Calif. Bill Would Let Non-Citizens Serve on Juries

Judy Lin, AP, April 25, 2013

The California Assembly passed a bill on Thursday that would make the state the first in the nation to allow non-citizens who are in the country legally to serve on jury duty.

Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, said his bill, AB1401, would help California widen the pool of prospective jurors and help integrate immigrants into the community.

It does not change other criteria for being eligible to serve on a jury, such as being at least 18, living in the county that is making the summons, and being proficient in English.


Democratic lawmakers who voted for the bill said there is no correlation between being a citizen and a juror, and they noted that there is no citizenship requirement to be an attorney or a judge. Republican lawmakers who opposed Wieckowski’s bill called it misguided and premature.

Assemblywoman Diane Harkey, R-Dana Point, said there is no shortage of jurors.

“Jury selection is not the problem. The problem is trial court funding,” Harkey said before the vote. “I hope we can focus on that. Let’s not break something; it’s not broken now. Let’s not whittle away at what is reserved for U.S. citizens. There’s a reason for it.”


Noting that women were once kept off juries, Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, said the judicial system should be changed to allow a person to be judged by their peers.

“This isn’t about affording someone who would come in as a juror something,” Perez said. “But rather understanding that the importance of the jury selection process of affording justice to the person in that courtroom.”



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  • Cannot Tell

    So now we’re letting non-citizens onto our jury pools?! It’s only a matter of time before we allow them the right to vote and run for presidential elections.

    Jared Taylor said at the most recent AR conference that egalitarianism
    is rapidly destroying important distinctions between groups of people.
    He predicted that soon liberals would argue that since we’re all
    citizens of the world, foreigners should be able to vote just like
    Americans. I didn’t think anything of that prediction at the time, but sadly, it seems that it will soon come to pass.

    • Puggg

      The logical end to all this is a single unitary government for the whole world and everyone in it. This is why it’s insane for people who oppose globalism to support open borders at the same time (bark bark, Ron/Rand Paul, bark bark).

      • KingKenton

        Ultimately, you cannot have a global economy without a global government. The first leads to the second.

        • David Ashton

          Hasn’t Soros said this?

        • Room101

          It’s not achievable.
          Many have tried. Hundreds-of-millions if not billions have died as governments seek to control and shape human behavior, or else…

          None have succeeded, at least when we look @ so-called Western outlooks of fashioning a Government to rule over their subjects/taxpayers

          As I see it, I believe every institution of society (USA) is ceaselessly trying to brainwash everyone that it’s OK to discriminate against/exterminate all the normal White people, in the long run.

          • White Mom in WDC

            They are trying to exterminate white people because we are individualistic thinkers. Individual thinking = entrepreneurial spirit = lack of control via government and political class or slave masters. Globalism = collectivism = slavery disguised as community.
            Whites threaten globalism and the corporations. Hey we may want to flee, so maybe they should tear down that damn wall.

          • MBlanc46

            I don’t think they give much of a bleep about white people or any other people. What they care about is wealth.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Agee. Thinking white people though are an obstacle to their obtaining of more wealth

        • MBlanc46

          Or regional governments in the pay of transnational corporations.

        • Erasmus

          Ultimately, you cannot have a global economy without a global government.

          Which is precisely why all this “free trade” k-rap is so much bullsiht.

      • So CAL Snowman

        That’s exactly why I did a 180 on Ron Paul. When he said that we should not have a border wall with Mexico because it would “keep people in” I nearly punched myself in the face.

        • Puggg

          Ask yourself: What good is defending a/the Constitution when you won’t do one thing to save the people whose culture, civilization, experience and history produced the Constitution? Ideas don’t grow on trees, nor do they fall out of the sky.

          • So CAL Snowman

            It’s crazy didn’t Elizabeth Taylor and all of those Hollywood schmucks use to vacation in Acapulco in the 60’s?

        • Katherine McChesney

          That’s when I abandoned any support for him.

        • a multiracial individual

          He said it would “Keep people in?” As if the United States is a country people want to flee like North Korea.

