Fox News Poll: Majority Says Legal Immigration Should Be Reduced

Dana Blanton, Fox News, April 23, 2013

While most voters favor citizenship for illegal immigrants who meet certain requirements, there is widespread agreement that new border security should come first.

In addition, more than half say we should cut the number of legal immigrants allowed into the United States.

A just-released Fox News poll finds 55 percent of voters think fewer legal immigrants should be accepted into the U.S.  That’s up from 43 percent in 2010.


Overall, 28 percent of voters say the U.S. should increase legal immigration.


By a 78-21 percent margin, voters favor allowing immigrants in the U.S. illegally to become citizens after they meet requirements such as passing a background check.  Support for a pathway to citizenship has increased slightly since February. At that time it was 72-25 percent.

Non-whites (88 percent), Democrats (87 percent) and those under age 35 (84 percent) are among those most likely to favor offering a pathway to citizenship.


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  • thurlow

    When did government ever listen to people, sorry I mean white Americans? This polls means nothing.

    • yup…this america is not a democracy, and it has not been ever since the elite got rid of the articles of confederation.

  • Puggg
  • Seek

    The news is at best halfway encouraging. When Americans by a 78%-21% margin say that illegal immigrants should be given a “path” to citizenship after meeting a criminal background check, something is amiss. Reality check: All illegal immigrants should be sent packing on a one-way path back to their country of origin.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, that’s the part that I find really disturbing. Are Americans that ignorant? Do we really think that there will be background checks or that the stubbies will pay back taxes.?

      Almost simultaneous with the passage of IRCA in 1986 was the Tax Reform Act of 1986. This required essentially all illegal aliens applying for legal status to notify the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and fess up whether they had earned income in “most recent three taxable years” and were therefore required to file an income tax return.

      But within a few months of IRCA’s passage, Congressman Chuckie “The Vulture” Schumer was complaining to the Secretary of the Treasury that illegal aliens who had just been given Amnesty shouldn’t have to comply with the same tax disclosure requirements as lowly native-born Americans. And in 1988, Schumer got what he wanted: a one sentence clause in a 499 page bill prohibited the INS from sharing with the IRS any of the information they received during the legalization process. In effect, illegals received a customized tax break, along with their shiny new legal status. [What Back Taxes? | Rep. Schumer’s Maneuvers During 1986 Amnesty Shed Light on Sen. Schumer’s Promises Today, By Virgil Goode, CIS, February 2013]

      • Tucker

        Be careful about believing these mainstream media concocted polls, Bobster.

        Here’s what the anti-white mainstream media is doing. They stake out a liberal position on a given issue, and then they concoct a phony poll and hire their liberal subversives to take the poll and make sure the poll results say that the most liberal, most virulently anti-White position comes out the winner. Then, the liberal, virulently anti-White mainstream media will splash the results of their phony poll all over the major newspapers (that nobody really reads anymore) and instruct their bought and paid for Judas Goats in the TV media to parrot these poll results over and over and over. This trick is designed to snooker the lazy politicians into thinking that the vast majority of the public supports the liberal’s desired outcome on an issue and this is supposed to influence how the politicians vote on the issue when legislation comes up.

        Here is a perfect example of how this manipulation and media deceit works. Take the homosexual marriage issue – this was on the ballot in something like 37 or more states, and it was shot down by the voters to the tune of 0 – 37. It even got shot down in hard core liberal states like California. But, here comes the media and their trickery tactics. They start concocting phony polls that say that the majority of American voters support homosexual marriage. Now, the voting record of Americans who have been given a chance to vote on this issue on a referendum clearly proves the exact opposite, does it not? And, what did these phony, concocted polls yield for the left? We now have GOP RINOs signing on to homosexual marriage – despite the fact that their conservative base is vehemently opposed to it.

        See how this scam works? The left has nothing but contempt for the will of the majority and they have been forcing their sick, perverted, evil, Marxist, socialist, anti-White, Communist agenda down our throats against the will of the majority over and over again, ever since the end of WW2. They either use deceit, outright lies and trickery – or they find some Communist judge who will overturn the results of any referendum where the majority refuses to approve their latest Communist scheme to wreck our society, destroy our culture, genocide our race and spit on our traditions.

