Ethiopia’s Desisa, Kenya’s Jeptoo Win in Boston

Jimmy Golen, Macomb Daily, April 15, 2013

Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia took the title in the 117th edition of the Boston Marathon on Monday, winning a three-way sprint down Boylston Street to finish in 2 hours, 10 minutes, 22 seconds.

In just his second race at the 26.2-mile distance, Desisa finished 5 seconds ahead of Kenya’s Micah Kogo to earn $150,000 and the traditional olive wreath. Gebregziabher Gebremariam of Ethiopia was another second behind him, in third place, with American Jason Hartmann matching his 2012 finish by coming in fourth.

Rita Jeptoo won the women’s race earlier for her second Boston victory. Jeptoo, who also won in 2006, finished in 2:26:25 for her first win in a major race since taking two years off after having a baby.

After a series of close finishes in the women’s race — five consecutive years with 3 or fewer seconds separating the top two — Jeptoo had a relatively comfortable 33-second lead over Meseret Hailu of Ethiopia, with defending champion Sharon Cherop of Kenya another 3 seconds back. American Shalane Flanagan, of nearby Marblehead, was fourth in the women’s division.


Desisa was among a group of nine men — all from Kenya or Ethiopia — who broke away from the pack in the first half of the race. There were three remaining when they came out of Kenmore Square with a mile to go.


He is the fourth Ethiopian to win the men’s race and the 24th East African to win in the past 26 years. Jeptoo is the third straight Kenyan woman to win and the 15th East African winner in the last 17 years on the women’s side.

Lisa Larsen-Weidenbach, who won in 1985, is the last American champion; 1983 winner Greg Meyer was the last American man to break the tape.



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  • Tim_in_Indiana

    And just how long will it take for it to dawn on whites that if Kenyans and Ethiopians keep winning marathons year after year after year, it might, just might, mean that there are differences between the races? Will this EVER dawn on whites? It’s not looking good.

    • Bossman

      Anyone who has studied science knows that Blacks have more muscles in their upper limbs than whites. They also have quicker and more efficient metabolism; the ability to burn sugars and fats for quick energy. It all has to do with evolution and climate. Also Kenyans and Ethiopians evolved in the highlands of East Africa. People who evolve in the highland regions of the world have greater lung capacity. One more reason to believe in evolution.

      • conan

        “They also have quicker and more efficient metabolism; the ability to burn sugars and fats for quick energy.”

        Have you actually SEEN an inner-city black?! I think you got that in reverse.

        • Sourdough Slim

          They also cant yodel. There are no blacks that can yodel on a world class level. Yodelling is extremely difficult to do well. Try it.

          Blacks can run fast which is an aids them in fleeing from police. They cant yodel.

        • Bossman

          Inner city Blacks exist on very bad diets and do not get enough exercise but according to many researchers, Blacks do have higher basal metabolism. It is the body’s ability to produce heat energy when at rest. It seems that Blacks do have better metabolism but most of them are probably too stupid and lazy to take advantage of it.

      • Anon12

        Blacks HAD to run fast to get away from all those four footed beasts in Africa…Takes NO brains to run. Brains were left up to the White race. Just look around and see who invented what and who formed the best nations and civilizations ever known to mankind

        . Hint: it sure wasn’t the black race.

    • Paleoconn

      The lefties and neocons are OK with accepting any difference between the races so long as it is not situated in an area north of the neck.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Yeah. The brain is not a physical organ.

      • Publius Scipio

        +1 paleocon, brilliant.

    • Nathanwartooth

      They are alright with this difference.

      They think that Blacks are superior to Whites in Basketball, Football and running but are the equals to every other race in mental ability.

      Basically Blacks are much superior to us mere mortals. We should just give up and let them run the world.

      • Harley Sims

        To hear State Farm, All State, and others tell it, blacks are superior in every way. White men are bumbling fools and are to he ridiculed. White women are to be shown as admiring the negro as an object of their affection, always siding with him against the white man.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      They know but the brainwashing of denial is an easier thought than the truth.

