Brown v. Board Reduced Crime

Ray Fisman, Slate, April 9, 2013

At the turn of the millennium, a young black man was four times more likely to be arrested for a violent offense than a young white man. Shocking as that figure may be, it actually represented an enormous gain since 1969, when the chances of an under-18 black man getting arrested for a violent crime was 12 times that of a white man.

Many explanations have been put forth to explain the declining racial “crime gap” and the fall in crime rates more generally—they’ve been linked to everything from better and more policing to legalized abortions to decreased urban air pollution. The shrinking crime gap also came on the heels of the many civil rights gains that began with the Supreme Court’s landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling, which held that racially “separate but equal” schools were unconstitutional. A growing body of social science research is now reaching the conclusion that school desegregation should get some direct credit for the drop in black crime. Indeed, as courts have begun overturning these rulings over the past decade, we’ve seen an alarming uptick in crimes by young black men.{snip}

A lot has changed in America over the past century, so it wouldn’t be right to attribute changes in crime rates—or anything else—to the civil rights movement alone. {snip} The staggered adoption of integration allows researchers to see whether anything changed in cities where integration was taking place, compared to those that had yet to integrate (and also to cities where integration had already happened).

There are now many credible studies that highlight the benefits to black students of court-ordered desegregation—a 2004 article in the prestigious American Economic Review by Northwestern’s Jonathan Guryan found that integration led to a 25 percent fall in black dropout rates during the 1970s, while leaving the rate for whites unchanged. A more comprehensive 2011 study by Berkeley economist Rucker Johnson looked at the longer-run effects of desegregation on children of the civil rights era, using a range of methodologies, each of which generates the same set of findings: Desegregation led to higher earnings, better health, and a better chance of staying out of prison for black males. Johnson’s findings on crime echo the results of earlier research, which found that desegregation reduced violent crimes by young (15-24) black men by as much as one-third.

You might think that this isn’t so surprising—of course you’d have a better shot at good health, wealth, and a clean rap sheet if you go to a decent school. {snip}

But that doesn’t seem to be the whole story, based on the findings of a recent study—as yet unpublished—that evaluates the effects of the past decade’s resegregation. The study focuses on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district, the site of a decisive NAACP victory in 1971 that resulted in race-based busing to achieve integration. This mandated busing policy was overturned by the Supreme Court in 2001, leading the district to redraw its school boundaries to ignore racial considerations, and, as a result, to reassign half of its students to new schools the following year. Prior to the 2001 ruling, a school’s zone might include, in addition to the neighborhood immediately surrounding it, pockets of students drawn from elsewhere in the city, who were added to ensure racial balance in each grade or classroom. With the end of busing, zone boundaries now included only the neighborhoods surrounding the school.

Whereas previously all students had attended racially mixed schools, after 2001 some schools ended up mostly black, others mostly white. The study compares the experiences of students who lived in the same neighborhoods—potentially just across the street from one another—but ended up at schools with different racial mixes as a result of the zoning change. What’s so intriguing about the Charlotte-Mecklenburg study is that in this case, resegregation was accompanied by increased funding to minority-dominated schools, to diminish the impact on student performance in high-poverty neighborhoods. This might account for the fact that, at least as measured by graduation rates and college attendance, the end of busing didn’t hurt minority students too much. (Academic performance by nonminority students zoned into minority schools declined considerably, however.)

Despite cushioning minority students from academic decline, the resegregation of Charlotte schools nonetheless led to a jump in arrests and incarcerations of minority students—particularly among poor black males, who are most at risk for crime. According to the authors’ calculations, a poor black male was 15 percent more likely to get arrested if assigned to a school that had 60 percent minority students rather than 40 percent minority.


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  • StillModerated

    “resegregation may lead to [crime’s] increase”

    Please note Slate’s sneaky use of the subjunctive mood in that sub-headline. My concern is who are the victims of black violent crime. If it’s Whites, then I favor putting blacks into their own homelands — our once-great cities. What they tolerate in their own neighborhoods is not my concern.