        Eventually, this battle that White European people are in with these Communists and Cultural Marxists is going to have to become a physical fight. That is the only way to deal with Communists – they have to be physically crushed and purged from our nation’s shores, because they will never cease and desist in their obsession to completely eradicate White Western Civilization and it’s primary architects.

        This fact is clearly understood by the Communists on the left, and this is why they are obsessed with disarming law abiding, conservative minded, White Americans.

        • David Ashton

          “Ah, but the USA is a ‘democracy’ and ‘Cultural Marxists’ have never existed,” says a Mr J. E. who Knows the Truth.

  • enough already

    How many more third worlders to we need here? As it is they have taken over some towns and cities. We were never asked to vote on this disspicable immigration bill in 1965{I was a kid) and I am sure voters would have said no.The same with obamacare,abortion and all the other awful bills they rammed down our throats.I remember asking my father why all these types were flooding us. He simply said the demoRats in Washington thought we all looked too similar(sarcasticly). Why cant this bill be repealed before we turn into a third world hellhole?Like it has been stated ,you cant have a first world country with third world people.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Liberals have an inherently communist outlook on people. To them, any person is completely interchangable with any other. So they are incapable of understanding that third world people will inevitably make third world countries.

      Even with the clear examples of Rhodesia and South Africa to teach them, they still just don’t get it. It’s like some sort of glitch in their psychology.

      • Tucker

        I remember a speech that Jared Taylor gave at one of the older AmRen conferences, and in that speech, Jared offered the all-important observation that the poisonous, toxic (my colorful adjectives) ideology of Communism had never really taken a firm hold on nations that were majority White European. The attempt to impose Communism upon the Russian people and upon all of the satellite nations of Europe that were once part of the old USSR – lasted only 70 or so years, before it finally collapsed under the weight of it’s own corruption.

        Hence, aside from the deep rooted hatred for Whites that motivates these open borders Communists, having learned from their USSR experiment – they have been working overtime since 1965 to flood America with as many non-whites as possible in order to reduce Whites to minorities and then have a demographic environment that is more suitable for hard core Communism to be imposed upon America.

        I would also like to point out, however, that the Bolshevik Communists who seized Russia by the hair of its head in 1917 – did succeed in one area. They murdered in excess of 66 million White Europeans of Russian and Ukrainian descent – who were deemed to be ‘dissidents’ and who refused to go along with the Communist agenda. Today, in America – the new Bolshevik Communists – who share the same ethnic lineage as did the 1917 Bolsheviks – are lead by Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Frank Lautenberg, Michael Bloomberg, Carl Levin, Barbara Boxer, Hadar Susskind, Rahm Emanuel, Richard Blumenthal, etc., and these are also the tyrants who are actively seeking to disarm the law abiding White European men and women – precisely as their Bolshevik ancestors disarmed the Russians and Ukrainians, as a prelude to their systematic mass murder.

        This is high stakes poker, fellow White men and women. This is for all the marbles, and we have better not lose this fight.

    • immigration forever

      Whites have some nerve telling brown and black people not to immigrate to a country that was founded on immigration !! Go back to europe !

      • David Ashton

        Rather different founding, farming and building a nation, and trying to get in later when the hard work has been done instead of building your own nations.

  • David Ashton

    Rubio knows it, the sovereign people do not.

    • The__Bobster

      Skilled construction workers are on the hit list too:

      Mr. Rubio and Sen. Jeff Flake (R., Ariz)…weren’t able to get a cap lifted that limits construction visas to 15,000. But they did include a provision, which many in the construction industry had feared dead, allowing foreigners to work in such higher-skilled jobs as electricians, plumbers and welders.

      Actually Rubio did get what is certain to become a massive loophole for construction-

      Mr. Rubio, from hurricane-prone Florida, inserted an opportunity for foreigners to come to the U.S. for 90 days to work on relief operations after state or federal disasters

      in addition to attacking machinists

      …with a provision allowing certain foreigners to repair cruise ships made abroad, as well as other transportation equipment.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        This bill is just dripping with contempt for American citizens. You can feel the treason its loaded with.

      • redfeathers

        I always thought Arizona was a conservative state. They’re cursed with McCain and his younger version Flake. There is something off about Flake, sort of like Lindsay Graham.

