Asian Fraternity Under Fire for Homemade Music Video Featuring Blackface Jay-Z Interpretation

Daily Mail (London), April 26, 2013

An Asian fraternity at the University of California, Irvine is in hot water for a homemade music video it posted on YouTube featuring one of the fraternity brothers in blackface impersonating Jay-Z.

The controversial scene, which takes places 55 seconds into the two-minute video to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit and Tie’ song featuring Jay-Z, has been called ‘reprehensible’ and ‘racially offensive’ by the university’s vice chancellor of student affairs, NBC Los Angeles reports.

Lambda Theta Delta says the video featuring the member in blackface raping along to Jay-Z’s lyrics was meant as a harmless impersonation of the artist.

‘We’re being referred to as a racist organization,’ chapter president Darius Obana told NBC, adding that that was ‘absolutely not’ true.


The Asian Pacific Student Association called the video ‘deeply offensive.’

The video, which went online a few weeks ago, was taken off YouTube on Wednesday after UC Irvine’s vice chancellor of student affairs issued its complaint.


The vice chancellor told NBC that the university has received complaints from the Black Student Union, and that his office has launched an investigation into the incident.

The fraternity reportedly caused a similar stir in 2010 when one of its members dressed up in blackface during a costume party.


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  • Puggg

    But wait. Didn’t the Asian lobby recently get their under-roos all in a wad over some white woman UCLA student who made a video on You Tube upset with all the Asians on the UCLA campus?

    • So CAL Snowman

      The beautiful White woman in question was angry about Asians on their cell-phones in the library and she received so much hate from the press she had to drop out of UCLA. It’s a mad world I tell ya’, completely mad!

      ““The problem is these hordes of Asian people that U.C.L.A. accepts into
      our school every single year, which is fine,” Ms. Wallace said in the
      video. “But if you’re going to come to U.C.L.A., then use American

      • bigone4u

        Jared Taylor wrote an open letter to her which I read a few days ago. Her trial by fire happened a while back.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

      Good point, but that is a characteristic of highly ethnocentric groups. I like my group and don’t like/trust the others. I can mock other groups but get angry if someone mocks my group.

      Only silly White people bother with notions of respecting the Other/self-analysis/double standards.

    • Morris LeChat

      yep, live by the sword, die by the sword.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Yes, and it seemed we had plenty of our own followers in the movement who spent more time bashing her than attacking the Asian whiners. I find that disturbing.

      • edie

        and that, my good friend, is the essence of our problem.

        the destruction from within.

        It’s almost like we’re so smart and they’re so dumb, we have to tie half of our population’s allegiance behind our backs.

      • Freya

        Is there a thread related directly to this incident, under an article somewhere? I have recently been fairly upset by how much my own attempt to sensitize Amren readers about dangerous and destructive stereotyping of blonde women (although I notice Hollywood does a lot of stereotyping of blond and fair men as well as women).has gone unheeded.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          I believe the incident happened in early 2011. I am not sure about the best way to go back and find old articles, but there was more than one, and James Edwards and Jared Taylor were both very good about drawing attention to the issue and showing sympathy to the poor girl.

          It was about a third of the people commenting under the articles that were irritating me. The problem doesn’t just stem from making fun of blondes. The problem stems from about a third of the men who comment on these blogs being constantly critical about white women.

          When I first joined this movement I was very sympathetic to the frustrated men on these websites. But after years of being exposed to exaggerations such as “most white women are feminist sluts who sleep with blacks”, it started getting hard for me to continue to be nice on here. When I call people out for that attitude on here, I get called a feminist, as do other women. It is a little ridiculous.

          I have been posting on here since 2004 (was in my early twenties then), and I have probably only seen about three, maybe four, feminists on here out of about 50 women total who have come and gone (that might be too big of a number, but when you compare that to hundreds upon hundreds of male posters who have come and gone, that estimate is probably about right).

          Most white women on here aren’t feminists. We would just like to be shown respect just like the men on here rightfully want respect from us.

    • dogbone
      • StillModerated

        Mis Tingtong!

    • whiteuncleruckus

      i stuck up for her on youtube. the goofy asian who made the video was not pleased with me.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Let’s read this a little more closely.

    “Lambda Theta Delta says the video featuring the member in blackface
    raping along to Jay-Z’s lyrics was meant as a harmless impersonation of
    the artist.”


