The Coddling of College Hate Crime Hoaxers

Michelle Malkin, Townhall, March 6, 2013

American college campuses are the most fertile grounds for fake hate. They’re marinated in identity politics and packed with self-indulgent, tenured radicals suspended in the 1960s. In the name of enlightenment and tolerance, these institutions of higher learning breed a corrosive culture of left-wing self-victimization. Take my alma mater, Oberlin College. Please.

This week, the famously “progressive” college in Ohio made international headlines when it shut down classes after a series of purported hate crimes. According to the Oberlin Review (a student newspaper I once wrote for), anti-black and anti-gay vandalism/”hate speech” have plagued the campus since Feb. 9.

“‘Whites Only’ was written above a water fountain, ‘N*gger Oven’ was written inside the elevator, and ‘No N*ggers’ was written on a bathroom door” at one dormitory, according to the publication.

Swastikas and epithets were drawn on posters around the school. Activists implied the incidents were tied to Black History Month. The final straw? A menacing presence on campus who allegedly donned a “KKK hood” and robe near the segregated black dormitory known as “Afrikan Heritage House.”

{snip} The New York Times, Black Entertainment Television and The Associated Press all piled on with angst-ridden coverage of the puzzling crimes at one of the first U.S. colleges to admit blacks and women.


{snip} While Blame Righty propagandists bemoaned the frightening persistence of white supremacy in the tiny town of Oberlin, city police told a local reporter that eyewitnesses saw no one in KKK garb—but instead saw a pedestrian wearing a blanket. {snip}

Moreover, after arresting two students involved in the spate of hate messages left around campus, police say “it is unclear if they were motivated by racial hatred or—as has been suggested—were attempting a commentary on free speech.”

Color me unsurprised. The truth is that Oberlin has been a hotbed of dubious hate crime claims, dating back to the late 1980s and 1990s, when I was a student on campus. In 1988, giant signs reading “White Supremacy Rules (Kill All N*ggers)” and “White Supremacy Rules, (F*uck (slashed out and replaced with ‘Kill’) All Minorities)” were hung anonymously at the Student Union building. It has long been suspected that minority students themselves were responsible.

In 1993, a memorial arch on campus dedicated to Oberlin missionaries who died in the Boxer Rebellion was defaced with anti-Asian graffiti. The venomous messages—“Death to Ch*nks Memorial” and “Dead ch*nks, good ch*nks”—led to a paroxysm of protests, administration self-flagellation and sanctimonious resolutions condemning bigotry. But the hate crime was concocted by an Asian-American Oberlin student engaged in the twisted pursuit of raising awareness about hate by faking it, Tawana Brawley-style.

Segregated dorms, segregated graduations and segregated academic departments foster paranoid and selective race-consciousness. {snip}


I repeat: Mix identity politics, multicultural studies, cowardly administrators and biased media—and you’ve got a toxic recipe for opportunistic hate crime hoaxes. Welcome to high-priced, higher mis-education, made and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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  • Paleoconn

    And Malkin is Asian but she honestly blasts the Asian hoaxster who faked anti-Chinese racial epithets.

    • The__Bobster

      And the Asian grievance collectors hate her for it. They’ve learned how to play the game, too.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Agreed. Michelle is great.

      • Paleoconn

        The one gripe I have about her is her bashing of Obama for his alleged Muslim sympathies. I would prefer if she comes out against the (much) more powerful and criticism-resistant Israel lobby. But at least it’s not part of her regular shtick like the neocons over at NR and elsewhere.

        • Paleoconn

          OK, I pride myself on getting a lot more thumbs up than thumbs down on a site like this. I invite whoever gave me a thumbs down here to explain why. Seriously, I want to have a nice discussion. Was I off the mark on Malkin in this specific instance, if so, please set me straight, i say this without irony. However, if you dispute my disagreement with the amount of influence the Israel lobby has on an ostensibly sovereign state like the US, let’s chat.

          Lastly, and I could be guilty of this, if you feel I brought up something off-topic, I can see your point. but if you see most of my posts, you’ll note I never bash Washington foreign policy and its bosses anywhere gratuitously and out of context. If I did so here, I apologize, but I did want to make clear that although I think Malkin is a fine person with admirable politics, she ain’t perfect. But then, who is right?

