Sherman Alexie on Living Outside Cultural Borders

Moyers, April 12, 2013

Born on a Native American reservation, Sherman Alexie has been navigating the cultural boundaries of American culture in lauded poetry, novels, short stories, screenplays, even stand-up comedy for over two decades. Alexie joins Bill to share his irreverent perspective on contemporary American life, and discuss the challenges of living in two different cultures at the same time, especially when one has so much dominance over the other.


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  • Robert Binion

    The conversations between Moyers and Joseph Campbell are some of the most important television of our time, so I’ve always had a soft spot for Bill and watched this in real time, something I almost never do. Artists such as Alexie and David Yeagley who elevate the “folk” through art will be remembered when lauded hacks of today are forgotten.

    • The__Bobster

      I could never stand the commie bah’s turd.

      • Robert Binion

        He can not help it; it is the way he was raised. Prodding Moyers to give up the pc pap would be like asking Billy Graham to forsake Jesus.

        • Katherine McChesney

          That statement is loaded. Billy Graham claims to be for Jesus but he has forsaken the teaching of Jesus.

    • antiallanbloom

      What’s important about Moyers and Campbell?

      • Robert Binion

        Campbell illustrates in a number of marvelous stories how myth and religion, even the brightest and fairest, become pernicious when interpreted as concrete fact rather than metaphor, when they fail to adapt to the lives that men actually lead.

        • antiallanbloom

          sounds interesting uve piqued my interest. on yt there’s campbell foundation – where does he spell it out?

          over at wikipedia there is some comments that his scholarship is not good and not used by modern scholars. *shrug*

          • Robert Binion

            “Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers” is found at (I would provide a link if my computer skills were not Paleolithic.) Of his books, I might start with “Flight of the Wild Gander.”

      • Katherine McChesney

        Moyers is a politically correct, bleeding heart liberal. He trained to be a Presbyterian Minister but abandoned that to be a journalist.

        • George White

          “journalist?” Liberal hack with a BIG agenda.

    • George White

      I used to like Moyers, but not anymore. I sort of figured him out eventually. he SEEMS to be a really nice man, and he SEEMS to have high moral standards….but then little by little you realize that he’s just one more anti-white liberal propagandist, just like Michael Moore.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I never game a darn about Wounded Knee.

    Seemed so silly.

    See that?

    I’m an important cultural critic, too!

  • White Mom in WDC

    Whites will not live outside of American culture. It is based on white individualism. The collective turds ( Muslims, Mexicans, Sfricans) will try and dismantle and reshape it into their country’s image, that being a big amorphous turd. No, the white man will either stay and fight or traverse to greener pastures. And the turds will just remain turds

    • saxonsun

      You forgot Indians. At the park today (Upper East Side, NYC) a bunch of kids at recess showed up. There wasn’t one white kid and all the teachers were also non-white–one was a muslim in full regalia. In America, mind you.

  • bigone4u

    Let’s see, it’s NOT OK to honor the fighting spirit of one group by naming a team the Redskins or the Braves, but it IS OK to honor the fighting spirit of another group by naming a team the Vikings. I don’t get it. But as always I never “get” PC.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Funny thing is that the Redskins are consistently listed as American Indians’ favorite NFL team!

      Vikings? Always amuses me the jolly white nincompoop dudded up as an insultingly comic bookish “Viking” cheering on a bunch of black apes while they breed with all the white cheerleaders they can get their…into.


      • MikeofAges

        Pro athletes are mercenaries. But they have a talent for bonding to the community to which they are assigned. Short, dangerous career. All have the opportunity to end up financially independent, even those who only play a year or two. But not so many do. Even some of the highest paid end up broke. The lowest paid almost always end up with nothing. Even the white players in many cases.

  • I could not get through the entire conversation, it was just too … well, useless to my way of thinking. Perhaps I missed a few of the more salient points, if I did & if my comment is wrong, I hope that the reader will forgive me. I quickly formed the opinion that this was just another, white man bad, Indian good spiel. As an antidote to this propaganda I would like to recommend the following books:
    Wilderness Empire,
    Captured by the Indians,
    The Conspiracy of Pontiac vol’s 1 & 2,
    Bravos of the West,
    The Oregon Trail.
    Please don’t fall for their lies any more?! And don’t be afraid, it’s only 2645 pages – unless you read all 6 volumes of Wilderness Empire then you can add another, oh, 3,000 pages or so.