    • The__Bobster

      That would be “brackface”, round eyes.

      • Biff_Maliboo

        It was the ‘raping’ I was concerned about.

        Freudian slip?

        • edie

          it’s either that or ‘wrapping’

          things are tough for those young generations raised on phonetics……

          spelling is a ‘beach’ in other words

      • Morris LeChat


      • a multiracial individual

        Only F.O.Bs have problems with the letter L.

        • dogbone

          You mean “probroms”

  • blackfacedjztheblackface

    vid not working

    • Katherine McChesney

      It works on the original article site.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I had to go to the original article to watch the video. One thing that struck me is how well the asians danced like black people!

    I think the real reason leftists hate blackface is that it tends to highlight racial differences. When you see someone with dark paint on, it’s striking how much of a difference it makes in their appearance. Leftists can’t stand that. They want us to believe that skin color is just a minor matter.

    • a multiracial individual

      Dave Chappelle in White Face…

      • Michael_C_Scott

        He doesn’t really look white. It appears there is something terribly wrong with his face.

        • Morris LeChat

          You can’t take those innertube lips and make them look anything near caucasian

          • Erasmus

            He does look a bit like Steve Buscemi.

      • edie

        wow, an arrogant black trying to figure out why white people talk and say what and how they do it.

        can’t quite pull it off but like a child he knows if he laughs at it somehow he can feel superior………
        don’t think, just laugh………..

        ahhh dem dum white folk……..hahahaha

    • Luis

      Kinda like with Labrador Retriever dogs, Tim. There are black Labradors, yellow Labradors and brown (or “Chocolate” Labs). Liberals want to believe that all Labrador Retrievers are the same, like all humans are the same.

      Only problem is, that dog don’t hunt.

      • Puggg

        My three light tan pugs once saw a rare black pug, and they all barked at it. It was probably just my imagination, but I swear I heard them barking out the racial slur.

    • Erasmus

      We take our immediate understanding of a situation by appearance. Since sight is the perception of color, light and shade and movement, light skinned people will always be more attractive. The contrast of the higher cheekbones and deep set eyes are more easily seen from the shadows cast on a face in a lighter skinned person than in one who has a swarthy complexion. (Even among blacks and Asians the lighter skinned people are more desired.) That appears to be hard-wired into us and is doubtful will ever change.

      • edie

        I think there’s something in our basic genes/inherited thought process that realizes lighter skin means you evolved in an environment of colder weather and the necessity for preparation and all that that entails.

        Darker skin implies laying around in the sun and picking fruit off the trees in between naps.

  • NYB

    Anti-racism belies its Marxist roots. Since Asians are seen to be financially successful, there is a whiff of class war going on here.

    • Unperson

      Yes. Although the only truly acceptable ethnic group to demonize and humiliate is still us Caucasians, I’m seeing mounting evidence that the Left are increasingly targeting East Asians with their class-struggle bile. Socialism is, after all, “the politics of envy”; and today’s Asian-Americans have as much (or more) material success to be envied by the lower, darker orders as us Big Bad Whities. Jamal doesn’t like having to pay his rent every month to Mista Kim any more than he likes paying it to Mista Charlie or Mista Shlomo. Far as Jamal’s concerned, Mista Kim’s just another rich racist who be keepin’ da black man down nomesayin.

      I’m not an Engleman-level Sinophile, but I do have respect for East Asians. I regard them as the only other major race on our big ball of wax who’s actually made something of themselves. They’re the only other ethnic group whose creations ever impress me; or makes me want to visit their countries. (But I do stop short of mating with their women, attractive as some of them undeniably are.)
      Because of the relative impressiveness and high-functioning of the Yellow Man — because of his being generally a hard-working, self-sufficient SUCCESS and not a pitiable, backwards, basket-case like the Black Man — I predict that East Asians too will become targets of the international “Eat The Rich” brigade. Wealthy East Asians have already become objects of satire on The Simpsons (aggressive realtor “Cookie Kwan, #1 on the West Side!”), Futurama (the intergalactically wealthy “Mars Wongs”), and King of the Hill (the Hills’ obnoxious social-climbing Laotian neighbors). Expect to see more of this in future. We Whites might even be able to make some sort of (temporary, not permanent) common cause with Asians to stave off the global advance of Turd World slave-morality. A “Coalition of the Competent”, if you will.

