Common DNA Markers Can Account for More Than Half of the Genetic Influence on Cognitive Abilities

Robert Plomin et al., Psychological Science, March 15, 2013


For nearly a century, twin and adoption studies have yielded substantial estimates of heritability for cognitive abilities, although it has proved difficult for genomewide-association studies to identify the genetic variants that account for this heritability (i.e., the missing-heritability problem). However, a new approach, genomewide complex-trait analysis (GCTA), forgoes the identification of individual variants to estimate the total heritability captured by common DNA markers on genotyping arrays. In the same sample of 3,154 pairs of 12-year-old twins, we directly compared twin-study heritability estimates for cognitive abilities (language, verbal, nonverbal, and general) with GCTA estimates captured by 1.7 million DNA markers. We found that DNA markers tagged by the array accounted for .66 of the estimated heritability, reaffirming that cognitive abilities are heritable. Larger sample sizes alone will be sufficient to identify many of the genetic variants that influence cognitive abilities.

[Editor’s Note: The full text of this study is available here.]

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  • dd121

    Sorry blacks, you’re dumb and it’s not because your mother didn’t smile at you.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Or because evil Whitey be doin you wrong. We’re close to undeniability folks. Don’t you give up your guns, Whitey – this stuff is explosive!

  • The__Bobster

    Hey, libtards, it’s nature, not nuture.

    • purestocles

      Naturally it’s not nurture and those who nurture the opposing point of view are by nature naturally disinclined to accept any hypothesis that by its very nature negates or nullifies the nurture narrative that necessitates nourishing needy knavish nincompoops.

      • Greg Deane

        A very alliterative argument.

    • a multiracial individual

      I was arguing about the biology of human behavior with my soon-to-be, white, conservative brother-in-law. He believes that “effort trumps all.” I asked him if he had any preference in adopting a child.

      1. A healthy newborn from two nobel prize winning scientists.
      2. A healthy newborn from two violent criminals.

      With a straight face he said he would have no preference between adopting child 1 or 2. Conservatives are just as likely to deny human nature as libs in my estimation. I would be interested in seeing a study on the demographics of the blank slate theory.

      • Morris LeChat

        well, they are adding YOU to the family aren’t they?

        • a multiracial individual

          Adding me is getting closer to 1 than all her previous dull (white) boyfriends.

        • MadMike

          A bit Unfair but nobody said life was fair.

      • MadMike

        I guess after watching Trading Places your brother in law felt “effort trumps all.”

        • M.R.I

          Although I love that movie, a character like Eddie Murphy would not have done so well. Similarly, Dan Akroyd’s character would probably not have done so poorly.

  • 48224

    DNA is racist….who knew?

    Call me crazy but…..I never believed that the people who never came up with a written language, indoor plumbing, or the wheel were on the same level as the people that put a man on the moon.

    • haroldcrews

      Any day now scientist will prove that water is wet.

      • David Ashton

        And others will claim that wetness is just an essentialist social construct.

        • A. Windaus


          • David Ashton

            Essentialism is the attribution of a collective essence to a social group, like a “German soul”; a Platonic form. Sorry about this, but you did ask.

    • Luca

      Yes, of course we need more tax-subsidized low IQ, fatherless, crackheads. They make great voters. Just like illiterate, “soon-to-be legal” immigrants.

    • Triarius

      Of course they will. Of those adjectives you forgot one…VOTING.

  • K

    So IOW these scientists have discovered what most people have known since time began. Yippee.

  • APaige

    Keep using multiple-syllable words and ‘they’ will never catch on to the truth.

  • Cannot Tell

    I spoke to Nicholas Wade, NY Times journalist and author of the book Before the Dawn, about the Beijing Genomics Institute’s quest to find high IQ genes by comparing the genomes of American math geniuses to the normal population. His response surprised me. He doesn’t think the discovery of high IQ genes will have a lot of social impact in the U.S. If I understood him correctly, he thinks it’s possible that different sets of genes cause high IQs in the different races. Therefore, if the genes that correlate to high IQ in the sample being studied are more common among whites, for example, that may not mean that high IQ genes in general are more common among whites. It could be that different sets of genes cause high IQs in the other races.

    Prior to speaking to Wade, I thought race realism would be irrefutable by the time the BGI finishes their work. Now I’m not so sure when geneticists will find irrefutable proof of hereditarianism.

    • David Ashton

      Actually this would point to more racial variation of genetic origin, not less.

    • Flytrap

      Wouldn’t this mean that he believes different races are different species?

