Top 10 Excuses for Black Mob Violence

Colin Flaherty, WND, April 12, 2013

Spring is here, and the time is right for … excuses for black mob violence.


The Chicago Sun-Times is a national leader in 1) denying that racial mob violence exists, and 2) explaining why it does. The paper’s latest excuse for the latest episode of black mob violence in downtown Chicago, which featured 500 people storming through the area, beating and threatening and destroying property?

1) Warm weather.

The Sun-Times excuses have an ad hoc quality to them that gives even the casual reader the impression they are making it up as they go along. Just a month ago, Chicago saw a wicked and violent black mob all on video. All in the ice and snow.

So excuses do not have to be true. Or relevant.

This contest for best excuses was decided in February when Ahmed Shihab-Eldin hosted a live video stream on Huffington Post featuring several experts talking about mob lawlessness. This program packed more than 100 excuses into one 30-minute podcast.


Luke Cho owns a store recently hit with black mob theft.

2) “They are not really bad kids, they just got caught up in the flash mob thing.”

Next up, Jeffrey Ian Ross, a real-life criminologist from Baltimore:

3) “People in groups tend to let their guard down. They think they are oblivious to CTV. The reasons are ‘Boredom to wanting a new pair of jean to wanting to express their discontent.’”

Then the host had to get in on it:

4) “There’s power in numbers so they are more likely to act out? … The anonymity factor might be a contributing factor. … Does adrenaline play a factor?”

Then they brought out the big guns, Dr. Jeff Gardere, a New York City psychologist.

5) “Anonymity reduces their sense of responsibility and accountability. … They are not thinking about the consequences. There are a lot of teens looking for excitement.”


7) “Certainly the adrenaline does not allow us to think the way we should. Serotonin levels also drop, and we need serotonin for more impulse control and to focus more, and we see a lot of neurotransmitters are certainly affected.”

Sweet: Play the serotonin card.

8) “When asked afterward, they have a considerable amount of remorse.”

9) “These are kids. They are not thinking this out.”

And my own favorite came from hip hop giant Dr. Dre, who regrettably did not appear on this broadcast of Huffpo Live. But his explanation is probably the most popular because it appears on one of the best-selling hip hop recordings of all time: “The Chronic”:

10) “When niggaz get together they get mad.”

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  • guest

    I love the liberal two-step: “Black mob violence isn’t happening, but let me tell you why it’s justified.” Similarly, “black crime rates are not high, but let me tell you the reasons why they would commit more crime.” “Blacks are just as smart as whites but let me explain why they fail at schools.”

    • tech

      “blacks and whites are exactly the same, except blacks happen to be better athletes”

      • The__Bobster

        There’s no such thing as race…except when there is.

      • Svigor

        Correct. Blacks are superior to whites, that’s the inescapable conclusion of our leftist zeitgeist.

        • potato78

          Correct. Blacks are superior to whites,……LOL

          • Tim

            They are a far superior race when it comes to mob violence…

          • gemjunior

            Dat sho’ is da troof. Dey da ones dat built diss country and dat dam white man took da credit fo’ all da black man work….

          • Michael Mason

            Blacks are a superior and wiser race. They enlighten their students with a new method of learning, like the Socratic method, but even better.
            -When a black flash mob breaks windows and steals from a store, they are using their wisdom to encourage the shop owner to meditate and ponder on their lives.
            -When a black man rapes a woman, they are simply using this new method of learning to enlighten the woman, and help her meditate on the truths of the world.
            -When a black mugs someone in the street, they are just teaching them the beauty of the circle of life.

        • Dr. X

          “Blacks are superior to whites…” Every television commericial and every television show sure does go out of it’s way to make you believe that, doesn’t it?

      • dmxinc

        I’ve been told that it is all their “hard work.”

        Of course, Whites can’t ever be “overrepresented” in any area (magnet schools, CEO’s, scientists) due to hard work. It’s only because of “White privilege” or racism.

    • Aaron

      “IQ tests are meaningless because they are biased in favor of rich people.”
      “Another reason IQ tests are meaningless is because studies show there isn’t a corellation between IQ and income.”

  • Dan Reardon

    These clowns are slipping – they left out the “legacy of slavery” excuse!

    • Comfortably Numb

      and “institutional racism.”