      • YngveKlezmer

        Yes, and I’ll bet that he only became nervous because he knows that his job would be at stake if he allowed her to freely express these views. He probably agrees strongly with her, and is accustomed to not touching the issue of Black crime, as the Liberal thought police have taken away our freedom of speech on issues of racial realism. We, as White Americans, are living in a Black ruled police state on this issue, while Blacks can say whatever comes to their mind. They get away with saying things about Hispanics that we never could dream of saying in a public space, and are subjected to absolutely no consequences.

    • liberalsuck

      The Hispanics and a growing number of Asians are trying to pull the race card on whites, but it’s not having much effect. I tell them on other message boards, “Sorry, guys, but the blacks drained us out of all the guilt and money. Maybe you can try opening a shop in their neighborhoods and raise prices on them to get some of that money?”

      • Paleoconn

        The golden goose is breathing its last. None of us are Christ to be able to carry all that guilt.

  • I wonder if Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama ever pulled a hate hoax while at Princeton.

    • The__Bobster

      President Barack Obama, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, is no longer a “lawyer”. He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges he lied on his bar application. A “Voluntary Surrender” is not something where you decide “Gee, a license is not really something I need anymore, is it?” and forget to renew your license. No, a “Voluntary Surrender” is something you do when you’ve been accused of something, and you ‘voluntarily surrender” your license five seconds before the state suspends you.

      Michelle Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993. after a Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her license or standing trial for Insurance fraud!

      • I had been telling people this for years about Michelle Obama.

        I even went to far as to print out the pages because some day the pages will either disappear or be modified to show other circumstances.

      • MBlanc46

        There are plenty of things to criticize Obama for. This falsehood is not one of them.

    • Unperson

      Does her self-pitying “Blacks-like-me-are-so-discriminated-against-here-at-Princeton” thesis count?

      Yes, yes I think it counts.

      • StillModerated

        I just read that abomination. What a vapid, narcissistic load of drivel! Her professor — Walter Wallace — ought to be denied tenure since he probably never even bothered to read it knowing it would be complete dreck. It’s chock full of spelling, grammatical and syntactical errors. It’s boring and repetitive, and also lacks any sort of resolution. 60 pages of toilet paper. It should (but probably won’t) stand as an embarrassment to Princeton.

  • Michael Harreskov

    A diverse liberal college with a segregated black dormatory, does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this?

    • The__Bobster

      Because only Whites can be hypocrites?

    • APaige

      Yes, but let us not complain (or even point out) when blacks want to be separate. It is a wonderful thing.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I agree, this is a good thing. I would not be surprised to find out most blacks would prefer to live among other blacks while at college; it’s only natural to want to be near your own kind.

        Still, if the whites at Oberlin really are so ardently liberal, it would probably do them a world of good to be forced to share a room with some diversity for a semester or two.

        • bigone4u

          As in love with Africa as many of them are, you’d think they would want to go to college in Africa. I wish Oprah would start one over there. I would donate to a “United Negroes to Africa College Fund.” I’d also support Bill Gates creating jobs in Africa for black US citizens.

          • YngveKlezmer

            I wish She would start one over there as well, but we both know what the odds are of that happening. She is too self-serving to really care that much about the depravity that occurs over there, just like the rest of wealthy Blacks in this country. As we know, it is mainly White Liberals who are concerned about the conditions in Africa.

    • StillModerated

      What’s next? Blacks-only drinking fountains?

  • Michelle is right. One of the complaints of the Afrikans Heritage House folks (the ones who saw the mystery KKKer) is that they dont have a segregated dorm. They are forced to let some poor shmuck whites live in their dorm since there arent enough Oberlin blacks that are interested in living with a bunch of chip-on-their-shoulders black rabble rousers.

    For their part, Oberlin isn’t about to turn over a whole half-empty dorm to them and let them live in blissful black segregation with no one paying for all the empty rooms.

    So they pull stunts like this to gin up sympathy and Victim Power. Of COURSE the Oberlin administration knows this is a scam, but they really have no choice. The accreditation afencies lean on every college to maintain a minimum percentage of colored folks. Oberlin had to commit to 20% colored students. If they don’t meet their numbers, they get put on probation (in effect). So the Afrikan Heritage students and the black female boss of the Black Studies program canceled THEIR classes for a day and threatened the administration with bad press (and a possible loss of colored student enrollment!) unless the school submitted and canceled all the classes, replacing them with political reeducation classes run by black students and teachers. So the gutless wormboys at Oberlin canceled classes rather than stand up on their hind legs.

