Posted on March 27, 2013

White Student Union Claims Towson Has Black-on-White Crime Problem

Rochelle Ritchie, CBS Baltimore, March 26, 2013

A student known for causing a bit of controversy on the campus of Towson University is now taking the law into his own hands in an effort to tackle what he believes to be a growing problem of black-on-white crime around campus.


The founder of the white student union — which is not recognized by the university — says white women are the biggest target for crime committed by black men. Now he and his fellow members are standing up against it.

Matthew Heimbach is not a stranger to stirring up controversy after starting a white student union on the campus of Towson University in which members chalked “white power” all over campus. Now he’s organizing nightly patrols looking to report crimes — a majority, he says, committed by black males.

“Towson sends us reports every time a violent crime happens on campus and the one thing we always see is the offender is a black male between 18 and 30,” said Heimbach.

Heimbach says there has been a spike in black-on-white crime, particularly with black male on white female crime, and he is tired of it being ignored.

“The idea is, as a Christian, to stand up for all human people, especially those who are being discriminated against and in this case attacked,” Heimbach said.


Heimbach says three males and one female armed with pepper spray will patrol the campus and report or place a person under citizen’s arrest if they believe that person is committing a crime. Heimbach says if his group sees a non-white student being violated, they will step in and help.