20,000 Students Sue Calif. Educators for Not Teaching English

Shaya Tayefe Mohajer, Christian Science Monitor, April 25, 2013

About 20,000 students in California who need to learn English aren’t getting adequate language instruction, according to a lawsuit against the state and education workers filed Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Under state and federal law, schools are required to teach non-English speakers the language, but by its own records, the state isn’t offering English instruction to nearly 20,000 students. The suit alleges that lack of instruction has meant some children had to be held back a grade or live with low proficiency scores because of a language barrier.

The ACLU brought the issue to the attention of the state with a letter in January, and officials say they’re working to ensure compliance at the local level.


Chief Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Richard Zeiger said in a statement that the state is determined to provide English learners appropriate instruction and encouraged parents to bring problems to the state’s attention.


Zeiger also noted that a recent appellate court decision found that the department was meeting its legal obligations related to on-site monitoring of English learners.


In response to the January letter, school officials acknowledged the problem while adding more than 98 percent of the state’s 1.4 million English learners are receiving services.

The suit seeks a court order for schools to provide courses to English learners who need them, attorney’s fees for filing the suit and unspecified further equitable relief the court finds appropriate.

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  • What I would like to know is why my comment about the kid who was struggling back in Mexico was deleted yesterday. I made the comment in Spanish. How about translating comments before deleting them? It was my way of pouring salt in the wound.
    You know… How a bigoted, racist, scumbag like me can even speak Spanish, while little Ivan struggles in a school of his own ethnic group.

    All it took me was a year in high school, a year in college, and a couple of exgirlfriends from those areas. They may have been Latinas, but they hated, ahem, “Canadians” 100 times more than the typical Amrener does.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Perhaps it’s because we are having Spanish rammed down our throats. Many of us see America as an English speaking nation. We want to keep it that way.

      • Actually I really piss off the Mexicans when I remind them that Spanish is a white man’s language, and he brought it “over here” from Spain itself over 500 years ago.
        Besides, I found the company of a decent Latina preferable over a tattooed, trashy, skanky, white chick, who had already been with a dozen guys before her 21st birthday.

        • Katherine McChesney


      • saxonsun

        America IS an English speaking nation, but unfortunately, English is not the official language. If we made it such, we’d be making the right statement.

    • The__Bobster

      Hey, I got one deleted for using the word “Usurper”.

      • I can thank Spider-Man super villain, the Lizard (Dr. Curt Connors) for introducing the word “usurp” to my 9 year old vocabulary.
        If I recall, someone named the Iguana stole the Lizard’s powers, and his title of being the self proclaimed King of the Reptiles. When the act resulted in Connors becoming the Lizard, the Lizard’s first thought was to “SSSseek out the one who dared usssurp my power!”
        I never found out what happened. That was the cliffhanger ending.

    • jambi19

      Sounds a lot like some of my Cuban and Columbian (white) ex girlfriends.

    • sbuffalonative

      Many of us have had comments removed for unexplained reasons. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how far you can go or how someone might misread your comment. Sometimes sarcasm, wit, and humor are lost in a pithy comment or too biting from someone elses taste.
      The one thing I always try to remain mindful of is that this (or any site I didn’t create) is not mine. I didn’t make it. Someone else did and I will defend their right to run the site by their standards.
      Try not to take it personally. Try reposting the comment in a different way. But please keep in mind that you are the guest in this house, not the owner.

      • MBlanc46

        “I will defend their right to run the site by their standards”. I’m happy with standards. But sometimes there seem to be no standards. One time a word is fine. Another time it’s deleted. Editorial judgment is fine. But let’s also have some editorial consistency.

        • dukem1

          I’ve been moderated a few times, I guess. But, as some smart YT said long ago: Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

      • Rhialto

        Also, sometimes an entire thread is deleted. Thus the harmless comments are deleted along with the noxious.

    • Freya

      Is Latina just hispanic or does it mean something else. I’ve run into quite a few very anti-white hispanics; it seems hard to imagine going out with one when you have white pride.