    When Hillsdale College was muscled by the Feds on race matters, they kept their independence, refused Federal loans and continue to walk upright like free men should.

    Poor Oberlin! They used to be an abolitionist Christian school that wasn’t afraid of unpopular opinion–even murderous popular opinion!–fearing only God’s wrath and eternal judgment. Now they have lost their spine and are mere flunkies, toadies and tools.

    • they dont have a segregated dorm
      Fair Housing Act? Why can’t whites ask for a segregated dorm?

      • Or straight people?

      • Whites cannot ask for a white student union either.

        • liberalsuck

          They can, just as Matthew Heimbach did. We can do whatever we want, but most aren’t willing to push for it because they’re afraid of the name calling.

      • YngveKlezmer

        In a sensible world, every college would have segregated dorms, not to be cruel, but out of respect for Blacks and Whites alike. Racial integration has always been a failure, because it is not natural. Birds of a feather flock together in the natural world, and this was also seen as common sense in the human world until the civil rights movement in America. Ever since then, the Liberals have been trying to force birds of a different feather to flock together, and they have created nothing by discord and misery for everyone involved.
        If Liberals would just stop a moment, and take an honest look at human behavior and how it varies by race, they would stop forcing this insane racial integration. Everyone suffers from integration, but we Whites have suffered the most. Our whole European culture is in peril, and the average White has been brainwashed out of a sense of racial pride, and racial realism thanks to integration.

    • The__Bobster

      Oberlin had to commit to 20% colored students.

      Even though 2% (at best) of Bantus legitimately qualify for college?

      • YngveKlezmer

        2% at best. I’d be surprised if even that many are truly intelligent enough. My general perception is that a fraction of a percent, at best, are on our level intellectually.

    • Unperson

      Poor Oberlin! They used to be an abolitionist Christian school

      Well maybe now Oberlin can see where abolitionism eventually leads: not to “equality” (no such thing, really), but to black supremacy and white victimization. It leads to minority scamsters shaking down their school with stories of hatecrimes that are not only false but ludicrous.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Well, to be fair, abolition wouldn’t have been a bad thing if the Africans had been returned to Africa afterwards, as was promised. We never should have brought them here in the first place.

        • YngveKlezmer

          I have been saying this since my teen years. Mistake #1 was to bring them here. Mistake #2 was not sending all of them back to Africa. Abe Lincoln had the right idea with the Liberian Resettlement Society.

      • YngveKlezmer

        I kind of doubt that the abolitionist spirit lingering is the reason for what is happening. The whole Northeastern section of Ohio was ardently abolitionist back in Civil War days, as most of the original settlers had come to Northeastern Ohio from Connecticut. Many of the rural areas in this part of Ohio still have a pretty strong New England flavor. The thing is, though, most folks in rural Northeastern Ohio are on the Conservative side regarding social issues, like folks in most rural areas, and most rural Northeast Ohio communities are mostly White. Like most rural areas, folks will tell you straight out that they do not want the “riff-raff” moving in from Cleveland, and we racial realists know what this really means. Folks know why crime is high in Cleveland, and why things are good at home. Riff-raff, City folks, Criminal Element are good, polite, politically correct ways to refer to the high crime rates in heavily Black areas. We all know that a high crime area and a Black area are one in the same.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Good for Hillsdale!!! I would say that Hillsdale probably has a stronger sense of racial realism due to their being in Southern Michigan, but this certainly would not explain the lack of racial realism at Oberlin. Cleveland, while not as intensively Black as Detroit, is still a city that is about 45% Black, the last I researched the stats. The Eastern suburbs of Cleveland have and intense Black presence, a very unpalatable environment for any White racial realist. The Cleveland area, though, also has a very appealing East/West divide that I do not believe one finds in Detroit.
      Until recent years, the West Side of the city of Cleveland was almost entirely White, and stayed that way through the influx of Blacks, after WWII, due to the racial realism of White West Siders. To this day, West Side suburbs are delighfully White. Parma, a West Side suburb, used to have no Blacks at all, and still has a strong German/Slavic flavor to this day. The cities of Lorain and Elyria, though, are old industrial cities that were never suburban in a real sense, and have large Black and Hispanic populations, and the expected elevated crime rates. Oberlin is not far from Lorain/Elyria.
      In Metro Detroit, I do know that Dearborn, once very Polish like Parma, is now basically little Saudi Arabia. Maybe Whites in Metro Detroit are more racially aware than around Cleveland.

