Burned Saudi Student Who Had Apartment Raided Is Ruled Out by Police

Matt Blake et al., Daily Mail (London), April 16, 2013

The Saudi student who was detained for ‘acting suspiciously’ at the marathon finish line has been ruled out as a suspect by federal officials and is said to be a witness helping police with their inquiries.

Detectives and bomb disposal officers raided Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi’s apartment last night in the Revere area of Boston and could be seen removing several bags of evidence, though he was not charged with anything.

The 22-year-old, who is studying English, is still in hospital after suffering from serious burns and is said to be cooperating fully with authorities. He was tackled to the ground by a civilian who believed he was acting suspiciously.

Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi

Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi

Saudi official’s at the country’s embassy in Washington also said that the man was being questioned as a witness only.

The Saudi official cited information provided to the embassy by U.S. law enforcement officials. 

‘We’re not aware of any Saudi suspect or Saudi person of interest,’ said the Saudi official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the preliminary nature of the information.

The Saudi student said he had been at dinner with friends the night before and was at the marathon simply because he ‘wanted to see the end of the race’.

One of his two flat mates, who would only give his name as Mohamed Bada, told the MailOnline: ‘He is a sweet kid, a kind person. He would not do this or hurt anyone.’

He described him as a devout Muslim and a soccer fan who is from the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia.

He is attending an English language school in greater Boston, the roommate said, adding that he last saw him on Sunday.

The roommate said: ‘I know he went to the marathon yesterday but I don’t know what happened because I had gone out elsewhere to get drunk.

‘When I came home the police were at our apartment. They asked lots of questions. Then the FBI and other officers came. They took some clothes away and searched everything.

‘My roommate is a student, he has been living here for five months. I am not telling you his name because it is not fair to him.’

It is not clear if agents found anything in the raid, but Revere fire officials said they were called out to support bomb-squad officers as part of the investigation of the ‘person of interest’.

Other residents in the smart 13-storey complex said  three young men lived in a fifth floor apartment.

‘There are a lot of rumors floating about. This is a building that has been packed with people from the Middle East in recent years – it is a very popular area with Saudi students,’ said Gita Lopez, who lives in one of the adjoining six blocks in the complex that is known as Water’s Edge.

Staff at the building’s leasing office refused to comment on the suspect or his friends. But one said: ‘We are co-operating fully with the police.’

Jim Sudmeier, a 75-year-old medical researcher, said he went down in the elevator from his 10th floor apartment to see what was going on.

‘On the fifth floor there were between five and eight hulking men in black with baseball caps,’ he said. ‘I was told they were FBI or AFT. They just stared me out, so I pushed the elevator button to go back to my apartment. Outside there were agents everywhere. No one would say what they were doing. My neighbors are all talking about the boys on the fifth floor.

‘I don’t know them because people are constantly moving in and out of this place.’

‘Both areas had blue mail boxes at the exact spots where the bombs went off. I am sure the postal boxes had something to do with it.

‘To me this smacks of home-grown terrorism – someone wanting to make a point about Patriots Day or something.’

But other neighbors pointed to Boston’s role in the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks.

Brothers Hamza and Ahmed Ghamdi spent their last four nights hiding out at hotels in nearby Cambridge before hijacking Flight 175 moments after take off from Boston’s Logan Airport.

The bombs had been placed in six-liter pressure cookers packed with ball bearings and nails and placed in black duffel bags, it was revealed today.

They were likely detonated by timers, though this has not been confirmed.

The U.S. government has warned federal agencies in the past that pressure cookers have been used in various parts of the world to make bombs.

A Department of Homeland Security memo called it ‘a technique commonly taught in Afghan terrorist training camps’.

‘Typically, these bombs are made by placing TNT or other explosives in a pressure cooker and attaching a blasting cap at the top of the pressure cooker,’ the memo said.

Terrorism expert Jeffrey Beatty spoke to CNN and said they are often used by Taliban and al Qaeda militants to make IED’s but stressed: ‘That doesn’t mean it was the Taliban — other people can read about this.’

Today President Obama once again addressed the nation about the bombs, which killed three and left more than 170 injured, and confirmed it was an ‘act of terror’.

He admitted they did not know who was behind it or why, if it was an international or domestic organization, or perhaps a ‘malevolent individual’.

He lauded the response of the runners, spectators and first responders in the wake of the attack.

‘If you want to know who we are, what America is, how we respond to evil, that is it: selflessly, compassionately, unafraid,’ he said.

Obama said investigators ‘don’t have a sense of motivation yet’ as they begin to evaluate the attack but despite the atrocity of it, he declared: ‘The American people refuse to be terrorized.’

Richard DesLauriers, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston Division, said: ‘We will go to the ends of the Earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime — and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice.

‘Our mission is clear: to bring to justice those responsible…The American public wants answers. The citizens of the city of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts want and deserve answers.’

He said investigators had received ‘voluminous tips’ and were interviewing witnesses and analyzing the crime scene.

Gov Deval Patrick said that contrary to earlier reports, no unexploded bombs were found. He said the only explosives were the ones that went off.

At Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, investigators seized the Saudi student’s clothes to examine whether they held any evidence that he was behind the attack, which is being called the worst terrorist attack  on U.S. soil since 9/11.

On Tuesday, police sources told the Associated Press the bombs were made from pressure cookers filled with metal.

When they exploded around 2.50pm, they left victims covered in as many as 40 wounds each and attacked their lower extremities, leaving many needing amputations.

Witnesses described seeing body parts flying through the air and shoes that ‘still had flesh in them’.

Law sources told the New York Post that after the man was grabbed by police, he smelled of gun powder and said, ‘I thought there would be a second bomb’ before asking, ‘Did anyone die?’

The Saudi man was tackled by a bystander by the scene who thought he was acting suspiciously.

Investigators were seen leaving the scene with brown paper evidence bags, trash bags and a duffel bag.

A law enforcement source told CBS: ‘They see him running away from the device. Now, a reasonable person would be running away. But this person had noticed him before. This is a civilian — chases him down, tackles him, turns him over to the Boston police.

‘The individual is being looked at [and] was suffering from burn injury. That means this person was pretty close to wherever this blast went off, but not so close as to suffer the serious injuries that other people did.’

Though many patients were treated for minor cuts and scrapes, doctors have also been ‘pulling ball bearings and projectiles out of people in the emergency room’.

It was reported today that the bombs were in pressure cookers inside black duffel bags and were designed to propel shrapnel and shards of metal.

Rep Pete King, a Long Island republican who chairs the house counterterrorism subcommittee told ABC news that the bombings had ‘all the trademarks of an al Qaeda attack’.

Defense secretary Chuck Hagel today called the bombings a ‘cruel act of terror’ and said it will be ‘approached as an act of terror’.

Police had said earlier on Monday that they were searching for a ‘dark-skinned or black male’ wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt and a backpack in connection with the twin explosions.

Five minutes before the first explosion, officials said the hooded man attempted to gain entry to a restricted area but was turned away. Authorities say he may be a foreign national, based on his accent.

Other reports suggested one line of inquiry was an individual caught on camera before the attack carrying multiple backpacks into the area 20 minutes before the deadly blasts.

Separately, pictures of a man in handcuffs surrounded by law enforcement officials circulated Twitter on Monday evening. But authorities didn’t identify the man or say whether his arrest was related to the blasts or if it was the ‘Saudi national’.

‘At this time, we haven’t been notified of any arrests or anyone apprehended,’ a police spokesperson said.

It came as police were believed to be looking at whether bombs were planted in trashcans along the route.

One of the runners said there were a number of bomb-sniffing dogs at the start and finish line, which he thought was odd.

University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15: ‘They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it’s just a training exercise.’

He said the presence of law enforcement spotters on the roof at the start of the race also made the seasoned marathoner suspect police must have had some threat or suspicion called in.

But government officials deny this and say there were no warnings of any kind.

Stevenson had just finished the marathon before the explosions. His wife had been sitting in one of the seating sections where an explosion went off, but she had left her seat and was walking to meet up with him.

At Massachusetts General Hospital, Alasdair Conn, chief of emergency services, said: ‘This is something I’ve never seen in my 25 years here … this amount of carnage in the civilian population. This is what we expect from war.’