          • The__Bobster

            That day may yet come when Whites become life-support systems for the ever-burgeoning minority populations.

          • dogbone

            “Bobster wrote – That day may yet come when Whites become life-support systems for the ever-burgeoning minority populations.”

            Aren’t we already their life support system? In the 1980s, a christian publication wrote that without support from white nations there would be no long term survival of minority races.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            “In the 1980s, a christian publication wrote that without support from white nations there would be no long term survival of minority races.”

            That doesn’t sound quite accurate. As terrible as they are at taking care of themselves, minorities have survived this long, and for most of history they did not have whitey’s help. They would probably trudge along, popping out 8-9 kids per woman only to watch 7 of them die.

            It would take major evolutionary forces for them to rise above basic subsistence level without white assistance though.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Yeah, it’s ridiculous. He has his heart in the right place, I think. We should all be very wary of our government. But his refusal to look at the racial angle means that his interpretation of reality is inherently flawed.

          • MBlanc46

            Being wary of government is fine. But Ron Paul sees nothing to be wary about in transnational corporations. When someone with a uniform and a gun is telling you what to do, it matters little whether the badge says Chicago Police or Corporate Security.

          • Puggg

            It is possible to be too wary of government. If you’re too wary of it, you’ll never want it to have enough power, money or resources to do what it minimally exists to do and should do. And that’s why people who are too wary of government for their own good say stupid stuff like “no border fence because it will trap us in.”

            I’ve heard it said that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have. And that is correct. But look at the other side of the coin. A government too small to take anything from you is also too small to do anything for you. The best solution is somewhere in the middle.

            You’re right about larger corporations. For most people in America today, despotism comes not from the increasingly oppressive state, but from the increasingly obnoxious job supervisor.

          • Bobbala

            4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
            — Karl Marx
            Communist manifesto

        • The__Bobster

          His curly-head offspring is no better.

          • dogbone

            You mean this guy?

  • Shrewsbury

    Attorney General Holder would tell you that this is a simple matter of civil rights. Who better to judge illiterate thugs than other illiterate thugs? You can’t expect them to receive a fair trial from a jury of racist white-bread people who do racist stuff like read and write and obey the law, and probably don’t even have tattoos.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I’d be happy to let Hispanics jury for Hispanics and blacks jury for blacks, as long as I would be guaranteed an all-white jury.

      But of course, that would be racist.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        One addendum: I would also like each race to have its own country. Black and brown juries would inevitably let their own criminals go, which would harm whites in a multiracial country.

    • MBlanc46

      Alas (to me at any rate), far too many white folks have tattoos.

      • Tim

        “The fact you`re wearing a tattoo speaks louder than anything it says…”-Mom 1973

  • I don’t know if this stupid idea extends to Grand Jury, but can you imagine…?
    By the way I am born and raised here in CA and my head hurts.

    • The__Bobster

      Leave while you still can. Suppose you run over a drunken squat monster invader and you get an all-Mestizo jury? What will be your chances?

  • mike

    By this reasoning rapist should be jurors for rapists.

  • dave1163sag

    this is how our country is being taken over by foreign govts. isreal,mexico,islam,china. the US constitution no longer means anything. can you immagine the founding fathers letting traitors from the govt letting this happen. they fought against it. it was called england.

  • So CAL Snowman

    In California there is NO such thing as a “non-citizen.” They are all just unregistered Democrats.

  • bigone4u


    1. It’s unAmerican to allow foreigners to judge Americans. We have a right to be judged by a jury of our peers.
    2. Juries where jurors do not understand English or the American value system, including the sytem of law–e.g.,innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
    3. Jury nullification. Brown juries releasing brown criminals, while hammering whites and blacks.

    This proposal is outrageous as its intent is clearly to introduce another element into society that divides us, rather than unites us. To a certain extent, the three problems I lay out are already happening. This proposal will make things worse.

    Of course, the way things are, there may not be any citizens of the US left in California anyway.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Can’t fill a jury?

