Greece’s Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Goes Global with Political Ambitions

Helena Smith, Guardian (London), April 1, 2013

Emboldened by its meteoric rise in Greece, the far-right Golden Dawn party is spreading its tentacles abroad, amid fears it is acting on its pledge to “create cells in every corner of the world”. The extremist group, which forged links with British neo-Nazis when it was founded in the 1980s, has begun opening offices in Germany, Australia, Canada and the US.

The international push follows successive polls that show Golden Dawn entrenching its position as Greece’s third, and fastest growing, political force. First catapulted into parliament with 18 MPs last year, the ultra-nationalists captured 11.5% support in a recent survey conducted by polling company Public Issue.

The group – whose logo resembles the swastika and whose members are prone to give Nazi salutes – has gone from strength to strength, promoting itself as the only force willing to take on the “rotten establishment”. Amid rumours of backing from wealthy shipowners, it has succeeded in opening party offices across Greece.

It is also concentrating on spreading internationally, with news last month that it had opened an office in Germany and planned to set up branches in Australia. The party’s spokesman, Ilias Kasidiaris, said it had decided to establish cells “wherever there are Greeks”.

“People have understood that Chrysi Avgi [Golden Dawn] tells the truth,” he told a Greek-language paper in Melbourne. “In our immediate sights and aims is the creation of an office and local organisation in Melbourne. In fact, very soon a visit of MPs to Australia is planned.”

But the campaign has met with disgust and derision by many prominent members of the Greek diaspora who represent communities in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

“We don’t see any gold in Golden Dawn,” said Father Alex Karloutsos, one of America’s leading Greek community figures, in Southampton, New York. “Nationalism, fascism, xenophobia are not part of our spiritual or cultural heritage.”

But Golden Dawn is hoping to tap into the deep well of disappointment and fury felt by Greeks living abroad, in the three years since the debt-stricken nation was plunged into crisis.

“Golden Dawn is not like other parties in Greece. From its beginnings, in the early 80s, it always had one eye abroad,” said Dimitris Psarras, whose book, Golden Dawn’s Black Bible, chronicles the organisation since its creation by Nikos Michaloliakos, an overt supporter of the colonels who oversaw seven years of brutal anti-leftist dictatorship until the collapse of military rule in 1974.

“Like-minded groups in Europe and Russia have given the party ideological, and sometimes financial, support to print books and magazines. After years of importing nazism, it now wants to export nazism,” added Psarras. By infiltrating communities abroad, the far-rightists were attempting not only to shore up their credibility but also to find extra funding and perhaps even potential votes if Greeks abroad ever won the right to cast ballots in elections.

“[Golden Dawn] not only wants to become the central pole of a pan-European alliance of neo-Nazis, even if in public it will hotly deny that,” claimed Psarras, who said party members regularly met with neo-Nazis from Germany, Italy and Romania. “It wants to spread its influence worldwide.”

With its 300,000-strong community, Melbourne has pride of place in the constellation of Greek-populated metropolises that dot a diaspora officially estimated at around 7 million.

As part of its international push, Golden Dawn has also focused on the US, a magnet for migrants for generations, and Canada, which attracted tens of thousands of Greeks after Greece’s devastating 1946-49 civil war.

“It’s a well-studied campaign,” said Anastasios Tamis, Australia’s pre-eminent ethnic Greek historian. “There is a large stock of very conservative people here – former royalists, former loyalists to the junta, that sort of thing – who are very disappointed at what has been happening in Greece and are trying to find a means to express it. They are nationalists who feel betrayed by Greece over issues like Macedonia, Cyprus and [the Greek minority] in Voreio Epirus [southern Albania], who cannot see the fascistic part of this party. Golden Dawn is trying to exploit them.”

The younger generation — children of agrarian and unskilled immigrants – were also being targeted, he said. “They’re the generation who were born here and grew up here and know next to nothing about Greece, its history and social and economic background. They’re easy prey and Golden Dawn will capitalise on their ignorance.”

Tamis, who admits that some of his students support the organisation, does not think the group will gain traction even if Australia’s far-right party has been quick to embrace it. But the prospect of Golden Dawn descending on the country has clearly sent tremors through the Greek community.

“This is a multicultural society. They are not wanted or welcome here,” said one prominent member, requesting anonymity when talk turned to the group.

Greek Australian leftists have begun collecting protest signatures to bring pressure on the Australia immigration minister, Brendan O’Connor, to prohibit Golden Dawn MPs from entering the country. In a statement urging the government not to give the deputies visas, they said the extremists had to be stopped “from spreading their influence within the Greek community and threatening the multicultural society that Greek Australians and other migrants have fought to defend”.

The neo-Nazis have been given a similar reception in Canada, where the party opened a chapter last October. Despite getting the father of champion sprinter Nicolas Macrozonaris to front it, the group was quickly denounced by Greek Canadians as “a black mark”.

The culture of intolerance that has allowed racially motivated violence to flourish in Greece – with black-clad Golden Dawn members being blamed for a big rise in attacks on immigrants – had, they said, no place in a country that prides itself on liberal values.

“Their philosophy and ideology does not appeal to Greeks living here,” insisted Father Lambros Kamperidis, a Greek Orthodox priest in Montreal. “We all got scared when we saw they were giving a press conference. But it was a deplorable event and as soon as we heard their deplorable views they were condemned by community leaders and the church.”

“We are all immigrants in Canada,” added Kamperidis, referring to Golden Dawn’s tactic of tapping into anti-immigrant resentment. “The conditions that apply in Greece do not apply here, so there is no justification for the party to flourish. The really bad thing is that in opening here it gives the impression, to people who don’t know the situation, that it is supported by a lot of Greeks, which is not the case. It has hurt Greece, the Greek cause, and Greeks’ reputation more than anything else.”

