prom’?

  • Ella

    Have you ever heard of a Black Teen or Miss Latina Pageant? They also have public sponsors. Really, these White teens probably did not want rap music blaring all night ( I hope) and intimidation from the Black men. Sorry, it’s NOT always a “Black thing!”

  • Ralph

    There is no law that Whites have to mix with Blacks, but some Whites seem to think there is such a law and some White girls think they must accept dates with Blacks or they’ll be breaking the law or are subject to social ostracism.

    Stay White my friends.

  • Sloppo

    The biggest problem I see here might just be the fact that most people consider CBS Atlanta News to be a “news” network. Don’t call it that. It IS a PROPAGANDA network. They have no more legal right to “investigate” you when you hold a private party or do anything else than the average panhandler. They have no more obligation to tell the truth. They’re privately owned and controlled. Their primary purpose is to control public opinion. That’s right, they’re in the thought control business. It’s obviously completely legal to invite who you want to to your party, but they want to convince gullible people that it should not be legal. When they push public opinion far enough on the issues they choose to pursue, they can change laws. If a politician stands up to them, they can crucify his or her character on the airwaves. They’re powerful, immoral, unethical, and they hate us.

  • AugustusAlexander

    My dad is from Georgia and his whole family is from a county away and owns thousands of acres that is like my American Homeland although i live in Florida. I must say i’m proud to be connected to such good people.

  • AugustusAlexander

    Think about how many white kids across the country will not attend their school proms because it is filled with obnoxious black people and 90+% rap music bieng played. I would not have attended my prom if i did not end up going to a small 90+% white private school. it is a sad shame.

    Proms are like the Transit system, whites can use the transit system but what white person wants to ride a city bus that is going to be filled with ridiculous minorities that may rob and assault them? So really proms, the transit system and many other things have become almost off limits to whites.

  • Epiminondas

    Hopefully, we can maintain freedom of association a little bit longer in this nation. However, the real purpose of this CBS report is to get white liberals (mainly in the north) along with squishy politicians to oppose any repeal of affirmative action or of the voting rights act. Increasingly, those laws are coming under attack from conservatives around the country and in England. You have to understand that the media drive the political debate in western countries now. Politicians follow along like good little poodles.

  • Pacheco

    I don’t see what the big deal is, I am Mexican and I would much rather hang out with my own people and party with them than the blacks. Mexican parties are pretty cool, tequila, coronas, carne asada, mariachi, etc.

    • American Tax Payer

      Then why aren’t you there? Why are you posting on a Website that is for White People?

      Haven’t you people infested enough? I mean really, there ain’t a Town left in America that is American with No Thanks to you and your fellow overbreeding “own kind” and the rest of the non-white ethnicities.

  • robinaprichard

    Libtards destroy everything good.

  • robinaprichard

    All it would take to stop the anti-white hate and white guilt is for whites to stand up to the communists and refuse to be guilted into going along with their multiculti Tower of Babel scheme.
    If you must feel guilty, remember that Jesus came to forgive you of all sins and wash you clean. You are not guilty for the sins of others, and especially not for the sins of other races.

  • ograf

    I believe by law, if the school is hosting a prom, that it be integrated , Anything else done privately is nobody’s business and should not be an issue. If my neighbors have a party and do not invite me, I don’t go peeping in the windows, or cry to the media my neighbors are exclusive . Can anyone teach this to Blacks ??

  • Paleoconn

    I love the melancholy music and the slo-mo image of the black limo driver, and the black and white Rosa Parks fiasco.

    Such hypocrites these liberal media types, pretending they are shocked about segregation. People naturally self-segregate. If they want to force Whites to associate with blacks who are hostile to them, they should volunteer to sleep with blacks, to marry them, to have children with them.

    But as we know, as Joe Sobran said, liberals speak like MLK, but mate and migrate like the Klan.

    Finally, very happy to see even these teens be aware enough to avoid these media vampires. ‘You wanna talk to us about the prom?’ ‘Nooooooo’ ‘Lady, get outta my face’.