The Mind of a Con Man

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, New York Times, April 26, 2013

One summer night in 2011, a tall, 40-something professor named Diederik Stapel stepped out of his elegant brick house in the Dutch city of Tilburg to visit a friend around the corner. It was close to midnight, but his colleague Marcel Zeelenberg had called and texted Stapel that evening to say that he wanted to see him about an urgent matter. The two had known each other since the early ’90s, when they were Ph.D. students at the University of Amsterdam; now both were psychologists at Tilburg University. In 2010, Stapel became dean of the university’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Zeelenberg head of the social psychology department. {snip}

Zeelenberg, a stocky man with a shaved head, led Stapel into his living room. “What’s up?” Stapel asked, settling onto a couch. Two graduate students had made an accusation, Zeelenberg explained. His eyes began to fill with tears. “They suspect you have been committing research fraud.”

Stapel was an academic star in the Netherlands and abroad, the author of several well-regarded studies on human attitudes and behavior. That spring, he published a widely publicized study in Science about an experiment done at the Utrecht train station showing that a trash-filled environment tended to bring out racist tendencies in individuals. And just days earlier, he received more media attention for a study indicating that eating meat made people selfish and less social.

His enemies were targeting him because of changes he initiated as dean, Stapel replied, quoting a Dutch proverb about high trees catching a lot of wind. When Zeelenberg challenged him with specifics—to explain why certain facts and figures he reported in different studies appeared to be identical—Stapel promised to be more careful in the future. As Zeelenberg pressed him, Stapel grew increasingly agitated.

Finally, Zeelenberg said: “I have to ask you if you’re faking data.”

“No, that’s ridiculous,” Stapel replied. “Of course not.”


That same day, Stapel drove to the University of Groningen, nearly three hours away, where he was a professor from 2000 to 2006. The campus there was one of the places where he claimed to have collected experimental data for several of his studies; to defend himself, he would need details from the place. But when he arrived that afternoon, the school looked very different from the way he remembered it being five years earlier. Stapel started to despair when he realized that he didn’t know what buildings had been around at the time of his study. Then he saw a structure that he recognized, a computer center. “That’s where it happened,” he said to himself; that’s where he did his experiments with undergraduate volunteers. “This is going to work.”

On his return trip to Tilburg, Stapel stopped at the train station in Utrecht. This was the site of his study linking racism to environmental untidiness, supposedly conducted during a strike by sanitation workers. In the experiment described in the Science paper, white volunteers were invited to fill out a questionnaire in a seat among a row of six chairs; the row was empty except for the first chair, which was taken by a black occupant or a white one. Stapel and his co-author claimed that white volunteers tended to sit farther away from the black person when the surrounding area was strewn with garbage. Now, looking around during rush hour, as people streamed on and off the platforms, Stapel could not find a location that matched the conditions described in his experiment.

“No, Diederik, this is ridiculous,” he told himself at last. “You really need to give it up.”

After he got home that night, he confessed to his wife. A week later, the university suspended him from his job and held a news conference to announce his fraud. It became the lead story in the Netherlands and would dominate headlines for months. Overnight, Stapel went from being a respected professor to perhaps the biggest con man in academic science.

I first met Stapel in the summer of 2012, nearly a year after his dismissal from Tilburg. {snip}

When Stapel and I met for lunch in Antwerp, about a 50-mile drive from Tilburg, investigating committees at the three universities where he had worked—Amsterdam, Groningen and Tilburg—were in the process of combing through his several dozen research papers to determine which ones were fraudulent. The scrutiny was meant not only to clean up the scientific record but also to establish whether any of Stapel’s co-authors, including more than 20 Ph.D. students he supervised, shared any of the blame. It was already evident that many of the doctoral dissertations he oversaw were based on his fabricated data.

Right away Stapel expressed what sounded like heartfelt remorse for what he did to his students. “I have fallen from my throne—I am on the floor,” he said, waving at the ground. “I am in therapy every week. I hate myself.” {snip}


Each case of research fraud that’s uncovered triggers a similar response from scientists. {snip} Still, the nature and scale of Stapel’s fraud sets him apart from most other cheating academics. “The extent to which I did it, the longevity of it, makes it extreme,” he told me. “Because it is not one paper or 10 but many more.”

Stapel did not deny that his deceit was driven by ambition. But it was more complicated than that, he told me. He insisted that he loved social psychology but had been frustrated by the messiness of experimental data, which rarely led to clear conclusions. His lifelong obsession with elegance and order, he said, led him to concoct sexy results that journals found attractive. “It was a quest for aesthetics, for beauty—instead of the truth,” he said. {snip}


Stapel lives in a picturesque tree-lined neighborhood in Tilburg, a quiet city of 200,000 in the south of the Netherlands. One afternoon last November, he sat in his kitchen eating a quickly assembled lunch of cheese, bread and chocolate sprinkles, running his fingers through his hair and mulling the future. The universities investigating him were preparing to come out with a final report a week later, which Stapel hoped would bring an end to the incessant flogging he had received in the Dutch media since the beginning of the scandal. The report’s publication would also allow him to release a book he had written in Dutch titled “Ontsporing” — “derailment” in English — for which he was paid a modest advance. The book is an examination of his life based on a personal diary he started after his fraud was made public. Stapel wanted it to bring both redemption and profit, and he seemed not to have given much thought to whether it would help or hurt him in his narrower quest to seek forgiveness from the students and colleagues he duped.


Several times in our conversation, Stapel alluded to having a fuzzy, postmodernist relationship with the truth, which he agreed served as a convenient fog for his wrongdoings. “It’s hard to know the truth,” he said. “When somebody says, ‘I love you,’ how do I know what it really means?” {snip}


On a Sunday morning, as we drove to a village near Maastricht to see his parents, Stapel reflected on why his behavior had sparked such outrage in the Netherlands. “People think of scientists as monks in a monastery looking out for the truth,” he said. “People have lost faith in the church, but they haven’t lost faith in science. My behavior shows that science is not holy.”

What the public didn’t realize, he said, was that academic science, too, was becoming a business. “There are scarce resources, you need grants, you need money, there is competition,” he said. “Normal people go to the edge to get that money. Science is of course about discovery, about digging to discover the truth. But it is also communication, persuasion, marketing. I am a salesman. I am on the road. People are on the road with their talk. With the same talk. It’s like a circus.” {snip}


In one experiment conducted with undergraduates recruited from his class, Stapel asked subjects to rate their individual attractiveness after they were flashed an image of either an attractive female face or a very unattractive one. The hypothesis was that subjects exposed to the attractive image would—through an automatic comparison—rate themselves as less attractive than subjects exposed to the other image.

The experiment—and others like it—didn’t give Stapel the desired results, he said. He had the choice of abandoning the work or redoing the experiment. But he had already spent a lot of time on the research and was convinced his hypothesis was valid. “I said—you know what, I am going to create the data set,” he told me.


The results were published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2004. “I realized—hey, we can do this,” he told me.

Stapel’s career took off. He published more than two dozen studies while at Groningen, many of them written with his doctoral students. They don’t appear to have questioned why their supervisor was running many of the experiments for them. Nor did his colleagues inquire about this unusual practice.

In 2006, Stapel moved to Tilburg, joining Zeelenberg. Students flocked to his lab, and he quickly rose in influence. In September 2010, he became dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. He could have retreated from active research to focus on administration, but, he told me, he couldn’t resist the allure of fabricating new results. He had already made up the data for the Utrecht train-station study and was working on the paper that would appear in Science the following year. Colleagues sought him out to take part in new collaborations.

Stapel designed one such study to test whether individuals are inclined to consume more when primed with the idea of capitalism. He and his research partner developed a questionnaire that subjects would have to fill out under two subtly different conditions. In one, an M&M-filled mug with the word “kapitalisme” printed on it would sit on the table in front of the subject; in the other, the mug’s word would be different, a jumble of the letters in “kapitalisme.” Although the questionnaire included questions relating to capitalism and consumption, like whether big cars are preferable to small ones, the study’s key measure was the amount of M&M’s eaten by the subject while answering these questions. (The experimental approach wasn’t novel; similar M&M studies had been done by others.) Stapel and his colleague hypothesized that subjects facing a mug printed with “kapitalisme” would end up eating more M&M’s.

Stapel had a student arrange to get the mugs and M&M’s and later load them into his car along with a box of questionnaires. He then drove off, saying he was going to run the study at a high school in Rotterdam where a friend worked as a teacher.

Stapel dumped most of the questionnaires into a trash bin outside campus. At home, using his own scale, he weighed a mug filled with M&M’s and sat down to simulate the experiment. While filling out the questionnaire, he ate the M&M’s at what he believed was a reasonable rate and then weighed the mug again to estimate the amount a subject could be expected to eat. He built the rest of the data set around that number. He told me he gave away some of the M&M stash and ate a lot of it himself. “I was the only subject in these studies,” he said.


Rumors of fraud trailed Stapel from Groningen to Tilburg, but none raised enough suspicion to prompt investigation. Stapel’s atypical practice of collecting data for his graduate students wasn’t questioned, either. Then, in the spring of 2010, a graduate student noticed anomalies in three experiments Stapel had run for him. When asked for the raw data, Stapel initially said he no longer had it. Later that year, shortly after Stapel became dean, the student mentioned his concerns to a young professor at the university gym. Each of them spoke to me but requested anonymity because they worried their careers would be damaged if they were identified.

The professor, who had been hired recently, began attending Stapel’s lab meetings. He was struck by how great the data looked, no matter the experiment. “I don’t know that I ever saw that a study failed, which is highly unusual,” he told me. “Even the best people, in my experience, have studies that fail constantly. Usually, half don’t work.”

The professor approached Stapel to team up on a research project, with the intent of getting a closer look at how he worked. “I wanted to kind of play around with one of these amazing data sets,” he told me. The two of them designed studies to test the premise that reminding people of the financial crisis makes them more likely to act generously.

In early February, Stapel claimed he had run the studies. “Everything worked really well,” the professor told me wryly. Stapel claimed there was a statistical relationship between awareness of the financial crisis and generosity. But when the professor looked at the data, he discovered inconsistencies confirming his suspicions that Stapel was engaging in fraud.

The professor consulted a senior colleague in the United States, who told him he shouldn’t feel any obligation to report the matter. But the person who alerted the young professor, along with another graduate student, refused to let it go. That spring, the other graduate student examined a number of data sets that Stapel had supplied to students and postdocs in recent years, many of which led to papers and dissertations. She found a host of anomalies, the smoking gun being a data set in which Stapel appeared to have done a copy-paste job, leaving two rows of data nearly identical to each other.

The two students decided to report the charges to the department head, Marcel Zeelenberg. But they worried that Zeelenberg, Stapel’s friend, might come to his defense. To sound him out, one of the students made up a scenario about a professor who committed academic fraud, and asked Zeelenberg what he thought about the situation, without telling him it was hypothetical. “They should hang him from the highest tree” if the allegations were true, was Zeelenberg’s response, according to the student.

The students waited till the end of summer, when they would be at a conference with Zeelenberg in London. “We decided we should tell Marcel at the conference so that he couldn’t storm out and go to Diederik right away,” one of the students told me.