    • Nathanwartooth

      Any study that points out that the races are different are attacked various ways.

      The author of the study was a racist, the data is bad, the study wasn’t done correctly, etc.

      They have a never ending list of excuses and attacks.

    • anew

      Obviously BGI task involves a lot of guesswork, but I don’t see how race specific “high IQ genes” really changes much. If some or all high IQ genes are race specific, one can still measure the frequency of high IQ black genes in the black population, high IQ white genes in the white population, etc.

    • StillModerated

      You will know the genius in your midst when the dunces form a confederacy against him. Jonathan Swift

    • wattylersrevolt

      IQ test score psychometrics is very refutable and conceptually flawed. And if Jared Taylor continues to make it the centerpiece of his public presentations he will with 100 percent certainty sidetrack a long overdue discussion about those very nasty and predatory asians in our America and about their role in the ongoing destruction of thousands of years of acquired Native Born White American Scientific,Engineering and Medical Experience…future generations of Native Born White American Engineering,Scientific, There are people in the enemy camp who know how to debate the IQ test score issue very effectively..making sure that Jared Tayor never gets around to taking on the asians…if that is even his goal-intent…for it should be at the wave front of his attack on the race-replacment enthusiasts.

      The only game in town for millions of Native Born White Americans is raw-unadulturated visceral-gut-level Native Born White American Racial Tribalism. We don’t need the permission of deceased pointy-headed psychometricians who themselves had 0 connection to the revolt against race-replacement at the hands of hostile and very predatory post-1965 nonwhites such as asians.

  • bigone4u

    The message seems to be that racial groups should remain stable over time in terms of their cognitive abilities. So, no amount of social engineering, i.e., schooling, integration, benefits, is going to bring blacks up to the white level in cognitive abilities. The equality of the races is another liberal pipe dream that will never come to pass. At some point, science will triumph over politics and the truth will out. Or so I hope.

    • CoweringCoward

      No, it will not go down like that. As heritability becomes absolutely proven, this “disability” will be used as further evidence of the need to rob whites of their “unearned” “privilege”, via of course higher taxation and AA progs.

    • CoweringCoward

      Like every black owned car here seems to sport a handicapped parking placard. They really don’t see the irony in abusing this program at all, kinda admitting they are in some way “disabled” by existence.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Well, there is the Flynn effect but it only goes so far and applies to all groups equally.

      White IQ has risen over the years but so has Black IQ, it always stays about 1 standard deviation apart.

  • a multiracial individual

    How much can we accomplish with that other 40%? I am sure we can do better than we are currently doing?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Perhaps slightly, but we already do a pretty good job environmentally for children. They are all fed, clothed, educated, and given medical care. They are usually removed from abusive households. The government has ensured that poor and minority children get a better shot at success than ever before in history.

      What more do you think we can really do for them? Even when minority children are adopted by whites, they tend to revert to their race’s average IQ.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Relevance of this to the battle against post-1965 race-replacement immigration policy? Answer:0.
    Thought experiment:What if Jared Taylor gave a talk at the last AR conference about how post-1965 Immigration Policy was the number one culprit in every Muslim “American” terrorist attack since Feb 1993..and..about how every Muslim “American” terrorist attack since Feb 1993 were all completely avoidable if no muslims were allowed into America..and..that the only point in importing millions of high ferility muslims was to create a large Democratic Party voting block that votes to make the Native Born White Majority a racial minority….I mean, really hammered home this point….instead of the onging eulogy to Rushton and Lynne,two men who are completley irrelevant to the battle against rapid race-replacement. Answer:if Jared had done this it would have given American Renaisaince lots of free publicity in light of what happend last week in Boston…I mean Jared should have predicted another Muslim “American” terrorists attack occuring in the no too distant future at the AR conference.
    As far as the merits of this research goes, it comes down partly to a question of whether IQ tests scores are a powerfull proxy for intelligence. I have great doubts about this. Go Google the recent study done in Germany about IQ tests scores and the ability to learn new math concepts and techniques. No doubt, there will be many more studies comming out like this in the future. Also google the Discovery Channel Special a few years back about the alternative IQ test. The IQ test score enthusiasts here are not going to like the comments made about IQ tests by the particiapnts in this show who tested very high on IQ tests in their childhood.. specifically, the comments made by Seth Lloyd…MIT professor of Quantum Computing…the Hedge Fund Trader..and the Classical the end of the show..all three of them laughed at IQ tests as being basically a joke.