As police scurried to find leads that would lead them to the culprits, speculation grew that it looked more like a right-wing terrorist attack rather than al Qaeda-inspired extremism.

Richard Barrett, the former United Nations co-ordinator for the al Qaeda and Taliban monitoring team, said the timing of the attack on Patriots’ Day and the relatively small size of the devices suggested the work of a domestic extremist.

But Mr Barrett, who has served with MI5, MI6 and the Foreign Office, said: ‘This happened on Patriots’ Day, it is also the day Americans are supposed to have their taxes in, and Boston is quite a symbolic city. These are all little indicators.’

He added that it was still too early to confidently say who was to blame.

His comments came after U.S. supercop Bill Bratton, a former head of Boston police who is now based in London, warned there are ‘no shortage of potential suspects’ behind the explosions.

Counter terrorism expert Rick Nelson, of the Center for Strategic & International Studies, said the number of co-ordinated blasts suggested a ‘complexity’ that would be difficult for an individual to carry out alone.

‘It was perhaps not one person but a group who were involved,’ he said. ‘The location suggests they were looking for maximum media value so that the explosions were caught by television cameras.’

The two blasts on Monday went off almost concurrently near the finish line of the marathon.

Police initially said a third blast occurred at the John F.Kennedy Presidential Library but later reported it as an unrelated fire.

Cell phone service was shut down across the area to prevent any potential remote detonations as police feared there were secondary devices.

Police were in a desperate race against time to find any additional devices and said the task had been complicated by the items discarded by spectators fleeing the scene. 

Multiple reports were flooding in in the moments after the attack, saying there were devices reported outside Harvard and other sites along the marathon route. But today it was confirmed that there were only two devices.

Massachusetts General Hospital, where 22 victims of the bomb blast are being treated, was forced into lock-down for about two hours after a suspicious package was reported in the parking garage across the street.

Bomb sniffing dogs from the Rhode Island State Police, SWAT officers from the Boston police department and bomb squad officers searched the entire parking structure, floor-by-floor. 

Authorities found one bag, but determined it was not a threat and contained nothing suspicious.

As the investigation continued into Monday night, all off-duty officers in the city were called back on duty and dog units were sent in to help the emergency response.

The scene of the blasts will remain cordoned off for at least 24 hours as forensic work continues.

Police were pleading with onlookers to head home over fears the dangers remained in the downtown area of the city.

NBC reported that the devices which caused the blasts were ‘small homemade bombs’ as the FBI referred it as a ‘terrorist attack’.

Police departments across the country including San Francisco and New York have been put on heightened alert.

Today, a plane was brought back to the gate at Logan airport after two passengers on board were speaking Arabic and people grew concerned.

In London security will now be assessed ahead of the marathon being held there on Sunday.

A no-fly zone was temporarily introduced over the city and has now been lifted.

Runners still on the course were being bussed out yesterday as officers began the hard task of trying to work out who would cause such an attack.

U.S. President Barack Obama was notified and directed his administration to provide whatever assistance was necessary, the White House said.

No groups have claimed credit for the attack and officials say no intelligence alerted them to a threat prior to the marathon.

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  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Probably the civilian who tackled him will be castigated for “racism” and “perpetuating stereotypes.”

    • MobyWhite


      If you are going to have a voice, use it correctly!

      “anti immigrant racism” “perpetuating untrue and hurtful stereotypes”

    • Morris LeChat

      In the mid nineties, I worked at a pushcart in the Faneuil Hall area of Boston. One day I had what appeared to be two hispanic youths hanging around my cart. They were dressed in the local street thug fashion at that time, although everything looked brand new. They actually ended up spending money. I mentioned I was surprised. We got into a conversation and they told me they were Saudi Students at a prestigious prep school in a town north of Boaston. I remember one of them was named Khalid.I decided to have fun with them and throw up in their face how the Saudi who tried to destroy the WTC (with the car bomb in the garage) was caught because he was so stupid he went back for the deposit on the truck after blowing it up. Just off the top of my head I said, “gee, you could of just flown a plane into the buildings”. Then I said, “But that probably wouldn’t have done much, a plane flew into the Empire State Building in the late 40s” One of them went on to detail to me how a plane could take down the WTC, that after a certain number of stories the steel beams were not protected from heat. He told me that if they hit it at a certain spot then they could take it down. I countered that jet fuel is probably not enough explosive” He countered that it is one of the most powerful explosives available. I asked him how he knew this. He told me that the men of his family sat around and discussed such things.He said they have such “strategy talks all the time”, they discuss explosives, methods of attack, etc. While he was telling me all this his cousin was scolding him in arabic, obviously telling him to be quiet. He waived him off with his hand. I obviously injured his pride by telling him I thought arabs were stupid and incompetent, and this caused him to spill the beans. It was obviously just dumb luck that I mentioned a plan that they had considered. Not just dumb luck though. I had read an account of the first WTC bombing in “Popular Mechanics”. After reading it, it occurred to me that all that trouble with the truck, the high nitrogen fertilizer, the gasoline etc, was silly since they also hijack planes. My resentment and anger was high, and I had been itching to rub a Saudi face in a scenario that I thought would make them look like incompetent fools in comparison. I asked him why they didn’t fly a plane into the buildings. He said that they had all agreed that the passengers of the plane would revolt and interfere with them. Of course, we all know that before 911 Americans were told to co-operate with hijackers. I made the mistake of telling this to him. He thanked me and they left after paying for their purchase. I stood there shocked, wondering what had just happened. I felt I should inform someone that they just hinted to me they intended to fly planes into the WTC. I thought about how Clinton had just started having the army put moslems in Chaplain positions. I knew that if I told anyone, they would deny it, and that I would be charged with a crime for making a false report, or charged with a hate crime, although those were new at that time. I knew basically that nothing would be done, and I even thought that the owners of the WTC could sue me for causing their property to be devalued by making a “reckless” statement. Everyone would have hated me and nothing would have been done. I do not believe this Saudi is innocent. I believe they are all involved, have knowledge etc. Once again, our government is failing us.

      • brengunn

        So you know, do you? And what makes you think you know more the the investigators who are privy to the evidence? He’s a Saudi, so he’s guilty, is the summation of your position.

        Apart from your amazing conversation with the planners of 911, where they gave you intimate details of their plot to blow up the world trade center in a supermarket, your logic is questionable. Why would he have to stand beside the bomb to activate it by a phone call? It was televised, so ringing from the scene makes no sense, just like your jihad story.

        Are you sure you’re not letting your personal prejudice get in the way?

        • Morris LeChat

          I know, from my experience with Saudis. A couple of ultra rich, pampered prep school boys, that could have anything in this world, wanted nothing more than to kill AMericans. And their male family members sit around plotting to do so. It is a gut feeling. This kid is guilty as sin, he is a murderer and has blood on his hands. With this government, any evidence that confirms this will be suppressed. He called the number, he set off the bomb. He looked at the faces of the people in the area. It is more than likely that he did not have an exact idea of the bombs location and was actually a sacrificial victim himself. He is guilty. He is the murderer that set it off.

          • brengunn

            Well, that’s that then. He done it an nothing can prove otherwise.

          • Morris LeChat

            Sir, this Saudi is now being deported on “National Security Grounds”. It is clear to anyone who is even HALF intelligent that he was indeed involved, that he was the person on the street that called a cell phone number to detonate the bomb, and that the current administration does not want him questioned any further. they do NOT want blame out in the proper place. They are shuffling him out of the country as fast as they can! So laugh THAT off fooL! If he was just a poor soul, in the wrong place at the wrong time, then just WHO is he a THREAT to!? HUH?

          • The Verdict of History

            ahahaha! You remind me of guffy 9-11 conspiracy theorists.
            Your experience, while admittedly bizarre, was probably incidental.

            Thanks for the SERIOUSLY deep laughter, though!

            I haven’t felt that in some years 🙂

          • Morris LeChat

            you are incredibly naive

          • kmorgana

            No, you’ve got it all wrong WE laugh at YOUR futile efforts.

          • Morris LeChat

            I reviewed your posts, you say nothing of any consequence

          • The Verdict of History

            With all do respect…. I’m not going to fret as far as the prospect of deception goes.

            Whatever the case, I welcome you read my comment history.

            I’m hardly liberal.

