Mississippi Declares April ‘Confederate Heritage Month’

Shelley Orman, ABC 24, April 2, 2013

Mississippi just added a new observation to its calendar for the month of April. Governor Phil Bryant declared this month ‘Confederate Heritage Month.’

Mississippi makes the seventh state to celebrate the confederacy’s history in April.


In Mississippi, April 29th is set aside to honor those who served in the confederacy.


Governor Phil Bryant signed Mississippi’s order last week.

Bryant’s proclamation reads “It is important for all Americans to reflect upon our nation’s past, to gain insight from our mistakes and successes, and to come to a full understanding that the lessons learned yesterday and today will carry us through tomorrow if we carefully and earnestly strive to understand and appreciate our heritage.”


Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and Virginia also have confederate history months.



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  • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

    Learnin’ from our mistakes, Gov. Bryant ?? You got that right peckerwood.

  • ncpride

    Mistakes were certainly made, but not the kind Governor Bryant has in mind, I’m sure. Regardless, I take this as a good thing. Now if we could get the rest of the Southern States on board. Appreciation for our heritage is exactly what is needed, especially now….
    I was listening to the radio this morning and there was a local ‘comedian’ on, from SC. As I listened to his ‘act’ all he could seem to do is mock and ridicule Southerners, his own people, in the most insulting way. He was not funny at all, he was just mean, and his material tired and old. White Southerners are the coolest and by far the most PC group to demoralize, and it’s beyond tiresome. I would suggest that ‘comedian’ take his show elsewhere, because I suspect a lot of people from SC would not appreciate his brand of twisted ‘humor’.

    • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

      would suggest that ‘comedian’ take his show elsewhere, because I
      suspect a lot of people from SC would not appreciate his brand of
      twisted ‘humor’.”

      What do you mean NCpride? You’re talkin’ about a state that has a female red dot Indian gobernatrix who refuses to protect her State employess from attacks from the SC State Diversity Czars, US Senator Lindsey Graham, some other Gullah “Republican” Senator who delivered pizza to SC Republican gatherings long enough for someone to figure out how to feather Jim DeMints nest and some pendejo de mierda ex-governor who succumbed to “Tango Fever”. Joe “You lie!” Wilson is the only contemporay SC politician that the sandlappers can be proud of.



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      • ncpride

        He was not insulting these politicians, he was mocking Southerners in general, our heritage, way of life, etc… Had he made fun of them for electing such nutters to office, now THAT would have been funny, but his line of humor was nothing more than ridiculous stereotyping, that, like I said, is tired and old.

    • Puggg

      I was listening to the radio this morning and there was a local
      ‘comedian’ on, from SC. As I listened to his ‘act’ all he could seem to
      do is mock and ridicule Southerners, his own people, in the most
      insulting way.

      Jeff Foxworthy? I don’t know what’s more pathetic, him for thinking his insulting anti-white Southern brand of “humor” is funny, or the white Southerners who laugh at it.

    • The__Bobster

      Was this “comedian” perchance a member of the tribe?

  • bigone4u

    Mississippi is a great state filled with great people, including a now freed Elvis impersonator. Thanks to the governor for standing up the Civil Rights Mafia and making a stand for honor.

  • MikeS

    The only mistake made was in not repatriating, by brutal force if need be, every last black in the USA to Liberia or elsewhere immediately following the Civil War with the warning that if any one of them ever steps foot on American soil again, they will be destroyed in such a manner that there will nothing left to bury.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      This. The worst mistake in American history was bringing them here in the first place, and the next worst mistake was not deporting all of them when we had the chance.

      Our forefathers instead played kick the can with the problem, assuming their descendants would take care of it. If they could see what their country would become because of their mistake, they never would have made it.

      • The__Bobster

        The ones we deported are now coming back….huge numbers of them. I guess massah wasn’t so bad after all.

        • MikeS

          Here is the only thing blacks have ever “learned.”
          black massa – Bad
          White massa – Not that bad after all. Quite benevolent, actually.

