Gang of Eight Bill Opens Door to Bigger Amnesty

Fred Bauer, National Review, April 16, 2013

Over at Talking Points MemoBenjy Sarlin has posted a legislative summary of the Gang of Eight immigration-reform proposal, which is due to be released by tomorrow. Assuming this summary draft is accurate, one thing is clear: This proposal truly lives up to the name of “comprehensive immigration reform.” It would be a far-ranging proposal, one that would substantially transform the immigration system of the United States. The major parts of the bill seem to include: a process for legalizing current illegal immigrants, a few provisions for enforcement, new provisions for employer-based immigration, new provisions for guest workers, and a legalization and guest-worker program for agricultural workers. The Los Angeles Times has a fair summary of the bill, as does Justin Green. {snip}

{snip} Most media reports describe the bill as offering a “path to citizenship” for around 11 million illegal immigrants, but the number of illegal immigrants legalized by the bill could be much larger than that. According to this summary, illegal immigrants could register for “Registered Provisional Immigrant Status” if they have resided in the United States since December 31, 2011. This status could be maintained for six years and could be renewed for another six years. After ten years in RPI status, individuals could apply for a green card. There is no requirement that an immigrant need to have worked to receive RPI status. What is not made clear in this summary is how an individual would prove that he had been in the U.S. since December 2011. Would a sworn affidavit be enough? The possibility for fraud could be extensive.

Moreover, it seems that family members of individuals in RPI status could themselves apply for RPI status. The summary states the following:

Spouses and children of people in RPI status can be petitioned for as derivatives of the principal applicant (but must be in the United States at the time).


In addition to this family provision, individuals who are currently under removal orders are eligible to apply for RPI status, as are individuals who have been deported if they are a spouse or parent of a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen or someone who would be eligible for DREAM Act provisions.

{snip} The H-1B visa program would be considerably expanded, with the base cap growing from 65,000 visas a year to 110,000 visas a year. In later years, the cap could grow as high as 180,000 visas a year.

This Gang of Eight proposal would also create a new W-visa for foreign nationals to work in the United States. This visa would focus on what legislators consider “lower skilled” positions. {snip}


{snip} The cap for the W-visa will start at 20,000 per year and climb to 75,000 per year by the fourth year. After the fourth year, the cap will be determined by a complex statistical formula and by the commissioner’s discretion. The W-visa alone could have hundreds of thousands of supposedly “temporary” workers coming into the U.S. over the course of a decade, and these visa-holders would also be allowed to bring their immediate family members with them. {snip}


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  • What is not clear here is if/when the illegals would get work permits (which is the real amnesty, in spite of everything else). I presume it would happen immediately or in very short order.

    • The__Bobster

      Would they even need them when no one is illegal anymore?

  • Snowhitey

    Americans claim they don’t want amnesty but will vote the same criminals in, again and again. So, where is the real problem?

    • The__Bobster

      They vote in Juan MexCain and Goober Grahamnesty knowing that they will be betrayed again and again. It’s insanity.

      • Anon12

        Makes me wonder WHO really does count the votes? I have always heard it doesn’t matter how you vote only matters who counts those votes. We do know by now that they want Whites the world over either slaves or dead. Take your pick.

        Problem is we sit here and do nothing but talk and complain and it still gets worse. So what do we do? Reasoning, being nice, debating hasn’t gotten us anywhere. In fact, it has buried us.

    • So CAL Snowman

      The real problem is that Americans believe voting will solve anything.

      • Erasmus

        Voting solves nothing. When they pass amnesty, the republicans lose their base. NO ONE will forget that they worked side-by-side with the dems to sell out their country.

        The dems sell out their country for principle, albeit very wrong ones. They republicans are selling out their country and their fellow citizens for money.I have detested the dems for a long time, but what the mainstream republican party has become, I now hate even more.

  • The__Bobster

    ADD, Adelson Dollar Disorder. They’ve been bought and paid for.

  • So CAL Snowman

    They need to turn a White, first world super power into a third world brown malaise so that there will be no opposition to a Global Communist World.

  • bigone4u

    “The Devil is in the details.” That old saying describes this monstrosity of treason authored by cheap politicians in the pockets of the fat cat Wall Street types. I rarely wish ill of anyone sot I have to resist the wishful thinking that McCain should have died in a North Vietnamese prison and that Graham should have been the victim of an illegal abortion. OK, I’ll resist those thoughts but I will not resist saying clearly that I look forward to the day when the Gang of Eight are charged, tried, and convicted of treason, then expelled to their beloved Mexico.