      • les solving

        the IQ test is CULTURALLY BIASED!! HA HA

  • White Mom in WDC

    There is no civility left in Amexistan. Nothing makes sense. No real borders anymore. No real laws anymore. Don’t these kids have something to do? Something that interests them? Sports? Hobbies? We are turning in a big mass mob of people who cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

    • Erasmus

      Yup. The lunatics are guarding the asylum. There is no such thing as black criminality. There is no such thing as an illegal alien. A man’s rectum is now the same as a birth canal. 2+2 doesn’t have to equal 4 if the child feels good about himself. To say 8×4 = 32 is culturally imperialist.
      The left has launched an assault upon reality itself. I am starting to think those dictatorships that extirpated the left in their countries might have done the right thing.

      • thoughtcrime

        *Cough* Nazi Germany *Cough*

        • Erasmus

          Yup, we’re so worried abut *cough* Nazi *cough* Germany that we’re now at the opposite extreme and accept every lunacy under the sun.

          (Hint: There’s a lot more to history than Germany from 1932-1945)

          When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Think about it.

          • anarchyst

            The actual figure for WW2 non-combatant deaths in the European theater of operations was 731,000. NOT 6,000,000.

          • thoughtcrime

            Indeed this is so. The 6mil fig had been screeched even just before World War One. Except it was charged leveled at Soviet counter revolutionaries and Ukrainians. But of course “The Tribe” never mentions word one about the 7 million Ukrainian farmers systematically starved to death by one of their own Lazar Kaganovich (something he was quite proud of).


  • White Mom in WDC

    How about this for an excuse: they are stupid black kids who need their arces kicked.

    • Pelayo

      Kicking their arses won’t cure a thing. Nothing less than genetic manipulation and /or surgical castration would have a chance of success.

      • Strider73

        Surgical castration will prevent further breeding, but won’t stop their congenital thuggery. Only death will do that.

  • The__Bobster

    The paper’s latest excuse for the latest episode of black mob violence in downtown Chicago, which featured 500 people storming through the area, beating and threatening and destroying property?

    500?? Day-um! Philly’s last flash mob had only 200 rampaging Zulus. I hope they don’t find out about this.

    • If you think that this is bad. You should see the mobs and near riots in several cities when Section 8 voucher applications were being handled out. Keep in mind, that these were adults in those mobs, not teenagers. So who do think they learn it from?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Blacks don’t learn rioting from anyone, Crystal. Rioting, murder, mayhem and mob violence are inherent in Blacks, it’s codified in their DNA!!

        THAT’S the explanation.

        I wish people here would stop looking for excuses!!


        • Anon12

          You are right again, Bon. It is all DNA.

      • Anon12

        . So who do think they learn it from?

        What a stupid statement. They do not “learn” anything from anyone, they are born that way!

  • Crystal Evans

    Dr. Dre hit it right on the money. They are angry at perceived injustices. They can’t take it out on government so they take it out on non black business owners who they see as invading their neighborhoods. They are not smart enough to realize that the stores could be black owned but it takes money to start a business. You need good credit to get an SBA loan. The Arabs and the Asians put their stores in black neighborhoods for a reason. The rent there is cheaper than in other neighborhoods and that blacks tend to buy single bottles of beer that are more expensive, than the typical six pack that is sold in supermarkets.

    • dukem1

      I agree with your comment with one exception. These injustices are not perceived.
      They are as real as rain to the young yoofs. They’ve been bombarded with their victimhood all their lives…”parents”, the media, schools, it’s really all they’ve ever known.
      Now, granted the concept of right and wrong is a bit sophisticated for minds such as these….there really is only one language they understand……

    • MBlanc46

      Blacks could accumulate capital and start businesses. During Jim Crow, there were black businesses in black neighborhoods (although even then, many ghetto businesses were Jewish owned). Perhaps blacks with the drive to engage in business don’t want to do it in the ‘hood.

      • I agree, Because they know that they will be robbed blind by these young hoods. In fact, major supermarket chains do not set up in the hood. I read somewhere where there is no major supermarket in the Detroit city limits. I wonder why?

        • George

          It’s racism on the part of the supermarkets, obviously.

          Supermarkets and big box stores will not set up an operation where they can’t make a reasonable profit margin. They see what happens when CVS is raked over the coals for using anti-theft tags on hair care products marketed to blacks, but don’t need to use the tags for normal people. (The obvious reason is simple. Whites don’t shoplift/steal at nearly the same rates as blacks…yet the Teen-American ‘leaders’ still try to play the race card).