    • pcmustgo

      What about that book “The White” … it’s about a white girl captured and raised by Indians.

    • I have never read that book but Captured by the Indians, by Fredrick Drimmer, Listed at Amazon, will probably give a good account of being taken by the Indians. Here is a book description offered on Amazon about the book.

      “In 1758, when Mary Jemison is about sixteen, a Shawnee raiding party captures her Irish family near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Mary is the only one not killed and scalped. She is instead given to two Seneca sisters to replace their brother who was killed by whites. Emerging slowly from shock, Mary–now named Two-Falling-Voices–begins to make her home in Seneca culture and the wild landscape. She goes on to marry a Delaware, then a Seneca, and, though she contemplates it several times, never rejoins white society. Larsen alludes beautifully to the way Mary apprehends the brutality of both the white colonists and the native tribes; and how, open-eyed and independent, she thrives as a genuine American.”

      This sounds more like the typical leftist anti-white propaganda. Something that whites of the 1750’s did not suffer from, they knew the Indians well to stay away from that sort of BS.


      Political Cesspool radio program interview

      A little FYI for those that might be interested.

      I recently did an interview on the Political Cesspool radio program. If you would like to hear it this is the link.

      Radio Show Hour 3
      Posted: Sun, 14 Apr 2013 01:58 +0000
      Guest: Author, C.C. Conrad – Jack’s War: Through the Gates of Hell

  • Erasmus

    If living beyond the cultural borders means I don’t have to pretend that a man’s rectum is a birth canal, that 2 + 2 =6.7 is as good as 2+ 3 =4 and that America was really discovered in 346 BC by Mbubu Mfweze and his cohorts flying over with their wings from West Africa, I will be happy to do it.

    When the lunatics are running the asylum, which is what is rapidly now happening, the “crazy” people are the only ones who are sane.

  • thoughtcrime

    I love how the Diversity thinks that once whitey is gone there will be a Utopia. What is hilarious about this is that once we are gone they will spend all their time preying on each other for the scraps of what is left of Western (white) Civilization. He who has the most scraps will be deemed king of the trash heap! What a marvelous future…I can’t wait to miss it.
    I can only hope that white decide to finally get our acts together, pool our resources, buy up as much resources as we can, establish a massive whites only enclave, spend all our resources on building our transit OFF this planet and leave this planet to the hordes of subhumanity. Let them duke/nuke it out (firing nukes is easy as turning a key and pushing a button now…DeMarquise and Pedro can easily figure it out with enough ChingDongFongs among them)

    . Nothing more would gratify me to know that one day millions of pairs of White only eyes were looking down on the planet from orbit as we prepare to vacate our solar system for a new planet in massive interstellar craft…just as the mushroom clouds erupted all around the planet.

    Yeah I think we can manage just fine.

    • MikeofAges

      “I love how the Diversity thinks that once whitey is gone there will be a Utopia.”

      A world lit only by fire. Worldwide feudalism. Limited survival of some 19th Century technology, at best. But many would consider living in a world of short lives and no options a small price to pay for getting rid of the hated modern civilization. Even some whites would sign on to that idea.

    • Erasmus

      The left can ONLY destroy. That has always been all they can do. What good things left-wing societies had came from the societies they hated and worked to destroy.

      A leftist is, at bottom, an angry 13 year old in the body of a drug-addled 70 year old hippie.

  • pcmustgo

    I like this guys writing, but he mentions racism, classism, sexism…

    I’m sure he’s clueless about the racism “whites” face.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I can’t stand Bill Moyers.

  • freddy_hills

    Sherman Alexi seems nice. I’ve known a few Amerindians and found most likable. But I’ve never lived near a reservation. Would they be as friendly in large numbers? I don’t know. Human nature is such that individuals can get along but groups usually can’t.