  • anarchyst

    When I am called a “racist” for airing my views, I respond with an enthusiastic “thank you for noticing”. . .my response “gets them every time”. The bewildered, confused looks on their faces is priceless.
    I urge my white brothers and sisters to join me in being PROUD of creating civilization. Wear your racism as a “badge of pride”.

    • The__Bobster

      I do that too. It takes the wind out of their sails when you don’t back down to their bullying…and bullying is exactly what it is. They think they can shut you down with one word and they’re helpless when it doesn’t work. All they can do is point and sputter.

      • Non Humans

        It is too funny. I had one libtard get so mad during a discussion at a wine bar one night I thought he was going to vomit. He felt the utter weakness and lack of understanding in his own argument, tried that card, and I said, “Why Yes, Yes I am, and if you’re paying any attention at all, it is quite easy to see why, is it not?” He turned as red as the Cabernet in my glass, and I stepped to the side as to be out of the line of fire.

    • That’s fun but it may work better for us if we use a different method. Reduce their accusation to a personal opinion. “In your opinion I’m racist, you ONLY say that because I’m white. Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

      • liberalsuck

        OR, better yet, turn it on them and say, “Are you anti-white or pro white?” They have been using word games on us for years, turn the tables on them and put them in the defensive.

    • MBlanc46

      Nice response. I’ll use it.

  • Tom Iron

    There is nothing else in the consciousness of blacks. Everything is about race with them, from brushing their teeth in the morning and everything else that may or may not happen following that in a day.

    • freddy_hills

      Yeah. I grew up in a majority black city and attended a school located in a housing project. So I’ve had “race” beaten into me since I was 5. But even I can set it aside and look at issues objectively. Blacks can’t. They’re simply not capable of it. I really do think it’s genetic.

      • YngveKlezmer

        I agree. Having gone to a 25% Black high school, I experienced the same thing. The Blacks bullied us White kids constantly, and the only thing that stopped them was to stand up to them. Their sole reason for bullying us was race. I never once saw a White kid start something with one of them. I saw many White kids give them a darn good fight in return for being messed with, though, and I am thankful that this was back in the 70’s and 80’s, and that the teachers allowed us to fight back. Teachers told us that if someone hit us, we were allowed to hit that person back. These days, I am sure that the White kid who stands up for himself or herself is branded as a racist by the Black bullies, and I’ll bet that the teachers rarely stand up for the White kid.

        • liberalsuck

          Blacks accusing us of being racists while they do the same things to us that they’d get mad about us doing to them. Either they’re stupid or they are hypocrites. Or maybe both.

          • YngveKlezmer

            They indeed behave in this fashion, and this behavior evidences their cognitive and emotional inferiority to us. The Bell Curve validated what I already believed in my gut as a teenager, giving scientific validation to what I already felt was the case. As an adult, my exposures to members of the Negro race only serve to reinforce my beliefs in their cognitive inferiority. They have an almost complete lack of critical thinking skills. Try to engage one of them in any kind of intellectual debate, and their cognitive limitations immediately become obvious. White Liberals notice this, but refuse to admit that they are witnessing a racial disparity in cognition. They always insist that the particular Black or Blacks they were talking to is this way, but insist they have met brilliant Blacks on a daily basis. The problem with this is that, yes, there are some highly intelligent Blacks out there, but they are exceedingly rare, and they usually are Mulatto.

        • freddy_hills

          25% black? Try 75%.

  • Isn’t she married to a white guy? Her column was long ago canceled by my local rag for being on the wrong side of the wing.
    You see, the pacified white Eloi will forget this incident, and that 12 year old bully victim come election time. They will either continue their democratic ways, or vote for another do-nothing republican.
    Someone wake me up when the next hate crime happens.

  • a multiracial individual

    She is Asian, her husband is white. Does anyone consider East Asian HAPAS to be “white.”? I have met hapas who see themselves as white.

