AmRen ‘Only Voice’ for Whites, Member Says

Josh Arntz, Tennessean, April 9, 2013

“One, two, three, four, don’t go in that hotel door. Five, six, seven, eight, we don’t want no fascist state,” a handful of protestors shouted Friday.

The group–they named their protest the Coalition to Shut Down AmRen–voiced their displeasure with the annual American Renaissance conference at the Montgomery Bell State Park inn and conference center using shouts and a bullhorn.


An AmRen member attending the conference, Gerald Martin, former teacher and Texas resident, said there is no organization that addresses the issues of white people.

“This is the only voice out there that wants to address the interests of white people, and dare to say sometimes the interests of white people are different from the interests of black people or Latino people, and it is almost forbidden in American society for someone to be a self-consciously white person who stands up for himself,” Martin said.


Saturday anti-conference

Topics included “The Politics of Ideas,” “Othering,” “Media and Stereotypes,” “Capitalism and Xenophobia,” “Race, Class and Power,” “The First Amendment: the Marketplace of Ideas” and other related topics.

Rachel Davies from Middle Tennessee State University gave a speech entitled: “Hybrid Vigor: Biochemically Deconstructing the Notion of Racial Purity.”

Davies said AmRen’s scientific stance on the desirability of racial purity goes against science. Davis said human biology aims to make people hardier by broadening genetic makeup. Davies said what she termed as genetic closeness causes “inbreeding depression.”


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  • When I was a teenager, I didn’t read the newspaper much.
    I have a feeling that neither do many of the young and naïve of today.
    Nearly everyone I know is blissfully unaware of this entire incident.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I’m in Nashville. Last year the Nashville Scene reported on the 2012 conference. There were many commenters that were pro-White. Someone also posted Treyvon Martin’s filthy racist tweets.

    • A. Windaus

      “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” – Mark Twain

  • The__Bobster

    It would appear that there were more reporters there than protesters. Of course, their message must be heard because it’s sooo important.

    Naturally this reporter found another conference and reviewed the speech he agreed with.

    • 1gravity

      There is little First Amendment value in shouting insults at persons with whom you disagree. The AntiFa demonstration was really a crude attempt at a “Heckler’s Veto,” meaning one side harasses and/or shouts down the other so that the initial message is lost. Didn’t work.

  • Hal K

    As far as “hybrid vigor,” notice how they are happy to use genetics as long as it doesn’t conflict with their agenda. It is difficult to even have a debate with them in the mainstream because they seek to censor their opponents.

    • Hirschibold

      Here’s another choice nugget of hypocrisy: The same people who said “Occupy” protesters had the right to openly clash with policemen also think that George Zimmerman went way overboard by disregarding a 9-1-1 dispatcher’s recommendation that he “didn’t need” to get out of his car ( which hardly constitutes an order).

      Feel free to “question authority”, and “fight the power”, but God forbid you don’t heed the sagacity of the 9-1-1 dispatcher.

      • Hal K

        These are examples of how logic is the servant of emotion. Alex Kurtagic has written and spoken about this as it relates to the pro-white cause.

        It helps to couple this insight with the idea of the death drive from psychology, which is the emotion or mental process underlying aggression. The death drive can either be turned inward or outward. Right now we have a society-wide death drive against whites, and it is turned inward among whites. Explicitly pro-white advocacy is the antidote to this.

      • redcatdave

        It’s not exactly hypocrisy if you really think about it: GZ openly disregarded the order of a 911 operator to not confront someone who wasn’t doing anything.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          …another supporter of the canonization of St.Skittles?

        • thoughtcrime

          STFU. GZ had every right to not only follow but to shoot St. Skittles on the Holy Hoodie. St. S was not just “doin nuffins” he was acting suspicious as he was walking around in the rain peering into houses that he was likely casing for future robbery. He had been caught with stolen jewelry and the tool he used to commit his burglary . This is widely known now, even though GZ didnt at the time.