  • sbuffalonative

    At the turn of the millennium, a young black man was four times more likely to be arrested for a violent offense than a young white man.
    Interesting phraseology; ‘more likely to be arrested’ instead of ‘more likely to commit’ a violent offense.
    If there is a decline in the racial crime gap, it’s likely because white people are aware of blacks and take appropriate action, Black benefited because they had fewer opportunities to victimize their own than to victims suave whites.
    Of course, black on black crime rates went down but it’s also likely that black on white crimes went up.
    Blacks had less interaction with blacks but whites were on the defensive and less likely victims.

  • Ulick

    So, in other words, whites have to integrate with blacks and subject themselves to significantly more crime because integration with whites brings the black crime level from totally absurd down to only simply absurd. Any attempt by whites to limit themselves from being subjected to more crime is, of course, racist. The one way relationship is always about what benefits blacks.

    • JohnEngelman

      The implication of the article is that blacks are incapable of creating civilized societies without white examples and leadership.

      I agree, but I doubt that was the intention.

      • Brian

        The paradox of the whole liberal attitude towards race: All of their problems are our fault, and the only solution is to force ourselves upon them even more relentlessly. If the left really believed that black disfunctionality was the result of “white privilege” and “institutional racism” wouldn’t it make more sense to encourage them to have their own schools, communities, and institutions where they would be free from these things?

        • whiteuncleruckus

          You are absolutely right. I thought that back in high school. If they think we are so “racist,” why do they want to be around us? If they had their own schools, they wouldn’t have to worry about racism. And if they had their own countries, their “racism” problem would be solved for good. Intergration with Whites is about increasing the standard of living for blacks because they cant do it very well on their own. They are very jealous of us.

          • Erasmus

            People hate what they admire and that they know because of their own deficiencies they can never be part of. Blacks and leftists hate real Americans for the same reasons homely dykish girls always hate the pretty ones. It’s because no matter how hard they try, they realize that God/Mother nature gave them a short hand, and, so they’re perpetually angry and bitter at what they can never be.

          • brengunn

            If they think we are so “racist,” why do they want to be around us?

            I read in an article about forced bussing that one of the reasons that bussing was a top down dictat rather than a free choice given to blacks, was that normal blacks wouldn’t want to go to white schools if they had the choice, they’d rather be schooled in their own communities. It was the white intelligentsia and, I think, black civil rights leaders who wanted it to be a law, so they could force both races to mix. Otherwise, schools would have remained segregated, as I believe they have reverted to segregation now that people have choice.

          • Mike Lane

            Don’t you mean “kosher” intelligentsia?

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            To quote Ronald Reagan, “Here we go again!”. There are plenty of “Goyische” so called intellectuals who are just as nauseating and dangerous. Trust me. the Jews can’t be running everything. Lyndon Johnson, the Kennedys, Obama and his parents and grandparents , “Chrissy” Matthews, Bill Clinton and Hillary, Walter Cronkite, the Gates’s, many of the Hollywood elite, and a host of others who are selling us down the river aren’t Jews. They think that they’ll survive. They’ve fed the Churchillian crocodile and it for sure, will eat them last.

          • Luca

            There are different type of people in the world, some of them are Liberals. The smartest of the Liberals, the ones with an agenda and a plan, are steering the cattle in the direction they want them to go. Since the cattle are fed small rewards they continue to follow. blindly they go until it is too late to see the cliff ahead.

            Some people have gone from country to country to push this Liberal agenda, to benefit only their kind and manipulate the useful idiots to further their cause. Their cause is to accumulate as much wealth as possible and to prosper at the expense of others because after all, they are God’s chosen people.

          • Kaitlyn David

            If you think Florence`s story is astonishing,, 1 weak-ago my moms boyfriend got a cheque for $4152 just sitting there a twenty hour week in their apartment and there roomate‘s half-sister`s neighbour has been doing this for seven months and made over $4152 in there spare time on their mac. apply the instructions on this page,

          • Mike Lane

            I can’t say I disagree with you there. Of course there are white elites who have sold us out, but you have to look at who is really calling the shots. (For the record, though, the Hollywood elites are Jewish for the most part- not trying to make AmRen into a “Jewish question” website, but there are some truths that just need to be said)

          • Melanie

            While decreasing the standard of living for whites. The white elites are perfectly aware of this, which is why they always try to force “other white people” to integrate, while they stay in gated whitopias and send their children to majority white private schools.