  • bigone4u

    As a former university professor, I’ve heard the pompous bilge directed toward the Asians by administrators directed toward me and others. My favorite when the unwritten laws of PC are broken is, “I hope you understand the seriousness of these charges.” Universitiies are full of bleeping bleepholes, if you get my bleeping drift. Good luck to anyone normal trying to stay sane in that insane world. When the education bubbe bursts will be a great day for our mental health.

    • a multiracial individual

      I happen to think it is only a matter of time before we start hearing kooky theories about “Asian-privilege.”

      • WhiteGuyInJapan
        • bigone4u

          Gavin McInnes and Jim Goad at are great. I checked out the MacDonald article. He makes some points everyone should read.

      • Jefferson

        There are left wingers who do not consider Silicon Valley to be racially diverse enough, even though it has a huge Asian population.

        There are people in the diversity police who consider Asians to be less vibrant and racially diverse than Mestizos and Blacks in the racial diversity food chain.

        • Erasmus

          There are left wingers who do not consider Silicon Valley to be racially diverse enough, even though it has a huge Asian population.

          Okay, then, what do they want? Bare-breasted women straight from the pages of National Geographic and road-kill being cooked by side of the road on barbeques made from halved 50-gallon chemical barrels?

          There are people in the diversity police who consider Asians to be less vibrant and racially diverse than Mestizos and Blacks in the racial diversity food chain.

          Vibrant and diverse means 30 year olds with less impulse control than previous generations demanded from 5 year olds. Know why Mfweze, Shaqwana and Pablo can’t read and never will be able to? Because they can’t sit still long enough to focus, because they’re 22 yo baby mommies and baby daddies think that self-control be racist and only for whites and East Asians.

          • edie

            I like the way you write…….. well said

        • A Swain

          It indeed WILL change.

          What will evolve in the race and power stakes is that it will be the Asians who will rise to the top via demographics AND growing collective financial clout that will enable them to buy their way into top education establishments and take them over. The same will apply to the media leading on to eventual judicial and political control as well. It’s already happening!!

          On top of that, these various Asian ethnicities will emass more than enough wealth and influence to set up their own general English-speaking media and selective education institutions, and feel at liberty to exclude non-Asian candidates since the power of self-interest group lobbying and perpetual agitation will ensure this outcome.
          Non-Asians will find themselves demoted to the bottom of the ladder in life, effectively reduced to slave fodder.

          • Sasquatch

            Much as I don’t want to see us white people dispossessed even more or displaced entirely, if it’s going to happen I’d MUCH rather it be by east Asians than anyone else. They’re the only other group I don’t associate the dominance of with the fall of civilization.

        • MBlanc46

          They’re a “model minority” and therefore not “transgressive”,

    • reveal1914

      “My favorite when the unwritten laws of PC are broken is, ‘I hope you understand the seriousness of these charges’

      They can only get away with sort of bullying because no one seems to have the balls to stand up to them. These so called “charges” are not even rational and are for the most part illegal by denying people of their fundamental right to free speech. if only people would challenge them.

  • Secret Tribunal

    Diversity vs. Diversity.

    My White privilege tells me to love it.

  • I Love White People

    The real anger by these folk over other races donning blackface isn’t the act of putting on a “black” face, but the fact that when you get tired of the blackness, you can just wash it off and become a human again….and they have to live with their blackness forever.

  • Jefferson

    Some of the most anti-Black people I have ever met have been Asians. I think it has to do with colorism back in their home countries.

    In Asian countries, dark skin is associated with poverty. Light skin is associated with money and beauty.

    Asians on average do not worship dark skin like guilt ridden White liberals do.

    • NM156

      In America, Asian immigrants get their first dose of Black America from living in close urban proximity to them. After first exposure, there’s no turning back. Asian racism, is subtle, polite, and quiet, however.

      • Intrepid

        subtle? quiet? Kinda sounds like being racist over the internet, which seems to be the preferred way among WN.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Even the Asians here almost never date Negroes. It is so sickening how the media pushes White-Black interracial pairings and never push Asian-Black pairings (in fact, it’s always white and some other race in movies and advertising). Every time I see an urban-American with his arm around a misguided white female, I realize with sadness that she is worse for our race than a dead white. At least dead whites don’t breed more Caramel babies. Race-mixing propaganda is the most insidious method of the Cultural-Marxists.