      • anarchyst

        It turns out that Mr. Zimmerman was on the ground being pummeled by “poor little” Trayvon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman was merely defending himself against “great bodily harm”. The police report and witnesses state that Mr. Zimmerman was attacked by “poor little” Trayvon Martin (who outweighs Mr. Zimmerman by a considerable amount). The grass stains on Mr. Zimmerman’s back and the wounds to the back of his head PROVE that he was attacked. Of course the feds will get involved in this so-called “civil rights (for some)” “violation” because no crime was committed by Mr. Zimmerman. Of course, it will be brought out that Mr. Zimmerman uttered a racial “slur” (never happened). What we have in MY country is “mob rule” with the certain minority as the complainant and the federal government as the “enforcer”.
        The media Ignored America’s worst hate crime a few years ago when a white couple in KNOXVILLE, Tennessee named SHANNON CHRISTIAN and CHRIS NEWSOME (google it) were brutally tortured and killed by blacks! They were both raped and burned, the man had his gentials removed, and the girl was forced to drink comet cleanser among other things! They were finally after days shot in the head and killed and the lib media was SILENT because they were WHITE! I wont shed one tear for this black kid until the media cares about the innocent whites being brutalized by blacks!Look at the inaction against the “Jena 6” and the “Knoxville murders” . . . google them and prepare to be sickened by the depravity of the “minorities” involved
        Revolution is coming . . . honest people are tired of one certain race (blacks) (and their “enablers” (jews) forcing our so-called “legal system” to charge an innocent person under threat of violence. Yes, revolution is coming . . . it won’t be pretty, but is sorely needed.
        Why is the so-called “news media” adding “fuel to the fire” by showing Trayvon’s picture as a 12-year-old rather than the current “gangsta thug” photo?? Sounds like journalistic malpractice to me . . . of course, if Mr. Zimmerman had been murdered, we would hear nothing about this . . . it would be just another “black on non-black crime”.
        IF “young master Trayvon” were still alive, he would be applying for classes at the University of Corrections to get his degree in “street cred” . . .

        Why is our “mainstream media” showing “poor little” Trayvon in a photo as a 12-year old when his age 17 “gangsta thug” picture is available?
        Our so-called “news media” practices journalistic malpractice when it comes to race.
        The “Jena 6” and the “Knoxville horrors” are downplayed while a “gangsta thug” gets elevated to near “sainthood”.
        The solution is to BOYCOTT the advertisers in these media outlets and LET THEM KNOW WHY. Money doesn’t just “talk”, it “screams”. . . Hit them in the pocketbook. When they see their “bottom line” collapse, they will get the message.
        Since whites have been effectively disenfranchised from the legal system (according to “attorney general” eric holder, whites are not afforded “protections” under the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” laws) , this may be the only way to get “justice”.

    • A. Windaus

      I love talking to ignorant people about “hybrid vigor” (heterosis). Very rarely do they realise that hybrid vigor is only the good side of hybridization, while there is also an equal chance that hybrids will be worse than the average of the two parents (this is known as “outbreeding depression”), which is caused by “reversion towards the mean” where things move towards the average over time by the quantity of a set.

      In plants and animals we can “remove” (i.e. kill) the children from the gene pool that are worse than the average of their parents, thus successive generations will always be better, but in humans -of course!- we cannot. In effect, these people who say that future generations would be better due to hybrid vigor are in fact inadvertently talking about MASS MURDER.

      • David Ashton

        A welcome post.

        A good placard against “We want Hybrid Vigor” would be “No Outbreeding Depression”.

        I quoted Darwin and half-a-dozen modern scientists in another thread to show that hybrid vigor from wide out-crossing has not been demonstrated in the human case.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Purity? What does that even mean? “Racial purity is a myth!” is such a common non-sequitur to any pro-White activism.

    White People are a unique biocultural entity that should continue to exist…pure or impure, strong or weak, kind or cruel.

  • rebellisMMXII

    “desirability of racial purity goes against science”…I think it depends on the race.

  • Athling

    Does this mean the Japanese are all inbred and that they are damaged somehow? The “inbreeding” argument is a complete farce. The genetic variation within the white race is supra-sufficient to avoid any “inbreeding” issues at all.

    The larger point is that these Leftoid creatures seek to rid even the most remote vestige of white awareness from all Westerners. The slightest trace of racial consciousness must be ripped asunder from the white race so as to make us more pliable and useful in the hands of non-whites who, by the way, wear their race as a badge of honor.