        • Melanie Bernard

          If you think Florence`s story is astonishing,, 1 weak-ago my moms boyfriend got a cheque for $4152 just sitting there a twenty hour week in their apartment and there roomate‘s half-sister`s neighbour has been doing this for seven months and made over $4152 in there spare time on their mac. apply the instructions on this page,

          • bigone4u

            Can the moderators automatically delete a post like this one? This junk is all over the place.

          • Disqus’s built in spam filter catches most of this junk, but as you can see, sometimes a “well” written spam post breaks through.

          • a multiracial individual

            Is there a way for you guys to delete the post but keep the avatar?

          • She was nice looking, but I highly doubt the author of those comments looked like that. Probably more like this:


          • Jim G

            What are you afraid if?

        • Let’s not forget that white liberals live as far as possible from blacks. The god of American Marxism, Noam Chomsky, lives in a town that is 99.9% white. This is similar to Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg and just about every single Hollywood hotshot. I lived in black neighborhoods and I just don’t avoid them because I’m not in the mood.

        • Melanie

          Not “force ourselves”, it’s “force other white people” to integrate with blacks.

    • sbuffalonative

      More proof that blacks are white supremacists. They know their only hope is to be around whites.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I bet blacks have higher graduation rates in mixed-race schools than in full-black schools because there’s less other blacks around to distract them or convince them that doing homework is “white”.

        • brengunn

          That’s true of the literature I’ve read about it. But, I don’t think it’s a massive gap.

        • Anonymous

          There are some but I’ve also seen lots of “social promotions”.

  • At the turn of the millennium, a young black man was four times more
    likely to be arrested for a violent offense than a young white man.
    Shocking as that figure may be, it actually represented an enormous gain
    since 1969, when the chances of an under-18 black man getting arrested
    for a violent crime was 12 times that of a white man.

    And Slate cites school deseg as the reason for that declining gap. One possibility that they’re not considering is that “white” in 1969 and “white” in 2000 don’t mean the same thing. Hispanic criminal suspects are counted as “white,” ergo the universe of “whites” arrested in 2000 is more Hispanic, compared to a white universe in 1969 that was genuinely and identifiably white.

    Jonathan Guryan found that integration led to a 25 percent fall in black dropout rates during the 1970s

    Maybe the real reason is that high school in 1980 was easier than high school in 1970. Fewer blacks dropped out because the bar was lowered.

    Desegregation led to higher earnings, better health, and a better chance of staying out of prison for black males.

    Higher earnings = Affirmative action. Because of inflation, everyone had higher earnings, but it doesn’t mean they were more prosperous.

    • NYB

      Agreed. Slate should re-compute the figures to separate Hispanics from whites.

      In 1970, it was still possible to drop out and obtain a blue-collar job. Today, there is nowhere to go but unemployment, and high school is where the sexual opportunities are. Underachievers are encouraged to stay through graduation even if they don’t qualify.

      • Crystal Evans

        Not only that, there are inner city schools that allow students that are 18 or 19 to come back after dropping out to earn enough credits to qualify for a diploma.

    • brengunn

      One possibility that they’re not considering is that “white” in 1969
      and “white” in 2000 don’t mean the same thing. Hispanic criminal
      suspects are counted as “white,”

      Very good point. I didn’t think of that.

  • JohnEngelman

    At the turn of the millennium, a young black man was four times more likely to be arrested for a violent offense than a young white man. Shocking as that figure may be, it actually represented an enormous gain since 1969, when the chances of an under-18 black man getting arrested for a violent crime was 12 times that of a white man.

    – Ray Fisman, Slate, April 9, 2013

    In 2005 blacks in the United States had a murder rate that was 7.6 percent the white murder rate.

    The problem is not that so many blacks are arrested for violent offenses. The problem is that so many blacks are criminals.

  • JohnEngelman

    If Brown v. Board of Education reduced crime, why did the crime rate double from 1960 to 1970, and triple from 1960 to 1970?

