Sequestering Immigration Reform

Geraldo Rivera, Fox News Latino, March 1, 2013

It is as subtle as the meat cleaver or blunt axe the president has been complaining about in his negotiations with Republicans over sequestration, those blind, mandatory budget cuts that begin today. In what seems a bold, blatantly political move, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released hundreds of illegal immigrants from detention. ICE claims it did that because it fears not having enough money to keep them detained since its budget has now been reduced by sequestration.

I can’t prove the following scenario actually happened. In fact, as you’ll see, Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, denies any presidential involvement; but I can just picture this imagined conversation happening in the Oval Office.

“Mr. President, those damn Republicans are not going to blink. They’re insisting on these cuts,” complains Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council, the president’s go-to man on money issues.

“Hmm, how can we make them feel the pain of their intransigence?” asks the 44th POTUS as he glides/paces the famous room.

“I got an idea,” replies the cunning, thoughtful Sperling. “Let’s release some of the 30,773 illegal immigrants we’re detaining. That will make the annoying Tea Party people crazy. Plus, you can make an economic argument. Each immigrant is costing ICE from $122 to $164 a day to hold. Let enough of them go and you’ve got the cuts covered.”

“I like it Gene. Release a few hundred from Arizona first. The nice ones; the Juan and Maria fruit-picking church-goers. We’ll show that Governor Jan Brewer not to wag her finger at me,” replies the boss, “not to mention that obnoxious Sheriff Joe. By the way, did you ever read Bob Woodward the Riot Act for reporting that these cuts were my idea?”

“I did, Mr. President, but it didn’t turn out too well. He went public with my saying he would regret his reporting.”

If something like that scene happened, it would be a fitting conclusion to what could be called President Obama’s hold-my-breath budget tantrum. He refused until the die was about to be cast to moderate his intransigent pre-condition that this budget cut deal must also include a tax increase deal, which could easily wait a few months without any injury except to the president’s pride. So Bob Woodward claims convincingly that presidential adviser Sperling threatened that he would ‘regret’ reporting that sequestration was the president’s bad idea. As the White House and reporter Woodward negotiate what really happened between them, the ham-handed tactic of releasing illegal immigrants on unsuspecting communities without notice corroborates the view that the sequestration impasse made the president fighting mad.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually smiled when I heard that the first 300 immigrants released by ICE were in Arizona, hotbed of the anti-illegal immigration movement, home of “papers please” and the scolding angry lady governor. No other legal provocation could provoke such indignant howls.

“These are aliens with felony convictions, who have been released into my county,” Paul Babeau, energetic sheriff of Pinal County told Wonkblog, CNN and several other media outlets. {snip}


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  • I like it! The Republican Party will do nothing to stop it, and white people have grown too stupid to even notice. Ask your daughter what is Kim Kardashian’s birthday. I’ll be she’ll give you the correct answer within seconds, without looking it up.

  • The Federal government must be the most efficient institution in human history, if $85 billion buys all the things we hear we won’t have if we don’t spend the $85 billion. But OTOH, since we’ll still be able to spend $3515 billion, a government that can squeeze all that stuff out of $85 billion should be able to bring us nirvana and paradise on $3515 billion.

    Common sense…kryptonite to a don’t-blame-me-for-anything man-child infantile President throwing a temper tantrum.

    • The__Bobster

      The impression I received from Obongo’s alarmism is that balancing the budget would result in a calamity. Thus, we must keep the plates spinning until the system collapses.

  • Zackers

    How about the first axe falling on Congress pay?

    • bigone4u

      An equal amount of money could be saved by cutting up Moochelle’s credit card.

      • Felix_M


        (Cue I like Big Butts…)

    • mobilebay

      Sorry, Zackers. Just read that Congressional pay is immune from any cuts. Didn’t we know they would find an “out?” I can hear Pelosi now saying, “Let them eat cake!”

      • The reason for that is the most recent Constitutional amendment we passed, the 27th in 1992. The reason we ratified it was to prevent Congress from raising its own pay constantly. The same amendment means that their pay can’t be cut, either. Therefore, they’re paid what they set their own salary to be at the beginning of every Congressional session.