    • Publius Scipio

      That would require these “differences” to marry their child, take their job, or move in next door to them. The only line of demarcation left is the NIMBY tendency. It still exists in most, even in the neo-liberals. It says alot that it is still a strong tendency.

    • Le Gaulois

      You are correct, just like Whites hold most world records and completely dominate ultrarunning…a little known fact among both the mainstream and racialist circles:

      Yiannis Kouros Sets World 24 Hour Record:

      World Best Performances, International Association of Ultrarunners,
      October 2012:

  • Bandmo

    One African won here in the USA in 2008, same results.

  • The__Bobster

    The bombs were set off two hours too late.

    • conan

      Congratulations on making Amren readers look like a bunch of mouth-foaming, Turner Diaries reading psychos to any average person skimming through this site.

      There is a reason why Amren has made great strides over the years and nutcase groups like the National Alliance have not. Please think before you post.

      • Dude

        Hunter was Dr. Pierce’s better novel, though it’s less well known.

      • Ken P.

        Bobster’s comment is indeed unfortunate. Also, the National Alliance has declined greatly since the death of its founder about a decade ago. Your comment connecting these two facts, however, is not a sophisticated analysis of the problems that beset the Alliance.

        • The__Bobster

          The NA has declined because they lost a charismatic leader and replaced him with embezzlers and perverts.

        • Bob Willard

          For those unfamiliar with Dr. Pierce’s charismatic radio broadcasts, here’s the full archive.  Pierce was exceptionally prescient of where we are today as a society…

      • The__Bobster

        Do you really think we’ve made great strides? Really? We’re losing ground rapidly because we’re too civil….like you.

        Our foes certainly aren’t. Guess what? They’re winning.

        But down the road, when we’ve lost everything, you can pat yourself on the back for being polite.

        • conan

          Yes. Yes I do.

          Comment sections on major news sites are filled with pro-white messages and people like Ann Coulter are openly espousing ideas that were once only confined to Amren.

          If you really believe that living down to liberal stereotypes of racially aware whites by wishing that innocent African runners be blown up is helping anything, then you couldn’t be anymore wrong. It drives away moderate whites and gives ammo to our enemies.

          It has nothing to do with beng polite. It has everything to do with being savvy. Perhaps someday you will realize this.

          • thetimeisnow

            Have to agree about the savvy part; it’s the only way we’ll win. The inciting comment doesn’t rile me much, though. But the gist overall is critical for more pro-whites to grasp.

          • IKantunderstand

            Hey Conan (who needs to be MORE of a barbarian), Bobster is one hundred percent correct with his comment. Have you ever read what “White” liberals like Tim Wise advocates? Oh, and by the way? It doesn’t matter what we say, or how we say it. No matter what, we are racists, bigots, etc. We lose no matter what. I know they’re working real hard to get rid of the first amendment Et tu, Conan?

          • Anon12

            Thing is Tim Wise is not White as we all know.

          • conan

            He is one hundred percent correct in publicly wishing for random black runners to be blown up for being black? To you perhaps, but disgusting and counter-productive to those of us with an IQ above room temprature.

            I don’t care what Wise advocates. His house of cards is falling apart. He had to disable comments on his site because ordinary people were seeing through him, and he has had several high profile failures in recent times (the UNFAIR movement in Minnesota). He was put on the back foot by people using facts. Not by wishing runners to be blown up.

            There is a reason why David Duke and his type were banned from Amren conferences by Taylor, and it wasn’t because he was intimidated by their ideas. The ideas espoused by The New Century Foundation are dripping into the mainstream, and that drip is going to become a flood when the economy tanks again.

            You aren’t helping. Please go to Stormfront and post all day about how wishing African runners to be blown up is sticking it to the lefties and leave us alone.

            Thank you.

          • Anon12

            YOU most certainly are of no help to our race. What is it with a few of you here that ALWAYS has to mention Stormfront all the time? BTW maybe you need to check on that and see WHO was the real culprit at that Amren Conference or maybe you just forgot? It sure wasn’t Duke.