    Why was the civil rights act of 1964 followed by five years of black ghetto rioting?

    • David Ashton

      Ask them. We know the answer.

  • jay11

    Well, it’s easier for blacks to push timid white students around and the whites usually are longsuffering and keep quiet. They also don’t usually fight back, so incidents seem to go down, even though it just went underground. The whites are basically the sheep for roving blacks to bother and bully. When black students are only around other blacks, they fight back at each other, shoot each other and reinforce their bad behavior. Can any ‘study’ ever put it this plainly?

    • The__Bobster

      When White kids fight back, they are the ones that get punished.

      • Johnny Clay

        When I was in Navy admin school at NAS Meridian, MS, in 1980, the black students were rowdy. Playing their stereos loud at all hours of the night, yelling and screaming at TV’s, and generally behaving as anti-social as possible. When the white students complained to the command, they were told that “there’s nothing we can do about it.” White students were always called on the carpet by the staff for small infractions, while the black students had free rein.

        • Erasmus

          Out of Africa.

        • brengunn

          In the military, too?

          • brengunn

            @ Johnny Clay,

            The only thing for it would be civil disobedience, in other words, all the whites emulating the blacks until the top brass grew some balls and put a stop to it across the board,

          • Johnny Clay

            Yep. Political correctiness was alive and well in the Navy back then.

          • StillModerated

            I was forced to attend a “race relations class” back in 1973. It was taught by 2 black racist lifers — probably deck apes who couldn’t handle the whale boat.

          • Luis

            LOLOLOL paisan. That is funny – “deck apes who couldn’t handle the whale boat”. I immediately thought of Melville’s classic, “Moby Dick”.

        • StillModerated

          Whites must boycott the military at all costs. I’m all in favor of letting black women and homosexuals destroy the war machine.

          • Johnny Clay

            I’m as pro-military as one can get, but I have to agree with you. They talk about everyone being equal, but it’s not that way. When I was in and you got good evaluations, they always added the sentence “(Name) supports the Navy’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Program” whether you did or not. If you got a bad evaluation, the sentence said that you didn’t support them, implying that you are a racist if you got a bad evaluation, whether you were or not.

          • Ross Kardon

            The rock star Ted Nugent pooped in his pants and did not bathe for month to dodge the Vietnam War draft. I would have forgiven Ted for this draft dodging prank, until I read his book, TED,WHITE, AND BLUE. In his “manifesto” he advocates having mandatory two-year military draft for everyone upon graduating high school.

            If you dodged the draft during the Vietnam War, you should not advocate bringing back the military draft today. If Ted was against bringing back the draft today, I would have forgiven for his prank to dodge the Vietnam War draft. Ted is big hypocrite for advocating reinstating the draft today, as a Vietnam War draft dodger!

            Also, I am against bringing back the draft today because it would violate the 13th Amendment that prohibits involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. Having slaves for fight for our freedoms, I don’t think so!

            StillModerated, if the military draft is reinstated, white people will not be able to avoid the military, unless they can find another country like Canada or Sweden, to flee to!

            On a personal note, I turned 18 in 1974. Had I been born just a few years earlier, there is a high probability that I would have been drafted and forced to fight in the Vietnam War, that I was morally opposed to.

      • Bill

        Yup. All the bantu has to say is the kid called him the N word, and walla. His bullying of the white kid goes unpunished, white kid gets suspended, and has to undergo counseling in the government school re-education camp.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        My brother dropped out of high school for that very reason.

  • bigone4u

    Without whites around, black criminality would reach the level of universal savagery as in Africa. Who the hell says that’s my problem. Why should white families have to pay the price of victimhood just to lower the black crime rate from outrageous to the slightly lower level of intolerable? Liberals always want to push the costs off on whites and justify it by one university study after another. Smart people aren’t buying their nonsense anymore. Brown v. Board was bad law and is now a failed attempt to civilize blacks.

  • The__Bobster

    Many explanations have been put forth to explain the declining racial “crime gap” and the fall in crime rates more generally—they’ve been linked to everything from better and more policing to legalized abortions to decreased urban air pollution.