    Just drive a pick-up down to the nearest Home Depot and bring ‘em in to serve their “civic” duty.


    • a multiracial individual

      I wonder if more Americans would do jury duty if they allowed them to serve on nights and weekends?

    • bigone4u

      Mexicans–doing the jury duty Americans won’t do! LOL.

      • Gunrunner1

        LOL! Best chuckle in days

    • SFLBIB

      Bracero juries?

  • Secret Tribunal

    Face it, you don’t have a country any longer, but your White privilege will be blamed for all that goes wrong in their country, i.e. Diversity Hell America.

  • MekongDelta69

    “In California, this would let defendants be ‘judged by their peers.'”

    Well hell, in that case, all murderers should be judged by 12 murderers; and so on, and so on, and so on.

    Remember when America was America boys and girls? Whomever reads this who has memories from 50 years ago or more will remember. Whomever doesn’t, won’t.

  • fakeemail

    “Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, said the judicial system
    should be changed to allow a person to be judged by their peers.”

    Perez is outright admitting that one’s peers are not one’s fellow legal citizens, but one’s racial group! But it’s okay, because his name is Perez.

  • The__Bobster

    We going to let people who know nothing about the Constitution or our system of law to serve on juries? That’s absolute insanity!!

  • The__Bobster

    Noting that women were once kept off juries…..

    I can see the wisdom in that, but it was even wiser keeping minorities off them.

  • Room101

    The United States as a political entity is going to step-up the tyranny against White people/taxpayers/S#!T!ZEN$.

  • thoughtcrime

    Now THIS is truly a frightening prospect. Imagine this scenario…you are vacationing in California (not my first choice but for this example let’s just pretend it is a sane destination) and happen to get lost and wind up in a stinky hellhole squat monster barrio. You are carjacked by a squat monster and defend yourself by simply driving away at a high rate of speed with the knife/gun wielding squat monster clinging to your car door. After a few hundred yards, he lets go and is run over by your car and is killed…shame. You stop and call 911 to report the incident, the police take your statement but you are surprised that you are also placed under arrest as the Zimmerman/Martin case is well known and they local cops don’t want squat monster riots on their hands. You are booked for 2nd degree murder with “deadly weapon” that being your car and for violating the “civil rights” of the squat monster (who turns out to be an illegal invader…which is besides the point eh Mr. Holder?) you “killed” as you were “fleeing the scene” of the carjacking.

    You are put on trial and lo and behold…the ENTIRE jury is made up of illegal squat monsters who don’t even take 5 minutes to deliberate when they come back and have you found guilty of 2nd degree murder AND a hate crime! You are then sentenced to 30 years in prison…a majority squat monster prison where you will be “enriched” on a daily basis if you consider homosexual gang rape by squat monster prison gangs “enrichment”.

    Tell me I am asleep…please someone.

    • bigone4u

      The rest of the amazing little drama you’ve written is that on your way to prison, a train wreck frees you (like in The Fugitive). Instead of trying to find a one-armed man to blame you take revenge on the cops,DA, judges, jurors, and everyone else in the system and emerge a hero in the New Revolution Movement, which eventually overthrows the government and expels the invaders. It would make quite a novel.

  • Gunrunner1

    No, the logical end for this is La Raza revolutionaries being allowed to skate from charges through having Mexicans and or family members on the Jury to use Jury Nullification to twist the judicial system. Viva la Revolution!