          • IKantunderstand

            1). He is one hundred percent correct in thinking he still(for now) has 1st Amendment rights to say what he wishes. Just like Tim Wise. None of the commentors here are the moderator. So, everybody here disagree if you want with a comment, but where the hell do get off calling for censorship? This discussion is not about wishing Africans(innocent!) being blown up. This discussion is about Bobster’s and mine and everybody elses right to freely express themselves. Including you. 2). Enumerate, please, all these “great strides” Amren has made over the years. Seriously, I want to know, cuz it seems to me a group which is constantly being thwarted trying to peacefully assemble, to only have the rug snatched out from beneath their feet, and who must then resort to hiding in a forest, is NOT MAKING “GREAT STRIDES”. 3). And guess what else, dipwad? No matter how polite, reasonable, non-confrontational, urbane, debonair,etc. , Mr. Taylor is in his discourse or debates with the “other” side, as far as they are concerned, he’s still a “mouth-foaming, Turner Diaries reading psycho”. Which I believe is YOUR definition of “living down to liberal stereotypes of racially aware Whites”. Whose side are you on? I know it couldn’t possibly be ours. Piss off. Please.

          • conan

            I already pointed out how the ideas promoted by The New Century Foundation are getting into the mainstream in a previous post.

            There are many other sites where you can exercise your free speech in wishing for people to be blown up. Amren has never leaned that way and never will.

            It’s all baby steps. Taylor’s style is much more condusive to winning over moderate whites (as his university debates have proven) than Duke and Pierce’s style of trying to convince people that Hitler really wasn’t such a bad guy.
            The left can not pin Taylor down as a mouth foaming psycho because he does not give his enemies the ammo to do that. But I’m sure a few more posts by Stormfronters on his message board wanting to see African runners blown up will give them that ammo.

            I am on Amren’s side. Have been for years. Duke and the “14/88’er’s” have never been on Amren’s side. That’s why they were banned from the conferences.

          • IKantunderstand

            “I already pointed out how the ideas promoted…in a previous post”. UM, no you most certainly did not do anything of the kind. You merely stated that:” The ideas espoused by the New Century Foundation are dripping into the mainstream”. First of all, “dripping”? Dripping!?!? What do you mean by dripping? How? Show me a MSM article discussing Amren in a fair and evenhanded way. Where are your citations? You just can’t make a statement and claim it’s true, and then when called out, rephrase the same answer, citing your previous UNPROVEN post. By the way, Coulter’s comments have nothing to do with Amren and NCF, so don’t even try that. Back up your statement with some facts, and while you are at it, show me where I said ANYTHING about “wishing African runners to be blown up is sticking it to the lefties”. Learn to read why don’t you. Oh, and polishing up your reading comprehension skills might be a good idea as well. And lastly, “dripping”, assuming you can provide evidence of said drips, ain’t gonna cut it. We need a flood, and you are not up to the task. But, I believe you qualify as a drip.

          • Conan

            Yes I did point it out. Quite clearly in fact. Since you clearly aren’t terribly bright, here it is again – comments that just a few years ago would only be found on Amren are now flooding the comment sections of major news sites.

            Coulter’s book ‘Mugger’ and her demographics is destiny article includes facts and information lifted directly from The New Century Foundation. Check the archives on this site.

            Dripping means the truth is getting out bit by bit. I’m sure even you can understand that. It will turn into a flood once the economy tanks again. Whites know something is up and are arming themselves accordingly.

            You said in a previous post “Bobster is one hundred percent correct with his comment”.

            Please don’t respond to me again.

            Thank you.

          • IKantunderstand

            Ahem, talking about being bright, you are a dim bulb. In fact, a CFR dim bulb. Bobster was 100% right in his !st Amendment right to say what he wished. Oh, and so sorry to respond again. You’re welcome.