    Most cities that are loaded with spades are also cooking the books today when it comes to crime.

    • AuntNelly

      They have to be cooking the books…I don’t believe for one second that crime is down. I live in a mid sized eastern city that has been relatively unscathed by the recession. It’s also roughly 25-30 percent black. Our homicide rate is higher than Chicago per capita. I’d estimate 80 percent of public housing is inhabited by blacks, and a similar percentage at the very least is responsible for all the crime. The city schools are an embarrassment. Luckily, much to the chagrin of the hardcore liberals that live in the city, our neighborhoods are very segregated. In the black neighborhood in the past three days, about a dozen people have been shot, including a police officer. Home invasions and child abuse/neglect on the daily basis, the perps almost always being black. It gets worse year by year.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      You are spot on! The declining crime rate is “one big pile of Taurine feces.

      Various NYPD precincts were, at one time, ordered to “cook the books”

      • The__Bobster

        “The news for New York City is spectacular,” New York’s Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg told a City Hall press conference on Monday. He and New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly [Email him] were claiming credit for new FBI crime stats showing major crimes—murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, car theft, larceny and arson—dropping 5.8% in the city in 2003. New York’s crime rate now ranks it 211th of the 230 U.S. cities with 100,000-plus population—behind Omaha, Nebraska and Wichita, Kansas.

        Unfortunately, there must have been at least one skeptic at the press conference. Hizzoner reportedly “bristled” at suggestions that the city’s crime stats are being driven down artificially by numbers-fudging police commanders.

        “‘C’mon,” Bloomberg snapped. “It is just not the case. ‘” [Our incredible shrinking crime rate, by David Saltonstall, New York Daily News, May 25, 2004]

        Well, I am a skeptic. I say: sure, it’s the case! Because I’ve seen it.

        Some reporters – most notably Leonard Levitt of Newsday—have intermittently written on crimes that have been “disappeared” in New York by creative police reporting. But to my knowledge, I am the only journalist actually to have been at the scene of one.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “Most cities that are loaded with blacks are also cooking the books today when it comes to crime.”

      This is true, but it is not only for black crime it is for almost any (minority) crime. The police are lazy and incompetent. Their protection [sic] racket costs whites more than what we lose to criminals (not including wall street and political criminals). In the olden days if a person robbed a bank, all the able bodied white men would get together and hunt the SOB down and give him a Manilla necktie. Now we have to pay each police officer over $100k a year, plus $200k judges, $150k lawyers, $70k correction officers, on top of paying $60k a year to house and rehabilitate a criminal. Whoever said crime doesn’t pay obviously didn’t know anything about the American justice [sic] system.

      • Strider73

        You have just described what I call the “judicial-industrial complex.” Just as its military equivalent depends on perpetual war and threats of war to justify its existence, the JIC depends on high crime to justify itself. Along with the people you list, there’s also the bailiffs, court clerks, bail bondsmen, and the construction companies that build the jails and prisons.

        Imagine what would happen if all blacks suddenly died off from some race-specific plague. Crime across the board would instantly drop by half, and violent felonies would drop 80-90 percent. Once all the corpses were disposed of, police chiefs and sheriffs would have to lay off multitudes of cops and deputies respectively. Then they would have to get rid of all that military hardware the feds have been selling them for decades. Legions of judges and the above mentioned support personnel would also be suddenly unemployed. Most prosecutors and defense attorneys would have to start practicing some other type of law or find new careers. At least half of the prisons would have to be shut down and their guards laid off.

        A slightly less radical version of this scenario would occur if the asinine drug war were ended — which is precisely why the entire JIC fights tooth and nail to keep it going despite its “epic fail” status and negative impacts on our liberties.

  • The__Bobster

    Desegregation led to higher earnings, better health, and a better chance of staying out of prison for black males.

    At the expense of Whites.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    This strikes me as an example of “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” One thing to remember is that precious little real integration has ever gone on. Whites seek to high tail it out of schools that are forced to include black folks. Was there any control for the increasing leniency of high school standards and obstacles to expulsion that have more likely reduced drop out rates, black and white (heck, if white rates remained the same, that’s probably a sign of wiggers being the only ones left behind after sensible whites left)? Did they control arrest rates for the general drop in enforcement of crime since the 1960s? And, of course, as others pointed out, we get the gains for blacks, if there are truly any such gains, at great cost to whites.