        Interesting back story: The original Bill of Rights was 12 amendments long, not 10. But the first two were never ratified, only the final ten. A college student doing a political science graduate school master’s degree thesis in the 1980s argued (correctly, as it turned out), that the two never ratified amendments could still be ratified because 1st Congress passed all 12 potential Bill of Rights amendments and sent them to the then-13 states, but the state legislatures only ultimately ratified the final 10 of the 12. This means there were two Congressionally passed potential Constitutional amendments from 1791 “out there” and “live balls,” so to speak. One of those two was mandating that Congress had to set its own pay scale at the beginning of each session and can’t raise or lower it during the session. (The other was a technical amendment dealing with Congressional apportionment). Since the late 1980s and early 1990s were times of frustration with certain Congressional excesses, e.g. House Bank scandal, House Post Office scandal, and all that eventually led to the Red Wave of 1994, the grad student in question hustled some money and convinced 38 state legislatures to ratify the “live ball” but never ratified “second amendment,” so to speak, which became the 27th Amendment. But never ratified “first amendment,” the one dealing with Congressional apportionment, the state legislatures in the early 1990s permanently rejected.

        • mobilebay

          Thanks for the back story. Good to know.

  • Luca

    Who would have thought that Obama and his handlers could stoop to such low, radical, Alinsky, Chicago-style, thug, low-life tactics? … Inconceivable!

    There is nothing he can do anymore that shocks me, I am beyond caring. In fact, I hope he does some more to awaken the sleeping giant. I could be wrong, but I think he is actually starting to surprise and disappoint some moderate liberals. A few White ones of course.

  • Jefferson

    Hussein Obongo can personally relate with the “struggles” of illegal immigrants, with him being an illegal immigrant himself.

    • The__Bobster

      Except he didn’t “struggle” at all. Everything was given to him on a platter.

  • The__Bobster

    This act alone should result in Obongo’s impeachment. Yet, there is barely a peep from the Republicans.

    • Jefferson

      This is not your father’s Republican Party anymore. The New GOP is run by White men who are just as spineless as those White male liberal hipsters who love Obongo.

  • bigone4u

    When the first illegal who was illegally released by our illegal president kills someone, there will be white outrage. Not that white outrage is having much effect on anything. The majority of this country no longer emtraces decency or common sense. The rest of us are left to stew in the multicultural juices of insane political correctness.

    • ageofknowledge

      … no longer embraces decency, common sense, or worse: a destiny.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    And yet Obongo promises $450,000,000 to help Sharia Law EGYPT’S faltering economy…$80,000,000 for Syrian rebels (wonder what kind of gov they will choose…), and tens of millions here and there to help subSaharan African countries shore up their health care systems…KENYA the latest.

    Gee, not enough the billions (trillions?) spent subsidizing idiotic r-style breeder, low IQ, WASTE AND PERFIDY, right here at home? Gotta send whitey’s tax money to the same all over the world.

    Well, at least the Chinese are working on cracking those parts of the genetic code which explain the behavior or blacks and Africanized societies (like most of the Middle East – it really hurt them when white Europe became strong enough to prevent the Islamic slave empire from abducting millions of whites, resulting in Africa becoming the only source for cheap, plentiful slaves to miscegenate their IQ’s away with…). It will be really…interesting…to see the cultural Marxist’s reaction when the Chinese prove that reality is “racist”.

    Til then, whitey, buy a gun, learn how to use it, teach your kids how to responsibly use it, and network with your friends, get the word out every chance you get. When the Truth comes out and is finally undeniable there will be fury and hell to pay. Think we’re getting genocided now? Just wait, whitey! You know, you are a minority now, whitey… You better be scared. You better get in line. You better keep that money flowing…

  • Fed Up

    The ONLY immigration reform needed: A 30-year MORATORIUM on any and all immigration! Our own unemployed simply don’t need yet more competition in an ever-shrinking job market!