          • IKantunderstand

            I’m spoiling for a fight with the likes of you. “Please don’t respond to me again”. Pussy! I made you look bad. Wanna go another round? I’m having fun. Amuse me, Conan.

        • Do you still hang out on NM? That forum certainly is civil.

        • Anon12

          I totally agree with you. The trouble with our race is that we are too NICE and CIVIL. The only time that works is when we are a nation of Whites only. . There is a reason that the phrase
          “nice guys finish last” is also true when we are nice and civil to the nonwhites in our midst. Altruism is for our own kind, it won’t work spreading it to other races as we see so much of today. The proof is in the pudding.

          Maybe conan should open his eyes for once and really look at what has happened to our race. He is so wrong.

      • Ed

        Thank you for being the voice of common sense.

        • Anon12

          Ed/Conan….birds of a feather…..

      • lippy

        He did not make Amren readers look like petty,bitter,jealous,racist imbeciles.
        It is what they really are.

    • Alan

      To the moderators. This comments needs to be removed. Immediately!

      • bigone4u

        In Defense of Bobster’s comment:
        Some people were going to die when the bomb was set off. The moral issue is who should die.
        Hitchcock looked at this issue in his 1944 film Lifeboat. A ship is torpedoed and there aren’t enough places in the lifeboar. Who SHOULD live and who should die and who gets to decide? Hollywood made a similar themed film about an airplane crash, but I can’t recall the name of that film off the top of my head. In my academic field of economics, the same issue comes up: Who should get the liver for a liver transplant? Someone will live but another will die.
        My read on Bobster’s comment is that his morality, given the choice between a primitive African and a white boy, deems that the African should die. Bobster is NOT advocating the murder of Africans in making his comment. The moral issue is complex, but the comment does not offend me and it should not be removed. BTW, Hollywood also deemed that when the choice is between young and old, the young should be spared. Women and children first, and all that.

        • Roger

          You are full of it! Like Alan stated, the post is uncalled for and need to be removed.

          • bigone4u

            Censorship is more in tune with Huffington Post. As is name calling.

          • Anon12

            Remove yourself.

      • Anon12

        Why? Afraid to hear the truth? Or are you just another ……?

    • a multiracial individual

      You do very little to conceal your lack of concern for Mr. Taylor’s repuation.

      • Anon12

        He is still called a “racist” isn’t he? So what good is it to have a good reputation when things are only getting worse for our nation and our race? Pray tell, being nice and presentable hasn’t gotten us anywhere except to reap even more abuse upon our shoulders has it?

    • MBlanc46

      CP time.

  • Of course, whoever did this didn’t time off their fancy little pressure cooker bombs to go off when East Africans were winning the Boston Marathon. Oh no. They timed them for about the middle of the field, when most white people would be finishing. Yes, I take that as a hint about the doers.

    • Puggg

      Or, maybe it’s a hint to who it’s not: Not “white supremacists.”

      • Maybe its an Amren reader that hates African runners because they win all the time?, I do recall some road running organizations openly talked about Banning African/Kenyan runners just because they were quite successful at what they do. (Discrimination) Fact is that most acts of terror on US soil is done by ppl that look and talk and think just like You.

  • The__Bobster

    I remember when pretty blonde women would win that race. I guess Bantu muzzies decided it was okay for their women to take America’s money too.

  • khesanh67-68

    The thing is our young men just don’t live corectly and it shows in things like running. Fifty-sixty years ago, there were plenty of White men who were excellent runners. nowadays, even if they are considered and athelete, they will not train like he africans. That’s the difference, manner of living.

    • I hardly think our civilization is in a state of crisis for our young men not being able to run 26.2 miles in 125 minutes or less. East Africans can run long distances faster than whites, West Africans can run short distances faster than whites. So what? That and a buck gets you a cup of coffee in today’s world. The fleet foot of the African didn’t get us to the moon.

      • khesanh67-68

        I never said it put us in a state of crisis. I was just explainign why these E. Africans are doing so well compared to our young men. It has to do with the way our young men live. The africans don’t have the easy life our young men live, therefore they’re not as soft.