    • MBlanc46

      Laughing at things as basically a joke doesn’t sound like a very scientific procedure to me.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Agree about intelligence differences *not* being the raison d’être of white separatism, disagree about intelligence not being measurable or innate. Honestly, one thing that helped me become a race realist (and not a “culturalist” conservative) was the harsh reality of inherited intelligence differences between the races. So these topics do have merit.

      • wattylersrevolt

        I never said intelligence wasn’t inate…think of it in terms of a computer program:Input:genes..output:brain organ…an enormous amount not understood in between.Intelligence could be measurable in principle. But this is a research program that holds no interest for me. What’s the deep scientific point to it all?..a score on an IQ test? Answer:O…IQ tests enthusiasts should at least be honest about why they have an interest in something as dull as an IQ test score..especially when you consider all the statiscal and conceptual problems with IQ test scores. The interest has nothing to with very deep scientific questions…only of interest to vapid and trivial minds of the likes of Linda Gottfreidson.

        • Nathanwartooth

          Yes, IQ tests are a joke and so are SAT scores.

          They just happen to magically correlate with success in life, proclivity to commit crime and many other things.

          Have you ever met a stupid person? Have you ever met a smart person? Don’t you think there might be a test to figure out which one is which?

          • wattylersrevolt

            Interestingly your first sentence describes perfectly the psychopaths and sociopaths who own and run US now we have a test to identify them in pre-teen and teen years.
            Answer to second quesion..which is a stupid question:no. IQ Test scores and Sat scores don’t pick up the enormous number of living breathing counter-examples that suggest very strongly they are very crude predictors of success..and yes, don’t take into account nasty life circumstances as a direct consequences of the sociopaths and psychopaths who get tracked into respectable gangster operations by IVY league schools.
            IQ test score enthusiasts are a nitwit cabal who would rather leave in tack a corrupt and nasty economic system that favors all the sociopaths and psychopaths who were very lucky to be in a system that favors their ruthlessness. IQ test scores and SAT scores don’t pick out the Michael Faradays of this World..just the opposite is true.

          • Nathanwartooth

            You know that IQ and SAT test correlations are on average, right?

            Most of what you wrote was just rambling about psychopaths which has nothing to do with anything.

    • JohnEngelman

      Rushton and Lynne,two men who are completley irrelevant to the battle against rapid race-replacement.

      – wattylersrevolt

      Race realism is not an entitlement for Nordics to go around chanting, “We’re number one! We’re number one!” Race realism entails a realistic assessment of how races differ.

      Anyone who acknowledges that blacks tend to be less intelligent than Nordics for genetic reasons needs to acknowledge that Nordics tend to be less intelligent than Orientals for the same genetic reasons. This is why Nordics are being replaced by Orientals at the best universities and in the best corporations. Race replacement is not a conspiracy against Nordics. It is the evolutionary process.

      This does not mean that Nordic genes will disappear. Through the process of miscegenation brilliant whites will marry brilliant non whites and have brilliant multi racial children who in turn will have living descendants thousands of years from now.

      • Ralph

        John: I’ll keep this short because I think that you are from the tribe of the ever multiplying intelligent idiot

        The East Asian-White IQ gap, when the settings are equal is around 2-3 IQ points (i.e. you take East Asians out of their Tiger Mom/Eagle Dad setting). This small IQ gap does not explain the vast over representation of Asians in the universities and corporations that you speak of. I’ll use the 5 point gap that is commonly reference however: In the United States, if we were going solely by IQ, the sheer number of high IQ whites (130 IQ) would outnumber the amount of High IQ Asians by around 9.5 to 1 (High IQ whites would outnumber high IQ Jews around 5 to 1, in case you were wondering).

        The real reason we see such a massive disparities in the over representation of Asians in this country is PARTIALLY down to IQ but also several other factors.

        Immigrant Asian parents and their children have an X factor and that factor is simple: Drive. They want a better life. They put in the work to get there. This isn’t solely down to Asian culture. African immigrants tend to hold higher rates of college graduation than white OR Asian Americans DESPITE coming from a low IQ group. Why? Because immigrants want more for themselves and they understand that the easiest way to get it is through achievement.

        This, coupled with the theory of higher IQ immigration, is the main reason Asians outperform whites to such a degree.