    • IstvanIN

      Too bad we can not go back in time.

    • George White

      No, don’t resist those thoughts. They should die of cancer in screaming agony.

  • fakeemail

    Because to them, America isn’t a country where people actually live, talk to each other, and try to make families and communities. It’s just an economic pissing ground where anyone can be brought in if they work cheap enough. They’d be willing to over-populate this country to the point that we couldn’t move and we had to be fed by floating machines above our head; if it will earn them an extra buck or vote. Our politicians don’t care; they live in nice neighborhoods away from the diversity they so graciously bring us.

    • Jefferson

      I thought liberals were against overpopulation, apparently not anymore.

      • Extropico

        The desire to eradicate the White majority founding stock of America is so great that the Sierra Club money backers refused to permit them to oppose open borders.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          George Soros bribed the Sierra Club to remain silent on massive Fourth-World immigration. He doesn’t care; his money insulates him from the consequences.

  • Anon12

    We are doomed as a race and a nation. This has been just another pathway to DELIBERATELY destroy our race and our nation from the enemy within. There will soon be 100,000 more Mexicans in our country bleeding us dry in every way. There are at the very least 30 to 40 MILLION here now! Unless we DO something NOW, there is no future for our White children whatsoever. They will live in misery and bondage., Thanks to all of us adults for the last 60 years that have done nothing to stop our insane government and the 3rd world immigration/invasion

    Don’t forget this part…….read it carefully then you can just estimate how many tens of thousands more that will add and then presto! they will soon have babies here so they will become “American citizens” at birth….just what we need more of.

    “The W-visa alone could have hundreds of thousands of supposedly
    “temporary” workers coming into the U.S. over the course of a decade,
    and these visa-holders would also be allowed to bring their immediate
    family members with them. {snip}”

  • JohnEngelman

    The H-1B visa program would be considerably expanded, with the base cap growing from 65,000 visas a year to 110,000 visas a year. In later years, the cap could grow as high as 180,000 visas a year.

    – Fred Bauer, National Review, April 16, 2013

    There goes any reason for a college student to major in computer technology. Computer programmers used to be able to get secure well paying jobs with good benefits. Now they move hundreds of miles at their expense for contract positions paying $25 – $30 an hour with no benefits, and no training for anything more marketable. These positions last six months if they are lucky.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Also write off most of the engineering and natural science fields.

  • traitors!

  • jackryanvb

    I think I like Communist China’s “Gang of Four” including Madam Mao, better than this hideous Lib Dem, RINO, Queer Lindsey Grahamnesty “Gang of Eight”.

  • Polemics emerge as a result of gaps in perspective and divergent semiotical contexts. I get all far-out by saying “semiotical contexts” because such is what enables one camp to say the sky is green, and another camp to say the sky is red. Anyway if, say, David and Goliath both had the same life experiences and were immersed in the same linguistic culture, there would be no conflict at all.

    In order to thaw the hearts of our ideological opponents (they are not our enemies; indeed, they are all white after all, and often better than us) we must approach the problem with the detachment and rigor of scientists. We must understand the inner essence of this polemic.

    I feel that all of these demographic woes (immigration, et c) are derivative of the hypothesis of racial equality. If we reduce our platform to the simple assertion that the theory of racial equality is bunk—and successfully argue it—all of our other peeves will dissolve.

    How do we successfully argue this? Well, we can sway the opinions of liberals if we speak their language and show them that their entire methodology for doing what they’re trying to do—minimize suffering for all—is flawed. I am confident that, simply put, human suffering can be reduced to evolutionary movements. ( IE: Suffering as a byproduct of evolution’s machinations, mapped one-to-one.) Simply put, by building up this massive social infrastructure to ensure the proliferation of obsolete genotypes, eventually the levy will burst and they will all perish as they otherwise would have, except now without the mercy of the “path of least resistance”. There is a vast discussion waiting to be had on this topic, and it is one which liberals have the right ears for.

    Yes, such a shift in strategy would call for big concessions, but such reconciliation would amount in de facto victory on all accounts. All we have to do is shed our trappings and break out of the insularity we’ve grown so emotionally dependent on. Did you know that it’s Jewish law to eat pork without hesitation if it’s a matter of life and death?

    • Eagle_Eyed

      This assumes that the modern liberal is rational and honest. He is neither, and because he believes in the malleability of man’s nature any failure of or obstacle to the state-run utopia only strengthens his resolve.