      • MikeS

        The founders could never have imagined that the US would have become what it is today. Had the documents that this country was founded upon been adhered to, we would not be in this mess. What the founders could not have foreseen was the infiltration of our government (to such an extent) by traitors and especially, non-Whites. If all the founder’s were alive this morning, I’d wager that 99% – 100% would be dead this evening with each death due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

  • Secret Tribunal

    If they want to “gain insight,” just take a walk through downtown Jackson day or night with their daughters.

    I gain insight every day. That’s how keep current on my continuation education credits for my Nrology Certification.

  • eunometic

    I would argue that the only mistake the confederate states, in fact most of the united states made was to allow, the importation of Black Chattel slaves. Surely it was realised that this would get out of hand in one way or another one day. Only a tiny percentage of Whites ever owned slaves and many suffered as slavery reduced wages.

    I immagine the same kind of selfish psychotic scum that want cheap Mexican labour immigration were the ones who wanted chattel slaves in times past. A selfish advantage to them but a destructive effect on Whites as a whole.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, the Chamber of Commerce types that only care about cheap labor and don’t worry about its ultimate cost down the road. South Africa was full of this type too.

      • White Mom in WDC

        Interesting, my dad is Dutch. He told me that originally SA did not have many blacks, but they were imported in, just as the States. Cheap labor is expensive in the long run

    • Puggg

      El-cheapo Hispanic labor is neo-slavery.

      Cheap labor and the lust for it is partially going to be the death of our civilization.

    • Mrs.Graham

      Most suffered as a result of reduced wages and lived materially indistinct lives from that of the slaves.

      • JohnEngelman

        White men in the South who did not own slaves generally had lower standards of living than their skills would have earned for them in the North. Poor southern whites paid dearly for the satisfaction of belonging to the dominant race.

        From 1850 to 1860 there was an influx of European immigration to the United States. Most of the immigrants went North, because that was where the economic opportunities were. Many of these immigrants jointed the Union Army when the Civil War began, and helped defeat the Confederacy.

        • Wayne

          But the South was able to maintain it’s distinct, special culture and language, and liberty as a result. Some things are more important that the almighty dollar.

          • Nate Miller

            Liberty, my ass…the south LOST and it retains titles for the nation for all the wrong reasons – poverty, poor health, low infrastructure, lowest IQ scores, lowest education, lowest scientific knowledge, lowest awareness of healthy lifestyles, lowest GRE/SAT/MCAT/GMAT scores, lowest industrial and technological development etc. If that is what you call “liberty” and “special culture”, then I guess, we’re better off without it.

            John Engleman is correct, the smartest immigrants who had the high IQs, creativity and dynamic ingenuity went north and made the nation great eg: Albert Einstein (a Jewish scientist from Germany who gave the world Special and General relativity reshaping the outdated and rather flawed Newtonian Physics as well as giving us the Photo electric effect) settled in New Jersey, Satyendranath Bose ( an eminent Quantum Physicist from India, who discovered the Boson particles and gave us the Quantum tables used even today in the world of molecular & quantum Physics). The greatest inventions and scientific revolutions came in the North NOT south….Edison, Ford, Carnegie etc.
            Even today the smartest immigrants from Asia & Europe head north, mostly the coasts ( east and west).

            Proud Northerner from Indiana.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Long live the South and its heritage. To the European immigrants who died fighting the CSA, I wonder what you’re thinking now as you observe the rotten fruits of your efforts. I hope that you’re also able to see the future Hell that you helped create for your descendents.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly. Mexicans are the new slaves and the goal here is to undermine white working class people, as well as the middle and professional classes, and make us into indentured servants as well. Um, hell no. I am not a serf, my kids are not serfs. I am a free bird!

      If whites are to beat this, we must unify. White men, white women, marrieds, singles, old, young.

      White men must free their women and white women must free their men. Break the chains of propaganda; turn off the TV , the Internet porn, and stop shopping. Don’t give the squid bankstas a dime. Procreate and have more white kids. These are the paths to the future of a white nation

      • Nate Miller

        All well said but practically impossible! And, yes, I said IMPOSSIBLE! Next……

        • White Mom in WDC

          Wow you are negative. My vision is not impossible my friend

      • Sloppo

        I agree with you, but I wish more of our women shared your viewpoint.