        Also, tribalism. I know this is hard for your “IQ IS EVERYTHING AND ASIANS AND JEWS ARE THE BEST!!!” to take, but tribalism matters and its important because only minority groups are allowed to practice it. No one questions when a high level Jewish person grooms another Jewish person to take over a firm or position. No one questions the over representation of Jews in Ivy League admissions departments. No one questions Chinese immigrants in California only selling real estate to other Chinese immigrants. Why? Because your buddies on the left would scream that it is racism. There’s a reason that the explosion of Asians into the United States took down the overall number of non-Jewish whites in the Ivy Leagues while the Jewish numbers stayed the same or even increased (As Ron Unz has demonstrated). And its not all about IQ.

        Finally, why would anyone want a world of all mixed race people and mixed cultures? I like different cultures. I actually LIKE real multiculturalism. I want to be able to go to France and see French culture and French people. To go to Sweden and see Swedish culture and Swedish people. To go to Japan and see Japanese culture and Japanese people. I don’t want to see Europe turned into some form of Arabia and I don’t want to see the United States turned into some form of Asia/Latin America and I wouldn’t want Japan transformed into some form of Europe.

        Peoples of each nation should be allowed to grow and prosper at their own rate and in their own way. I want my kids to have a life. I don’t want them to have to try and spend 20 hours a day studying to compete with Asian immigrants who have no incentive to actually live, only to increase their test scores. If that means a world where Asian nations are slightly more dominant than European ones, then so be it. But it doesn’t mean we should just replace Europeans with Asians anymore than we should replace Africans with Europeans.

        • wattylersrevolt

          You are wasting your time..Engleman-it is troll. For four years people here have responded to it at great length and disposed of it in debate..are we required to this for another for years?
          As far as the content of your post goes it is just plain stupid with all this nitpicking over the finer points of psychometric detail completely irrelevant to the race-replacement debate. You are using the eyes-glaze-over-mind numbing psychometric babble to justify why you don’t to live among asians…stupid and stupider.
          The trolls post have now evolved to threats of conquest by the “superior” asian invader…between the eyes..and then throw it into a ditch…
          You are a retard if you feel you have to justify your existence as a racial majority within the borders of America to a cokroach-of-a-troll. Stop being a retard Comrade Ralph.

          • Ralph

            Actually, its not. Because to a lot of people, race isn’t enough and in the end, the only way we win is if we can convince enough people that our message is correct. Engelman, troll or not, represents a significant portion of intelligent white Americans, many of who don’t even share his views of blacks and Hispanics. He is good practice for real life debate because he makes legitimate points: If the reasoning we use wanting blacks and Hispanics out of countries is true, then why shouldn’t we want Asians in our countries? And if you’re initially engaging those people who cannot yet see, then you need to have a better answer than simply, race.

          • wattylersrevolt

            Comrade Ralphy
            Unfortunately, you are clueless about the facts on the ground. When a MSM story about the demographic shift comes out the overwhelming majority of responses in the comment sections is outrage…and expressed with a high degree of nastiness…forcing the censors to shut down comments or to greatly curtail commenting..never a comment among hundreds about the finer points of psychometric IQ babble. And this really goes to the heart of the issue ..anyone who instigates a discussion about the finer points of IQ psychometrics is going come across as a retard if they are a White Advocate such as yourself. Moreover, raise it in a debate, and with 100 percent certainty, a discusssion about race-replacement will be sidetracked completely with a mind-numbing-back and forth debate about my study versus your study.
            The way stronger argument for wanting mexicans,africans and asians out of our country should have nothing to do with IQ test scores. Reasons to keep them out: they are not our kind,they are very hostile, they breed like the lowly blattaria species..which will generate hyper-exponential population growth which will destroy all the ecological amnenities like access to Lake George and the Adirondacks, wage depression-wealth theft…in other words they only thing that we have to say to fellow Native Born White Americans is this:just what are you willing to give up for being a racial minority within the borders of America..then proceed to explain in great detail exactly what they are going to have to give up. When millions of Native Born White Americans get to this point:the game is over big time!!.
            Native Born White American victims of the treasonous H-1-L-1 B visa programs don’t need a nitpicking psychometric lecture about the high IQ test score asians..if you do it and announce that you are a White Advocate they will think that you are a retard…trust me, I have already seen this happen in real world-real time. I mean the question you raised is just silly. Get with the program Comrade Ralphy.

        • JohnEngelman


          If that is your idea of keeping it short, thank you for not lengthening it.

          What you are saying is that Orientals and Jews do not compete fairly, because in addition to having higher average IQs they tend to work harder.

          During much of the twentieth century Jews and Orientals were discriminated against in the United States, but they managed to overcome that discrimination and become prominent in areas of the economy requiring superior intelligence.

          Blaming the fact that Orientals and Jews tend to make more money than white Gentiles on nepotism and cronyism is like blaming the fact that blacks tend to make less on white racism.