    Enough with their lies and schemes!

    • jay11

      Nearly all of us have quite diverse european backgrounds, even though many of us trace our ancestors back to the founding of the colonies. The intermarriage of so many european ethnic groups produced a new type of ethnicity: Americans. (The white people are the Americans, of course.)

      Even up to this day, it is very easy and usually the case that two white people who marry could bring vastly different genes to the table: a person of irish/german ancestry marries a person of polish/welsh/english ancestry or a swede-type with some native american blood marries a true mutt who can trace 5 or more different ethnicities.

      The ‘inbred’ argument is so idiotic and easily countered: it is more likely the precious immigrants from the third world who are inbred. With the rapid movement and internal migrations from the east coast to the west coast, cousin marriages were almost impossible outside of a few isolated areas.

      I’m just amazed at white ‘social justice’ activists carrying signs that say, “Go back t Europe.” Are they not hypocrited for not heeding their own advice?

      • Alyson Miller

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      • TeutonicKnight67

        “The intermarriage of so many European ethnic groups produced a new type
        of ethnicity: Americans. (The white people are the Americans, of

        This is exactly what Teddy Roosevelt meant by the “melting pot” phrase. Negroid admixture is an abomination and to be eschewed. Americans by definition are WHITE!

        • JohnEngelman

          Quite a few Oriental Americans have been in this country for several generations.

          Also, what about American Indians?

    • Middle Digit

      If anyone it inbred it is the 40,000,000 or so black africans who descended from what I believe was around 40,000 slaves.

    • William Allingham

      In nature we see that animals look forward to breed not too close (like siblings etc) but neither too far (like members of another race) either would be as pernicious, so in some animal species the best choice are cousins (when it comes to some birds for example). Regarding humans, when you breed white with American-indian or with black you get a dull offspring with usually difficult personalities (by whites standards, ofcourse),

      even if all races had the same IQ (which is far from being the case) differences in character alone would be enough to explain the failure of some and the success of others,

      i have seen in Germany (in a language school for overseas), wealthy Colombians with out-of-the-norm intelligence (by their race standards) who keep showing narcissistic and very covert-aggressive personalities which strongly contrast with the “kinder” personalities of the rest who, are mostly whites., These wealthy non-whites are the type of people who, even they can keep the pace of the class: they show no concern for others, displaying an impaired sense of shame.

      In plainer words, i have seen how these peoples presence replaces an environment of cooperation and healthy enthusiasm with one of bitter sarcasm, hostility and state of alert feelings.

      these are rich non-whites raised in a Liberal society, among whites but nevertheless they, (without being remotely aware), keep showing the personality traits characteristic of their racial group (dominant and egocentric attitudes).

      ofcourse these are the kind of behaviors that foster distrust and abuse in their countries of origin and which make their societies undesirable to whites,

      in this case an intelligent, educated non-white is still dangerous to white values so we must take race into account (along with psychological profiling) before letting any non-white in. Money should not give anyone the right to trample our culture with their insolent manners.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I met Gerald last year. Was impressed with his intelligence and openness. He did very well in this interview. Creamer’s switching to the SIX protesters was funny. Berman’s chant was ridiculous and low class. He should do what a husband should do and get his dumpy wife’s teeth fixed.

  • brengunn

    The interviewer said to him “Even if there are racial differences in intellect, why pursue it, what benefit is it, it will lead to hate. ”

    It doesn’t matter whether we pursue it or not, racial hierarchies will naturally assert themselves in the world regardless of test scores or positive discrimination. To go on denying it is unscientific and harmful to society. As the guy said, we currently build our social programs around the idea of equality, when it is simply not true.

    • jane johnson

      Where, exactly, will the hate come from?

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Bravo, Gerald Martin. I had a conversation with Gerald Martin at the AmRen conference. A thoughtful and decent man. What fine interview!

    And high praise for the Dickson Herald/Tennessean for conducting a fair and intelligent interview.

