U.S. Civil Rights Commission Members Warn Amnesty Hurts Blacks

Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times, April 12, 2013

Three who hold seats with the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights warned the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus that granting amnesty to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now living in the United States would negatively impact blacks.

The members‚ Vice Chairwoman Abigail Thernstrom, and Commissioners Peter Kirsanow and Gail Heriot—made their views known in a letter to the caucus head, Rep. Marcia Fudge, on Thursday.

“In light of recent debates on comprehensive immigration reform, we are writing to address a rarely-discussed effect of granting legal status or effective amnesty to illegal immigrants,” the three members wrote, Breitbart reported. “Such grants of legal status will likely disproportionately harm lower-skilled African-Americans by making it more difficult for them to obtain employment, and depressing their wages when they do obtain employment.”

The commission members went on, in their letter: “The increased employment difficulties will likely have negative consequences that extend far beyond economics.” {snip}


The commission members concluded in their letter by asking if there were enough jobs in the low-skilled market to accommodate both blacks and 11 million illegal immigrants — and “the answer is no,” Breitbart reported.


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  • Cry me a river. This is the immigration policy black people voted for.

    Could the members of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission be guilty of anti-Hispanic racism?

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I certainly hope so. Out and out black-hispanic conflict could be our own Iran-Iraq war. Unfortunately, it appears blacks are generally less organized, and tend to get pushed out as greater concentrations of hispanics move in. But I’ll take what conflict between them I can get, because it holds out the hope of fewer white casualties.

      • Ed_NY

        An enemy of my enemy is my friend.

        • Non Humans

          To a certain degree…

    • anonymous

      These are the same people that hate whites, attack us, ran us out of cities, want the other nonwhites to ‘unite’ with them against us, but now blacks are upset that it’s not all it was hyped up to be? No sympathy from me either.

      • white liberal devils

        evil white liberals who are usually faggots and lezbos are the biggest enemy.

  • JackKrak

    If a cure for cancer somehow came with a side effect that only affected blacks, it would never see the light of day.

    • thurlow

      Mexicans better watch it. If the bantu government in Washington convinces itself that immigration reform hurts bantus then they will start sending the Mexicans to concentration camps. There is nothing more important in bantu society than protecting their access to government largesse.

      • Howard W. Campbell

        From the era of Franklin Roosevelt to the Rodney King riots, our government got a lot of mileage out of the undertow in helping to destroy white society. However, I would imagine that blacks are no longer number one of the list of those who are loved by the government. That has shifted to the Hispanics. We will know this for sure when the following things happen. A Hispanic politician tells Jesse and Weird Al to pound sand and gets away with it. That and when the supreme court has a 14th amendment case involving blacks and hispanics that requires a tautological answer. Our wise Latina will side with “her people”.

        The hispanics will be operating the “black” Fema camps before too long.

  • a multiracial individual

    If we are supposed to be “higher up” on the liberal totem pole than Hispanics then why are we being sold out by the Democrats now? A rhetorical question of course, Hispanics are now more numerous than Blacks. The Democratic party never cared about the welfare of Blacks (or low IQ whites), it was merely a, food for votes exchange.

    • The__Bobster

      And 98% of the illegals now say they’ll vote for Engelman’s party, even higher than the Bantu numbers.


    • brengunn

      This shift in allegiance can be seen in Europe, too, with the old Labour parties becoming the voice for immigrants, feminists, homosexuals etc. basically identity politics, rather than being the voice of the working classes. One could even go so far as to say they now have contempt for the working classes.

      Liberals are always searching for the worthiest victims, therefore the industrial classes get done over for blacks, the blacks get done over for the browns and on and on.

      • watling

        … but the working classes still insist on voting Labour. I’m sure the Labour elites can’t believe their luck. They treat their traditional voter base with contempt in favour of minority groups but their traditional voters continue to support them regardless. Political historians of the future will be scratching their heads at that one, as I am right now.

  • The__Bobster

    Three who hold seats with the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights warned the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus that granting amnesty to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now living in the United States would negatively impact blacks.

    Duh! Someone finally realized that obvious fact?

    • robin

      40 million is closer to the truth

  • dd121

    I don’t like our immigration policy either but the real thing that hurts blacks, is blacks.

  • sbuffalonative

    Well, some blacks are starting to catch on. They know see that amnesty will ensure they remain at the bottom of the pecking order.
    They should also be concerned about schools. Hispanics are going to demand Spanish language schools diverting money from black schools. Also, Hispanics are going to demand Hispanic teachers for their kids just like blacks did for their own.

    This isn’t an ideal ally but at this point we need everyone we can to push back.

    • Non Humans

      Can’t say that I wholly agree with your last statement. I agree that the mexicans have a very purposeful effect against the blacks, but in the case of an economic collapse it means we have to deal with them too. Dealing with the bantus will be a task by itself, throw in the mexicans, and I see alot more white casualties with the bantus.