  • IstvanIN

    Why is it we can live in all white neighborhoods and have a low crime rate but if they live in an all black neighborhood all heck breaks loose? They never look at it that way. Just like we can live in high rises without violence ensuing and chicken bones all over the court yard but they can not. The “experts” always blame the high rise, not the occupants. Everything they touch turns to poop, but it is our fault. Isn’t possible that they are just losers?

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      That’s called the Cretas Touch; the opposite of Midas.
      With exceptions, no, they will never be anything else.

    • Blacks don’t actually *commit* crime; criminal offending happens to them, in the same manner as catching the flu. As the article says: ” ..poor black males, ..are most at risk for crime.” See? They are not actually criminal, they are the victims. At the appropriate time of year, there is a lot of crime going round and some of them catch it. Obviously whites have a built-in immunity, so they catch crime far less often.

      • IstvanIN

        So true.

  • Luca

    So, when we go from reprehensible and horrific crime rates to simply horrible crime rates, this should be a cause for celebration?

    Before, the black students were liable to kill 12 people but now that we have them integrated into White schools they’ll only kill 8 people.

    Everyone should be cheering this accomplishment, except of course the 8 families of the murdered victims. Did I get that right?

    People who write these articles should have their heads examined and be locked up..

    • StillModerated

      Forgive the living and forget the dead.

  • Bill

    I don’t believe this guy’s evidence at all. Is he kidding us? He quotes studies without telling us the source. He quotes a study not published as yet. What he is doing is telling us the usual media distortions and lies because there is an ever growing movement and sentiment to re-segregate blacks and impose civil restrictions similar to Jim Crow laws.

    • jane johnson

      Also, more and more judges are offering the “school or jail ultimatum” to young criminals, which tends to lower the dropout rate. I can remember when it was Army or jail, but I suspect that most of these thugs are unfit for military service in any capacity.

    • George

      Slate is owned by the Washington Post. It’s about as liberal as an Online rag can get.

      Liberals don’t let facts get in the way of their agenda. They do, however, like to cherry pick evidence of dubious provenance in an attempt to buttress their arguments.

      Let’s look at one of the reasons cited. Better urban air quality. No lead in the gasoline, etc. Sure. That can have an effect. People are more healthy as a result. Conversely, though, that means that inner city thugs have improved cardio-vascular function and mental ability. They are thus better able to prey upon others. This is one of the problems with modern social sciences. Its practitioners on the left will grasp at straws in an attempt to advance their agenda.

  • APaige

    A few points:
    1. Blacks are ARRESTED for more violent crime because they COMMIT more violent crime.
    2. Drop out rates could be related more to an easy, watered down curriculum centered more on self-esteem than on learning.
    3. Gains on black social markers are based on lowering standards for school, jobs, and promotions.
    4. It seems that even though liberals hate white people they also seem to believe that if more blacks are just around whites those blacks are some how improved or better. What is more RACIST saying you do not want to be around blacks (for very good reasons) or thinking that blacks need to be around whites to improve their lot?

    • bigone4u

      Excellent points. You’ve summarized a lot that needs to be said over and over. Thanks.

    • Jim Bob Lassiter

      You left out an item contributing to lower Black HS drop out rates in integrated skools. The males want to hang around White girls.

  • Andy

    I love how they’re so afraid of sounding racist that they resort to “under-18 black man”.

  • Derelictus

    I don’t get the point of this article or why it was written. Is it a direct “f you” to white nationalists who argue for restoration of Jim Crow or something? Admittedly I didn’t read it and don’t plan to. Saying that blacks are better off now than 50 years ago…EVERYONE is better off today than 50 years ago, comparatively speaking, because of ever-increasing improvements in medicine, sanitation, technology etc. (thanks to the White Mind, which every human being should be thankful for every day, regardless of race). Also as many pointed out, many Black neighborhoods never “integrated” at all. There were black businesses and black universities DURING segregation, blacks weren’t forced into derelict buildings and violent conditions by satanic whites, that’s just apparently how (many/most?) of them prefer to live, as evidenced by every majority black city/town/neighborhood ever. Am I wrong here? I was born about 2 decades after the civil rights movement so it’s not like I have any memories of what life was like beforehand.

