NY Officer Accused of Leading Drug Robbery Crew Pleads Not Guilty

Dana Garrett and Lateef Mungin, CNN, April 4, 2013

A veteran New York police officer accused of equipping a robbery crew with state-of-the art police equipment and helping them loot drug dealers out of $1 million pleaded not guilty in federal court Thursday.

Jose Tejada, 45, also is accused of allowing the robbery crew to use his Manhattan apartment for their enterprise.

In court documents filed Wednesday, federal prosecutors said the crew posed as police officers and used fake warrants to arrest drug traffickers.

The crew then robbed those it arrested of their money and their stashes of marijuana, heroin, ecstasy and cocaine, authorities said.

In all, the group–comprising Tejada and at least 21 others–is responsible for more than 100 armed robberies throughout New York City since 2001, according to officials.


In 2006 and 2007, Tejada participated in three robberies, prosecutors say, stealing thousands of dollars while dressed in his police uniform. In one of the cases, the crew stormed a Bronx home searching for cocaine.

“The crew mistakenly believed the residents to be drug dealers,” court documents said. “In fact, the residents were a family of three, including a teenager, who had no involvement in drug dealing.”

The crew did not find drugs but searched the home while Tejada held the family at gunpoint, prosecutors allege. Once they left, the family called 911.



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  • guest

    Bloomberg went out of his way to make the NYPD majority minority – the New York Times gushed on how the academy was ‘the most diverse ever’ – the only thing i kept thinking is that these ‘diverse’ candidates were coming from countries were corruption is accepted.

    i can guess where the remaining white officers will be assigned: f bloomberg’s armed NYPD guards (armed even in places were police dont’ carry guns) and the precincts aroudn where the elite live.

  • guest

    I assume these officers will keep their pensions? Will they even be fired, or will the union protect them?

    California is heading the same way. In our city of Bell, almost the entire executive leadership of the city had to be arrested. The only one not arrested was the police chief. I suppose the DA couldn’t bring himself to charge a police chief. All the elected officials were robbing the city of millions of dollars, including by impounding every vehicle they could find.

    You want to see the future of California? Look at Mexico. You want to see the future of the US? Look at California.

    • Greg Thomas

      Most of the cops were mexicans as well. Probably anchor babies.

    • Leelywhite

      Want to see the future of California? Look at South Africa, where the biggest criminals are the cops.

  • Old Soldier

    “Help! It’s the Police!”

    From “Police State” by Firesign Theater

  • So CAL Snowman

    Just stealing the drugs and money White america refuses to steal, right La Raza?

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Follow the link at the bottom of that article, and you will read about another NYPD diversitoid, Jose Ramos, who along with his wife has been charged with attempting to hire a hit man to kill a witness. Viva la diversidad!

    Or something.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    “It’s just da culture dey wuz brought up wit”.

  • Dr. X

    New York State is a 100% criminal organization from top to bottom. The sponsor of New York’s Stalinist gun law that passed two months ago, State Sen. Malcolm Smith, a Black Democrat, was just arrested for offering $100,000 in bribes to Republicans to get on the ballot to succeed Bloomberg this year. (Three white Republicans were also arrested).Three out of the past four Senate majority leaders — a white, a black, and a Hispanic — have been indicted. A former Hispanic state senator was kicked out of the Legislature after pleading guilty to assault for drunkenly ripping his girlfriend’s face open with a broken liquor bottle. Two days after Smith’s arrest, a black Assemblyman was also arrested. And last week a black State Trooper was sentenced for pimping.

    These are the very people telling you that you don’t need a gun and all you should do is dial 911 and some affirmative action cop will save you.

    • ImTellinYa

      It’s no accident that that affirmative-action parasite currently defiling the White House is also a common criminal. What we have to realize is that our government is literally the enemy of its own country. They are busting out the country just as the mafia busts out businesses that fall into their hands. The absolute scum of the earth is in charge right now along with their Third-World savage foot soldiers. The government no longer represents legitimate authority.

  • It’s those darned 32 oz cups of soda! They are destroying America!

  • whiteyyyyy

    It was pretty smart really. They’re only robbing other minorities anyway. It’s surprising how enterprising browns and blacks can be when it comes to criminality, why bother trying to educate them;if it works you only give them them more skills and make them more of threat.

  • Kevin Bacon

    Blacks can’t seem to get that whole law enforcement thing right, can they? Maybe we should lower the bar even further, perhaps only disciplining these guys for the really serious felonies. Hey maybe we can throw a couple hundred thousand dollars at it as well.

  • ImTellinYa

    Third world savages from Mexico. They’re as bad as Blacks and that’s pretty damn bad. We’ll eventually have to deport every single one of them.