        • NYB

          It’s genetic. West African blacks have a competitive advantage in 100 meter sprints, and East Africans have it in the marathon.

          Our young men still outperform in the Olympics and on the battlefields. They’re no slouches when it comes to training.

          • khesanh67-68

            Sir, I’m not trying to be a wiseguy, but I assure you it’s the way we live. Look at this video and it’ll show you Americans who lived entirely differently than people today and what they were able to do. Ironworking is/was my trade and I broke in doing the work you’ll see (minus rivets and we wore hardhats). Over the years, the men were changing and became more and more unable/unwilling to do the work as you see it. Of course, we didn’t know what we were witnessing. But now, I understand. It was the way they were being brought up and living that made them unable to do the work.
            the Empire State Building – Kottke

            Nov 4, 2010 … New York, the documentary film by Ric Burns,
            contains a great segment on the
            Empire State Building that is
            available on YouTube in three …

            – 12k – Cached
            – Similar

          • NYB

            The ‘softer’ generation of white kids brought up playing computer simulations are indeed less prepared for intense work. That’s why the military has had to adjust for the complexities of transitioning contemporary civilians into warriors.

            Once you get them, the investment of turning them into first-rate soldiers is over $300,000. This forces greater emphasis on selection. Since manufacturing went off-shore, the pool for selection has gotten better. The combat soldier of today is more likely to be white and educated, unlike the conscript blacks of 30 years ago.

            The men of yore who worked high steel were by no means typical. IMHO, they were an elite brotherhood. The less capable ended up as clerks or shovel technicians.

          • The ‘softer’ generation of white kids brought up playing computer
            simulations are indeed less prepared for intense work. That’s why the
            military has had to adjust for the complexities of transitioning
            contemporary civilians into warriors.

            Alternatively, they’re turning warfare itself into a video game (drones).

          • MBlanc46

            It’s genetic, just as the IQ differences are genetic.

        • Still, controlling for all variables, East Africans are better long distance runners than whites, because of genetic differences. But, like I said, big whoop.

    • lippy

      They can train all they want,they still won’t beableto compete against the Africans.
      Moot point anyway.The whites are just too lazy to bother with training.

  • bigone4u

    Some black tribes with long long legs are good at running. So what? I’ll hire them the next time I want to catch a rabbit to make rabbit stew. I wouldn’t want them around for any other purpose since running is the only thing they’re good at.

    • KittyAmerica

      Thanks for making me laugh. My eyes were starting to tear up, not that an African can run but that we allow these jungle bunnies to come race in our homeland; but your comment helped.

  • mike

    Who cares what a bunch of African blacks win against other Africans. Do you watch any African sports or do you even know anybody who does. Cancel the entire race as far as I am concerned.

    • MBlanc46

      The NBA appears to be immensely popular. It also appears to be an African sport.

  • MobyWhite

    You can celebrate that no Whites won the race, but asking why blacks only won the race is a hate crime against Diversity because it fosters “dangerous conclusions”.

    I am an avowed hate criminal. I celebrated the White dude who beat N’Tiger Woods at the Masters, because he was White. The arm outlawed German gestures and slogans I shouted at the TV when the Aussie won would get me thrown in prison in Australia.

  • guest

    They should be running around in Ethiopia and Kenya, not in Boston.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      It’s an international event, and has been for awhile. They certainly shouldn’t be living here though.

    • brengunn

      They’re better than us at running marathons and in the spirit of sports, the best should compete against the best to win.

      Similarly, when Africa needs professionals to teach mathematics or physics in their universities or design infrastructure they will turn to white men.

      This is how it should be. Isolationism is weak.

  • Don

    New qualification rule: swim from Africa to Boston.

  • Lelisa Desisa?

    His parent take to the American black style of naming their children?

    Gebregziabher Gebremariam looks to have used the icosikaihexagon dice method of rolling a handful of 26 sided dice.