  • Crystal Evans

    I always thought the high black abortion rate was the cause for a lower crime rate. Most black kids who go to integrated schools tend to come from middle class families. Those students who attend segregated schools are in poor inner city neighborhoods.

    • DailyKenn

      The correlation between abortion and black crime is undeniable, IMHO.

  • brengunn

    This also puts paid to the idea that white parents who want their children schooled in majority white schools are automatically racist as white children in majority black schools do significantly worse academically than they do in regular schools.

    Not to mention any mental trauma from being a hated whitey and being the punching bag for 15 year old black boys that look like they’re in their late 20’s.

  • LHathaway

    Facts about race coming from a main stream media source. You don’t see that every day! Save this article.

  • blarg

    I don’t understand the thinking that led to the title of this post.
    Are they just ignoring that crime rates in 1954 were a fraction of what they were in 1969? Or even today? Indeed reading it through, they seem to practice rampant selective thinking/investigations.

  • Jim G

    There are now many credible studies that highlight the benefits to black students of court-ordered desegregation…

    The so-called credible studies always focus on Blacks. And the question always is: How is White society affecting them.

    Never is the question how are Blacks harming White society and White people.

    The 12-1 ratio verses the 4-1 ratio needs more analysis, IF IT IS TRUE. Does anyone really beleive that Blacks are less violent today when all we see everywhere is that they are more violent?

  • IanJMacDonald

    Brown v. Board was decided in 1954. So is this country more crime-ridden today than in 1954?

  • rigged fed study

    The Charlotte Mecklenburg desegregation story is a total lie fabrication and was nothing but problems. Whites and blacks fought all the time and in the end busing was ended but whites left the school system as today there is less than 30% white and white suburban schools get about 1/3 of the funding as the black inner city schools. Black test scores are way down and crime is always high. Whites have fled the school system and county only to have it refilled with outsiders from the north and west who are mostly black. This is why the DNC picked the city who is run by blacks top to bottom. Luckily whites in suburbs still pay taxes and keep eveerything running as otherwise it would be another Detroit since the banks have all been flat and been overtaken by the feds.

  • gregCall

    It would seem to me that the drop in black crime since the enactment of civil rights laws and integration would probably have more to do with the increase of Government handout programs. While this wouldn’t have as great an effect on the very young it would have removed the incentive for older teens and young adults to a great extent. Put simply, going out and commiting crime is in itself a form of work and takes some effort and why would they do it if they had a free handout and subsidies and could just sit at home, watch tv and drink?

  • BillC

    This seems to imply that white culture some how mediated a possible predisposition to mischief…i.e. exposure to the majority culture diminished the opportunities or desire for mayhem (perhaps because of an expectaton of better behavior).

    A return to the cultural self-policing of the minority-majority schools merely removed that ameliorating influence and allowed them to enjoy the benefits of more permissive (black) educators who have no idea about discipline being of value in education. All this goes to show (including the additional funding to minority schools) that there is something inherently difficulty for their culture or race to sustain an educational ethic.

  • The rights of a crime victim supersede the rights of the criminal. Resegregation cannot do anything except bring down crime rates. If blacks are guilty of 30% of the crime rate, then the overall crime rate will go down 30%…probably more.

  • Fr. John+

    You know, all of this doesn’t matter one bit. We who have seen our nation destroyed, our cities turned into hellholes, and who have been at the forefront of all this ‘diversity’ finally realized- or were made to realize, via sites like Stuff Black People Don’t Like, League of the South, this website, and Occidental Dissent, that we just don’t like darkies, we don’t want to live with them- ever- and they will never be our equals. You can mount all the data you like, but the reality is, race matters. And ORION – our race (white) is our nation. End of story. Those who are awakened will NEVER submit to this genocidal philosophy, ever again.