          • Morris LeChat

            Sir, this Saudi is now being deported on “National Security Grounds”. It is clear to anyone who is even HALF intelligent that he was indeed involved, that he was the person on the street that called a cell phone number to detonate the bomb, and that the current administration does not want him questioned any further. they do NOT want blame out in the proper place. They are shuffling him out of the country as fast as they can! So laugh THAT off fooL! If he was just a poor soul, in the wrong place at the wrong time, then just WHO is he a THREAT to!? HUH?

          • The Verdict of History

            So much for first instincts, huh???

            We should be rationalists first….

            … take up arms later.

            I’m not sure if you’d intended this as some sort of joke, but whatever it is, this is decidedly embarrassing.

          • Morris LeChat

            Sir, he was involved. He was involved in either detonating the bomb, or scouting out the area to let the bombers know the route to their location was temporarily clear of security personnel.

          • Bleakvision

            Well it would make him definately the first slim shady from SA that is genuinely interested in a sport that doesn’t involve horses or cars.

            Then again he may have just been trying to get a good look at the spoils of the holy war in skimpy running outfits.

        • MikeofAges

          Where do they dig up people like you? The misuse of language by your types is astounding. Or is there only one of you, posting under different names in different forums?

          • Pat

            British vernacular. Hint of sarcasm. Lost in translation mid Atlantic.

          • brengunn

            What ‘misuse’ of language would that be? Are you offended by the fact that I challenged a biased opinion on the Saudi man’s guilt? Would you rather an innocent man be condemned because he’s a Muslim or actually let law enforcement follow the evidence to whomever may be responsible?

          • PesachPatriot

            bren…I am very curious as to how the european media is covering this terrible event in boston….do most people over there think it was the work of muslim extremists or “angry white redneck gun owning tea party types”….this event makes me very sad….boston is a beautiful town with many neat historical buildings….I remember going on a school field trip when I was younger to see the old north church, the paul revere trail, bunker hill, and plymouth rock.

          • brengunn

            It’s pretty much similar to the American response, with the right wing media initially suspicious of a Muslim bomber and the left wing media suspicious of a far right American bomber.

            It’s calmed down a bit now, with the media seemingly content to let the police do their job.

          • PesachPatriot

            I hope whoever did it is caught alive and punished to the fullest extent of the law. The pictures of the 8 year old boy who was killed upset me greatly. I can’t believe what a terrible world I have brought a child into. Obviously plenty of bad stuff has happened in my life time, but usually it was happening overseas in some third world hellhole….I never would have thought boston would one day have the same public safety problems as baghdad or bethlehem. When I was a teenager the worst thing that usually happened to out of towners in boston was being given a hard time about wearing new york yankees hats or having a non-new england accent.

          • brengunn

            I agree, I hope whomever is responsible is caught and is punished to the full extent of the law.

            I would also say that while this was a vile and terrifying act, it was also a rare occurrence that should not put people off living a normal life in Boston or any other US city. Any comparison with the likes of Baghdad, where this type of thing is a regular occurrence, is not justified because it is such a rarity.

            I’ve read today that deaths in the US from terrorism has held steady at around 53 a year since 1970 apart from a few notable exceptions. That 2% of those acts have happened in the Boston area. My advice would be to live your life, your chances of being caught up in an event like this are very small.

          • Agreed. I know that in my time, place and circumstance, if my life ends prematurely as a result of non-drunk driving foul play, the most likely cause will be black crime.

            Also, terrorist types, especially Muslim types, (if the Boston Massacre is Jihadist terrorism, which we don’t know yet), never really try the same thing twice. Which means I would have no fear in running the Boston Marathon next year or any marathon if I ran marathons.

          • PesachPatriot

            I realize the statistics and plan on living my life as usual, but it is still very upsetting to know that people are dead and injured for no good reason….what political goal could someone hope to accomplish by attacking a marathon?

          • brengunn

            I don’t think it ever really accomplishes anything. Many of these people, I imagine, just have a desire to harm people, their cause being a superficial cover for their true purposes. There is certainly a lack of logic to it all. Were I disgruntled, for whatever reason, and I was considering violence to try an enact a change in society, I would have to decide against it as it is mostly unsuccessful as a means for change. Certainly for the lone wolf type terrorist and even for group terrorism, it rarely works.

          • MikeofAges

            No, I’m talking about little gems like “part of your amazing conversation”. No,the word “amazing” is not used in the way you use it in that context. Look, this is a forum of opinion. Exactly that, opinion. Go ahead and have yours. But I don’t see how our working hypotheses condemn anyone or interfere with the ability of investigators to identify the responsible parties and uncover their motives. Your rhetorical skills are seriously deficient.

          • brengunn

            Amazing: Causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.

            Wouldn’t you say a chance conversation with a Saudi in a supermarket where he outlined his plan to fly an airliner into the world trade center as astonishing? The use is correct.

            Your rhetorical skills are seriously deficient.

            You may be right, but at least I challenge opinions I disagree with rather than make juvenile corrections, erroneous corrections, of others use of English. You’re behaving like an emotional child.

          • MikeofAges

            In the context he described, no. Not astonishing or surprising. Perhaps unlikely. But when you are around people of a given ilk enough, your conversation with them becomes more casual in tone, and things are revealed. I don’t doubt at all that the idea of flying airliners into large buildings was a topic of conversation back in the Middle East. Not that everybody wanted to see it happen, but I am sure they were aware of the possibility. And not surprised when it did happen.

            Behaving like an emotional child? No. Just being caustic. You have it coming. At least first state your topic, and then editorialize about it. As in report the conversation in more subdued tone. And only then argue for your characterization of it.

          • brengunn

            It seems you have not even understood what I was questioning in Morris’ post, so it’s a little rich to be talking about editorializing and characterization.

          • MikeofAges

            I know what you were questioning. You were questioning whether the conversation he described could have happened. Did it? How do I know? But it could have in the course of daily experience? Based on my experience on the American street, yes.

      • kmorgana

        lol gee what are you doing here,wasting all this genius on comment boards- you should be working for the NSA, or the CIA! Forget about the dancing Israelis, that’s old news. Got any more of these gems? Come on, don’t be shy…

    • Morris LeChat

      The latest reports I have heard is that a circuit board for the bomb was found. I have a strong feeling this “student” had instructions to call a cell phone number to set off that bomb. He may not have had anything to do with it’s manufacture or placement, all he was to do was to call a number on his phone when he was sure a large enough target crowd was in the area. I bet they have not checked his phone, nor the numbers that he called. More than likely, he was given a throw away cell phone that day anyway, and told to wait for a text message with a number to call. The administration does not want this to be laid at the feet of those actually responsible for it. IT would be the end of this administration, they want to use it for their political gain. This “Saudi” definitely had something to do with the event.

      There was a huge police presence at the event. It is my guess that this student was
      assigned the task of calling the number and setting off the bomb. It is also my guess that , due to the heavy police presence, the bomb could not be placed at the location until after they had originally panned to do so, this is why the explosion happened two hours after the winner crossed the finish line. Nevertheless, there were still many people there. They carried through with the plan, the bomb was placed, he received a call from someone else that instructed him to call the number that would trigger the bomb. He was apprehended because someone saw that he was guilty and trying to flee. That person that apprehended them was acting on good instincts. This “saudi student” is a murderer.

      • purestocles

        “he received a call from someone else that instructed him to call the number that would trigger the bomb”

        Why didn’t they just dial the number themselves?

        • brengunn

          Hahahahahaha! That’s not the way evil geniuses work!

        • Morris LeChat

          Because they would be doing so blindly. He was there to judge when the largest crowd of victims was present

          • MikeofAges

            In this scenario, the guy at the scene detonating the bomb also would serve as a patsy. Darn, where have we heard that word before?

    • StillModerated

      Meanwhile, Eric “our people” Holder — the one with the gay Hitler mustache — is busy looking for Timothy McVeigh or some other irate White male. The FBI phrenology lab is also looking for a white box truck when they need to be looking for a POS Chevy Caprice. Nuffins to see heyah, y’alls. Move along.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      I’m sure this will be front and center when new news article come out here…


      • Someone at Hunter Wallace let the cat out of the bag that the kook who wrote that largely lifted his rhetoric from Tim Wise. Which is redundant, because only a kook would be inspired enough by Tim Wise to copy what he says and writes.