  • The__Bobster

    About 20,000 students in California who need to learn English aren’t getting adequate language instruction, according to a lawsuit against the state and education workers filed Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union.

    The destroyers of traditional America want it both ways. If the Mestizos weren’t being taught in Espanol, they sue for that , too.

  • Andy

    Imagine… One fifth of your students don’t speak English, and you’re only teaching 98% of them up to ACLU standards! Why would anyone move to a country and expect the natives to fund schooling for their children and extra help to learn the language?

  • The__Bobster

    The suit seeks a court order for schools to provide courses to English learners who need them, attorney’s fees for filing the suit and unspecified further equitable relief the court finds appropriate.


    • dukem1

      Ahhhh. Where would we all be without those “attorney’s fees”?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Pulling this sort of expensive stunt in a state that is already bankrupt seems a little pointless.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I forgot that all Mexicans have the “civil right” to White tax payer funded ESL classes. I just laugh and laugh and laugh these days. What a joke. Any liberal that defends this just proves without a shadow of a doubt that liberalism is indeed a very specific form of mental illness. Anchor baby invaders lead by head counsel of the ACLU, Mark Rosenbaum, suing the State because they are too stupid to learn english. What a world, what a freaking world.

  • bigone4u

    My ex was an ESL teacher in San Antonio. Her students were 7th and 8th graders born in the USA who could not speak English. She is now bald from tearing her hair out. None of them could get it. Mid term a Chinese boy showed up just off the boat. Within two weeks he had left the mestizos in the dust. True story. Just ask the bald lady when you see her!

    • Liberalsuck

      I constantly hear mestizos speaking Spanish amongst each other, even out in public, but I more often have noticed Asians out in public will speak English with each other, at least a lot more than Hispanics.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        There is no such language as “Asian”, so they feel the need to learn English.

        • Intrepid

          No. He’s implying that Asians could be speaking other languages like Mandarin or Korean, but English is generally used more compared to Mestizos. From my experience, it’s true. Most Asians I’ve met who are younger than 30 are fluent. Unsurprising, a lot of them were born here or in Canada.

          I have a feeling more business would be done in China if English were one of their first languages (e.g., like it is in India since they were taken over and the entire country became a British colony). But the Chinese have a very different history.

    • SFLBIB

      That’s funny!

      I had three Vietnamese engineers working for me; two were women. They all spoke English with an accent which told me they came to the U.S. as children. They went through the American schools through college. They were my best workers. It can be done.

    • Intrepid

      There are noticeable cultural differences in approach to schooling. A foreign student from Asia or Europe should theoretically be disadvantaged compared to American-born students, because of culture shock and not necessarily having English as a first language in their home countries.

      That being said, these Asian and European students generally do better. It’s just another trend that can be accurately predicted by race.

  • Secret Tribunal

    Better Living Through Modern Racism says, “Demanding non white Diversity speak the Whites Only English language is a racist Hate Crime.”

  • Luca

    When will the negroes sue for not learning a damn thing after spending 16 years in elementary school?

    • dogbone

      They could spend 16 years in kindergarten and still not learn to count to 10.

    • SFLBIB

      Didn’t they sue to have Ebonics bi-lingual instruction?

    • Frank

      The article is about Hispanics, not Blacks. I am not the biggest fan of either groups, but can’t some of you get over your constant obsession with attacking Blacks. Good grief!

      • Robert

        I agree. you could have an article about skiing in central Austria and some of you would find a way to inject Blacks into the story. Give it a rest.

  • jay11

    I TEACH LATINOS. More than 90% of my students have NO INTEREST in learning English. You try and try and try, and they still just speak spanish with each other, all the time and in every setting. There are students in my school who have been in this country for 4, 5, 6 years who can barely carry a minimal conversation.
    They learn just the minimum amount to do some simple school work, but any more than KG level English, they don’t want it. Why should they? They live in neighborhoods where ENGLISH is the MINORITY language.

    Sorry about the shouting caps, but these kinds of false flag ‘lawsuits’ get me upset.