In London, the students met with Zeelenberg after dinner in the dorm where they were staying. As the night wore on, his initial skepticism turned into shock. It was nearly 3 when Zeelenberg finished his last beer and walked back to his room in a daze. In Tilburg that weekend, he confronted Stapel.


In late October, nearly two months after the scandal broke, the university issued an interim report portraying Stapel as an arrogant bully who cozied up to students in order to manipulate them. Stapel broke down after reading the personality assessment. “He was calling for his mother, he was freaking out,” Marcelle told me. “He was trying to get out of the window.” Stapel’s psychiatrist prescribed extra medication, and a friend made him promise Marcelle that he would not kill himself. To escape the media’s glare, he went to spend a few days with his brother in Budapest.


At the end of November, the universities unveiled their final report at a joint news conference: Stapel had committed fraud in at least 55 of his papers, as well as in 10 Ph.D. dissertations written by his students. The students were not culpable, even though their work was now tarnished. The field of psychology was indicted, too, with a finding that Stapel’s fraud went undetected for so long because of “a general culture of careless, selective and uncritical handling of research and data.” {snip}


When Stapel’s book came out, it got a mixed reception from critics, and it angered many in the Netherlands who thought it dishonorable of him to try to profit from his misdeeds. Within days of its release, the book appeared online in the form of PDFs, posted by those who wanted to damage his chances of making money. {snip}

I asked Zeelenberg how he felt toward Stapel a year and a half after reporting him to the rector. He told me that he found himself wanting to take a longer route to the grocery store to avoid walking past Stapel’s house, lest he run into him. “When this is all over, I would like to talk to him,” Zeelenberg said. “Then I’ll find out if he and I are capable of having a friendship. I miss him, but there are equal amounts of instances when I want to punch him in the face.”


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  • The__Bobster

    I suspect most of the “studies” upon which liberal programs have been built were fraudulent.

    Yet, we see the 1960’s work of Rick Heber of the Milwaukee Project enthusiastically cited in the NYT a generation after Heber went to prison for fraud.

    In Nicholas D. Kristof’s 4/15/2009 column in the NYT, he wrote:

    Professor Nisbett strongly advocates intensive early childhood education because of its proven ability to raise I.Q. and improve long-term outcomes. The Milwaukee Project, for example, took African-American children considered at risk for mental retardation and assigned them randomly either to a control group that received no help or to a group that enjoyed intensive day care and education from 6 months of age until they left to enter first grade.

    By age 5, the children in the program averaged an I.Q. of 110, compared with 83 for children in the control group. Even years later in adolescence, those children were still 10 points ahead in I.Q.

    • Morris LeChat

      we have a vain academic that posts here who pictures himself on a vaunted IQ throne and who regularly tries to dispatch the white European as an inferior being that needs to head off down the road to oblivion. In the real world, the REAL world, and looking at REAL achievement, the white European male is matched by NONE. IQ tests are for people like Stapel who swim in a polluted pool of fraud.

      • Sue

        Thank you, I’ve been saying this for years arguing with otherwise intelligent people. Why keep pushing how much brighter the other race is if their intelligence is that apparent. No need to force the issue. I’ll repeat your sentence as it desperately needs repeating:
        In the real world, the REAL world, and looking at REAL achievement, the white European male is matched by NONE.

        • Morris LeChat

          Yes, we put men on the moon, and that was when white males were using slide rules, not calculators. The recent newsroom footage of the mars rover landing showed a control room staffed almost EXCLUSIVELY by whites. China only has a space program because of espionage and the buying of technology the white man developed.

          • BonusGift

            Also, it also bears reminding that the supposedly vaunted Northeast Asians may currently (i.e., not so in the past) have slightly higher mean IQs than your current average European do not have as wide or dispersed distributions of that rough measure. Thus, they have relatively few true geniuses but a heck of a lot of seemingly competent worker bees (with a stress on the seemingly so part). Thus, to expect them to show European like insight and/or inventiveness is just another case of cultural Marxist inspired “waiting for superman”, that is, waiting for a superman that doesn’t exist and will never arrive.

          • Morris LeChat

            Yes, I have said the same thing. They also do not have the spatial abilities that White Male Europeans do. This deficit is so marked that it is the butt of jokes. Spatial abilities determine a persons driving ability. There are tests to determine a persons spatial reasoning abilities. They consist of examples of flat cut out shapes with lines indicating where they will be folded.The multiple choice answers will give several options to choose from, one being the correct one. There are other, similar such mental tasks that are tested in these test. There are no “cultural” aspects to these tests at all. They measure nothing but ability. The strongest performers in this area are white males. They are way ahead of all other groups, including white females. The current 3D cad, autocad, and other 3D rendering programs are programs that perform the same function that some white males are able to do in their head without the programs.These programs could not have been conceived by someone who does not have the ability to think this way. This is why the overwhelming majority of inventions of machines as well as chemical processes are produce by white males. This form of “reasoning” leads to invention and innovation as well as understanding. This ability is absolutely CRUCIAL to invention and innovation for anything beyond the most rudimentary things. Asians may have the ability, but white males are much stronger than Asians in this respect. Africans could not even conceive of the wheel, but then neither did the South American Indians, and they are a branch of the Asian race.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            Would that mean White men shoot better than everyone else? I’ve heard a lot of ex-military say blacks can’t shoot, but I’ve never heard them mention the average shooting abilities of asians.

          • Morris LeChat

            I think precision would be the needed mental ability for marksmanship. There is an article which describes in detail how and why africans are not capable of precision, it does not even exist as a concept in any native african languages. They can say a coconut is “up” a tree, but they can’t say it is at the top, or half way up, or three quarters of the way up. That article originally appeared in a print version of Amren but it can be conveniently found here:


            No, I think Asians show they are quite capable of precision, very capable. They do not make iphones and apple computers in Africa after all, but they are made in China.

          • Morris LeChat

            If an African sharpshooter was atop a far high point and aiming at me, I might laugh. If the sharpshooter was Asian, I surely would take cover.

          • dogbone

            Some Asians are good at shooting, but most are not. It might have more to do with the fact that guns are allowed in white countries, but not so much in Asian countries. When I was in the Army, 80% of the top shooters were white males. There were a lot more brown people than Asians, so they had the next higher number, and those browns were mixed whites. There may have been a few Asians and 1 black who could shoot. When the targets got close, almost anyone could hit them. The top shooters could hit targets out to 300 meters every time. The idea is to be able to hit your enemy before he can hit you. Being a better shot at longer ranges means you have a better chance of staying alive. In close quarters, it doesn’t make that much difference. being in an urban environment doesn’t give long range shooters an advantage. In an urban environment luck plays as much of a part in survival as skill.

            P.S. Frosty the clay fighter was my favorite character. I wish I could play that game on my laptop.

          • Morris LeChat

            Maybe then, spacial reasoning abilities are necessary for excellence in marksmanship. Perhaps the ability to understand precision is not in itself enough.

          • concernedcollegekid

            “White Male Appreciation Day” is the most warranted holiday EVER that doesn’t actually exist. It should be, like, 364 days a year though. There can be one day a year devoted to everyone else. “All Races Besides White Plus White Women History Day”. Or maybe that day can just be on leap year February 29ths.

          • @BonusGift:disqus If yoυ think Beverly`s stοry is astοηisℎiηg…, last ρay ċheċk my brοther‘s girlfrieηd aċtυally earηed $7381 ρυttiηg iη 10 ℎουrs a week Ϝrοm ℎοme aηd tℎey’re rοοmate‘s mοm`s ηeigℎbουr was dοiηg tℎis Ϝοr seveη mοηtℎs aηd gοt οver $7381 ρart time Ϝrοm tℎeir laρtορ. tℎe iηstrυċtiοηs available οη tℎis ρage,

          • josh

            Theyre just a bunch of crooks. Thats how you survive in China. a land of crooks and bastards. Guys work like heck to start a business,like the oil they struck in one particular province. Once it stared making money the gubmint moved in and took it,supplying bribes all around to the local officials. The guys who started the business wound up in jail.Crooks and bastard. Now theyre here.But I’m sure they love America and will be wonderful citizens,just like the Chechens!!

      • Academics found to have published fraudulent “research” should be banned from academia. And considering most of them are probably receiving federal grants, they should be in prison, and when released, forced to repay the money.

        • Morris LeChat

          what would academia do without them?

          • Educate people!

          • Morris LeChat

            we don’t need academia for that

        • jambi19

          The university grant scam gives the politicians want they want. It reinforces (false) credibility. They fund research that likely will reinforce the agenda. Racism in education study? Well here is our 300$ billion dollar legislation to fix that. It isn’t just social research, but climate research, pollution etc.

      • Athling

        That is true and an interesting observation. Although East Asians, on average, score higher on IQ examinations, the application of world-changing intelligence is almost the exclusive domain of the white male. The Japanese, for example, have done many things in the area of electronics especially in the area of miniaturation but note that it was the white race that discovered and harnessed the power of electricity to begin with.

        Where is the Japanese version of Thomas Edison or the Chinese version of the Wright brothers? Where can I read about the Korean Isaac Newton?

        • Winston Merryweather

          I don’t expect we will have many more great thinkers. The diversity classroom in which white children are forced to learn at black and latino rates is not conducive to it. Then we also have the IQ-lowering effect of multiracial individuals with their muted natures. I don’t count on seeing another Mozart, Shakespeare, or Newton in the next two hundred years.

          • Bo_Sears

            To the contrary, we may expect a blossoming of original, innovative thought in the near future. The reason is that our young children & young adults by text and media are lied to and about until they are forced to concede defeat or to fight their way into respect for facts and honesty. As an older person, each time I have discovered some fabrication or deception, it has charged me up with new energy to look behind that tree or that rock to see what is what. Our adversaries are so blatant & leave so many footprints, that even the dullest among us will be forced to search the facts…and that will be fatal for the liars to us about us.

            We lose a lot of our peers who give up, but those of us who stay true to the search for facts will uncover vast treasures of philosophy, strategic insights, and tactics that resemble the thin edge of the wedge instead of the thick edge…and who discover our enemies are other diverse white Americans.

      • josh

        Just read an interesting article about how Iran is trading with China more. One Iranian is less than thrilled at the results,noting that much of what China produces is junk. A whole shipload of some material had to be rejected,and the QC they had to install in China led to long delays in shipping. Chinese make JUNK. Not everything is junk,not everything is fraud,but a hell of a lot IS.

        • Morris LeChat

          This is puzzling because Apple products are first rate. It seems China is a land where you have a billion people trying to get rich quick. The government businesses used to be notorious for producing slipshod products, and perhaps this is what Iran is getting. On the other hand, there are many companies in China producing horrible products and these are not government companies. The government is not capable of policing standards. There was a story of a baby that starved to death even though it’s parents were feeding it a type of meat filled bun bought from vendors in Peking. It turned out that the vendors were taking cardboard, soaking it in flavorings and using that as a substitute for the meat. Apple factories no doubt have very strict quality control standards .

          • Cranium Magnus

            Ever bought a pair of Chinese-made shoes? Nuff said.

          • MBlanc46

            There have been quality control scandals in the Chinese food industry–pet food and milk among other things. I imagine that Apple runs a pretty tight ship. Also, people buy Chinese things because they’re cheap, and you get what you pay for, if you’re lucky.