    • MBlanc46

      The poor blacks. All the newcomers surpass them and despise them. They must think somebody up there hates them.

      • edie

        they do…………. that’s why it’s so easy for them to kill each other, others, dogs, animals, you name it……see mike vick for the dogs ref.

    • edie

      this is a very recent phenomena brought on by the civil rights scam and the endless propaganda and tax monies spent on it since the 60’s.

      Back when white Americans had balls, blacks were known to be the fools they are.
      gee, is that racist?

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I love seeing different types of diversity clashing.

    • Intrepid

      According to the powers-that-be, Asians don’t count as diversity.

    • Caledwych

      Yep.Man,I get a kick out of the MSM when they are forced to cover a “Diversity Deathmatch”….their feeble brains are overheating trying to find a “spin” that A)tries to portray each group in the most favorable light,and B)even better,tries to throw the ball of guilt and responsibility into the white devil’s court. Here in St. Louis,several gangs of “youths”(non-PC speak:black punks) were playing the “knockout game” or “polar bear hunting” where they would sucker punch unsuspecting white pedestrians and beat the tar out of them;of course,the local lefty rag never reported the racial angle of it until the “youths” punched and killed a Vietnamese old man…suddennly,you had all these obscure activist groups for the respective black and Asian communities pontificating on the need for “understanding” and downplaying the racial aspect so as “not to create ethnic conflict”.WTH?If it was a bunch of white trash beating black people,does anyone here need to be reminded of the national media saturation and grandstanding?So,when a black kills an Asian in a racial attack,it gets downplayed,and when a black kills a white in a racial attack,it doesn’t get reported AT ALL.This country increasingly disgusts me!

  • sbuffalonative

    Black girl: ‘I definitely think there’s some racism there, but I don’t think it was intended,’ said one student

    What ever happened to the phrase, ‘imitation is the most sincere form of flattery’?

    The black girl I quoted almost gets it. The ‘racism’ she sees she believes wasn’t intended. She’s right, it wasn’t because it wasn’t racist. She and others are programmed to automatically see things like this as racism when they’re not.

    • dogbone

      Whiggers R raciss

    • edie

      this is what happens when you do not teach children to analyze and think.

      of course, some children are too stupid to learn

  • Rhialto

    I’m confused, the sentence:

    “…. member in blackface raping along to Jay-Z’s lyrics was meant as a harmless impersonation…

    Is that a misspelling of rapping or is sexual assualt occurring in the psuedo video, either is possible.

    • Mr Potato

      I was just going to point that interesting typo out Rhiatto, but ya beat me to it.

  • Intrepid

    While Asians are a minority, they don’t benefit from many of the artificial advantages (both economic and social) received by Blacks and Hispanics. East Asians especially are held to the same standards as Whites, because they are well represented in professional ranks and are a group which has largely raised itself without Federal Assistance. It’s not written, but for the most part generally acceptable to be more critical of them than other minorities (i.e., like Whites).

    • edie

      Asians are a minority? Don’t tell the Indians (from India, silly) or the Chinese.

      • Intrepid

        Minorities in the US – obviously –

        • edie

          oh, and that’s all that counts, right?

          whites are 9% of worlds pop. and you’re talking about asians being a minority? get realistic. That’s the brainset that has the left giving away the country to a bunch of blacks and indians (mexicans)

  • The__Bobster

    The video, which went online a few weeks ago, was taken off YouTube on Wednesday after UC Irvine’s vice chancellor of student affairs issued its complaint.

    YouTube is run by the usual spineless PC suspects. I’ve just gotten off a six-month commenting ban there. I wonder how long I’ll last this time.

    • NM156

      I’ve made outrageous comments on YouTube just to see whether they’d be removed. They never are. As far as I know, the video poster does the moderating. Does some YouTube overlord moderator make sweeps from time to time?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Try Pat Condell’s rant there. He’s marvelously well-spoken, and quite funny.

  • MekongDelta69

    If someone in the ‘exclusive’ Black Student Union put on a yellowface and imitated that Korean guy (the one who hates America) who did that idiotic Gangnam (sp.?) dance, would the ‘exclusive’ Asian Pacific Student Association get all bent out of shape?