        This person claims that if it’s a nasty Muslim/AQ type, that America will react in fits of rage and refuse to pass amnesty and open borders. As if…If 9/11 didn’t change the Big Mo of the immigration issue to our cause, the Boston Massacre won’t. Instead, after 9/11, all we heard is “religion of peace,” “no Islamophobia,” and the borders swung wide open even further, including to people from questionable Muslim countries. Grover Norquist, who was big on pandering to Muslims and letting Muslims immigrate before 9/11, actually yelled that refrain even louder after 9/11.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I found the article amazingly insulting and presumptive. Also rather ominous. Like, if it’s a White, here we have our Reichstag fire and can really stick it to whitey.

          They really do want to have a monopoly of force and use such to commit genocide against Whites.

          Well I see it as a win-win situation regardless. If Islamic, well, here we go again. If Mr. Sirota and Wise’s genocidal wet dream then the overt persecution begins in earnest that ends in revolution and dissolution.

          • Freya

            Note that he says it’s white privelege that disables the collective blaming of white people for less than one percent of white people’s actions, without catching the irony that the term ‘white privelege’ already collectively blames all white people. Sometimes I think the left actually wants to just give us a massive headache and vertigo.

    • Look for the lawsuit—it’s coming…

    • Ted

      Amen my friend Amen!
      Then sued for all he is worth by the injured suspect.
      God Bless America.
      Well there was a time he did but we did not appriciate it, now he has stopped.

  • The__Bobster

    ‘To me this smacks of home-grown terrorism – someone wanting to make a point about Patriots Day or something.’

    Yeah, right. I’m still not ruling out that camel jockey.


    • Beetlejuice

      He was cleared after the Saudi’s made a phone call to Kerry.

      • The__Bobster

        Then watch for him to get quietly whisked out of the country.

  • bigone4u

    Given the long list of terrorist incidents in the USA involving muzzie males between the ages of 18 and 40 it is reasonable for the feds to focus their energies on that narrow demographic at this point, without being accused of racism or racial profiling. The muzzies should all be excluded from this country, oil or no oil. Because our government is too cowardly to exclude our avowed enemies, as far as I am concerned the blood in Boston is on their hands should it prove another muzzie attack.
    The two questions on my mind are what new limits on our freedom our masters in Washington will impose on us and what retribution against white groups will take place if it turns out to be a lone nut white guy that did the dirty deed in Boston. The Obama radicals are famous for never letting a crisis go to waste.

    • Morris LeChat

      Well, when their religion preaches destroying any and all non believers, when their religion preaches that the only government it will allow is a moslem theocracy and the whole nature, and aim of the US government is COUNTER to that, when they have continually slaughtered all members of other religions, I would say yes, they should be excluded and their religion rightly declared an enemy of the US constitution

  • khesanh67-68

    The answer to this is easy. Our govt. must stop meddling in the affairs of people in foreign lands and cease meddling with the affairs of Americans in their everyday lives. Once the govt. does these thing, the bombings and threats of bombings will end. Not before.

    • Paleoconn


    • Orion

      And keep aliens to the West out of here. You somehow forgot that part. Muhammed’s children dont belong here.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Who cares which third world nation we put bases on or prop up? The only way Muslims can attack us is if they’re let in–it begins and ends with immigration and student visas.

    • Morris LeChat

      wow, you are an idiot

      • khesanh67-68

        Interestingly, my wife agrees…

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Can’t this guy learn English by correspondence course from Saudi Arabia? Plenty of people to talk to online. I still have my doubts whether he is innocent. The picture posing with the gold-plated semiautomatic doesn’t help, but that’s probably common among young Saudi bucks. I wonder if the cops are letting him think the coast is clear to catch him doing something. Ah, well, just speculation.

    • Morris LeChat

      The saudi men sit around discussing ways to kill Americans and europeans, read my post about this above. He was obviously brandishing a gun after saying how many Americans he wanted to kill

      • Michael_C_Scott

        While brandishing a pistol invented by John Browning. Ce’st ironique,non?

        • Morris LeChat

          You want ‘irony”? god invented life, and dirt like these guys and liberals are also a result of that.

    • there’s pics on his facebook site of hezbollah flags, one of the english papers has a pic of agents leaving his apartment with what appears to be yellow detonating cord.

  • MobyWhite

    Suspecting a Muslim of terrorism is a hate crime against Demographic Change.

  • sbuffalonative

    I suspect this is going to turn out more senseless and mundane that anyone could imagine.

    I won’t be surprised that it turns out to be some teenage punk who studied past events like Sandy Hook and Columbine and wanted to see if he could make a name for himself or get away with it.

    A search of his computer will likely turn up searches of past incidents, methods, and his own plan. With at least two bombs, he may have had a buddy like Harris and Klebold.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Sadly, you’re probably right.

    • We already know that the Nutmeg Nutbar wanted to outkill the Nutbar of Norway, both in terms of a total body count and the shock value. This is why the Nutmeg Nutbar targeted a defenseless elementary school. By giving the nutbars the publicity they want, it only begs more nutbars that want to outdo the previous ones.

  • MikeS

    “Richard DesLauriers, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s
    Boston Division, said: ‘We will go to the ends of the Earth to identify
    the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime —
    and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice.”

    Won’t make any difference. They could have a signed confession with HD video showing the person talking about the idea of bombing the marathon all the through to them setting it off. Once the case gets to the Obama DOJ, it will hit a brick wall where it will not be pursued any further and no explanation ever given as to why. Obama and his cohorts she be forcibly taken to the site and have their faces pushed down into the pools of blood left behind and told, “This is why you don’t let anyone and everyone into this country under the BS guise of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” you POS.” He also will not be allowed to wash his face; he will wear that blood as a symbol to the American people of his cowardliness and treason.

  • thurlow

    Eric Holder whooped with delight at the news. Now he can go after the bible thumping, gun clinging, Limbaugh loving, Palin voting white guy who bought a pick up truck with a Confederate flag on it and took a job away from a hard working Bantu with a criminal record – which is now illegal. It doesn’t matter what white guy, just one of them.

    • bigone4u

      The feds tried to pin the Atlanta bombing on an innocent white guy, the security guard Richard Jewel. If they can find a white guy to frame this time, they will go after him for sure.

      • IstvanIN

        And that poor schmo died young, probably because the government tortured him.

        • I would, too. He FOUND the bomb, probably saved many lives, and was accused of planting it so he could play hero.

      • Beetlejuice

        And, they won’t make the same mistakes they made with Richard Jewel.

      • Yeah, but the Atlanta bombing WAS committed by a white guy — Eric Rudolph. You dumb ass.

        • bigone4u

          I was quite aware that Eric Rudolph was convicted. You missed the point, which doesn’t say much for your intelligence since everyone else got it. The point, to repeat so that even you can understand, is that the feds may very well try to pin the crime on the first white guy that they take a disliking to.

          • brengunn

            As the press pinned it on the first Arab that they dislike?

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Interesting point. I believe the arab in question took off running when the first explosion went off (smart), but was then tackled for obvious reasons. Seems the guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

            But the press was probably agonizing over having to mention the nationality of the previously “person of interest.”

    • Steven Bannister

      I’m telling everyone right now – it’s a white homegrown terrorist whether the real kind (lone nut) or a government patsy (false flag)

      April 15th (Tax Day) in Boston (Tea Party) on Patriots Day (Lexington and Concord, the shot heard round’ the world) It’s too much of a coincidence.

      I wish it weren’t true – but I think the government is setting up the patriot / white nationalist movement BIG TIME. They are psychologically training the rest of the country to HATE conservatives, patriots, libertarians and white nationalists of all stripes.

      • sydney5

        Agreed. I’ve been thinking about this all day. I think it’s a false flag precisely for the reason that pro-whites and the groups you’ve listed are gaining recognition and even a certain amount of tolerance. It’s no coincidence that the AmRen conference was not only characterized as ‘white supremacist’ but also…’terrorist.’ The problem for the feds with the former is that suddenly white America is waking up and no longer balks at the absurdity that to believe they have rights is to be a ‘supremacist,’ but, ‘terrorist’ still horrifies and alienates them.