        • edie

          made in Japan used to be a junk label too

    • At risk for mental retardation? People believed this?

      A child is born intelligent, or it is not.

      • Morris LeChat

        Yes, and public schools exist for the purpose of HOLDING back white kids while trying to force blacks to perform better than their natural abilities allow. It takes a few weeks to a few years after people leave school but things soon sort themselves out.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          My experience in public schools was a nightmare. I was always struggling to stay awake while the teacher slowly explained simple concepts over and over again so diversity could comprehend them.

          • I struggled to stay awake at times a lot, but that was because school was so slow, boring, and uninteresting to me. I should have been somewhere where classes catered to me, but that would have been almost impossible, instead of people deemed to be almost like me by the administration.

          • edie

            I hear the State Penitentiary has some openings.

          • Morris LeChat

            Yes, I remember the days when the whole class revolved around the slow kids, and I was in an all white school. I would get in trouble for getting fed up with it and just yelling the correct answers to the idiot.

          • roger

            I feel fortunate to have gone through elementary school in the 50’s.

            we had 40+ kids in class and I don’t remember any misbehavior to speak of. I threw a pencil once and learned what the Spanish Inquisition was on the same day……. I never threw a pencil again…….

            and I knew my multiplication tables through the 12’s in 4th grade. we all did. And 13 is the square root of 169. I could tell you more but I suspect no one is reading this. Well, I’ll wander down the hall in a minute and tell Myrtle again. She can hear the same story every day and laugh her head off. Has for years.

          • dogbone

            “Bad_Mr_Frosty – My experience in public schools was a nightmare. I was always struggling to stay awake while the teacher slowly explained simple concepts over and over again so diversity could comprehend them.”

            That is why whites are always put on drugs. Sitting around waiting for someone else to catch up makes them antsy. They do not have ADHD, they are just bored silly. When I was a kid, the school wanted to put me on drugs, but my mom said no. I could never sit still. I always wanted to do something, and when I was doing something I wanted to finish it, but they would always interrupt me to do something else.

        • I went to an an elementary school that had one half black/jew. Junior high had two or three blacks, and two high yellow teachers that weren’t that bad, one sadly committed suicide later. High school might have been 5% black at the time, but is now 10%. I am told it is a craphole now.

          I had an incident once. Let’s just say I nipped it in the butt (to use a phrase) early, and no one ever bothered me again.

          • dogbone

            Our elementary and middle school had to import blacks because there wasn’t any in the area. They caused problems like all blacks, and us whites were to blame because we didn’t want to be around them. Actually none of the smart whites wanted to be around them. Dumb whites loved the dumb blacks.

        • concernedcollegekid

          “public schools exist for the purpose of HOLDING back white kids while trying to force blacks to perform better than their natural abilities allow”
          I was in public high school less than four years ago and my little brother is in it now, and I can confirm that this statement is not hyperbolic but literally true. I have not told my brother about this website but based on things he’s said to me about his experiences at school, I am about 99% sure he will find it himself.

          • edie

            could we hear some stories………..

            I do believe you…………. nothing about the public school system in america would surprise me….

  • Puggg
    • But Steve Sailer, another and a far more credible social scientist, covered it three days before.

      Rush’s coverage of this affair disappointed me. While I’m glad people are talking about it, Rush’s angle (as you can read at the link you provided) is that the fake race research in the Stapel Affair is a “side show” for the “real” scam, that is the scam of Glow-BULL (Not) Warming. Really, I think the race treachery is the most important element here, because of the gravity of the race issue. Because, we’ve had a lot more taken from us on account of fake race research to “support” egalitarian ends than we ever will with phony Glow-BULL (Not) Warming research “supporting” that contention ever will take from us.

      Remember, “science” is often a front for politics, which in turn is often a front for Who-Whom analyses.

      • brengunn

        It’s completely different. This was a lone professor falsifying evidence, who eventually became undone by the truth seekers in his own university. Global warming research is a worldwide affair with many unconnected scientists all coming to similar conclusions. It may be some kind of scientific mass hysteria but it’s highly unlikely to be.

        Say whatever you like, the Arctic and Antarctic poles are melting, weather patterns are becoming more unstable worldwide, pollution is having an ever more hazardous effect on the world and our populations keep climbing. Concluding that we have no negative effect on the world seems reactionary in the extreme. Not to mention extremely dangerous.

        • You forgot the world is going to end, women and children most affected.

          Did you know? There is a theory that the average temperature on Earth at one point during the reign of the dinosaurs was 95 F. I didn’t know T-Rex had SUVs and incandescent light bulbs. A better theory is that the Earth can change itself (with help from the constantly changing Sun) far more drastically than we can change it.

          And also, this isn’t the first time “science” has been faked up in pursuit of egalitarian ideology. Bobster above noted the Heber Affair/Milwaukee Project, and the “social science” cited in Brown v Board was demonstrated to be as clunky as an Edsel.

          • brengunn

            You forgot the world is going to end, women and children most affected.

            It’s not one of those situations at all. I don’t know why you think it is but it’s clearly clouding your judgement.

            And also, this isn’t the first time “science” has been faked up in pursuit of egalitarian ideology.

            Climate science and a belief in climate change is not egalitarian, it’s neither of the left or right, it merely is. Just because some conservatives are unwilling to believe it doesn’t make it ‘egalitarian’. Furthermore, many of the so called scientists that are denying man made global warming are either not qualified to make such assumptions or are self serving to their own vested interests.

            This is just another illustration how reactionaries are reactionaries across the board, even when there is a wealth of evidence for the opposite.

          • robinbishop34

            A Newsweek article, citing a National Academy of Sciences report, warned that climate change “would force economic and social adjustments on a worldwide scale.” Worse yet, “climatologists are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climatic change or even to allay its effects” (Levitt and Dubner)

            You have to look at this from a broader vantage point and not assume that most skeptics of global warming (it was global cooling about 30 years ago) want to dump toxins in Lake Michigan, they just understand it’s an attempted power and wealth grab.

          • brengunn

            Well, I don’t really understand your point. Are you suggesting that the world does nothing when faced with such a calamity?

            Even if we do have to change our lifestyles, there will be plenty of room for entrepreneurial spirit.

          • edie

            it’s a scam dude………… watch who’s pushing for it……….

            they want tax money to ‘fix’ it…………. it will never end

          • edie

            oh, by the way……….. I’ve lived a long time……… and 50-60 years ago……….. it would get god awful hot and humid in the summer and painfully cold and snowy in the winter and now and then tornado’s and hurricanes and blizzards would happen…………

            sound familiar?

            hide the decline!!

          • robinbishop34

            “Are you suggesting that the world does nothing when faced with such a calamity?”

            The problem is what has been determined to be the best way to ‘face this calamity,’ and it would appear to me that the solution is wealth transfer from the first world to the third world, with a lot of charlatan politicians getting uber rich in the process.

            “The United Nations want to organize a ‘wealth transfer’ program designed to take billions from the developed world and distribute it to underdeveloped nations as ‘compensation’ for their contribution to the questionable rise in the earth’s temperature by 0.6 degrees over the last century.”

            – Watson, Joseph. Buchanan: Climate Bill is Transfer of Wealth to World Government. PrisonPlanet. PrisonPlanet, n.d. Web. 29 July. 2011

          • edie

            University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit
            hide the decline………. site below


          • Morris LeChat


          • Bill

            Oh grow up. Nobody is saying climate change DOES NOT happen. It has happened a LOT during the lifetime of the earth. What rational people are saying is that MAN can do nothing about it in an appreciable way, that the forces which cause change in climate are far beyond man’s ability to do anything about it. That is, unless you have figured out how to put a rheostat on the Sun? Or affect the wobbling of the earth? Or the variations in orbit around the Sun? What sentient beings say is that yes, climate change happens just as nutballs sometimes commit horrible crimes, but the LIBERALS use every such thing to further their agendas, and cook the books as to “statistics” to “prove” their treasons toward a free and thinking mankind.

          • edie

            I’m saying lieberals and other government agencies push the global weather bs to get more taxes, grants, whatevers to keep their scam alive……..sort of like civil rights……….what a lucrative scam that turned out to be……….

            a schmuck like barry soetoro can live like a king and have an adoring audience for ………………….just being schmuck that can read a telepromter and laugh on cue

          • edie

            oh, and keep a straight face when he needs to………

            sometimes at least

          • JohnEngelman

            A high average temperature for the age of dinosaurs strengthens the theory that the consumption of fossil fuels promotes global warming.

            Since the evolution of chlorophyll green plants have removed carbon from the atmosphere by photosynthesis. This carbon was added to the plants. Carbon is the building block of all life. When plants die most decay and the carbon is readmitted to the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide.

            However, where there is heavy plant life dead plants are covered by other dead plants before they can decay completely. Over a period of many millions of years this undecayed plant life is transformed into coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

            This caused the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere to decline. This in turn caused the world’s atmosphere to decline. There have been fluctuations caused by other factors than the percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but the general trend over tens of millions of years has been toward lower temperatures.

            By consuming fossil fuels we are reversing the global cooling trend of tens of millions of years during several centuries.

          • edie

            Thus speaketh johnengleman……………

            the future of the past———- thy name is bullshit

          • Nope, no green plants in the age of the dinosaurs ….

          • josh

            Theyre working on ways to get the carbon out of the atmosphere! My dream is a car that sucks in air,removes the carbon,uses it to fuel the engine and then expels the “clean” air out the exhaust!!

          • JohnEngelman

            Energy is released when carbon is combined with oxygen. Energy is required to separate carbon from oxygen.

          • edie

            the horror

          • edie

            I hear there is a group of kindergarteners down the street…..

            they’ve never seen that algore movie about the horror of it all

            maybe you could go convince them?

          • GM (Australia)

            I think the correct quote is “Women & minorities affected most” and the grand corollary is “we need more (white) tax dollars to spend to fix it”.

            For the most part this will involve various green groups travelling the world in jet planes and staying at air-conditioned luxury resort hotels, holding conferences and coming to the general conclusion that we must close down the industrialized world and tax any white person who actually works for a living.

          • My sister told me last week that 75 watt incandescents are being taken off the market. We are all going to be sitting around in the dark soon, or have lighting systems that mimic what would be in a “Showgirls” dressing room.

            This Glow-BULL (Not) Warming b.s. has to end soon. Anybody ever seen a picture of Pittsburgh in the 50s? When I was a kid the air pollution index was regularly above 100 in the summer, now 50 is considered high.

            Meanwhile we have idiots getting tax breaks to drive around in battery powered bombs that will do more damage to the environment when improperly disposed of than any gas-guzzler.

        • edie

          whoa there tiger……….. what about the fraud at Penn state U?

          and the place in England…….. help me out posters………

          there is lots of documented fraud in global …… whatever……

          who can forget…………………”Hide the decline” ?

          • edie

            found it:

            University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit–massive fraud———-

            exposed via emails and confessions

            hide the decline

            (google the song, hide the decline)

        • jambi19

          Do you stand at traffic intersections with a sign reading “Armageddon” as a day job by any chance? That is how absurd you sound. How much oil is left in the ground? How many whales are left in the ocean?