      • sbuffalonative

        Believe me, I don’t want to actively join forces with Hispanics to combat black cultural/social influences. That wasn’t my point.
        I’ve said it before, some black and Hispanic leaders have been pushing for they mythical ”black-brown” coalition to take down the white man. Black leaders talk about their brown brothers in the struggle. What blacks don’t understand is that Hispanics are using them as a stepping stone and co-opting black ‘civil rights’ gains to their advantage.
        If Hispanics get amnesty, Hispanics will have gotten what they want and toss blacks aside. While black leaders will be dreaming of the ‘black brown’ coalition, the average black man will see that Hispanics have surpassed them and their will eventually be grumbling and discontent. What’s going to happen to blacks when they start losing their teaching jobs to Hispanics?
        I don’t see or want Hispanics as allies but I do see the tension between blacks and Hispanics rising. Them fighting between themselves could set off calls for re-segregating. I can see blacks using the same segregation arguments that they deny whites be applied to them; their own schools, their own neighborhoods, fighting for AA jobs.
        It’s not the best future but it’s something we’re going to have to go through. I don’t know how it will play out but we have to aware of it and use it to our advantage.

        • Non Humans

          Very interesting point.I have to admit, I had not given that much consideration. It will be interesting to see how that plays out, especially amidst an economic collapse.

          • PesachPatriot

            Here in florida there is a lot of tension between the blacks and hispanics. The cubans really dislike blacks(especially the haitians) and the mexicans dislike them even more. The Zimmerman case and the recent shooting of antonio santiago in his stroller certainly didn’t raise hispanic opinion about pinche mayates. If amnesty passes california style violence and ethnic cleansing will probably start here with hispanics getting rid of blacks as they take over their neighborhoods and schools. Black youfs have no fear of trying to pick up white girls at the beaches, but if they see hispanic mestizo looking ones they cross to the other side of the street in case their fathers, brothers, or boyfriends are around.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Yawn. I don’t care. They deserve it for their stupidity.

    • Non Humans

      Something about ends and means, and a justification in there somewhere.

  • bigone4u

    Why the blacks are for immmigration and amenesty is probably because they see another group that can be be taxed to give them their freebies.

    As I tell local Hispanics who are US citizens: Immigration and amnesty hurts everyone by increasing labor supply and driving down wages at the low end. Depressed low end wages by a ripple effect also end up depressing wage and employment opportunities in the middle. The only beneficiaries are the Democrat party and the wealthy, like Bill Gates. The Hispanics are still for amnesty because they see strength in numbers.

    • Jefferson

      [QUOTE]Why the blacks are for immmigration and amenesty is probably because
      they see another group that can be be taxed to give them their

      The vast majority of illegal immigrants in this country are not middle class, they are poor. So what is there to tax from them ?

      • robin

        working wages can be taxed from every angle, and then raised periodically.

      • bigone4u

        You’re 100 percent right that the illegals won’t pay much in income tax, plus they are likely to get a bigger slice of the welfare pie, leaving blacks with less. I was just speculating that they might in their stupidity think that they could get something out of the illegals. Blacks should be against illegals but nobody ever said blacks are smart.

      • robinbishop34

        Perhaps we could eliminate the income tax and instead impose a consumption tax. That way the pimps, prostitutes, and pushers pay their fair share while honest workers are given a break?

    • brengunn

      As long as people cross the border so easily, does an amnesty even matter? Won’t the process just start again?

  • Cannot Tell

    I tend to think that the GOP should stop trying to win non-white votes and focus on their white base, but informing blacks that amnesty is not in their best interest could be a way to gain their votes. The GOP could inform blacks about the negative consequences of Hispanic immigration and also the amount of racial discrimination towards blacks in Latin America. What’s going on in LA is proof that Mexicans are bringing their prejudice towards blacks with them. The GOP could tell blacks this and gain their votes.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Oh please.

      Blacks have been voting Democrat 70%+ since 1930. There is no way they are going to change now.

  • Grim Jim

    30-50 million illegals immediately with 10’s of millions more through family reunification hell bent on the delusions of Aztlan, and tens of millions of (rightfully angry in this case) blacks who have been cut off from any chance out of poverty(let’s be fair, this seals that deal on top of them). An angry mass of non-whites fed lies and propaganda just waiting to settle some score they have been conditioned to settle:

    A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi

    The Northwest Front has the only workable plan out there which will save our race, our culture, and our way of life. Unless you are a masochist and suicidal you will look up THE NORTHWEST IMPERATIVE and make your decision on what to do next.

    • Jefferson

      The Northwest is a great region for racially aware Whites ? Since when ? Portland and Seattle are some of the most liberal cities on the planet. So that means they love diversity and hate the second amendment.