  • bigone4u

    No amnesty. No immigration period. No means no. What is it about “no” that you don’t understand!!

    • The__Bobster

      Funny how the MSM never present that as an option. It’s either amnesty or “living in the shadows”, which is something these arrogant squat monsters are NOT doing.

      • bigone4u

        Living in the shadows like The Fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble. That was serious drama about an innocent man on the run. Mexicans in the Shadows would be a comedy about the guilty putting one over on whitey.

      • Erasmus

        Be of good cheer: More people see through the false dichotomy than you might realize. Plus, Senate members on the left say there will be no immigration reform without a path to citizenship, which is our key. It is better to have NO immigration reform than this false bill, a repeat of 1986, which will only make a bad situation even worse. Simply saying “no path to citizenship” will force the members on the left to scuttle the bill.

        This gives Americans more time to see what was really in it, which is something that members of the left, including Graham and McCain, don’t want. They fear nothing so much as an informed citizenry. That is why this “thing” was cobbled together behind closed doors and in the dead of night in the first place.

    • White Mom in WDC

      The gang of eight are glorified slave traders. What did slavery do for this country before? These people don’t give a damn about the quality of life in the States for the middle class whites. They want obedient third worlders. Watch, they will import sex and fertility workers in next as white women in the middle class won’t act like cheap Mexican whores

      • NotYrGringa

        My latest update from the Working Class White Woman Front: Two weeks ago, I went to a job at a mostly corporate hotel where I ‘rent out (for a higher wage)’ and had recently trained to work a certain type of gig they do. The manager of the department told me in front of the other newbie – hispanic – rental that I was to be the lead; it absolutely has to have one organizationally. So, first thing la senorita follows me out into one of the stations, and proceeds to totally ignore my direction and when I questioned her, cause a scene in front of the clients which I tried desperately to avoid and wound up walking away from to that end. Back in the kitchen, where the two regular workers were sister senoritas, she began screaming about me and making outrageous remarks in spanish, to which I answered “Comprendo espanol.” She was so destructive I had to spend an extra hour and a half cleaning up after she left at the shift’s end. She simply could not accept that a white woman could be in charge. This is not unusual treatment by hispanic women of white women in that milieu.

        What the powers that be want is cheap labor, but their eventual accomplishment will be total race replacement. What I wonder is to what extent the average american who does not work in this environment knows about how incredibly racist these invaders are. Their attitude towards snowflake white women is especially disrespectful and invasive. They feel they own the territory.

        • White Mom in WDC

          It is time that we whites unify on all fronts regardless of gender, sex, age, class etc.

          I know of what you speak. Look I will put it out there, most Spanish women are dumb. I have worked in education for 15 years. The highest drop out rates are for Latina females as most get pregnant by 20. That’s what the elite white males in DC want: cheap stupid women who will do ANYTHING to keep a man, and I mean ANYTHiNG. What these dumb arces do not realize is that they will stupify the white gene pool with these barrio girls. As the Dutch saying goes ‘ Cheap is expensive’

          • Tucker

            I have no interest whatsoever in ‘uniting’ White race traitors or White Obama voters. Such White people are to be despised and shunned, because as far as I am concerned – they have leprosy.

          • White Mom in WDC

            I am with you. Get your money and run. Let them deal with their beloved third world friends. They’d let other whites rot in a ditch before helping

          • MBlanc46

            If you don’t try to sway those who either support immigration or aren’t informed enough or motivated enough to actively oppose it, you’ll remain a small minority howling in the wilderness, as you are now. Single-issue movements aren’t built by ideological purists.

          • Bossman

            A cheap stupid woman who will do anything to keep a man. I don’t mind that at all. Do these barrio girls look like Sofia Vergara?

          • White Mom in WDC

            No. And I have no desire to look like her? Oh and look who People nominated for the most beautiful woman. I suggest you take a look….

        • Greg Thomas

          That’s because that line of work has been usurped by illegal invading mexicans. They rarely see a White and if they do, they will give them the 3rd degree la raza trearment in an effort to run them off. All Mericans need to know how racist and anti-White these invaders are.