    • AutomaticSlim


      Please explain. Thanks.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The term “Happa” is a native Hawaiian term, shortened from “Happa Haoli,” or half-white. While the poy-boys are free to say that about their own neighbors who’s eyes might be blue or noses too long, I regard it in the same light in Colorado I would “honkey”. I don’t live in Hawaii


        • a multiracial individual

          Strange. I have never heard anyone claim the word HAPA was derogatory.

    • liberalsuck

      Oh, no, can we not get into this “she’s married to a white man/he’s married to an Asian” everytime someone comes out in defense of white people? It’s really getting tiring. As much as I’m not a fan of interracial relationships and all that, just because someone is dating someone of a different race doesn’t follow they’re self hating or that they approve of violence against their own race.

      • Al


  • Uh-Oh

    How come hate crime hoaxing isn’t considered a hate crime in itself? It’s the one crime where the intended victim(s) and malevolent intent are inarguably obvious.

    • Daisy

      Falsifying a police report is a crime in NJ; maybe whites should be pressing for prosecutions of it, along with a hate crime charge.

  • Zackers

    “Asian-American Oberlin student engaged in the twisted pursuit of raising awareness”

    If there were a white student union on campus (at this school supposedly dedicated to diversity) some of the members might say this is an attempt to arouse racial hatred toward whites and not an attempt to raise awareness. Who knows what they’d say, however. There are no white student organizations at Oberlin.

  • gemjunior

    The entire black community should be hanging their heads in shame. If I was black I’d be taking baths in bleach 3 times a day and having nose jobs and lip reduction and never having kids. They should be utterly, profoundly ashamed that the majority of whining they do is bogus and the hoaxes done by them in a decade (hoping and praying that the legendary historical discrimination against them would continue?) but they have no shame, they know no shame. It’s not a concept. Probably it’s too much of a higher order thought process for them. They totally disgust me beyond any other specie.

    • YngveKlezmer

      They should, yes, but they will not. Blacks do not feel shame the way that we do. A sociopathic insistence on always being right is one of their key character traits. White police officers know all too well how this works.

    • Liberalsuck

      Blacks have shame? Are you serious? Expecting a black person to have shame is like trying to remove the prey drive from wild animals.

      • Strider73

        That’s close to the comparison I coined — expecting vegetarian behavior from a velociraptor.

  • Scott

    Look at the bright side. All of these whining bedwetters, armed with their gender studies and comp lit degrees, will be staring at $150,000 in student loans when they get out of Oberlin. You just don’t get comedy like that every day.

    • bubo

      The blacks, who must be on scholarships, will always have opportunities as newly minted diversity officers pulling in 6 figures easy.

      The white kids are in for a very rude awakening.

  • MobyWhite

    As a proud White man of European origin, I am deeply offended by the lack of genuine Hate Crimes on Diverse campuses. The surrender of the White community is deplorable and sickening. We’d welcome Hate Crimes, if only somebody would really do some.

    • bigone4u

      I share your sentiment since hate crimes are so broadly defined. However, as we learned in the church bombing in Birmingham in 63 that killed several black children, violent attacks on blacks by whites in the name of race weaken our cause. We must speak the truth about black dysfunction, which liberals call a hate crime but really isn’t.

      • YngveKlezmer

        I agree. If we, as the superior race with the superior intellect, behave as such, pointing out the inferior nature of the Black temperament, and retreat from the Blacks, as previous generations did, racial reality becomes crystal clear. I am thankful that the older generations of Whites abandoned Detroit and Gary and East St.Louis, refusing to live around predatorial Black bullies. If cities like aforementioned had remained half Black, half White stews with the Whites living in constant fear, and occasionally standing up against the Black bullies, the racial reality of what Blacks are like when Whites leave would not be so abundantly clear, and so irrefutable for those of us who are open-minded enought to say no to LIberalism, and embrace racial realism. The truth does indeed set us free.

      • MobyWhite

        Our cause can get weaker than it is?

  • YngveKlezmer

    Segregation an evil thing?? Another example of Leftist anti-White sentiment. Whites who segregate themselves from Blacks usually do so for practical safety reasons, or because they enjoy European culture. Most classical musicians are White, and are rarely around Blacks while at musical events or while making music, as exceedingly few Blacks have any interest in our European tradition of classical music.

    • Commonsense80

      Not to take anything away from your post but I think it is worth mentioning that a massive international 30k person survey found that the personality types of those who listen to classical music are virtually identical to those who listen to the heavy metal genre. Of the 10 genres metal and classical were the only two with nearly identical personality types. The article didn’t touch on the racial component behind this but imo there is no denying the correlation.