  • KenelmDigby

    This is just absolutely and completely wrong.
    Service on a jury is supposed to be a ‘civic duty’.
    The word ‘civic’ comes from the Latin ‘civitas’ which also gives us the word ‘citizen’ and ‘citizenship’. That is the whole idea of a civil society composed of citizens is a very ancient one, and is, in fact, the bedrock upon which the notion of a nation state governed by laws is based. The idea has always been, from thousands of years ago right up to present, that the nation is comprised of citizens have earned certain rights and must perform certain duties as a condition of actually ‘being’ the state, in the sense that any nation is, in the final analysis, the people of that nation and there justice and the ordering of society is carried out in the name of the people of that nation. The participation of citizens in the judicial system is therefore seen as a right and privilege open to citizens only.
    In this context giving this right to non-citizens (who have, in fact absolutely no claims on the rights and privileges of the nation, any more than a random foreigner residing in any random foreign nation,despite the nonsense spouted by certain ‘authorities’), is an abomination.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      It is very apt you are alluding to Ancient Rome and its creation of Civil Law. If I may borrow from Othello would it be fair to say that The Moor is sitting in the Emperor’s Throne? No sir, this Rome will not be sacked by Nordic Warriors. It will be sacked by swarthy peoples, duly aided & abetted by Rome’s gutless leaders. I need Michael J Fox’s time machine and I need to go real fast in reverse!

      • Alexandra

        Take the DeLorean and head back to 1965. 🙂

  • mobilebay

    We’re done!

  • anarchyst

    White genocide is coming . . . every other race can have their own organizations
    that EXCLUDE OTHERS except whites. One-hundred years from now, those of other
    races will bemoan the fact that they destroyed humanity’s greatest achievers.
    Every other race has its good and bad, but white altruism, giving other races
    not only a “chance” but a “step up” with racial preferences and “affirmative
    action” will be the undoing of the white race. NO OTHER RACE has this altruistic
    “gene”. Every other race is in it for themselves . . .

  • Why shouldn’t resident aliens serve on juries. The Democrats here in Chicago have been registering them to vote for years.

    • SFLBIB

      I have an easier solution that will give the same results: take out 12 blank sheets of paper and write “Not Guilty” on both sides. Throw them up into the air, and when they land, count the “Not Guilty” ones. There’s your verdict.

  • Bill

    Great. Illegal mexicans on the jury trying a Mexican for some crime will work out about as well as an all black jury trying a fellow black for rape (or murder….thinking of OJ).

  • dogbone

    I like the old western juries. Two six-guns held 12 jurors.

    I thing I should be judged be a pack of dogs, although I have been know to offer bacon bribes.


    Why not felons too?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      See above post.

      • SFLBIB

        I don’t think it’s a good idea for the same reason they are not allowed to vote. Also, see my post above just prior to yours.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I’m in agreement with you, but I was allowed to vote again once I was off paper.

          • SFLBIB


  • Michael_C_Scott

    Although I am mostly hostile to this idea, I have some mixed feelings. When I got out of federal prison in 2003, I had to renew my driver’s license, as it had expired. This got me on the potential jurors list with the county, and I was promptly summoned for jury duty. I reported as ordered and tried telling the staff that I was a convicted federal felon still on probation. It didn’t matter to them, so I had to wait in a huge room full of other folks. At least I had brought a book. I was never called, and sent home at around lunchtime.

    How would I have done as a juror? The same way any other responsible, educated, extremely skeptical individual would. I don’t like druggies, I don’t like property crimes, I don’t like violence against women or children or old folks, but I also don’t like cops. I would want firm proof.

    My point is that if a convicted felon is expected to serve on a jury only months after release from prison, using illegal aliens on juries may not be quite such a bizarre prospect. Except…

    Except a citizen has either been raised with American civic concepts or has at least bothered to learn them for their citizenship naturalization test, and an illegal alien is simply a criminal opportunist who has made no such commitment.

    • Jenkem Huffington

      Implying that even 1 in 20 Americans born and raised here have ever read the constitution or have any clue what the true ideals of our founders are….. how much worse can a Califoria jury get?


    If this bill passes, we cannot exclude anyone just because he is of another culture. In fact, the more diverse society, the better, or so they tell us. Thus the
    concept of diversity would include juries.

    “…It makes sense for a tribal person who believes that the blood money system is the way of the world. A February 2, 2004 BBC article explains the workings of the blood money system in a case involving only

    On the side of a road in a ramshackle tent tribal elders have gathered for a
    court case, but it is not an ordinary law court, it’s a tribal court. The case
    defies logic – one brother has killed another, but the tribe they belonged to is blaming a rival tribe for the killing.