    Would the ‘Vice Chancellor of student affairs’ start bowing and scraping?

    [The above is an idiotic rhetorical question.]

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Dave Chappelle on the very popular Chappelle’s Show in the early 2000’s used to have a white face for comedy in many of his skits. No outrage there. Selective outrage is getting old and rotten. The horse has been beaten to a pulp. At some point blacks have to shut up and move on from things hundreds of years ago, or stop whining and admit they are failures because their culture is plagued by all the wrong decisions and values.

  • PesachPatriot

    Wow…if they are upset about a little gentle ribbing/song parody they are really going to be sorry in about 20-50 years when every last diamond and ounce of gold has been dug up out of african dirt and secured firmly in a chinese bank vault. Everyone needs to calm down and not be so sensitive about everything in general…when I was growing up in rural upstate NY me and my friends constantly made insensitive references to each others ethnicities and we all somehow lived. Senior Citizen white hippies should be offended by jay-z stealing the beat from the doors song 5 to 1 about 13 years ago for one of his tracks. I was pretty offended when P-Diddy stole the music from led zeppelins song kashmir in his song from the 1999 Godzilla movie, which was otherwise a very nice creature feature.

    • NM156

      Page has always been one to fly Zep’s flag. It’s his baby, and he does much to keep Zep in the public eye. I couldn’t stand it either, especially since Kasmir is not just a great rock song, but a great 20th century song. Maybe Pagey didn’t realize its worth back in the late ’90s. I would cringe whenever that vile video would turn up on TV.

      • Not only did he not realize its worth, but Page performed “Kasmir” with P-Diddy on Saturday Night Live, and gave him a show-biz hug afterwards. The belief that white people owe blacks an infinite debt for all music of value (including a song like “Kasmir,” which is not a rock ‘n’ roll song and has no black blues influence) is one of the rock star’s negrophile articles of faith.

        • edie

          yes, that’s an old lie……… some of the best jazz musicians were and are white, since way back in the 30’s and the greatest drummers are white. see Buddy Rich + 1000 others

  • LHathaway

    hehe pretty funny AmRen header explaining the article.

  • Erasmus

    Asians are not stupid, and there’s a lot to parody about black “culture.”

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Why stop with “parody” when outright ridicule is much more entertaining?

  • LHathaway

    Whites imitate black culture and these aren’t just inner city whites. They think a little imitation of black culture will somehow give them the power blacks have. This is normally a bullying type power – I can say or do anything and can’t be touched. It even works cause other whites fall for it. Some things are a social construct.

  • Dave4088

    Not to worry. Since only whites can be racists, leftist, anti-white scribblers at major dailies and loony left websites like HuffPo and Daily Kos will claim that Asians “learned” anti-black racism from whites.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I don’t care if Asians are becoming one with the white man when it comes to racism. They have their own countries to go back to. Whites don’t have that option at all. Do Asians seem to care that they are taking our white collar jobs away from us? No! I will consider Asians our allies when they set an example by going back to their own countries. They come here and complain about getting discriminated against when it comes to blacks and hispanics, but they don’t seem to give one iota of consideration in regards to how their own presence here is hurting whites.

    We have a lot of people in this movement who seem to want to form alliances with either Asians or Muslims. The Asian lovers are present at one extreme of the movement while the Muslim lovers are at the other extreme. Why is either necessary? Neither group gives a damn about us.

    There was a piece put up on Alternative Right about how some pro-white people in Europe think that standing up for Syria will some how help our cause. Once the author started going into how these whites are even going so far as to join up with Syrian immigrants in the streets of Europe, I had to stop reading.

    I say we join forces with both groups once they set an example by going back to their own countries, or when they somehow start showing an interest in helping whites. I don’t see either going on.

    • Puggg

      Syria? Pardon the pun, but what dog of ours is in that fight? You have there a brutal secular dictator versus the Jihadist-Al Qaeda type fanatics. I fail to see how intervening on either side will help our cause. What I fear is that fool Obama will send our military to Syria and we’ll get thousands of our own killed for no good reason.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        Yeah I agree. Muslim sympathizers in this movement come across to me as some of the most irrational people I know.

    • All I can say is that for most of last year, I worked for a man who wanted the United States to have no part of and play no role in this Syria non-troversy.