    • LHathaway

      Tell us, is E_Pluribus_Pluribus a man or a woman? I’ve been dying to know

  • wattylersrevolt

    White Identity Movement=Native Born White American Patriot Movement=Native Born White Americans not putting their fate in the hands of millions of high fertility, very hostile nonwhites.
    Rachel Davies
    You do realize that you commited logical fallacy that Hume identified a very long time ago? You have a political agenda which includes no free assoication for Native Born White Americans. Does your test tube-petri dish scientific research demonstrate conclusively that Native Born White Ameicans are better off competing with nonwhite scab labor so psychopaths Bill Gates. Jack Welch and Michael Blommberg can have a massive labor subsidy? The issue is gut-level-racial-tribal instincts:we want to live among our own kind…and it is not up to you to decide who our own kind is. Now tell me:how exactly are Native Born White Americans better off being a racial minority in the very nation for which they have been a racial mnority from day one? How exactly will Native Born White Americans be better of living in an overpopulated consequence of post-1965 immigratoin policy-congenial to the various species of Blattaria.
    To state the obvious:if and when Native Born White Americans become a racial minority they wil be violenty persecuted,economically impoverished..and there is no a snowball chance in hell that a 100 years from now that Hindu “American” family sitting around the dinner table arguing that it s racist to keep Euopeans from immigrating to “America”..and hat “America” needs a Native Born White American Majority again like she dis inhe past.
    Here,let me state it this way:how many of you here would put your family’s fate in Rachel Davis’s hands? Rachel Davis:there won’t be voluntary miscegenation..there will be violent raping of Natve Born White Woman resulting in impregnation by nonwhites.

  • guest

    AmRen is a voice for white people just as La Raza is for latinos and the NAACP is for blacks. Yet these protestors are nowhere around when the last two groups have their own meetings and conferences. But once they hear of an upcoming AmRen conference, they immediately plan out their ridiculous protest chanting like the one mentioned at the beginning of this article.

    • stewardofthemystery

      “AmRen is a voice for white people….”

      And that leaves me with a great question: Where can I get an AmRen bumpersticker to show my support? You guys need to print some up. I would be the first one to stick it on my wagon.

      I have been following this site (almost) EVERY DAY since about 2008, when I first ran into on the net. I absolutely love this website and almost feel an addiction to it. Is that wrong? LOL!

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Agreed. White Nationalism needs a catchphrase and a good ad campaign.

        • 1gravity

          Or, “Affirmative Action is a hate crime.”

        • 1gravity

          How about, “We can’t relate to Section 8.”

        • 1gravity

          Cutting to the chase: “You support your kids; we’ll support ours.” [I can hear the wails from the pulpit now.]

  • Ulick

    In the video interview, Creamer implies that scientific studies regarding intelligence by race should not be conductded because the conclusions could only lead to hate.
    First, hidden in her statement, is the begrudging acceptance that race IQ difference could be real.
    Second, and more importantly, she fails to see that not conducting the tests is leading to hate. Since we continue to have academic, employment, and wealth gaps as a rsult of the genetic differences that cannot be spoken (and apparently not studied), the only explanation allowed is white racism. This leads to hateful attacks, rape, and murder of whites that we see on a regular basis.
    What Creamer is telling us is that she would rather continue the noble lie to prevent hypothetical attacks than to air the truth to lessen actual attacks.

    • A. Name


    • ms_anthro

      She is telling us that we Whites should allow ourselves to be annihilated, and smile we do it, so that she doesn’t have to face her own guilty conscience about noticing the obvious. Race is real and a good predictor of performance and culture. This fact is so intolerable to a multicultist that they would rather see innocent Whites slaughtered than muster the courage to break through her indoctrination and face the truth.

      They are weak, and they are evil. Never assume they will behave with any decency or moral courage. They have none.

  • Traherne

    Couple of comments:

    1) The scientist quoted at the end to reassure everyone that all Whites are Nazis attacked a strawman. This scientist should be embarrassed at resorting to such tactics, but this scientist is probably a soulless left wing tool who practices political science, in the tradition of Stephen Gould. The genetic pool of Whites is sufficiently large to not require African or Chinese input. If this scientist argues otherwise, they are a hack. Also, Amren does not advocate “racial purity”, but simply “not going extinct or losing our identity”. This is only offensive to sick human beings.