    • Freya

      In NJ there’s tons of public places and all government announcements that feature both english and spanish. Nobody helped the various european ethnicities that came into the country learn english.

      • SFLBIB

        Boy, that’s for sure. All my grandparents came from Italy. My dad’s mom told him and her other children, “When you are at home, speak Italian because that’s what we all understand. When you go out that door, speak English because that’s what Americans speak, and we are all Americans now.” Bingo! Assimilation in one generation, invented by a poor, uneducated Italian woman dirt farmer. True story.

        P.S. Our Italian culture did not die; one hundred years later, I and my kids all eat spaghetti. LOL!

        P.P.S. I love authentic Mexican food, too. Whenever I spot a different taqueria, I’m johnny-on-the-spot to try it.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I don’t think any original culture died in us.

  • a multiracial individual

    Hasn’t the ACLU sued schools for “ENGLISH ONLY” instruction?

    • The Culturalist

      Yep, and ACLU rhymes with that pesky three letter word which explains it all

      • a multiracial individual

        A lot of people around here believe in the Kosher-boogeyman. Very strange.

        • The Culturalist

          Yeah Izzie, a lot of us are just too attached to sticking with facts and living in reality. I see by your screen name that you would have every reason to attack the facts with petty and meaningless arguments.

          If you want a history lesson about the creeps within the ACLU or in the Dept of Ed, etc, let’s tango–if not, scram you pathetic simpleton.

  • MBlanc46

    Knowing English should be a prerequisite for attending a US school. The schools have enough trouble teaching basic reading, writing, and calculating without having to teach foreigners’ children to speak the language of the land.

    • Luca

      When I was a kid, you couldn’t transfer to a school across town without an immunization card and your academic records. Now they just show up on the front doorstep of a school and say “¿Dónde está la cafetería?”

      • MBlanc46

        And “No habla Espanol” is not a sufficient answer?

  • Freya

    Does anyone know when public schooling became available in the US, for highschool? I have a white colombian friend who’s always trying to claim all whites here are priveleged after he attended a very exclusive private highschool in his native country and then took Pell grants, etc., to fund his college education here. I try to explain that the europeans came here and no one gave anything to them and that we cannot afford to fund all these immigrants’ subsidies.

    • dukem1

      Your pal don’t need no ‘splainin’…just tell him THIS IS THE WAY IT IS!

    • Michael_C_Scott

      It depends on what you mean by “public” funding. The US Department of Education was spun off from the Department of Health and Human Services in 1980, which itself had been created in 1953.

      Before 1953, funding for public education in the United States came from states, counties, municipal governments and the like. Thus, well before federal meddling, we still had one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    How many buzillions of dollars does diversity cost? Eff them. Learn English on your own, morons, or fall flat on your faces. Please, give evolution a chance!

  • Whirlwinder

    Send the illegal aliens back to Mexico. Problem solved and lawsuit averted.

  • Who Me?

    “Inadequate language instruction” Pffft!
    You can teach something perfectly, but if they don’t want to, or can’t learn, all the teaching in the world won’t help. I can TEACH my cat quantum physics, but I can’t make her LEARN it.


    I don’t understand the problem with learning English, especially for children, who are in their prime language learning years. The longer you wait, the harder it gets to learn a second language. Bottom line: bi-lingual education is a shakedown jobs program for Hispanics by guilt-ridden whites.

    Also, it irked me to learn that Hispanics in U.S. colleges get credit for taking Spanish. Why? It’s the same if I went to Mexico or Spain and took English.

    When in the Air Force, I was sent to Korea where I suddenly realized I was illiterate. I couldn’t’ stand it, so I signed up for a course they taught on base. It was only five weeks long, but I at least learned some rudimentary Korean and could read signs. One thing I found out was that Koreans would fall all over themselves trying to help you once they saw you making an effort to speak their language.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    It doesn’t really matter whether they can speak English; they disdain education almost as completely as blacks, and the unskilled jobs they will eventually be working: as gardeners, janitors, maids, dope-dealers, car thieves, etc. don’t require strong English skills.