        I believe they’ll never find the perp(s) as it is a false flag designed to induce paranoia in general and specifically towards pro-whites so our movement becomes suspect just as it, and the conditions in the US, are reaching a tipping point. One problem is that in crisis, economic, political and sociological, the masses tend to seek help from a bigger, more paternal government. Boston will now be installing Bloomberg-type control, mixing local law enforcement with federal government, bloating and instituting more ‘bureaucracy.’ The NYC Gestapo trumps the FBI; Bloomberg has been quoted that his police have the right to ‘fight terror’ anywhere in the country, and world, without direct FBI supervision or cooperation.

        • Steven Bannister

          Yup, control is the goal.

        • Bill

          Nobody has taken credit. Almost always the muzzies take credit for what they do. We still don’t know who did it or what motive they had. When muzzies take credit for acts like this, Gov cannot point the finger at whites. In all other cases, the media immediately assumes it was an angry white conservative bible thumping Christian. That narrative has been pushed for the last five years by Napolitano, Holder and Obama. If possible, the Gov WILL try to use this as a way to further divide the country and demonize white conservatives. And frankly, I would NOT put it past Holder and Obama to have done this thing as a false flag. Back in the Klan days there were more FBI “klan” than there were Klan. And many of the things like the bombing of the church were instigated and encouraged BY FBI undercover agents in the Klan. The FBI provided the dynamite and the lead instigator in the church bombing. That’s fact. So why would Obama NOT use the same tactics with Holder his white hating puppet in charge of the DOJ and FBI?
          The longer this goes without a muzzie claiming credit, the more this stinks as a false flag op committed by our Government itself. Possibly using some stupid liberal or nutball patsy who wasn’t aware of who he was working for, or maybe by somebody who WAS working for one of the corrupt arms of Gov. At any rate, look to see Obama, Holder and Napolitano try to pin this on a white guy.

  • Gereng

    Here we are, using all other countries as our whore..we fxxk’m up good and proper, toss some change on the table and split. And we THINK this kind of international behavior does not portend evil consequences for our nation??? To make it all even more hopelessly STUPID we continue to allow immigration from the very countries we are Fxxking!!! Definitely we are in a death spiral caused by the mind boggling madness of foreign policies that must be cooked up in the lowest, hottest, idiotic levels of hell.

    • SirMe

      Very true, we stay out of theirs, they stay out of ours…

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Exactly my sentiments. The neo-con mantra has been, “invade the world”, “invite the world” and then “in hock to the world.” Had we not been in Saudi Arabia there would have been no 9-11. Am I blaming us? Of course not. Just pointing out that if you put enough blood in the ocean where you are swimming, a shark might happen by.

  • guest

    >>>”…This is a building that has been packed with people from the Middle East in recent years – it is a very popular area with Saudi students….”

    That alone is a problem. And Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi might be the sweetest, kindest, most pleasant, peaceful, charming, intelligent human being on the face of the planet. But he doesn’t really belong here.

    • Morris LeChat

      correct, and as such, there was no internet “chatter” necessary. One or two people received messages and gave assignments to the others in the building.

    • StillModerated

      Does he have a permit for that sidearm?

      • guest

        Permit? He don’t need no stinkin’ permit!

  • No screams of racial profiling?

  • Liberty

    ‘To me this smacks of home-grown terrorism – someone wanting to make a point about Patriots Day or something.’

    They’re pushing this narrative pretty hard. Patriot’s Day,my ass. To me it smacks of a false flag perpetrated by a retarded leftist sh*t-stirrer,or stirrerS, who wouldn’t know “Patriots’ Day” from his/their mother’s a***ole.

    Every time somebody shoots or bombs someone they attempt to pin it on the right, and they’re always wrong. According to them, if a leftist or one of their precious protected groups bombs something,all of a sudden they’re a good ol’ boy redneck uberpatriot. F*ck you,Brian Williams, and all you mush-headed leftist imbeciles. I’m not going to shoot or bomb you,I’m just going to enjoy watching you starve to death in your new communist “utopia”.

    • bigone4u

      Brian Williams deserves all the epithets you can hurl at him. He’s a real smooth talking POS, one who never misses an opportunity to demean, degrade, and insult whites.

      • Black radical

        You mean he tells the truth.

    • sydney5

      I think it’s coming from the far right.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        It would certainly play into the hands of the tyrants if it were. That’s why so many of us think that if it isn’t a false flag operation, and if a right-oriented nutbar did this, the enemies of freedom will certainly run with this. Not sure exactly what they’ll do, though. Pass a bill against pressure-cooker and ball-bearing violence?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          “False flag”? There’s no flag at all!

    • brengunn

      Every time somebody shoots or bombs someone they attempt to pin it on the right, and they’re always wrong.

      In what instances have they always been wrong? It is true, is it not, that far right extremists have been the largest source of domestic terrorism in the US, at least post the 1960’s?

      The clamour by both the left and right to pin this bombing on their personal boogeymen is unhelpful to the investigation. The truth is, no one knows whether it was a Muslim or a white guy or a black, brown or yellow guy, any speculation is based on pure emotion rather than evidence. Best to let the investigators do their job and find the perp.

      It seems as though your mind is already made up, so this post is probably meaningless.

      • It is true, is it not, that far right extremists have been the largest
        source of domestic terrorism in the US, at least post the 1960’s?

        Environmentalist/ecological types.

        • brengunn

          Maybe you’re right. I have not found a full break down of the types of domestic terrorists in the US but it seems there are a significant number of both far left and far right attacks. It seems the late 60’s and 70’s were a time of leftist attacks on the West coast but that since then the major ones have been by persons with far right ideologies.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Aside from Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and Eric Rudolf, I can’t think of any far-right terrs here. Even Rudolf – the Atlanta Olympics bomber – seems to have been confused. His big gripe was abortion, and last I checked, the International Olympic Committee doesn’t have anything to do with abortion.

          • brengunn

            That’s the problem with all these terrorist acts, they really have no effect and mostly hurt people that have nothing to do with the issue at hand.

            Mike, can you name any far left types off the top of your head, that have been active since the 1980’s?

          • TheFarm

            Obama’s admin detained and i believe may have imprisoned a ‘radical’ peace organizing group in Chicago within a year or two of getting elected, using the Patriot Act. The word was they were innocent of actually planning or promoting violence but were set up both through the ‘legal’ but unconstitutional statutes of the PA and through lies, and fabricated evidence.

            I don’t know much about the far left radical elements prone towards ‘action’ although I think you’re missing some basic grasp of the politics of the US. The Bush era particularly spawned a growth of ‘extremist’ elements of both the far left and right. Both sides of the spectrum feel that the constitution has been violated and the government is too big and tyrannical, sometimes for different or even the same principles. Mostly thought the federal government and increasingly the local state is just increasingly repressive and intolerant of dissent.

          • brengunn

            What have I said that shows my lack of knowledge of US politics? I can’t see what I have said to make you arrive at such an assumption, I merely asked can Mike name any far left terrorists off the top of his head.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Ted Kazinsky?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The shooter in Arizona was leftish, but was drowning in conspiracy theories about “faked” Apollo moon landings. He seems to have killed a little girl as well.

            He managed his insanity defense, but our courts have ruled he can be forcibly medicated for the rest of what passes for his “life”.

          • Righty Whitey

            Gee, I dunno, I think I’d rather be in prison for life, as opposed to being in an “insane asylum”, given only those two choices.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I’d rather a court-ordered injection of “Goodbye Juice” to the ache for a freedom I’d never have. I gripe plenty about not being able to go shooting again, but when I read the news, I honestly tell myself “not very long to go”. I’ve been out of federal prison almost 10 years, but in my heart of hearts, I am looking forward to Civil War Two.

  • aaa

    The Virginia Tech massacre was on April 16, 2007 too, columbine April 20,Waco April 19,oklahoma city April 19.

    • Katherine McChesney


  • MobyWhite

    Expert on CNBC now saying that since so few died, the bomber must have been a member of a Patriot Militia, probably White guy, and then secondly maybe a third generation disgruntled foreigner.

    So that’s where we are- always presume the White guy did it, and if it turns out otherwise, you should feel badly that we’ve so marginalized the Muslims that they have learned to hate like White racists do.