Despite the resistance, the far-rightists have made concerted efforts to move elsewhere, with Golden Dawn supporters saying Toronto is next. But the biggest push by far to date has been in the US. As home to close to 3 million citizens of Greek heritage, America has the diaspora’s largest community. At first, cadres worked undercover, organising clothes sales and other charitable events without stating their true affiliation. Stickers and posters then began to appear around the New York suburb of Astoria before the organisation opened a branch there.

But while Greek Americans have some of the strongest ties of any community to their homeland, senior figures have vehemently denounced the organisation for not only being incongruous with Greece’s struggle against fascism, during one of Europe’s most brutal Nazi occupations, but utterly alien to their own experience as immigrants.

“These people and their principles will never be accepted in our community. Their beliefs are alien to our beliefs and way of life,” said Nikos Mouyiaris, co-founder of the Chicago-based Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC), whose mission is to promote human rights and democratic values.

The victims of often violent persecution at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan as well as wider discrimination (in Florida in the 1920s restaurant noticeboards declared “no dogs or Greeks allowed”) Greek Americans proudly recount how, almost alone among ethnic minorities, they actively participated in the civil rights movement, their spiritual leader Archbishop Iakovos daring to march alongside Martin Luther King. “Our history as a diaspora in the US has been marked by our fight against racism,” said Mouyiaris.

Many in the diaspora believe, like Endy Zemenides who heads HALC, that Golden Dawn has deluded itself into believing it is a permanent force because of its soaring popularity on the back of the economic crisis. “The reality is that it is a fleeting by-product of failed austerity measures and the social disruption this austerity has caused,” he said.

In Greece, where Golden Dawn has begun to recruit in schools, there are fears of complacency. Drawing parallels with the 1930s Weimar period and the rise of Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ party, the historian Mark Mazower recently warned against underestimating the threat posed by a party whose use of violence was so disturbing. “Unfortunately, the Greek state does not seem to realise the urgency of the situation,” he told an audience in Athens.

After spending almost 30 years following Golden Dawn, Psarras agrees. Only weeks ago, he claimed, Michaloliakos held talks in the Greek parliament with two German neo-Nazis posing as journalists. Golden Dawn rejected the claim as “old mud”.

“It is an extremely dangerous phenomenon and do I think it will get worse? Yes I do,” Psarras said, lamenting that, with living standards plummeting, the organisation was opening offices in traditional middle-class neighbourhoods. There remained a simple fact too big to ignore: in 2009 the party was a political pariah, gaining a mere 0.29 % of the vote; today it had global ambitions.

“Ten years ago, if you had said Golden Dawn would become the third biggest force in Greece, you’d be called crazy,” said Psarras. “Now look where it is.”


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  • Morris LeChat

    “The culture of intolerance that has allowed racially motivated violence to flourish in Greece – with black-clad Golden Dawn members being blamed for a big rise in attacks on immigrants – had, they said, no place in a country that prides itself on liberal values.“Their philosophy and ideology does not appeal to Greeks living here,”…..”I will tell you, their philosophy and ideology are VERY welcome here. We have much racially motivated violence and it is all black on white. I want white people to start fighting back like they are in Greece. Many of us are chomping at the bit, waiting for that day.

    • saxonsun

      Someone has to start it. Why “chomp” when you can act? We are growing fat and lazy.

      • Morris LeChat

        timing is everything.

  • Felix_M

    Golden Dawn are patriots who are tired of seeing their country stolen by “sophisticated” cosmopolitans. Good on you, men.

    • dukem1

      I read this article earlier today, then spent an hour clicking all over the web trying buy a tee shirt. Cool logo.

      Go Golden Dawn!
      What the heck is wrong with a bit of enlightened national self-interest?

    • ArmenianWN

      Being patriotic, racially conscious, against Islam and popular among the people is enough for the leftists and to label you as “Neo-Nazi”

      • The__Bobster

        They are also aware what these “leftists” are and how they dealt both Greece and Cyprus a bad hand.

        • ArmenianWN


          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            When the racially derogatory word “Nazi” is used, you can be assured that yahoo’s little darlings are behind it.

          • ArmenianWN

            You got that right!

      • Felix_M

        F*** the leftists. None of them is happy unless he’s busy turning the world into a sewer as he all the while proclaims he’s building heaven on earth.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Anything that is conservative these days is said to be nazism.

    In truth wouldn’t the Nazi’s have been leftists?

    • Aaron

      The Nazism was started specifically end communism. And Fascism is strength in unity Do some research Katherine.

      • Huh, wha? The Nazism?

      • jambi19

        It is a socialist ideology. Yes Hitler hated communism,but they used nationalism to distinguish themselves from communism (who just happened to be the other large leftist party in germany at the time). In the election of 1932 Hitler was defeated by guess what….the conservative right wing candidate Hindenburg.

    • Morris LeChat

      Gays are the fascists of today

      • The__Bobster

        As are all the leftist groups. There can be no deviation from the party line.

      • saxonsun

        Absolutely untrue, sir. Look in the mirror for the real fascist.

    • RisingReich

      Many uneducated people want to classify Fascism as right or left. It is neither.

    • jeffaral

      Oh yes, that’s why Bill Clinton had a portrait of Hitler in the oral office.

  • Unperson

    Congratulations to The Grauniad (sic)! In one short article they managed to describe a party that is neither fascist nor nazi, as “fascist” three times and as “nazi” TEN times. This may be a new personal best for the paper.

    • Jss

      Yeah the next writer will really have to up his or her game to beat this one. Golden dawn really must be doing something right to earn the nazi tag 10 times in one article. My money is the next article will have golden dawn eating babies or being linked to inventing crack and heroine to kill noble Muslim immigrants or something.

      Well I would be proud to be called a neo nazi fascist 10 times in one article myself. I don’t believe any of these stories about nazi salutes but better to be prone to that then flash mobs, cannibalism, female circumcision, and gang rape.

  • ms_anthro

    “Nazi” is the new R-word. “Racist” doesn’t sting anymore so they invoke Godwin’s Law and hope it sounds intimidating enough. The Left is getting desperate.

    Only a moron or a liar would conflate a pro-Greek nationalist movement with the Third Reich. The writer should decide which one he is.