    • SmithandSmith

      It’s the non-white lovers, or, asian lovers (i’ve never seen a muslim lover on here but i trust you so…) as to why I’m always saying Whites will split.

      I would rather be completely alone than side with whites and their favored non-whites. I don’t live in a fantasy world like they do. They believe asians are not here to take over anything yet they never give an answer as to why asians, in all the variations of them, have their own groups, associations, set-asides and asian towns and neighborhoods in the very Country, America, that those asian loving whites claim they’re not taking over.

      As to your other point about joining forces with them, I wouldn’t do that neither. There’s just not anything they have that I find useful. I’ve always been fine with Western Civilization and have never needed anything outside of it. And besides, what could they possibly do that would help us anyway? Everything they have is because of us.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        I agree. And most of the Muslim sympathizers post on all the other websites in this movement excluding Amren, although they try to bleed onto here as well.

        • American Tax Payer

          I have noticed how some people have tried to separate muslims from muslims but I thought they were the occasional posters who come here trying to be a thorn in our sides. I reckon I missed they are regulars because of my habit of reading posts without paying attention to who wrote it.

          I’ll try to pay better attention and I’ll call them out on it.

      • Freya

        Well I don’t want to man-bash but I have to say I’ve noticed far more true racial solidarity among women on here than men. It’s just a trend; the women seem somewhat, not totally, more focused on the pragmatic reality of which you write – that we and only we whites stand for our own interests. I think there may be some insulation for white men sometimes from some of the hostility and even violence that white women get, or maybe we just think of our kids and their futures more. Whatever it is, I respect the gritty determination of many female posters who are capable and willing to see reality for what it is. We whites need to stand together, period, and understand that only we can safeguard our future.

        • American Tax Payer

          Hi Freya!

          Oh yes Ma’am! I don’t want to man-bash neither but you’re right, too many of them have the audacity to say they’re for White People but then turn around and fawn all over asians. How, exactly, is that being for White People when they are actively killing our population?

          I don’t consider mixed people to be White. If we’re gonna assign White to half white people then we may as well give up on trying to save our Race. And that’s what the asian lovers do. They are either dating them and having non-white children with them or they want them in our Country and I don’t like China Towns here no more than I like their restaurants here. You know that wherever asians are, so is Asia.

  • Paleoconn

    Some of the most racially realist people I know are Asian. The Koreans in LA circa Rodney King riots were pretty racially aware. The red Chinese are among the most racially aware people in the world.

    • Intrepid

      Red Chinese? Because they’re ALL communists right?

      • edie

        in defense of some Chinese, it’s either be a communist or have you and your family destroyed….. what are you supposed to do, brave one?

        • Intrepid

          That’s not the case. Those who aren’t members of the communist party aren’t part of other parties either, and there’s no problem with that. Family destroyed?? Don’t exaggerate things.

  • MBlanc46

    An Asian fraternity? That’s not very diverse, is it?

  • LHathaway

    “these various Asian ethnicities will emass more than enough wealth and influence to set up their own general English-speaking media and selective education institutions, and feel at liberty to exclude non-Asian candidates since the power of self-interest group lobbying and perpetual agitation will ensure this outcome”.

    Isn’t this what every racial group does? Except for whites. Cause it would be racist if whites entertained such thoughts. In NYC alone there were 2 Korean language television stations and this was 20 years ago.

  • StillModerated

    The pathetic, cringing milksops in the MSM have caused YewTube to pull the video, not to mention demand a groveling apology. And naturally, the local TV station is stirring up phoney outrage by airing clips of selected victims saying, “tut tut.” What kind of society have we become? If a microphone is pointed my way, then I’m going to consider it assault, and use a taketown move to defend myself.

  • edie

    having lived in the orient for 3 years, Vietnam, Korea, time in Hong Kong and Japan, I know the Asians view blacks in a very realistic manner……………. Avoid them and their culture, that’s how Asians mostly feel about blacks and their culture…….. trash and trashy

  • SmithandSmith

    “Asian” fraternity. How nice. Now where’s the White Fraternity?

  • Snow

    “Asian Fraternity” Imagine what would happen to a fraternity specifically designed to include whites only…. The school will jump up and down and it will be on the frontpage of major publications for a month and viciously criticize the white fraternity.