    Now Kudlow is going on about the huge net plus to the economy from immigration. Now they are saying our fertility is below replacement levels, and we “don’t want to be like Japan”.

    Japan is pure Japanese, with no N’gro diversity. Why don’t we want to be like that? Sounds just right.

    • Anonymous

      Well, for one thing, where would you deport the Native Americans to? You can deport other people to Africa/Latin America/Asia, but you still couldn’t have a 100% White nation unless you could figure out how to get rid of the Natives.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I don’t believe many (if any) Amren posters are against “Native Americans.” We DO have significant problems with the race that commits over 1/2 of violent crimes while being but 14% of the population.

        • PesachPatriot

          Very good point…the indians had a far worse time historically speaking than the 13% but I have never heard of comanches or cherokees scalping wal-mart employees or firing arrows and throwing tomahawks at each other on a saturday night. I’m not worried about choctaws, seminoles or sioux committing home invasions either.

      • They crossed the Bering Strait originally, according to history books. They can march back across it, or be marched across it, if that’s what you want.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          “Anonymous” might want it, but I doubt many race realists do.

      • MikeofAges

        Native American tribes are nations with which the United States government has concluded treaties. All the blather about the and past and broken treaties is exactly that, blather about the past. In our era, a great deal of effort is expended to make sure the terms of the treaties and extant law are followed. Negotiations are conducted, funds are expended and court cases are decided in a conscientious manner. Sad that so many young Native Americans live troubled lives and so often die young. I hope there can be some progress.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          It is sad. Apparently they have a genetic predisposition towards alcoholism.

          • Bossman

            If they have a genetic predisposition towards alcoholism then that makes them very different from East Asians most of whom can’t tolerate alcohol.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Pardon my ignorance, but is that not nearly the same thing?

          • Bossman

            No. It means one group loves alcohol and the other group can’t tolerate it.

      • American Born White

        The Native Americans have their own lands, they are called Reservations.

    • Anon

      I like the homogeneity. The other aspects of the country, not so much.

      • Who Me?

        Japan may (and does) have it’s problems, but it’s for damn sure that when they look at someone, they can instantly tell if they are looking at one of their own or a foreigner. Here? Not so much… Thanx, Multi Culti’s, now we can’t even identify our own countrymen, over half of them are Something-hyphen-Americans. (African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans…the list is endless.)

  • Anon

    As far as I’m concerned, unless/until they find exactly who did this and have footage I can see proving it, our government did this and I mean to the extent that Obama probably, personally singed off on it.

    These incidents of terrorism are too convenient and Obama is too prepared to use them for political gain. There have been too many inconsistencies in Sandy Hook, the Batman Movie Massacre, and others that practically scream, the government did it. Eventually, someone is going to blow the whistle on our murdering government.

    However, based on what has happened in the wake of 9/11, I don’t hold up much hope that white americans will do more than discuss it over coffee. For God’s sake, they found thermite, THERMITE at the twin towers, proving beyond any doubt that the building was set with explosives. Of course, the fact that no building ever fell like that due to fire or any other reason that strategically placed explosives, should have been proof enough. It’s physically impossible….literally. But now we have actual proof it was explosives and the explosive involved was thermite (a manufactured substance that does not occur naturally and is never produced as anything except as an explosive). These facts are well documented. Anyone who cares to know, knows about them.

    And there is the rub…no one cares.

    Sandy Hook and the Aurora shootings were done by our government to try and ram through gun control. 9/11 is not what it seems to be (several books can, and have been written on this). And the Boston marathon massacre is just another example. No…not arabs who hate us for our freedom, lol. No….not “Al Queda” (al queda means “the toilet”….little joke at our expense courtesy of our government). Obama did this. And he’s done it before.

    • The__Bobster

      For God’s sake, they found thermite, THERMITE at the twin towers, proving beyond any doubt that the building was set with explosives.

      BFD, thermite is used to weld girders.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        They didn’t find “thermite”.

        Do you even know what thermite is?

    • brengunn

      Oh boy, I can see how you could speculate over 9/11 but Sandy Hook and the Batman shootings? That really is dredging the barrel for conspiracies.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Those shootings were the acts of crazed losers, and I am delighted that the district attorney in Aurora turned down Holmes’s offer to plead guilty in exchange for life without parole and no death penalty. That DA gets life without parole out of Holmes for free, anyway, and for murdering all those people, including a little girl, Holmes needs a court-ordered injection of “Goodbye Juice”.

        The Batman shooter couldn’t hack the routine of grad school. That’s OK. The first time I was in grad school – at CU Boulder – I quit because I was just so very sick of being poor, worked for my thesis adviser as a consultant, and ended up with a pretty good job in Colorado Springs after six months of that. I don’t understand the point of shooting folks just because something isn’t quite working out in one’s own life. The guy was healthy, educated and single. He could have taught English in Japan, Taiwan or China. He could have contacted Raytheon Polar Systems and worked a year in Antarctica. The pay is great, and there isn’t anything to spend it on there, so you make out like a bandit. I’d do it if I was still single.

        Some of these folks are simply dysfunctional dorks with no coping skills. One doesn’t need any conspiracies to explain this.

        • Timothy McVeigh was supposedly a victim of affirmative action. But take a number as far as that goes. If being white and a victim of AA was justifiable grounds to bomb Federal buildings (operating on the assumption that the official story is true), then there would be no Federal buildings left.

          Lots of people wash out of grad school. In fact, that’s a feature, not a bug — It only shows that grad school still has standards (for the most part), and that people who can’t hack the education aren’t getting graduate degrees. If washing out of grad school was justifiable grounds to shooting up movie theaters, there would be no movie theaters left.

          • TheFarm

            McVeigh had a lot of issues; one being that he suffered in the Gulf War from a syndrome I haven’t come across a name for. He supposedly felt that the way the native people were treated, and I think women, was inhumane and debasing of not only them but of the soldiers who perpetrated base acts. McVeigh was not lacking pathos, he just had a narcissism to him that allowed for his sense of standing against injustice to run amok or at least AWOL. He said he regretted that children were targeted, but nothing else. Adolescent bullying and alienation, Gulf War PTSD, and whatever else then became a cause emblematized or actualized for him in avenging Waco. I can’t respect what McVeigh did, but I’d never call him a coward or a lunatic. He was bright, possibly even gifted, and he left his blood on the ice, along with many others’. An American tragedy in many ways ultimately.

          • “Bullying”

            There’s another thing: A lot of people were bullied as kids. Because, kids are mean. Does that give them the “right” to shoot up schools or theaters? No.

          • TheFarm

            Stop comparing McVeigh to Holmes; they have nothing in common besides being white males. McVeigh died for his cause and Holmes killed for pleasure. Like I said I don’t endorse McVeigh’s methods or even his own psychology completely, but he didn’t kill for the sick thrill that a nut like Holmes did. McVeigh was a vet, a misdirected, misguided and bent soldier. Holmes was just a weakling narcissist.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Mr. McVeigh expected to die. Ron Cole wrote the badly worded piece that inspired McVeigh, and I’m afraid I may have inspired Ron Cole back in 1992-1993. I told Ron that I expected if good people were careful, we would win this. I slipped up, but I still believe so.

            If I had been Timothy McVeigh, I would have stayed in the truck.

          • TheFarm

            How did you come to know Cole?

  • potato78

    It could be domestic crime.

  • Popeye Doyle

    Excellent. Profiling is an outstanding tool in the hands of experienced law enforcement personel. Even if it wasn’t this particular sand-dwelling, alien to the West, chances are good it was one or more of his kinsmen.

  • Dave4088

    Obongo already surmised that the explosion is probably related to opposition to the April 15 tax day deadline. In other words, it’s a gun toting, racist, constitution loving white guy who doesn’t like his tax dollars being directed towards the gibsmedat crowd.

  • The Boston bombers need not worry. Bill Ayers and former Weather underground terrorists who bombed this country and even murdered people are now successful professors and academics beloved by the progressive community in this nation. So, in a decade or two, maybe the Boston bombers too will be forgiven and offered positions in institutions of higher learning… and even be befriended by future presidents–after all Bill Ayers and Obama are good friends.