    • StillModerated

      Nazi is a shortened form of National Socialist, so one might think the so-called Progressives would be egging them on. The problem is that the Left has no clue what it wants, and simply tears down tradition.

    • eduard

      The writer, Helena Smith, is, as John Swinton aptly named his journalistic colleagues, nothing but a “intellectual prostitute”. They will sell their country for a measly buck down the drain.

    • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

      ‘Only a moron or a liar would conflate a pro-Greek nationalist movement with the Third Reich.’

      One merely needs to reach for a History book to learn that Greek Nationalists fought the Nazi occupation of Greece!

      Greek Nationalism and Nazism are in fact totally incompatible! You are correct, they are morons!

      • saxonsun

        And the Germans still owe war reparations for their insanely brutal acts against the Greeks.

        • Paleoconn

          One group seems to have gotten some pretty sweet reparation from the Germans, and continues to do so, and it ain’t the Greeks.

          • François

            That’s true.

      • PesachPatriot

        This is what I was thinking as I read the article….the greeks got it pretty bad from the nazi’s during WWII….i don’t think there would be much enthusiasm for the fourth reich there….it seems like a lot of greek anger about their current economic situation is directed towards germany….I don’t really follow euro politics too closely, but the golden dawn is hardly nazis….its like the libs in the states who accuse the tea party of being nazis simply because they support the 2nd amendment. The word nazi has been cheapened severely since the second unpleasant global debate….it used to mean genocidal madmen in scary uniforms bent on conquest…now it means anyone you disagree with politically…

  • bigone4u

    Leftist governments with their totalitarian mindsets may be able to keep the Golden Dawn leaders from coming into their countries, but with the Internet, they will have difficulty keeping the Golden Dawn message out. The progressives are on the cusp of total victory worldwide, but the natives (that’ us) are getting restless and the prog’s can’t handle it.

  • BAW

    Fascists and communists are both leftists, according to the strict definition of the word. The main difference is that fascists appeal to race and ethnicity and communists appeal to socioeconomic class.

    • brengunn

      Wrong. Fascists are right wing and believe in right wing economic policies.

      • RisingReich

        Wrong. Fascism is the balancing of economic activity with unity FOR the PEOPLE. Economic activity that hurts and destroys the People and its culture is strictly prohibited.

        Do some non-biased reading.

      • jambi19

        “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” -Benito Mussolini

        I always love how the university lightweights always brand anything right of Stalin as fascist right wing.

        • iberianpride

          Gun confiscation in Nazi Germany? that’s incorrect, they actually made it easier for Germans to own guns.

          • jambi19

            Not for German Jews my iberian friend. They were all confiscated. Yes they did relax some rules of ownership for party members but remember firearms were outlawed by the Weimer Republic and no one would claim that was a right wing regime.

            And here while exporting NAZISM,

            “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian territories.”-Adolf Hitler citation: Hitler’s Table Talk

            Sounds a lot like the $PLC worried about all those militia men to me.

            Not that it was much of a rule change….Stalin imposed gun control at the time as well as all communists (and leftists) do.

            Are you living in Spain/Portugal by any chance? Please don’t believe the European media outlets blaming “American Gun Culture” causing violence claiming we are all “rednecks” shooting each other. The crime rates in USA cities is overwhelmingly caused by africans. In fact when you compare crime rates of whites in USA they are almost identical to the more homogenous European country crime rates. Pleasure talking with you. I love the way Espania/Portugal national football teams play. Hopefully they do well in the upcoming World Cup qualifying.

          • Gunrunner1

            Only non-germans had guns taken away

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Collectivism is collectivism and tyranny is tyranny

      • Morris LeChat

        and that is what we have right now. Collectivism and tyranny, a tyranny where the white man is the enemy of the state.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          Exactly, call it whatever you want, Marxism, Communism, Fascism, “Democracy”, it’s collectivist totalitarianism that is anti-White and must be destroyed.

  • steve7789

    Over here we call the Guardian “the Grauniad” because of its constant spelling mistakes.

    • jambi19

      LOL was that a tongue in cheek? Who could vote for the illiterate Labour Party? They can’t even spell!

      • Pat

        The anagram Grauniad was first used by the satirical magazine Private Eye. In the days of hot metal presses The (Manchester, no longer used) Guardian, for some reason, used to be full of typo errors. Today it is a paper that goes hand in hand with the BBC (our biggest enemy).

        • jambi19

          Thank you sir. I understand the context now. Good day.

          • Pat

            That’s O.K., jambi19. Regards Pat(ricia)

  • Ralph

    I think we are at the point where we can start verbally attacking the attackers and that this will reap benefits and support, if done correctly. No more apologies for trying to stop White genocide and no more politeness to those who are in any way furthering our genocide.

    Call them out as genocidists. Genocidist! Genocidist! Genocidist! Genocidist! Don’t even let them talk….Genocidist! Genocidist!

    • Morris LeChat

      HELL YEAH!!!!

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Ask them why they hate White children so much.

    • François

      Way to go, Ralph!

  • Bobby

    The Guardian, like most English publications, cannot see clearly when it comes to anything that reminds them of Germans, so white hot is their hatred of these folks. It’s evident in Englands gossip rags, newspapers, and every form of media. All you have to do is go there and observe. As far as I’m concerned the Brutish will earn everything they deserve.

    • Pat

      ‘white hot’ I find a bit over the top. None of us in Europe actually ‘like’ each other that much, we have long histories, you could say the same about the French, for example, and these feelings are returned. Their media is just as quick to put the knife in. I think you misinterpret the ‘culture’ difference between American and European attitudes. In normal times (and we are not in them now admittedly) whites do not always see eye to eye. The article is about the rise of neo nazis in Greece and yet senior figures among Greek Americans vehemently oppose it. There, for example, is a culture difference between us that I do not understand – how can you be American AND Greek? You probably ‘get it’ perfectly, I don’t.

      By the way The Guardian would be the very last paper to support us British leaving the European Union which many, rightly or wrongly, see as being run by the Germans.