      • saxonsun

        White women must understand they ARE free and that no man has any right to define a woman’s status. We make our own lives. Once we get that, then we are truly free.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      They bombarded Fort Sumter, and while the secession was legal and the Confederacy a legal government, the bombardment was casus belli.

    • DaveMed

      This is painfully obvious in hindsight. What I’m curious to learn is whether there were people at the time who realized the potential future demographic consequences.

  • Ralph

    There’s still no White Congressional Caucus.

    If anyone thinks that most of the White politicians support and defend White interests, they need their heads examined.

    BTW, One of Speaker Boehner’s daughters is going to marry a Black from Jamaica, so the Boehner family line is turning Black and he’ll be even less interested than he is now in supporting White interests.

    • nicholas

      Lol, Obama has already recognized Boehner as one of his own: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kWF8UTXw5g

      • Paleoconn

        ‘Wussup John’ The hip-hop POTUS does it again. Adolescents in the White House.

    • TheAntidote

      Well, he is awfully dark—-even in the dead of winter. Perhaps it’s the brush of tar. They say Lincoln himself had it.

  • JohnEngelman

    During the presidential election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln won 39.8% of the vote. In a two way race that is considered to be losing by a landslide. He made it clear that he did not intend to free the slaves in states where slavery was legal. He ran on a promise to keep slavery illegal in the free states, and to keep slavery out of the territories.

    There was little support in the North for abolition. Most who wanted to keep slavery out of their states and out of the territories did so because they wanted to keep blacks out of their states and out of the territories. If the slaves were freed many would movie north and compete with white men for jobs in factories.

    If calmer heads had prevailed in the South there would have been no secession.

    • joegoofinoff

      I’m all for remembering the Confederate States, but more imporatant is the Revolution that took place immediately following the war – “Reconstruction” 1865 -1877. Far more important than the war itself.

    • Wayne

      But Rubber Legs was your classic politician and community organizer. He said different things depending upon the crowd he was addressing. His intentions were black equality from the beginning. He was assassinated because he was going to give blacks the vote. Lincoln was a tyrant, the North infested with religious fanatics. The same spirit reins in the North today.

    • Bobbala

      You do know South Carolina tried to buy Ft. Sumpter. It’s not usually advertised in the text books for some reason.

  • Candid

    What level of gene pool was exported from mother africa, during the brother slave selling by the congoids–?? The prime intellect brainiods??? Beasts of the field maybe!!

    So now what do you have populating political positions, local, state and national–?? The creame of the creame–ha, ha, or the lame hind tit negroid mixture!! And you wonder at the idiocy of

    the congentially regressive !!??? And
    Why is ammo manufacture the hot new job career path in yobama’s America??
    Speak truth to power. And carry a big stick.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    All of my great-great grandfathers fought in that mess (both sides). The war was fought in order to determine whether it would be the Northern industrialist robber barons or the Southern planter robber barons who would control the opening – and exploitation of the American West. I believe that if the South had preserved its independence, the North would have invaded Canada. Against the Union, not even Great Britain could have done much away from Canadian coasts and the lower St. Lawrence river.

    • TheAntidote

      I kind of doubt that. Great Britain was a superpower in those days. I believe it’s far more likely the CSA would have drifted back into Britain’s orbit. They needed that cotton. Remember the USA got burned with Canada in 1812 and The Patriot War.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Both American armies learned lessons during our war that Britain didn’t fully understand until after the 1916 Somme Offensive. They’d have had their clocks cleaned.

  • Tjom R.

    The history of our first rebellion (1776) is poorly understood but in reality affords
    the basis for an appreciation of the rebellion of 1861. A very large proportion of the
    ablest and most productive Colonial population opposed the action of 1776, BTW.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    For the first time in a long time—AmRen actually has some good news to publish! God bless the Sovereign State of Mississippi, as well as the memory of Theodore Gilmore Bilbo, James O. Eastland, and John Corneilius Stennis. To me, though, every day is Confederate Heritage Day…..currently writing from Bradenton, Florida where I’m working with some real modern day Rebels from Myakka City….

  • candid

    Utter crap. Amren is a shill for libtards, corrutpt rinos, holier than thou, just can’t wait to

    screw over the salt of the earth White breed, sucking on the idolized mulatto hybrids.
    Euro Caucasians beware.