    Their argument is that if there had not been a feud with the other tribe,
    the killing would not have taken place; they are now demanding $20,000 in blood money…. In the eyes of tribal people such as Haditha residents, this debt is owed regardless of who actually killed the 24 people in Haditha or the
    circumstances of those deaths. The payment of blood money is not an admission of guilt; it is a balancing of tribal obligations.”

    Are we ready to accept this concept of justice?

  • Bobby

    Hello folks, it’s Bobby again. Well, if for no other reason, this news made me feel justified for all the times I’ve have stated on WHAT MUST BE A THOUSAND BLOGS, that, CALIFORNIA IS LOST. IT IS A LEFTIST DICTATORSHIP, CONTROLED BY THE MOST TRAITOROUS, DISFUNCTIONAL, WORTHLESS, SELF POSSESSED PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. I can’t say any more about my bleoved home state, but I can only offer this dire warning to people that live in other states, DON’T LET THE OPEN BORDERS, COMMUNIST LEFT, AND THE OPEN BORDERS, RINO CONTROLED RIGHT, DO THIS TO YOUR STATE. The moment a city council member talks about “helping” the illegal community, VOTE THEM OUT. The moment one reference is made to improving the lives of everyone and anyone who came to your city, state, yesterday, and is there illegally, get rid of the person that made that reference as if they were carriers. of the PLAUGE. Dont’ give them a second chance, don’t let them snow you about their motives, simply vote them out, with paper ballots, FAST!!!

  • Aaron

    So, can tourists be on jury panels?

  • Greg Thomas

    They are doing everything in their power to annihilate the distinction between citizen and non-citizen, since they think depriving one of something, because they are a non-citizen is “racist.”

  • brooklyn jane

    California will next be sending welfare and food stamp checks to Mexico with Obama and Holder’s approval. Spain should have never given New Spain their independence in 1821 after conquering these mongoloid Asian red yellow race migrants. These reds with other tribes who came over on the Bering land bridge 1500 years earlier such as the Aztecs, Mayans, Amazons, Incas were wild cannibalistic pagan savages who practiced bestiality and human sacrifice. After defeating and killing off over half of them with a small force of Conquistadors by the millions they forced them to speak white European caucasoid race Spanish and too become Christians to attempt to civilize their pagan wild savagery.
    Europeans in all their advanced chosen blessed favored superior race genetics unfortunately made an irreversible colossal miscalculation not making slaves out of these mongoloid reds instead of incredibly going to Africa to purchase African tribal chiefs rejects and introduce the black negroid race to the western hemisphere in what has been correctly labeled the supreme universal mother of all mistakes ever made in the history of the world.

  • Sloppo

    I suppose an Islamic terrorist on trial for killing a bunch of infidels should have a jury of Islamic terrorists.

  • Tired

    Probably because they don’t have any citizens left in California….

    California sent itself down this path ages ago. We are just watching the destruction while trying to avoid our own.

  • JoeT

    I’m packing now. Plan on leaving soon. A poor welfare immigrant will take my place.

  • LHathaway

    Why not let every one on earth vote in US elections? Because what happens here is so important to the rest of the world. Then allow everyone on earth to draw US government benefits. It would be one small step making up for america’s anti-colonialist past – I mean, imperial past.

  • dfbirdgee

    Why stop there? Why not allow dogs, cats, folding chairs, computer software, and abstract ideas to also serve on juries? After all, women were once unable to serve on juries, so let’s end discrimination against goldfish. Support plastic equality now!

  • Alexandra

    You know, when the Big One hits and California falls into the Pacific…I’ll likely shrug, to be honest. And watching it all from here in Ohio.

  • Kwenoir

    Apparently California is on drugs and needs rehab. They even re-elected Jerry Brown, a clear drug abusing hippie. Wow!

  • ograf

    Let’s not let a small thing like language interfere. I would feel confident knowing a bunch of Mexicans and South Americans would understand every nuance of the case. Even if they didn’t one of them could translate as to what a terrible criminal I am . 🙂