      • ConcernedYoungAmerican

        Being an American is an “idea” that has its roots in the protest against the European monarchical system and in the Enlightenment in general. The problem, as we’re quickly discovering, is that this “idea” only applies when America is a pan-European melting pot adapted to Anglo-Saxon common law and traditions, and that’s why Greek-Americans fit in quite nicely. We’ve been on the steady decline since 1965, when we ended the “Europeans only” immigration policies in the heyday of “civil rights” and let in the Other.

        • Pat

          Thank you for that. I still see you all as ‘Americans’ you really do not need to be anything else. Our ‘decline’ began much sooner in 1948 when we sent out a ship to fetch them!! Google MV Empire Windrush. Ironically this vessel in a former existence was a German troopship. I did not realise that 1965 was your significant year.

          I come onto this site in the hope that one day I will read the definitive article on WHY this idiocy has happened to us, WHO did it and HOW this could possibly be an improvement in their eyes. Regards Pat

          • ConcernedYoungAmerican

            I wasn’t aware of the story of the Windrush, but I do remember reading that Churchill (a distant cousin of mine actually) warned that there would be trouble if “colored people” settled in the UK and Enoch Powell reaffirmed this in his “Rivers of Blood” speech. Unfortunately, both men were mocked and derided by the British Establishment at the time. Their prophecies, from what I understand, have renewed the British peoples’ reverence for them in these troubling times, however.

            I suspect that the same people responsible for America’s changes in her immigration laws in 1965 were behind yours (and France’s, Holland’s, etc.): Google: “Jewish involvement in immigration policies.”

          • François

            I think although the process started before he came to power, Tony Blair would seem to have done a lot to turn Britain into what it is now.

        • danny

          In my experience greek americans actually only sort of fit—most are not very well assimilated and don’t identify with America. Some might agree with golden dawn b/c of it’s loyalty to Greece, but most could care less about loyalty to America, and generally support the multicultural, anti white agenda.

      • Bobby

        Thanks for the insight. All I can say, is that having visited England, and noticed what ‘s written in all the gossip rags and even regular so -called legitimate papers concerning the Germans, I was blown away. It’s like they’re still fighting WW11.

        • Pat

          I understand what you are saying, but like I said they are no better. If there is some catastrophe in England the German press has a field day. I know this because ours then re-print it to let us know what they are saying! Lots of schadenfreude all round. Different nations take different cultural approaches to life and a huge number of misunderstandings occur. In Britain we tend to see the funny side in ‘sending up’ , Germans tend not to, just one of those things. One of the most successful British T.V. comedy series (Dad’s Army) was set during the second world war and it was all about us laughing at us getting it wrong. Naturally I prefer my way ….

          Laugh and the world laughs with you,
          Weep and you weep alone… your great poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote.
          Regards Pat

          • Bobby

            It doesn’t instill much confidence in the Pan European, or Pan European-Americans ideal, so many white nationalists are always babbling about. Does it? As the number of white people across the globe shrinks to what, 7 percent?, we are still bickering about historical events that happened more than half a century ago!!!! P.S. I’ve always respected the English, for their great sensibilities and iin general style. When I graduated from college, my uncle who was a fanatical pipe smoker, bought me a graduation present, consisting of a pipe rack, tobacco, and best of all a Comoys of London, pipe. I still have that pipe and it’s still in beautiful condition. It has actually become very rare, since Comoys went out of business.

      • François

        Yes, of course, we have long histories. But we can no longer afford to fight among ourselves. The world has changed a lot, and it is still changing. And not for the best!

    • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

      ‘As far as I’m concerned the Brutish will earn everything they deserve.’

      They already have.

      London is a 3rd world sewer where White British are a minority.

      (I do feel sort of bad for British children who didn’t do anything to deserve this though)

      • François

        If London has become like that, then I am sad, because it used to be a brilliant city!

  • Jim G

    Some person in Florida may or may not have put up a sign in the 1920s declaring no dogs or Greeks allowed.

    How does one imagined or real off color anti-Greek sign compare with the hundreds of government anti-White programs that we have experienced in the last 50 years?

    Even if there were a massive protest against Greeks, Irish, Germans, Poles, or any European ethnic group that should have no bearing on our obligation to combat non-White immigration today.

    The Big Lie is that the New Immigrants are just like our ancestors.

    • saxonsun

      Quite so. My Greek grandparents came here by way of Ellis Island–legally. They learned English, saved their money and bought their own business. They were always proud to be Americans and they understood very clearly that they owed this nation, not vice versa.

    • Paleoconn

      Agreed, I take those stories with a grain of salt. Ditto the No Irish Need Apply mythology.

  • The__Bobster

    “We are all immigrants in Canada,” added Kamperidis, referring to Golden Dawn’s tactic of tapping into anti-immigrant resentment.
    Oh, really? Do the traditional Canadians know that?

    Greek Americans proudly recount how, almost alone among ethnic minorities, they actively participated in the civil rights movement.

    Odd, I remember only one ethnic minority marching alongside the spoonies to sell out the White race…….and they certainly weren’t Greeks.

    • François

      “Oh, really? Do the traditional Canadians know that?”

      What we do know, is that, that lie is what is said to immigrants from the Third World by people working for the federal governement, in Ottawa. And racially and culturally aware Canadians, resent the Hell out of it. Believe me.

      It is one of our former prime ministers, the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who threw the old constitution out through the window, to replace it with a new one, written by him (and a team of people chosen by him). And that piece of trash says that Canada is an officially multicultural country! So the foreigners who come here, are free to reproduce their alien way of life, to the point where a group of Sikh actually were allowed to attend a hearing of the Supreme court, wearing their traditional kirpans (traditional knives, who the Sikh say are just religious apparel).

  • The__Bobster

    Amid rumours of backing from wealthy shipowners, it has succeeded in opening party offices across Greece.

    Too bad none of America’s wealthy will support our side.

    • François

      One of them did: Ross Perot.