          • Ralph


            I figured you would not address the actual comment.

            No. What I am saying is that IMMIGRANTS tend to work harder to overcome their past. Are Africans smarter than Europeans? You’ve spent countless posts on this site saying that no, they are not. However, they graduate at higher rates in the U.S. than both whites and Asians. So are they smarter than both white and Asian Americans? By your metric, by God, they must be. Your world has just been thrown for a loop!

            I agree with your premise that in the past the hard-working Jewish or Asian American overcome discrimination and succeeded. However, that does not apply to today. Jewish achievement in the country has dropped (once again from Unz) and yet their Ivy League attendance, depending on the school, has remained static or increased. Its simple tribalism, practiced in a more discrete way than the WASPs used to in in the 1920s and 30s, but utterly indestructible as one cannot mention it without being an anti-Semite (Even your precious Asians are complaining about the under representation).

            As both Unz and Steve Sailer have demonstrated, when Asians are born and raised here they tend to slide into American habits and the achievement gaps close as demonstrated by Japanese families in California. While IQ matters, it is the initial culture that is the main force behind the achievement gap.

            Explain to me this: Why is it a bad thing to want Asian countries to remain Asian and European countries to remain European? Why? What is your reasoning? Didn’t European countries get along just fine without Asians? Aren’t their enough high IQ Europeans? Why should High IQ Europeans be forced to compete with slave-like high IQ Asian immigrants anymore than low-IQ Europeans should be forced to compete for dead wages with low-IQ blacks and Latinos?

          • JohnEngelman

            Orientals and Jews who came to the United States legally, as the vast majority did, have as much right to be here as you do. On a one to one basis they contribute more to the economy, and less to the crime rate, than white Gentiles.

            The only Americans who have the right to complain about race displacement and genocide are American Indians. Whites killed them and took their land. Orientals and Jews do not kill white Gentiles. They tend to study harder, get better grades, and to work harder, and earn better incomes.

          • Ralph

            My God, you truly are just a raging liberal who hates black people aren’t you?

            Sure, legally, technically under laws created by politicians who did not heed to the wishes of their people, they are fine to be here. And in small numbers, that would not be a problem. However, when these small groups become hostile (as many Jews are, which of course you will deny despite all evidence to the contrary) and you cannot question their actions, then it becomes a problem.

            On a one to one basis, they do. That is why (some) Asian countries are very nice to live in. However, white countries have very low rates of crime as well. We aren’t talking African-European gaps here. Was Sweden not a completely acceptable place to live? Is Vermont not a wonderful place to live? Maine? Switzerland? These small differences in crime rates and IQ did not matter when it came to creating societies did it?

            Ah American Indians. That wonderful group of people who created the United States of Native America. Oh…wait. No, they were simply a patchwork of warring tribes extending from the tip of Alaska to the furthest reaches of South America. They stole land from one another, did they not? Europeans did to Native Americans what they were already doing to one another, only they did it on a larger scale.

            Once again: You are correct, in some sense. However, you fail – again, because you know you are losing – to address the point that it is the initial immigrants who carry those traits and that they are lost over time. You have failed to refute anything I have said, only sticking to your “Asians and Jews are superior in every way!” mantra.

            John, why do you not move to an Asian nation? Or Israel?

          • JohnEngelman

            John, why do you not move to an Asian nation? Or Israel?

            – Ralph

            If I could get a job in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, or Israel I would run to catch it. Meanwhile I have as much right to stay in the United States as they have to be here. The United States is more agreeable to me because of their presence.

            In the United States they tend to perform and behave better than white Gentiles. I have documented that on several occasions on this website quoting men who have spoken at American Renaissance conferences.

          • Ralph

            John: So you are a troll who cannot comprehend anything outside of your narrow worldview. You admit you are lazy. According to you, the United States should begin a policy of mass immigration from black immigrants from Africa because they tend to attain higher education than Asian Americans.

            Once again: You fail to address the meaningful segments of conversation because it destroys your one track argument. I do hope you achieve your dream and leave, the United States needs fewer losers, regardless of race.

          • JohnEngelman

            A troll is someone who angers others on an internet forum. I anger people by expressing arguments they are unable to refute.

            Now, what do I not comprehend? What is narrow about my world view? What don’t I know?

          • Ralph

            Except your arguments have been refuted and you refuse to answer any question that doesn’t fit into your mantra of “Asians and Jews are superior”.

            Why should I want Asians in my country when Europeans create better standards of living?