      • Strider73

        Here’s one white guy to likes both Liszt and Led Zeppelin. 🙂

        While we’re on the subject of music, do an image search on the 1969 Woodstock event. You’ll find a huge throng of ~400,000 people, nearly all of them white. And there was near zero violence despite the rains that turned the place into a gigantic mud pit. Now imagine just 4000 blacks at an rainy outdoor rap concert Perhaps 1000 — tops — would emerge alive.

      • YngveKlezmer

        Very cool!! I am not surprised. As you may have guessed from my screen name, I am an ardent fan of Yngwie Malmsteen’s music, as well as being both a metal and classical fan. I’ve been to the symphony numerous times, as well as seeing Malmsteen and Maiden in concert. In Yngwie’s case, I love the way he blends classical and metal elements in his music!!
        To put it all in a heritage context, I think that classical, of course, represents our European heritage, while the progressive metal (Malmsteen, Maiden, Priest, Rush) represents our modern musical heritage. Thanks for posting the article!!

  • bigone4u

    A responsible university that actively recruits blacks (like Oberlin) would drop the victimization message sent to blacks and encourage them to cast off their dysfuctional culture. It would hold up white Euro/American culture as an example to be followed. Blacks would take classes in classical music appreciation, Greek philosophy, the study of Latin, and English literature. Trying to get through that curriculum would take their minds off RACE real quick!!

  • 1proactive2

    You can’t get much more hysterically dramatic and outright silly than the administrators of this now mediocre school.

  • XD

    OMG, I have a new name for elevators!

  • Commonsense80

    The school shutdown classes due to a “KKK sighting”. LOL how can an institution devoted to learning be so absurdly ignorant of reality. The grievance industry is feeling underappreciated/underfunded and needs fresh bait.

    • liberalsuck

      Could it be that liberals and nonwhites lie about this instances of ‘white supremacy’ in an attempt to get more sympathy, money and freebies? Naaaaah!

  • media always lies

    Kind of like all the black churches that whites in the south supposedly burned down in the early 1990s that for about a year caused massive race problems but later discovered to have been all been torched by black church arsonists who were collecting insurance money to build new ones or pocket the loot.

    Once the media discovered not a single black church was burned down by whites but black arson only they immediately went silent and never apologized for libel and slander. But then again it was all blamed on that bottomless pit payback reparations lie. Brainwash should warrant public hangings of the media.

  • Stan Hess

    Great expose Jared and Henry.. here is another one folks..

  • Stan Hess

    BTW folks, .. a politically correct website for European Americans rocks! .. many European Americans now refer to PC as politicized left wing multiracialism .. no justice no peace

  • [Guest]

    >>>I repeat: Mix identity politics, multicultural studies, cowardly administrators and biased media—and you’ve got a toxic recipe for opportunistic hate crime hoaxes. Welcome to high-priced, higher mis-education, made and manufactured in the U.S.A.

    Yes, we all know that. The question is what’s to be done about it.

  • thoughtcrime1933

    What I find ridiculous is that blacks should be frightened by swastikas…that symbol has NOTHING to do with anti-black sentiment. It actually has NOTHING to do with anti-Jewish or anti-anything, it is a symbol borrowed from the far east and is a symbol of good luck. However it has been demonized along with anyone with blond hair and blue eyes and a German sounding name. We all know the propaganda spread by the pesky, pushy little tribe from the sewers of the east has done its job well and demonized not just the German nation and its people but ALL whites collectively. The swastika is now seen as a universal symbol of hate by those who live in the west.I suppose that is the reason why blacks react to it so badly but still, lets consider history. How many gas chamber stories were related by negroes who somehow escaped the evil clutches of Dr. Mengala? (crickets…).

    I always suspect the “target” of the so called “hate crime” each time I hear of one. And from my reading that it is the case 9/10 that the “target” was the perp. And when asked why they did it, they now say “to raise awareness of racial hate.” Really!

    So by that logic to raise awareness of infant rape in by subhumans in South Africa all US blacks should mass gang rape infants (whites preferred) to death to….”raise awareness”.

  • Jaego

    In Iran, they put up ads of scantily dressed women as a way of protesting pictures of scantily dressed women.