  • Robert Marchenoir

    As much as White nationalists might approve of Golden Dawn anti-immigration policies, it is undeniably Nazi. Sometimes, even the Guardian prints the truth.

    Golden Dawn :

    – Is nationalist.
    – Is socialist.
    – Is antisemitic.
    – Is anti-American.
    – Is violent.
    – Threatens and intimidates journalists.
    – Makes them stand up at a press conference when the party leader enters the room.
    – Reads the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Parliament (presenting it as a genuine and truthful essay on Jews).
    – Punches female politicians while “debating” them on television.
    – Physically attacks immigrants.
    – Enjoys broad support among Greek police (which has not a reputation for democratic mores).
    – Has a leader who used to publish a neo-nazi magazine.
    – Has a leader who is a Holocaust-denier.
    – Has a name which refers to Nazism.
    – Has a symbol which suggests the swastika.
    – Has members who joke about putting immigrants in ovens and making soap out of them.

    Apart from plastering photographs of Hitler on the walls, you cannot get more Nazi than that.

    • Morris LeChat

      Sir, you do not understand, right now we think we need NAZIs. The NAZIs were FOR white people, our politicians, media and all the violent minorities in our midst, are AGAINST us. IF it has come to the point that NAZIs are the only one that can help us, then we will take that help. If we have been put in the position where we have to choose between our own oblivion, and the oblivion of the jews… well, guess what choice we will make. In the end , it is the liberals fault for wiping out every real rightist p[arty and force in our countries. More acceptable options sadly are not available.

      • Bobby

        I love it Morris, especially the part about Pelosi. I remember when this flake had the audacity to call Americans NAZI’S, simply because they wanted to meet with her in the Town Halls that their taxes paid for. Seems to me Mrs. Pelosi is the Nazi. Funny how certain words, titles, can be twisted around to suit certain agendas.

        • Morris LeChat

          Yes, this is my point, we have been called Nazis so many times that we just don’t care anymore. We’re supporting Golden Dawn!

    • libertarian 1234

      I’m in the process of reading material regarding what Golden Dawn is all about. I’m just getting into it, but what I’ve learned so far is that your list of items denigrating the group is exaggerated or copied from the radical leftist press who is quick to call any group Nazis and the like if they’re any place on the right at all.

      The Tea Party is loudly denounced as Nazis also, and that’s preposterous.

      Your great worry should be that multiculturalism is unsustainable, and we’re seeing it in the beginning stages of collapse in the US and Europe. As the world economy continues to deteriorate, so too will multiculturalism…….with or without Golden Dawn.

      Greece isn’t the only European nation where far right parties are gaining in strength and numbers. And they will continue to grow whether they’re demonized or not.

      • Morris LeChat

        The left was very successful in driving out all parties right of center. Even parties just slightly right of center have been demonized as being NAZIs. Where we are now is we have an extreme political vacuum on the right, and a total immunity to any chastisement concerning race and intolerance. People are starting to embrace nationalism. It has been forbidden so long, the left has dominated so long, that the political climate has become stale, stifling, devoid of oxygen, lifeless. Nationalism and racial nationalism is more than just a breath of fresh air, it is an invigorating infusion of youth, life, energy, joy, and above all LIBERATION!!!!

        • Gunrunner1

          You are on target and taking names! Well said Sir! Load HE and fire for effect, I’ve got your Six!

        • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

          Joy through racism

          • Morris LeChat

            HEY< I'M claiming the copyright for that one!

      • Paleoconn

        Good point. The media has successfully branded LePen’s party as Nazi, whereas they are merely proud Frenchmen, proud Christians, proud Whites. And they have a good 20% support from the population, as GD has about 12%. This cannot be denied. They want to preserve their civilization, and there is nothing racist or Nazi about that. It’s a basic need for self-preservation.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      I’ll take pro-White Nazis over anti-White progressives any day

      • Hunter Morrow

        Christ, that link lasted this long? The Moderator “Tribe” is asleep at the wheel.

    • newscomments70

      – Is anti-American….I don’t recognize our current government either. I’m pro WWII America but extremely anti-Obama (anti-white) America
      – Is violent….we cannot win our countries back by being passive.
      – Threatens and intimidates journalists….If the journalists are liberal and anti-white, which they usually are, good! It is a taste of their own medicine.
      – Makes them stand up at a press conference when the party leader enters the room.
      good! humiliate the liberal scum whenever possible. It’s about time.
      – Punches female politicians while “debating” them on television….if the decisions made by these politicians are resulting in white children being raped by blacks, they deserve at least that.
      – Physically attacks immigrants……”immigrants” have turned low crime Athens into a third world rape capital. Criminal immigrants should be brutally attacked. Non-violent illegals should at least be handcuffed and taken away.
      – Enjoys broad support among Greek police (which has not a reputation for democratic mores)…..they are helping the police fight violent crime and racial attacks on whites.
      – Has a leader who used to publish a neo-nazi magazine….used to?? You used to crap your pants as child, how far back in time should we go to judge someone?
      – Has a name which refers to Nazism…anyone who disagress with a liberal is hysterically labeled a nazi.
      – Has a symbol which suggests the swastika…When blacks were brutally attacking innocent whites after “Trayvon”, Neo-nazis were the only ones to stand up and defend the innocents. I support nazis more than I support our current goverment…who wants to exterminate us.
      – Has members who joke about putting immigrants in ovens and making soap out of them….if the immigrants are rapists and murders, and many of them are, I hope they do it for real.

      • twopenceworth

        What a massive bunch of lies. Do you live here? I do and what you say is nonsense. Your comment is full of violence, hatred and lies. Sadly, your friends here will swallow it as truth.

      • Token Finn

        The thing about “punching” a woman was really overblown. She attacked him first by throwing papers at him and he slapped her. Slapped, not punched. There’s a big difference as far as potential results are concerned.

        • Morris LeChat

          Still, I think Pelosi needs a fist in her face.I hear Barney Frank has had a fist up his ass for years but he needs one in the face as well.