  • One smart thing about this terrorist bombing. Whoever did it, he or they can’t be accused of ‘racism’, the cardinal sin of our age. Most of the victims were affluent urban privileged whites. Since we are told that WHITE PRIVILEGE is the worst thing in the world, blowing up privileged whites is less incendiary than blowing up blacks or illegal aliens. Since white liberals have been bashing ‘white privilege’ for so long, maybe chicken came home to roost. Whoever did it attacked ‘white privilege’

    • rebellisMMXII

      I can’t help but think that the civilized response by the victims and first responders was in a big way related to their races. From what I read…everyone pulled together to help and I haven’t heard of the local businesses being looted during the chaos. That place was for the most part White.

  • Ella

    The US Govt classifies Muslims or any Middle Eastern or Northern African as “White” so it will be a White male at the end with their manipulative race- bating games. I just don’t see US Militia groups attacking a middle to upper middle-class sport like a Marathon. It doesn’t have much statement.

  • potato78
  • IstvanIN

    I wonder if we will ever know the truth about this? I hate to be a “conspiracy nut”, but I simply do not trust the government.

    • IKantunderstand

      I’m with you. Since I now believe the so called government has made it a formal policy to replace, intimidate, and persecute Whites at every opportunity, I can just see some aholes in Wash. sitting around and coming up with this attack.Hmm, let’s see, we’ll plan it for Patriot’s Day! Which is also tax day! Bonus! Um, we don’t want to take down any important buildings of commerce and hurt our liberal donors, they gotta have money for campaign contributions…Wait, how about some bombs at the marathon! You know, we’ll do it at the end, so we won’t kill any of those wonderful speedy Africans, no, we’ll do it at the end and get those slow Whites.What’s that you say? Most of those slow Whites participating in a marathon are most likely to be liberals? I know! We will cleverly design the bombs to maim, rather than kill. That way we can count on them as future voters supportive of even more assaults on individual rights and liberties.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    So far, in the space of a week, we have had the following happen:

    Anti-illegal alien Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arapio received a package bomb.

    Two bombs which killed three people in Boston and wounded scores of others, were planted by parties unknown and for reasons unknown.

    GOP senator Roger Wicker received a letter containing ricin, a toxic protein produced in castor beans.

    If these are all related, I suspect Chicano activists. The Boston bombing still does not fit in very well, but the packages sent to Arapio and Wicker.

    Wicker voted to repeal Oogaboogacare. He voted against the Dream Act. He voted for the Secure Fence Act. He voted to extend the Bush tax cuts. He voted for HR4437, an illegal alien crackdown. This is not the voting record of someone who would have the right wing – so demonized by the MSM – annoyed. This is the voting record of someone who angers Mexican invaders.

  • Bantu_Education

    Where is Chief Moose now that the Gubbamunt needs him? With his impeccable record of profiling whites, surely O’bongo and Holder will bring this forensic genius in as a consultant?

    • Beetlejuice

      Still looking for the white van with the white sniper in it.

  • Beetlejuice

    So does this mean we’re back to white extremist?

  • fakeemail

    Regardless of his connection to terrorism. . .WHAT IS HE DOING HERE? What is Ali Baba doing here? Every day I walk around my once American city and look at all the Ali Babas, and Joses, and Tyquans, and keep wondering WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE? How does their presence benefit ME on any conceivable level?

    And then I start realizing that the real questions have become WHAT AM I DOING HERE? AND WHERE DO I GO?

    • bigone4u

      The great Jewish chess champion Bobby Fischer moved to Iceland because of his issues with the US. The problem is that Iceland isn’t big enough to hold all of us. Amanda Billyrock, the cute libertarian girl with the youtube vids, quietly picked up and moved to New Zealand a few weeks ago. Less radical is to move to a small town with a miniscule minority population and find a way to make a living. Johnson City Tn., I believe is 95 percent white as is Cullman Alabama. There are many more such places, but the Mexican invasion is hitting everywhere. City-data.com and other websites have data on race by community.

      • WarLlama

        You know what us funny? Looking at Johnson City’s wiki page and seeing that it was listed as one of the “top places for African Americans to retire” by “Black Enterprise Magazine.” JC is a nice town, except for the fact that liberals, hajjis, and blacks are drawn to the small college there. Let me be clear: the only reason that it was listed in this magazine is to integrate it. Pure and simple . There is nothing in Johnson City for blacks. A better place for them is somewhere like Columbia SC, where government jobs can prop them up. They’d be happier in the vast black suburbs there anyway

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I loved Australia very much when I lived in Randwick, and I would have stayed if their gun laws had not changed. New South Wales isn’t Colorado and never will be, but it was acceptable in a way no other place in my travels have taken me. The drinking water here is the cleanest I’ve ever tasted.

          I love firearms, and have probably forgotten more about case-forming, reloading and shooting than most serious shooters will ever know. In the 1990s, I was the best research chemist in the world in my field, but I was really only a shooter who worked as a chemist to pay the bills.

          As for whites who want to run away, they’re the sensible ones. I’m not that, but I’m practical.

    • Well I dont know, ever heard of foreign students?… tourists? . I’m going to Boston In July for a 10 day vacation been planning it for about 3 months. I’m mexican btw, Can´t i go because I’m not from there? . I mean seriously.

      • Bill

        I don’t know your legal status so I won’t speculate on THAT. However, given millions of your ethnic background are invading and demanding rights they have no right to, and demanding that we allow even more of them to invade us, despise us, and cull us for every buck they can, don’t whine when YOU are lumped in with your invading brothers and sisters. Just as blacks should not whine about being stereotyped by overall black behavior. If you don’t like the stereotype, then protest against illegal aliens flooding our country. Report them when you find them. Refuse to patronize them or hire them. Or take the hit and the stereotype. But like any rest, except for the white race which isn’t allowed to do so, when it comes down to it you will stand with your ethnic group first and always. Whites are not allowed to do that, and resentment is growing. ALL of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis. All of them. Terrorism is funded in a large way by rich Saudis. Saudi princes are often the biggest benefactors of various muslim terrorist organizations. Bin Laden was a Saudi. Etc. Yet, when a guy tackles a Saudi right after the attack, the media and the libtards immediately say it’s ugly racism. So, to answer your question, given people are fed up with illegal alien invaders and their demands, you can go to Boston, but if somebody looks at YOU as if you were an illegal alien, too bad.

  • whitworth

    This report is purposeful FBI misinformation. In fact, the FBI has homed in on a suspected terror cell of 3 Saudi nationals, very possibly tied to Al Qaeda. The apartment that they share in Revere, Mass. was searched after the questioning of one of the suspects, a Saudi student, who was hospitalized with badly burned HANDS. One of his roommates was taken into custody over “visa problems”, and the third is on the run. All 3 hail from Asir Province in Saudi Arabia, which is a hotbed for resistance to the throne and of support for Al Qaeda.

    The search for the wanted man lead to the grounding of a plane at Logan International Airport in Boson Tuesday. The investigation has meanwhile broadened out to places in and outside Boston in search of the cell’s accomplices.

    The origins of this Saudi cell strongly suggest that Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula –AQAP–
    succeeded in planting a cell in the U.S. for the bombing attack in Boston and possibly more in other parts of the country.

  • whitworth

    Alharbi, the detained “innocent” Saudi is actually part of a terrorist family and he has ties to Al Qaeda:


    • Crusty

      Has ties to Al Qaeda? Are there who don’t?

  • The Obomba Suspect

    That only leaves one muslim terrorist radical revolutionary down low bisexual suspect left and he lives like a king in White House in DC and clearly is a terrorist who supported the Muslim Brotherhood that took over in Egypt and did nothing but lie about the white Ambassador’s death in Benghazi or the 3 ex-Navy Seals and more recently lied about the facts of the death of the 25 yr old Chicago diplomat in Afghan.

    Mr Ayers friendship also came in handy for the WH occupant.

    • MBlanc46

      How about Pearl Harbor? Can you get him tied into that? And what about the sinking of the “Maine”?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        What about the Titanic?

        Iceberg, Goldberg, it is all the same for idiots, yes?

  • wattylersrevolt

    The retards here pushing the false flag operation nonsense are just that retards. Hundreds people would have to be involved Boston Police Officers,FBI agents…quite a long list. The False Flag Enthusiasts attribute an almost superhuman intelligence to both the Jorge W Bush Administration and the Kenyan Foereigner Administration…and as a consequence, creates a very strong sense in some people that the enemy is invincible..and this mind set can induce massive sense of powerlesness in some White Males.

