Dems Say Sequester Will Hurt Blacks, Women More Than Others

Pete Kasperowicz, The Hill, March 4, 2013

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus said Monday night that the $85 billion in cuts to federal spending, known as the sequester, will disproportionately affect blacks and other minorities, in part because they are more likely to work for the government.

“Sequestration will impact everyone, but it will have a particularly harmful effect on communities of color who were hit first and worst by the great recession, and have yet to significantly feel the effects of the recovery,” Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) said Monday.

“Federal budget cuts under sequestration would quickly mean cuts to federal, state and local public-sector jobs, which disproportionately employ women and African-Americans.”

Lee said in 2011, employed blacks made up 20 percent of the federal, state and local public-sector workforce, and that women were 50 percent more likely to work in the public sector.


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  • SargeInCharge

    “it will have a particularly harmful effect on communities of color”


    Why does all policy have to revolve around the fact that certain people of color will always be at the bottom of the totem pole?

    • liberalsuck

      If most white people want to survive and make things better for ourselves, most of us will just have to strongly and confidently say these things, ‘No, I do not want anymore nonwhites in my country. No, I do not approve of seeing white females with black or mexican guys. No, I do not want to pay welfare for blacks and mexicans. No, I do not approve of making my nice white school/neighborhood/town/city/country/state more diverse. No, I do not approve of whites adopting nonwhite children when they could be reproducing more white children instead. No, I’m not ok with you enforcing more gun control laws and making it harder for me and my family to buy firearms and ammo to protect us from the government and black and browns who want to harm us. No, I’m not ok with my kids being in a majority black school and getting attacked by blacks and mexicans. No, I am not ok with you guilt-tripping young whites with slavery, with the Holocaust, with the ‘displacement of native americans’ when you don’t cover wrongdoings done to our people by nonwhites and non-Christians.” Until most white people drop their guilt and concern for nonwhites, we
      will continue to be in the sad state of affairs we’re in.

  • “Women and minorities hardest hit”

    Didn’t we start a drinking game around that phrase?

    • The__Bobster

      I’m still recovering from that hangover.

    • Epiminondas

      “Meteor to destroy New York in two weeks. Women and minorities to be hardest hit.”

      • Triarius

        Lol, you beat me to it. Darn.

  • So CAL Snowman

    So it would be okay if it hurt White males more than others?

    • The__Bobster

      Yes. Nobody seemed to worry during the first two years of the recession, which was called the “mancession” because 80% of the people losing their jobs were males. It finally caught up to the women and minorities when the porkulus money ran out.

  • connorhus

    As the money runs out so will Feminism and affirmative action.

    Can’t wait!!!

    • Strider73

      The money won’t run out. Obongo will order Bernanke to print as much funny money as needed to keep the scam going.

  • The__Bobster

    I believe what the gubmint darkies fear most from the sequester is that the American public will discover that they don’t actually do anything.

    • Strider73

      True. During the too-short 1995 govt. shutdown, ~98% of all HUD employees were sent home as “non-essential.” A video of a HUD office showed nearly everyone was a black woman.

  • Well, let’s raise some taxes in the white neighborhoods, then an extra dollar per gallon of gas. When federal layoffs start happening, let’s lay off the white guys.
    Do you think white guys will actually DO anything about it?
    I don’t. I see a bunch of future unemployed, former federal whitle workers who will bitch and moan, and either still vote democrat, the party that hates them, or republican, the party that is doing nothing for them.

    • anon3940

      Being that they don’t do anything about all the illegals here or do anything about the anti-white violence and being that I’m seeing more and more whites out here in the rural Midwest walking around with nonwhite kids or seeing young white females out here with black guys, I suspect most white men will do nothing. I don’t think they will get off their butts until we face a South Africa situation. Even at that, they’ll be clarifying they aren’t racists while defending themselves and their loved ones.

      • Joseph

        I have seen just what you are talking about in the midwest. Plenty of them in such a “South Africa” scenario will probably be turning in their more conscientious (white) neighbors as “terrorists”, “suspicious” or “hate-mongers” in return for a voucher for some free cheese or other trinkets.

  • JDInSanDiego

    “Dems say sequester will hurt blacks, women more than others”

    Common sense says blacks will hurt blacks, women more than otherst.

    • Non Humans

      Common Sense, “Statistics”, and “Experience”, my friend.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Any federal cuts whatsoever are going to affects blacks and women more than white men. I suppose we’re just never, ever supposed to cut a single dime from the federal budget? Or even allow a decrease in the rate of planned increase of spending?

    Do blacks and liberal whites seriously believe we can go on like this forever? Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if blacks do, they rarely understand the concept of debt (or inflation, interest, or any other financial concept), but liberal whites generally do score normally on IQ tests. How do they rationalize this to themselves, when they must surely see what’s going on?

    • liberalsuck

      I’m more angry at the liberal whites who cave into this than the blacks. The liberal whites enable them.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Exactly. Blacks are just being who they are, it’s liberal whites that allow this type of thing to actually happen. And it’s liberal whites who keep it going even when it’s obvious it isn’t working.

      • zanegray

        Liberal whites have a strong vested interest in supporting minorities.

        Find some way of making such support really hit their pockets and they’ll soon change their tune.

  • bigone4u

    If it weren’t for government, Goodwill, and Gibsmedatmart would any blacks have jobs (except for sports)? OK, I exaggerate, but not by much. In my experience it takes several blacks to do the work of one energetic white man or woman.

  • Triarius

    “Meteor hits Earth and ends all life. Blacks hit worse than others.”

    Of course blacks are affected most. When you have to cut the fat from a company you start with the do-nothing tokens and diversity consultants, since they do nothing. Same could be said for women in HR to a lesser extent, sorry but it’s true.

    • liberalsuck

      It’s like when I watch an action movie clip on Youtube. Doesn’t matter if there were 20 people killed in the movie and only one if which was black and the rest white; they’ll focus on the one black person killed. There is no conversation on race because most people are too illogical and emotional to have one.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    Yes, the urban legend of the angry black DMV lady is real…

  • JoeG

    There is no reason to impact groups already supporting Obama. The cuts will be chosen to hurt whites. VA hospitals in white counties would be a likely target.

  • liberalsuck

    I’m concerned massive nonwhite immigration, affirmative action, higher taxes, integration, gun control, the constant promoting of interracial breeding, black on white violence, homosexuality, abortions and white guilt are harmful to “my people”.

    • Joseph

      “I’m concerned massive nonwhite immigration, affirmative action, higher
      taxes, integration, gun control, the constant promoting of interracial
      breeding, black on white violence, homosexuality, abortions and white
      guilt are harmful to “my people”.

      Then YOU must be a HATER!

  • Joseph

    “Lee said in 2011, employed blacks made up 20 percent of the federal, state and local public-sector workforce…”

    Yes, but since they probably do 2% of the work it all comes out in the wash.