    2) Anyone in America who claims they oppose “fascism” but does not not actively oppose the Democratic Party is either a liar or a first class ignoramus.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      I’d proudly call myself a fascist before I ever called myself a Demonrat.

  • The Lady of Shallot

    “We don’t want no fascist state” is a double negative. The people who always say we are uneducated project what they are onto us.

    • MBlanc46

      But it scans better.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      It’s kind of ironic because it’s actually true. Liberals, especially racial liberals, do want a fascist state. They want all their diversity mandates and quotas strictly enforced by the government, they want to outlaw dissident thought and speech, they want to chain whites to the grindstone and force them to work while confiscating all their pay and “redistributing” it to non-whites, etc.

      That slogan was probably the only true one they were saying.

  • Bobby

    If AmRen is only a “voice for whites”, there is nothing at all wrong with that. La Raza, and all kinds of hispanic publications, are only a voice for hispanics. Same goes for blacks. Leftists cannot create balkanization and then accept it as being fine for what balkanized “minorities” do, but not fine when it comes to “balkanized whites”. That game has to stop. My advice is the same as Nancy Reagans——just do it. European-Americans need to stop hairsplitting and worrying over what others think. Others never worry about anything, and just go ahead with their plans.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    The idea that whites (who’ve come together in the US from all over Europe over the past few generations) are overbred to the point of an inbreeding depression is utterly, utterly ridiculous. I mean, such an idea is laughably stupid in the extreme.

    Anti-racists talk about hybrid vigor like they know anything about it…they don’t. Did you know that to maintain hybrid vigor you cross for one generation and then separate? If they’re fond of hybrid vigor, ask them, at what point should we segregate the races in order to maintain hybrid fitness? They’ll look at you as if you’re from Mars. Then ask them if they know what “outbreeding depression” ( ) is and how they plan to avoid it as they promote miscegenation?

    These people are out-and-out idiots. It stuns me that they promoted this as a conference topic since they know nothing about it.

    No, to them hybrid vigor is just a phrase they use to sound scientific…they think it’s a hammer they can use to pound us but if they knew anything about it, they’d never bring it up again.

  • potato78

    When we speak truth is the time we surpass a point in which sumblimation has happened.

  • LHathaway

    “Anyone in America who claims they oppose “fascism” but does not not actively oppose the Democratic Party is either a liar or a first class ignoramus”.

    Every forum which discusses race discusses it as if all people of color are victims of the racism of whites. In the real world, I find the exact opposite is true. I remember making a joke once about a guy I knew on the other side, something like, “We have a lot in common, we both can’t decide whether our efforts at ending racism or efforts at ending sexism are having the greates effect”.

    One could argue that, whites at least, are trained not to notice racism directed against them. Apologizing for being in the way. People of color seem to be trained to see racism that isn’t there, but only racism on the part of whites. People use the term ‘red-neck’, a racial slur whose nearest corollary is the ‘N word’ in an effort to show everyone else how enlightened they are.

    Since this is the only forum which supports whites I kinda wish they would avoid focusing on the race and IQ issue.

  • Billy Higgenbottom

    This gentleman did really well for someone who is not a professional PR person or not used to articulating these views on camera to media people. Kudos to Mr. Martin.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “The First Amendment: the Marketplace of Ideas”

    Just one of many ironies…

  • Middle Digit

    You have my respect for standing up and speaking your mind in public. Whenever someone publicly voices a pro-White opinion there seems to be a rabid, almost violent backlash. These type of people preach tolerance but they wouldn’t hesitate to destroy any one of us. Troublesome, to say the least.

    • liberalscuk

      I think as time goes on, you’ll see more Matthew Heimbachs, more Kyle Bristows, more Gerald Martins, etc. Hell, you’re seeing more conservative pundits openly saying “Hispanics won’t vote for Republicans.” Then more and more whites everywhere are realizing we’re under assault and are starting to take a stand. It will spread like wildfire.