          • White Mom in WDC

            They are anti White. They are invaders. They are third world parasites. This is why whites must unify do what MLK did with civil rights- resistance by boycotting restaurants that hire Mexicans, and other Latinos. Boycott businesses that cater to them. Get your money out of the banks and retirement and get your butt on public assistance. They can’t get blood from a stone. I’ve got kids and I work and I clean my own house. I don’t need a bean b&@$h to clean my house!

        • saxonsun

          All I see is non-whites here in NYC. And I wonder what jobs whites are getting these days.

      • potato78

        “SCRAP the CAP on wages. Change the law that allows funds to go into the general fund. Restore the integrity of the system. Stop supporting the millions of illegals giving them free lunches, foodstamps, free educations free medical. It is impossible to support these illegals who have invaded our country. They aren’t immigrants. They can’t be. To be so they would have come through the system. They have to be stopped and only securing the border and making this anchor baby not legal. If the parents aren’t legally here the child isn’t either. Change the law.”

      • potato78

        Four ways to see the Gov. ” puck ” with your S.S money ( you paid for it )
        1) When they tell you to wait more years then collect more
        each month but you may not live long.
        2) They steal your S.S money for the worth less wars.
        3) They steal your S.S money for immigration expense.
        4) They steal S.S money to cover ta cut for the rich.
        We must demand them to increase tax from the rich to pay for it.

      • potato78

        Yes, taxes on those who currently don’t pay them (FICA).

        US Department of Labor statistics show that currently only half of earned income is subject to FICA. That’s income above the CAP. That means the high income and ultra high income wage earners are paying no tax on that earned income. While you are paying 6 1/2 % on your gross income.

      • Bossman

        Yeah, things need to get done and importing people is one way to do it. Slavery was such good business that it took a civil war to end it.

    • potato78

      I;m sick of hearing this #$%$. Every couple weeks there is a new article on waiting until you like 70 to take SS. Then the crooked politicians want to cut SS and Medicare like they are freebees that the Government is handing out like welfare. The majority of people who collect SS and Medicare paid for it out of their paychecks for years. Maybe the politicians should look at all the government waste and fraud and cut that out first and we would probably have some money for these paid entitlements. I paid SS, Medicare, and Medicaid , out of my paycheck for 37 years and i feel not only entitled to what i earned,but also that is up to the person when they take their SS. Everyone’s situation is different.

  • Secret Tribunal

    MSM will say that the poll shows how much racism still exists and why we need immediate Amnesty for undocumented works so they can publically join the rest of Diversity in monitoring Whites for lingering and unacknowledged racism.
    Face it, “Diversity” means “racism monitors”.

  • White Mom in WDC

    F&@k the MSM. Here is the deal – it’s smoke and mirrors. I don’t believe anything that is written or said. I believe what see and hear myself. The elite are afraid. The fat white cats in Congress are afraid. That’s why they are trying to take guns and bring in who they perceive will be their allies: third world immigrants who will believe what the massa says. They want complete obedience.

  • Puggg

    More good news.

    GOA, which bottom feeds off the NRA, is now pushing its people to oppose amnesty.

  • AmRen visitor

    It’s interesting how quick Democrat-socialists are to profess that they’re democratic and favor the will of the people. And yet, on one issue after another, they OPPOSE the majority. Not only that, but when they hold the minority view, they slander and demonize the majority and indoctrinate and propagandize as a way of drawing people to their side.

    Leftists are not democratic. They’re elitist, sanctimonious, hypocritical moralists who wage racial and class warfare against the majority.

    • Tucker

      Far worse than that, AmRen visitor. Liberals are hard core totalitarians, and I believe that the vast majority of them are also afflicted with frightening levels of psychopathy.

      I remember a conversation I had once, many years ago, with a liberal – and we were discussing the Waco atrocity whereby Clinton and Reno roasted nearly 100 Branch Davidians to death. This liberal was totally in favor of what had been done to those people at Waco – and the liberal justified it by telling me that they deserved to be murdered because “the Davidians had all those guns”.

  • redfeathers

    Ann Coulter was on Lou Dobbs’ show tonight and was fantastic. As in her recent article, Coulter said we don’t need poor, uneducated legal immigrants from the third world that their own countries don’t want. She’s been very good on immigration lately. Pat Buchanan hasn’t been around much. Fox would have him on but I haven’t seen him recently, maybe Ailes doesn’t like him. Coulter seems to be following in his footsteps. In the past I had considered her to be part of the establishment CONservatives, but on this issue she’s taken on Rubio, McCain etc.