      • Paleoconn

        Agreed. On your first point, I like to call it anti-Washington. That is more accurate.

    • Cape to Cairo

      So is this a checklist of things that are required to save white countries?

    • blight14

      I’m sorry, I must have missed the ‘bad’ part(s)…………..Hail Golden Dawn!

    • Token Finn

      You cannot have a nation without nationalism. I don’t buy the threats and violence thing, on a large scale, that is. Most non-white immigrants approve of violence or oppression against/of whites and nobody is getting alarmed about that, except for the ‘nazis’. The rule of law loses its moral authority in a multicultified society. It’s hypocritical for the legal system to act high and mighty about whites fighting back on the streets, when the same government launched the immigrants as biological weapons from abroad and refuses to listen. Nazis are just like a warning symptom; when you place your hand on a hot stove or smell something really bad, it’s not very nice but it keeps you from being horribly burned or poisoned. Nazis are like that warning sign; you may be offended by it but it’s not the messenger that is the problem. Why else are not there any nazi problems in homogenous white societies?

    • jeffaral

      I this list describes Golden Dawn, I am gonna join them right now!

    • Gunrunner1

      “- Is socialist.” So is most of Europe.
      “- Is antisemitic.” Good
      “- Is anti-American.” That can be changed. I am Anti-American when I see what my Country is doing to its White founding stock.

      “- Is violent.” Unfortunate but necessary.

      “- Threatens and intimidates journalists.” Journalists are the shock troops of the left. Why do they get special treatment?

      – Makes them stand up at a press conference when the party leader enters the room.” Damnright, a little respect. We ask the press to stand when the President enters the room.

      “- Reads the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Parliament (presenting it as a genuine and truthful essay on Jews).” Even if it is not written by the Jews, not one part of it is inaccurate ABOUT the Jews.

      “- Punches female politicians while “debating” them on television.” Bad form, needs to be changed
      “- Physically attacks immigrants.” Oh Dear, attacks invaders! Good.

      “- Enjoys broad support among Greek police (which has not a reputation for democratic mores).” Excellent, wish we had such.

      “- Has a leader who used to publish a neo-nazi magazine.” So? We have Journalists that support Anti-White genocide. Your Point?

      “- Has a leader who is a Holocaust-denier.” We have leaders who believe in UFO’s. Your Point?
      “- Has a name which refers to Nazism.” Call his parents!

      “- Has a symbol which suggests the swastika.” Boo Hoo!

      “- Has members who joke about putting immigrants in ovens and making soap out of them.” GOOD, they will only respect FEAR. Whites will never be safe till the enemy FEARS to touch a White. Right now they reguard us as a joke. A little rhetoric will help.

    • Sun

      I agree the Golden Dawn is probably a Nazi party despite calling themselves a simple “nationalist” party. But many things on your list doesn’t prove that they’re Nazis. So I guess the list that you rendered attempted to prove some authoritarian anti democratic streak which then equals Nazism.

      They (and some here) claim it is a meander on their flag, but the colors (black, white, red) clearly shows something different.

      (btw the guy punched a communist on t.v. not justifying but just saying she was only a “female” is a little dishonest.)

      Nazism, Fascism, and Nationalism are not the same things. But I don’t expect many to understand that (especially those on the left that group them together). Just like right wingers don’t understand the difference between socialism, communism, Stalinism.

    • So why does it exist? It sounds evil. Why have people turned to groups like that in the past? Are they genetically flawed? History suggests people turn to groups like this out of desperation. If history is correct, then why are the Greeks desperate? You people on the Left are great at witch hunts but never ask why the person turned into a witch in the first place. In fact if enough witches show up, than you declare witch-craft normal.

      If Golden Dawn and their knock-offs become the new normal in Europe, you people of the Left will be leading their parades.

    • Paleoconn

      Are you French? Do you have any of your own original opinions on GD or LePen’s party?

  • Hunter Morrow

    Any group that gets called fascist and nazi 13 times in 800 words must be doing something right!

    • Morris LeChat

      HELL YEAH!!!!!

    • François

      There is a saying, that was first used by WWII war veterans, if I am not mistaken: you know you are over the target, when you are getting flak!

      I think in this case, and similar situations, it can very well be applied.

  • mikegerard

    Howdy Friend,
    I have a tshirt press in my house and would be willing to put this logo on a tshirt for you as long as you reimburse me for the shirt and shipping. I’m not looking to make a profit on this one…just glad to help spread the word! If you are interested email me at [email protected]
    Instead of me making a profit you can make a donation to Golden Dawn in the amount of whatever you think is fare.

    • Cape to Cairo

      A refresher course in homonyms would be fair.

      • Unperson

        He might have meant “fare” as in the money you pay to a cabbie or bus driver. That way his sentence would still work.

  • LHathaway

    in one paragraph Golden Dawn is only found appealing to old school immigrants who know all this esoteric details of history. In the very next paragraph, Golden Dawn is said only to have appeal to those who know nothing of History. . wonder if the origina authors will ever read this comment

    by the way. . are they trying to incite violence. . telling us this group must be stopped and warning us how dangerous it could be if they are not?

  • Cape to Cairo

    If you don’t like “Golden Down”, then you’ll just love “White Dawn”.

    • Cape to Cairo

      Sorry. I meant “Dawn” in the first instance.

      • Gunrunner1

        “White Dawn”! I love it. We are not German, Greek or Russian or English or American anymore. It is Fight for the White or join the Sumerians in History,

        Fight for the White! No enemies to the White of me!

        • Unperson

          “No enemies to the White of me!”
          Nice one. I’ll have to remember to “borrow” that sometime.

  • LHathaway

    “Any group that gets called fascist and nazi 13 times in 800 words must be doing something right”!

    Sad but true. As the jacket squeezes tighter and tighter we will take any way out. ‘We’ may be becoming the majority. Soon ‘we’ may stand for all whites. Do we all Feel it? I wonder if we do?

    Even the whites you hate, and the ones who do the most to support the narrowing of the squeeze. They may be beginning to really feel it too.

