Posted on April 19, 2013

Men Threaten Worker with Gun over Fried Chicken

George Brown and Sabrina Hall, WREG, April 12, 2013

Jack Pirtle’s calls its chicken “down home delicious” but things got down and dirty after a father and son got upset about their order.

The duo are accused of showing off an AK-47 ‘type’ weapon when they didn’t get everything they ordered at the drive-thru.


Police say when Antonius Hart and his 19-year-old son, Hart Jr., went to the drive-thru at the Jack Pirtle’s on Jackson.

The cashier forgot to give them their chicken wings which the two discovered this after they drove away.

Police say Hart and his son weren’t too happy about having to drive back.

According to court documents, they wanted Pirtle’s to give them extra chicken for the hassle and showed workers their weapon.


Jack Pirtle’s didn’t fix their order, instead called police.