            Why should I want South Koreans in my country when they are more dangerous than many Europeans? Likewise with Chinese?

            Forget Europeans and Asians, we need more Iranians and Indians, they create the best businesses, despite being from a low IQ group.

            Your narrow worldview is that IQ is the only thing that matters and it decides everything. You believe people should be replaced in their nations by other groups based solely on this factor. You think that small groups of immigrants somehow reflect a larger worldview, EXCEPT when it comes to African immigrant achievement, which you ignore (You have not acknowledged this once). You think that Asian societies are superior to Western ones, despite the fact that by all metrics Western ones are rated higher, other than their inability to realize they do not need mass immigration to function.

            Now you will simply ignore this post and fire off something like “Asians commit lower crime (except homicide in their homelands obviously), are better for the economy (except Korean immigrants, who are inferior to Indians and Iranians when it comes to business, achieve more education (except for African and Indian immigrants), and this is all because of IQ and this is why we should welcome them with open arms, rather than me just trotting over seas to drown myself in Asian culture”.

            As I said before, you are a typical liberal. You are nothing but a parrot. You cannot think for yourself. In this way, I understand why you enjoy Asian culture because so much of its modernity is based off of mimicry. You are indeed a loser.

          • JohnEngelman

            Why should I want Asians in my country when Europeans create better standards of living?

            – Ralph

            Because no country can have too many people with high IQs and low rates of crime and illegitimacy.

          • David Ashton

            I think you have avoided many points made by Ralph and simply repeated the same sentences verbatim that we have read again and again as if nothing has happened to refute or at any rate modify them. More a parrot than a troll.

            On your last point, you would presumably now require no restriction on the number of people with high IQs that wish to settle in your “country” – despite other considerations like their customs, cultural identity, political motives, &c.

          • JohnEngelman

            Posters keep throwing the same arguments at me, or to be more precise, the same insults.

            As far as high IQ people moving here I am somewhat ambivalent about that.

            On a number of occasions I have said that more immigrants mean higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits. I favor more restrictions on legal immigration, and a vigorous crackdown on illegal immigrants.

            At the same time I like immigrants and the cultural diversity they provide. That is what separates me from those who flame me. They dislike anyone who is not of European Gentile descent, and resent being reminded that Orientals and Jews have higher average IQs than Nordics.

            I remind them because it is true, and because the truth matters.

          • JohnEngelman

            Why should I want South Koreans in my country when they are more dangerous than many Europeans? Likewise with Chinese?


            – Ralph

            I frequently quote that website myself. North Korea does have a higher murder rate than the United States. China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan have considerably lower murder rates.

          • JohnEngelman

            For the past twenty years I have studied race differences in brain size, intelligence, sexuality, personalty, growth rate, life span, crime, and family stability. On all of these traits. Orientals fall at one end of the spectrum. Blacks fall at the other end, and Whites fall in between.

            – Professor J. Philippe Rushton, from “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR”

            As I have pointed out on many occasions, Professor Rushton spoke at six American Renaissance conferences. If I am mistaken, he is mistaken, and he is not mistaken.

          • JohnEngelman

            Explain to me this: Why is it a bad thing to want Asian countries to remain Asian and European countries to remain European? Why? What is your reasoning? Didn’t European countries get along just fine without Asians? Aren’t their enough high IQ Europeans? Why should High IQ Europeans be forced to compete with slave-like high IQ Asian immigrants anymore than low-IQ Europeans should be forced to compete for dead wages with low-IQ blacks and Latinos?

            – Ralph

            Those are rhetorical questions that do not merit answers. Rather than ask, “Why not?” I will say that I like Oriental, Jewish, and even Hispanic immigrants. I am fascinated by their cultures.

            On the other hand, on this website I have expressed my desire that illegal immigrants be apprehended and deported, and that legal immigration be reduced.

            Although I appreciate the cultural diversity immigrants provide, I recognize that a high rate of immigration has economic, environmental, and social costs.

          • Ralph

            They don’t merit answers in your mind because they don’t fit into your incredibly narrow view of the world that the only thing that matters is that as societies we base everything off of IQ.

            To sum you up: You like different cultures (as I do) but are too lazy to travel. You want them to be brought to you, rather than experience them. Fascinating.

            I will say this: There is and always will be some degree of multiculturalism and that is okay. However, in your mind, everyone everywhere needs to be replaced with Jews as they are the highest IQ group. According to your way of thinking, Asian culture and Asian countries would be better if every single title was stripped from Asians and given to higher IQ Jews.