    Now, their greatest fear is no longer being caught in the trap (and something they will do anything to avoid – putting you in the corner, if necessary, in feeble hope of avoiding the trap themselves). Their fear now is that they are in the trap too. And make no mistake, they understand it and fear it more than we do. They’ve helped create it. Coaxed it. Built this new ‘morality’, overseen this conveyer belt as it thrives by pushing us in. Pushed countless of us in. Countless times, countless days. It feeds on fear, runs on it. It’s why it works. They understand the tightening of the belt and it’s true nature, and it’s intended horror, greater than we possibly could.

    They’ve finally come to suspect they are in the trap too?

    If there is a way out, and you don’t have to die, why not take it?

  • GM (Australia)

    This article is from the very left leaning UK Guardian Newspaper but it does seem that many Australian Greeks are concerned about Golden Dawn becoming involved here in Australia. Australia has a very large Greek population. most are at least 2nd or 3rd generation, descendants of the families who migrated here to escape the poverty and civil unrest of post-war Greece. Most of these Greek Australians are now doing very well thank you very much, particularly in business and the professions and are part of mainstream Australian society, many regard themselves as 100% Australian..Perhaps they are not overly concerned about what is happening to their ancestral homeland.

    BUT, one dear elderly Greek gentleman that I have had some long talks with told me once that the only time his country was ever run properly was when the Nazis were in control! It seems there have been problems in Greece with every other government they have had since independence from the Turks, be it the , Monarchy, the Generals, the Socialists and more lately the EU. I don’t agree that Golden Dawn is a Nazi party but perhaps they are just another desperate (or even sensible) solution in desperate times.

    Many Greek migrants really did suffer awful discrimination here in Australia back in the 1950s, again perhaps because of these memories Greeks here just want them to distance themselves from any potential political instability that may result from involvement with GD. I feel that the Jury will be out for a long time over GD getting involved with ex-pat Greeks.

  • jeffaral

    Powerful Jewish organisations in Europe are pressuring the EU and the Greek government to shut down Golden Down. I”d advise them to mind their own business. Greece belongs to Greeks.

    • Morris LeChat

      How can the Jews in Europe really be so powerful when they are getting pushed out of France by ever rising levels of violence. There is a contradiction between the two postions. Personally, I think political correctness and the anti white mentality is something that the European socialists have internalized. I don’t think there are jews behind the phenomenon in Europe. I think there is a political class that bet it’s future on selling their people out. They are modern day “Vortigerns”. Like the demoncrats, and even the republicans, they thought that they could assure their positions of power by inviting in foreign elements that will always look to them and vote for them. It was a very foolish strategy. Only the very stupid, incompetent politicians chart such transparently stupid courses.

  • watling

    The Guardian is an extremist newspaper so its opinions and loaded language can be ignored.

  • Michael Mason

    “Nationalism…[is] not part of our spiritual or cultural heritage.”
    Greece has a history of defending European soil from non-whites that goes back to ancient times. It’s EVERY PART of their cultural heritage. But I guess that coward was referring to the liberal communist bastardization of Greek culture that has taken place in the last century…
    If and when Golden Dawn gains the majority vote, their #1 priority should be to break away from the European Union.
    I just laugh at the situation of the left-wing in Greece. If they leave the matter alone, support for the Golden Dawn will grow. If they try to ban free speech or prohibit Golden Dawn activities, support for it will still only grow. They’ve been reduced to the power of only being able to conjure up B.S. propaganda against it.

  • mike5586

    ““Unfortunately, the Greek state does not seem to realise the urgency of the situation,” he told an audience in Athens.”

    Of course they do, which is why the largest conservative party is buddying up with the Golden Dawn – they see the writing on the walls.

    • Paleoconn

      I don’t think they are. And the so-called conservative party there is pretty leftist. They’re just not as left as PASOK and Syriza and the bona fide commie KKE.

      • mike5586

        True. But the recent piece of legislation aimed at illegals seems to be something of an olive branch at the least.

        The KKE and Syria are crazy, and eventually the conservatives will have to pair up with Golden Dawn due to having done such a shoddy job, or lose power. Career politicians never pick the latter.

        • Paleoconn

          I agree, and I applaud the ND party’s cojones at least for doing something before it’s too late, unlike the bulk of the Repulsicans here. Today’s Taki Mag opinion piece is pretty good. GD is a reaction to the thieving, totalitarian left that has all but ruined a country which was in much, much better shape under the Colonels’ junta of 67-74. Even my Greek friends, who are lefties, in their conversations, almost every other sentence betray a longing and nostalgia for those days when Greece was Greek and respected its traditions, culture, religion, history.

  • The Final Solution

    I have a hard time seeing the Greeks as allies. They are dark skinned, loud-mouthed, and failures at just about everything like the Spaniards. They don’t seem at all like white people to me.

    • Paleoconn

      The origin of western civilization is Greece. Greeks fought Islam from the start, for 7 centuries Byzantium defending as best it could the barbarian invasions. They were betrayed by the Latins in the 4th Crusade and later by other Western groups, but if not for the Eastern Romans, we could all be bowing towards Mecca today.

      • François

        And they fought, and defeated, the Persian empire, didn’t they?

        • Paleoconn

          You bet, if we want to further in the past for a pivotal moment in history that could have resulted in our world today being an oriental one, and Western civ snuffed out in its infancy. The land battle of Marathon in 490 BC then at sea at Salamis in 480BC, this last one preceded by the Spartans’ heroism at Thermopylae. Then, of course, Alexander’s humbling of Persia until the rise of Rome was secure.

          • AugustusAlexander

            it’s kind of funny because the Persians were the bad ass super powers of the day. Then got to the Greeks who were much smaller scale and the greeks said “fuk you!” And wrecked them.

          • Hage

            You must watch a lot of 300 movies, let me tell you that is not a good source of information. The Greeks actually had a lot of aid, including various grain shipments from Egypt who were also fighting the Persians. There were also other Greek forces fighting alongside the 300 but morons wouldn’t know that.