      • Conservatives are no more rational and honest. Everyone just goes along with whichever camp they happen to already be a part of, or whichever camp results in concrete personal benefit. It could easily be argued that modern liberalism was the more moral, rational camp as little as fifty years or even more recently.

        • That was the point that Sam Francis tried to drive home through his life’s writings. We should understand a given worldview in terms of who benefits from it, not in terms of whether or not it makes logical or factual sense.

        • Wayne

          Sir, I agree with you completely, however, regardless of what they (lDems and Repubs) say or pretend to be, we are in fact not dealing with rational, Enlightenment behavior. I wish we were. We are dealing with fanatical religious groups. Their beliefs are 90 per cent in agreement on every significant point. Science and logic, though they (Dims especially) pretend to place it front and center, is a distant second to faith, and if logic and fact be contrary to their gods, fact and logic are labeled hate. Their chief god is Equality, with Democracy, Diversity, and Multiculturalism as demigods. This is true for Republitards as well as Dims. Press them hard enough and you will see.

      • This case is simply that of a failed scientific theory which, if true, would have made utopia possible. Its proponents are resistant to admitting defeat because their egos are wrapped up in it, yes, but also because we all want utopia so desperately. If we carefully but resolutely explain this to them, they will have to listen. If we’re crude and callous in saying “Nope, y’all are wrong, blacks suck, et c” then they will not listen. We have to walk away from our egos, and we have to present them an alternative.

        • Like, we could achieve a sweeping victory “without even firing a shot”, so to speak if we radically change our approach.

          By idly pontificating and boycotting (really??) all we are doing is retreating into a hole, or at most cultivating delusions that the outside world takes us seriously in any way shape or form.

          And by smugly kicking back in the hopes that things get worse so they can get better, we don’t know what kind of damage we will have incurred by such a point in time, and it might not ever happen in the way we imagine. “Waiting” could just lead us up a creek.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Admit it, you used this: to generate your post.

  • Seek

    Let’s not forget Gang of Eight member Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., the “conservative” Tea Party favorite, who recently declared: “This is not an amnesty. Amnesty is the forgiveness of something.”
    Say, what?

  • Old Crow

    Coincidently, two of the most nefarious pieces of legislation in memory are now under consideration in the Congress. The first would disarm lawful white Americans of their inherent right to arms, the second opens the floodgates to massive non-white immigration into the US to accelerate the Detroitization of the homeland. One could hardly be blamed for suspecting the ‘plan’ was about to come together.

  • Non Humans

    I’ll echo 1776is1984, “TRAITORS!!!”
    When the economy collapses as a result of the treasonous actions of this “Gang of 8” (And countless other treasonous politicians), I hope these traitors are lowered slowly unto their gallows so that they can experience their lives gradually fading from their corpses.
    Absolutley infuriating!! I’ve said it before, as many others have, What do they not understand about illegal? These wastes of flesh have absolutely zero right to be here, and we owe them absolutley nothing!! Round them up, send them back, and break an ankle when they get there!!

  • George White

    Because the elites are hellbent on displacing the founding stock of people. This is the obvious conclusion.

  • Slightly OT.

    For the first time in quite some time, I listened to Michael Savage tonight. I don’t know what possessed me to do so, and as it turns out, whatever instinct I had to do so was way off, because he said nothing profound.

    But there is this sad bit:

    Because he’s not on an actual radio station in St. Louis, I had to listen online, namely on the stream of his San Francisco affiliate, KSFO. During his breaks, they did traffic reports. Evidently tonight (4/17), the freeways in the Bay Area were jammed (worse than usual) because there was an exhibition soccer game between Mexico and Peru being played this evening at Candlestick, and everyone was headed there.

    It’s like, uh oh…

    I vaguely remember at one time that California was part of America. I know for sure that if we get an amnesty bill like the left-right liberauthortarian Republocrats want, that what’s left of America will look like MexicoPeru nee California.

    • Xanthippe2

      I’m in the area. Llike everyone else I sometimes get “wrong number” messages left on my phone. The difference? For the past few years they have all been in Spanish or Chinese. Most recently, a Mexican fellow left a message telling his old friend Pedro that Muslims were the ones who set the bombs at the Boston Marathon. He seemed quite thrilled and excited about it.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Well of course! Dems get their voters and permanent power, Repugs get their cheap labor and who cares?

    Bastards both.

  • Bobby

    I predict that every single one of these eight traitors will be re-elected by an American public that is so incredibly clueless, that it’s surreal.