            It is so odd that someone who claims to love Asian culture would believe this.

  • Secret Tribunal

    DNA markers be rayciss en sheeet all up en heeah.

    • MadMike

      Diversity Not Allowed…..

  • Luca

    After countless generations and at least 150,000 years, among the millions of Africans who lived and walked the earth, do you mean to tell me that not one of them had the capacity to come up with anything more complex than a mud hut while other Races were building aqueducts, roads, cathedrals, inventing printing presses, mathematics, medicine, astronomy and sailing around the world?

    Am I to believe that intelligence is not encoded somewhere in the human genome and passed on down the ages and maintained within haplogroups? Well for some stubborn reason I believe it is and I have always pointed to twin studies as an indicator.

    Another indicator is instinct. How do birds of a certain type build identical nests unique to their breed? It is an unlearned, programmed behavior passed down genetically from generation to generation. Plain and simple.

  • rick

    “Larger sample sizes alone will be sufficient to identify many of the genetic variants that influence cognitive abilities.”
    And what will happen if (more likely when) it is discovered that these gene variants are not distributed equally across racial/ethnic groups?

    • SmithandSmith

      It will be deemed as a “racist” study and will be immediately tossed out.

      • rick

        If gene variants for IQ are isolated, it will then be possible to screen embryos for those variants. So even if the egalitarians try to brainwash the public and suppress the truth, those in the know-how will use these discoveries to ensure their offspring have the best possible genes via embryo screening. A country like China may even mandate it nationally since they aren’t afflicted by the curse of PC.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      It will be harshly suppressed for potentially many years, even decades. The government and media will do everything it can to convince a scientifically illiterate population that the science was “racist and completely inaccurate.”

      However, truth will always win out over lies because it has the irrefutable backing of reality. You can only keep people asleep for so long, and there will be hell to pay when whites finally wake up.

      • David Ashton

        Start with young people – many of them don’t like being taken for a ride, even as ideology fodder for elderly Cultural Marxists.

  • Ned

    How come hereditary traits for animal husbandry are understood and accepted and there is no argument but hereditary traits for different groups of homo sapiens and different races are not accepted ever since the end of World War 2 ?

    • MBlanc46

      They certainly breed for temperament as well as physical conformation. Are there studies of the heritability of intelligence in animals?

    • JohnEngelman

      Nazi race theories discredited without actually disproving the belief that racial differences are significant. After World War II most people in the West did not want to think that way.

      Currently racial integration is a fait accompli. Most whites want to make a multi racial society work, and do not want to examine scientific evidence that it may not work.

    • Luca

      Because science, facts, empirical evidence, common sense and logic are complete stumbling blocks to the Leftist Agenda.

  • MBlanc46

    Yet another nail in the coffin of heritability of intelligence denial. We may never find all of the inexact genes involved in detail, but the fundamental relationship is pretty firmly established.

  • sbuffalonative

    For anyone interested, here’s a link to a study of ancient European DNA:

  • Morris LeChat

    Anyone who has ever worked around blacks knows that they are very dim witted and slow. The only thing they can do is make a lot of noise.

    • JohnEngelman

      Anyone who has worked around Jews and Orientals knows that they are very quick witted and fast. They do not need to make a lot of noise. Their accomplishments speak loudly.

      • Europhile

        Actually, many Jews are rather loud, especially New York Jews. And the Chinese in my city are really loud, shouting their conversations from two feet apart.

        • Morris LeChat

          and the Chinese spit on the street, a lot, in a disgusting way where they will hack up a huge phlegm ball, there are very distinct cultural differences between chinese Americans who don’t live in Chinatown and Chinese from China.

          • JohnEngelman

            I have probably known more Chinese than you have. When I lived in the San Francisco Bay area I frequently visited the Chinatowns of San Francisco and Oakland. I never saw a Chinese do that.

        • saxonsun

          So true about Asians–very loud. And Asian languages, especially Chinese, are incredibly offensive to most Westerners.

      • Morris LeChat

        Anyone who has worked around Germans and English and other Europeans knows they are quick witted and fast and work hard.

      • Ralph

        And yet, still they flock to the lands created by the Europeans…

        • JohnEngelman

          Where they tend to perform better in those lands, academically, professionally, and economically.

      • JohnEngelman

        Excuses. Excuses. That sounds like blacks blaming their failures on white racism.

      • MadMike

        But not fast enough to Win WW2.

      • Bossman

        East Asians appear to be most different from Blacks. I wonder what would happen if there was much interbreeding between the two groups.