            The Persians didn’t really need the Greek lands that badly, so they simply went back and retreated once they were stopped. It was the Persians that went back out of choice not the Greeks that made them so. They actually could have stomped the Balkans if they wanted to, as the Turks would later prove, but they simply didn’t. Stop reading propoganda lol!

          • AugustusAlexander

            Way to state a bunch of other stuff then say i don’t know history. Should i go find all of your post and add historical information and then go “Ha! You are a retard.”

            It would be like if you said “the civil war was not fought over slavery.” Then i replied “You watching too many Glory/gettysburg movies it was fought over a tons of issues like x,y and z.”

            I know all of the stuff you just stated and my statement was a general statement towards the Greeks, Is what i said not true? Did the Greeks not send them home? Or should i write you a detailed essay of all Greek and non-Greek parties involved when referring to the Greco-Persian wars?

            I really do not understand what relevance your response has to do with mine? I assume you meant to reply to someone else because nothing i said conflicts with what you say…..but yet you are acting like im wrong and you are basically just giving a more detailed version of what i wrote.

          • Hage

            I am not anti-White, but I would just like to correct you and you were wrong by your above statements historically speaking.

            You mistake is that you assumed the only squad of the 300 held off the Persians as depicted in that stupid movie, The reality is that the 300 had lots of help not only from various other Greek legions but also from other countries such as Egypt whom shipped grain shipments to Greece to divide the Persian army. The Persians already had a ton of land stretching all the way from Afghanistan to Anatolia but taking the Greeks were not of importance nor a great loss to the Persian empire to recuperate from.

            Persians are also part of the Caucasian branch of humanity, so in a way they are related to the Greeks however the Turks ended up conquering the Balkans very swiftly. I believe they are an Altaic group. The original Aryans were not Nordics, they would be most likely be modern day Wogs or be discriminated against in early America when they were prejudiced againsts Meds.

          • AugustusAlexander

            When they hell did i say 300? I never said 300…..i really do not know what the heck you are reading. I said Greeks …key word….”Greeks,” Not Spartans not Athenians but GREEKS. Once again go read what i wrote and then write a long post that somehow what i wrote is conflicting with history or what you are saying. I think you read the post above mine which stated “Spartans,” i however know it was not jut Spartans it was various groups from Greece. You mean to respond to the guy i am responding too…..

          • François

            The ironic thing is that the Persian empire, in the very beginning, was built by kings who were of Indo-European blood. And that civilisation used to have a caste system, like in India and Egypt. But with time, the Indo-Europeans (nordic Whites) of the upper castes mixed their blood with that of the indigenous peoples their own ancestorts had conquered… The same in Nidia and Egypt. And then, the decline of those powerful civilisations came.

            Could there be a lesson to be understood, and learnt, there?

            Now, in the US, a mulatto president sits in the Oval office… Does it remind you of something…?

          • Hage

            There is no proof that Indo-europeans were nordic looking, most of them looked like Meds, also there was no real caste system in the Persian empire or in Egypt. Egypt was not built by nordics, anyone who believes that is a moron.

            All of the paintings show that Iranic people were anything but Nordic, they were anything but swarthy. Real nordics were in the bottom of the caste heriarchy in Rome because they were used as slaves for gladiators fighting and entertainement purposes. Just read Roman accounts of Germanics or lands beyond their known borders. The real Aryans invaded the balkan, eastern, central parts of Europe and mixed while bringing order to the inferior nordics. They were black haired and black eyed and somewhat swarthy sorry.

    • François

      Failures? So much about Western civilisation is based on the culture of classical Greece!

      Some are dark skinned, yes. But some actaully have blond hair and blue or green eyes.

      Those among them who are dark skinned, probably have turkish blood in their genealogy.

      • Hage

        There are Turks with light features, are people here this dumb?

    • AugustusAlexander

      I know you may be of northern Euro decent and seem “different” but i feel you might be missing the big picture. Greeks are white and European they are one of the first notable white nations to emerge and guard the mouth of Europe from non-whites.

      Just as i am not racist and openly accept Skinheads, racists and any other white person i hope you can relax your tight views for all those who call themselves and consider themselves white and European.

      What happens if whites like yourself and mine leave countries like Greece, Armenia and others out in the cold? It will just be the further advancement of non-white culture into the heart of Europe and closer to the places where your ancestors are from.

      I would rather have Greece remaining ethnic Greeks then kick them out of the club and slowly watch them be turned into some other country and identifying with the turks or something like that.

      Anyways im sure you are not stupid and i hope you will support all peoples claiming and supporting euro ancestry, playing the “one drop of blood” game is unproductive.

  • Charlie Brown

    Very heartwarming. If the Greeks were the ones to save Western Civlization in this its hour of need, it would be so poetic and symmetrical, since they gave birth to it also.

  • The article studiously avoids any analysis of why Golden Dawn has come to any prominence in the first place. It’s a typical Leftist media article that treats a phenomena (that scares them) like a disease. All the buzz-words “conservative”, “far-right” etc. and cherry picked quotes from Golden Dawn leaders are included. The “Nazi-like” salutes and symbols are especially quaint.

    This article should be analyzing how the EU is incubating nationalism, Greece being a case study as to how the EUtopia is backfiring. The tear-jerking illegal immigrant news stories won’t have the same effect when citizens are dumpster diving and watching their kids starve. All thats left of European socialism is the inertia and illusions.

  • Paleoconn

    Golden Dawn is accused of intimidation and violence. However, the leftist and anarchist groups in Greece are the violent and intimidating ones. They are the ones that give no quarter and accept no dissent. Totalitarianism is their way. And it’s their way, or the highway.

  • One wonders how much the article has picked one set of descriptive words in order to defame Golden Dawn, when many other kinds of words could have describe the same thing, but without painting everything in such a negative way about Golden Dawn.

    The amount of defamation in the media is in proportion to how open a group is about not feeling good about the replacement of our people (whites).