      • sbuffalonative

        I agree. There have been some high profile racial incidents in Seattle but I haven’t read anything that I would consider racial awareness among the ‘progressive’-liberals of the north-west.
        The north-west has Boeing and Microsoft. They have high paying jobs with liberal employers. Because of the comfort and security of Boeing and Microsoft offer, NW ‘progressives’ have a distorted idea of race and the world. They’re isolated and comfortable.
        As long as these two giants dominate the fuel the region, they can maintain their ‘progressive’ ideology. If the balance changes, who knows what will happen.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I mean really, how many lawns are there to mow and how many toilets are there to clean?

    • bubo

      Funny thing is, almost every lawn cutting business I see now is operated by a white guy. Usually just himself or another white guy with a trailer.

      I guess it’s the only kind of business YT’s can break into now.

    • dr. zchicago

      i got news for you pal. it’s not lawns and toilets. it surprises me that blacks even work.
      iwas in chicago a few days ago. it was end of shift at a construction site in the downtown
      area. all the workers i saw leaving were hispanics. why. because they do work for cheap
      or so you say. and they show up regularly. blacks get paid then get laid. and come back days later asking for their jobs back with threats of jesse and al.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Finally figuring that out, blackies? Yeah, when my state finally started enforcing existing immigration laws (because Lord know da federal gubbamint wouldn’t), shift change at the local chicken packaging plant transformed almost overnight fro Tijuana to Senegal. I’m assuming the “Senegalese” were, of course American black folk and also suspect this resulted in at least a small break for the welfare rolls…

    Of course one could argue that this is not beneficial to blacks, that they might prefer some legalizing Mexican immigrant sweating out shifts to supplement whitey’s welfare payments.

    Gotta look at all angles here.

  • MBlanc46

    Hispanics have been taking jobs that blacks used to hold for decades. If the CBC needed a commission to tell them this, they must have their heads up their behinds.

    • Non Humans

      They’re nonhumans. That is their natural upright standing position, cranio-rectal inversion, that is.

  • Greg Thomas

    What took them so long to figure this out!

  • IKantunderstand

    Blacks don’t care. They don’t want to work anyway, even when they have a job. Blacks suck at being employees. They are stupid, lazy, and always work on “Negroe Time”. Which is to say: They are always late, and take twice as long to do a task.

  • khesanh67-68

    Blacks aren’t negatively affected by the illegal aliens. The blacks are already out of the workforce. Millions of them don’t work and the ones who are employed are only employed through massive governmental interferance in the workplace. Take away the federal coersion that keeps blacks employed and 85-90% of them would be unemployed the next day.

  • jimh19

    How will it affect blacks? They will continue receiving EBT, etc, while the Mexicans continue to do the grunt work and, eventually, assimilate into society.

    • The__Bobster

      No, wets are little better than Bantus and will join them in sharing a limited pie of social benefits once they are legalized.

    • Jefferson

      How is assimilation working with all of those Hispanics in Miami and Los Angeles for example ?

  • Jim

    Amnesty hurts less educated American workers of all races! Remember when most fast food workers were American teenagers with after school jobs. They got some spending money and learned important lessons such as getting to work on time and doing a good job. Now fast food workers often speak Spanish behind the counter, are older than teens, and are taking these jobs from our own. Illegals also take jobs in construction, child care and maintenance that American citizens should have. American born hispanics are suffering just as much. I am amazed that more Americans don’t stand up against amnesty.

    • Jefferson

      Most politicians could care less about the less educated American working class. They are politically in bed with big businesses who want to import more cheap 3rd world labor.

      Also most politicians want so badly to drastically change the racial demographics of America, even if it means stepping over the American working class to get more racial “diversity”.

  • LHathaway

    “the average black man will see that Hispanics have surpassed them and their will eventually be grumbling and discontent”

    I disagree. Affirmative Action blacks have a stranglehold on HR departments, many job fields, and many if not most large cities. A work site, say city worker or bus driver, that is 90% or more black, and above that closer to the bottom, with a rigorous diversity enforcement policy, will then hire another black bus driver (over any other applicant). Hispanics are an imported class of working poor, destined to be wage slave to the bureaucrats, and to the middle class just beneath them. Then in a final insult will be taking the brunt of a fair amount of ‘crime’. Perhaps This is the only benefit to whites? Less chance of falling victim to ‘crime’.

  • It’s a cop out spin, but so what. Try anything. Other cop our spind are to marry a Latina second wife. Have your very White Hispanic kids take Hispanic first and sir names. Maybe they can get high paying jobs for Univision and in their private lives oppose Trayvon Martin types.

  • Anon12

    Like blacks want to work? These “studies” are all bogus to begin with. This hurts only Whites of this nation in every way possible. Damn it, this is OUR nation, not the blacks, the mexicans, asians, arabs or any other race, only our race . Time to start yelling it from the rooftops and never relent.