          • Alexandra

            My local Kmart has security tags on nail-care items. Go figure.
            Heh. All I need is a nail file and a bit of patience and my nails look pretty good…. 🙂

      • PesachPatriot

        Very good point. How many multi-millionaire rappers, basketball, baseball, or football players ever invest any of their own money in the neighborhoods where they grew up? They’re stupid enough to blow through millions, but not stupid enough to invest a nickel of their own cash in places like chicago, detroit or east st. louis. Most sensible, law abiding blacks will work in white areas and return to their neighborhoods at night. No one wants to be murdered by gangbangers over petty cash if they can avoid it.


        I agree! I live in a predominately black neighboorhood in Milwaukee on the edge of the “hood” and a private college. The black people don’t want or purchase anything besides beer (sh!tty cheap stuff), nails, weaves..It’s grime and arab gas stations. On the other end by the college a coffee shop, a small restaurant or what have you may succeed. The Arabs and Asians do GOOD business for a reason.

  • bigone4u

    Another excuse, close to the truth courtesty of the late Flip Wilson (black comedy star): “Da debil made me do it.” (For those who don’t remember, this was a popular saying back in the 70s, but back then it was a joke. Now …)

    • Tim

      “Here comes the Judge” and he just granted probation again…

  • Ed_NY

    There is no such thing as personal responsibility with blacks. Every failure and misdeed is followed up with an excuse. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. They have lousy credit and cant get a loan or mortgage, the banks are racist. They get the loan or mortgage and default and the banks were racist with predatory lending. No matter what the issue, crime, failure in employment or education, illegitimate children, etc. they always blame discrimination or the legacy of slavery. They should just face the facts, they are pathetic and worthless and will never achieve anything on their own.

    • dukem1

      I’m beginning to think you’re on to something here.

    • les solving

      They should just face the facts, they are pathetic and worthless and will never achieve anything on their own.

  • “They are not really bad kids, they just got caught up in the flash mob thing.”

    If everyone in the wrong crowd just happened to get caught up in the wrong crowd, then who’s the wrong crowd, if anyone?

    “When asked afterward, they have a considerable amount of remorse.”

    Only because they got caught.

    “These are kids. They are not thinking this out.”

    “Thinking” is not the strong suit of Africanus Bellcurvius

    “When niggaz get together they get mad.”

    That’s actually true. The bigger their groups get, the more dangerous they get.

    • thoughtcrime

      That is why I refer to them as Zombies. One is much of a threat, you just have one head to bash in. But a mob of them…that is a real danger. The bigger the mob the bigger the threat.

      Blacks and zombies have a lot more in common too. They both shamble when they walk, their clothing is ill-fitting, their speech unintelligible, they lack higher brain function, their sole purpose is to consume/destroy/reproduce, the world that we humans (whites) build confuses them, they both smell horrible and they both consume human flesh.

      • George

        Zombies aren’t known to reproduce, except through infecting live humans.

        Blacks, on the other hand, know that every extra little burden-on-society they produce means more welfare benefits.

        Otherwise, the comparison is spot on.

      • Strider73

        Something else blacks and zombies have in common — they vote Democrat, early and often.

        However, zombies have never been known to demand govt. goodies in exchange for their votes.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Obama had the zombie vote sewed up in 2008 AND 2013.

          He’s one of THEM after all…


      • Anon12

        Excellent post!

    • jimh19

      Jeffrey Dahmer was not a bad guy, he was just into that cannibalism thing.

      • thoughtcrime

        Keep in mind he was a homosexual and committed his crimes largely because of his own self-hatred at his compulsion to perversity. He is not exceptional amongst them, just went to more extreme lengths to not only get his “fix” but also to cover it up. For more on this particular threat to our society that these perverts really pose google Jesse Dirkhising and see what a pair of these creatures did to one of our own. I am sure you have NEVER heard of him but have heard of Matthew Shepard

    • Watcher

      “They just got caught up in the flash mob thing” is black racism morphing into ageism. “Oh, they just too young to have the moral compass to avoid mob behavior!” But somehow they demand adult treatment like being taken seriously, given jobs, given money….

  • NeanderthalDNA

    What? They are black? I thought they were “youths” and “teens”. Oh my God!

    How bout this excuse…

    85 average IQ (probably closer to the sub-Saharan African average of 70 for these “teens”) r-style breeding subhumans act like 85- avg, IQ r-style breeding subhumans? Makes much more sense to me. Because it makes much more sense.

    • Tim

      Probably much further on the left than 85. Or what another AR comment called them ” Far Leftists”.

  • khesanh67-68

    Excuses are like derrieres, everybody’s got one.