        • JohnEngelman

          You would get people like Hispanics. They would have lower average IQs and higher crime rates than East Asians, and higher average IQs and lower crime rates than blacks.

    • eunometic

      Many parts of Africa have accepted Christianity which has a calming and civilising influence. Just looking at those Bell curve graphs it looks like the top 15% in IQ match the top 50% in IQ for Whites. ( IQ of 100 or so) You can certainly work with people that have IQ over 90 and it may be hard to notice a cognitive inferiority if you tend to be exposed only to elite Blacks. Some of these people are decent people. In Africa Indians seem to plug that gaps in certain professions such as dentistry and medicine.

      We can give Black people a place in the sun and dignity. We can not accept that we are to blame or guilty for their deficits. Nor can we be their keepers nor can we be required to expose ourselves to the problems these issues create.

      White intelligence is the result of natural selection: of having to have the diligence to store food and prepare shelter and clothing for 5.5 months of winter and snow cover. Of having to be loyal and constant to your wife because without that she and your children would likely die. No, we could not afford to be happy sun people. Being White means millions of our our ancestors relatives starved or froze to death before the spring and only those with foresight and diligence passed on their genes.

  • Morris LeChat

    you want to torture a black man? Give him free furniture that he needs to assemble himself.

    • Bossman

      A lot of furniture that is sold these days need to be self-assembled.

  • JohnEngelman

    In the fairly near future DNA testing will be nearly as accurate as IQ testing in predicting the life time success of seven year old children. When that happens the argument over The Bell Curve will end, although not the arguing.

  • Liz Betbeze

    censor this fuuucking scum

    • looks like some one got up on the wrong side of the mud hut

    • wattylersrevolt

      Engleman is a goddam obvious troll. I am not oppose to debating any asian who wants to come and take us on. I would welcome it. Engleman the troll has been posting here for four years and diposed of in debate many times. We don’t want to waste our time responding to it anymore. We have moved on. But the troll persists knowing full well that most of us will no longer respond to it anymore. And now, this goddam little troll has taken it to a new level by taunting us that we will be working for our high IQ asian masters in the future. If this were comming from a bona fide asian new to American Renaissance I would respond..but I won’t waste my time on a worthless troll playing head games. AR can not possibly be unaware of what’s going on which leads me to the following conclusion:50 percent chance that the troll Engleman originates at AR Central in Virginia, and that Jared Taylor is well aware of this. This, over time, could very well have serious $$$ consequences for AR.
      To say that this a free speech issue would be like an animal rights activist saying that filthy and diseased infested cockroaches have a right to infest your home. Think about it Jared Taylor. So bring the asians on…lock the blattaria out.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Science is not just about measuring variables. Science is also about meta-level thinking about the concepts that one is measuring. This goes on all the time in science. Flawed research programs can persist for years because of sloppy meta-level conceptual analysis. There are very likely a vast number of real-world counter-examples to the predictions of IQ test score success predictions. No one should be the least bit shocked by this. My view is very similar to the view held by Psychologist Robert Sternberg. IQ psychometrics suffers from the same disease as econometrics. Econometrics…which has been used to justify the policy of race-replacement …claims to have come up with variables of specification that can be measured with such precision that accurate and profound facts about the economy have now been revealed to human beings. Well, we now known that this is all nonesense…nenesense to the point that one well known econometrician has left the field of econometrics for this very reason..I am referring to economist George Borjas. By the way, what I have just written is very much compatible with the view that intelligence…what ever it highly genetically based..up to 100 percent genetically based…and this can have nothing at all to do with a score on an IQ test taken by thousands of ten year olds every year sitting on a very hard wood desk in a school room with a stern authority figure standing in the front of the room insisting very authoritatively that this test will reveal your rigidly fixed intelligence natural endowment that will determine your future sucess in life.
    There is a very attractive Australian Mathematician…another Celtic Beauty like the Lovely Colleen Creamer…who wrote a book called “Mathematics and Sex”. She has a very interesting bio. She was in the German School System in grade school and high school. She failed just about every math course she took. She was labeled by the German School System as being academically handicapped. She was left back twice. Family moved to Australia. She persevered, and made it to college. In college, she finally mastered algebra..and then higher level math courses with straight As. She was accepted to math grad school. She completes a phd in probability theory in only a few years. You can go goolge her interviews or see and hear her speak on You Tube.

  • MadMike

    White, Liberals supposedly have the Highest IQ of any group. I would love to see a study that compares Liberal IQ’s to Race Realist IQ’s….