        • KevinPhillipsBong

          Antarctic sea ice hit a record 7.51 million square miles in September 2012. The Antarctic pole cap is not only not shrinking, its bigger than its ever been.

          • The only hitch is that while the total surface area of the ice is at a record, the ice itself is less thick, so it’s probably either a wash or there might actually be less overall glacial ice. Even so, it’s far more likely a result of some natural process rather than our light bulbs and cars.

          • edie

            have you been down to the Antartic to see this or do you merely listen to the nearest prof?

          • Defoe

            Vikings were raising sheep in Greenland in 1000 A.D.

            The precession of the earth resulted in Egypt having a temperate climate 12 to 20 thousand years ago.

            Given the depths at which oil is found, I seriously doubt that it is created by rotting vegetation.

            To think that man-made phenomena cause climate change on a global scale is proof that “people will believe anything”.

            The politicization of science is a dangerous thing.

      • a multiracial individual

        People that tend to doubt the existence of climate change are usually not scientists. This means that they are making one of the following propositions:

        1. They (the lay-man doubter) is arguing that he/she knows more about environmental science than the vast majority of environmental scientists, and that they are are incorrect in their analysis of the data.

        2. They (the lay-man doubter) think that all of these scientists throughout the world are engaged in some kind of global conspiracy to deceive us (for some unspecified end).

        3. Both 1 and 2.

        Occam would not be proud.

        • edie

          The specified end would be loads of TAX and GRANT MONIES flowing to the ‘saviors’ that rescue us from global…………………… whatever

          such feeble attempts you make

          • Why work for that grant money when you don’t have to ….

          • edie

            sure, just make the sheeple pay tax for global……………. whatever

        • a White individual

          A “multiracial individual” affirming the existence of “climate change” on a pro-White website…makes perfect sense !

          • Morris LeChat

            ignore it, it also thinks there is such a thing as “marriage eeeeeeerquuuuaaaaaalllllllllliiiiiiittttttyyyyyyyyy” as in gays should be able to marry.

          • GM (Australia)

            Good one Morris, you have really reminded us of the totally absurdity of the whole political scene as it is happening now. We have the push for homosexual marriage here too,also a major news item here tonight was some USA basketball player declaring himself openly homosexual. Yes the media certainly reports the important news.

            Note, I misspelled “basket ball” and spell check came up with “Sleazeball”! (try it)

          • Morris LeChat

            he was a nothing of a basketball player who is thinking about book and movie deals.

          • a multiracial individual

            Climate change is not a racial issue. I find it very strange that some people feel a need to wed non-racial issues to racial interests. Also, do you have another moniker in which to contribute comments of substance?

          • Morris LeChat

            the lack of intelligence that allows someone to believe in man made climate change seems to be a racial issue on this site as you are pretty much the only one who is trying to sell that rotten fish.

          • a multiracial individual

            The popularity of a position in a particular setting means nothing. If this were some Christian fundamentalist website, you might think I was being the village idiot by peddling my “liberal garbage” known as the theory of natural selection. Everyone else would think it is perfectly rational to believe that human beings were fashioned out of dirt and divine breath.

          • David Ashton

            Christian fundamentalists, who also think the now existing human population all descended from one tiny family who came out of an ark, must surely admit to some evolution during the past few thousand years!

          • Morris LeChat

            I know “maff” be hard, but let me try again. You, a self proclaimed “mixed race ” individual, is the only one peddling that rotten fish. Therefore, on this site, it is a racial issue.

          • edie

            of course not, saving the world is….with taxpayer money.

            remember: it takes a village (and their money)

            but I am grateful for your post since I hadn’t heard the song in years until yesterday…………


            makin’ up data the old, hard way……
            fudgin’ the numbers day by day…..

        • You know, you really are an idiot. And it is getting very annoying reading your garbage.

          And by the way:

          1. They (the lay-man doubter) is arguing ….

          Should be:

          1. They (the lay-man doubter) are arguing ….

          They is plural. You got it right in number 2. Congrats.

          But layman is one word.

          • a multiracial individual

            I apologize for spelling layman wrong (and my sloppy typing in 1). Of course, my spelling is not beyond redemption. I can spell words like, “ad hominem” and “non sequitur” just fine. Are you proud of me? I was led to believe that you are somewhat of a scholar (especially regarding economic issues). I find it strange that someone of your alleged level of sophistication would post a hostile message that contained nothing more than juvenile insults. I thought Engelman was exaggerating when he claimed that many people here are prone to mudslinging. While I still largely disagree with him, I can see that his claim is not entirely without merit. Curious.

          • I can spell words like, “ad hominem” and “non sequitur” just fine.

            Am I supposed to be impressed?

          • a multiracial individual

            That went over your head. My apologies. My brand of humor is not always clear. Much to my disappointment, you are a mudslinger. It is one thing to hurl ad hominem insults toward a person, A-N-D address the validity (or lack thereof) of their claim(s). It is quite another to hurl personal and irrelevant insults toward a person and fail to even address their arguments. Sadly, in this instance, you are guilty of the latter. I have read many of your comments, and boorish behavior of this kind is beneath you. Be well.

          • Morris LeChat

            when are you and your white boyfriend going to get married? It seems you wished you had some more white in you.

          • a multiracial individual


          • Morris LeChat

            ahhh, no denial?

          • a multiracial individual

            I did not want to belabor this fact in front of the others (since it might create hostility for obvious reasons), but my girlfriend of six years is a White woman. Sorry, not gay.

          • Morris LeChat

            6 years? you’re not getting married.

          • Defoe

            You and Engelman make a matched set.

            One man’s “mudslinging” is another man’s derision. Pseudo-intellectualism is utterly transparent.

          • a multiracial indiVidual

            It’s not “mudslinging” if there is an argument in the statement. There was essentially no argument in the statements above. Unless calling someone a moron, and a homosexual, sounds like a reasonable argument to you. To many people these are childish non sequiturs.

          • edie

            hide the decline

        • Jim G

          Climate Change, formerly Global Warming, has far too many
          con men behind it. Bill Clinton is never involved in anything honest. Al Gore is another person an honest man wants nothing to do with.

          “engaged in some kind of global conspiracy to deceive us
          (for some unspecified end).”

          Are you daft, for some unspecified end indeed? The very specified end of the Climate Change / Global Warming scam is the payoff of hundreds of billons of dollars.

          • a multiracial individual

            The fact that there many be charlatans involved in climate science in no way undermines the validity of the theories.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            We simply do not have enough data to call these theories valid. There are too many variables and the data samples are too small. It is possible that the biosphere is extremely robust and easily able to absorb the CO2 released by mankind. It is also possible that man-made emissions are having an impact, but we simply do not have the data to make any firm conclusions

          • edie

            hide the decline

          • Defoe

            The best theories, by definition, are predictive.

            Climate change theory has made no predictions that have proven correct.

        • shmo123

          It’s interesting that “global warming” has morphed into “climate change”, but there’s still no concrete, empirical evidence that Co2 causes either. Even if it were true, to even begin to change it, you’d have to get India and China to completely alter their dependence on coal, and there’s not a snowballs chance in hell that will happen.

        • Defoe

          True enough that Occam would not be proud…he would not be proud of the hare-brained ideas proffered by the “climate change” crowd. As I recall, goo William stipulated that no more assumptions should be made than are necessary to explain something.

          If in fact the earth is warming (which is not proven, by the way), the easiest explanation is that the Sun is varying its output. The next easiest explanation is that of earth precession.

          He would certainly not be proud of the ridiculous ideas spewed forth by junk science and political hacks.

        • Defoe

          Few people I know doubt the “existence of climate change”. The causes of climate change is the question. Is human activity causing climate change. Human activity can certainly, and does, change micro-climates, but global climate change, I think not. There are much more plausible explanations for global climate change.

      • Morris LeChat

        Rush Limbaugh and other such conservatives are intolerable to me in that they will never admit that aborting a black baby is GOOD for this country and that most abortions are of black babies. His type of conservative has a profound disconnect between the regular people who , once they hear that abortions are disproportionately higher for blacks, desperately want to keep abortion legal.

        • Howard W. Campbell

          A “kinder and gentler” way to deal with the abortion problem is to pay the money up front. i.e. give Shaniqua a brand new Escalade or some sort of bling when she turns 16 or 18 (with no kids) and has her tubes tied (or better, ovaries removed). We don’t need the outdated farm equipment that tends to start spring from Shaniqua around this age. Over the long haul, the 60K up front will more than pay for itself when there aren’t future welfare, education, and prison costs.

          • Morris LeChat

            Escalade????!!! Dude, she will do it for a pair of sneakers! The holdouts may demand a sail foam or even a flat screen tv, but it is still a lot cheaper than raising the child on welfare and then incarcerating it after it kills a few white people.

          • edie

            a hit off the meth pipe

          • Morris LeChat

            exactly, even for a bag of chips

        • JohnEngelman

          In “Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything.” Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner argue that the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 is the main reason for the decline in the rate of violent crime since 1991. They argue that the same kind of females who are most likely to have abortions are most likely to give birth to boy babies who are likely to grow up to become violent street criminals.

          They are unmarried, poorly educated, unemployed, unemployable, and they have low IQs. They are also likely to be black, but the authors of Freakonomics assumed their readers would conclude that from the descriptions they listed.

          • Morris LeChat

            john, you’ve said in other posts that race is not important, don’t try to sidle up to us.

          • JohnEngelman

            When did I say that? On many occasions I have said that the races differ significantly in average intelligence, and rates of crime and illegitimacy, and that these differences are largely genetic.

            On nearly as many occasions I have favorably quoted Professor J. Philippe Rushton, who wrote in “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR,”

            “For the past twenty years I have studied race differences in brain size, intelligence, sexuality, personalty, growth rate, Life span, crime, and family stability On all of these traits. Orientals fall at one end of the spectrum. Blacks fall at the other end, and Whites fall in between.”


            I have also pointed out that Professor Rushton spoke at six American Renaissance conferences.

          • a White individual

            As usual you keep preaching about mongoloids, all while using the WHITE language, electric power, computer and Internet in a world completely dominated by White education, science, technology, medicine, arts, literature, economic systems and military.

            The mentioned selective traits from Rushton don’t even begin to define the human condition, pal, and you really ought to go outside in the REAL world for a change…

          • Morris LeChat

            he can’t, the natives where he lives will jack him for his bling

          • JohnEngelman

            You ought to visit a few of the leading universities and corporations in the United States and take note of all the Orientals and Jews that are there. They do not get there because of affirmative action policies. They get there because of industrial strength IQ power.

          • Morris LeChat

            You should drive around this country and see all the white guys with their pickup trucks doing contract work, having a wife, kids and home way before they hit thirty.

          • a multiracial individual

            You are correct that many blue collar workers enjoy career success at an earlier age. Most professionals (doctors, lawyers, professors, etc.) have hardly earned a dime by the time they are 30. Of these two examples, who has accumulated more career earnings by the age of 50-60?