    • Pelayo

      So are “opinions” and they both stink.

    • stewardofthemystery

      …and they all stink.

  • Svigor

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for black mob violence to be “ripped from the headlines” and wind up on Dickie Wolf’s shows…or anywhere else on TV or the silver screen, for that matter.

    • bubo

      It would be a hard working black couple accosted, taunted and beaten by racist, rich white prep school kids.

  • Bull Connor

    These jerks may make excuses for the unevolved, but don’t YOU forget! Keep your nose to the wind and your antennae up–even when you don’t see them.

  • Alexandra

    Reason #1: Somehow it’s YT’s fault.
    That about sums that up.

  • anarchyst

    As far as I am concerned, blacks possess “the (biblical) mark of Cain”, forever to be at the bottom of society.

  • Unperson

    Some AmRen commenters sneer at WorldNetDaily for being “aracial” conservatives, but this Colin Flaherty (author of book “White Girl Bleed a Lot”) is doing superb work chronicling the current chimpout epidemic — and unapologetically calling it out as a specifically BLACK phenomenon. AR has run a LOT of Flaherty’s Mahogany Mob articles in recent months, and they have all been unusually brave and forthright by the standards of contemporary journalism. For this he, and WND, deserve our respect.

  • juamongu2

    Will there ever be an Amren press to publish “One Million Excuses for

    Black Misbehavior and Underperformance”(supplemented annually)?

  • MikeS

    They’re not really bad kids, they just like to kill people because they’re sub-human with a sub-human brain and are unable to “think” as it were.

  • Dutchman

    It is mystifying that conditions like warm weather, hanging out in groups, and looking for excitement seem to drive certain people to acts of mob violence, while other people seem little effected. When I was a kid in my 90% white, working class town, my friends and I often gathered together in groups in warm weather looking for excitement, but for some unknown reason it never dawned on us to mob attack people, rob pedestrians, and go on mass shoplifting sprees. It must have been my white privilege.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Nope– mob violence, beating up Whites for fun and breaking into stores can’t be blamed on evil, stupid and hate-filled feral blacks so it must be the warm WEATHER.

    As long as the excuses don’t have to be true or relevant:

    #11. Blacks are victims of Global Warming!!


    • NeanderthalDNA

      Another famous Haitian creation is the zombie: a lumbering,
      mindless, supposedly “undead” person that obeys its master’s
      commands. Upon closer inspection of so-called zombies, you will
      quickly find out that these moaning, slowly moving, death-smelling
      creatures are actually just regular living n*****s displaying typical

      Yeah, riding that dead horse but…never gets old, LOL.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Well, we know only larger caliber guns and ammo work on zombies and blacks so we have to step up our defenses and get ready for the zombie apocalypse. We’re gonna need bigger guns!!

        Rifle shot to the head will split the thing’s skull in two, that’s exactly what we need. Chain saws are too unwieldy and dangerous — if the zombie or average black manages to get past the blade, well, all bets are off.

        Make mine a .308 Winchester!!


        • NeanderthalDNA

          I agree! Preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse is tantamount to preparing for the coming feral black apocalypse. Ready for one, ready for the other.

          Caveat: The black head is a slightly smaller target than the white or east Asian cranium, zombie or not, so…

          Target practice, target practice, target practice!

          • PesachPatriot

            If I have learned anything from a lifetime of watching zombie movies it is that axes, baseball hats, shovels and sledge hammers don’t need to be reloaded.

  • PesachPatriot

    I’m pretty sure Dr. Dre hit the nail right on the head. His theory also explains the constant fistfights, stabbings, shootings etc that happens at every rap concert. When I was a teenager looking for excitement I usually found it by skateboarding, snowboarding or going to rock music concerts, not flash mobbing stores. I have a feeling that Dr. Dre went to the same medical school as Doctor. Pepper and Doctor. Doom,

  • Bobby

    Now, this list will never make David Lettermans top ten list, he’s too much a leftist shill.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Most of them had Air Jordan sneakers on. Therefore, Air Jordans are directly related to criminal activity. The mobs are caused by Air Jordan sneakers. Hey, it’s just as plausible as the other stupid excuses.

    The media and liberal whites will jump through any hoop no matter how high just to absolve blacks of any responsibility or blame. Many blacks are too dumb to realize that being treated as immature children is the real racist view, not the view that they should be accountable adults.