    • mobilebay

      We lost Lou Dobbs a few years ago. One day he was fighting illegal aliens, next he was referring to them as “illegal immigrants.” He got the word from somewhere to lay off our visitors from the south. Then he turns up on Fox, but he stll can’t bring himsef to use the term “illegal aliens.” We lost the best fighter we had. I’ll always wonder what happened. I missed the show with An Coulter. Did he agree with her, or is he still watching his words?

  • LHathaway

    only 28% are in favor of more immigration. Aren’t immigrants and people of color more than 28%?

    • GM (Australia)

      Yes, the poll probably means at least 95% of white Americans do not want any more 3rd world immigrants and that a lot of non-whites do not want any more either, that is unless they are trying to bring in their extended families.

  • sbuffalonative
  • sbuffalonative

    Shocking US government leaflet tells Mexican immigrants they can collect food stamp benefits without admitting they’re in the country illegally

  • Bill

    28 percent huh? Well now we have a statistic for how many brain dead zombies are walking among us. IF you can believe the lie of how many. It’s probably less, but the MSM and elites lie. They are still saying that there are 11 million illegals among us. They were giving over THAT number two decades ago as to how many. It’s probably at least three times that many are here illegally that they want to amnesty. They lie so we won’t figure out that if we allow this to happen, The Dems and neo-con traitors like Shamnesty McCain will be in power forever more, with NO hope of an elective or legislative remedy to this madness. Thirty to forty million more voters guaranteed to vote Dem will probably do it.

  • John R

    I have asked this question of friends, and family over and over: Why does this country need ANY immigrants? Legal or otherwise? Where is the benefit to most Americans? Even the “educated” immigrants that supposedly possess good job skills mostly get their education HERE! We are NOT importing highly skilled immigrants that help us, as we did after WWII, (atomic and space program) and during the Cold War. And of course most immigrants are not ever going to get educated anyway. They will be mostly menial workers, or even criminals. The first generation may have some graditude at being in America, but their children will be the future gang bangers.
    So, why do we have immigrants? My take: Because elites in BOTH parties do not want to stop immigration. Democrats want more poor brown people that will vote Democratic, and will depend on government programs, and will change the demographic makeup of our society, favoring liberals. Republicans-at least the wealthy variety-want to depress working class wages. These include people like NY Mayor Bloomberg, who actually made the assinine comment that “immigrants keep costs down, so they allow companies to keep more jobs here.” What BS! Simple economics 101: No immigrant worker is going to save any company enough money to create his own job, plus add one American job! Ridiculous! But, the rich people running the Republican Party like that idea. Saves their bottom line. Of course, in the end, the Republicans overstepped themselves, and now face a demographic disaster: Not enough White people left to keep them in power.
    I fear that simple “conservatism” will not be enough to save this country. Our only hope is for Whites to organize along racial lines, forget all the economic BS, and realize that this struggle IS all about race and ethnicity. We need an openly racialist party.

    • Bossman

      Most of the legal immigrants coming to the U.S. are the immediate family members or spouses of American citizens. Workers usually come in as quest workers on temporary visas.

  • Bossman

    Most of the legal immigrants to the U.S. are the immediate family members of U.S citizens. Australia and Canada take in more immigrants relative to the size of their population than the U.S does. The proposed bill would do away with the siblings category of family reunification.

  • Bobby

    In fact, all one needs do is read thousands of blogs, it hardly matters if they are on the left or right of the political spectrum, and it’s clear most American citizens want immigration stopped for some time, and illegal immigration eliminated with no amnesty for those who are here without permissiion. But this government doesn’t care about what citizens want, because the goal is to replace the demographics here with massive cheap labor and a new people. Also, it doesn’t matter who these people are, whether or not they immediately go on welfare the day they arrive here, as long as they aren’t caucasian. It’s an “open” conspiracy. Anyone who is even half alsleep can see it.

  • Chuck

    Okay…tell Mexico the same then. Give me a break they are undermining us as a majority.