          • Morris LeChat

            so you plan to start living at 50 or 60? That’s funny. Do you think the Engleman model is a good one to live by? He has stated in a post that he was at Harvard in the 70’s and heard someone speaking. He has stated in other posts that he is living in a ghetto because he is working on a PHD. I’ll be generous and help you with the “maff”. Let’s say it was 78, let’s say he was 20, so, in 2008, he is 30 hears older. That was five years ago. SO he is ready to retire and he is supposed to jut now be hitting his peak in income?
            Of course, some make more earlier, but they have only one or two children, that are spoiled rotten and end up gay or on drugs or just a total waste of a life being a dilettante. This is the white America that is dying out. These are the “Parsees” of America.

          • Defoe

            Is money your measure of the man?

          • a multiracial individual

            I am not saying that white collar workers are “better” than blue collar workers. However, Mr. LeChat appears to be arguing that the reverse is true.

          • Defoe

            Yes, and lots of those Whites driving pick-up trucks and holding things together with their “trades”, are there because affirmative action kept them out of the universities of their choice and because of other government policies which favor so-called minorities.

            Whites are the world-wide minority.

          • Morris LeChat

            Look, There are people who are smart, and there are people who are educated, and there are people who are intelligent (smart and educated). These guys making money in the trades have natural intelligence. If they had gone onto higher education, they would not necessarily be educated these days, they would have been damaged and programmed. They are better off being tradesmen. They are free, freethinkers, independent, they have a house and kids by the time they are thirty, they aren’t anywhere near as deep in debt as college educated kids are. They are REAL men, the college educated ones , often times, but not always, have been damaged and weakened and brainwashed, they are metrosexual pod people.

          • Defoe

            Look, I have nothing but respect for the trades; tradesmen are the ones holding things together, literally.

            My point, which I made poorly apparently, is that affirmative action, and other government policies, discriminate against Whites (duh!!), and very likely have kept Whites from positions which they probably deserved more than the minority who got those positions. That those Whites may be better off for it in the long run, may also be true.

          • Morris LeChat

            Oh, I agree with you, My tone was a bit off. I was saying that I think it actually benefits them to not end up being a college casualty. There are those studies that say college grads make more, but that used to reflect motivation more than it did the education and intelligence. It used to be that only the most motivated would do the work in colleges. Today there is a phenomenon where colleges reward unmotivated people who do nonsense work but repeat the approved dogma, Many young white males today are smart enough to see that game for what it is and CHOOSE to not go to college. That is right, it is not just discrimination, many white males are CHOOSING to avoid the whole bunch of nonsense known as “higher education”

          • Defoe

            We apparently agree about modern college “education”. In my opinion, except for the hard sciences, a modern college “education” most assuredly is not.

          • a multiracial individual

            Don’t get me wrong. I have met some blue collar workers that were willing to discuss: science, economic theory, history, etc. However, they were usually the minority. Most workers (blue and white collar) discuss garbage like celebrity gossip and sports. After work are most of these tradesmen reading a book, or are they having a cold beer? I hope it’s both.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            Most people here recognize that IQ is important, but it is not everything. Logically, given the high concentrations of high-IQ individuals, Israel and China should be churning out world-changing innovations by the hundreds. This is not happening. The last few great innovations (computer, internet, cell-phone) were invented by Whites.

            Israel can’t even build a missile-defense system without White Americans designing and paying for it. China would still be using 1950’s technology if it weren’t for their espionage network.

          • edie

            nobody is constantly tearing down the orientals and jews the way

            they are straight white men

          • David Ashton

            By the “importance of race” I suspect your critic referred to the non-importance, to you, of the survival and progress of “our” White Gentile “race” . The IQ of racial groups overlap; they do not exist in an absolute hierarchy of distinctive strata.

            However, I would summarize your major contributions to this site as:
            1. The Jews are racially superior to everyone else on the planet.
            2. The Jews have an exclusive historic claim to a large area of the (Arab) Middle East.
            3. White Gentiles have no similar claim to any areas of North America.
            4. The replacement of Western world leadership by China is probably inevitable and beneficial, since the Chinese of both genders are cleverer and more law-abiding than white people, and their women are better looking, though hopefully they will not harm lovable Israel.
            5. Race crossing between whites and other races is inevitable, unstoppable, and desirable.
            6. US Marxist-Leninists were harmless and lovable, and Cultural Marxists have never existed.
            7. Obama was worth voting for, but has proved a bit disappointing.
            8. Violent criminals should be imprisoned for life and beaten if they do not work hard enough.
            9. You would like to live permanently in China, Vietnam or Israel.
            10. The Bible is worth reading from beginning to end many times.

            Is an American RENAISSANCE site really an appropriate place for these continually reiterated assertions?

          • JohnEngelman

            Some of that is an exaggeration of my opinions, but it comes reasonably close.

            In answer to this question, “Is an American RENAISSANCE site really an appropriate place for these continually reiterated assertions?”

            I will respond with this, which is posted at the top of every page here, “We welcome comments that add information or perspective, and we encourage polite debate,”

            and this, by Thomas Jefferson, “There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

            It gets tiresome for me to keep pointing this out, but when I explain my admiration for Jews and Orientals I find it easy to quote material I have found here.

          • David Ashton

            You don’t engage in debate, so much as constantly repeat your opening remarks, using the site-entry ticket of JT’s and JPR’s – by no means totally unarguable – comments on East Asian aptitudes and behavior.

            You don’t want/care about/believe in a white American renaissance, and the “whole world” may not wish to “know” what you mistakenly insist is the eternal Truth.

            If commenting is tiresome for you, it rarely “adds” fresh or interesting information for the rest of us.

          • JohnEngelman

            If one feels something strongly it is easy to overestimate the number of people who feel the same way, and it is easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion.

            Posters on this website occasionally express incredulity about changes that are happening in the United States and Europe. If they keep talking to others who agree with them they will never understand.

            I am closer to the American consensus than most posters here. If they cannot convince me, they cannot convince the majority, and they cannot effect political change.

            In this video


            Jared Taylor says, “Most people prefer the company of people like themselves.”

            I agree. I prefer the company of those who are intelligent, widely read, and well informed. I have found them in every race. I am not indifferent to race because I associate blacks with violent street crime. Nevertheless, I would rather spend time with an erudite, civilized black person than with a white person who was not that way.

          • JohnEngelman

            You don’t engage in debate, so much as constantly repeat your opening remarks.

            – David Ashton

            You are not engaging in a debate with me. You are disputing my right to post here.

          • Defoe

            I haven’t seen where anyone has “disputed” your right to post here. What many have done is wonder why you do post here since so many of your positions are contrary to the reason for this site. They wonder why you continue to flail us with your adoration for other races.

          • JohnEngelman

            I have enjoyed political arguments ever since I advocated the integration of Westlawn Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia as a child. Over the years my enthusiasm for the civil rights movement has faded, but not my love for political arguments.

            I adore Orientals because I admire people who are intelligent, law abiding, and sexually responsible. In addition, I have had many Oriental friends.

          • indoctrination_FAIL

            Mr. Engelman: you said “I have enjoyed political arguments ever since I advocated the integration of Westlawn Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia as a child.”

            –and since you, uh, “wised up”, have you felt–let alone expressed–remorse, for advocating the “integration” of that school and the consequent damage to the learning and social environment of its white pupils?

            My famously brilliant HS German teacher liked to remind us “jung sein heiss dumm sein” (my translation: “To be young means to be stupid.” It excuses a lot, if one honestly owns it. Do you? (The answer is either “yes” or “no”.)

            It’s a question of character, I think. And it is not rhetorical.

          • David Ashton

            You have simply not got to grips with several arguments and references I and others have provided that go contrary to your “truth”. You keep on with your “vain repetitions”. It gets more like an ego-trip and when others demur you claim that they are censors.

          • JohnEngelman

            The “vain repetitions” are arguments that are thrown at me. These arguments are more frequently insults than debatable points. They consist of posters saying that only whites belong in the United States, that I do not belong on this website, that cultural Marxists are a gruesome threat, that whites are in danger of genocide, and race displacement, and so on.

            Posters tell me, “I don’t care how intelligent Orientals and Jews are. I want the United States to be a country where whites can thrive and prosper.” Those who want to live in that country need a time machine.

            The problem whites of average intelligence face in the United States is not race displacement, genocide, or the machinations of cultural Marxists. The problem is an economy that increasingly rewards superior intelligence while punishing its absence. I am not celebrating that or gloating about it. I am simply pointing it out.

          • Defoe

            I don’t consider quoting from Wikipedia and the 10,000 Year Leap to be arguing or debating. To truly debate/argue, you will need to greatly expand your “flash card” stash. To this point, I count 13 flash card responses give or take a couple.

            Additionally, you never concede even though you have been utterly destroyed many times here. You simply drop the discussion. Un-cool Mr. Engelman.

          • JohnEngelman

            When have I ever been “destroyed” here? Post the web address, and quote the destruction. Just because some posters here do not like my conclusions does not mean that they have been arrived at through faulty premises and fallacious reasoning.

          • Defoe

            I certainly will not quote “chapter and verse”. You know very well that your tactic is to drop the conversation and to not try to refute the facts when someone “bests” you. It happens regularly.

            I have never asserted that you have expressed your hatred of Whites.

            I agree that your “conclusions are not arrived at by faulty premises and fallacious reasoning since they are not your own; you are what is described as an “instant expert”. The instant you find an answer on Wikipedia, you are the expert.

          • JohnEngelman

            I substantiate my factual assertions on this website less frequently with links to Wikipedia than with links to

            “The Color of Crime,” by Jared Taylor

            “Paved with Good Intentions,” by Jared Taylor

            and “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR,” by Professor J. Philippe Rushton, who spoke at six American Renaissance Conferences

            I also like to quote articles I have found on this website. These include “A Conversation with Arthur Jensen,”

            “Jared Taylor Interview,”

            “Asians Lead U.S. in College Degrees: Census,”

            “Why are Jews so successful?”

            and “Some Asians’ College Strategy: Don’t Check ‘Asian’”

          • Defoe

            Thanks for making my point; debate/argument consists of much, much more than “quoting from someone else’s work”. Anyone can do that. Fewer can think for themselves.

          • JohnEngelman

            I use the internet to substantiate factual assertions made in my own arguments. It is easy for me to substantiate my assertions that Orientals have higher average IQs and lower rates of crime and illegitimacy than whites. However, when I substantiate my assertions with articles found on this website and those written by Jared Taylor and Professor Rushton, they should have more credibility with AR post ers than articles found on The New York Times.

            I admire Orientals because of what I read about them, and because of positive experiences I have had with them in my life.

          • Morris LeChat

            I suspect john is in reality a chinese individual who is paid to be on sites and to demoralize people. The moderators claim he adds to the discussion, and he forwards stories to them. I disagree, the stories he forwards are nothing but stories that first appear on other sites such as and He has stated several things about himself that don’t add up. One month he is Jewish, another month english. He was at harvard in the 70’s but he is working on a PHD today. To me it all adds up to the fact that this is an individual that is paid by the Chinese government to sow fatalism and demoralization, which he does with abundance. His whole method of debate is strictly a communist dialectic, right out of the playbook. I stopped donating money to this site and will not donate any more as long as he remains. He is nothing but a chinese operative.