  • wattylersrevolt


    This is why I stay away fromthe IQ test score issue. This what the nemy will focus..and as a conequence Comrade Jared and Comrade Gerald are locked in ferocious battle about IQ test score psychometrics..the-eyes-glaze-over-the mind becomes numb…and as a cosequence the asian invader get away with 1)voting at election time for our rapid race-replacement.and 2)destoying thousands of years of Native Born White American Engineering Experience and Medical Expereince. White Advocay is completely undermined.

    Colleen Creamer

    You are a very attractive looking Celtic is my question:why are you an advocate for the demographic annhilation of your own kind? Here is your demographc can expereince it full-blown right now:drive to Newark NJ…a midnight stroll downtown Newark at midnight…how long do you think you would surviv?. If you are very lucky…mercifull,powerfully built, and heavily armed Native Born White Men-Patriots will parachute in and save you from a richter scale 10 nightmare of gang rape and mutilation…think Central Park Jogger. You really are a fool…don’t wish for a massive irreversible demographic transformation…you have no idea what you are wishing for.

    • saxonsun

      Please–we have been waiting for white men to match their tough talk with action for years now…and waited…and waited.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Looks like the protesters can use more diversity than just about anyone!

  • Anon

    Rachel Davies, I’ll bread with whoever I want to bread with. Forced integration is wrong.

  • amren speaks only for itself

    There are about 230 million whites in America and Taylor and his group does not speak for them. He has about 100 whites he can speak for and that’s it. This is not to say whites dont agree or disagree on certain issues but every person has their own brain and own voice and dont like others speaking for them.

  • Ned

    Notice how that this new world order is adamant and fixated on destroying the White race, in North America and in Western Europe especially.

    They are following the instructions of Count Richard N. Coudenhove Kalergi from his book “Practical Idealism” published in Vienna 1925.

    who said:

    “The man of the future will be a mongrel. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice.

    The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

    The plan is that they want an even more dumbed down majority and have the more pure blood elite ruling over them.

    • David Ashton

      He was himself a cross-breed.

      • Ned

        Yes I know, maybe that is why he was so keen on it for whole continents where Whites reside.

        • David Ashton

          His notion that a uniform race would result, except in a very far distant future as a result of controlled totalitarian breeding, shows his ignorance. Also, the members would not be an intelligent White-Japanese hybrid like himself

  • StillModerated

    I took classes in Vietnamese a few (25) years ago. The teacher mentioned that the thing that wows them about White people is how different we all look. Blonds, redheads, green eyes, blue eyes, straight hair, wavy hair and curly locks etc. I guess it took an Asian on the street to shoot down the left’s view of inbreeding and die-versity. Thank you, Mrs. Ho!

    And oh, the lovely Mrs. Berman! Bwahaha.

  • Aaron

    “Rachel Davies from Middle Tennessee State University gave a speech entitled: “Hybrid Vigor: Biochemically Deconstructing the Notion of Racial Purity.”

    Davies said AmRen’s scientific stance on the desirability of racial purity goes against science. Davis said human biology aims to make people hardier by broadening genetic makeup. Davies said what she termed as genetic closeness causes “inbreeding depression.””
    Well, the politically-correct crowd keeps saying that there’s more genetic variation within a race than there is between races. So Davies thinks mono-racial children are healthiest?

  • prettycelticwarrior

    I would marry this guy, Gerald Martin! We need to clone Gerald, Jared Taylor and the like. These are intelligent, educated and articulate white men. The media doesn’t really want to interview and publicly post interviews with AmRen members, because they will be exposed for the liars they are and made to look foolish. When we speak the truth in facts and remain objective in our position there is no argument.
    I am so proud of Jared, Gerald, Matt H. and all of the white men of truth and courage who continue to speak out about the issues facing whites today in spite of such horrible consequences! I admire these men and am very grateful to them for what they are doing for our people.
    Thank you.

  • William

    Where can I sign up as a member of AMREN

  • mike5586

    Just hope you all know that what Davies said are things that can be disproved with an internet connection and less than five minutes of your spare time.

  • MadMike

    Wow I feel Gerald Martin did well in his interview, the only thing I felt he should have said was,
    No, 1st Blacks sold black as slaves to the white man..but other then that, Great Job. Snowballs chance in hell of ever seeing that interview on the 6 oclock news…