    A White event for White people

    • lippy

      A white event that white people suck at.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I’m against these foreigners entering the race and taking our prize money home to their backwater culture.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Right on. These people don’t work full time jobs in East Africa. Training for the marathon is their job. Olympians in other countries train full time all the time. Many athletes in the USA have families and jobs outside of their sport. So it easy to excell at something when you have time to train all the time. We treat out citizens like dung

      • lippy

        And what job does Michael Phelps have ? Excuses,excuses.The Africans are just

        • Don’t know what job he has, but he donated a lot of his endorsement money to helping chirrens eat healthier foods. Did the africans donate their prize money to help yt chirrens eat more wholesome foods?

        • They are. At running, raping, looting, and murdering.

    • lippy

      Well,if you don’t like their taking your prize money just beat them.But,you know you can’t hence the bitterness.

      • HarmsTorheit

        yes in deed our jealousy of africans knows no Limits

  • shmo123

    So this Ethiopian guy who won the race gets 150k? That’s probably half the GNP of that country.

    • bigone4u

      That’s also about five years pay for a young dedicated teacher teaching a predominantly white group of students in a private Christian school. Why should there be a paycheck for winning a footrace that nobody really cares about? It sounds like a hidden subsidy for Africans.

  • les kinsolving

    its racist that a white man didn’t win. its culturally biased. its institutional racism. we should get a head start and affirmative action its not fair. im going to sue. they need to make the course EASIER for white people this is racist. we are just as fast but the track itself is biased. its no fair whaaaaaa.

  • Wilfredo (Tuco) De La Rosa

    Why is this news?

  • tom marr

    this 26 mile race is nothing when you consider back home he ran 36 miles a day with a jug of water on his head.

  • travaan maurtin

    i am shocked that the black runners did not do knockout king on an elderly white man or asian woman and loot a clothing store on their way through the course

    • Cross

      Nah, that’s for the American blacks.

  • LHathaway

    “White men are bumbling fools and are to he ridiculed. White women are to be shown as admiring the negro as an object of their affection, always siding with him against the white man”.

    Doesn’t sound like a TV commercial, sounds like many work sites i’ve been on where folks are concerned with ‘diversity’. Read a quote on here recently that said something, ‘to find who rules simply find out who everyone is afraid to offend’.

  • lippy

    A white man can win too.Of course that will mean he will have to get off his lazy behind, workout and train.That may be too much to ask though,as hate and bigotry have beome
    the white man’s favorite sports.

    • Whites are too busy maintaining civilized society and working to pay taxes to support lazy freeloading blacks.

  • Publius Scipio

    Clearly there is no biological propensity for long distance running on the part of the winners.

  • thank you mr white man

    The small thin gangling African black distance runners always did well as opposed to the black Africans in America all bulky roided up and juiced trained by the white coaches who gave up their sports like basketball and football to them because they didn’t want to take showers or hang around in locker rooms to hear their jive clannishness to say the least. Today they are arrogant boisterous egotistical and belligerent all tattooed up with piercings and dred locks prancing up and down the sports field like pampered spoiled brat faggots making millions each. Thank you Mr White Man Savior for everything as we owe you our very existence. Had it not been for you taking us out of that hellhole and into easy western society slavery we would be like the small thin African distance runner runt weaklings living a hog pen pig sty existence back in the jungle wretchedness.

    • lippy

      Yeah right ! You just can’t admit the blacks are just physiologically and physically
      superior.Even with steroids whites still bring up the rear.It is what it is.