          • edie

            john has become quite the sidler, among other things…

            I like irrelevant the best

          • JohnEngelman

            When have I ever said that race is unimportant? On many occasions I have quoted this with complete agreement: “For the past twenty years I have studied race differences in brain size, intelligence, sexuality, personalty, growth rate, life span, crime, and family stability. On all of these traits. Orientals fall at one end of the spectrum. Blacks fall at the other end, and Whites fall in between.”

          • Jane Johnson

            Love those guys, John. They were talking about the generation of “urban superpredators” that never happened because of Roe v. Wade.

        • edie

          you can’t say on the radio, everything that you might want to post on the internet….

          he’s out there using his own name, in front of the whole world.

          how would you do what he does, differently? and survive?

      • Room101

        If I read you right, what I think you mean by Who-Whom is cui bono?

        The principle that Governments spend not for economic benefits allegedly benefiting the public good except in extreme wartime (which MUST be on a trigger-finger), but government wastes trillions for political considerations.

        Nothing new.

        • Cui Bono?…Latin for “Who Benefits?”

          And you are correct. Any given political ideology or plank or worldview is best understood not in the logic and reason and facts of the abstraction at hand, but of the Who-Whom/Cui Bono factor: Who is screwing whom (as Lenin said), and who benefits?

          Take this story for example. Why did Dr. Stapel fake a bunch of research “proving” a left-egalitarian point of view? The reason is that powerful people become either more prosperous and/or more powerful through the ideology of left-egalitarianism, and people those powerful people despise are hurt by it. Left-egalitarian ideology makes no sense from the facts/logic/reason/evidence standard, but it makes perfect sense to the people who benefit from it.

          • Room101

            Now that there’s fake documentation of “racism”, the government is going to hire this fraud, eventually.

            American terrorist hippies from the 60s-70s are now full professors making a very comfortable living teaching the taxpayers’ kids to hate on the taxpayers dime.

            All government really does is incite hate.

            As another guy said, the kids don’t throw rocks at the school windows because they hate school, but because the government school hates them.

    • IstvanIN

      He is still a nit-wit. I heard him say that we didn’t need government environmental protection because business men would never pollute water because they have families. That so what if our farms went under because farmers in other nations were more efficient, we could just import our food. And that we didn’t need public water and sewers works in our cities because landlords would provide clean water and sewage disposal. Sometimes I wonder if he even believes himself.

  • brengunn

    Several times in our conversation, Stapel alluded to having a fuzzy, postmodernist relationship with the truth

    I have no idea what a post modern approach to the truth is nor why it would be any different to any other era’s attitude to the truth. The man was a liar, was a liar, was a liar. That’s all there is to it.

    AR’s headline is disingenuous here. Yes, he lied in his race survey, he also lied in all his other surveys, too. This is really an indictment of the method rather than the subject.

    • Dr. X

      Well, the postmodern question is quite importnt, and it explains a lot about the decline of contemporary Western civilization, so you should understand it. “Postmodernity” is, literally, “after modernity.” What, then is modernity? Modernity involves the application of the Scientific Method to the problems of Man. The Scientific Method requires dispassionate analysis and empirical proofs of one’s hypothesis. This “approach to the truth” was very different than in the pre-Enlightenment era, in which superstition and/or faith were emphasized. The fruit of Modernity and the Scientific Method was the Industrial Revolution, which so profoundly altered man’s relationship with Nature that Man now lives in an Artificial Reality of his own making. Modern medicine, transportation, communication, economic wealth, entertainment, leisure etc. would have been unthinkable even for kings a mere 200 years ago. Today we take all of this for granted. In sum, we live in a bubble in which we are so detached from reality that “reality” is no longer “real.” Truth is not imposed upon us by nature any more; truth in the Postmodern Era becomes relative to our own desires, fantasies, and wishes. The entire race question must be understood in this context. 200 years ago, objective and dispassionate whites universally regarded Africans as obviously different and inferior. Today whites universally worship the “Diversity Cult” fantasy precisely because they are so insulated from the true reality that our colonial forefathers encountered. In the postmodern era, truth is in the mind of the beholder.

      • brengunn

        Interesting. But I still fail to see why post modernism should change our perception of truth. A truth is a truth, it will always be revealed even if a society doesn’t want it to be revealed.

        Food for thought, though.

        • Room101

          I think what Dr. X was driving at is that what ‘post-modernity’ really means to the theoreticians, sociologists, etc in their ivory towers is ‘after Truth’. Post-modernists believe that all that came and was taught before is to be swept away and not to be sought.
          The post-modernists of today arrogate to themselves as the skinny saggy weak shoulders the future shall try to stand upon.

          • edie

            your as bad as the so called post modernists

            malarky………. brengunn is right……… it’s either lies or it isn’t.

          • edie

            you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re

          • Room101

            Only “racists” correct their own spelling, you’re a good sport.
            Certain things are right, or they aren’t.

          • edie

            I feel vindicated, my historical hero, Lew Wetzel was a racist.

            not that he left many, in his wake, to argue.
            but he sure was a problem solver

            kind of a cross between Batman and Atilla the hun

        • MBlanc46

          It’s not just postmodernism. Questions about establishing the truth go back to the Greeks. Protagoras, in Plato’s dialogue by that name, propounds a view not unlike that of the postmodernists. Socrates shows that there are logical problems in asserting Protagoras’ doctrine, but he doesn’t (or can’t) positively refute it. In the Theaetetus, Plato takes a more positive attempt at defining truth, but at the end, fails. This is a good part of the history of philosophy. No one has ever given a satisfactory account. The postmodernists are pretty good at demolishing other accounts, but they don’t subject their own account to their own critique.

          • Morris LeChat

            Two plus two equals four, I know this because I can see it is so. When one needs to go through pages of philosophy and arguments then one is lost. God gives us common sense and the ability to see truth. It is that simple. Stealing is wrong, not because the bible tells us so, but because we know it is so. Those of us who have a connection to God know truth, we do not need printed pages and arguments. Lawyers will take one on so many twists and turns and ups and downs that some will accept that the Boston bombers were the victims and deserve charity and even hero status. Lawyers have perverted our society on so many levels with their “pursuit” of what is “just”. In the end though, God, and truth remain. Too much learning is a weariness of the soul. One either can see what is true or one is lost. Movies and television shows have been made on this very premise, the country folk without education innocently proclaiming things that are true but that the other characters have been blind to. The story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is the same plot line. The person uncorrupted by learning and popular sentiment sees the truth, and the simple utterance of it makes the whole house of cards crumble. How do yo know something is true? WEll perhaps by the power of the reaction it gets.

          • MBlanc46

            2+2=4 when you accept the postulates of arithmetic. Every truth claim has presuppositions, often implicit and unexamined. Common sense doesn’t get you very far, because there are dozens of them, depending where and when you are. Practical life requires that at some point we make a choice of where to stand, but it’s always a choice. You can choose to make it god, but not only will you have to make a choice of which god, but a growing number of people will deny that god exists. Positing a foundationalist epistemology doesn’t resolve anything, it only pushes the argument back a step and diverts one from the real argument. Much better to counter postmodernists/poststructuralists on factual grounds than on philosophical grounds, on which they actually have a case.

          • Morris LeChat

            thank you for making my point, you are lost. Those who worship intellect have made an idol of their own selves.

          • MBlanc46

            I don’t worship intellect. I just try to make proper use of it. It does quite a good job of helping me keep from getting lost.

          • Morris LeChat

            if you doubt that two plus two equals four, then it isn’t working.

          • MBlanc46

            Apparently you did not read carefully what I said.

          • edie

            why not call it pre-modernism

            this must be the dark ages

      • Room101

        If ‘post-modernity’ is the consensus of what’s “good” in academia, then government and media shall apply enough shouting and coercion to force their subjects into poverty and primitivity.

        • edie

          in many ways, I will welcome primitivity, as long as it isn’t crowded.

      • Jane Johnson

        Sounds like sophistry to me. There is no objective truth, only relativism. While it is definitely not progress, it IS progressivism in a nutshell.

        • Defoe

          I’ll second that! Or pedantry?

  • sbuffalonative

    The experiment—and others like it—didn’t give Stapel the desired results, he said.”

    Sort of like polls. If you don’t like the results, re-frame the question until you get the results you want.

    “Progressive” making-up agenda-driven ‘research’? Is anyone shocked?

    • edie

      what’s amazing is that is has been allowed to continue for so long………….

      in meteorology, psychology, sociology, you name it………….. anything this side of mathematics……….. if you doubt just have a conversation with some leftists…….

      up is down, green is red, back is front……………..

      and now we have financial system ready to crumble, an education system in tatters, a judicial system full of racism and extremism, on and on and on………….

      heaven forbid that we discuss it openly……….. the gulags beckon

      • Room101

        I think what we’re all seeing right now and have been for quite some time, including the billions who don’t yet read AmRen, is applied-post-modernity.

        • edie

          call it gobbledy-gook, (my vote, not that it’s counted)

          call it drivel

          call it gospel

          like hilary says, “what difference does it make”?

    • JohnEngelman

      Do not assume that conservative pollsters are innocent of that tendency.


      The New York Times November 4, 2010

      On Tuesday, polls conducted by the firm Rasmussen Reports — which released more than 100 surveys in the final three weeks of the campaign, including some commissioned under a subsidiary on behalf of Fox News — badly missed the margin in many states, and also exhibited a considerable bias toward Republican candidates.

  • bigone4u

    There was a common saying when I was an economics professor, “Torture the data until it tells you what you want to hear.” Marxist and Cultural Marxist professors (which most economists are not), as well as the overly ambitious ones, are often suspect. In my personal experience, probably half the academic research in Cultural Marxist fields is fraudulent and the administrators know it, but encourage it and reward it highly. The higher education bubble will burst soon and my fondest wish is to see some of my former colleagues panhandling on the street, or better yet serving time in prison for fraud. The ex-professor in this story should be in prison.

    • JohnEngelman

      Economists are not able to prove their theories with controlled, repeatable experiments the way chemists and physicists are. We cannot go back in time, choose a different economic policy, and measure different results.

      Causal relationships are difficult to prove in history because many factors contribute to a single significant event. The natural temptation is to credit what is universally welcomed on behalf of politicians and policies we happen to like, and to blame what is universally deplored on politicians and policies we dislike for reasons that have nothing to do with what is universally welcomed or deplored.

      • edie

        thus speaketh johnengleman………

        you who have heard his word are the blessed.

        • Defoe

          Or “the bored”.

    • MBlanc46

      My wife’s view of economists: Question: Why are there economists. Answer: To make weather forecasters look good. Any economics that’s not a branch of psychology is an intellectual fraud (as opposed to garden variety fraud as in this story) in my view.

      • Morris LeChat

        I like your name and avatar. Mel Blanc was awesome.

      • bigone4u

        I liked to teach economist jokes in class. The one where the economist solves the starvation problem on a lifeboat is to “assume a can opener.” Harry Truman once asked for a one armed economist because he was tired of hearing his economists saying, “On the other hand …”

        • Morris LeChat

          yeah, but when it came to economics FDR didn’t have a leg to stand on

          • David Ashton

            Is it true that FDR hardly ever read a book, and that Khrushchev could only write his name?