    • George White

      It’s not the fault of the public. Money and moneymen run the show. Money buys everybody off. The elites operate just liked the drug cartels. The elites own the right and the left. Choice is an illusion. Candidates are vetted beforehand, and only those who sell their souls are allowed to play ball. Rand watched as his dad was marginalized….so Rand decided to sellout early and be done with it.

      It’s starting to look more and more like we are fu**ed.

      • Xanthippe2

        Quite true, but this could and should be stopped. The anti-gun bill was stopped and this could be too. If this happened will they just give up and let us have our country back? Of course not! They will never give up and NEITHER SHOULD WE.

      • Wayne

        And let’s not underestimate the power of the media to make the dumb masses believe everyone is behind amnesty. The average dumb “citizen” just wants to do what he thinks everybody else is doing.

    • mobilebay

      Hi Bobby,
      I pray that you’re wrong, but it’s happened before – witness 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

      • Bobby

        Absolutely. Good point.

  • mobilebay

    Eight men held the fate of this nation in their hands and chose to destroy what was once the greatest nation on earth for this and future generations.

  • Aelfgar

    This farce is over. The USA as it was does not exist. It’s time for the ethnostate and we will take it by force if we must! Hail Victory!

  • guest

    I guess McCain forgot that he ‘got the message’.

  • Anon12

    Think back to the horrid 1965 Immigration Act and it’s real agenda that was created and forced on us (the White race) by the enemy within. Don’t forget making citizens of blacks and freeing them to integrate among the White population. Have you noticed the results of that yet?

    “They” want every White Euro Caucasian wiped off the face of the earth. If one truly understood the Bible they would know this. They are using the black/brown/ yellow/mongrel races to hide behind so we will blame them. But don’t make the mistake that these nonwhite races are innocent little pawns in the game. They are not. They want us dead also.

    It is the blind, naive, bribed/threatened Bible ignorants in our race that has allowed this evil plot to begin and to flourish. We are now seeing the results with more to come at such an accelerated rate that we have never witnessed before. If the White race all over the world does not unite as the nonwhite races have done, then kiss our race goodbye forever.

  • Erasmus

    If this passes, independent conservatives will never forget that it was the GOP that helped make this possible, and while the democrats are selling out the country on principle, (albeit very warped and wrong ones), the GOP is doing it to line the pocketbooks of its rich supporters. In other words: The GOP is betraying the United States for money.

    Do Karl Rove and the other geniuses at party central really think they’ll ever get independent conservatives back on the GOP reservation when conservatives realize the GOP betrayed the United States, them, their children and their children’s future for money? If they do, all of them are a lot stupider than anyone ever imagined.

  • Anon12

    Yep, all these illegals come here to work…….scam us is their deal. Expect to pay out billions more in tax money to all these “newly legal” citizens and their whole families from Mejiiico..

  • The__Bobster

    Rep. Lamar Smith: Immigration Bill ‘Worse Than We Thought,’ Legalizes Relatives and Previously Deported
    April 17, 2013
    By Craig Bannister

    Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said today that the Senate immigration bill is even worse than feared, since it legalizes illegals’ relatives and even those previously deported:

    “It’s hard to believe, but the Senate immigration bill is worse than we thought. Despite assurances, the border is not secured before almost everyone in the country illegally is given amnesty. The bill guarantees there will be a rush across the border to take advantage of massive amnesty.”

    Rep. Smith says the Senate immigration bill shreds current immigration laws:

    “And the Senate proposal offers amnesty to far more illegal immigrants than we thought. In addition to most of the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country, the bill offers to legalize the relatives of illegal immigrants outside the U.S. and even others who have already been deported back home. So current immigration laws are shredded.

  • Ella

    The elite desires to end the US Middle Class and build a permanent poor class for cheap labour, including Whites. I see a connection between the govt refusing to secure Borders and challenging our gun rights in Congress. Govt will refuse to fund the Borders and starve any promised security measures to its death. Our govt does NOT care about its own people and probably view us as a “hindrance” toward its global mission.

  • OnGuard

    Most illegals are Mexican. The border has not been enforced because the Insiders are intent on a North American Union (like the European Union); joining Canada, US and Mexico. NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT were stepping stones. Obama socialized healthcare and the federalization of our police are also part of the “harmonization” between the 3 nations. They don’t care that we don’t want what they plan; the Europeans didn’t either! It’s part of the UN’s plan for world government, with them at the head. Demand that your representative co-sponsor HR 75; Get the US out of the UN!