    • MBlanc46

      To an extent, blacks are immature children. They mature faster, Their brains do no develop for as long as white and Asian brains. They never develop as much impulse control as whites or Asians. Couple that with generally lower intelligence and you get something that resembles comparative childishness. It’s a trait that’s been noticed in blacks since whites first encountered them.

  • jay11

    I know a lot of white liberals who support black mob violence. So sad. They see it as a way for ‘oppressed blacks to ‘get back’ at evil whitey (but they never include themselves in that grouping). I seriusly do not recognize my country anymore.

    • PesachPatriot

      You should ask them why no other “oppressed” groups in american society feel the need to behave in this manner….i’m not a big fan of arabs but I’ve never seen them flash mob attacking porn shops or liquor stores because those things are against their religion, no one has ever heard about a story of native amerindians scalping wal-mart employees and shoppers because of wounded knee, me and my relatives don’t feel a need to cause a ruckus in german restaurants or bmw dealerships because of european unpleasantness 70 years ago, the japanese who were put in internment camps here don’t randomly go attacking WWII vet senior citizens and illegal hispanics stand in front of home depot trying to get day labor, they don’t go inside and trash the store because they dislike america’s immigration policies and Chinese tourists don’t go trashing banks because or government owes their country a lot of money.

  • Candid

    The legacy of slavery is the gene pool sold by african negroes to the highest bidder: including the halt, the lame and the dumb.
    The losers were those sold to the muslims, the winners were those sold to the portuguese and spaniards, to ship to the Americas,
    and ,mixed among perverted mutant anglo altruism, now are the sacred cows of western civilization, the blight of the twilight zone.
    Buys guns, ammo as the investment for the future of the march of the titans.

  • MobyWhite

    Blacks wouldn’t be committing violence if we had integrated the schools sooner, given them Civil Rights sooner, elected our historic first Diversity president sooner, controlled guns sooner, granted Amnesty sooner, or forced a generalized total collapse of White privilege sooner.

    Blame White privilege.

    • Erasmus

      Time to send all those “youfs” to Sidwell Friends, the school where the Washington elite send their crumb-crunchers. The sooner reality mugs a leftist, the better it is for the rest of us.

      • MobyWhite

        Victimized leftists will blame us for “a culture that fosters hatred and violence”.

  • Alexandra

    I posted a while back about how my son and I meet up with my mother-in-law at a church for a free dinner a couple times a week. Typically there’d be a group of blacks that didn’t like to follow the rules…there used to be baked goods donated by a local chain grocery sitting at one end of the room, and the rule was, one per person/household, depending on how much was available, and these savages would take all they could. So now no more baked goods.
    One Thursday I didn’t feel like going and my mother-in-law told me I missed quite the show…those “youths” were getting totally out of line and the police were called. The next time I was there the thugs were back–and kicked out, and told by the local police that if they set foot on the premises again, they’d be arrested for trespassing. Probably a good thing I wasn’t there that night, as I would have been afraid for my son’s safety (he’s on the autism spectrum). I said to my mother-in-law’s friend, watch, they’ll probably play the race card. She said there was a white girl with them and acting like them. I said, what, a wigger? She said yes. I wonder if she’s a closet realist…she seemed surprised that I popped out the term “wigger.” LOL
    My husband is a race realist and apparently so is my mother-in-law. She believes in treating people fairly, she said. I said yes, but with certain groups you need to watch your back, and she agreed.
    I was glad that someone actually had the cajones to toss those bums out. I said to my mother-in-law that’s why there was segregation…not to oppress blacks, but to protect whites from their antics. I could tell she was thinking on that. We’re both lifelong Yankees…I’m a Michigan native (Detroit) and she’s from here in Ohio, across the river from Wheeling, WV.

    • saxonsun

      Thanks for the term “wiggers.” Good one.

  • Funruffian

    I think all shop owners should just cut their losses, close shop and move the hell out of those neighborhoods simultaneously. (1) The Blacks won’t have anything to loot or vandalize accept their own hovels. (20 the shopkeepers won’t have to absorb all that savage violence. (3) This will prove that business owners have the initiative and the right to abandon service to criminals and underpriveliged Blacks. (4) Insurance companies won’t have to charge exorbitant premiums for theft and vandalism insurance and we can save a ton of money in the process.
    The best way to propose this is for the government to cut each store owner a check of at least $50,000 so they can get a fresh new start elsewhere in a Black free environment. Wishful thinking.

  • Tostig Baggett

    Gentlemen, you know that blacks cannot at fault, think ‘black privilege’

  • Tostig Baggett

    Sorry. it should be ‘blacks cannot be at fault.