          • Morris LeChat

            I was making a joke, FDR was in a wheelchair, he… oh nevermind

        • MBlanc46

          Keep them coming!

      • I actually wanted a BA in Economics ….. because I don’t think adding in a few other classes make it a science.

  • In dedication to Dr. Stapel:

    Post-Modernist Essay Generator:

    (That was created in honor of the Sokal Affair, another academic scandal of people making things up)

    Thomas Friedman Op-Ed Generator:

    (If only there was one of these for Paul Krugman, J.E. would be in heaven.)

    • Thomas Katt

      Nobody left in academe but the pomos, homos, and chi-mos, it seems …

      • edie

        and the very discreet

  • Robert Binion

    One could argue white nationalism a “quest for aesthetics.”

  • The students who wished to remain anonymous have bright futures ahead of them. They should go public before someone else takes credit. They have proven to be really meticulous researchers.

    Meanwhile be very suspicious of “research” that reveals that “Majority Backs Path To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants” by Doug Mataconis.

    • Room101

      The students bright enough to realize the implications of their findings know they are targeted for destruction by every institution of society.

      Publishing the truth under a post-modern dictatorship offers nothing but a guarantee of professional suicide and as yet unknown un-pleasantness.

      • BonusGift

        “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
        George Orwell

        • Room101

          That’s pretty much all you need to know.

  • MekongDelta69

    [Too long to read past the 2nd para., but I didn’t have to. This happens every day of the week.]

    If he had faked data that blacks or muslims were racist b/c of {whatever}, he would have been fired, ostracized and then shot.

    Since it’s safe to trash straight, white males and gets you accolades by the thousands and invites to cocktail parties full of like-minded bubbleheads, he figured he’d be voted the most ‘morally superior’ zombie for a day.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I’m happy I was a chemical engineer. If I had made up data, the result would have been computer parts that don’t work. My greatest disappointment was the SrBi2Ta/Nb2O9 computer memory. Matsushita actually made good 256K non-volatile FRAM chips with this, but denser chips eventually ran into production problems, with anneals reducing the bismuth oxide – normally Bi2O3 – to suboxides like Bi3O. The oxygen vacancies in the capacitors and sometimes pure metallic bismuth that separated into the crystal grain boundaries caused shorting between top and bottom electrodes. Bismuth simply reduces too easily – almost as easily as manganese. I told everybody this, and wanted to try a related class of metal oxide ceramics using thallium in place of the bismuth. Now I am a machinist, woodworker and vegetable gardener; it is less stressful.

    Fabricating data is the worst professional sin there is, but some pretend “sciences” allow it to slip through.

    • GM (Australia)

      Very interesting post, I will totally agree that in proper hard science & research there is no room for error and fraud etc. That is why I would like to see the climate debate restricted real hard facts science and research with no political bias.
      As to the social and political sciences they will try and tell us that black is white and everything else that goes against commonsense, often based on suspect research and always loaded with political bias.

    • jambi19

      Very true about slipping through. This individual forged 55 research studies and 10 dissertations. It took this long to find out? Not a lot of vetting and scrutiny in the field.

    • Defoe

      your idea would have worked with two up-quarks witsliped by 3 down-quarks subsumed in cheez-whiz. Better luck next time, meanwhile, thanks for the fish!

  • “The field of psychology was indicted, too…”
    The field of psychology has long been the chosen field of leftist frauds.

    “Several times in our conversation, Stapel alluded to having a fuzzy, postmodernist relationship with the truth, which he agreed served as a convenient fog for his wrongdoings. “It’s hard to know the truth,” he said. “When somebody says, ‘I love you,’ how do I know what it really means?”

    Now we can understand why these anti-whites are so willing to help commit genocide against their own race, they are not capable of love, only fornication.

    Moreover, if the masses are ever going to have faith in the words of these so-called scientists they had better stop putting their political ideologies before real science.

  • Dr. X

    “I have fallen from my throne…” he said, waving at the
    ground. “I am in therapy every week. I hate myself.” Throne? Therapy? Self-hate? My goodness! — that just about says it all, doesn’t it? I’ve never read such a concise synopsis of the mind of the contemporary white liberal intellectual!

    • Jaego

      The Therapy is working: he is despicable and he should hate himself unless and until he changes.

      • Room101

        Maybe all Prof. Stapel has to do for therapy to regain his composure is go dig a hole in the ground with his bare hands, or maybe a stick or a rock, and go live in it/$#1+ in it for a year. Find water and food and shelter and clothing and fuel just like Gilligan’s Island.
        What all these slimy government ***** insist must befall We the People by government, but government shall reward them with our tax money to teach our kids lies.
        He needs to live post-modernity for himself, then he’ll write better papers.

        Write what you know, they say.

  • roman ideals

    Go back to the root of the problem 500 yrs ago and admit slavery to the west was the savior for millions of Africans sold off as rejects by their tribal chiefs and stop lying about how terrible it was. Clearly the tribal chiefs would have slaughtered these millions had the white slave traders not happened by sheer chance and luck. No Africans were rounded up. This is a lie.
    African Tribal chieftains had been in the slave business for 1000s of years and still are. Nothing has changed.They are now leaders of African nations and states and corrupt like the entire continent.

    • Room101

      There’s more slavery going on right now across the USA compared to the USA in 1859.

      Instead of reading what today’s media and bureaucracy tell you how you’re supposed to think about slavery, read what really happened when a self-described pro-Abolitionist from the Northeast, Dr. Nehemiah Adams, D.D., made an investigative journal of his findings, published in 1860 up North in Boston.

      He went on his tour of the Antebellum South for the express purpose of being the Chris Hansen or Geraldo Rivera or Jerry Springer of his day.

      • Funruffian

        Actually, Zachary Macauley (1768-1838) was the premier Slave economist of his era. He traveled all around the world to study Black slavery. Whatever you wanted to know he had the details from Medical records, physical dimensions, breeding posts, trading. He was the go-to man for Slave stats. He concluded in his last book that owning slaves in Ante-bellum USA was more of a liability than a benefit to slave owners. Only 15% of the slaves were labor-ready while the others were either too ill, stupid or too wild to tame. Many slave owners were getting rid of their slaves, because they felt it was a bad investment and a business scam promulgated by breeding posts.

  • Vanga

    Why didn’t he just do the garbage study in New York City? It ALWAYS looks like there’s a garbage strike going on there.

  • JohnEngelman

    It is natural for us to allow our likes and dislikes to influence our judgment of what is true and false. I do this too, but I try not to.

    People are not likely to respond emotionally to findings regarding the speed of light or the atomic weight of fissionable uranium. They are likely to respond emotionally to findings regarding human nature and human potential.

    The strength of the scientific method is that it allows experiments to be repeated. This is how fraud and honest mistakes are exposed.

    • Morris LeChat

      spoken like a true academic, three paragraphs that say nothing. Some academics make things up instead of saying nothing.

    • edie

      johnengleman has spoken………

      how fortunate you are to have heard the word of johnengleman,

      he speaks with the assuredness of a true fool

    • Andy

      Are we a bunch of grade-schoolers that need to attack and mock the outsider whenever he shows up? A bunch of liberals that can come up with no better argument than insults?

      Mr. Engelman, I am always glad to see your posts on here, when I agree with them and when I don’t, and I admire that you keep posting and keep posting things you get attacked for.

      • Morris LeChat

        well, you are so spehhhhhhhhhhhh-shul.

      • edie

        gee andy…………. i guess I’ll just jump into the flock and follow right along too

        thanks for straightening me out……….

        ps- go back and read some of johnengleman’s old posts before he tried this new ‘gentler’ approach…………. he spews more crap than a busted toilet.

      • David Ashton

        No need to insult him. He satirizes himself unintentionally.

    • jambi19

      Mr. Engelman. The social sciences are not science. They are agendas; false dogma if you will. Do not equate pseudoscience to classical philosophy. Philosophy has been preverted in the west. The universe (hard sciences) has little respect for lies and emotion. I used to try to give the benefit of the doubt like you did in the above post. That attitude is for childish daydreamers; not the conduct of a western intellectual.

      • Morris LeChat


      • JohnEngelman

        My point, which you seem to have missed, is that the intellectual dishonesty of Diederik Stapel was exposed by the scientific method.

        The social sciences are sciences, but they lack the precision of chemistry and physics, and the absolute certainty of mathematics.

        • Morris LeChat

          no, it was exposed by people asking him to show his data. That is not a “scientific method” it is just called “being awake” and noticing someone is shoveling BS.

        • I would argue that the social sciences are just as precise as physics: this fact is what allows the Frankfurt School to carry out an agenda with startling accuracy and precision. A social scientist knows exactly how to breakdown a society.

          • Morris LeChat

            what, with mustard, relish and chopped onions? John just breaks wind.

          • robinbishop34

            “I would argue that the social sciences are just as precise as physics: this fact is what allows the Frankfurt School to carry out an agenda with startling accuracy and precision.”

            You’re right. I’ve been guilty of the casual dismissal of the social sciences in the past but later came to realize that they are brilliantly effective in their goal of breaking down and re-shaping societies.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            They rarely seem to achieve their goals and when they do, it doesn’t last very long. Social engineering is also very expensive and requires complete access to media and education. It works, to an extent, but only a select handful of people wield enough money and influence to utilize it

          • Defoe

            My guess is that the success of the FS adherents results not from the science of their methods but from an understanding of human nature. This understanding of human nature has always been with us. Modern scientific methods are…well, modern.

        • robinbishop34

          Actually, any good con man/salesman can plug verifiable conflicts of interests into a “scientific method” model and make most people swallow it wholesale

        • Rhialto

          I agree with you, because I have a basic understanding of the scientific method as well a epistomology.

        • Bossman

          I believe you to be correct in that assessment.

  • Room101

    The upshot of all this is that the Government is going to have to print a couple hundred trillion more dollars to teach Prof. Stapel to students.
    He’s post-modern. Not “racist”. He won’t be dis-credited for long. Couldn’t he say he was just trying to inform people of the seriousness of the charges, etc?
    The charges of racism and privilege are serious and no fraud can dis-credit the accusations.

    Hell, in America, the ‘non-violent’ hippies used to plant bombs at police stations, universities, all kinds of government buildings including public schools.
    In the post-modern world, we’re not allowed to look @ what happened in the past that might inform us of the future, oh noes.
    Dat beez raaaaaycis.

    • jambi19

      The damage has been done. His fraud has been published and now the media and politicians can cite it as credible to further the anti-white agenda. I have a B.S. is Psychology, DWLs like Stapel are mainstream in the field at the university level.

  • IKantunderstand

    This is the sum total of liberalism. If it doesn’t fit the progressive model of what we think should be the outcome, no problem. We’ll just change the data to make sure it does.We will make up facts, discount empirical data. And declare as racist anybody who has the temerity to suggest that Whites excel. Of course, the fact that Whites are responsible for everything in this world, well, ignore that. You know, the latest cultural BS, is to devise a “new history” whereby, people around the world who had absolutely nothing to do with anything, are strangely involved with Western Civilization. WTF? How guilty are we supposed to feel? Personally, I don’t feel at all guilty. Come on people, time to call an end to cultural relativism. Seriously? Being a cannibal is the same as a French epicurean? Do you really trust a Chinese veterinarian as much as a White one? How about an Asian NASCAR driver? Stereotypes are real. I think that Whites are being made to feel guilty about our cultural,technological,political, hegemony over the world. Holy cripes! It’s not our fault that we ended up being the smartest, the most culturally advanced(art, sculpture,music,dance), the most scientifically progressive, and the greatest explorers ever. Come on, where were the Jews? Or, was it Ponce de Leonstein? Wow, did he change his name too?