  • David

    Whites are a generalized race not a specialized one.Blacks are not better runners but west africans are better at unaerobic running so 0 to 670 meters and less at 670 meters and longer and east africans 670 meters and longer better and 0-670 meters less.This is why you see the most diversity and Whites in the 400 and 800 meters.400 mers mostly west aficans descendants win but sometimes a Whites suprises and 800 meters most of the tim an east african wins but sometimes a white surpises with an olympic medal.
    If they wanted the diversity madness in athletics they should make a 670 meter race which is 50/50 aerobic unaerobic

  • Strong Swede

    Actually we may be seeing the end of the E. African domination in distance running – in terms of the way it has been for 25 years. The “takeover” occurred when Dr. Gabriel Rosa decided to hot-foot it out of the Tour de France back in the late 80’s after a score of riders he was ‘treating’ were testing positive for drug use. He found that in E. Africa, there was no off season drug testing and the next thing people knew was that instead of a handful or two of top flight distance runners, the Kenyans suddenly, and this is suddenly as in 1987, had an army of runners that were, again suddenly, running 10, then 15, then 30 seconds faster over the 5k than they had between one and three years earlier.

    European coaches with similar backgrounds to Rosa also went to Kenya and Ethiopia, being able to coach and be AGENTS for the top runners while being unfettered by the surprise tests athletes in most other countries have to put up with. For years runners in Europe, Japan, and the US decried the lack of testing out of season when it came to E. Africans, always being told they were ‘racist’ for complaining. Fact is, the time to take the drugs, especially EPO etc. was during the build up for the coming season. Runners like Bernard Lagat of Kenya were caught during the season, and then the public were told that the positive drug tests were ‘false positives’ which don’t occur with the type of tests used at the time. Lagat is now an “American”.

    Flash forward to about a year ago when a top Kenyan admitted to using drugs to some European journalists. German TV set up hidden cameras and followed the athlete and others as they bought drugs, were injected with drugs and so on, with nary an official in sight. For years the excuse in Kenya and Ethiopia has been when drug test teams show up, the athletes needing tests were far away, in remote villages with no phones etc. Well, the ‘flying test teams’ suspended 17 Kenyans a couple of weeks ago for drug use. IF, and this is a big IF, the governing body of track and field (the IAAF) decides to hold the E. Africans to same standards as everyone else, you will still see a lot of E. Africans at the top, but likely no longer will they be able to field armies of runners with close to world record abilities. They have a higher percentage of people with the natural ability to excel in distance running, but the numbers had been artificially inflated by greedy agents who get their 10 – 20% cut and doctors who flat out seemed only interested in promoting blacks. I won’t get into that here. We all know the reasons behind their actions.

    It’s similar to the NBA in ways. The NBA had to intentionally ignore rules like traveling, palming the ball, etc. in order to turn the game ‘black’. In international play, when held strictly to the rules, our NBA Dream Teams couldn’t win the World Championships, couldn’t win the Olympics. It was only after NBA Commissioner David Stern basically paid off FIBA (the world’s governing body in basketball) and IOC officials that NBA players were able to finally again win at the Olympics, starting with the games in Beijing. Rules were ignored along with scores of incredibly bad calls to help the NBA “affletes” win the big ones. NFL? Hey, look into slotting. No matter how well whites do, very few will be invited to the combines. Look at who administratively controls the NFL. Same deal as the NBA. Blacks have talent in certain areas of athletics, but their success has been artificially inflated. By the usual suspects I’m afraid.

    By the way, when whites and blacks of similar size are paired up, whites generally have more upper body strength than blacks. Blacks can look more muscular because of their thin fascia which allows the muscles to pop, along with low bodyfat, it’s centered in their buttocks (keeps the rest of the body cooler). Whites dominate strength events more profoundly than blacks dominate sprints. The NFL got rid of the “NFL’s Strongest Player” competition (while keeping the ‘Fastest Player” competition) because no black players ever came close to winning, while white players like Jason Sehorn, Tim Dwight and others did win the Fastest Player competition.

  • South African
  • Anon12

    Saw this on the net and found it very interesting. A little off the subject but this needs to be discussed also. ALL once White nations have been destroyed by the enemy within each nation. Hope amreners keep in mind that it is not only America that is deliberately being destroyed by our enemy, it is all of Europe, Canada and Australia also.

    Look at Miss Russia for 2013. She most certainly is no Russian. Just like in America Russia is being invaded with nonwhites….she is definitely NOT attractive. The WHITE Russian on the left is the one who should have won. She is truly beautiful.