    Here is a reality check:Both the Bush and Obama adminstrations have taken advantage of the monumental civic sloth of millions of Native Born White American Population and the insanity of the weirdo Southern Evangelical Christians who are the core voting block of the pedaphile infested Republican Party.
    The False Flag Retards takes the blame off of where it belongs. 9/11 and the earlier attack in 1993..and possibly 4/15…is a massive indictment of post-1965 immigration policy. Alex Jones is a Sociopath who should be hung by his ……
    Where is Barbara Olsen’s body?..hidden somewhere in deep freeze in a box somewhere on an Airforce base….what f…g retards. At this point in time, I can honestly that if I ever came in contact with Alex Jones, I would come close to breaking the short fat putz’s neck…I hate him and the conspiracy theory disinformation specialists that much.

    • sydney5

      Only a small number of people would need to be involved in a false flag operation of this nature. It wouldn’t even necessarily mean that all levels of power would have to ‘sign off;’ different individuals and elements exist within the government and act on their own agendas. The toughest part would be getting the individual(s) to actually carry it out, but, like 9/11, it could also be that the Saudi was simply *allowed* to do it so that a white ‘supremacist’ could be blamed.

      • wattylersrevolt

        You can say that..but just taking the sociopath Alex Jones’ scenario of the Boston Explosion..the conspiracy would have to include different levels of Goverment and different law enforcement agencies. My anaysis starts with the Truthers version of events not yours.
        And I don’t accept your scenario. They wouldn’t do it out of fear of being caught and executed. These Sociopaths understand that you can bomb the civilian muslim population in muslim nations ..literally commit mass murder and get away with it…precisely what they are doing every day…but you can’t murder on US soil the civilian population…way to risky
        In the larger scheme of things:as of 4/15/..we have potentially crossed over the line-with no going back to…nuclear WWW3…bloodlust is most defintely in the air…if it was a White Male…Police State Violence against White Males..which will most defintely trigger an Insurrection. For those of you who thought things were never gonna change..just wait a few weeks when they find out who it was. If it was a White Male, high ranking US Military Officers are going give direct orders to their troops to shoot and kill Tea Partiers..and this will just be the start..this will provoke a race war on Military Bases.

        • Nobody knows anything about who did the bombing. Your wild prophesies of the government doing mass shootings of tea party members is simply conspiracy theory paranoia – the curse of American responsible White racialism. Amren mods, please work hard to keep away Conspiracy Theory kooks, loners, End Times negative types.

        • sydney5

          Have you heard of the thwarted attack against Fort Dix military base in NJ in 2007, almost-executed by three ethnic Albanian radical islamists? They planned and attempted this attack alone, independent of a higher power or organized terrorist apparatus. That may be due to the fact that they weren’t Arabs per se. Allegedly the FBI had infiltrated them as they practiced in the Pennsylvania boonies, and prevented the actual attempt, but I’ve heard that it was really their stupidity in submitting videos to a local store that caught them. They had worked as pizza delivery guys at Dix and befriended the guards who would have let them in had they not been detected. Point being that lone actors or isolated, unaffiliated cells exist on the ‘other side,’ although, again, I suspect the actual Saudis, etc., would regulate and punish such freelancing. Still, our government may have allowed something in some capacity. Sometimes simple, intentional laxity or negligence is all that’s required. These dynamics are more complex and nuanced than many seem to understand. Law enforcement considers purposeful negligence, ‘looking the other way,’ to be a time-honored tradition and could be an increasingly relied upon strategy as big state and govt. forces take them over.

  • steve

    Devout muslims getting drunk and posin with guns? Hmmm

  • Morris LeChat

    If I were working in security in London, I would try get all of the cell phone communications shut down during their marathon, and keep it down until the crowds have dispersed. As a self protection measure, if I were to venture into any situation like this, I would have a cell phone blocker/scrambler on my person, if I could get one. These devices block all calls within a certain radius by scrambling the signals. My guess is that a cell phone was used to set the explosion off. When the terrorists can’t get a suicidal volunteer, they need to use either a timing device, which is very tricky, or a remote detonation method. The method of using remote detonation allows the terrorists to place the explosive device well before security is even set up in a certain area. If it was placed in a trash receptacle in Boston. It could have been placed there days before, UNDER the plastic barrel insert. Just have someone pretending to be a homeless person going through the trash. No one would take any notice of them, they would just think it was odd that the inner barrel was removed, they would think the homeless person was being unusually thorough in his search for cans.

    • brengunn

      I was thinking something similar this morning. If you were a terrorist, how could you leave unattended bags in an area without seeming suspicious? I thought that had the perp could put on a high visibility luminous top, like the race officials wear and had one of those trash grabbers that street cleaners use, you know for picking up litter, he would have been able to leave heavy bags by the curb without anyone being suspicious. For all they know he was leaving the bags filled with trash for later collection after the crowds had dispersed. Had anyone looked in the bags they would have been filled with litter, the device right down at the bottom,covered.

      It’s probably much more banal though, with him just leaving the bag and walking away.

      • Morris LeChat

        they leave or conceal the device long before any security is established in the event. It is detonated by a cell phone call. The person who makes that call has no knowledge of the details and others involved in the operation. All he knows is that he is to monitor the area and call the number when a large enough target crowd is in the area he has been told contains the bomb. That is why those who made the bomb did not call the number themselves. They would have had to have been in the area to keep a visual on it. For them to be in the area means that they could possibly be apprehended. If they are apprehended they have knowledge that can be forced out under pressure. So this is why this has nothing to do with “evil geniuses”. There was nothing ridiculous about my earlier post. You just could not see the logic of keeping the detonator ignorant of the rest of the plot.

        • brengunn

          It was on TV, if the bomb was planted the day before all they had to do was sit at home and wait till runners started to cross the line, then detonate the bomb. There is no need of a possible patsy at he scene.

          • TheFarm

            There needs to be someone to blame – a white male. Already that’s what’s being reported. He might not even be a patsy but just a plant that will never be truly apprehended and prosecuted.

          • Morris LeChat

            This kid id from a clan with many al-qaeda members. This means he regularly was a participant in meetings of clan males where they discussed ways to kill AMericans.


          • Michael_C_Scott

            They’d get the mobile phone call records off the nearby mobile phone towers.

            I know how to do this. My FBI file says all sorts of interesting things, but we went north to Boulder to spend my 47th birthday with my mother. Chirashi sushi in Longmont for B-day dinner and I fixed lots of stuff in my mother’s house.

            I could explain how to do this “stuff” better, but it is good for the scrotes to do their own work.

          • Morris LeChat

            Well, look at it another way. Wouldn’t they need a “scout” to walk on ahead of them to make sure they would not encounter any “security” personnel? Do you think they just took their chances, walking with two backpacks through a crowd crawling with security personnel? No, this kid was involved one way or the other. Either as a scout and a detonator, or just a scout.

  • les kinsolving
  • Anon12

    This is very telling, isn’t it? Wonder what ethnicity this moron is…..they always love to blame Whitey for everything to keep pushing their agenda to destroy White America. They have been at it for decades now, if not for 150 years or more.


  • rebelcelt

    The roommate said: ‘I know he went to the marathon yesterday but I don’t know what happened because I had gone out elsewhere to get drunk.
    Did not the 911 terrorists also go out and party the nght before the action.I mean this guy is a devout Muslim.

  • Gereng

    Can you imagine if in the midst of WWII, the Koream war or the war in Vietnam, we were not only allowing enemy aliens to enter the country freely, but actually encouraging their entry??? Does the State Department even know how many of the nationals of the countries we bomb and terrorize are in the US today? Since Congress doesn’t bother to guard our borders, or enforce our laws or desist in issuing visas to enemy aliens, there must be hundred of thousands of people now in this country that hail from nations we are bombing, invading, subverting or in other ways terrorizing.

    Then when something like the Boston bombing occurs, Bubba gets his knickers hopelessly twisted as he rages and howls his anger and confusion and just can not understand how anyone, anywhere could be so cruel and heartless toward the decent folks of this nation as to plant bombs in our cities. Bubba might even wonder how the heck these hateful people get into our country in the first place.