    • robinbishop34

      “the latest cultural BS, is to devise a “new history” whereby, people
      around the world who had absolutely nothing to do with anything are
      strangely involved with Western Civilization”

      Don’t forget that blacks built the pyramids and also defeated the German Luftwaffe.

      • IKantunderstand

        Ah, someone who has actually taken the course. I’m sorry that I didn’t mention “facts” of history that were important to you. Because we all know that the Egyptians were Black(despite the way they characterized themselves) oh, wait. Were they slaves? No matter. Blacks, as we know, ruled Egypt. And, in terms of the second world war, you are correct! If it wasn’t for the heroic antics of the Tuskegee Airmen, we would have certainly lost the war.

    • a multiracial individual

      I have not seen any hard data on the Asian driver stereotype (I would like to see some). Although it is well knows that since men drive more aggressively than women, they are involved in more auto accidents.

  • thoughtcrime

    What a shocker….liberal researcher faking his results for fame and fortune…say it ain’t so! Now if only someone would scrutinize old Barry Obama’s school work a bit closer…at least get his school records released and his passport…oops.

  • W. A. Summers

    The allusion to Rick Heber (Franz Rick Heber) and the Milwaukee Project is instructive, but

    over more than three decades now the sense has settled in that we know all we need to know about Heber and his Project. It is simply astounding how little of the reporting of the MadisonCapital Times ever made it beyond the regional readershiip of the paper. I refer to the expose articles that began to appear in 1980, rather obviously dependent in part upon leaks from within the academic “community” (more like a shark pond ) It is astoundinghow little primary source material is accessible anywhere on the Internet ( Find it and relay awarness via this website maybe? ) Heber died in a rather mysterious plane crash on Dec. 04, 1987 in Rwanda, about two years or so after he completed a three year prisonsentence in fed country club prisons (including the then beautiful Bastrop , TX facility ). He was a genuinely brilliant human being–apparently more than a little bit psychopathic–but with an amazing meteroic career, vaunting into the top power enchelons of the U. of Wisconsin at Madison within about 36 months or so of completing his Ph D. He exuded power and prestige wherever he appeared ( the federal District court in Madison in July1981 being an exception, perhaps ? ). And it is by no means clear he was an environmentalist. He became early on a multi-millionaire. One of his interests was the importation, breeding, and showing of fine Arabian horses. By all indications I can glean, he remained a figure of prestige and trust within this world of horse fanciers up until his death. I have never met anyone involved with breeding horses or dogs who was disposed toward environmentalism regarding humans. Heber? Who knows? I wouldn’t bet on it. I would presume Heber was offered the same option most defendants are–that is, to cop a plea. Whatever the facts about this, he chose to defend against 13 counts of misuse of funds. They appear not to have been funds involved with the Milwaukee Project but rather funds involved with an ancillary program within the domain of mental retardation education, a workshop program on the Madison campus. The counts involved such massive issues as golf clubs, used vehicles, etc., and the total amount involved was about $160,000. Heber appears to have offered to make restitution , nolo contendre, but this was rebuffed.
    As nearly as I can determine, none of the estimated 14 million dollars–14 million dollars–granted over about 15 years to the Milwaukee Project was at issue in the federal case. I do not think Heber went to trial on any of the two state cases against his getting funny with money. Now given that he was a multi-millionaire, it is not too convincing that personal gain (golf clubs, used vehicles , etc. ) was a motive in whatever the hell was actually going on. One count against him was that he concocted a phony job position for the wife of one
    of his academic cohort at Madison. He did. But the money so “diverted” was used to send her very real husband on academic travel to Europe. I’d hazad the hypothesis that Heber was resented on campus–to the extent he was–because of his strengths and virtues–not his weakneses. Moving money, transforming it, tactically concealing it, etc. is obviously an important part of getting things done in American business and politics. The comic potential of the whole “Miracle in Milwaukee” is just huge. Surely all or about all
    of the estimated total of $14 million came from grants from the U.S. Office of Education and other facets of the District of Corruption. Where is the primary source material about
    the grants, the accounting for what was done and not done?? The Freedom of Information Act would have made such information accessible, if perhaps by recourse to court enforcement. Sending Heber to prison for golf club diversions, etc., is about like chastising Ted Bundy for mere indecent exposure. What the hell happened to the $14 million? The Milwaukee Project (and one leading academic observer questioned whether any Project ever really existed !! ). And who was superintending the U. of Wisconsin
    at Madison when year after year, for about 15 years, the Project was just given the Ostrich treatment?? It would seem the very powerful University has succeeded over three decades in burying details that surely would make one of the great musical comedies of all time. Heber was found not even to be a legal resident of Wisconsin, being centrally domiciled at one of his three luxurious horse ranches–near Colorado Springs! He was whispered on campus to be “the Howard Huges” of academic research, so seldom was he
    ever seen on campus or near Madison (One ranch, was about 20 miles from Madison ).
    Heber was rapidly ascendant on the Madison campus by, say, 1962. The Project (if
    such it were ) had an inception about the time Arthur Jensen first raised cautious and responsible question about a possible biological/evolutionary/ basis for the Black/White IQ/attainment/ gap–namely, in his 1967 paper delivered at a professional meeting in California, from which HER sought an expanded commentary for publication ( the 1969 bombshell HER article ). The federal trial (ending , if I recall correctly, at the end
    of July 1981 ) involved about nine days of testimony. Heber ( and a co defedant ) chose finally not to testify. I have pondered as to how a full transcript might be obtained practically and put online. While the University was not formally part of the action, it is silly to suppose otherwise than that the University lawyer bird dogged every facet of the trial and had a full and faithful transcript. Indications are that in order to lay open the sophisticated ways in which Heber had moved money, the government spend elaborate amounts of money on charts, graphs, etc. In fact, it would appear that in a case involving the improper diversion of $160,000, the feds spent about a million bucks to get the conviction. Oddly, the FBI was not (directly, anyhow ) involved in investigation as the federal prosecution (carried out by a “retired” U. of Wisconsin law professor ) was based on Wisconsin investigaitons–not federal investigations. By all indications, Heber was never tried for the massive funds that went into the “Miracle of Milwaukee”. It is difficult to imagine that $14 million over 15 years was sent over the moon without the willful complicitly of sections of the government, if not the national security apparatus.–but then
    hopefully in all this primate spectacle there is a more becoming explanation. There was
    certainly a huge valence in America politically and socially to defuse Jensenism. For a spell, the Milwukee Project seemed to some extent to do that. Relevant? Who’s ever
    sought an answer?


  • Candid

    When you can lie with sincerity, and justify your historical ass whooping as cheating, deserving of recompense, you lose the europids who invented the political social world you
    are corrupting. Now the game is not just ruling but having ammunition.

  • liberals are scum

    Does this not clearly symbolize the entire uncivil rights movement and pc age as a total phony bogus lie? The entire western hemisphere and America is nothing like its European colonizers wanted it to be or turn out like as even Europe itself became transformed. Something went wrong somewhere and obviously it was the introduction of the mistaken misguided assumption that African slavery was a viable economic system when in fact it was a rotten to the core concept and should have never happened that cracked open the door for serpent Marx to slither through. It was all over but the crying at that point.

  • dogbone

    “Finally, Zeelenberg said: “I have to ask you if you’re faking data.””

    Made it all up. That is typical.

    Sounds like old Margret Mead in the video below.

    Watch this video. Pay special attention to they say after the 42 minute mark. You will find out why our universities have been flooded with phonies.

  • reveal1914

    It seems science is rapidly becoming distorted by those who hold the funds. The new scientific method starts with the conclusion and then cherry picks or falsifies the data to support it.

  • Ralph

    Much of liberal “science” regarding race is bogus. It really is. Did you see where that great evolutionary scientist Bill Clinton has now said that we humans differ in our genetic material by only a half percent, and thus we are almost all identical? Clinton shows complete ignorance of the fact that all DNA is the same and that it is the order that is different. Hell, we humans are 50% the same as bananas and 70% the same as zebra fish. Why, because we all came from the same original molecule of DNA that has been tinkering and chaning life ever since it came into being and always based on what went before.

    Furthermore, since we humans have about 7 billion “DNA cards” that are each marked with one of the four chemicals of DNA that are abbreviated as A,T, C, G, one can say that a half percent of the 7 million equals 35 million possible differences. Yes, I know it doesn’t work that way exactly, but this is as accurate as Clinton’s statement. No doubt Clinton, who wants to blend all humanity together into a Tan Everyman, would not want to say, “Gee, we humans have 35 million possible differences between us.”

    In evolution, it is not the similiarties that are important but the differences and the seemingly minor differences at the DNA end can have major differences as they are expressed.

    • Dogbone

      I think chimpanzee DNA differa from human DNA by less than 1 %

      One thing I have learned living in this country. The less someone knows about a subject, the more they think they are the experts.

      • dogbone

        I was referring to Clinton, not Ralph

    • David Ashton

      Ex-POTUS William (“I do not have sex with that rodham”) Clinton is a walking, talking, living proof of the Freudian view that the male olfactory organ resembles the generative organ.

  • Mariner33

    There are legions of Stapels in Climate Science and other Social Science disciplines. NASA is full of them, as is NOAA. Hansen should be dragged in streets and publicly flogged.

  • ViktorNN

    It’s good to see the Dutch ed system isn’t so broken that this guy wasn’t eventually exposed.

    I think a problem that’s even bigger than politically correct professors manipulating data is the question of what kind of research is done in the first place.

    For example, in academic departments where social issues surrounded race are studied, how often are studies initiated which look into whether and how whites (or asians for that matter) are discriminated against? Or where issues of race as they affect white people are studied at all? They simply don’t exist – not because white people don’t have their own race related issues, but because the academics doing the research never ask those questions and I suppose, could never get funding to do the work.

    The problem isn’t just that the academics manning the research labs are too politically biased, it’s that many social science disciplines have transformed over the years into not much more than work groups dedicated to engaging in left wing political activism, masquerading as traditional academia.

    Many of these disciplines, such as the ones you’d expect like Women’s Studies, Black Studies, Critical Race Theory, etc., are at their very root, in the fundamentals of their basic founding theory, sites of political activism of a very specific kind. Thus whatever writing these disciplines pump out are always going to represent a very narrow range of political perspective. There is no broad spectrum of opinion and views within these fields. The possibility of a range of views has been precluded by design, from the very outset.

  • Q-ship

    It seems that Stapel’s research methods are similar to warmists like Michael “hockey stick” Mann. Perhaps they can collaborate.

  • Intrepid

    If this guy weren’t white, people here would be focusing on his race…saying things like X minority is totally uncreative, dependent on whites etc. But since he is white, everyone’s focusing on what he did instead.